Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 26, 1908 · Page 12
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 12

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1908
Page 12
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STRONG DBMAMD FOR OROVES. I. C. Fairly has sold fifteen acres of -r-' Ruddock ranch, belonging to the tfnlted Investment company, to \V. A. /'Layman and (}. fi. Layman. The eon "" federation Is $1 r>,noo. Ton aerog of this land Is planted to oranges, two lo Valencia* and eight to Washington Navels, Mr. Fairly lias also sold a house-lot on Center Hi'roei t<i \v. R. Roberts;, formerly belonging to F.m- mons K. Cook. The price for this lot was $S50. Ten acres of fine hearing land changed hands thin week for (he consideration of-$20,000, when T. M. Miller sold his ranch to a Mrs. Baldwin of fvOs Angeles. The place IH what is known as Ihe Homy Fryo ranch, situated off Citrus avenue to Die north of the town. The ranch has appreciated very rapidly In value since being purchased by Mr. Miller. The sale was made through the realty firm of Douglas A Miller, known as the Covina Really company. Five acres belonging If) ('.. K. Crawford has been sold to J. Curtis for a consideration of $8000. Mr. Crawford takes In exchange a building on Citrus avenue, valued al $0000. The exchange •was made through the Slanlon Realty Co. Seven acres belong to P. W. Dolan- cey has been sold to F. P. Marl In for a consideration of $M(00. This Is considered very good orange properly, and IK finely situated on the Pacific lOlecirif: car line. Slanlon Really company has also sold (en acres of the ranch owned by Slanlon Mrolhers &. Keeling. This propei | y :-:old for $|U,000 lo .1. \V. r;illospio. who will probably make his home on Ihe ranch. THE EDWARDS & WILDEY CO. Aboti/ Ihe first of .September, 11*08, a new factor entered the Covina real eiMfilo field, when the Los Angeles firm of lOdwards ti, Wlldoy Company established a branch Conner:! Ion here, under (lie management of Mr. f). W. MacDonald. Mr. MacDonald, before becoming a resident and property owner In Covina, was for some lime connected wilh Ihe house department of Ihe Kdwards & VVildoy Co., In Los Angeles, anil achieved quite a reputation In selling high-class properties. Since commencing operations In the Covina district last September, Mr, MacDonald has consummated sales aggregating In excess of $118,000. Among those sales arc- the following: For T. 10. Finch lo It. (',. Woyso, the 20-acro grove on Clorioga avenue, price 817,BOO. Part of Ihe confederation was an eight-room residence In Los Au- golcs, bringing the total valuation Involved to '$25,000. For C. 11. Marred lo N. ('.. and C. H. DoLano, a 112-acro properly on (Irand avenue, between Cionoga and Honlla, part vacant and part In i;:-yeiir-old navels; consideration, $17,500. For H. P. Walscr lo D. M. .Sutherland, a I ((-acre grove on Cionoga avenue In K-yoar-old navels, Valonolas and nominal improvements; consideration, $12,000. A Los Angeles residence of the value of $5500 WIIH conveyed as part of Ihe purchase price, making an aggregate of $l7,. r >00. For Joseph Sllll lo Cliaunccy O. Rons, an eleven acre properly In miscellaneous l'riil/n, Hllualed on Lark lOllen avenue, just norlh of the I'acillc Kloolrlc tracks, lor a consideration of $i;iH)U. For FranU Weslon to Ormand Oak, a (he acre, finely Improved navel orange grove on Irwindale avenue, liati feel south of Pacific Kloclrie; price $11),00(1. For Klnior K. Cook lo Mrs. Kmmu Kelley, 20 aero.'! In wallllllH, interest with alfalfa and Including a ono-sixlh interest In a pumping plant of 175 inches capacity; consideration $12,Olid. This properly Is improved with a modern fdx-room bungalow, .large barns, etc., and is one of the best properties in Waliml Conlci TO-MORROW SliRVICI-S. Worsliiii at. liu- Piaptist Church: 151- Idc-schonl ',l:.|fi a. in. Preaching II a. in. mill 7:.'! by the pastor. Morning subject, "Prayer." lOveninjr subject, "Children of Cod.' li. Y. P, U. <'>::'() p. m.; topic, "New Life in China," leader, Mrs. (Inge. All are welcomed. Services ill the Church of Ihe Holy Trinity. SI. John's Day: llolv communion, 7::ln a.m.: Sunday school, '.i: |,"i a. m.; mot nitii 1 , pra.v or, i I a, in , subject. "The Incai nai hm '•'oil's dill to i lie U'orhl." The ('ovina lodge of I-', and A. M. at this service will attend in a body. The ('hrisl mas music will be repealed: Christmas anthem. "Itehoid! I llrlng You flood Tidings," by (Joss; evensong. 7:.'!n p.m.; subject, "'Ihe Angels' Song." All are invited lo alielld these services. Presbyterian services. Sunda> . December U7: Sunday school, !):I5. Preaching II u. m ; subject, "How We Ma.v Have the Christmas Spirit Tliruiighoiii the Year." Junior Kndcavnr, :i p.m. N'. P. S. C. Iv, i;::iu. Sacred concert. 7::;n. Please notice prni'iam for conceri else where. All friends and strangers most .•ordiallv united to all of these sei- \ ii'es. Paul (i. Sleveiis, pastor. The inl|o\\ inc. is i he order of i he services at the Ap'ihodist Kpiscnpal i'Inn ch i oi i 'hi i . i m,i-, Siiiulav. nith the IIIU.MC. uinlei i||e leadership nl Prof U \\' (Irooiii: Mot Ilil!" Sei \ lee 1| v mil "| |.|, I, I lie ll'-ialll Alltel., SllK'" (\lelldelSMlhlll. Apo.- I le's C| ei-il . |H a V el .1 111 In III 'Til > 1 .iL'in I-, ( 'nine" i I fu: I-..-1 . I'.-.aim. tol mvv ei| by I fie ( llori.l . Sei i |illll i . iillel 1 (M . , .1 III belli. "I i lul \ lo ( il III III Ille Highest." lirooiu; .-.eriuoii. 'Tin Inclines of the Alimls' Song." l{eV Hairy U'. U'lnie. M A.: h>mn, '< t Lillle Town of llelhlellelu" (UedlH'1'l. levelling service llvinll. "Purer Yel and Purer"; Seriplmv. solo. "Open ihe liaies of the Temple" (Knappl. Mr. Carroll C. Pill:-; pra>ei; hvmii, "All ii> the Silent N'ighi" i Merediih i • ntfei lory, brass ipiarietie, "Sweel and Low ' iliarnby), Messrs. 1C. \\';il(ei>. Pips. ('. Walters, Aschenbreiinei . addiess by the pastor "ii "The Coining of ihe Christ," the first »f a series on the "Life of Ihe Christ." illusirated will, storeopticon view;; hymn. "Am I a Soldier of tin- Cross'.'" c\niei. Christian Church. You are cordially Invited to worship with us next Sunday, morning and evening. Among other good things you will enjoy excellent mimic by a large chorus, led by Prof. H. W. Groom. Morning Song, Choir, "Thou Didst Leave Thv Throne," Marnby. Song, Choir, "Jov of (he World," Handel. Song, Choir, "O Llule Town of Bethlehem," Redner. Sermon by the pastor. j Evening. i Offertory solo, selected, Miss Anna Reynolds. Anthem, Choir, "He Han Come," Ryer. Cornet solo, selected, Prof. R. W. Groom. Song, Choir, "Mark the Herald Angels Sing," Mendelssohn. Anthem, Choir, "There Were Shepherds," Hlrch. Carol, Choir, "It Came Upon the j Midnight Clear," Willis, i Short sermon by the pastor, "The i Christ That Is to Tie.-' IRWINDALE. Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Hrown and daughter, Miss Phoebe, are Christmas guests of Mr. and Mrs. Farroll of (lien- dale. Mrs. F). Rolohard has spent the last ten days at Hollywood, being called there by the serious Illness of Mr. and Mrs. Stetson, parents of the late Mrs. Do Forest Roiohard. Mrs. Stetson Is much belter, but Mr. Stetson Is sill) seriously III. Mr. and Mrs. (',<•<>. Chemberlen and children arc Christmas guests of Mr. and Mrs. Kolehorslde of Long Heaeh. Mr. and Mrs. I) J. Shiillors are en- loj'iainiriK today with an old-fashioned Christmas dinner, the guests being Mr. and Mrs. A. R. (Jrahani of South Pasadena; Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs. Jarnos arid Mrs. Wolf of Los Angeles; Mr. Chan. Wolf of Tacoma. Perhaps the largest Christmas gathering In the district Is being bold today at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hemlrleks, covers being laid for twonly-Hovon In all. The guests Include Mr. and Mrs. JOd. Manning and two daughters of Huullngton Beach, Mr. and Mrs. Forest Manning and two sons of A/usa, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Robinson and two sons of A/usa, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Manning and son of Pomona, Mrs. H. (',. Hostelller and son Homer. Dinner gut-sis at the home of Mrs. and Miss McKlbben on .Saturday last wen; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rlledgo and son and daughter, Marion, Helen, Russell and Kdward FCIledge, and Miss lOlla Kllodgo of Kansas. The same party wore guests on Sunday of Mrs. 101 ledge's sister, Mrs. W. L. Case, at filondora. Christmas guests at the Casad residence are Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Large? of Han Diego and Mr. and Mrs. CrolgJitori MoCullough of Bonver. Mr. and Mrs. L. II. Root and datigh- lor, Ihe Misses Virginia and Cornelia, are Chrlslmas guests of Mrs. .1. M. Crane. CHARTER OAK Percy Allen ban sold his ranch properly here find will move his family to Los Angeles.whore he has business Interests, after the holidays. II. C. Mace has lefl for Ari/.ona lo make a long visit with his son, Fred. The infant child of Floyd Montgomery died last Monday and was burled (in Wednesday. Richard Colo and oldest son, of Canada, arrived on Wednesday to spend Mho winter with the former's brother, W. I). Colo. Mr. and Mis. S. A. Slowoll an lerlaining a house parly of Mr. Mrs. Itarlloll and four children, Leslie lOllsworlh, all of Hedlands, ami Mrs Frank O'Hara of Los Angeles. Tiny will he joined at dinner today by Air. and Mrs, Wilcox and son. Ri:novi:s TO I-SCONDIDO. The Argus sincerely regrets the removal from the community nl' Dr. and Mrs. .1. C. (loodell, who during their three vent's' residence In ('ovina have made many warm friends. Dr. (!ood- ell leaves a good practice here lo enler lulu partnership wilh Dr. Plant of Ks- condldo. and will move iliere \\lih his falllilV l|e\t VseoU. lie wishes. Ihrouull Ille medium of j this paper, to lhaiiK his many friends and patrons for their kim!:ies; in the pasl and lo recommend lo lliem his • successor. Dr. Wilbur II. Cnrk of (,'lemloi.i. who will be al Ihe same of Hi n Tuosdav . Thursday and Saturday of each week, from !i a. m. In I p. m. One of the largest and jolliosi I'niii-I ily reunions is being held at Ihe home i of Mr. and Mrs .Man Chilion loda.v A large turkey wilh all the usual livings will grace Ihe table and the rooms are gay wilh holly, evergieeiis and lloweis. j A son, Willie Chilion. and ihe bridal { couple. Air, and .Mis llrooks. and .Mr. and MI s. .-'hiler came a il I m \\ ay from (tKlahi mi,! (11 her c.uesi s he in? 1 . | Ml', and Mrs Huichisnu and Mi and M is. itlancbai d nl I o.-. Anm, les. M r, | and Mr.-. \Vill lleii-.ton and fainil> ol I lop.'i \llle. in | ,\|| ,n,d \i i ; SI 1 'I-- lli.lel ! Tile I Welfl h bill hda . nl Mi-,- \ Mee l-'esler. u ilieli • ei in i . il uu I I. e i '.'i h \\ a.- made lh,' i ee I -,: i 11 iif ||., |,|ii i ( • io"iciie.:s at lie: liiuue '\'^ • I »e little ;-• iris en io\ ed -;ani' -• !• liei du> in: 1 i he all ei niiou ami luthi i el i e.,lim, nl s Wele served on .1 table i;a\ \vllh holl\ , helTlei The :.',||esl:, VV e I e llle Misses .liianiia Morris. Muiiei Iteinis. June Sides. I,el i Nash. A i v a Keel/., Helle and Oria Foslor. Mr and Mrs. l-Iihel l!iubal:er and Jennie Holers Mis> Fes-'I el 1 received a number nl nice little ' remembrances .Mr. and Mrs Asa I. SI,inner ol La Mesa. San Diego count >. are >peiidiir.', tin- holidavs wilh Mr and Mrs. lieorne' Aschelibrenner Mr Skinner and Mr Ascheiibi eiiuei were pimcipals and their wives we.e as.-, isi a n i leacheis ol schniil^ nl adjninin^ eitie^ in the Phil-! ippilles. The> ale Vel> lllllch plelSed will, Covina an,I ihe sin rounding i coiinl i \. Our 1Rcw year's IRcsolution. do the ri^ht thing, at the right time, in the right way; to do some things better than they were ever done before; to eliminate errors; to know both sides of the question; to be courteous; to be an example; to work for the love of work; to anticipate requirements; to develop resources; to recognize no impediments; to master circumstances? to act from reason rather than rule? to be satisfied with nothing short of perfection. Watch for our Opening Sale of Wash Goods. Che ffiroadwdt Store First Church of Christ, Scientist OP POMONA cordially invites yourself and friends to attend a lecture on CHRISTIAN SCIENCE by Frank H. Leonard, C. S. B. of Brooklyn, N. Y. member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship of the First Church of Christ Scientist in Bostorv, Massachusetts SUBJECT "Christian Science" to be delivered in FRATERNAL AID OPERA HOUSE, POMONA Sunday Evening, December 27, at 2 p. m. Admission free without ticket THE DEPOT GROCERY AND MARKET carries everything that a good grocery ought to sell. Besides the best teas, coffees, spices, pickles, olives and canned goods, we carry a fine supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also the best creamery butter and fresh ranch butter and Meat llarket We carry a good assortment of government inspected meats, hams, bacon, etc. Try some of our fresh oysters in bulk. Fresh from East each week. 20c per dozen. ROBERT CRENSHAW Phone 22 Are You Going to Build? If so, it will pay you to let me figure with you. First class work, prices right, satisfaction guaranteed. * M. B. FolSOtn, Contractor and Builder Phone 214 COVINA, Now that he has been elected, let's all get in and make things hum. Business has been good for us. It is going to be better for all of us. Call and see our large stock of builders' hardware, tools, oils, glass, stoves, heaters and ranges, gas and gasoline stoves, cutlery, gloves and house furnishing goods. Scissors and pocket knives. Hurley's Hardware COVIN A, GAL. BONHAM & RITCHA Cement Contractors LET US FIGURE ON ANYTHING IN THE CEMENT LINE SIDEWALKS AND CURBS OUR SPECIALTY We are experienced cement men and employ only skilled help. Home phone 10f>7 It takes a good deal of Machinery to run your ranch, doesn't it? Something need fixing? That's what we do - WE FIX THINGS Thoroughly equipped for all classes of machine work. Patterns made-. Estimates furnishi-d. Wo in a nu fact lire tin; "KT" valvos and gates. THE KELLAR-THOMASON MFG. CO. Simp and ()llice opp.isili 1 S. I'. l>c|>>t HIIIIIC Phono 2S'i Covtiia, Cal. ! y ywws/vwsA/vwvwvwwj •.'v v > > I <J -FOR Orchard and Farm Tools OF ALL KINDS WAGONS AND BUGGIES AT LOS ANGELES PRICES See Twomey & Diller C'ooliiKin Block, Opp. S. P. Depot, Phone 29 New Dairy, New Stock, New Buildings \Ve are prepared to furnish you with the finest Jersey milk and cream, delivered at your door. Place your orders by telephone. MILK COWS BOUGHT AND SOLD SHAW & HELWICK Home Phone 20.^8 J. \M. KEERER 1 'i npi ii I "|- e! till' I COVINA LIVERY STABLES I KMIIC i 'hi >nc ,'i>. Ifootcl Dcntomc Che Home for Coimsts 3. 3. jfit:,v3craU». prop. Tournament of Roses PASADENA FRIDAY, JAN. 1st Gorgeous floral pageant of splendidly decorated vehicles. Grand Roman Chariot Haces. The great event of the year in the land of blossoms. Special Car Punning through to Pasadena will leave Covina at 8 a. m. Pacific Electric Ry.

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