Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 13, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1912
Page 8
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THE IQIA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAy EVENINGivNeVEMBER 13,1912. ^- -i . • v.- 18 • V New York Store , Suits, Dresses, Skirts and Our New York residence buyer, who is ever alert for good bargains, bought for Spot Gash from overstocked I manufacturers of New York, $10,000 yrbrth df new and up-to-date Cloaks, Suits, Dresse^,- Skirts and Furs, which we I now pffJer fbr sale. We must dispose of them qqickly. Don't delay. Couie at once. You buy at less than wholesale. J 100 new uobby CHIXCHILLA and FANCY NOVELTY <:OATS, golden browns and sn\vs; ivgnlar $13.50 raluw; in this f»:Uft, only "... l."0 handsoiao XOMiLTY COATS, Cliincliilla. hiyU grade nor- eltV| cloths in beautiful shudw of tans, browns and groys; C flA values up to ?2L».riO; in this xale ^ luiUU 100 Ijidies' and Misses' HLACK COATS; $10 \-aiun; CC Oft in this sale, only *. .ipUiUU ino Didies' and Misses' «LACK CARACUL COATS; <^C $10-values; in this sale, on!y .38 Yr, SEATiETTE PLFSH COATS, shawl roll collar. d»10 Cfl deep cuffs. flG-.W values, in this sale -V l^iJU . jm GEXUIXE SEAL I'LUSH COATS. s;»(in lined; C1D flfl shawl roll collars. 6 inch cuffs, $2250 value, in this sjile ^ lOiUU 250 SKIllTS. all new 1012 ni..dfls. k and navy, also ext^i sizes in this lot: $0.50 value; in this .sale...... $4.98 \m SKIRTS, strictly tailoretl.'high grade P'reach QQ Serge, also new novelty mixtures, all sizes; ?7..50 value; at. .iPUiwO 125 SKIRTS, all wool-Fn«n<h Si-rgos. I'jinanias aud I»iagoiiab«. Iilack arid navy, values up to .*r,.(in; choiiv $2.88 STRICTLY TAILORED SllTS in navy and black Fn'mh or Storm Serge, satin lined coals. $1.5.00 values; in this sale, onlv $8.9S 25 .M.VX T .VILOREJ) srrrs. UNiHliful shle.s. in fancy nt-.v- tures. Cheviots and Serges, all new lOfJ Uiodels; some OIO QC e.vtni .sigos in this lol: $^^:.00 vahie^: in this sjile yl.lliJu IS HKUI «; R .\1) E TAILORED SlITS. cutaway coats <M- strictly man tailored gnaranlced lining; regular $2.5.0(» OC values; in this sale, only ipiUiJJ 25 FARTV DRESSES, i-egular $20.tlO valm's; now on sale, only $16.50 8 P..'autifnrXET DRESSES; values up to $20.00; Siimples. yunr elioii^?. «uh .iPIUiUU 12 high gj"ide SERCE DRESSE.'^ in navy and black .*:1.5.<H» vainc.x. now «iH .sjile, only .$7.S8 10 lieauiifnl SEROE DRESSES in black ami na\y; ^I0.u*> v .ilncs, now onlv V $5.e8 .\T KKM.VRK.MU.V LOW PRUES. S<arfs sjHMJally priced as jiiw as .!>8^ <fil .IIIIIIS .!> J'.\* .t^ * w y onai>. as as 1 Shawls now j>iircd as 4tiw as ... .!^.5<) 25% Reduction on all Millinery. 'Nuff Said. NEW YORK STORE Take note of our Prices in South Window. PpHUM & SMim CLOTHIERS / SEIT FIRM TO APPEAR IN lOLA • BCSnt'ESS DIRECTORY. C.- E. Perham Lanqchrs Big Stock itedndng Sale—'^Cap" Smitb to ! : Bpcome a Partner. -It does seem that four pages should tufl^ice to tell the whole ttory of one eyeiitrbut The Register Is so consclonr 0^ its "insldes" today that It can no. -r4f <|al& from making mention of the' roaion thereof. Which alludes, o. c ^<^r >«,to the sale announced in to diijp's issue hy the Perham store. Th( IB^b^tef'printed seven or eight thous .aiid tour-page bills for this sale whict -lifii Perham has liberally scatterec tSi^gh all the trade t«>rrltory con ttoitent to lola. For the county shop ne^i 1>e has relied in; the main on th( ifapM'. and the four papes in today'! Issue which he advertlsinf .tiiQTsale will be found interesting and fighly profiuble reading- This is the ae^Bon wJften men and boys are think- ill^ of hats and clothes and shoes, and t^tt Perham store has a Just fame for (parrying a complete and desirable line o^'Uiese wares. So the business con- tjnsebcy which,necessitated a reduc- l|dh ^ the stock wiU prove a timely .opWMrUinity to tho ntale i )'>])\i !ation of iufen' county acU vicinity. VW.B. Smithy who was for years Aight foreman at the lola Portland, ithpughthe was going back to Mlch- f^'J^aii l^ogrow old gracefully vhen he . sfevered his connection with the plant iy>me-months ago and moved east But ..he found his thought and his heart (iihiing to the west and to lola and thei result was that he and Mr. Per- liaia arrived at an agreement to go in ^rtnersblp. To meet with the terms of' this agreement, Mr. Perham found liiiSself under the necessity of reducing the big stock in bis double store ii)Om. and-the sale today announced islthe method I>je hit upon to. prepare ttiii way for the' new firm of Perham Si- Smith. The goods are being arrang- ^iand tagged today, the store will be «}9eed all day tomorrow and on Fri- ihorning the Ug sale will start ^|t>te a genuine bargain sale, the goods are hl{^ class, and ttie sate ; iiibold' attract buyers from this and ' iAiacent counties. Such opportunities .Jt^lisuoh soasonable times seldom come «nJd those- who fall to profit by this _fline will be a loser. '.;^o»li Batler ,w*o returned lyester- ';di §r Irani a trip to southwest! Texas ir«* tbe IrrigiAed lands down iiidmnt the moitrattractive garden >ft>ver saw. H« ^dn'tbuy, but li^H'''tVi7 .eutbiMlastlc over tbe coun- '••'--^ * the trip. 'He Jookediohgliigly at Gahraston. Jboi -J KEOSHO FALLS BA>'K CASE. riie Supreme Conrt Upholds. Judge Feast's Court. Tbe Supreme court Saturday affirni- -•d the district court's decision in the :afie of D. R. Inge vs. E. Q. SUllwell. ill the Justices concurring. "Hie syllabus of the case says: The plaintiff and defendant were ?qual partnen In a private bank of »hich the^ former was president and he latter cashier. The cashier n-a$ .jermitted tojnanage the bank and certain other vusinessttf the firm as te chose, the result baing a considerable loss. The presiflent sncd the *as1iftr for the loss, alleging fraud and nlsmanagem^nt while acting as partner in a fiduciary capacity or relation. The defendant pleaded a diecharge in lankruitlcy, the plaintiff who had no- Ice of the proceedings having file^ 10 claim therein. Held, that such '.iE<^iarge was a good defense, the re- atlon between partnera under the cir ?(nastances indicated not being the fiduciary relation referred to in section '7 tl^e bankruptcy act ITWENTMTVE THOUSAND BABBAEOUS AND FANATICAL FOLLOWERS OF THE PROPHET MARCH !EHEOUGH ASLi MINOR TO JOIN THE TURKISH FORCES IN CONSTANTINOPLE OLDKINCJtlDHJlSlNEW IDEA LEASED SM,AC^S FOB OIL. F. SimoB KlotilHieh Ifiiaes to IT. rasswui ef^Mbeldt Evidence cootloo*!!]^ appears to pipve that tbe'UajiV ^oe of oil has brotight about \ m ron4itlon which wise men predicted i}^ the time southern Kansas wiu oil craxy. 999 (nvest- ors out of 1.000 at t|iat time lost their money. Today Indlrlduals are operat lug tbe same territory at a profit A gas and oil lease was recorded to day, by which Slmlion Klotzbach leases to YT. F. Fussman 820 acres six miles due east of Humboldt The rental is $S20 a year. lit gasls found, the owner is to receive. |yD a year for each well used off the premises and if a well goes bettei^ than 2,000,000 feet a daly, he is to have |50 more for each additional 1,000^000 feet Of the oil he'Is to receive i<me-elghth. TAUGHT CLASS FIYE TEARS. Travis Horse WouM Reslga But Bible ClasB Obleets. The Y. M. C. K. Bible class re- celved a sorry surprise yesterday evening In the resignation of its leader T^^vls Morse. It .has been the Intention of |Mr. Jiforse t^ resign for soni^ weeks .but it was ni^t made known to the class .until yesterday. For five years Mr. Morse has been a faithful leader of the class, having taught the lessons a« tbe cUus deali%1 and when ever a cbanse war desired by the class It was gnatod although it made more wortc for the leader. The class Is reluctant to let-Mr.. Morse go and steps have been taken to persuade him to reconsider his acUon. .Men of All PaHIe!< (.et Togetber and Ceicbratp (be Eiertfon ax (lood .\merican CitizcnM. Kurtf ti«9p* way to Conatantlnople.^ / J5r2l*^1«.2"*!S5K5-.^'"?S Asia iQnor to Join the Turkish forces and are now nearins Conatanttaople. Thougk S^J ^oSteU^lS ^uItSlS*^ It Win add greatly to the perti, the Kurds are the most barbaro ^aa weU as tbe most fanatical foUowera of the FroplMt. MRS. CHA8. YACGHX-DEAD. W. W. TOBEY WAS INJPRIID. A telegram from Mrs. Roscoe Clark to bsr mother. Mrs. Aadersoa in this city, states tbKt Mr. Cteric Is IMW at Rocbeeter. Mina.. and that be is not anyb^ter. The40e |onij, llayQ broth what fearful as to the ontcc^c of ! jLheir game. The members cf Ufe lo- Former lolan Dies in BespHal at , cal team arc: Art Metcalf^ K «nt'r >ud- BaTilesTille. ! ley. ^ Harold Heller, Harry flbeue, Mrs. Charles Vaughn died last night > Howard Ritchey and Russell ^own. In the city hosplUI from the effects of • and the Savonburg game will ha^heir an operation. She Is survived by three = fl«t game of the season, children and her husband, who is a; smelter employe. The funeral occur-; red from tbe residence on EUvcsthi street this afternoon and was In ! Former lolaa FeU late i> Pit at Sael* charge Qf the Woodman Circle, of! ter at Sprla«M<». DL which £he was a:, member. A short | "William Tobey'- was painfully in- |.5ennon was preadied by Rev. ;-.V. E. Mason and Interment was in White Roee cemetery. Tbe Vsaghns formerly resided in Ida and a stater o? the ^ , deceased was befe to attend the lun- Tobey is employed at tbe xli^c works eral.--BiviUesvIIle Enterprise as head machinist and when injpred I was working near one of tbe large en- 'glnes.- :TbIs Item was taken from a paper published at Springfield. III., to i|btch I It Is one thing for the members of I a iwlitical party to get together and ! Jollify all by themselves over a vic- ; tory but it is quite another thing for ; members of a !I partle.s to celebrate an ] election with a "gi^t together," good. fellowship dinner. The other thing was what they dW fat good i ^Id Kincald the other night. I And it was a howling success, j Of course t?icy chew the rag over ! ;>oIitics as nuich .^t K-ncaid before the*. , election as tJ;py do anywhere. And i while some of them were engaged in ! that delectable occupation a month or ) so ago .<.oniel>ody—probably some > Democrat who knew that Wilson was ' bbund to win—prottosed that they bare ia ratification meeting after the election in which'all should take part, no : matter which side won. Everybody : agreed to it, and so the stunt was i pulled off. It took the form of a din- j ner, with speeches afterwards. fOid ! according to all reports "a lovely time was had." The editor of this paper was invited to attend, but as he conld ' not very well get away from home he wrote a letter. In response there.caine -= the following, of which, seeing that" the writer of it is a hardshell Demo, crat he feels that h^ has a ri^t to' be proud: »'*^ Dear Friend i-1 received yfeur lettea in re our "ratification" mcf^ting'Ian , night and read the-same to tbe ss- ' semblage. I need not assure ypa tbat.^r; 'it was warmly received here.; KegretajT;- I were expressed on every hand that:;^ /you could with us. The meet- )'". ing was a roaring success. Eigbty- five men representing the bMt specimens of citizenship, from AUJ par^» At.... — A FOOTBALL HERE OX FRIDJ^T. | has not yet had a single practice and . ties in Uiis ^^^^^jen vrjamt. although the local players are desir-! and all were represented on the plat- jured yesterday afternooB shortly before 3 o'clock, when be fell into a pit 12 feet deep at the zinc, works, two and a half miles north of tbe jclty. Mr. this season. At the former games the! desen-ing of a mucih larger house than \ attendance has not been enough to<it drew.. The title role was played by" pay expenses, and It ia hoped by all j Ouy Caufman who is an actor of abil- tbe members of the team that lolans; i ity and who was supported by a good who like the game, will turn out in j company which has been under his i goodly numbers. " BASKET BJILL AT SAYOXBUBG. AU.«tar TcMB Has Hani FrepesHIon There Tfcuvdaj. Tbe AU-Staij basket ball team has matched a game with tbe Savonborg Midcets to be played at Saroubuifc Tbiukday night.. It was tbe jSavmbuM • ' ' -- ^*^f:*wi^''^w-b': city Mr.'Tobev moved some months ago. after a residence of . several years In thia city. X C. PhBUpa anC WAXT BASKET BALL GAXE. Ebb Butler, one of the most successful wheat raisers in this county, is becoming an ardent advocate of deep plowing. This year he is driving a power plow about twice as deep as Ft Scott Ifoald Plar ^oon.—Leeal i this season, and the citizens should personal direcUon.: Tbe play was full . ^ of human life and Interest and held; the average plow is sent, and past ex- the excited interest of the small audi-}Perlence confirms his belief that it ence from ^curtain to curtain. There |P»ys. are some good shows booked for lolaj TcMi Unergulied. Manager W. P. Baxrlss of the high school Athletic AssocUtlon stated tbis momlns that the local -high BchooUbasket ban team has been chal uphold tbe class of these which play here by Increasing the, attendance. John H. Young;' who has been at... , tending tbe convention of hotel men-] teanirtbr,«tat.:;KanaaK. City, vetamed,borne laat A story in the morning KaaSaa C|ty papera relates that a western Kn- san lays claim to being an "old tlrjiiV" . because he attended tlie first fniiBral ^ ever held in Hutchinson. An lola nian modestly confesses that be be ^^tq rato^^^iUw^'firat bouse in Net' ' beftot^ tbe town of/

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