The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on October 3, 1961 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 7

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 3, 1961
Page 7
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A THE OTTAWA HERALD * Tuesday, October 3. 1%1 Ann Landers Yentilatin' Can t Aggravatin' Dear Ann Landers: This office has been a battle - ground for three solid months. The war is about the air-conditioner. I realize summer is over, but please solve the problem now—for next year. We have a single window-unit in this office which must be adjusted manually. One girl is al- w a y s "dying from the heat." She insists on turning the unit jp as high as it will go. Yesterday she set the controls to suit herself, then she put masking tape over the knobs and ANN attached this sign: change!" Must the entire office force be subjected to colds, sore throats and sinus infections because of one oddball? The same girl has bought a fan which blows on her all summer. Doesn't this indicate that something is physically wrong with her? The boss is neutral. He says temperatures don't bother him. Is there a solution?-KANSAS CITY COMPLAINT Dear K.C. Complaint: The oddball should see a doctor — and the boss should take some positive action even though "temperatures don't bother him." An expert ought to be called in to decide the ideal temperature for your office. He should then adjust the air-conditioner (for the summer) and no one should be permitted to touch it. The girl who is always "dying from the heal" should be given the desk closest to the unit. You should be at the other end of the room. Dear Ann Landers: When my sister Judy lived at home she got whatever she wanted from Mom. Now that she is married, it's still going on — only worse. Judy has had four babies in four years. Her husband barely makes a living. My dad is far from rich and there are many things we need but can't afford, Yet Mom buys clothes for Judy's kids, carries groceries over there and sits for them every' Saturday and Thursday nightv: ,V' V ' Last week Mom and I went shopping for his winter clothes. She didn't get, anything for herself although she needs shoes and a new coal. She spent $40 on dress clothes for Judy's kids. This burned me up. What can I do?-PLAIN MAD Dear Mad: Nothing. So stop trying. Your Mom has always put Judy first and she always will. It's too bad when married children are a financial burden to parents, but some parents promote it — so keep silent. Dear Ann Landers: Last year my husband and I signed a pledge card obligating us for a substantial amount of money. In recent months our business has gone bad and we've, had to pay heavy medical and hospital bills. It's impossible to meet the pledge. Yesterday we received a let- i ter from the director of -the or ganization with a warning that the matter would be placed in the hands of an attorney if the pledge was not paid within 6( days. Are we legally obliged to pay? Please hurry the information. We are humiliated and worried. — K7,0 Dear KXO: No ethical charity sues for collection pledges, Whether or not you are legally bound depends on the language of the pledge card. If you do "DO NOT i not have a copy, get one — am see an attorney. Cooking's Fun THE BRIDE COOKS SUPPER This savory Chinese recipe is repeated by request. Shrimp and Cucumber Salad Green Pepper Steak Rico Ice Cream with Fruit Sauce Fortune Cookies Green Tea GREEN PEPPER STEAK 1 pound boneless flank steak 2 tablespoons each cornstarch and soy sauce 1 tablespoons dry sherry 1 teaspoon sugar 1 large clove garlic (crushed) 3 medium-size green peppers 2 tablespoons salad oil !4 cup water or unsalted chicken broth If necessary, trim steak of most of outside fat; if meat is regular width, cut in half lengthwise; freeze. Before preparing, allow meat to stand at room temper pture to defrost just enough to slice easily. Slice on bias into strips about 1-inch wide and Vfc- inch thick. In a small platter or large plate, stir together the cornstarch, soy sauce, sherry, sugar, and garlic until cornstarch is not lumpy. Add beef and turn to coat each piece. Halve pepers lengthwise; remove seeds and membrane; slice lengthwise into strips about Vi-inch wide.' Heat 1 tablespoon oil in 9- or 10-inch skillet over moderate heat; add green peppers; cook a few •minutes, stirring; remove with slotted soon. Add remaining tablespoon of oil to skillet; heat. Add meat and brown over moderate heat, turning with wide spatula or pancake turner. Return peppers to skillet; add water. Cook and stir constantly until small amount of sauce clears and thickens. Makes 3 servings. Ceremony Read In Garnett At home at 345 W. 5th, Garnett, are Mr. and Mrs. Howard F. Gretencord who were married on Sept. 4 at Holy Angels Church, Garnett. Rev. Augustine Koch officiated. The bride is the former Patricia Ann Lutz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy G. Lutz, Welda. Parents of the groom are Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Gretencord, Richmond. Following the ceremony with high mass sung by, the church choir, there was a dinner at Holy Angels School with several cousins of the couple assisting in serving. A wedding dance was held at Sclpio hall In the eve-! ning. The bride graduated from Gar- nctt High School in 1960. She is mployed as secretary at the Waller L. Simpson Agency, Garnett. The groom was graduated in 1957 from Richmond High School and spent two years in the V-S. Army. He is employed by Delco Battery Corp., Olathe. and that four 25-year pins wffl bt presented. The event also will celebrate the 85th anniversary el the chapter. The hostess was Mrs. H. E, Shaw. Assisting her were Mrs. B. L. Carter, Mrs. H. R. Webster, Mrs. Don Brown and Mrs. E. M. Angcll. Club Forecast Fast Matrons A guest last evening at the Past Matrons Club was Mrs. Nancy Lamb, worthy matron of Union Chapter No. 15, O.E.S. She announced that on Wednesday evening the Chapter will entertain past matrons and past patrons, A.C.E.. Lincoln school POMONA STITCH »nd CHATTER, Mrs. Ncls Krlstenson • FIRST BAPTIST WMS TRINITY W.S.C.S. Golden Age dinner FIRST METHODIST W.B.C.S. C.W.F.. Christian Church LADIES AID, Church of the Brflhrf* UNION CHAPEL W.S.C.S., Mr«. B. .1. Hoffman WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION. Westminster U.P. Church MAZA EVANS Circle, N. Baptist Church EASTERN STAR SPECIAL BARGAIN SALE i-frl Value $4,50 now...$3.00 als« available $8.00 Value now...$5.00 LANDSCAPE PLANTING — Garfield Gardeners club president, Mrs. D. G. Laury (left) and Miss Lanah Cameron, past president, view some of the medium leaf euonymous bushes which the club had planted yesterday at Garfield School. Kindergarteners are Becky Hay and James Sheldon. The 18 euonymous bushes and globe juniper were a part of a long term landscaping project of the club. Several yews were planted last year. (Herald Photo by Lois Smith) Reunion Held Sunday Families of the late Henry j Mock, Marion Mock and George j Mock, held a reunion at the Ar- j mory Sunday honoring Mr. and Mrs. Norval Mock, Richmond, Calif. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Mock, Emporia; Mr. and Mrs. Gene Mock, Steven and Susan, Eudora; Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Mock, Bartlesville, Okla.; Mr. and Mrs. Francis Mock and Judy, Chanute; Mr. and Mrs. Leo Mock, Janifer and Pamela, Plea- sanlon; Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Trout, Princeton; Mr. and Mrs. James Black, Elmer, Warren and Ethel, Richmond; Miss Cynthia Mock, Lawrence; Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Mock, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Mock, Mr. and Mrs. Burton Weber, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Trout, Rodney, Rodenc and Rick, Mr. and Mrs. Vayne Mock and Tom, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Mock, Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Teter, Mr. and Mrs. Duane Hall, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Williams and Patricia, Deb- j _ bie Williams, Jill Lowrance and | Don Miller, Ottawa. Removals Aubry, Franz .Jr.. to 415 Grant: Arb Wilbur Lee, from 303 S. Cedar, to SI N. Main; Chamberlain, John, to 524 t Oak; Flusser, Peter, to 615 E. Logan i Hills, Cleo, to 815 N. Main: Ingraham < Mrs. Harold H.. from 1125 S. Main Seylcr. from 415 Grant, to 92 I Cypress; Stoffer. Mrs. Elizabeth, to i 1125 S. Main: 'f.sonant?,, Mrs. Anna i M., from 408 E. 4th, to 131 S. Cherry; Toumberlln, Joe, from 23fi S. Cherrv. to 927 N. Sycamore; Vogler, C. H., from 608 N. Cedar. Worry of FALSE TEETH Slipping or Irritating? Don't be embarrassed by loose false teeth slipping, dropping or wobbling when you eat, talk or laugh. Just sprinkle a little PASTEETH on your plates. This pleasant powder gives a remarkable sense of added comfort and security by holding plates more firmly. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. It's alkaline (non-acid). Get FASTEETH at any drug counter. SELF SERVICE DEPT. Small Boys' SHOES Two Pairs 5 00 PAINE'S BOOTERY four all-in-one beauty program ACT OF BEAUTY Special Combination Offers ACT OF BEAUTY LIQUID HUMECTANT CREAM. A rich but light, liquid but po- tpnt fluid lace cream that provides the softening protective moisture the ma. ture skin literally thirsts for, restores a radiant, moist bloom to the complexion. ACT OF BEAUTY DEEP FACIAL CLEANSER washes precious emollients and poly- unsaturates onto the skin as you cleanr.e deep, deep down where trouble begins. ACT OF BEAUTY VEIL VITALE modern solid liquid that effervesces and melts on contact to firm, tone, moisturize your skin-all in one simple act ol beauty. RANEY REXALL DRUG 304 S. Main CH 2-3092 PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Free Prescription Delivery Ford introduces for 1962 two distinguished new scries: Galaxie 8 s Galaxie/500 \ l \ Enduring elegance... jA^s^A^-'\ with the power to please '• • >&.'•'••:•.- -•"*•''• V* '• *w*•••'"• .y:"-'""•'••••••'•' ^ .: • /o?.\. .••'•'$.]. , ?'• *••.,.•„*..<..».•,••:••»••..,.. ,. y: ..-' .. r<$ „ \ •/:- f . : .,*•> f f •••> ( V !->. ••••'"' '•, '" ' V-"*'-":; * V? •>* •• >i-.-.U ^,^%^ '••/ \ *' '* ./"""< '« 1*11 "It sure is an art and science the way they fill prescriptions at—" RANEY REXALL DRUG 304 S. Main CH 2-3092 PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Free Prescription Delivery With Thundcrbird styling ; : : Thunderbird power . . . and quality craftsmanship that sets a new industry standard ... the 1062 Ford Galaxies give you every essential feature of far Swift as a rumor, silent as a secret, Galaxie '62 has the timeless distinction and talent for travel of the Thunderbird that inspired it. K\ery quick quiet mile whispers: here is a new standard of quality. And every luxurious detail confirms it. This is the car that introduces twit e- a-vcar maintenance. Routine service is costlier luxury cars. Now . . . twice-a-year maintenance reduces service to a reduced to 30,00(1 miles on many items such as major lubrications, twice a year or 6,000 miles on the rest. We suggest you see the new Galaxie and Galaxie/500 (shown above) lor yourself. We are confident you will agree: it's pointless to pay more —or settle lor less. JriOIOR COMPANV mint tnu mi Galaxie IbyFord Its sileuce whispers quality The PRICE MOTOR COMPANY Milk Glan WEDDINO BOWL New Peorlized SWAN vyy/»< i/i HI t*iit* I\M ^ Large 8 inch size. A collector's delight! Wedding Bowl and Cover in genuine milk gloss. Smooth, satiny finish in delicate Shell Pink^Jfou would expect to pay $2.00 or more for this beautiful bowl. II Pink. You 69t Beautiful white peorlized plastic swan planter. Use also as a candy, nut, or cigarette bowl. 4V4" high; 5" long. An unusual and charming ornament. irette bowl. 25' Regular 49c Value DAVIS EVER-BRIGHT HOUSE PAINT Gloss • Full-Bodied • High • Self-Cleaning First grade — top quality Regular *64? Gallon self - cleaning Brilliant White is gas and fume proof. Colors made from fade-resistant pigments. Easy spreading — no brush drag. Choice of latest exterior colors. r i *«"io Coi « Gal. $5.19 4 Gol | 0f ,, RUBBER BASE WALL PAINT Use on any interior painted or unpointed surface of plaster, wallboard, brick, wallpaper, unglazed tile or composition type material* • Dries in less than 1 hour • No laps, streaks or brush marks • Apply with brush or roller • Easy clean-up with soap & water Save 61* DA-LUXE Non-Yellowing White Enamel During this sale you get a FULL HALF PINT at less than half price. Use on any pointable surface inside or out. Da-Luxe goes on white — stays white. Finish looks like porcelain — stands repeated washing. Limit — 2 cans to a person u eg »1£? Vi Pint One-Half Pint DAVIS SPRAY PAINT The easy way to tnamcl — no brushes needed, just push the button and paint. Davit Spray Paint driei in five minutei to a smooth, tough, durable enamel surface. All popular colors. Also available in Varnish, Lacquer, and Wood Stains. Lacquer, and Wood Stains. I •• j^ ^iv Regular $162$129 Large Size 16-oz. Can • WALLPAPER SALE! fmy the Retail Book Price for On* Rod . . . Get the Second Roll for Only For example, now you con buy two rolls of wallpaper that sells for 80c a roll (Retail Book Price) for only 81 c — you pay just Ic for the second roll. All sidewoll papers carried in stock included — popers for every room in oil price ranges. We Do Custom Picture Framing I 15-1 19 W. 3rd St. DAVIS PAINT Associate Store HAROLD LEITNAKER. Owner Gifts 129 S. Main Housewares CH 2-2491

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