Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 26, 1908 · Page 13
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 13

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1908
Page 13
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1RWINDALE AND WALNUT CENTER DISTRIBUTION OF PROVISIONS BANKS AND BANKING .,,Jl^iP^^ ^-'- •<;.•.-:•.•.•"•" ...-^tTO">^J^iqrV''"*M'T.KV^Tifrffi & ^ t^*- •••*, LEADING VOL 36 COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY. DEC. 26, 1908. INO. cTWAN'S DISCOVERED EDEN Irwindale, Neighbor of Covina. Blends Semi-Tropic Sunshine With Eternal ^Mountain Snows. Home of Famous "Stag" and "Pointer" Oranges. From the Irwindale station on the Southern Pacific railroad, one may look north toward the wall of the Sierra Madre mountains, three miles distant, and wonder at the great waste of land piled up in an incongruous heap. Then as you feel the warm sun of the valley, and watch the shimmering heat of a gloriously splendid day In a semi-tropic valley, you are reminded the fact that the great mountains are placed there to be the bulwark on the north for this natural hot-house of vegetation, the San Gabriel valley. That is the reason for it if we wish to criticise or ask reasons for the workings of the inscrutable Providence. It makes the valley at the foot of these ranges the most marvelous hot-bed in the world; -where the sun is warm but not. scorching during the day, and where the nights arc cool and filled with moist dew of ewning, to feed the life of all succulent growth. The scene is a wondrous one. The gleam of white at the topmos, peak of Mount Wilson is the glimpse \ve get of the observatory of world-wide fame. At times one can distinguish the signal stations. Farther up the valley the bald peak ol! Mount San Antonio looms larger than them all. Although nearly sixty miles away it looks as if it were nearer than some of the ranges which would intervene, were it not for its tremendous height. Here one may . see the snow-banks clinging to its sides, giving it a white appearance this floor of the valley so attractive is the beauty of actual and natural wealth. Irwindale Is flanked on one side by the San Gabriel river, which flows out of the canyon of that name, famed over the state as a summer resort. The situation of its soil gives it a peculiar advantage over other lands on its borders, for it is always moist. Not nearly the same amount of Irrigation is required In this district as is needed in the communities around it. Irwindale has also one of the best systems of irrigation. This is naturally a fact, inasmuch as the water of the San Gabriel is easily diverted from its source for this town. Besides the principle growth of oranges and lemons, much of the land is devoted to small fruits and vegetables. Over a million pounds of potatoes were shipped from the Southern Pacific station this past year, products of Irwindale and its immediate vicinity, and the strawberry crop, which is shipped mainly by the Pacific Eleclrlc road, has been an unusually large and profitable one, although the American farmer is prone to look upon the strawberry and other small fruits as being a much inferior crop to that of oranges and lemons. The Heart of Business. The Irwindale Citrus Association was organized and incorporated in 1899, and is a member of the A. C. G. Fruit Exchange, the local branch of the Residence Mrs. G. J. Reynolds. which it gets its soubriquet of Haldy." Standing in a. grove of Dining oranges in the valley bo- whore the bens are at work and ' -l n is 100 warm for comfort in idways and in open places, wo ur eyes to drifted snowbanks, ( out as clearly as If it worn a of a few miles to walk lo their temperature, is I he view from Irwindale, ill, semi-tropic Irwimlalo, a hich is an orange grove. Not a nor a city, but a big community sen scattered about in ilie fo- 'f the grovo.i, a spot beautiful the comprehension of ilie or. Hut (he boautv thai makes California Fruit Growers' Kxohange. This exchange shipped 2(Ki() carloads of onuiges and lemons out of its district during the past year. In Ilie Irwln- dalo district alone there are over (Jilll acres under a stale of intense cultivation for the growth of those valuable fruits, ami tin: product from this land is nearly all handled by the Association. The loading brands are "The Stag" and "The Pointer." The Slag and Pointer pictures on orange boxes are seen in every portion of the [fulled Slates and in many countries outside the jurisdiction of ihe American Ciiion. Few people, if any, have any idea, or K!U|I lo think or cue whore tlio Slag and Pointer oranges come from. It Is like many another splendid article of commerce. If is taken on its merits, and no person cares where It originates. These are the brands made famous by the A. C. G. Exchange. But in this article it. Is the purpose of the writer to show thai It sis the superior quality of the fruit raised along these sun-kissed foothills, that, has made the brands so popular. This fact, coupled with the equally important one of careful handling and shipment, has caused them to come to the front in competition with thousands of. other brands, so that it is little wonder that the growers of fruit in this community are proud of the work of their orchards, and of their local packing and shipping association. Constant Improvement. The Irwindale Citrus Association, at ils annual meeting held one year ago last August, voted unanimously to rescind the old by-laws under which il was organized, and adopt a now set which would bo nearer the proper laws for the present work of marketing oranges. As each year passes by, especially in this new country, il is found that something which was once favorable to up-to-date business, is already a thing of Ihe past, so quickly do matters of business change with the advance and growth of a new country. Under the present system of gelling out the fruit (.hero Is no friction whatsoever, and the able men in charge of the management work with the certainty of success In competition, which comes of knowing the business thoroughly and well. The management last year had Its pack- Ing house thoroughly renovated and equipped with new machinery. Thlrf moans a great deal In Ihe mailer of the success of a fruit packing establishment. The machinery of olhor flays sometimes was the cause of a groat deal of loss in packing, as It handled the fruit roughly, lint every process through which the Irwindale Association sends Us fruit Is carefully thought oul and planned with the Idea of leaving the fruit in as near as possible condition lo what It was before It loft the brunch of I bo I roe, and added to this the improvement In appearance which conies from the thorough cleaning process. The Picking Question. Since the Association look up wilb the plan of careful picking of fruit under Ils own supervision, (lie fruit has conn: to Hie house in much better condition. The double lias always Doeu wilb Ilie careless picker who IH picking fruit at a certain price per bov, Ilia) be invariably did bin work hurriedly and mined much line fruit by injury around the stem from Iho clipping knife, ami from rough dump- Ing into boxes. I'nder tin- pioHcnl system the men are employed by Hie day, ami bosses are In evidence all Iho lime to see Hint the best of care in given lo Ibe handling of Hie I'rull. Mo- cause of this fad ami oilier care exorcised, the Association was able lo pay an average price of $1.0:; per packed box for all Navels shipped (lining Hie past season, which is considered a remarkable record, and one which heightens Ibe.value of orange lands immediately in Hie vicinity of Irwlndale, I'p uiiii! August first, Hie Association wa.; able lo pay an average of $^.",r, per packed box lor all Valencia oranges, tlio summer fruit of I bo valley. The Valencia is the aristocrat of the orange family, and ripens in tho summer, when oilier fruits are out of the market. For tills reason (ho Valencia has taken a strong hold of Southern California, and inasmuch as If brings nearly and sometimes over twice as much as (lie Washington Navel, it is considered a very fine fruit Indeed for this vlcinlly. Cream of Valley. frvvlndalo has I'rull In heavy yields on account of tho extremely rich soil of that particular slrolch of country. will be larger from any point In the valley. lurlly the- shipments from Ibis point than of tho same ncrongo Tho present efficient board of directors consists of .1. I-I. Simpson, president; M. Mlllor, Hocrolary and manager; C. II. Coffman, D. C, Mousing, 1). Uotoli- ard, 11. II. Seat and I,, n. Woodworth. Vegetable Shipping Point, AH the tourist is in n sense the guest of ovory resident in tlio atnto of California, HO Is ho wclcomo-d lo this I own al Iho fool of tho Siorra Madre hills, and If ho chooses tho big Pacific Kloo- Irlc cars on Iho Covina line or Iho Southern PacKlc railroad, Mio Journey will bo equally ploasanl. Along Iho si earn road's linos Iho scenery of Iho mountains, ovor changing and Interchanging, Is woll worlh Iho while alone- of making tlio trip, whllo I bo electric lino, opera) Ing Hwli'l-movlng cars ovor a solid road-hod, \vimln hi and oul through the hills, touching hero ami Ihoro a town and village, until after tho passing of tho Htrolch of river bod, whero Iho San Gabriel <lo- boiichos Into (be plains, Hie oranges begin If) lake shape In green ranks on each Hide of Iho track. The groal land Iho Paradise II IH today. The diversion of tho wator from tho original Hi roam, Ils joiirnoy down Iho cement Irrigation dilohoH, and Iho system of lateral linos which carry Iho water to the orchards can bo graspod easily by tho lOiiBtornor who uovor has seen land walorod In an artificial manner. Tho furrowing and making of taps, Iho careful husbanding of ovory drop of wator that (lows through tho orchard is fascinating, always IntoroHt.lng, no mallor how king 0110 ban boon associated with tho work. Tho plckors al. work In Iho grovos, working In gangs, with I heir picking sar.kH suspended from one Hhonldor, clipping Iho fruit, from llm limb and carrying Iho ladon miokn lo Iho picking boxo.s, whom they are taken away to tho packing house— all IH a study of Iho modern methods of fruit culluro, and to ho witnessed under Hides an blue and oloudlcHs, and da.VH warm anil made, immortal POO|H. glorloiiH as Iho ouoa In Iho songs of tho Cheerful Testimony. The man who comes lo California ami HotlloH In a community without-, first seeing other porlloiiH of tho Irwindale Packs the Stag and Pointer Brands. Tho soil is richer and more moist than lamlH lying to lli,o oasl, wosi or Honlh of It. For those several roasoiiH Ir- wimlalo, at Ihe presenl lime, has come to ho looked upon by exporlH as Iho very finest, si ret oh of orange land In Ihe I'ppor San Gabriel valley. Much has been (lone lo Improve comlllioiiH. The rcturnu on VttlonciaH up to the (IrKi of AugiiHl of thin year, are not rpille available, but will nel about $2 per box l.o the grower. Thin IIIOIHIH Hial under the present management ami system of Ibis association, lands In frwlmlalo will become oven more valuable than they are al Ihe present lime, liwimlalo IIIIH n largo acreage of young IroeH, i:ol In '.ill bearing an yet. When IhlH acreage COIIICH to ma-, ficlds of Ht.rawborrloH and small I'mlls, potato lands and truck gardens are of an much Intercut lo the traveler an Hie immense.' hanks of mountains on the north. Irwlmlalo In an hospitable re glon, and Ihe alnmgor who miikcH known bin deHlre to be entertained, will be shown the hiaulicH of Hi'- vll lago until a day has been delight fully expended. stale, probably Hulls himself, which in all llml IH Decennary, but bin opinion on Ihe hcsl place to make a home In Ihe stale Is not an valuable as ono who has lived amid many woHlorn Hceiien. (i. T. Itrown of Irwlmlalo IH a man who llrul i;iw ('iilll'ornla when the plalim between ilihi ;/,olilcii land and I ho home of (he Kant were covered wllh wild i-'.ranHcH, wiib hoiilUc Indians, Here, In a visit for a day It IH pox-j and nl retched HioiiiumdH of ml.'vH wllh- Hlblo lo f?ol a concltiHlve Idea of (hi- big ImliiHlry of raining oranges, and Hie trip occupies IOHH lhan an hum I'loiii I,UH Angeles. |t In an lnlere;ii Ing feature lo watch the method)', of Irrigation. Home rancher IH hmilly engaged at all HIIIOH, preparing Hie lands for Hie water thai makes the out clvlll/.ed habitation appcarlh)',. Mr. llrown In i:very HOMHO of (lie word is it plonei-r. lie came to Ihe country when il look men of iiplendld courage lo make a living, and In- made hht home In different parlu of Ihln greut sdaii-. engaging In a big slock husliicHu In the conical pad, follow!)))-', Ihe fortune:-! Irwindale Citrus Association Packing House. New Home of B. Millir, Secretary of Citrus A»80c.i.:>ti

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