Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 13, 1912 · Page 10
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 10

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1912
Page 10
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rMOllY II6L&:: Heoir /^a^-to UsCihMrtsa; And Ae ciuteb^d ,t](« -xlBdoKCUias An .ln% "itutiate knatzlB oirJtke.«httft«war«i«i£ 4 i^dTi ithea'stauUed.'MMkJ^UDn. ^ . ''.?«^.taTsaeM.tto;dt ||{u«e^': lie sntiUeNa;^ eif^IttttUoBlv^iL ^HllMi .»)le:iri«MW .-o . • ... i v/Tbm viK^a Ugbt'illWb, a vtaarp -riaKin«'i*pbH,-4ft7eiI tn tbe dlauiiee. itbltoved W^tHi«'MUnd of tMrambllilK. HaiDlla -liia^ett, • w te lowered Hu gusu •-• "Maile him hump^-anywajr." be coim- mented cheertnlly. "Now what comes next?" "^-^I do not know." abe answered, aa thoueb tbB 'queatlonbaiLi>een asked her, "do your* w^zw^ VI. . The Condition In the Coach, .liccbantcally-^aearcely conacloua of tl^ action—^the Sergeant slipped fresh eaftrldges Into tbe bot rifle cbumber, iirfPt tbe tumbled bair out of bis eyes bis sbirt sleeve, and stared into ^« nigbt He could bardly compre- ICVlM yet that tbe affair was ended, tta Mopnd attack repulsed. It was i&* a^ellrlum of fever; be almost ex- (fttfd to see tbose motionless bodies yufi^tcbed on tbe grass apring up, yilllitt dellaltoe, Tben be gripped kiiaiottflnnly.iaallainc the truth—It iil)p.OT«r wit^ (6r tbe prwent; away 9J^<tii4 (n In tha tasa obscuring tbe rlv- tr kicbk tbose Indistinct black smudges Vf^ iBvatng mtagea, belr voices wail> Ibrottgb 'tbe night. Just In front. l (Hi^«n. buddlad where tbey had wera the bodies of dead and l ^rfBl. unttten yonlea and half-naked Mtt. He drew a deep, breath through $lMlie4 teeth, endeavoring to distln- |f|Bh bis coraraOaa. The lnterio^;of the.ooadi was black. A.crFCUiM ft CO. querable savage^T""! Ibem on Ml l^t Really Knaw Was That Those 4 )«vHt' 'tfwi Cemlng, Leaping »".- >. ' Md^aoundless, except for some one's Bwlft. "excited breathing. As be ex taoded bis cramped legs to tbe floor he -tott«)bed a motionless body. Not anttl then bad be realised pie possl bUlty of death also within. He felt downward with one band, bla nerves Bttddeoly throbbing, and bis finger tonelled a cold face—tbe Uexloan. It •Miat have been that last volley, for ha' oould distinctly recall tbe sharp bfrk of Qonzalea' revolver between hU.own sboU. '*Tho little- devil," be muttered sober\$. "Jt was a squarer death than be tWlhllid. He was a game little cock." .Xlian be thought of Moylan, won- iaHof why tbe man did not move, or speak. That was not like Moylan. He boot forward, half afraid' in the still- BMt, ,<«ideavoring to discover space oiijttie floor for both bis feet He •oal^' perceive now a distant star plMlWlng clear through tbe ragged aiH ^diis Jabbed in tbe back of the obaefai,' bu^ no outline of tbe sutler's hii^l .shonlders. ^JMoyUn!" be called, bardly above a wittipar. "What is the trouble? Have 7aii|.4Nion hit, man?" There was no anawer. no responding watch.' With the first gray dawn they would come again, leaping to tbe coach's wheels, yelling, triumphant, mad with new ferocity—and be waa alone, except for tbe girl. And where was she? He felt for her on the floor, but only touched tbe Mexican's feet. He bad to lean across tbe seat where Mcylan's body lay. shrouded in darkness, before his'grop­ ing fingers came in contact with tbe skirt of her dress. She was on tbe front seat, close to tbe windows against the lightness of tbe outer sky. her bead seemed lying upon tbe wooden frame. She did not move, be could not even tell (hat she breathed, and for an instant his dry lips failed him utterly, bla blood seemed to stop. Good God! Had she been killed also? How. in Heaven's name, did ahe ever get there? Then suddenly she lifted her head slightly, brushing -back her bair with one arm: the faint starlight gleamed on a steel barrel. Tbe Sergeant expelM bis breath awiftly. wetting his dry Hps. "Are you hurt?" be questioned anxiously. "Lord but you gave me a scareI" She seemed to hear his voice, yet scarcely to understand, like one aroused suddenly from sleep. "What! you spoke—then—then— there are others? I—I am not here all alone?" "Not if yon oount me." be saldjfff'a trace of recidessness in the answer. "I haven't even a scratch so far as I know. Did ihey touch you?" "No; that is. I am- not quite sure; It—it was all soxborrlble I cannot remember. Who are you? Are you tbe —the soldier? "Tes—I'm Hamlin. Would you mind telling me bow you ever got over there?" ' She straightened up. seemed ia notice the heavy revolver In her fingers, and let it fall to the floor. "Ob, it is like a dream—an awful dream. I couldn't help myself. -When tbe Mexican rolled off on to tbe floor, I knew be was dead, and—and thera was bis revolver held right out to me In bis band. Before I raaiised 1 bad it, and waa up here—I—I killed oae^ be—be fell in tbe wheel; J—can never forget that!" "Don't try." broke in Hamlin earb- esUy. "You're all right," he added, admiration In bis voice. "And so it was you there with the small can. beard it bark, but never knew Gonzales was bit. -n'ben did it happen?" "When-when they fired first It- it was all smoke out there when I got tojtbe window; they—they looked like —like wild beasu. and It didn't seem to me I was myself at alL" Tbe man laughed lightly. • "You did the right thing, iftat's aU.' be consoled. anxi6ns to control ber excitement "Now you and I must decide what to do next—we are all alone." "Alone! Has Mr. Moylan baaa hit also?" "Yes." be answered, feeling k waa better to tell her frankly. '"He waa shot, and is bebrond our help. But come." and he rjtiacbed over and took as frigbt- The calm Somehow She was not ened as she bad be«n. steady eoolnesa of the mjsn was bsv- ing its. natural effect, wtt helping to control ber own nerves, stcength. his. confidence, ginning to lean upon bin^be seemed to know exactly what he was about Well, no, honestly I don't; not yet." be returned. besltaUng slightly. "There Is no use denying! we are in a mljfhty bad hole. If Moylan hadn't got shot we might have held out till bielp arrived; I've got about twenty cartridges left; but you and I alone never eouM do It I've got to think It out. I reckon; this has been a blind 'fight BO fan;-nothing to. It but blazing away as fhst aa l taaXi. pull trig- >fer.-Now, maybe, I eaa tea my brains bit" \ ^ |.L. She ooald bot tea blm, bat some in. stinet led-bar to put out her hand and touch tha rough aleeve ot his shirt It made her sure of bla presence, bis protection. Tbe man felt the mov«*- ment, and. understood Us meaning, bla heart throbbing atrangely. "You are going to trust mef* "Of-^t course; bow could you doubt that?" "Well." sUU half qnesUonlng. ">ou see I'm only an enlisted man. and sometimes offlcera' ladles think we are mostly pretty poor stuff, Just food for powder. She tightened ber grip on bis sleeve, drawing a quick breath of surprise. '^Oh. bot I am not like that; truly I am not I— H»W your face thla afternoon, and—and -1 liked yon then. I will do 'v-'iatever you say." "^*fcaT^ you." be said simply. "To know, that makes everything so much eaaier for me. We shall'have to work together from now on. You keep sharp watch ati tbe window there, while 1 think a' bit—there's brdinarlly a chance sdniewberG. yon .know, if one Is only bright enough to uncover it" How still the night was. and dark; atbough the sky was cloudless, the stars shone clearly kway up In tbe. black vault. Not even the bowl of a distant coyote broke the silence. To the left, seemingly a full balf-mUe distant, waa the red filoker of a fire, barely irislble behind a projection of bank. But- in front not even the keen yon dOD 't bSEve to If yxm dont want , to and T. R. kaowa tb^-aBdl>ahDow» phe is htisrepl«s^Btii«rj ^tboiaiiis --dti'£ hbpesctbat'he Borwaqir *<mtt 'ebw «uk*| regula'te by faiw. If there are two or more Jol)s for one mao 4ie is going to get more for bis work, if there are two-or more men for one Job the'one who geto It has to. iiorfc for'leas.^aiid no law can change it No not the great "1 ME." ^ " , And' n(»wc about the "wrecked" He- Mitjiicnn (larty. It Is amusing to see t!i<' smile that comes over the face of Re}niblican.s when telling of the death of the party. If reports ars true that come to tbe writer here Saturday, tbe disintegration of the Bull Moose i>arty has already bpgun. T. R.'s congratulation of Wil.von on hi8 election has opened the eyes of snnie. and «-ill of more. His evident spite in wrecking the party and tielight of its defeat because he dill not Ret the nomination he wanted from it will-open the eyes of more. One i of the Meanest things a man can do is to %«\ all he can of a party and b«jca«se It will not give any more, or soiiierliliig no other man has e»-er had. ij: to turn nKninst it and do all he rati to injure it. And e.speclally Is that true where one has held the lilgh office of president. One who ha-s held the offipos of a party is the reason he should stay by it, and not for selfish reason or spite try \ • Uijure It. -And n<)w about tht/Sreat thiiifrs the Hull .Moose iiarty »'going to do for ' uroan rsce. they do despbed will do as. the 'jlher Repnb- CUT GROIIND UND^ BOASTER exceedingly Neat Rejofntfer Mada by Salesman to His Puffad4Jp RIvaL We, the a»«»iifeiM«,.wIB art! «t^bHe Anetioaja tV^ttwi^lbni, SH afl^ Mrth.i|a«^ aillr ii«t* af Mai=«fc >Md S >idefi aii»«f aile 9 HEtD HOBSC.H AND Mn.lS. 4 sorrel horse, weight about 125ti, cbmiiig 7 years old; 1 bay driving I horse weight 1200. coiiiing 7 years old; 1 gray horse, coming 6 years old, wt 1200; 1 bay mare. 10 years old, wt libit; 1 sorrel mule, coming 3 years old, wt. about llOii; 1 blac^ luule, coming V, years old; 2 last spring's mules one a black horse mnle and one a bay mare niiiie; 1 black mule 2 years old 3:! HEAD OF HOGS. 1 brood sow, weight about 21 shoals, wt. SO lbs. eai-h; weeks old. eyes of the Sergeant oould dUitlngulsb any sign ot movement Apparently tbe Indians bad abandoned tempt to recover the bodies of their dead. the (loun-troddea of And yes. how without the votes Rcpiibllouns. .\l Is to elect Democ late election sthows. Iican »i >{o to the Bull Steoiera. • Not on your life? Will the nemocnits go to tlieniT .Not on your life again, when ilie.v run jtet what they w^nt by stay- ins; with their own party. Not much .Vnd now what is the duty of the Republicans? Stand shoulilt-r to .-shouUier ;reform t!'»'ir r.-inks close up. sTid'' ritrhl timiu^li breeches that have be«-n made po forwjird wUh the «me idea to do what is li->sj for the whole .-Vmeriran p>.>upl'i\ and not to for!;et that for all our iwliiicai strife we are Americans. lK>tng an .American was luufrtit with a great price; keep the heritage given us by our fathers: remedy such de- fe<-ts a.s time and experience shall show exists in an orderly way and not by revolution. The law is made to protect ilie weak and not the stron);. No law is anarchy and anarchy is the rule of I he strongest Majorities always oppose the minority where Ihey can. and would do it were It not for the law. \jn us form clubs :it is a rallying |>oini. .A good licking some times does a iiarty good. There is one thins it doe.-; do. makes ii stand together. Wiile President Taft hns done some thinss 1 did not like, anyone who dons ihini^s makes mistakes. It Is evident in all he has done he had an eye .-.-inirleii to what he thought would be to the best interests of the whole nation, without any regard to the effect it would liave on him in a political way: many things a politician would not have done. Ills adnilnlstratiou will go down in history as clean, cap- alile. with an eye singled to the gotnl in his efforts to establish reci- 1« HEAD OP CATTtE. . 6 milch cows—1 bribdle cow, T' TTS. old, giving milk, fresh soon; 1 roan row.. 6 yrs. qid giving milk, fresh sooo; 1 4-year-old co*,"caIf at side; 1 i-yeax^ old cow. calf at side; 2 S-year-6Id cows giving milk, will be fresh in spring; 2 red yearling heifers, both with calf; 1 coming 2-year-oId Sborifiorn bull; 1 2-year-old heifer. freshJi/Pebruary; 1 .yearling heifer; 3 good calves. FAK.¥ LYPLEMETPTS. 1 Clover Leaf manure spreader, good as new; 1 hay frame and wagon; 1 RS. buggy: 1 mowing machia«: 1 set sfti- ut -JM lbs : K'e buggy harness; 1 good Gebs feed : 10 pigs, 7 "'HI: 1 lister; 2 Cultlvattlls; 1 disc cul- itlvator; 1 sulky plow; l^rn plitBter;' FODDER A>D TIMOTHl'. 12.'. shocks kafflr corn fodder; about 2 tons of choice timothy hay in barn. 1 1 grind-stone: I 20-foor-'ls(flder; 2 cattle feeders; 1 good coal heater "and many other articles to<t numerous to mention. TER3I .S OF SALE—All sums of $10 and imder. caglj; over-.teat amount a credit of 9 months willbe given on bankable notes bearing'6^ Interest from dnte of sale discount for cash on the time amounts. No property to be removed until terms of sale are coiuplied wiltt Notes to bear lOJb Interest from date if not paid when due. ^ E A. Patterson »d k. A. Flaek ^ rot. H. ». SWOCK; AartlMieer. HARLA.V tATMFB, tl«rk LUNCIf SKRVeO BY I.ADIK8- Atr> aOCfKTY OF WEStESr.CHArat. Rivalry among motor ear mnnnfao- turers Is acute. If good matured. At a dinner Of mannfactureni' represoita- tives one guest dwelt at length on tbe remarkable popularity of bla ear and the wonderful organltntlon of Its selling force "Why. just think of it. ^nUenm." said he, "last month our sales avei^ aged'a car avery two minuses ot sadi working Hay. There waa-nereir anything like it" When ha'had eonelodad tiia Mvr*' Mutative of-a rival factory aroatf'aiul remarked: "With tha last •(iMiker'B permlasloa. 1 would Uka to oVar my compliment on his statement that there's one Of his cars sold every two minutes." Permission was granted. "I understood you to say that yoa call that good salesmanship. Am I rtghtr I wUI sHI at Pahllc .4«i!ll«B at my farm lU aittes rast aadJi loatk at "I eeruUnly do." afllrmed tha pre- lou, H mile Mslheast el Eleelrir Power Honse. I?« aUlfs wfsLMd H mile vlous speaker. ^anth ef ftw CHar. ea •Well. 1 don't: that's alL I call Iti mighty poor salesmanship." • "What do you meanT' tiemanded tbe boaster. "A car every two minutes—" • "Poor salesmanship—there's BO other name for it Tbe gentleaian forgets that there'a a sucker bora ov- ery minute." After whl^ tha next speaker -was Introduced.. THiirs.. November 14r 1912 Befcfbalar at 10 o'clock a. »„ the bellowing deacrfbed pnntertji ; of all. tbelr at- Ipm.-Ity uith Canada, time will show lie wag right" His standing by hi,-! ' friend .-i even to his own hurt will he reckoned to his credit in time. .Airain referring to the Republican party "as^busted." It has had a house cleaning that leaves it stronger today than ever; those who stayed away g i honestly thinking the new party would Tleoilore Roose\elt I.ariiesl will see li time hollowness vJ- T i ^u^ '„°*',/"^'^^'?''V"','^'l«' 'he pretentions of the new ,«.rty. • "T .:!^- L, r V, "•^f'*'''-"'-''''*"'- an.l turn to their old love. (To Be Contlnned.) As It Seems to Mr. Peamon. • ri-e Republican party is a wreck -Kansas Cjty nvadl and he stood up, reaching kindly ovar across the seat. Then be iaaw..4ind felt a shudder run through hUa trota head to foot, ''Bent^donble orar the iron back of the middle seitt| wll^'«tBds sUU gripping his hot riil^, IhfI man hung, limp and lifeless. Mf- mott wlthoat realixlpg the act, Ham< U B .lifted tha bdivy body./lald it down opoB the cnsbion, and tmclasped Ibe dead .flbselri gripping the Winchester *Vvn7 dhot gone," he whispered to biBuelt dasedly. "every shot gone! Atet that jjfua It heU!" came to him. In a sudden •aah of intelligence—^b« was alone; aloae except for the glrL ^ They were ont there f et. skulking in^ the night, fanning i^venge. tbose savage foe- Bssi—^Arapahdes. Cbeyennes, Ogalias. Th«r ted been beaten bsck. defeated, •ntttMt with death, but' they were In diaMStUl. They would come back for tha 1 »dlcs of tbelr slain, and then whatt They could not know idio were Urtug, who dead. In' the coach; yet flsast.Jwve discovered long since that tt bad eaiy eonUined three defenders. Tlugr' wonld guess that smmunitlon 'wo «)d ba limited. His knowledge of tha iBghtlnc tactics of the Plains - tribw cava elsar vision of what would tnkMr occur. They. w<>uld wait, •Mattawd out la a wlda otrcla from Mat to bluff, lying anske-llke la the anmi.Bom» of the bolder night creep la 4 B diac away the bodies ot dead .wanrion, risking a chanea shot, but -.tkM* iroBld be no open attack in the 4Blii ;i|' That would bo averse to all In- l ^lailiftmtagy;, all preoedeat Even 'M W tho'mournfbl -walUng had ceased; BipJiiHi H OBO ha|d rallied his warriors, iBtflhi(l' latB _th«n hli OWILJUOOB- ber band, "you iliust not give np now." She offered no resistance, but sat motionless, her face turned »way. Yet she knew she trembled from head to foot, the reaction mastering her. A red tongue of flame seemed to silt the outside blackness; tbere was a single sbsrp report, echoing back .from tbe bluff, but no sound of tbe striking btil- let Just ^an Instant be caught a glimpse Of her face, as she drew back, startled. . '''Oh; they are coming again! What •hall we do?" '^o." be Insisted, sUU retaialag her hand, confident In his jndgiaent "Those fellows will not attempt to nish us again tonight Yoo mast keep cool, for we shall need all oar wiu to get away. An Indian never risks a night assault, nnleaa. It la a surprise. He wants to see wha^ he la VP against Those bucks have-cot all tbe^' want of tbls ontflt;, Utay have no rekson to suppose any of us ware hit Tbey .^are as much afraid as we are. but. when It geta daylight, and they can see the shape wa'ra la, -then .they'll oome yaUiag." "But they can lie out there la tha dark and shoot," she proteated. "tkat shot was aimed at us, wasnt MV "I reckon it waa, bat It never got here. Dpnt let that worry ym; tt an Indian ever hits aay^iag -with a gun it 's going to be by iMire aeeldeat* He stared out of the window. "Tbay're lisble to bang away bceaalOBaUy. and I suppose it to up to BB to antka Bome rsspoBM Just to tell them we're awake and ready. But tkar aia.t Ir- iBg expeotinc to do dSBiBga naif t6 attract atientloB while thay haul off Ueir dead. Thera's a red saake jroa- der now creeping aloBg la tbe Roosevelt. Looking forward to IS 16 of cours<.« For four years the Republican par- is destroyed." Weir; WeH! Tbe wish is father to the thought, of course. For your years the Republican party shot at the Democratic party and thought It was wrecke<l, busted, so to speak. But somehow it bobbed up every four .vears and gave the jwrly that was so recently wrecked lots of trouble until finally In 84 it seated a Democratic president; pretty lively for a party,that had been busted so oft^. Then again in 1892 inaugurated the same Democratic president again. Killed again in 1896, wrecked, busted for sixteen years, but oh dear, here It is again; got ever>thing in sight; the liveliest corps you ever saw. 1 don't see why It couldn't stay dead, for It ha.«! been a menace to the prosperity of the country all these years. It ought to have stayed dead when it was good and dead. But the Kansas City Star thinks it has been resurrected to' everlasting life.. May be so! May be. so! Walt and see! And T. R. hopes tbe new party with "T. ME" at its bead and more money into the pay envelope (clap trap and he knows It) and fix a minimum price for women's work iclap trap again and be knows it's done to get votes and he knows that. too). The government with all Its power can't fix the price of even a peck of potatpes. All it can do in the way of fixing the price of anything is to say it will give yon so much If you want to work for It Hespectfully. L H. PKARSON. Salem. Kan.«a.s. Nov. 1»12. Remember one thing dear brethren: It was Republican vote? that made the land slide to Wilson, and not one of them will vote two or fouc years from Bow with Bull Moosers. Misjudged the Unlfbrm.' During the war in tbe Ptailipptaea General Charles.Kinlg. one day while resplendent in his uniform, which was made especially brilliant by several rows of new brass buttons, came U|^ on a raw recruit. The fatter waa oo post duty and failed to salote the general. "Are TOO on duty here?"' asked General King, yjith a lAow of '^an ger. "I guess BO." Bald the recruit "The) sent me out here, anyway." "Do you remember your general or dera?" asked the general. "I guess I do—some of them." aald the raw reemtt. -Well." said the genenl. "dont yon know that you ara supposed to salute your offlcera? Don't you know I am the general of this brigade ?~ "You tbe general?" said the new recruit "Gosh, no; I didn't know It I thought you wit the chief of the Are department"—Kansas City Star. 4 REAb HORSES AND HTLES Constatiig of I span of 4-'year-otd horses wt. HOrt lbs.; I span of mules. 3 years oh . 13 HEAD OF CATTLE. -t cot s giving milk, one will be fresh this, niontlj; 1 2-y.ear-otd heifer, fat; 3 yearling isteers; 1 heifer calf. ; HEAD OF HOGS. I full blood Poland Chiua male; 6 head, of sboats. wt. about l<>o lbs. ,fHICKE3fS.., 3 dozen pure bred Buff Orpingtons; 2 dozen pure tired White leghorns; 1 Old Trusty l-'.O-egg incubator. FARM ISfPLEMEXTS, ETC. 1 new low wheel wide tire wagon; 1 14-incb stirring plow; 30 rods bOs wire; some barb wire; oil cook stdve; 1 cook stove: some household goods and other articles tiMi numerous to mention. TERMS OF SALE— All sums of $10.00 and under, cash In hand. All over $10.00. a credit of "12 months will .be given, purchaser giving nota.wltk approved security, bearing S'A interest from date If paid when due. It BOt paid when due to draw lo% from date of sale. A'/c discount for cash OB; credit sales. No property to be removed until settled for. Pi«. MOVKoR. Aactloneer. G. R. BOWLt'S, Clerk. F, G. Moyer I will sell Bt PaWIe AnrtloB o« the farm kBowa as the Old Cnuiley place, ess South KeBtncky Street, In I B, on Saturday/November 16, 1912 BeglBBlBg at 10 o'clock, a. m., the following described prepertyi After Vie a s 1 o s" W ' > oop 1 r C O Ll 14 . - >r .'^i :i r-i< F-"e \ er :ened ttibes and tuuotuidltuigs often folldw; sometimes Impaired aglit or hearing. But if scorrs EMULSIOS U takmn prompify and rcgtilarly' after the fever subsides it quickly and effectually restores appetite. stren]^h and flesh. ".N'o." hysterically, "it to Just black to it«." "Ycu haven't got the plalnaaaa's eyes yet. Watch, now; I'm colng to stir the fellow up:" He leaned forward, the atoefc ot the Just a Little Farther On. After North Carolina voted to be B "dry" state. Its eitlsens became very suspicions of Btrangera. One day a oommerelal traveler went up to an old negro In a little town in the eaatarn part of the eUte and said to him: "Say, uncle. If yoa will lead me to some place whera I can get a drink. Ill give you two dolbua." a The old darky looked him over eare>l fullr. aeeepted the two phmks. and said. "AD Ti^t. hoes: Jest foUer me." He led the thiraty ooe throui^ the town. OB through the snbutbe. Into the country, and then started due Weat After they bad traversed about Ave mllee In stlenee and still nothing tat algbt. the man asked: •TEiOtdc hera. Moee! Whera ara wc goinc after this drink r "We'B gwlne orah Into Kentm^, toes; we cant git nuthln in dia atate."—Judge. 2 DEAD 6V liORSE.S. | 2-gallon Jars, 2 ^-gallon stone Jars, 1 1 dapple gray stallion. .'• years old. 8-galIon stone Jar, 1 butter bowl, la- wt. 1400: 1 black .Arabian horse. 12 die and skimmer. I water cooler stand, years old, wt. 13U0. 1 cuplioard. 2 chairs 2 rockera. 1 , „ .. -,I • . , , bed. 1 combination dresser and wash 1 Red Pol niUk cow. wil he fresh; ^,and. 1 large heater. 1 gas hot pUfe, soon: I black .lers.y Molstein. will b.:! , ^.f^oi (3^,^ unoleum, S i»fc- fresh in January. ; mres. 2 3-gallon milk palls. 1 2-bone 9 HEAD OF HOflS. 1 """^ wagon. 1 two-' 8 head Shoats. weighing about ,r. ? i '*^"7 *o''w^* lbs.: 1 sow will weigh about .'Tr. lbs.: 8"°' ..'•"',**'"' * '-'"^-^ P'»*-.l ^-shoT-. „ , , ,,. el cultivator some other, tools; 2 rUtak . 8 ducks; CO chickens. .barrels; 2 slop bowls; 1 sheet Iron IMPLEMENTS, ETC. i shed. 12x14; some chicken wlrt ttence; 1 bench wringer, 1 incubator. 1 large: 1 cross cut saw, 1 chicken coop 6x7; clothes ba.sket.^3 wash tubs. 1 kitchen 1 130 bales hay; 40 shocks cofn foddier; cabinet. 1 lot cooking utensils, 1 ice { and other articles too numerous to l>ox. 1 ice chest. 1 lot fruit Jars, three : mention. • . Qrminde for Diyeree. A Cleveland lawyer tells this oiie: "A woman oame up to my olBce tha other day and wanted to loiow If sh« «oaId get a divorce "because her hu» fhand didnt bdiave in the Bible. I jtoM ber that aalese she bad Bomo tUac elae on him there would be ne «se la hfftecing ault ""But he's an absolute lafldel!' she iBBlsted. . "That makes ao flffereaee,' said 1 ' "DoeBBt It, IndaMr she erfed. trt .iBiBjl—tb^. 'WeQ.- yoa are a tee law- tyer, I anaM. tar. Here'B the laws 01 iOktok had tfeay aay that talMelity, U jproreC I B ft r^ooad for dlTofee!'" <ling tb K^msas City, or "beyond, you'll find the "Katy" train the most convenient. Leaves loU Arrives KanMS City- -1.05 p. m., - S.OS p. m. •rriMf im JCaam City •M M*« JTM to mUtt» Thm iMst time oudra Ik* trip vU Katy to KaiuM City Far fuM %m4 mmt I MM I iWarMliM M *-ar write A- A. Moeher, Ticket Ageti^ M. K. A T. Rsr. loUs K M*. TER-HS OF SALE— All sums of $10.00 and under, cash fn band. All sums over $10.00 a credit of 10 months will be given, purchaser giving HOt» with approved security, bearing] not paid when due to draw 10'; credit sales. No property to be G. B. BOWLUS, Clerk. , I COL.' C. S. BISHOP, Auctioneer. C',;i interest from date if paid wheii'dne. It from date of sale. 4'^ discoutl.t tor'cash Mi removed until settled for. J. W.B^«^ Tfl£ NORTHROP NATIONAt %R WW -n^ YE .4RS dE btfX^BTA'ITFE BA !nnH« til I<H.A Bepesltory tor the United Stiles, State el K BBSBB, aad AUeaJkiMtr OFFICERSt E. J. MILLER. President h. h. NORTH^UP, Vlee-'PraM. .1 SCELVIN FRONK. Cashier P. A. NORTHRUP. Vlce-Praefe.. R. J. COFFEY Asat Cashier D. P, NOBTHRDP. VIce-PxBat. CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS pximJdfk ' tOUH BUSINESS SOLICITED , Si^lcrW hicresf Phtl hi Vfilw DefiisKs «Bfe<y Depeiil Utoa^'lM lOLA STATE - CMiwstock..... mmsi^' " SurplM... ......|12^iDt ^ WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME DtkPOSlilS U I. •OimiJ, Pwfc W. 8, felUFkAS. Hit J. •. CAMPBtU, GaghMh, A. W. MCE, l%n-9tm. P. oi BKineir. iitt CMUift -it TeO your Wfthti to 2 <MI00 PeopTe throdglS'l^cf

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