Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 13, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1912
Page 6
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; The Qiiie4 J.lfi. In ^arkllng gloom of tern S'.intn far ^An^ I of all the «b#|d'U>f .ii .tilK',on|^ Who otiits purj^ttg bjeant^ i^wg; X4K« amethyst all - frosted </> r at i dawn. With touch of rose caught ua-jAvare 'And a ^ift imiTriBoncfl doth Us i>ctr,ls . •. fleam tPlUtia the glooLi ii _ko ; i .i^Is rarp. ^ sweet pcrfortiou loth ihis oiciiid . tenfold where neve • - • can BOA. SaireiDilne, and 1 whi!' « .ubied on " ^ tiiere ttrUI keep its sec- THE JOIA PAP^ ItECasyER. WEDNESDAY EV^NINg. NOVEjMBER p. 1912. POCiOET' MAPS of Nearly Every State AT BURRELL'S.'*"^ STOMC Tke Bezan Slin ••<» with 11 1 tpf it Woou.' .• ^loom, li- '.'solaimed •I perfume. ,\ Through all Its seaE>;! ' r : ti «r«, iita petals perfect ".Tiu«Jto itself, as if cro lAnd hung npi^n its b ' &o :soino sweet souls grow Bwueter In • tl^e gloom, i All^rfect 'round ihclr lives' small ; But, tegetating, miss the preclqus \.''- ' pang ;' ' .ID thick of life, the war of man to ; man. '.'••.•] —Frank Farr. f I'lattsburg. Mo., •i.ost of Mrs. J. S. • lays returned to Mrf[- Waggonet who haa been tb. Turnir fbr sever her home today. <• •> .^Blf Kfdnrtion <.a all MllUnor.v G<^ai; 2S% discou'ht r:> nil Trimmed H*t8f«t Mrs. rcfly'6. : E. Madison. IoU.iKanB. * * • Mrs. J. 8. Turner. Mrs. Ch.ns. E ^OfM. and Mrs. A. H. Cfe .npbell <lKi(atiea8M to the ner! 'ra of the ex- VMohera club yeaterd:; i»fternoon at IhW r »aidenc« of Mrs Turner. Al»oak vfiry momber v v. In attend- MM, & delleloui luncheo wna served •ad the afternoon altogvMher provM abat «njo>-ablo. ."^ ^ J 1 —1 will moT« ray atook of general Bacrohandiae from present location, one' block north, to bulldlni^ Roncmlly known as Selts building. The fUore 5 will he cioeed Thnredey Bo«m for the r reat of the day.—L. E. Poster. •J • 4> 4> -^Plush Coals at big reductioh. New York Store. :•• ) • • + + : Miaa Maty Calvert, who has been f Titiltlng her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ira ;:, Calvert. 810 North First street for the 'past'three weeks will return to her i- :«rork in Barnesvllle, Ohio tomorrow, •,- . Tomorrow night at the M. W, A. •' hall the members of the Fraternal Aid lodge will serve an oyster supper to : - the toembcrs. V ; * * * - —Venetian Crochet Work now on '-.display. Art Department New York -Store. i - The regular me«^ting of the Music 5i club was'held yesterday afternoon at i the home of Mrs. P.' E. Waugh. The I i fniest of the afternoon v Miss Mary :/Xaivert. iwho gave seve:.' i fano solos veil' p. ... ', carried out. The' Longfellow pr : na was • * * —New ideas in Punch ET ; •.?'Arl Department New York ' ; • * * -.Mr«. Oema Dlckorson. ^ • V i'"Wltshlngton street, enterfi. • •i; terday afternoon for Mrs. L. : iwho'lormerly lived near (!};•,bift •fho la now making \\ .lery. orth res- :• V:.;ldS .:s .iry. home in Oklalioma.* The gne.nja •«•..> Mrs '2. I^HrHanklns. Mrs. 'uni. -VW..!. Mn C. 11.^.11*11, Mrs. Howard Knc • Iton, Mrs. Lvotnda Root, Mrs 0. A. Klr .L «.y, -% Vn.yL B. Beam am: ^ . N. Jon; r{. Tlie noun were pienr. ,. i;. snent w"! '.::n«a4I«woTk and aocl'i ..nvcrsatl.n - •• • + <• > The Booster Quan-!;, will glv, ktCOBoert on Friday ••^.^:|l)t ni :::United Brethren C •. . under il;. Haiiianlcca of -the Er' .-"r Society. » HME CUT GLASS ! '.Our Cut Glass rit partment ;;excells any in this seption of 0 pKansas. The management is jever on, the aler; to secure lilihe latest and handsomest "v'^iatterris in fine irlassware 1 "Ili^Ie they are new. ;:t K Tou desire the best in HCut Glass that the markets •It aifoi^ we have it )We carry the celebrated 1 £^IBBY GLASS |i; iO% reduction given on all i ^^i ^^odS purchased before De- I .Miss Mae Brown will contribute several readings to the enterulnment. • A smairadmission fee will he charged to cover the expenses of the concert. *** —Farm and City Loans. R. M. Cun- oinghaiu. • * • St. John's Altar society will meet tomorrow afternoon" with Mrs. Lapp. 405 South Colborn street Work for the bazaar which is to be given early in December Is to be started. <• • * —j^Hllincry at big reductions. New York Store. \" Tomorrow night at the Presbyterian- church the deacons will give a reception for members of the church. A llter-nry and ^ musical program has been arranged and about flftecn-of the young ladie .H ot the church will assist ilie hosts In serving luncheon. Misa Lena Calvert entertained a r w friends lai>t night for her sister, vi. 8 Mary Calvert, of l^unravllle. I M. Miss Calvert Is a musician of ubility and charmingly entortalnetl the company with nlAno selections. < » • —Attend the big Coat Sale now po- Ing on at the New York Store. 4> • The Current K>ent« club has issuetl •|HH>Jal Invitations to the other clubii of the city for the tea which will be given at the Y. M. C. A on Saturday afternoon. _ • • • . * The interest which la being taken in the meetings at Trinity church seema unabated, and each night the church U well flllcil but not so crowd ed but there will be foun«l room for any more who may attend. 4- * • Flowers, clirysantliemums. 'ili«> and lavender, at Jl.r.fl per dozen. Phono 33r>-.'>.— 0r »'onhou80. * • Mr. and Mrs. Clarence MInlch of Lalfarpe entertained yesterday in honor of Mrs. 3. E. Fisher, of JColo- rado Springs and Mrs. Roy .-flurton, of Bartlesville. At noon an elaborate four course dinner was served to the following guests: Mr. and Mrs. C. R Minich, Mr. and Mrs: Ollle MInlch, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Fbx, Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Minich of Humboldt. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Posey, Mrs. D. B. Minich of Bronson, Mrs. George Busley and, son Loraine, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Minich, Mrs. Roy Burton of Bartlesv lie; Miss Osa Mihlch« Miss Ruth M nich. Masters Harold and Wendell! Minich. ' Mrs. Hoy Burton and Mrs. R. G. Minich assisted the hostess in serving. Mrs, Fisher returned to her home today and Mrs. Burton will tipend the week visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Minich. * • • The mv.^:.- rs of Circle No. 6 of the Ladies' Aid. society of the Methodist church have a new way of helping their church. For one week commencing next Tuesday they are to receive a per cent of the sales of Kellog's corn flakes and toasted biscuits, and they will appreciate the kindness of any one who lays.In a winter supply now from any grocery store in i the city. + * * The l^adles' Aid society of the Chris tian church will give a tea tomorrow iftcruoon at the residence of Mrs. R. M. Cunningham, 903 East Madison ave nuc. The hours will be from two until six. • + • The Allen County Suffrage league waa disbanded at the last meeting but this docs not mean that the work will suffer In any way. The members real ice that a great many people must be Instructed and the press committee will continue its work. * * * One ot the finest private displays of flowers and planu in the city is that belonging to Mrs. Samuel.Crumley at the court house. In the lower south hall are some large fema and rubber plants, while the big window in the clerk's office is filled with smaller ferns and crysanthemuin plants thai are full of blossoms, making the office very attractive. * * * /here Is a reporter for the Atchison Ci -'»e who is. a philosopher and evidently always has his'eyes open for a good story.' In a restaurant in that city be observed a young man and woman and noted espectially their vweet looks, her voice being soft and gentle, his so fond and thrilling, her delight at finding out his favorite foods and bia delight at her promise to learn to make them and a great many fond and foolish things. It is at-this point of the rather lengthy story that the reporter's philosophy comes In. "Those two will be married." he.says, "and It their voices ever become harsh toward each other, and thoFe fdoring gianoet :ind long looks into each other's eyes ever-become exchanged for scowling glares will it not be too bad? And whose fault will jt be, the man's or the wo- man"r (-1N .\L nOURES SHOW THAT AL- LKX CqCSTI WAS pqCBTFUL. Townx Generally far TiittntiT DMriet^ r leRMCertsfii 01 Attenlieu %\k*. •I'Jie So -.-inrciuVhaVe their flrRi informal party next Thursday evening, from $:3il to 11:30. Cards «nd d «nc- Ins- All Elka requeated-lo Join. 6ee Secretary Nea-ton or Mr. Fronk lor tnfonu *tk». . J i- THB SOCIAL COMMITTBB.- According to the final corrected tls> ariis at the county clerk's office, the txiital sutrrage •meadment <qarrlqd-;ln 'jis county by a majority «f 39, in- •tead of 14. The \-otfe by precincts is given below as it Is rattier Interesting. lola's six wards all favored the unendmenw 4ke ilty Igiving it a mah fority of ?r. Ttie*'n*»t ward in Ga# l?It>- was the champion hostile prei-' cinct, caeting its entire five votes igalnst the measure. That city gave a majority of o against the amendment. Vll the precincts in LaHarpe favored :he measure, the city giving 38 for the - mcndmcnt. One Humboldt ward, tne hird. gave one majority against the -!tuendment, the city giving It a malt It will taus be seen that the men in the towns )|:en,crally voted for the suffrage amendment. In the outlying districts. G^eva. •.'artyle. Mildred, favored the measure, while Moran. Klsmore, Savonburg and 'ftassett were strbngly against it. South • ogan went 28 against It: Salein went against It; North Logan divide<l ivenly. The vote by precincts were as follows: -ST Probably. Cendltlpn of Absolute Satl») faetion Never Yet Has •aen Ai»- solutely Arrived At. Man is a onrious anlmaL He is nerj •r aatlsfled. When we say ."man.'^ wa meaa men and womeur-the sai4C(^ God created.In bia own imag ^l ^ KaaUessaeiJs is a common wiib of kumanlty .'idt begins with Qtl erar ^Isk It^ever ceases until wi!* reach the crave. The only quiet man is the dead man. . Aga. . For inst \orth Reneva -.3 \-uth Geneva fi 1 "arlyle _ - SI 72 "»eer Creek CO 33 N'arth Osage -.. :.:i 39 ••.nith Osage .'iS 72 'lurinatoa isr. 172 vast Kliii ... 60 .•>6 Vest Elm «« r.4 •>la Township 1SS» 12S tKHi-'etl - -. — IT 3,<5 •;orth lx>gnn S3 ^o«th lA>gan -- .1^]^ S3 .M Ininhnldl Township r.3 64 "alem - :.s 96 CiMth Elsmon* . .... •« 14S South EUmore . ... lil III Cast Cottage' (lro\-e ... A' est Cottage Grove ... 30 a6 nla City- First Ward 190 l.V. Second Ward .... lO.-i 96 Third Ward — .... ir .2 132 Fourth Ward .... 1S3 139 Fifth Ward .... Jt.} Sixth Ward 5 .-1 43 :as City- First Ward 0 Second Ward 21 \:^ Tliird V«rd 29 34 Fourth Ward -.- 23 24 aKarpe— First Ward .".0 41 Second Ward .... 19 • 9 Third Ward .... 4t 34 Fourth Ward 42 30 lirmboldt— First \^1ard 64 52 .Second Ward 58 54 Third Ward — .... 4 .-1 46 Fourth Ward .... 64 42 The final figures on the vote, as •'ley will bp sent In to the state of- "cials, show 2334* for the amendment -nd 2283 against, or a. majority for it of 39. LECTrRES AT THE SCHOOLS. l»r. Falrrhlld of BalHniore to Xnke .Several Talks. Mr. Milton Falrchild. son of former "resident Falrchild of the State Agrl- -.iltural College, and director of the Viitlonal Institute for Moral Instruc- •on. has been secured for lectures at te hlRh school tomorrow and Fri- •t»y. Dr.- Falrchild'a headquarters re at Baltimore, and he Is sent but by <ie Exteusion nepartmcnt of Kansas •nlver.'ilty. Only eight of the htrger •r'lool cities of the state have been "iiunate enough to secure Dr. Falr- '<IId. and lola Is on that list. The high school program ha«t been •tered 1.-0 as to give Dr. Falrchild an ^nilre hour for his Iccturne, which >lli bo given from 9 to 10 o'clock-to- iirorrow and Friday morning. In the I'Tteinoon at 3 o'clock Dr. Falrchild v'll speak to the Ttb and 8th grades I' the city at tbi'htgh school, and Prl- ;>v afternoon at the same hour to the • • I) and Kth grades. Tomorrow even- n!t Or. Falrchild will give one of his lecttires to the men and women of the city and esp^ally to the park's of the school children, as well as '-•>\T teachers. This Invitation has •••J been extended to all country r chers who are urged to be present Falrchild comes 'Jilghly recom- •'^nd-d and it is hoped that his lec- •:res will all be well attended. Xo ad"'«Ion is charged for any of the lectures. S. C. Brewster, speaking of his visit Europe, says that it takes all the s( if-restraint an American has to rrad what the English papers have to say about the position the ITnlted S'ates have taken on the Panama Canal question. Most ot the papers con(Vi)in Uncle Sam's decision to charge trlls as a breach of International f.-'ith. but do It with a sort of con- irmptuous sneer, as being about what nne might expect from a nation of <ow morals'and only about half ciyll- iz:>l. One Englishman, however, con- tr'buted a letterto a London paper In x^hich he gravely aaked England ^by Fr gland was so horrified^ even aasum ing that the Cnlted States was ignor- ine a treaty. The writer cited numerous cases of current history wherein other European nations, were grabbing land In Africa or Asia in direct vi-)lation of treaties. Bui «» • rule til" newspaper mention of the United States was very trying to the American pride. Colonel Wilder S. Metcalf.of Lawr <-iiee, who Is on a ti)nr of inspection of the national gnard companies Df tlir state, was here last night, leavina trday. In'a general mentioned casnally. In «pealriiiig''Of hlai fonner-poaitloii aa pensfini'eot&mla^ sioner at tha Topeka aiencr, that durins bia oOelal 'Sarm .'to r .les. Ho thinks he knows better than tfctber or mother. They poi^ out the need of an education if he would suc: 'cecd He replies that he has two hands, and a brain and that lie fAa niake his ov .n living in hir, own way. Sdmetimes he tries it. When he fails, in the bitterness of his soul he recalls with repentance his refusal to his parents. The girl, willful and headstrong, accepts questionable company. She neg< lectk tlio c!:urch for the Sunday picnic titid gives up the Bible for the sensa- ^Ona]> slliy and romantic novel. She wants a change. She must have it. ^he^will have It. Finally she has it and 'perhaps repents in tears ond unspeakable anguish. The patient who does not Immediately recover wanta to try another .phyaician. other remedies or a change of climate. The doctor may warn against the danger they invite, but the resUess * soul crieS out for a change. It takes the chances of life and death, and with the latter comes the greatest of all changes In the«stlll nosa ot the grave.—John A. Slelcher. la lioslle 's Weekly. GOOD PUZZLE TO WORK OUT Ocoupallon In Enforced Idlsncaa It Oeed Ttst of One*a Knowltdas of the Bible. Kvldently the matter of occupation when ono Is confined Indoors la a problem to the Swiss as well aa tc other people. The Bonne llevue comes fonk'ard with an answer to the question: "What are we to do Indoors? Inatead of bemoaning the inclement weather it says people should solve the telle wing problem: Divide the number cf .fob's camels before thoy were captured by the Chaldeans by the cumber of men sent to take Jercmlch out of the dimgeon; rdd to the quotient the number oi lords entertained at Balthazar's feast Subtract from the sum the number of Just persons who could have saved Sodom. Multiply by David 's age when he commenced to reign. Divide by the .number of Philistines that Samson slew with the ass's Jawbone. Subtract the number of Solomon 's songs; ' multiply by\ the number of days dur ing which [lob did hot speak to hu friends. Subtract the number of fish taken in the miracle of Jesus fishing.' Add to the result the number of prophets hidden by Abdias. Subtract Ih'e number of ungrateful lepers healed by Jesus, and you will have a mys teriohs' figure contained In the Apocalypse. Logic of Phocton. Why tell mo that's man is a fine speaker If it is not the truth that ho Is speaking? Phoclon, who did not speak at all, was a great deal nearer hitting the mark than Demosthenes. Ho used to tell the Athenians-"You can't fight Philip. You have not the alightest chance with him. He is a man who holds hia tongue: he haa great disciplined armies; he can brag anybody you like in your cities her; and he is going on steadily with an unvarying aim toward his object; and he will Infallibly beat any VWX of men such a" you. going on n-rrl'iT r"'"'" shore to shore with all thm r-.:.)!':*:'- nonsense." Demosthenes ssid to him one day —'The I Athenians will get mad soma day and kill you." Yes. Phoclon said. "\Vhen they are mad; and you as soon as they get sane again."—Thomas Carlyle, Original Confidence Man. A story la' told of old New York and of how the expression "confidence jnan" meant a man in whom one could not place confidence at all. It is said that some years ago a very well- dressed man with a courteous address was wont to walk up and down the principal streets of the city. ' "Whenever he met a stranger who looked hopeful to him he would approach the man and with the most delightfolly frank manner he wotild ask: "My dear sir. have you confidence enou^ In me.-an entire stranger to you. to l^nd me $5 for an hour or twor " And It Is said that the man/made an extremely good living by this very simple means. Salarisa of Naval OfHeers. { The pay of commisaioned otficers in the navy varlea with rank and length ot service, and there are nnmertnis other factors which oust be taken i^to account liie am'onat received In individual cases msy be worked opt by a study of the regulations {contained .In .the Navy Register, which U pbtalnahle in sny well-equipped public library. The commander of a v.essel -of the naval aaxUiaif 'service would sot be correctly called a "eaptala." but rmaater." The rate%, of >pay ot itt|k.«laas of oflMsn are not aef forth ~tn tha Navy Raglstar. alaoa tbari an not fagntfrly'eoBoilaatonUI oOoeta •< MADAM, ARE YOU If yoii are»^you is going to ^' delighted iojcnow tiiat th ^New York Store e remamder of "yHIS WEEK to STQUT that will inctli& yoU'to buy: Suit Specials TwaSuits, fancy Grev Mixtures, satin lined, sizes 46, 50. special. $18..50 Four Suits, Blaclc French Serge, satin lined, 46, 48. 50, 54, sjiecial .......SI8.50 Two Suits, Dark Grey Diagonal Serge, Skinner Satin lined, 47. 51. at.. .S25.00 Three S^its,: Black Chififon Broadcloths, Skinner Satin lined, sizes 39, 45, 48; specially priced at $25.00 One Suit; BroWn Diagonal Serge, trimmed, Skinner Satin lined, size 45.$30.00 Three Suits, Grey and Black, fancy mixtures, Skinner Satin lined, sizes 42, 45,. 50; specially priced at $25.00 Coat Specials 15 Black Coats, strictly tailored,, sizes 39 to 49, special .$6.00 18 Black Coats, velvet collar, strictly tailored, sizes to 50, special.. .$10.00 25 Black Caracul. Coats, large collars, sizes 42 to 50. i^pecial.. — $7.98 15 Sealette Plush Coats, large collars, guaranteed satin linings, size,4 42 to 52, specially priced at $18.00 11 Genuine Sealette Coats, large collars, deep cuffs, guaranteed linings,'sizes 46 to 56, specially priced at .-. $25.00 NEW YORK STORE .\UI»ITION.Vl. l..\ll.\ltrK >KHS. f IMamond cJiunh Sund)i.v iitienuMin. i buildings also cloti «Ml, Ynune loia, up l..\ll .\HI'K, NOV 13— Mnt. J. .Inck->'f!ie Rev tJonlon i>fflolailnc The w.'tl n. prcnu hour UHla .v. hiiil l »«»-n unatde ^••n l.s entertnlninK her lirotlu -r iin «ri !lni; lo<>k place at the ii-u.»l Suniinv , (,• tlnd a way out. In m -vrrul groups • .T from IUin«»l!<. , .'fternoon services gulte u laitc iimn { aiv .vouiieateVi. whti linve limQkeil with .Mr. miss gave picture slii>\».< at the l -er being ip i«tten»l;uu««. M Hii .on .s out let or hliuliriuirt'. KIKI li H x\ riue Olnnionii »ohfN»l liouse Kridny and Sat- |ls a jounj; limn of Ktuni buslne.<.< \\\\\\\- 1 |»)ko lo tlieli ihunm \\li*> K.iow thai unlay o\enlng» Itle.s, and an l«<lustrlou!» fainnr. "tu-; lUey are leH,« doin ;:i in ^<«h them .1 .liiekHon returned, .Monday frtuu a IIIIMK -* nml well infonueil .MU* Sniltli i aiK»iit the now iiurMor.i \\w «hl<h U hiititnev.A trip tn t^klahoma. !u i\ rhnrii^InK w*')! tiee.>iiipll.Hhe <l to iipply iti ihem •Mr.- Penlantl and Mrs, HIIiw niaile a .v«)imK Imly, Inn Inn l>een tivioliinis ilie' liusln <>i <s trl|» t«» KansB* City laat week, jmut iwo .vejn» and is now ou >ph»yoii ui .Mrji. .1. N. Thompson, of Moran. Sun j lln.vnni IU»ih iire well i-e<i>erteil ami (layeti »t i5 .\V. Smtth'a. npi'r 'M-liitiMl here ami many Irli>nrt8nre .Miss lloxe Koblnnon »|>ent a few- cl.til to lenrn that they will remain In (lays In l "ln the flr.<t of the week. the rnnmninliy, .mil r\trn<l i-ongnitii- A Utile Kramlson of Mrs Carpenter litli.n^ has come over from I'nion to spend i _ the winter. j A social wn.< given Friday evening i in honor of G. W. Smith and fanilly i ..„..«.. »i„„ it..,i„« as ihey contemplate moving away In i ^«'" a few days. About sl.xty neighbors j .in<I friends were present and spent a j pleasant evening. Several souvenirs i were of tlie , - - - In. W Young and family arrived from R'-gister putting the ban on the US'" a Katy. Texas, the last of the week and jof tob.icco by^anyone under the age SKUMO>S. SOMi.S nn I KKS. I 'roirram* al CUrUllan (burrli jpreve Very tnlrrr !>tiBg. .Ml Alien IH plea«lng every nne with jiiis sTi ns, he ;uf -sllrrlns siTiu <>n He I an ••veisete. loplelnn anil vhllo .so- i \'\\>-v The most r .Tvo ;al)le romnient on his sermons i.-^ '•<*ard. ^, , , • Sul>jeoi la.=i nijiii:. "Exiended Hio- I'tinsldeivhiy Aronsed. t graphy." thai i:n. t f n man s !ife after i hi-- earthly r\i«ter .'f>. was ioslr^ictivc An amazing amount of iiitere;;! was and in'rre.stinR to aV. M"ble students, received by the family In honor ! aroused amonf; the boys and youths; The baloptiion rin;: were occasion • 'ola by the story in last night's j j;oo.!: ?tene^- fioni Part line. Kgypl. and France I -lowoil liy iilustratefl srng "Onward Chri.«tian Soldiers," MCOTINK LAW IMKKKSTS. Aire in Inia are' have moved onto their place lately procured of Mr. Sprague. of 21 years. The rub comes from the jar.; tlie parable of the talents, fact that about the only place wherej Toni!?ht's subject. "The Progressivi Election passed off'quietly as usual ja minor is permitted to smoke under! Development of the Gospel." Tomora pretty full vote being out. Abont '• ihi.^ new ordinance is his home, and r.^ws subject. "The Gospel as God 10 .1 votes were cast. there are boys, stranse as it may Gave It. .\dapted to the Human Heart Chas. Jackson went to Garnett Tues I seem, who have been in the habit ofjas (;od Made It." day with a load of broomcorn. I smokinR anywhere .-ind every where Tiie sir.frina: under Mr. Slaters direc Mr. Aha Smith attended the state but at home, "paw and ma»— havinRtion is inspiring. There are several teachers meeting at Xopeka Thursday i tnacted a similar prohibiMve ordi- j to be baptize<l. and Fridnv of last ween. ! nance for the premises .vears ag>. .Mr. Wiilard Bibens ^nd Miss Sola j With even the alleys closed to the Smith were quietly married at the' youths as a smoking resort/ and R. L. Thompson went to .N'eodesha tills afternoon on business. Every Coffee Drinker Should Try Instant Postum R^qui^es No Boiling It is made by stirring a level spoonful (more or less to suit taste) in a cup of hot water, adding sugar and cream enough to bring color to golden brown. Grocers are selling this new food- drink, 100-cup tins, 50c; .3{)-cup tins, 30c "There's a Reason" for POSTUM This New Food-Drink tji.sies mucli like high grade Java, but is absolutely i)ure and free from caffeine, the drug in' coffee, v.hich causes' so much nervt)usness, h e a dache, heart trouble, indigestion. To prove its worth a 5- cup sample tin will be mailed to any one who sends 2c stamp for postage. FiU Out This Coupon rOSTUiM CEREAL CO., LTD., Battle Creek, Mich. Enclosed find 2c stamp for a trial tin of Instant Postum. Name Address Grocer's Name :. Pof turn Cereal Ca, .Ltd., Ba|^e Qteek. Michigan.

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