Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 13, 1912 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1912
Page 9
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ifesiOES DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 13,1912. The Tola Daily Register aiM lela Dally Record and th« loU Dally Indtx. TEE REGISTER PUBLISHIKO CO. •CHA8. P. SCOTT. Pres. and Kilttor P. W. BRKW8TER Manager • Kntered at the lola Post if flee as Second- Class Mutter. ^ ., A4Tertlsln^ Rates Made Known on Application. —7— • -r mers and time -Berrcra. 'Stf'ch mistakes as the people ot Bourbon county have, made, according to tbe Tribune, are the penalty we pay for self-goremmeBt The lesson of tt I<i that it is as foolish to mako n fetich of "the people" as it is to bow down to a king. "The people" are just as liable to make mistakes, acting In their collective capacity, as are the individual men who make up the I)eople. Therefore, any s.vstem of By c.*rti.°r*?n'".o7;°S,/'^7 ;|.\.nyonJ «^overnment wT>lch-is founded ou tbe villa, Concreto,. L&Harpe and Battett: ; theory that' "the people" ate all-wiso Q^e UmOx •;:::::.:::.:::.".!".":4"c?nt5 and all-good. that they cknnot lack in One Tear ••"B-Y",^-^,L.knowledge and will not err in morals One Tear, inside ounty..'.'. }2.00 j or judgment, is bound to come to One Tear, outside county 1 grief. There Is just, one system of i go\-<^rnment which will endure In 18 Orrielal Paper City of tola., Official Paper City of Baitett. Official Paper of Allen County. TELEPHONES! Kty^Rf^i^r":::::;::;;::::::::::::such)a couviry as mis, and that is Job and Bindery Dept i the system which trusts the people,— j with a rtring tied to them; :l.e kind i of a system ^ have right now. "THE PEOPLE" AND THE PEOPLE Thp Fort Scott Tribune complains that the county assessor of Bourlwn county was defeated for re-election ^cause in-^the fearless and honest discharge of his duties he had given ofEjense to many men. Tlie defeat of this jiist and j'^onest mau, says tbe Tribune will "lenii to make any successor, to thkt office timid about doing his" duty imparliully and fearlessly," and the Tribune supgests tliat tlie office of assessor busht to be made appointive and not elective. All of which is doubtless just and true. But how does it comport with •the Tribune's ante-election attitude? The Tribune has been mueh concerned because, as it alleged, certain .public men did net "inist the peo- Irfe." It has iiisisli'd that tho sur»' Way to cure all our ills was to let the ))eopIe rule." Let ili»> jM 'ople by direct Vote enact the laws, the Tribune has said. Let th<? pi 'Oi )l.e by direct votf say whether a law enacted by the legislature shall stand, the Tribune has s.^Id. Let the peojile jiass on lh»^ decision of the jiiilnes, or on the judges themselves, the Tribune lias snid. But now. In so small a matter as the election of a county ofllc <T, the Tribune bewails the action of the people, and reprett tliai the i)owi>r of se- h'ctitig this particular oflloial could not be taken out Of their hands, be- caiise they havf shpwn that they will not stand by a man who does his duty. The trouble with the Tribune, as with a great!inany other well meaning but shallow thinking men and newspapers, is that it has been talking about "the people"* as if under that title there e.xisied somewhere and somehow a beneticeni and all-' wise entity, iinitirely separate and distinct from the ordinary human be^ ings which we se*' about us. an entity that could do no wrons and make no mistake, that was entirely free from the'passions and prejudices, the llniitations and restrictions that attach to common men and women. >0T ROOM FOR BOTIL Men of principles like W. A. White have no place in the srme party with such men as J. S. Dean. Men like Gov. Stubbs have no place in the same party with Dave Mulvane. The writer of this place in a Jwrty with Charlie Scott. They mayjic just as honest as we are but .their ideas of government are not advatfced.—J. L. Brady in'Lawrence Journal. No, "their ideas of government are not advanced" to the point where they believe that representative government should be discarded; that constitutions should be as easily amendable as statutes; that the majority of those voting on a given proposl-.ion. however small a minority that mi.Eht be of the whole number of people, ihould be supreme, over-rlding bo.! courts and constitutions; that the legislative and jiidlcial branches ut tlie government, which are now coordinate, should be made subordinate to the executive; that the courts should be required to consult, not .he law and the precedents, nor even the justice of the causes, but the electi-;i returns. In a word ^Ir. Dean, -Mr Mulvane and Mr. Scott believe in gcvcrnment of laws and not of men: they believe that this Nation should be kept a representative republic, not rhanged Into a Socialistic democracy. Their Ideas of government have not •ndvanced ' to Ihe point where they wish to subvert the system of gov- orninent which was devised by the fnthers and which w -.iS embodied In an Instrument which Gladstone declared to be "the most wonderful work ever struck off at a given tiine by the brain and purpose of man." Mr. Brady is right. The man who can give his endorsement to the heresies and vagaries of the "Progres- 3-ve" platform from the Initiative, referendum and recall to the Third Term, "has no place in a party with Charlie Scott,"—and we are glad he recognizes that fact. And that is equivalent to saying, we trust our friend will take notice, that ^.e has no place iii the Republican party. For "Charli^ Scott" is in absolute harmony with the platform of the NafTonal Republican party—which BAMNGPOiirDER ABSduffEPrPURE Iheonf/^kingPowdermade fioniRqysfQapeCEeaincjTarfar Madejiom Grapes star for all things Republican coa )d not be GOBcealed longer, and its malignity broke out at the rery mention of Republicanism. Neither the SUr nor any other power could taave turned Kansas to the Democratic party this year py direct appeal. In its shrewdness, the Star saw this, and so liegan the Insidious work of demoralizing the ranks by its sup|)ort of Roosevelt. It was not for moment in favor of Roosevelt; It hated him as it did Taft, but it could accomplish its ends by supporting him and pretending to be against Wilson Its trick worked and the Republicans of Ka'nsas were fooled into fighting each other, defeating their own ticket and probably wrecking the party for years. How many will come to their sense now and realize how they were duped and blinded to their own destruction? Of course that is sheer nonsense. •The people" are simply Tom Jones j is the only Republican party there is. and Peter Smith and Bill Sykes and you and the rest of us, just a lot of or dinary men—until next year when they will include a lot of very excellent women,—who get "hot" when the county assessor rates-our property a Uttie higher than wp think it ought to be and vote against him to "get even." without any regard whatever to his falniess and fearlessness.—just as •we would vote to recall a judge who had ruled against us without stopping to think that in so doing we would be helping to fill the bencjt with trim- -and Mr. Brady ""Is not. therefore, does riot Charlie recognize Scott" any necessity of changing his political abiding place, for he feels perfectly at home in the Republican party. Since "there is no place" for both of them in the same party, therefore, he is obliged to anticipate an early separation from his friend and his departure to the political camp where, by his own avowance, he properly belongs. ^ Kight hundred men in one hundred and five Kansas counties were in cor- .•'r»" •li". •an I' 1 A "tvann" breakfast—the kind that sends you out ready braced foc.a good day^s woric— should be eaten in a warmi nxwa. Yoa lose half the good of the mod if yoa an sUr- ierinc in diacotnfort while yoa eat it A Perfecdoo Smdnless CXI Heater taakc* bnaUat a ooty meal for the iwhole funfly. KoaaMkaeraaell WitbaPetfsctfcHk BoaOy dewied. Baanr pettaUa. An ornament to any focait a Inwiy to ]fte bedieaMi a iwfiiilf/ fa the attics tiia fawtog-wm « <ha bsthrqaw. ^ANDARD on. COMPANY rcspondence with the Progressive Na- tloAal Committeeman from Kansas during the ninety-dny campaign just closed. KIgbty of lliese men are Republican county central coinmItte<'- men. Most of the others are Republican precinct commlttceDfen. All of them were in this moveinent to organize a hew party.—Emporia Gazette. • If that last statement is true, then the eighty men ought to be ashamed of themselves, and it is ndt to Mr. White's credit to have associated with them. If they were "In this movement to organize a new party" what right had they to call th< mselves Republicans and to hold responsible |>o- sltlons in the Rcpfibllci n organization? They could not possibly be loyal to the Republloan party while In a "movement lo organize a new party" the success of which coiuld only be achieved by the destruction of the I^epubllcan party; and if Jthey were disloyal to the Republican party they certainly had no right, as honest men. to wear its name and bear its honors. .Mr. White's article Is intended tD be laudatory of these eighty meii. .A.S a matter of fact ll convicts every one of them of political dishonesty and doulile dealing. a liability ofK-ner than it i.s an asset to a memb «-r of l'oiigr< s.s. This office has been favored with a four-page letter from the secretary of the Inited States Brewers Association in which a powerfubargumcnt is made to show that the destruction of the liquor traffic would bring about a serious economic disturbance on account of the number of'men, now employed in the various branches of the "industry," who would be thrown out of employment. But some how we are unable to get very much excited over the matter. We have a sort of notion that society could"" afford to pay every man who really does any honest work about the breweries, distilleries and saloons, twice the salary he is now receiving, just to sit and twiddle his thumbs, and still be every year several million dol lars ahead of the game, to say nothing of the gain in other directions. The Register wishes again to remind the farmers of Allen county of the Institute which is to be held in lola next Friday and Saturday. There is no -other engagement you can possibly have, outside of a matter of life or death or duty, that will compare in importance to this one. There is no work an}' farmer can do on those days that will pay him half so well as would his attendance on this institute. There ought to be a thousand farmers here.—and tliere would be if every man in the county realized how much it would be worth to him in dollars and cents. ' • • •> • <• •:• • c- • * • •:• •;• • • •> • •> •> as OTIIEKS .SEE TIllNi.'.S. The K. r. Star's Trluin|ili. I,!»wrence Gazette: A week before the ehction the Gazelle called attention to the antics uf the Kansar City Star, and warned those who were falling' under its baleful iiilluenceb- that the whole aim and intent nf thai paper Avas to disrupt the Republican party. Its editor is a rabid, uncompromising, free-trade, anti-union Democrat, and while his heart ami soiil wae wrapped In the lust for Democratic victory, he thought he could do far more to reach bis end by supporting Roosevelt than he could, by coming out directly for Wilson. His calculations" proved right. He succeede«l in disrupting the Republican party of Kansas, and by fooling} thousands of voters, he turned a healthy, sound Republican iiiajority over to the Democrats and left the party in Kansas struggling in the death *throes. H* could not conceal his fiendish glee at the outcome of Ills work, and the da> he saw that he had succeeded In his efforts he shouted and danced for joy (le<'lariiig in big headlines in boldfaced tyiw that the "Republican part> was dead." How many deluded Republicans ir Kansas who had been 1<H 1 into th< Democratic snare by the Kansas Citj Star, saw that shriek of glee and foi the first time realized that they km been the dupes of "Colonel" W. R •Ncikon,. mliid Missouri Democrat? During the campaign when the Stai was supposed to be supporting Capper, it suddenly tui-ned its guns upon him and gave its support to Hodges because Capper declared he was a Re publican. The intense hatred of th< POINTED PAK.\«R.\PIIS. From the Chicago News. Once a fisherman, not always a liar. The oldest colleges still retain their faculties. l.ots of poor men are the architects of other men's riches. The summer girl has resigned in favor of the cuddlesome girl. Query: Is a bride self-possessed after her father gives her away. Nothing worries a nagging wife so much as a ;husband who won't get nia<l. J ' ' '' • You ca^Tilways get a lot for yoXir money if;you. i»tronize a real estate dealer. " People will encourage your fads as long as yqu are willing to squander your money on them. Many a boy has acquired some very cood habits by not following in tlie tootsteps of bis father. As a girl grows older she becomes wiser and quits wearing so many pins in tbe vicinity of her waist line. REFLECTIONS OF A BACHELOR. Prom the New "York Press. Writing a love letter is the hardest strain on one's sanity. The w.iy a woman starts an argument with her husband, he does It. It doesn't take a girl very long after she marries a man to appreciate how lucky he was. There's nothing can discourage a Woman more than how sllni her ankles stay without appearing to do so. Dropping his shoes on the stairs doesn't help a man to remember in the morning what time he said last night he got home. IMS, .SOI'ttNESS AXn IXOIOBKTION TAMSH. Out of a total population of 3,000,000, Servia has put an army of 300,000 -men In the field. It Is said there is not an able bodied man In the kingdom who has not offered his services. And similar reports come from other coi/ntrics engaged in the fierce Balkan conflict. These people have five hundred years of old scores to settle with "the unspeakable Turk," five hundred years of cruel and atrocious aggression and outrage, and If "tbe Powers" will but let them alone they will settle the account to the uttermost farthing. Campbell and Anthony were reelected to Congress, but they lost a fine line of postmasters to conduct their campaign tw^o years hence.—Ft Scott Tribune. And by the same token they will have a lot less trouble in their campaigns two years hence than evfr before. "A Sne line of postousters," is Lameness Sloan's Liniment is a quick and reliable remedy for lameness in horses and other (arm animals. ".Sloan's Llntment tnrpanes anything ou eanb (or lamenoia iu borxM autl otb«r liurM ulnwuu. I would not slc«p vttboot i( In my itaMe."— MAUTI.N IhtYui, 432 We«t I'Jth St., New York City. Good for SK MB. iL it. GlDBK.of Lnrreooe, Kmn., B. F.i>., So. 3, wrU<»:—" I had a mare Tith «n aliKaM uu ber neck and on« COe. bottlaot Sluau'a Liuiniententirely cured hvr. I keep It all the time for gall* aiid fmaUawelliugi aadXoreTerj- tMag about tb* ttock." SLOANS DKIMElfr is a quick and safe remedy for hog cholera. Caranar of GMTsia waa Sloan'* UniMOt f«- Ho« Chalara. " I heard Qor. Broim (who li qnite a farmer ) MT that be had never lof t a bog front cholera and that bU remeilir atnya vaa a tablefpoonful of. Sloan'* liniment in a gallon of >lop«, deeniw- Ing the does aa the animal ImprOred. iMt Btbulh GOT. Broma and ninelf were at tba Acrieultnral Collm building and In tbe dlMuidon of tba raragee of the dbeaM, GOT. Brown gave Uifl remedy nameil aa unfaiUng." "OBaEBTKB." SxTASSAH Dau.r KEWS. AS All Pastors. BSe.,00e. *•!.«>. Sloaal Book oaBofM. Cattle. BevaadrDaltryeeufree. iUma Dr. Xul ^ ln«l as SiHtn a<t "Pane's .Dlapepsln" Comes In Contart With the Stem* arh All DistreM Itt Gone. "Really does" put bad stomachs In irder—"really does" overcome indiges ion. dyspepsia, gh», heartburn and journess In five minutes—that—^just hat—makes Pape's Diapepsln the laVg ?§t sellinic stomach regulator In the world. If whiH you eat ferments Into Uubborn Iunii»s. you lieleh gas and Tuctate sour, undigested food and icid; head Is dizzy and aqhes; breath "onl: tongue coated; your insldes illed with bile and Indlgfestlble waste,- -emeniber the moment Diapepsln •ome.^ in contact with the stomach •opsin comes in contact- with the •toniach all such distress vanishes. 'I's truly astonishing—almost marvel>us. and the joy is Its harmlessness. A large flfty-ceni case of Pape's Oiapepsin will give yon a hundred dol- ars 'worth of satisfaction or your Iruggist hands you your money back. It's worth Its weight in gold to men '.nd women who can't get their stomachs regulated.. It your lome—should always be kept handy in •as -e of a sick, sour, upset stomach luring the day or at night. It's the lulckeet. surest a'nd most harmless tomach doctor In the world. In yoiir hand you hold a five-cent piece. Right'at the grocer's hand is a package of Uneeda Biscuit. He hands you the package—^you hand him the coin. A trifling trans-^ action? No--a remarkable one —for you have spent the ^ smallest sum that will buy a package 6f good io4d —and the grocerhas \ sold you the most nutritious food made from flour—as clean and crisp and deUcious as it vs^as\ ^ when it came from ^^the y oven. M NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY. V LEGAL8. JOHXSOX PREXIER PITCHER. Vllen County Boj Has Famous Joe IVood Bested. Chicago. Nov. 12.—Although Joe Wood, the hero of the world series. • ops the list of players in the 1912 American League averages. Issued to- .-ilght, Walter Johnson, of the Washington club probably is the leading oitcber of the season; In games won and lost Wood excels iohnson, but the \Vashington pitcher worked in seven more games than lid Wood. Johnson struck out 303 men in 3S6 innings—the season's record—and held 1.312 opposing batsmen o eighty-nine runs. Wood pitched 'U4 innings in forty-three games, dur- 'ng which 104 runs were scored oft !iim. He struck out 2.=>8.batters. The Boston pitcher won 34 of 39 games, while Johnson won 32 out of 44, besides playing two ties, SY.MPTOMS OF COXSI'.MPTIOX. (First Published October 30. I ill 2) PCBLICVTIOX XOTICE. State of Kansas, Allen County, ss. In the District Court for said County. Unm Hull. Plaintiff, 'vs. William iluli. Defendant. Said defendant will take notice that lie has been sued in tbe above named Court for u|>on action for divorce and custody of minor childrei^ and muRt answer the petition filed therein by said plaintiff on or before December 11, 1912, or said petition will be taken as true, and judgment for plaintiff In said action will be rendered accord- J Ingly. Attest: JOH.V W. BROWN, (Seal) Clerk of Said Court. (10)-30-(n)-6-13 fFirst PublLshed November 6, 1912.) PUBLICATION XOTICE. State of Kansas, Allen County, ss. In the'District Court for said County. John Scblemmer, Plaintiff, vs. Addle Sclilemmer, Defendant. Said defendant. Addle Scblemmer, will take notice that she has been sued in the above named Court for divorce on the grountls as alleged in plaintiff's petition of abandonment and gross neglect of duty, and -must answer the petition filed therein by said plaintiff on or before the 20th day of December, 1912, or said petition will be taken as true, and judgment for plaintiff in said action for divorce will be rendered accordingly. .A*test: JOHN W. BROW.N, , (Seal.) ' Clerk of Said Court. By Margaret E. Forney, Deputy Clerk. Ewlng. "Card & Gard, Attorneys for Plaintiff. (n )-6-13-20 Yield to YinoL The medical profession does not be- leve that consumption is inberited, )ut a person may inherit a weakness )r tendency to that disease. A prominent citizen of Evansvllle, Tnd., writes: "I was ill for five months with a pulmonary trouble, and had the Y ^eat of doctors; I had hemorrhages Jand was in a very bad way. Through '.he advice of a friend I tried Vinol, tnd I feel that It saved my life. It is ill you recommend it to be. I believe t is the greatest medicine on earth. I "lave advised others to try Vinol. and 'hey hare had the saihe .'results." •(Name furnished on request.) Vinol soothes and heals the Inflamed surfaces and allays the/cough. Vinol creates an appetite, strengthens the digestive organs and gives the patient strength to throw off incipient oulmonary diseases. Try a bottle of Vinol with the un- lerstanding that your money will be -etumed if It does not help you. S. R. "Jurrell. Druggist. lola, Kansas. P. S. For any skin trouble try our i&xo Salve. We guarantee it. Harry Strasburger has made a pr«>- oosition to bnild Parsons a new $100,)00 hotel proTided tlie people of that 'own subscribe |40,000 'of the first •nortgage bonds. A canvass is beins made now for sale of the bonds. —Nobby new styles in Cloth Coats. Xew York Store. (First Published November 6, 1912.) NOTICE OF SALE. Beatrice I,. Champion, Ruth E. Champion and Glen R. Champion, minors, and all other persons in interest will take noUce that Edmund .C. Champion as gtiardi^juof said minors, has filed in the Probate Court of .\1- l^n County. Kansas, his petition and will on the 29th day of November. 1912.- at 9 o'clock a. m., at the Probate Court room In the City of lola, Kansas, present said petition and apply to said court for an order authorizing and directing him to sell the^tlndivlded one- twelfth-(1-12) interest owned by each of said minors In and to the following- described real estate situated In said County and State, to-wit: That part of the South-east quarter of Section Twenty-six (261. Township Twenty-four (24), Range Eighteen (18), de- sorl'oed as follows: Commenciiig at a point 40Teet east and 30 -'i feet north of the South-west corner of than $10.00. S<>ctlon 2. Ever}' person who shall. furnl.'^h cigarettes ,cligar8, or tobacco in any form to a mliuxr person, or who fihull permit any minor person to frequent any premises owned, held or inanagMl by hliii, within the corporate limits of the city of lola, for tbe purpose of indulging In tJie use of cigarettes, cigars or tobaicco In any form, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor aod upon conviction shall 6e punlabeil by a fine not less than $2.5.00. Section 3. Section 2 of .Ordinasea No. 69.'. is hereby repeale* Section 4. This ordinance shall be in force and take effect in 10 days after its passage and publication in the lola Daily Register, the offlciat paper of '.he City of loIa.'-Kansas.,, Passed .November 12, 1912. Co. B0L1.1NGER, Mayor. Attest: GRA.NT BII^LBE, City Clerk. (First Pubfished Nov. 13, 1912)' ADJriMSTRATRIX'S XOXICE^ In the Probate Court of Allen County, Kansas, in the matter of the Estate of J. B. Haun, Deceased. : . To all persons Interested In said. Estate and to all whom it may con-f • cern: Vou are hereby notified that Florence E. Haun, administratrix of the' estate of J. B. Haun, deceased, lias on; the 9th day of November, 1912, filed: her petition'in the Probate" Court of^ Allen County. Kansas .asking^ that she be directed to sell the Sollowiniv de- scrUied real property, situated in the County of A Hen f and Sute of Kansas^ ' to-wIt: Lots Four.(4), and Eleven (11). in Block Five (.5), and' Lot Twelve (12). in Block Six (6), in ' Sunny side Addition to lola; foF tbe payment of the debts of the said J. B. '. Ilaun. deceased; and you are further ' notified that «aid peUtion will be heard by the Probate Court of Allen Count.r. Kansas, at the Probate Court,. Room at lola. In Allen County, Kansas, on the 29th day of November, 1912, at 2 o'clock p. m. Signed this 9th day of November. 1912. FLORE.NCE E. HAUN. (111-13-20-27 •i ter section, thence east 90 feet, south IW feet, west 90 feet, thence north 110 feet to place of beginning, being Lot Number Ten (10) In Block Number One (1), Surveyor's Plat No. 1, City of lola; Dated, November 4, 1912. EDMtJND C. CHAMPIO.V, As Guardian as Aforesaid. fll)-6-13-20 (Published November 13, 1912.) ORDIXAXCE \0. Si^ An Ordinance prohibiting Smoking by Minors and prohibiting the use of Cigarettes, Cigars or Tobacco in any public place by Minors and prohibiting the furnishing of Cigarettes. Cigars or Tobacco to Minors and prohibiting furnishing a place where Minors may resort to indulge In the use of Tobacco in any form and providing a.penalty for the violation of this ordinance. Be It Ordained by the Board of Commissioners of the City of lola, Allen County, Kansas: Section 1-. Every minor person who shall smoke or use cigarettes, cigars or tobacco in any form on any public road, street, alley or park or other lands used for public purposes, or in any public place of business within^ the corporate limits of the dtr of - Io]a.!{ shsi'll be gnlHy of a misdemeanor and upon couTlctlon shall be pwiabed for each offense by a fln^ of aot more n. ' IT SMIIIL COSI, ^ Simple Remedy Beautifies' said quar- j^lhe Haif. Cures Dandruffi 1^ Stops FalllngiHair. PWhat a pi^.it » to 9ee AO nmuf Oeople with thin, wispy bair, faded ori atreaked with gray, and-lealiza that Imost of these people might have aof^ '^ossy, aibnndant Iiair of beantifnl eolor land mstrs if tbey wonld bat use th* proper treatment. There is no neces* Isity for gray Iiair nndar sixty-fire yean 4>f age, and there ia nolbccase for any- •ne, young or/61d, IiaT»-tiiin, atragK- ing hair, eiuer full ot dandmff or heavy and rank nmelMng with ex- oessive oiL * - i •roa can bring back the natnral edtat of yoor hair in a few dars and forever' rid yoozself of any dandnff and loos* bairs, and make yoor bair grow atraog and beantifnl by n^ing Wyeth'a Saga- and Sulpfanr Hair Rc medv. For generations common garqen Sage baa been used for restoring and. preserving tba color of the bair; and Snlphnr is reeogi* nized by Scalp Spe^abto as bciM excellent for treatment tA hair tti •calp trooblea. ^ i •If yoa are troubled with daadnff or itching acaip, or if yoor hair>ift losing its ctto or eoaiBK oaL~l«i!^»< fifty cent battle of.«—^'-^^-^ Sulpfanr :* ^ tiie.impr-. Toar lu^i i

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