The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 28, 1892 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1892
Page 4
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, MAY 38, 1892. THE MARKETS, ritoimoK. Tin- folll/wltiK urtlvc futures. CitioAiio. Mav 98. the range of prices for iOpen'O Hlfch't tun 4(1 •'II'/, WHKAT. May July rjccemrier. t'OUN. .June July AUKUH' September OATH. May June July POHK. July September I.Alll), July. September. HIBB. July. SeptemlK: r_ VVHBAT-N. Mc<(: July 8:i!ic; IX-cem H5!i n:is< 10 4 it I) uo «:riH 4f.'4 :w :n u 1(1 72; 10 8ft I) Ml (I Hft II 40 II r>o 84 ii C\o*'g. III : I11V4 •'11!. :ios 111 45 in r.7'4 I) 4.". o no 0 a:, II W'lV, H4'.i 8:114 84 14 48 +.'•*(, •••"•» 111 w :ll?i <lll!i 10 H~!-i II .10 li I If, II il* (I 4.1 tcaily; tr.'«: July 8:i!ic; December noilN—IllRlicr; No. May caHh 84 84Jic. i-anti 481l®80c;May July 4u',«c; AuRust July 80c. June'' 47XC1 47'J; September |fi : .'i OATS—No. U easy; cash !l-c; May :H',c July Mlc. MV.SB I'OHK-Steady. Cash $10 llO.fiii: September J10.70. I.AKD—Steady: cash Jil.-lll; July Jtl.uO; Septemlfer Sl>.4ft. SHORT HIBS—Steady: cash Sil.117",: July Jil.:i7'/4; September*<t.-»r>. * UYB-No. tiqulet; 78c. MAULEY—Nu. S nominal, UOc. l''LAX SISEIl-Nn. 1 easy: SI.OH. TIMOTHY SEED-Niiminal; S1.:H. 1IL1TTKK—Quiet. BlItlS -Steady. WltEAT-NmWnn ilolUjj. .him:-1-Hi KVIUKUH City KANSAS CITV , May i!8 doing. May 40(?j)40«c; No. •,> white OATS—May 'Mr. lltlTTKll— tlnclianged. KOUS -I.!nelian|!e<l. St. I. mil*. ' ST . I.ums. Mav -8. VVHHAT-I:;IKII anil May;iower, HlHii-; Fu- uireu Irregular; Julv H'-ic; Au|?ust NOJtc; «c- cember K4!ac COUN-hower, •ash 48c: optlonn higher; Mav I '^r.: July 4:1c; September 4!>4c. OATS— Lower; ca.-h :i:ic: May :K%c; July :lt)5ir t'OKK- Firm; jobbing Jlt .00. I.AH»-lli(:her; ^U.sRti&ll.iKi; outside for Maine men. Mr. Meek will urrlvc in Minneapolis to-morrow to superintend the details of arranging for the opening of the convention. The Prenliyterlnii*. I'IIIITI.ANII . Ore., May 28.—In the Presbyterian general usserably to-day, it supplementary report of the committee on theological seminnrles was presented. It reoinmendUiL thut special cure lie taken that all sTlideuts be directed to attend only such schools as are under the (supervision of the gen oral assembly, and that similar restric tion be placed upon the board of education, in malting appropriations to such students. With regard to the Union Seminary the former resolutions were brought buck, which had been previously Introduced almost without change. The resolutions state the seminary is declared to have failed to comply with its obligations. The chair of biblical otheology, occupied by Dr. Ilriggs, is declared vacant, and it is stated the seminary is living in defiance of the veto of the transfer of Dr. Hriggs, and insists upon the maintenance of the compact as interpreted by the general assembly. The report goes 011 to recommend that the assembly insist upon its interpretation as given in Detroit. It is also recommended the assembly declare that it cannot assent to the prayer of the directors of Union Seminary allowing the relations of seminary to the assembly to be severed. It is then ecommendeil the statue quo be recognized so far as'the difference of opinion upon the interpretation of the ompaet, and that the matter be given to n committee of five selected by each body, who shall select another five: that this committee of fifteen lie such ommittee of arbitration. The minority report which was ofTcr- d was identical with other reports looking to a peaceful withdrawal of Union Seminary and the formation of new compact. Further consideration of the matter was deferred till 10 o'clock Monday or till the close of the jury case, now before the assembly, The hearing of the Hriggs' appeal was then resumed. LEATHER TRIMMING. NEW MODE THAT IS BOUND TO BECOME POPULAR. Striking Contracts Hetween English and French Cmtrtiiic*—New Design* for Untiling Dresses That Aro IHotleit and Becoming—Traveling downs. LSpcotal Correspondence. 1 N KW Y ORK, May 5.—A couple of days ago I was riding in a horse car, and a brisk middle aged lady got in the car, and as she did so she tripped and dropped a parcel into my lap. As it foil it came open and a quantity of strips of leather, both dressed and un- L1VE STOCK. Chicago. 1 OiucAiio. May -8. The Kveninc Journal reports: OATTLH— Receipts 700; shipments none Mcady. HOGS-Receipts 17.000; steady; ship- men W 7,.',00 active and unchanged: rough and common s :i.OU(2 >4 .AO; mixed and packers *4.7Stir.4.80: prime heavy butchers weights $4 .K?)@r >.00: light <»4 Ii0-,:a few at SO.00. SHHEP—Receipts 4,000. shipments active and steady. and *4 •J .000: St. LUUIK. :*8. ST. LOUIS . May UATTLE—Keceipis :i00; steady. HODS—Receipts 800: higher: fair to choice heavy ?4.7. r j@4.00; mixed ordinary to liooil $4.:HX<ji4.80; yorkers S -4.TM3i4 .HO. Sheep—None. ______ KIUISIIM City. KANSAS CITY . May as. CATTLE—Receipt- 1,100: shipments (100: steers active and strong to 10c hlgher;$:i.00 W.'M: cows, *'J.OO(&:i.U0; stockers ' feeders* S^.70ir$:i.fio. HOGS—Receipts S),.">00; shipments 4,000; ooor grades steadv: good. Trfi/.lOc higher: ill grades, t_.00ft4.flO: bulk *4.llo®4.7o. snr .Kl*— Receipts 1,000; shipments :I00 good sheep strong: lOQliic highef; others neglected. IH'TCHINSON MARKET. rrodiiee. l.'LOIIR-niglieHl patent. J-2.40; second patent. t'-'.'JO; extra hue. J'.'.oo. WITTER—In demand; creamery, i ilnest dairy, 20c: fine dairy, lftc: common 10c. BGUS--ln demand. l_!c. I'OTATOKS-Cholce. IIO@80c. API'LES—»1.BU®_!.00 per bnshel. ONIONS?—In fair demand; red. 7.>c pc biiHhel; home grown Spanish, tl.*> per bushel. CA1111 AGE—Fair, 5c per pound. BERTS—Steady. BOc per hushel. ,.„.., HAY—Baled. ?f).oo ©."...")0: loose t:i .o0@.i..i0 per ton. afternoon at the Thistle grounds between the famous football eleven of the Toronto university and the local Thistle team promises to be ono of the greatest association football events in this country of recent years. Tho Thistles have been doing some hard practicing of lute and the team is one of the strongest ever got together. Seyeral hundred Canadians have crossed the border in order to 1 witness the sport. POWDER Absolutely Pure. A cream of tartar baking powder highest of all in leavening strength.— Latest U. S. Government Food Report KOYAI. HAKI .,0 POWIIKI . Co., 106 Wall street, N. Y. ENGLISH WALKING. GOWNS. The Silver Coiivontioli, WASIUXOTDX , May 28.—The silver convention this morning decided to raise it permanent fund for carrying on the business of the International Bi-Metalic Leugue. It also decided to publish a newspaper at irregular intervals, for the interest of free coinage. The convention adjourned sine die. IVcntlier lndtcatlous. WASHINGTON , May 28.—For Kansas: Fair in west: clearing east; slightly cooler; northwest winds: fair Monday. Bliakespearo Illustrated. I heard a voice cry, "Sleep no morel"— Macbeth. (•mill. WHEAT—No. 3 soft nuftU-ic-, harddOc. CORN—:i4(?o,'17c. RYE—No. i noc. OATS-BOc. 7'Jc; hard o ;ic; No. ;i Live Stock. CATTLE—Steady; stockers. »M,t!oli!i3.7 .'i: feeders, yj.2!t®:Vl~>; fat cows and heifers in demand at J1.50(tM.40; fat steers, J.1.00® 4.00; veal calves, :1c. HOGS—Steady; wagon, tops. S4.00; car »4.10«14.t!0. SHLEI'-ln demand; $4.00. Poultry, t;I110KENS--Chlckcn». »:1.00 per dozen: chickens. f>V4c per pound: hens, lie per pound; rooHlers, 4cperpound; turkeys, <Kc per i»ound. A Corner la May Wheal. CincAtiii, May 28.—The manipulators iii the May deal in corn put on the screws again to-day. Four hundred and seventy-four ears comprised the day's receipts. As soon as the day's receipts cuine upon the market the buyers se- vuved but little of the precious contract stuff. Those who had it were for some time in doubt as to how much they should ask for the article. There were bid 7.1 cents but many holders demanded SO cents nml some us high us 85. As the deal will culminate Tuesday many refused to sell to-day on expectation of getting SI per bushel for it on the last day of the month. A $«*u»ntlonal Accident. I'ITTKIUTHO. I 'a., Muy 2S.—A sensational accident took place at the Kd- gur Thompson iron works at llraddoek early this morning. A number of men were working on a traveling erane of the blacksmith shop. The boom came in contuct with the electric light wire conducted along the iron frame work of the crane ami all the men in contact wen- knocked senseless. All but three soon recovered. Two of the latter, An thouy liokel mid Joseph Zealeny, both of Knoxville, died. Senator Elurbuur's Successor. HlcllMoMi, Vn., May 28.—Governor McKinney bus appointed lien. Rppu Hunter of Wurrenton, Fanjuier comity, United Stales senator, to (ill the vacancy occasioned by the death of Hon. John S. Harbour. EDtlinsliiHtic for ltluliie. CHICAGO , Muy 2S.—C. F. Meek of New York, sergcant-at-armsof thu He publican national convention, registered at the Grand Pacific hotel to-day. lie is on his way to Minneapolis and is enthusiastic for Jilaino. He. deelurcs all the old leader^ of the Conkling faction of the party in Now York are now I dote on hia very absence! — Much Ado. - —Jester. Suggestive. An Englishman traveling in California was much impressed by a specimen of American humor. He was going down a dangerous mountain road in a coach when he saw these ominous words branded in black letters upon a white board nailed to a wayside tree: How would you like to Have a Broken Neck and a Dirty Shirt on? Go TO THE P IONEER L AUNDRY. —Youth's Companion. dressed, fell out. Tho strips were from hnlf an inch to an inch and a half wide and three yards long, and as the lady was putting them in a neat bundle again sho said: "Now 1 am sure you can't tell what those are for. I will tell yon. They are tho fashionable trimming for woolen and heavy silk gowns," and as 1 suppose 1 did look surprised—1 am sure I tried to—sho continued, "they will be sewn on tho bottom of skirts and around the edges of the basques, and be used as trimming wherever they can bo. The wide strips will be used for pointed belts, and they will nearly all be sewed on in snch a manner that the stitches will be ornamental. Some will be studded with jet or steel nail heads, though not so often as they will be embroidered in colored silk and gold thread. Really yon have no idea how very stylish this leather trimming can be made to look " I don't know when 1 was brought to snch a clear understanding of the difference in English and French styles as today. The former are so prim, demure and almost severe, and the other neat, graceful and with a touch of the ornate which suggests the delicious spring. English—Soft cheviot in delicate but sober heather mixture and almost invisible stripes, both plain and with mannish vests and hats—j'on never see a Frenchwoman in a mannish hat;—and altogether rerenely elegant and obtrusively modest. French—Tanpeau de soie with three- quarter coat basque, and with the entire costume overlaid with soft green mousse, laid in points. The hat of - straw, lined with mousse velvet and trimmed with cowslips and moss green satin bows. The other is violet and gray chameleon silk, plain of skirt and sleeves, with a draped jabot of point de gene in front and ruffles of the same at the wrists. The hat is of openwork black straw with lilac satin bows and ears of point de gene lace. Parasol to match the dress. You look first on ono style and like it for its quiet simplicity. You glance at the other and are charmed by the light ness and beauty of coloring, but unless you can afford a gown of both styles it proves more satisfactory to take the English, as it is adapted better to our own tastes and people; but the other is so pretty. I notice that the manufacturers who are responsible for all tho bad jokes at tho expense of bathing dresses are trying to get up something that will be ut once modest and becoming, but it is a very difficult matter. 1 notice, however, that there is more white and Meeting Postponed. The meeting at the court housd this afternoon, which was called for the purpose of considering the question of putting up a canning factory at this place, adjourned without transacting any business or making any p'.nns, to meet next Saturday afternoon nt the court house at 3 p. m. The Commercial Club had gone to Uarpcv and it was deemed best to wait until all who are Interested in the enterprise could be present. Excursion. Tho'llutcliinson atul Southern will run an excursion to Harper to-morrow. Train will leave here at 8 u. in. and return at 0:30 p. m. One fare for the round trip. Football at Chicago. CmrAiiii. May 38.-°-The contest this Some Foolluli People Allow a cold to run until it gets beyond the reach of medicine. They often Bay, "0, it will wear away," bj».t In most cases it wears them atvc Could they be induced to try the cessf ul medicine called Kemp's BalsilrrTI 11 which is sold on a' positive guarantee) to cure, they would immediately see the excellent effect after taking the dose. Price HO cents and SI. Trial size free. At all druggists.' Try the NEWS want column. Four Children Orowned. PlTTSWBn, Pa., Muy 28. —Four children were drowned in Chartier's creek, nt Woodville, yesterday afternoon. Their names are Elizabeth Coyne, aged 10; Julia Coyne, aged Si; James Holland, aged 7. Yesterday afternoon' the four children started out to drive the cows to pasture. The Holland boy lost his hat in the creek and in attempting to get it fell in. Elizabeth and Julia Coyne tried to rescue him, but were drawn in. Mary Enfelt, in trying to rescue the others was also drowned. PARALYSIS. No More Drugging The Art of Surgery is a blessing to the world. But the practice of medicine is a curse to the community. If .every drug store was closed no one would be sick except through accidents. Take medicine and die Wear our Magneto- Conservative Garments and live. fltFJRE USIND. VEHh'KVT .!>"/> STIWSllTII. "ACTlNA" EYE KEST0KEB. AFTER USING PROF. WILSON'S "ACTINA" CATAU14H CUBE. TERRIBLE ITCHING Used Everything Five Months. In Three Weeks not a Scar or Pimple. Cured by Cutlcura. When my baby wu three months old his che«k« and forehead began to break oat with white pimples on red aurface. In a few days itching com menced, which wu terrible. After he would rub it, matter would ooze from the point*. In a short time ttsprend ove the top of bis bend, thru scabs soon formed on head and face. Wo uBcd everything we could hear of jor nearly live months. 1 1 grew worse all the time. I saw your advertisement of tbeCu- TtcUR*. UEUBDIES in the "Chicago Weekly .V We R urchased CUT icum EVKDIKS and commenced their use In three weeks' time there was not a aore or pimple, not even a scar, on head or face. He is nineteen months old now,and has no signs of the disease. His scalp t>( healthy and he has a beautiful bead of hair, (bee portrait herewith.) _ MHA . OSCAK JAMESfWoodston, Kan. M AG N ET0-C0N S E RY MS IV E GARMENTS. Our MaRneto-ConHurvatWe Belts and Appliances' will I'OSITIVKfA" CUKK all forms of diseases in both sexes without tho uso of tlru ^H, Hundreds of thousands testify to that effect. You can not wenr our belt or appliances without boiiiK benefited. If yon follow our advice you wilt be free from disease. 11EWAKE or tho mi called electric or magnetic belts, w for they only lead In disappointment. We HTU the sole proprietor* and manufacturers of | Prof, wlison's world renowned Magneto-Klectilclty Conserving Befits and Appliances, which, when nsed as directed, always effect a cure. £fT~Lung, Kidney, Liver and alt forms of Disease cured. $500' to any Physician or Electric UcH maker to show such marvelous euros by medicine or electricity, as can be shown by the use of Professor Wilson's Magneto Con se frit Ire Garment*. CfCfirt to any Ocnllst who can show such V'JUU cures by their treatment, as are be- luif effected by the "Actlua," removing Cataracts, pntuulated lids or* auy abnormal condition of the eye. Under the Oculists' treatment 00 per cent are ruined for life. With "Actina 11 perfect safety is assured. Offio« Houra~8 a. w*. to 10 p. AddreMB all private matter to VROV. 1FILSOX. 8undaya--& a, m* f» 4 JrVivat* Parlor* for Ladles. p. m. Addn MriMD FOR TRUTH! 0» THE HDMAM SYSTEM FREE. _; A VAMTAliLE HOOK KKEE On application. Contains treatise on the human system, its disease and cure, and thousands of references and testimonials. New York aid London Electric Ass'n, Manufacturers. DR. F. B. ROBIN SON, Manager. BRUNSWICK HOTEL, HUTCHINSON My Infant, eighteen months old, was afflicted with skin eruptions on bis blpt. Bad «or«» came on otflaV parts. All remedies failed until 1 procured CCTICURA . Cured a year and no return of disease. MRS. A. M. WALKKK , CarsonvUle, Qa. Cuticura Resolvent The new Blood Portlier, Inturnelly (to cleunee the blood of ell Irapurlliei ftnd poliODOUi dementi), and CCTictnu, tie i(re»t Bkln Cure, and Ctrricum SOAP , an eiqulilte Skin BeanUfler, externally (to clear the akin and acalp and reatore the hair), have wired tbouaanda of caaea where the aufferlog waa almoM beyond endurance, hair Uieleaa or all gone, aiaHgureraent terrible. What other remedies have made auch warvelloua enrear Pold everywhere. Price, CUTlcmu, 50c,: SOAP, '•i-lc; KCBOI .VEMT, $1. Prepared by the roxTEn l>hua AKD CUKMICAL CORPORATION, BOBTOH. *~*-Send for " Uow to Cure Bkln Dlaeeaee," 04 pages, Ml lllualratlons, and 100 teatlmonlala. DA DV'O Bkln and Scalp purified and beautlllcd DAD I O by CUTICURA CIOAP . Absolutely pure. A Level Head. Wife—My dear, tho very next time we have a season of opera I want to go. Husband—Very well. I'll become an opera manager, if you wish. No doubt I can get up a company if 1 try. "But why should you become a manager simply to take me to the opera?" "It will be cheaper than buying seats, my dear."—New York Weekly. To Complete the Outfit. Wife—You know those imported pearl buttons that you got for me yesterday, darling. Husband—Yes. What about them? Wife—I was thinking that it would bo so nice if I had some sort of iv gown to go with them.—Cloak Roview. A Case uf True Luve. "Are you sure Parker married Mrs. P. for love?" "Certainly. Do you suppose a man who not only lets his wife buy his neck- tios, but netually wears them, doesn't love her passionately?"—Harper's Bazar. A Correct lllugnoala. . First Friend (at tho funeral)—Yes, Dr. Pellett told him ho must take a rest, but Dick kept right on. Second Friend—But the doctor had his way after all. He was correct in his diagnosis.—Boston Transcript. ACHING SIDE8 AND BACK, iHlp, Kidney, and Uterine Pains and Weaknesses relieved In one minute by the CoHcura, Anti-Pnln Plaster, the first and only pain-killing plaster. THE AILMENTS OF IT CURES IN MAN: RHEUMATISM SCIATICA BITES CUTS LUMBAGO NEURALGIA ) STINGS BRUISES MAN BEAST HAS STOOD THE TEST OF for IT CURES i N_ BEAST: FOOT ROT SCREW WORM SCRATCHES SPAVIN HOLLOW HORN SH0UL0ER ROT WIND GALLS SWINNEV Mustang Liniment penetrates the muscles, membranes and tissues, thereby reaching the seat of disease, which is a property not found in any other liniment The Housewife, Farmer, Stock Raiser or Mechanic cannot afford to be without it It should be kept in every household for emergencies.^- It will save many doctors' bills."'For sale everywhere at 25c, 50c. and $1.00 a bottle? HIGH GRADE FURNITURE AT LOW GRADE PRICES Tho Very Thing. "Porter, I want you to put me into a carriage whero there's no smoking or talking, and whore the passengors do not keep getting in and out." "Well, sir, tbero's the dog compartment!"—Hecht. FRENCH PROMENADE COSTUMES. striped flannels than blue. White flannel with a bluo and white or red and white bias bund and other trimming makes a really pretty suit. Some have bands of crossstitch embroidery or protty patterns done in herringbone, with wool of suoh colors as the waler will not spoil nor the sun fade. There wero a few bathing suits of silk- in light and chameleon colors, with a multiplicity of little pinked out ruflles on the bottom of tho skirt und the short drawers, but these with their fluttering ribboitB are more for those bathere that wo read of as lying about on tho samU at Ntirrugansett and Newport. They certainly would not do for Asbury Park nor Ocean Grove, but they are protty. O LIVE H AUPKH. Buy Furniture At Manufacturers' Prices, At Home. Bed Room Suites, Parlor Suites, Folding Beds, Dining Room Tables, Side Boards, Rockers and Chairs, Picture Mouldings. IN LATE STYLES AND LARGE ASSORTMENTS The grandest improvements of the age. Don'tffail to'see them. Gunn Combination Folding Bed and Windsor Upright H.W.WILLITT Corner Main and Avenue A.

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