Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 3, 1969 · Page 9
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 9

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 3, 1969
Page 9
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PfelDAY, JANUARY 3, 1969 THE REGISTER.NSWC MT- VERNON. ILLINOIS 3" "B Watching Television TONIGHT :0O— 2 News 3 Caelus Pete 4-5-6-12 News 8 French Chef .•30—2-3 Operation Entertainment 4-12 Wild Wild W«st 5-6 High Chaparel 8 International Magazine 11 Truth or Consequences \0Q~*1\ Of tariffs and Seas :30—2-3 Felony Squad 4-12 Gomer Pyle 5 6 On Stage 8 What's New :00—2-3 Don RicWes 4-12 VWVIB: "The Incurable Mi. limpel" 8 Passport High! 11 Steve Allen S6-2-3 Guns of Will Sonnet 8 Book Beat s00~-2-3 Jwdci 5-6 Star Trfk 8 World We live In :30-3 What Is 11 Honeymoonors ;0O~2-3-<<-5-6-!2 News 8 NFT Playhouse 11 P^rry Mason 30—2-3 Joey Bishop 4 Movie: "Some May live" 5-6 Tonight Show ,• 12 Movie: "Trouble in the Glenn" 11:00-11 Movie: "Silver Rivur" 12:00—2 Movie: "Screaming Mimi" 3 Movie: "Battle Zone" 12:10—5 Car and Track 12:15-4 Maw.: "Helen of Troy" SATURDAY PROGRAM , Morning 5:15—4 Meditation, News 5:30—4 Synltner Semester 6:00—4 Town and Country 6:15—12 Summer Semester 6:30—4 P.S. Four 5 Agriculture U.S.A. 6:45-12 News 7:00—4-12 Co Go Gophers 5 Blrdman 6 RFD TV 11 Modern Almanac 8 9 9: 10; 10; WANTED REAL ESTATE LISTINGS We have rwyers for TOUT home at a fair price. Call Us Dial 242-0251 WILLIAMS & RICHARDSON Realtors 815 S. 10th 7:15—2 Thought For Todiy 7:20—2 Form Picture 7:25-2 News 7:30-2 World of Ideas 4-12 Bugs Bunny/Road Runner 5 Corky's Colorama 6 Atop the Fence Post 11 Big Picture 8:00—2-3 Casper Cartoons 5-6 Super Six 11 Public Service 8:30—2-3 Adventures of Gulliver 4-12 Wacky Race* 5 Corky's Colorama 6 Top Cat 11 King and Odie 9:00-2-3 Spidermati 4-12 Archie 5-6 Flintstones II Three Stooges 9:30—2-3 Fantastic Voyage 4-12 Bat Man/ Superman 5-6 Banana Splits 10:00—2-3 Journey to the Center of ,the Earth 11 Movie: "Curloy lop" 10:30—2-3 Fantastic Four 4>12 Hercuioids • 5-6 Underdog 11:00—2-3 George of the Jungle 4-12 Shazjan 5 Corky's Colorame 6 Storybook Squares 11:30-2-3 American Bandstand '69 4r]2 Johnny Quest 11 M6vie: 1968 College Foot- bal Highlights 6 Untamed World Afternoon 12:00-4-12 Moby Dick 5 St. Louis Hop 11 All American Bowl Gam* 12:30-?-3 Happening '69 4-12 Ion* Ranger 1:00—2 Perception 3-5 Big 10 Basketball 4 Opportunity tine 12 Marshall Ollion 1:30-2 Tell It Like It U 4 Heads Up 12 The Flintstones 2:00—2 Movie: "Werewolf in a Girl's Dormitory" 4 Age of Complexity 12 Gospel Singing 2:30-4 Cose Up 3:00—2 George Ca/son Outdoors 3 Film Feature 4-12 NH 1 . Hockey League Game 5 Wackiest Shilp in the Army 11 W«gon Train 3:30-2-3 The Hula Bowl 4:00—5-6 Wonderful World of Golf 4:30-11 Billy Walker's Courtlry Carnival 5:00-6 Wilburn Bros. 11 Bill Anderson 5:30-4-6-12 News 5—26 Men 5:30-4-5-12 New* YOU Con Avail Yourself of the Services Offered by This Agency. Our Many Years of Experience Are Yours For A Call. VIRGIL T. BAILEY, INC. BRAND NEW AND READY TO BE LIVED IN. Beautiful Webster Hill's Estates, north side location; w/w carpeting,. 3 bedrooms, 3 ceramic tiled baths, living room, dining room, kitchen with built in oven, stove, dishwasher, beautiful cabinets, garbage disposer, family room with fireplace, large utility room, double garage, concrete driveway, gas beat, central air; big lot. Immediate possession, Priced to sell' IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. Large stone family home, north side location, new w/w carpeting, living room, dining room, kitchen with new cabinets, stove and refrigerator, 8 extra large bedrooms, 2'4 baths, family room, gas heat; double garage. The price will amaze you. A NEW ONE WITH A BASEMENT. Lovely spacious home; w/w carpeting, 3 big bedrooms, ;2 ceramic filed baths, beautiful built in kitchen cabinets, stove, oven, dishwasher, garbage disposer, living room, din* big room, huge family room with fireplace, double garage, large lot, gas heat, central air. Shown by appointment only. ONLY $13,000.00 buys 6 room modern ranch- home', west side location. Carpeted living room, 8 bedrooms, large Kitchen, family room, beautiful bath with built in vanity; comer lot, carport, utility room, oil heat Shown by appointment only. ONLY $500.00 DOWN, modern home. Base fine location close i Priced to seU. OAB I) 0 rent mi y* 5 room nil VwLU furnace, storm windows, school and high school. ONLY $500 00 DOWN, balance like rent huys 3 bedroom modern home, west Side location. Paved street, basement, gas heat; full lot. Close to shoe factory. Priced right. EASY TERMS. 4 roorffef|| wk cation; built in ei XIII II furnace; full lot. Inn * rwB *' B * n home, west side In- l, basement, new gas ession [LINCOLN SCHOOL DISTRICT. Beautiful older 5 room " 1 all modern home; mAAl •* tod inside and out, new w/w carpeting in lalfl l| an<J dfn ^ n * r Toom ' now bath fixtures, full **** ie nt, new gas furnace and water heat, storm windows; garage. 15 ACRES—5 room modern home; basement, stoker heat, barn, other outbuildings; also, lake, located north of Mt. Vernon. Priced to sell. Very suitable, for a hog or horse farm. 30 ACRES—8 bedroom modern home; basement, gas heat, living room with fireplace; double garage, small bam. Fine location nortlt—priced right. WANTED: LISTINGS. WE HAVE BUYERS WAITINQ. VIRGIL T. BAILEY, Inc. FHA Loans and Gl Loans Available W« will mak« you a CASH OFFER for your Home ot Farm "FREE PARKIN© FOR OUR CUSTOMERS" Tenth and Harrison — Phono 342-4310 11 Grsnr Olu Cpry Evening 6:00-11 WP.burn Brothers 5 Death Valley Days 6:30—2-3 The Dating Game 4-12 Jackie Gleason Sliow 5-6 Adam 12 11 Poiter Wagoner 7:00—2-3 The Newlywad Game 3-6 Gel Smart 11 Alfred Hitchcock 7.-30-2.3 The Lawrence Welk Show 4-12 My Three Son* 5-6 The Ghost end W«. Muir 8:00'-4-12 Hogan'i Heroes 3-6 .Movie: "Father Goose" 8:30—2-3 Hollywood Palace 4-12 Petticoat Junction 11 Champonship Wrestling 9:00—4-12 Mannix 9:30—2 Movie: "Gidget Goes Hawaiian" 3 Bill AndtrMft 10:00-2-3-4-5-6-12 News 10:15-3 Movie: "Girl in the Red Velvet Swing" 4 Movie: "Romanoff end Juliet" 10:30^5 Movie: "O'Henry's Full 11:45-2 Movie: "Stagecoach t6 Fury" 6 Movie: "Man of 1000 Faee*" 12:15-4 Keefe 1:15-4 Movie: "The enforcer" SUNDAY PROGRAM Merninfl 6;0Q*-12 thrlstophert 6:30-4 p.S. 4 12 Big Picture 7:00-4 Tom and Jerry 6'11 Faith For Today 12 tester Family Sings 7:30-2 Pattern For Living 4 Axeman 11 Hour of St. Francis 6 Gospel Singing Jubilee 11 Movie: "New Testament" 12 Herald of Truth 8:00—2 The Answer 4 Sunday Morning 5 Gospel Singing Jubilee 11 Songs of Faith 12 Tom and Jerry 8:30—2 Cross Current* 3 Beatles 4 Feilh of Our Father* 5 America Sing* 6 Pjdueah Devotion* 11 Mister Magoc 12 Aquamsn 8:45-2 Sacred Heart 9:00-2 Message of the Rebbi 3 lino* 4-12 lamp Unto My Feet 5 Rellgiovs Talks 11 Uncle W*Wo 9:15-<-2 C«th<jllc Mass 6 Hamilton Br6thef* Quertet 9:304-3 King Kdhg 4 look Up end live 5 Thl* Is the lift . 6 HereW of Troth 10-.0&-2.S BullwlnWe 4-12 C4m«re Three 5 Eternal light 6 This is the life 11 Roller Derby 10i30~2>3 Discovery 4 Way of life 5 Super Preafderif A The Answer 12 Face the Nation 11100-4 The NeW Beetles 3 Cartoons 4 TJie Church is You 5 Corky* Colorame 6 Popeye 12 This is the life . 11:30-2 Urtus 3 University of Michigan 4 NFl Playoff Bowl 6 File 6 12 The Answer Afternoon l2:O0*-2 King Kong 3 Directions $4 Meet the Press 11 The Honeymooner* 12:30-2 Wells Fargo 3 Issues and Answer* 54 Guldo tin* i 11 Movie: "Men Are Such Fools" 12 NFl Pre Gemo Show 1:00-2 Movie-. ."Beast of Babylon Against the Son of Hercules" 3 Allen Revival Hour 6 Movie 1:30-3 Sunday Matinee 2:00-11 Make Room For Daddy 2:30-2 Dobie Gillls 3:00-2 The Rebel 3:30—2 Peter Gunn 3 the Story 4 TBA 6 Southern Baptist Hour 4:00-3 NBA Basketball 2 Movie: "Gldget Goes Hewelien" 11-12 Jean Claude Killy Show 4)30—4 Amateur Hour 11 Adventure .5.00-4 21st Century 6 G.E. College Bowl II Burkes lew Evening eiOO-2-3 land of the Giant* 4-12 lassie 5-6 Adventures of Huck Finn 11 Special O:30—4-1 % Gentle Ben 6 Welt Disney* World of Color 7:00-2-3 The FBI 4-12 Ed Sullivan 8 PBL Report 11 Sklppy Bush Kangaroo 7:30—5-6 Mother-in-law 11 Make Room For Daddy 8:00-2-3 Movie: "That Kind of Woman" 4-12 Smothers Brothers 5-6 Bonanza 8 NET Special ,11 BUI Fields 9:00-4-12 Mli»l*A Impossible 5-6 My Friend Tony 3-4-5-6-12 News 9:50-2 Movie: "Johnny Tiger" 10:15—3 Movie: "look in Any Window" 10:3O-i3 Movie: "The Shrike" 6 Movlet "I. W»* • Communist For the FBI" 12 Movie: "The Guns of Fort Petticoat" 11:30-1;! Route 66 17:45—2 Issue* ertej Answer* 12:10-4 Movie: "love,it Better than Ever" SUN STYLE _ From -Paris comes thie ensemble for the coming summer. Outfit consists of beach coat, Inlaid with terry-cloth, swlmsult and leggings of simulated leather. Corsicnn Vendettas The word "vendetta" comes from flie Latin "vindicta," meaning revenge. It originated in Corsica in the absence of an organized legal system as a means of redressing injuries. At its height in Corsica in the 18th century, it caJimed the lives of 7,000 persons, according to the Encyclo­ paedia Brttannica. TV Review More Half- i Hour Shows Predicted By CYNTHIA LOWRY NEW YORK (AP) — This is the time of the year when pre- j diction is popular, when peering into the crystal ball is part of the fun of beginning a new year. ' It is harmless enough: If you i guess right, you can say "I told you so," and if you are wrong, you can forget the whole tiling. I But prediction in the area of television is really quite easy simply because it really doesn't change much except in its externals from year to year. This sage, for instance, fearlessly predicts that within the next 12 months the three television networks will be preoccupied by midwifing into existence a clutch of half-hour situation comedies about a beautiful widow and her bright, cute son. After all, the big hit of this season has been "Julia," about a beautiful widow with a bright, cute son. It is written here that all three networks will try to come up with variations on the "Laugh-in" theme, and will proclaim each variation to be a "bold new concept in television entertainment" Some network will bravely decide to drop one of those nightly two-hour movie reruns. Good | old movies for TV are getting j scarce and the public Is not any. I where near as enamored of the j lesser moves as it once was. ;The time will probably be filled with two half-hour situation j comedies plus a one-hour variety show headlined by a very young singer with a Southern .accent and a guitar. • A number of one-hour Westerns will be interred in TV's j Boot Hill come spring while an equal number will be bom next September. The heroes will change, but the scripts and the: horses will look awfully famil- 1 iar. ! There will be numerous state- t ments from the better-broadcast organizations decrying TV's excessive amount of violence. 'Network spokesmen will assert that, they are being extra careful about that soil of thing—long fights and wholesale killings— but the regular viewers won't notice any real difference. , A show with low ratings but critical acclaim will be canceled and. Immediately, there wiU be a well-organized protest with letters to the networks and to TV columnists and perhaps even some equally well-organized demonstrations before network headquarters. If the protest attracts much attention, it may even keep the show on the air—anyway, for a little while. Established variety shows will try desperately to insert outrageous political commentary and the late evening conversation shows will try to steer the talk into daring areas in hopes of stimulating controversy or at least some publicity. 4 Approximately half the viewing audience will complain to friends that "whenever I like a show, they cancel it." The other half will confide that all they ever watch on TV are sports and the educational stations— but somehow are able to report Ihe most recent plot turns to ; "Peyton Place" or the gags of Rowan and Martin. Recommended weekend viewing: Tonight—"Male of the Species," NBC, 8:30-10 EST, special consisting of three short, plays with Lawrence Olivier as narrator anc". starring Sean Connery, Michael Caine and Paul Sco- fieki. Sunday—"My Friend Tony," NBC, 10-11 p.m., premiere, police action series with James Whifmore and newcomer Enzo Ccrusico. FOR YOU AND PARKING TOO . . . Jefferson Loan Co. 801 Main—242-4300 Call Larry Burkett For Courteous, Personalized Service At — BURKETT REALTY Office: 242-2860 Home: 242-4006 LISTINGS WANTED Just peel away the cork liner ROY TAYLOR AUCTIONEER Phon* 344>190» Or Writ* Hf. 7, Mt, Vernon WIN MSTANTCASH! Your next bottle of Pepst -Cola could be worth as much as $500! Just peel away the cork liner inside the bottle cap of Pepsi-Cola or Diet Pepsi'Cola. If there's a dollar amount printed on the metal underneath, you're an instant cash winner! You can win $1, $5, $10, $50, $100, $500. There's nothing to collect...nothing to match! Every winner is an instant winner! And you can win over and over again To redeem your winning caps, bring them to the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of Cairo, Marion, Metropolis, Du Quoin, Centralia, Illinois. DO NOT MAIL *VCBTAL CAPS. No purchnsc required to play Jack Tops. Free caps are available everywhere. Get them wherever Pepsi-Cola Company products are sold or from your Pepsi-Cola route salesman or from your local bottler. Void where prohibited by law. Only caps bearing the Dame of the Pepsl-CoJa Bottling Co. of Marlon, HI. are eligible for prizce. AH winning caps must be redeemed by April 1, 1969.

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