Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 10, 1974 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 10, 1974
Page 6
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Page Six SIDE OUNCES By GILL FOX 4ll»NSA. W.TM UN U S f* 0" just happened to think of something, Eleanor - whatever became of our binoculars?" OUT OUR WAY ByNEGCOCHRAN WHAT HE WAWTS IS HIS MAMA IKJ HERE TO STOP THE ACTIOW WHEW THIMGS <3ET ROU6H...UK.E AFTER 1VE GIVEM HIM A COUPLE OF BELTS OWTH'SWOOT.' I'M MCTT REPER-wO"! JUST WAWTSDU EEING. AWV BOX- j TO WITWE9S HOW SHE IMS MATCH... y LOSES HER. COOL AFTER 1 PASTE HER A FEW TIMES SHE'LL START IW WITH TH' AU' WRESTLIW HOLPS.' WHV MOTHERS C5ET <SRAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOOPLE THIS METRE PR. POWERS \6 PRESIDENT OF THE MNN CAMPUS! HE'6 SOT 5O MA»NV PESREE5 HE PONT HAVE NO MORE 5PACE ON HIS WAULS THI5 AIN'T NO MOSS BACK U.. 1 IT CL1T5 OUT ALL. TrlE FRILLS.' MY WORP, A UNIVERSITY V/ITHOUT VALL6 TME VERV LATEST CONCEPT IN EPUCATION EEK&MEEK HERe \4JB AT5E KS, <OAJ UJV-L STR6ET ~ THE 117^ F/AJAJOC/AC PtAVOFFS. © 1974 P) NLA ln< 1 M ft«^ U S Pil OH f ~ HOPfc (ARK.) STAR Scrambler Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS I Spinner 7 Tense 12 Reach destination 13 Closer 14 Shaped 15 New York city 16 Dutch city 17 Lease 19 Steal'dial.) 20 Take five 22 Capuchin monkey 23 Without (Latin) 24 Pack 26 Make evident 28 Feminine nickname 30 Summer'Fr.) 31 Guide's note 32 Observe 33 Fiery 36 Jason's boat (myth.) 39 Margarine 40 Male swan 42 Hindu garment 44 Cover 45Geraint'swife 47 Operated 48 Conductor 51 Unruffled 53 Inside parts 54 Wild ass 55 European city 56 Latest DOWN 1 Thin, crisp cake 2 Eats away 3 Take into custody 4 Vigor 5 At all times CARNIVAL 6 Counsels'dial 7 Oriental coin 8 Children's game 9 Satirical 10 Catlike 11 Bodily structure 13 Aborigines 18No(ScoU 21 Spanish city 23 Shows contempl 25 Stratagem 27 Genus of willows 29 Light cavalrymen 33 Foreigners HASH GORDON F— —— •*— I EVEN IF THIS TIME - HOPPER we/?£ Tuesday. Sontember 10, 1974 By DAN BARRY 34 Fortifications 41 Oxlike 35 Unit of weight quadruped 37 Auto repair 43 Sluggish shop 46 Low sand hill 38 Harangues 49 English stream 39 Masculine 50 Sea eagle(var.) nickname 52 Crowlike bird 'REMEMBER THE MASTER RUNS EVERYTHING -INO.UPINS THE ROBOTS.' HOW ABOUT THOSE SUARPS ? CAN yOUR 5PEP- UP SUPERBRAIN MAKE THEM 60 AWAY ? . .,«, NO RBAL PROBLEM, VICKI' I WORKING, FLASH.. UNPER THE CITX? THE BORN LOSER ByARTSANSOM MOO £AM gARN MOUR . AAOMS^/ ID POT IN TVIE BAJ^K FOR. By DICK TURNER ALLEY OOP HELLO, MARKO/ MARKO, I WANT YOU TO MEET OUR NEW FRIENDS.' THIS IS DOCTOR WONMUS, ALLEY OOP AND OSCAR BOOM/ PLEASED TO MEET YOU/ ByDAVEGRAUE NOW/ THEN, ( SETTING YOUR \ \(/ELL, IT'S , DOCTOR, I EXPERIMENTAL ABOUT THE^ THEN WHAT'S THE? VEHICLE INTO /SAME SIZE NEXTSTEP \ •P / THERE'S NO PROBLEM! PACT, ONLY TALLER/ ORVILLE/ HOW BIG IS IT? CAPTAIN EASY Ol BELIEVE INSPECTOR CHUMLEV l$ THE OFFICER OO'LL BE- ABLE TO 'ELP YOU, GEMTLEMEW I "All the kids are gettin 1 one free, Mom ... from the milkman!" ROU6HLV SPEAKING, MY Y WE'VE PEPARTMgNT CORRESPONPSJCOME TO TO WHAT yOUR COPPBR5- ./THE KISHT ^-r WOULP CALL THE V"A PLACE! C BUNCO &QUAP.,. By CROOKS ^LAWRENCE AND -=>O I HE BOV$ TELL THEIR SAP gTORV... .. pEVON ~7 SHE CALL^ HEK0ELP NOW,EH?...I BEUB-VE \ WE HAVE THE VOUW6 If V L.APV RI6HT HERE! ^ > ~ ' If you want the word to get around, tell it to a confidential aide. BLONDIE By CHIC YOUNG YOU BUTTERED THE POTHOLDER.' Some evenings on TV are so bad, we look forward to the 3 a.m. test pattern. + + + What holds Grand Opera up is, mainly, stuffed shirts. ! ( BOY/ THIS TOAST )|' I ./ <=i ir>c ic -noi i/su / > By HOWIE SCHNEIDER WINTHROP ByDICKCAVALLI THE 'HAVES' AAJD THE 'HAVE-AJOTS:. FRANK AND ERNEST ByBOBTHAVES CAMPUS CUHER By LARRY LEWIS THi WAV COPIN6 WITH THfi PftOgLtM Of MADAM « * ALL Alti BfclWO ^ tEl^U^O WITH | EXPIRATION PATIj. | NO-FAULT FOOD INSURANCE Available at nominal cost 9-/O BUGS BUNNY By HEIMDAHL & STOFFEL PRISCIUA'SPOP By AL VERMEER TWENTY CENTS FOR A SAUCER. OP .x KXILK, WHAT'S TH' IDEA ? YA USUAUX ASK PER'" A'DIME/ TM WILLING TO . NEGOTIATE/ ILU REDUCE MY \ REQUEST TO THAT AMOUNT IF YOg'UL. OMIT YOUR USUAL. LECTURE ABOUT MY LAZINESS AND LACK OF , /—CHARACTER/ ' THERE'S TH' 20 \ V CENTS.-AN'YER STILL \ A NO-SOOD, SHIFTLESS J BUM ^ JENNIY LU DID 'T AC5A1N CALLED ME A LITTLE MOUSE! -^ BUT ^ THIS TIME I'LL CS.ET EVEN! SOMEHOW I DON'T FEEL ANV IT TAKES ^ TO KNOWK ONI!

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