The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 30, 1892 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1892
Page 2
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!K5? 4. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, MONDAY MORNING-, MAY 80, 1891. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. OPKIClAf.l'APEU OP CITY AND COUNTY " ^HET^EWS PUBLISHING CO. A. r,. SI'O.NSI.KIt, Hitltor. TKKM8 UP HUHSCIUI'TION. The NKWH IK delivered by carriern In Ilutchltwon, South Hutchinson, and allKiib- urbs, at 15 centH a week. The paper may be ctlorcil by postal card, or bv telephone (No, and win be served earlv and regularly. ^IciiHe report any Irregularity ofnerrlceor rhange of addrenn to the NKWK nnU 'e Immediately. and It will be reclined. DAILY—IIV MAIL. One copy, one year S4 00 One copy, six monlhH 00 One copy, one mouth TiO WBEKIlV, One copy, one year. VI 00 One copy, Mx mnnthB Advertising rate« made known on appuca- tlon. Telephone No. :j. In ordering the NKWH by mall, ntateln«uc wanted, dally or weekly, giving name, city, county anil male. II Kiilwcrlber changes place of residence. Klve former cuUlretw an well ,IH jirCHcnl, and state Issue of paper taken, dally or weekly. Chicago once, r,7U Hookery building. (in held on Thursday, July at, 1R02, unless oth. wise ordered by theprecli * " Hy order of committee. precinct committeemen- A. I.. Si'uNRi.Ett, Chairman. MOIITON AMUUOII, Secretary. ANNOUNCEMENTS. KOIt IHKTUICT CI.EKK. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of District Clerk of neno county,subject to the decision of the Republican county convention which meets July 8:1 18(12 W. S. YBAOBII, Sylvia, Kan. FOB DISTRICT CI.KI1K. I hereby announce myself a candidate for the olllcc of District Clerk of Reno county, subject to the decision of the Republican nominating convention. Z. W. WHINKHV. FOIl DISTRICT Cl.BKK, lam a candidate for the office of clerk of the district court of this county, subject to the declsionlof the Republican-convention .1. A. LEWIS C. E. SIDLINO-ER, THE V DRUGGIST Prescriptions a Specialty. No. 17 North Main Street, HutcUinson. REPUBLICAN CONVENTIONS. CntiKre-sslmnil. The Republican Congressional convention for the nomination of a representative for the Seventh district will be held in Kingman, June lii, mils. Htntn Convention. The Republican stale convention will be held In Topeka, June 110, 1802. County Convent Ion Tne Republicans ol Reno county, Kansas, will meet In delegate convention In the city of Hutchinson, on Saturday, the 23rd day of July, 18112. at the hour of 10 o'clock a. in., for the purpose of placing in nomination candidates for; Clerk of the DIstrlctCou'rt Probatejudge, County Attorney, County Superintendent. One Commissioner from the Third Com missloner District. Delegates lo the convention shall be elect by the several wards and voting preclnctsat primaries duly called by the county central committeemen of. their respective wards and voting precincts. The basis of apportionment of delegates to the said county convention will be one delegate-at-large for each voting precinct in the county, and one delegate from every twenty-five (!!&) votes or fraction thereof, and one alternate for each delegate, cast for Hon. Frank I.. Martin for Judge al the November election, 181)1. Under which rule delegates are apportioned to the several voting precincts as follows: KOIt COUNTY StlPBItlNTKNDBNT. thereby announce myself a candidate for the olllce of County Superintendent of Pub Uc Instruction, subject lo the decision of the Republican county convention. (JAHPEH HOWARDS. drove township. FOll RUPElllNTRNDBNT Of PUUMC INSTRUCTION. To the Republicans of Reno County: I am a candidate for the ofllce of County Superintendent of Public Instruction, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention. W. W. PAYNK, FOR HVjI'BHINTENDENT OF PUUI.IO INSTRUC TION. I hereby ancounce myself as a candidate for the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction of Reno county, subject to the decision of the Republican county conven tlon, to be held July 2:1, 180.'>. CIIAR. P. DAWSON, Abbyvllle, Kan. Westminster township. FOR PHOHATK JUDOK. I am a candidate for the ofllce of probate Judge, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention. J. A. FONTRON. FOR COUNTY ATTORNEY. I hereby submit my name to the Republl cans of Reno county for a renomlnatlon to the ofllce of county attorney, subject to the decision of live Republican convention. , Z. I.. WISE. Reno North.. Reno South.. Uoscoe Salt Creek... Sumner Troy.... Valley.. .11 Walnut Westminster... Hutchinson— First Ward.. Second Ward ' Third Ward H Fourth Ward 11 Nickerson— First Ward a Second Ward f> Third Ward -t Albion :i| Arlington. \ r> Hell.. II 1 Castleton '.' Center 4 Clay Unterprlse Oram 4 Grave <l Haven Hayes Huntsvlllc :t| L-angdon 'i\ Lincoln Utile River a| Loda :i Medford :i Medora !!' Ninnescah :)j Plevna The committee recommends that theprl/- 1 ,.JMja^u.t^««*rps 'as licliV an Tfcwwflay. July 81st. 1NII2, from U to 4 p. m., and in the cities of Hutchinson and Nickerson on Thursday, July -Jlst. 180:;. from 7:-'IO to H::iu p. m. And It Is further recommended that at the same lime and place, the voters elect the same number of delegates and alternates to nominate one member of the legislature from the Seventy-sixth legislative district; and one member of the legislature from the Seventy-seventh legislative district, and as the Third ward of the city of Hutchinson 1B in the Scvemy-slxth district, that the legislative convention be held in the city of Hutchiimon on same day, viz: July 2:1, lHO'-J, and that each voting precinct elect one member to serve on the central committee for the ensuing year, By order of the Republican County Central Committee. JNO. 11. VINCENT, Chairman. J. F. STOUT. Secretary. to listen to the wisdom of orators ns they recite In burning eloquence the deeds of valor, bravery and patriotism of the heroes of the war. The gray- haired veterans, who listin with hearts ailame, will be reminded of the fact that their service was not in vain; but when they, together with their fallen comrades, wiped the stain of treason from the folds of the stars and stripes they participated in the greatest and grandest realistic drama that was ever performed on earth, and that the results of it will live forever n the governments of, mankind. The youth will have pointed out to them valuable lessons and taught to revere the memory of the heroes of the war for the perpetuity of the Union and that our republic is not unheedful of sacrifices of patriots in the service of their country. To the children of to-day the story of the war is history, and yet so fresli that it finds easy lodgement in their minds and they will deposit their decorations with knowing hearts and willing hands. They meet and call each other boys on Decoration Day; yet every form is marlccd with years and all the heads are gray." The Grand Army of the Republic gains no recruits from the youth and vigor of the land, and many new mounds appear each year, which claim a share of our attention and reverence and decoration. The great leaders are on the other shore welcoming eacli patriot as he comes to his final rest, leaving a free country as the heritage of his progeny. The patriotic living well deserve our love and cheers, and the heroic dead, our tears and reverance. Then let each participate in the ceremonies of to-day with his whole soul, and let memory revert to the dark days when the union was endangered and the "boys" were "tenting on the old camp ground,"—contemplate itlie grandeur of our country to-day and our hero-worship will be sincere indeed. The Republican county central committee having recommended in the above call that the Seventy-seventh district Republican convention, comprising the townships of HayeH, Sylvia, Grove, Hell, Loda, T.angdon, Arlington, Weatinlister, Plevna, Huntsville, Enterprise, Salt Creek, Reno, Qrant, Medford and Walnut, and the Third ward of the city of Hutchinson, be held in Hutchinson Saturday, July '4llrd, we, the committee elected for the ohUNlnety-thlrd district, ratify said recommendation and hereby loin in the call, and name the hour of 1 o'clock of said day as the hour of meeting, and that the various townships and wardsshall be entitled to the same representation as they have in the county convention as above. A. 11. CHAIIIJS, M. H. POTTER, GEO. AVEUY, Committee. Senatorial Convention. A delegate convention of the Republicans of the Thirty-sixth senatorial district of Kansas will be held at Hutchinson on Monday, July an, INKS, at 11 o'clock a. m. to nominate a candidate for stale senator from said district. At said convention each voting prcclnctin said district wlU be entitled to one delegate at large and 'one additional delegate for each 100 votes or a major fraction thereof cast for Hon. William IIlgglnB for secretary of state In 1HO0: Provided that no delegate can give a proxy lo anyone outside the precinct for which he 1B elected. Under Hald apportionment the various precincU are entitled to the following num her of delegates: WHO MAN COUNTY. IPeters :l Allen Helniont.. Dennett... Canton — ChicaBkla. Dale Dresden... Kagle . ..1 ...1 ...1 ...J ...1 ...1 .1 ||ureka.i... >.l Evans 1 GalcBburg 1 Hoosler 1 Kingman 1 Liberty 1 NlnneHCah 1 PRATT COUNTY Haynesville l|Saratoga Cannl 1 Iuka ".2 WcstNaron 1 East Naron 1 McClelland I I.ogan ; North Valley 1 South Valley } McPherBon 1 11BN0 COUNTY. . ural Ulchland. Rochester 1 Union... 1 Valley 1 Vlnlta .....1 White City of Kingman First ward 2 Second ward......3 Third ward . Fourth ward 1 Friday Night 's Storm. The excuse for a morning edition of the Evening NKWS , if an excuse expected or necessary, is to be foun in a desire to give to our readers the earliest possible authentic record of the pterrible work of the destructiv storm that passed over Harper and Wellington Friday night. It is true that the various editions of this paper Saturday and Saturday night contained the most complete and .Teliable accounts obtainable at tjmvX time. Hut the storm was no respecter of the genius of man 'in- whatever direction it may hj£v« been directed, and the varioiYS'ineans of rapid communication •ftilh the ill-fated towns did not escape the general destruction. A corps of able reporters was dispatched upon receipt of the first intelligence of the tornado and the results of their personal Investigation are presented in this issue. The storm has done its terrible work, and no amount of philosophizing as to how it happened will repair the damage. The visitation upon these two beautiful, bustling little cities was not, so far as human intelligence is able to discern, on account of any derelictions, short-comings or neglect on the part of the citizens. It was one of those calamities that cannot be foreseen, nor guarded against. The same thing might liuve happened in this city I any other city of the United States; for no state is exempt from these atmospheric disturbances. The only thing to be done is to accept the cruel edict of fate, and set about as best we can to lighten the affliction of our neighbors. The storm has left many destitute. In almost the twinkle of an eye many of them saw their earthly posessions, the results of toil and frugality, swept away, They are left homeless, hungry and *ill-clad- They heed assistance, and it becomes the duty of those who can to aid them. Systematic methods of^relief will be inaugurated, and when the call is made let all respond. Speaking about fusion in Kansas the Kansas City Times says: "In Kansas the situation is very plain. Democrats may vote for People's party candidates, | but a Democratic indorsement will not be tolerated. Every vote cast for an Alliance man must be eorvnted as a J'eople's party vote. If tne. Democrats in convention'approve of a People's partly-novn'ineo this year, as they did in [A'i'uo, the fear of his election will induce the balance of the ticket to demand his withdrawal. It other words any such candidate will be forced to arise in convention and recant any opinions which have given him popularity with Democrats." publieanH here without a single exception, were highly pleased with his speech. Capt. Wing says it is the ablest speech he has heard in many a year, and Mr. D. C. Smoke declares that it could not be surpassed by anybody, not even Blaine or MeKinley. The man from Hutchinson is certainly a very able advocate of the tariff, and that will be the paramount Issue in the coming campaign. Jones, of llutcliluson, From the L.ikln Index. Hon. John W. .Jones', of Hutchinson, the able expounder of a protective tariff and a prominent candidate for congress, in this district, opened the educational campaign at this place on Tuesday night last. In a speecli of an hour and a half he threw more light on the question of the troubles that combine to affect the farmers' interest ami the beneficial effects that will Bub- serve his interest through tno workings of the MeKinley tariff, than our people have had an opportunity to learn since Grover Cleveland first uttered his foolish assertion that "the tariff is a tax." Jones, of lilnghampton, may pay the freight, but Jones, of Hutchinson, expounds the advantage of protection from a non-partisan standpoint, with sueh clear and forcible statements that a wayfareing man, though a fool, need not fail to compre hend the subject in all its lengths, height and breadth, as one of vital interest to the American people. The rain reduced the size of bis audience, but his intelligent hearers—ladies and gentlemen, went away highly pleased with his speech and in perfect sympathy with the great theme of protection which he so thoroughly elaborated in a choice and comprehensive manner. Laborers In Alaska. From Harper's Weekly. The workingman need not complain in Alaska, Three dollars a day, with board and lodging provided by their employers, are the wages of miners, Indian workmen in the mines receive two dollars a day and "find" them selves. The cost of provisions adds a dollar a day for each white employe to the expenses of the mining company, and with these items in the operating expenses, any fraction of dividends suf- flceutly prove the richness of the mines. Hydraulic mining begins in May and lasts until October, and unites they are situated in snow-choked canons, difficult of. access, the quartz-mills can run a' 1 the year round. The great Treadwell mill on Douglass Island thunders night and day, summer and winter, grinding out in the twelve months ending with last May 8709 765.89—sufficient answer to all that has been said against Alaska's being or be coming a great mining country. North Center South Center 'i Richland 1 Banner 1 Sprlngvale 1 Grant 1 Kim.... I'axlon Gove... Albion Arlington,. Hell Castleton.. Center ... Clay nte Bnferi>ri«e orant Grove •• Haven Haves.... Huntsville.,..'.... Langdon... . Lincoln J Little lUvev \ Medford Ji Medora J Nlnnescah J Plevna M The primaries for said convention will be North Reno South Reno 2 RoBcoe Salt Creek 1 Sumner 1 Sylvia 1 Troy ' Valley Walnut. 1 IWeatmliiBtcr 1 iNIekerson— First ward Second ward.... Third ward Hutchinson— First ward 4 Second ward..., Third ward: Fourth ward.• a Washington is making great preparations for the accommodation of the vast throng that will assemble in that city next autumn upon the occasion of the grand encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic. It will be attended by more of the veterans I of the war than any encampment ever held. Every oody wants to go to Washington and everybody should go. Plenty of time should be taken to see the magnificent city and the great machinery and facilities for. government. CARDINAL RED SHOES. FOR INFANTS—In sizes from 2 to % With spring heel, in sizes": ^ FOR CHILDREN from 5 to 8. JUST RECEIVED and now shoe department. on sale in our DON'T FAIL to try a cake of the celebrated Butteiv milk Soap, at the Bpeoial low price of lOo per cake. . BLACK UNDRESSED MOUSQUETAIRE ^f of good $1.50 quality, only %\. f THE CELEBRATED French 0. C. fast black hose :.' * is the best 50 cent article in the line. Our price only 33 cents. . ' BALL'S AND DUPLEX CORSETS, and the genuine Jackson Waists, at lower prices than else-, where here. • ' v INCREASING- SALES daily testify to the meritorious bargains offored at JEKBY SIMI'SON seems to be in a quandary about whether to run again for congress. He says he can do his party more good by lecturing outside of Kansas. It would no doubt be less straining on the nerves of the Medicine Lodge statesman to be telling the people what ought to be done at 850 a lecture, than to be in congress where he is expected to do something and ] can't—Hutchinson Times (Dem.) The Hutchln«on NEWS thinks that more than one-half of the Democrats) in this congressional district are fools.—Wichita Beacon. No, it does not; for even if the Democratic bosses agree to fuse on JEBUY Suii'sos, it does not believe holf of'the Democrats will vote for him. No, more than half of the Democrats in this congressional district are not fools, therefore fusion will fail. IB it a Party or Negation? Prom the Hutchinson Times (Dqm.) It must make the honest heart throb with animated emotions to read the argument of some of the fusion papers. They claim that because the ltepubl cans don't want fusion, therefore the Democrats ought to be for it. Is it to go out to the world that the Democratic party shapes its policy negatively according to what is advocated by Republicans? We were inclined to believe the Democratic party was pledged to reform the government and not simply to do that which is displeasing to the Republicans. Philosophical. An old schoolmaster, a venorablo disciple of "good old Isnak Walton," once told a Companion contributor this pleasing title of his life ns an angler: I remember when I was a hoy going out ono morning before sunrise to fish for pickerel. I had just hooked a big one when along came a man. He said nothing, but with mouth wide open stopped to see the fun. The contest had lasted more than half an hour, when suddenly, justas I was about to land the prize, the pickerel, with one last rush for liberty, mado good his escape. With a lump in my throat I instinct ively turned to the man for consolation. "Waal, I'll be hangedl" he-exclaimed "Yew held on tor yoor end, young feller, but ho didn't hold on tat his'nt"—Youth's Companion. A. J. LUS1C, Pres. C. 11. JIENKB, Cashier. .mo. CHAPMAN, V. Pres. \ Capital, $100,000. Decoration Day. To-day is a national holiday. Again the people of this nation will meet— a solemn congregation—to march with measured tread to the graves of departed heroes, there to strew flowers in grateful remembrance of the services they rendered our threatened republic in the time of its greatest peril, when it WBB necessary that the lives of many brave men should bo sacrificed that the nation might be free in fact as in name. Eight hun- hundred thousand graves, wherein doth lie the remains of uuion soldiers who died that the nation might live, will be decorated to day by grateful millions who enjoy the liberty of the government they preserved. And ere. the sun has set beneath the rolling billows of the Ooldeu Gate, the graves of the heroes of 'Ql-'US will bo deolted in nature's ohoicest gurlands of beautiful and fra grant ilowors. Vast audiences will assemble to-day .mm The Wellington Standard, Demo cratic, says: "FtiBion is dying out pretty fast. One of the first and leading newspapers to espouse it was the Atchison Patriot and now the Alliance men in its county have met and by resolution declared against any fusion with Democrats. This is hard lines for the Patriot and Bhould be a 'horrible example' for the Wichita Beacon." Preferred Papa. Mother (at a reception)—Why didn't you accompany Mr. Nicefello out to supper? Sweet Girl—1 prefer to go with papa. Mother—Mr. Nicefello is devoted to you, and seemed much dejected hy you' refusal. I thought you—er—rather liked him? Sweet Girl (blushing)—I do. Mother-rThen why didn't yon go out to supper with him? Sweet Girt—Well, if you must know, it's because I'm ravenously hungry. Now York Weekly. He Can Redeem the ISlg Seventh. From the Hamilton Counly Bulletin., The people of Syraeusenassembled at the city hall last Monday night to listen ^to the Hon. .1. W. Jones of Hutchinson, candidate for congress. We are free to say that Mr. Jones is the ablest exponent of the tariff we ever listened to. He is full of facts and figures, and discusses economic quest- Ions with an ease and facility that is simply astonishing. Mr, JoneB 1 speech was strictly argumentative, was devoid of personalities and was a plain statement of facts from beginning to end, yet it was said so earnestly and with so much enthusiasm that it was highly entertaining as well as instructive and.plthongh he spoke nearly two hOttrs, his hearers could lmv« listened to him much longer withtV aanio degree of Interest. ^esi^Ucvo Buch a man as Mi Jone» call ledacni the "Hig Seventh'.' i|»d. do-^it anally. Ho A Good lleaibii. Little Johnny Fizssletop has the habit of waking ,up every night in the middle of the night and demanding something to eat. At last his mother Bitid to him: "Look here, Johnny, I never want to eat anything in the night." "Well, I don't think I'd care much to eat anything either in the night if I kept all my teeth in a inug of water."—Texas Siftines. IOE. Pure HM-Water k Orders received at the factory, avenue C east, at Kanaga's store, Main street, by telephone No. 43, or by'the drivers of our wagons. Tliis ice is greatly superior to any other, and the mosteconomiealfor any purpose. Special facilities for shipping, UnioH Ice & Salt Co. Hutchinson, Kansas. '* HUTCHINSON NATIONAL ~ BANK, HUTCHINSON,. KANSAS^ ~J ' ... Surplus, $20,000. Hutchinson's Wholesale Houses, rkUDESILL & DAYKIN, U Wholesale Queensware, Glassware, Cutlery, Lanterns, Fruit Jurs, Etc. I I Close prices to dealers. Mail orders solicited and carefully filled. II 204 North Main and 8 Second Avenue East. V "P^AEKER & UPDEGRAFFj Wholesale Dealers in Butter, Eggs and Poultry. PROP'RS OF QUEEN CITY CREAMERY. First avenue easit, Woodard block, and 417 South Main. T^ALLARD, SEVERANCE & CO., Wholesale Notions and Fancy Goods. No. 10 Seoond Ave. East. Close Prices to Dealers. I UTCHINSON HARDWARE and IMPLEMENT GO. Wholesale Dealers in SHELF AND HEAVY HARDWARE Farm Machinery and Salt Supplies 114 North Main Street. Telephone 173. rALL & WALL, . ,. Wholesale Carpets and Draperies. Only Exclusive House of the Kind West of the Mississippi River, No. 34 South Mala Street. H UTCHINSON WHOLESALE GROCER CO., Wholesale Groceries., Second avenue east. Telephone No. 79. E.VAUGHAN & CO., . m . Manufacturers of and wholesale dealers in Flavoring Rock Candy Syrup and Soda Fountain Sup 406 North Main St. S^J85S e jr?»'g{^£t&.a«i. A E. YAU Manufacl Extracts, I plies. 4< f OODKUFF & SON, MANUFACTURERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN THE WOODRUFF GUITARS & MANDOLINS Ottlce, 11 and n>4 Sherman Street east, Hutchinson, Kansas. „ ., . _ Agentii wanted In every town In the United States, J. H.WILDEN, WHOLESALE DEALER IN ICE CREAM AND CANDY. Mall orders- promptly Oiled. Can furnish Cream in any quantity or style. JirJ South Main, HutchtnAon, Kansas.

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