The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on February 22, 1977 · Page 8
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 8

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 22, 1977
Page 8
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1E%e PiittrJIetos "SUBSCRIPTION KATES Payable In Advance - -- 1 Yoar. Thn N E. Da ly J*OWBJ»IIJ«M. - — -•-- ™» Conn: y«£™™r Pubbhara A«n Please Cooperate, Mr. Weather Man Tt is to 1)0 hoped the wonllior man will I,,' «„ kind to tho graduates o the local vrummur school* tonight a.s lie was to th, members of the graduating class oi tho Naugatuck high school last evening. The pupils of the grammar schools certainly deserve a night of fan- vrcnth- or. Thoir graduation exercises were ong- iri Hlly .scheduled for Tuesday night. But i.ocause'.unfavoral.le weather conditions W( .re predicted, the ceremonies were postponed. 'However, the storm clouds disap- ' al .fd in the late afternoon and the night was idWl for graduation on the Tuttle school lawn. _ . Toduv the graduates and their inoiids aio wishing for n cloudless sky so that (he event to which they have been eagerly looking forward 'For many clays can be held. . , , The- The Daily News adds its wish to thoirs and hopes the weather man will make the youngsters' happy l.y granting Il» t* * •»» * Why Housing Is Short "Too many people- with too little money crowded into too few houses on too little land" is the basis of the Negro housing problem, as reported to the JSa- lionn! N'e'-ro Council by 'Frank Home, race relations adviser lor the Federal Housing Authority. This explanation docs not. apply to Ncgroi-H alone. Kvcry- one shares llic trouble, and crowding into cities makes it worse. A solution sometimes offered is one which used to be voiced to immigrants who critic'r/ed America: "Why don't you go hack to where you came from?" Ihc idea is that there must be lots of vacant 'houses li()0 mile from anywhere, that it is a mailer of choice—that after those who lived in the back country have tasted the joys of city life, it takes big inducements to get them back. I'nit it is not so simple. In the first place, there are no longer many empty farm houses. Veterans and their litHo families are fixing up old houses within surprisingly long range' of industrial centers. "And such a. house as is 200 miles I'rom anywhere is not only 200 miles from an industrial job but the same 1200 miles from a. railway center with slonis mid nonnnl aids to farming, Jt is true that some people who might well go back to farms won't. .But people unwilling to work on farms do not make good farmers anyhow. And that is far from being I he whole story. There has l.een too little building most of the lime for thirty years, and only a start has been made at filling tins hole. Well begun may be half clone, but meanwhile- not even Hie chance to buy u new :l!'-Ki car could get a Boston man a six-room apartment. Flying Tiger's Return "Vi'ar experiences have a slnm-e way of flowing naturally into related peace woik for many people, nil JUT than ending as isolated periods of life. A notable example is that of Claire Chenmiult, famous leader of the Flying Tigers, who ferried war supplies into Cliina. He. became a major general when tin; Army Air Force took over his little band. Now General Chennault is going back. In Cliina, this time to oi<gaur/.e an airline which will take food to areas gripped_by famine. He- knows the. country, the .flying problems there, and the.great need, for help. So in. a curious repetition oi' his pioneer work for China, he returns with an equally important task. Tho most menacing forms of crime latoly seem to be thoae committed by boys allowed to run wild. Tho Bikini "A-Bomb" show -\vovrios some people, who four that it may be m- ' as "a bum show." Do You Remember? From the Files of the Naugatiick New» 20 Years Ago Captain Howard Donnelly of the United States Army visited his mother, Mrs. Mary Donnelly oJ , Walnut sti^ct. i o—O—o Thomas Brosnuhwi ww named valedictorian of the Nuugatuclt High school graduating class of 1026. o—O—o . . 30 Years Ago Miss Annie Hogan of Naugatuck and Joseph DHscoll of Waterbury were married at St. Fran- els' church by Reverend Father Biggins, o—O—o Walton Smith and David England graduated from the Phllllps-Andover Academy in Andover, Mass. Coast-To-Coast (Copyright, 1949, by. The Hearst Corporation) Around The Clock Dot and Hans Nissen will be married five years this Friday Many, happy returns of the day We didn't believe all that noise about the shortage of new cars until a dealer promised that he "might" be able to get us one by December Fritz Klambt is rigging up ii lively "schedule of events for the St. Michael's Sunday school picnic at Quas- sapaug next Monday. All is in readiness for the Senior Class From Monday Class President Ted Grabowski advises all who have not yet made reservations to get on the ball and do so immediately Elizabeth Lundin is in charge of table arrangements. .... A petition by Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rodman of Platts Mills for permission to convert Hillside avenue, Waterbury, property into a. convalescent home has been frowned on by the Waterbury City Plan Commission Gaston Adams, chairman of the Veterans Council, will call a meeting next week to discuss plans for the local V J Day celebration. Tliere's much debate taking place on the question of the local pinochle championship Hy Kastleman and Murray Kngcl recently teamed up in a match •wi'th Ahe and Louis Rubin with the only result being a dispute as to the winning team. . . . ."Both teams claim the championship—and the Kugel combine makes the further claim that the Rubins are just plain lucky-. Wh > r llot a benefit performance, boys, the funds to. go to the lonely hearts club, and the winners to be crowned champs. Miss Elizabeth Lyons, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lyons of Park avenue, is visiting- .college friends in Webster Grove, Missouri. How about dropping us a card "Dixie." A summary of the National Red Cross convention activities in Philadelphia, Pa., will be- given, in a broadcast. Friday evening-, June 21 by Basil O'Connor, national chairman, from 10:45 to 11 o'clock. We understand that the battle of the "bulge" has caught.up with the boys who have returned from the services to resume their places with the Naugatuck Community Band Some of the boys have been surprised to find that the prewar uniforms they wore' no longer fit— and it isn't that they've become any thin : ner Dayton Palmer says his gold. braid is frayed Ed Griffith says there isn't room enough for the new space required Jack- Garland 1 has grown up and out Celso Gabani has really bulged. ...... Bob Curra-n reports the buttons are on the edge of his coat. and even Al Smith, president of the band is having corporation trouble. ..... Only Jim Fleming: can still wear the same sizes The boys are putting. on a drive for new uniforms Ticket handlers are James Fleming, Miles Berry and Ed Griffith. T.hc. Tennessee Commemorative Statehood stamp will be.available to Naugatuck residents within a -few days when it will go on sale at the local post office, according, to Postmaster Frank T. Green. '. .,.,. . The. stamp commemorating the 150th anniversary oi;. the state recently was released- in. Nashville, Tenn Having a 'central design, the stamp consists, of:a reproduction of the state capitol with, large portraits of .President Andrew Jackson,.and Governor JohirSevier enclosed .in oval .panels with dark back• gxqvmcl;,iu the. upper ; left and right cor- ' ners .Directly below- the portraits are the names Jackson and Sevier in white gothic lettering also is ivpon the stamp. _ LINT FROM A BI,UK SJSBGE SUIT. • -.' tv ,_ IF Sinatra, probably was \ tnc heaviest bettor on the light In these parts. Put a skyscraper bundle on j L .G. O. Welles' best trick In his new show. ('Around the World) is makinp the critics cat their »e- vicws -.In "Born Yesterday co- gtar Paul. Douglas Hps apart several phone tomes easy as pic. Not that Paul couldn't (syithout this trick), but if you bake a phone book you ca-n-tonr it in two with- o.°t much-exertion.-.. Carl Flahpr (Geo Abbott's kin and' mpr. Oi trie Hudson 'Theater) and his wife, Mary Mason (now with m -Private Lives") want their friends to know, they are. burying The Whole Thing, this wk-end. . .A. wcii- known mid town dross designer is expected to contest Major BO-ACS will. Washington 1'ost Publisher Eu- Kone Meyer B ot his new post ty* chief of the World Bunk throUKli Secy of Shite Byrnes.. .Postmaster- General Robert HanncfiWi Indorsed will be the biggest hit'of the yoai There arc eight new Broadway colyumists including those or. hobo Publications. The night spots gotta cuff 'en, all, too...-Capitol grapevine insists Judge Vinson took the Big Bench job on the promise to step aside in the '-IS elections. He was promised that T,2 would bo his year. ...The U .S. Treasury wants legislation to out-fox corporations that overpay their taxes in order to tret the 6 per cent- interest via the refund....)i. big union, will make headlines for black deeds of its treasurer. Involves three midtown places... .Hep Washihgtonians see the fine Eyc-talian hand of the British Tories in tho monarchist riots .Ex-King Umbcrto is jockeying for a State Dept. okay to come over here. They'll problly deny -it,, but. we hear the only thhifr '«« undnm- aftcr tho Hiroshima atoms fell fc which, withstood the issiire. .Made by'n- famed niaiccr. There are photos to support the fact. .. .The GOVCPII- rcleasfid- the info for ...1C >V1I» -i*.Y« 1"-™ "-«- •- tory....Mr. Meyer, Incidentally, doesn't need your tears. . •S"' 11 .??' for his new Job will be *SO,000: — that's not...That would equal S80i- 000 In private Industry—subject to tuxes. ..Nice work. UnderRronnders hear that Colonel and Captain Durant were part of a big syndicate which robbed Yurrop...F,d Kosenthal (his pappy owns the Riverside Memorial Chapel uptown) is bound . for the Bikini atomb experiment. The only mortician on tho trip..,S. Blllings- ley, who paid about $300,00(T for the blclg. (in which the.Stork Club' Is located), just turned down $700,000 for it. . . Sn.mrr.y--Renick left J2,- 100 in his • Chatham Hotel room over a month ago. The room was rented to several others. The other | aycm a maid, found it in a drawer , under some paper. Alter it was faced to the jockey, the honest maid was $100 richer. . .Foolish-factories (bughouoscs) are overcrowded all over the nation. To be admitted in any- of them you must have a reservation—and influence. Swedish industrialist (Nazi-pal) Axel Wenno.r-Gren was put into a Mexico City hosp following a severe heart attack. --And little-wonder. . .Mrs. Wcnner-Gren- wonldnt step nMcle so he could marry Otto PreniinR-er's- Ma.rlan, and somebody sent a bullet whizzing past Marian's head—which sent her home to Beverly Hills...The whole Prc- minger-w'cnncr-Grcn adventure resulted in romance for everyone concerned—nxcept, of eourso, Sen- !r-Gnen. .Otto Premingcr construed as evidence theres material impervious to the boml) s effect.:.. A'list of the" witnesses to Operation X-Koads would bo^f immense Interest, to Americans — al- most'n.s--shocking as tlie bomb itself Just try to get tho complete list' from U.' S. I'ublic Information and sec w.hat happens. • A group of Soviet engineers have arrived in the -U. S. "to study pub- lic-works'systems," under the-tutelage of the-Federal Works Agency. '.. .They'll visit Chi, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. They a-re "interested" in bridges, streets and highways: . . .Isa dot zoh?. .. .If the .-Army-Navy m'erger goes through (which insiders believe it won't), Stuart Symington will be rJ . ]inK ahout sing American gold coins possos . You'd iv . to unreliable report, is Tarn many Ha, sing American gold coins. .. .You'd shot American writers and others who pay no taxes by living- in Cuba —and continue selling- pieces up here, And for good reason, too. Authors often use four years to write a book, and if it's any good, it is a best-seller. Then they are taxed heavily the year they .-ire paid—not the four years devoted to doing tho work....The mayor needs a stage manager, or one who knows "timing." On the day he sounded off against bookies, pay-offs, gamblers, etc.. Mizzoner had his pitcha taken by news photographers at the Belmont Race Track:. .. .The Mayor's most sensational attack is expected today. Open atomic warfare on he believes to wed Nntallc: Draper as soon as- all Is settled .... Sol Kosenblutt (counsel for Wcnricr-Gr-cn and Mnrliin P.) Is hopeful of marrying Estrella Boisscvnin. He -met- licr in Mexico through Mrs. rpominger ...S;v.v, don't this society stufl stink up n col'm, tho? will erase it from all maps. Alaska's gold production in 1000 amounted to $23,375,000, an all-time record. Oon. Eisenhower has n new style of answering- politicos \vho arc try- Ing to get him to Rive some hint on whether he'd consider running for President on tho Repub ticket. He refers them to his wife, who says: "I don't like politics" Whllp Uncle Sam sends vast hunks of- our -fleet -to Bikini for destruction—the British continue to build up their navy... The king without I a throne (Leopold of Belgium) will figure in a story out oi' Switzerland where he plans to white-wash his war record with some sort of defense. . .The National City Bank has purchased a. plot of land in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and paid more for it than they paid for their Wall Street headquarters. . . A Boston firm recently bought a million and- a half surplus knives, forks ami spoons from the pov't. Then they stamped them: "Stolen from the IJ. S. Army." They sold like mad to war vits who like to bonst... Tho S250.000 alienation of affection action which Valtin Campbell, ex- soldier, has brought George P. Kimmcl (rich D. C. lawyer) is the reason two Washington execs have already gone on premature "vacations." If You Want to Buy or Soil REAL ESTATE See "Tony" Farrar Tel. 4233 5 DRAWEE CHESTS (MAPLE) $1695 Waterbury's Leading- Juvenile Furniture -Store .... BEACON KI'DDIE CENTER 73 GRAND STREET Watcrbury s and Love mltf. Kixxxxsc to the Knoxvlllc (Tenn.) Baptist Ministers' Conference... .For their description of the KKK as "se- ditions, •un-Chri.stiitn, ivn appeal to ignorance, unAmericiiii ;ind fin influence designed to di.srupt al! socliii, economic, jind political life In this country." Two, however, opposed this resolution. They were T. \Vos- Icy Hill mid ,T. Harold Smith, both of whom recently paid a social call on the Ranhin Un-Amcricuii Comm. In Congress. .. .Natch. Paul Wliltcmnn predicts-the new song by the Kcnnys '("AUvcnttii-c") NEW TERM : STARTS JULY 1 BAY ,aod, EVENING . THE PERRY SCHOOL . /VunrcUili'il nnd Anlirovfii i),-. .WATKBIUJBY A fresb coat ot paint oo the wood-work: and walla will make that room. new again* And if you use the right paint, you can easily keep it clean and hew-looking with soap and waten We recommend llurphy Paints Ext«Her « lnt«rt«t Sec Our J^arpo Stock of LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS also : All Kinds of Fertilizers STYLE VENETIAN BLIND SHOPPE. 86 Spring St., Union City ' Tel. Naii^. 6111 — *-9526 FELIX NABDELLO, Mpr. Full Htnck of Htrcl unil \vonil bllniln ItltnUN rt>|mlrf-d, r^tnpL-ll, etc. 2 Nortli Main St. Union City •Gun KlimaimzDwskl; - Prop. , 'c. have your favorite newspaper, magazine or other periodical. ftfffffffff: TOOES FOR-GARDEN , ( and LAWN -.... SHOVOEJLS (long and short handles) GARDEN BAKES HOES — SPADES . PHONING SHEA11S GRASS SHEARS " : Maple St. Tel. 3507 Criso young -vegetables just waiting to be popped into a salad bowl. You'll get dozens o£ ideas ^rtasty, cool salads-whon you see the grand vanety of FRESH fruits and vegetables-all at flavor peak and npencss —at your convenient A&P Super Market! E ^I 1 R LB RQ C QU.S.NO.1 B U PECK MM CALIFORNIA LARGE SIZE FREESTONE FANCY YELLOW Calif. SWEET MEATY SELECTED RED-RIPE CALIFORNIA LONG TENDER &a ECHS LUSCIOUS RIPE BING CHERR5ES OLD HUNDRED ALL FLAVORS -BIRDSEYE FROZEN FOODS!" 10 02 PKG 25 C LIVE SHICKEN FANCY ' SKINLESS LB ' FRESH CAUGHT LB FRESH CAPE LB PHI LA-' DELI'HIA STRAINED | TABLES 3 OZ PKG 12 C Cream Cheese Gerber's Sunnyfieid Corn Flakes %j* 5 C Sunny!ield Rice Gems ^o 2 11 c Sunnyfieid Riee Puffs 4 &o z 6 C BOND'S FANCY SWEET MIXED ANN PAGE VattilEs Extract Bond's PJckSes STANDARD Grapefruit Juice Orange & Grapefruit QUART SOT 2 OZ BOT 31' 45 C Baker's 5??5 Extract lona OrangsJiiiice Charge Dog Gandy Tomato Juise •SC 07. O7G CAN & I JUICE 45 OZ 3 OZ <OC EOT {«} 3 LB •» EC JAR I U 1 LB QC PKG . il 46 OZ /JC3 CAN *J3 00 -23 C •JG'OZ CAN 2 1 LB c^e BAGS 5} I 3 L3 BAG 75 C «)-ye £1 BRIOHT SAIL 1 ClL-nrorCloucly DOT Kirkman's SOAP Flakes Blu-Wfeite r 23 c "When Av.lilntlc" PKG RUSHED FRESH MARVEL BOSTON STYLE BROWN 3KEAD 16 OZ LOAF :g^ FROM THE OVENS! Old 20 OZ «EC Fashioned CAKE £9 MARVEL BREAD SOUR-TYPE RYE 18 02 LOAF- DATED "FRESH" DAILY, JUST RIGHT FOR EXTRA-TASTY SANDWICHES:' WHITE FLOATING 3 ' REGULAR «f 7 CAKES ' B 3 "When Availalalc',' '..'.] WHITE FLOATING c LARGE CAKES GRADE A 2HTO3MLBS. LB LARGE GRADE A-3H LBS. UP FOWL u43 c YOUNG PLUMP-4 TO 6 LBS. DUCKLINGS Cottage C&sese Saaerkraat ' AVG WHOLE 6 LES.-HALF 3 LBS. BREASTS L B 77° AVERAGE WEIGHT S LBS. PER PAIR LEGS Ln77C AVRAGS: WEIGHT l.'i LES. PER PAiR WI8GS LD39C AVERAGE 3 POUNDS BACKS-NECKS L B 13 C TO DRCILoi SAUTE r r i r ^* F^s^ HALF AflC LlUftnb POUNOtt i OR STEW GIBLETS usSS' TO BROIL, SAKE oi FRY EACH 3 TO 10 BROIL, SAKE ci FRY UGS ^oo- ™x 39 c 20ZCACH LB03 TO BROIL o, SAUTE LIVERS PO A U L N D 46 C FOR STEW GIBLETS ^35 C SOUP STOCK ••„_,. BAGKS-HEGKS LB 19 S LAROE SIZE FRESH NATIVE DOZEN - VEGETABLE SHORTENING. "When Available" SWEETHEART SOAP B al hSiio^'REG, -fflC Cake lie W CAKES • V. "When Available!' SPAN RINSING-NO WIPING HB OOC THE G R EAT ATI A N T J C & > A C 1^ C TEA CO ^^ P ^^^^?Ibi^bj e ct to m.rkot chanoci. Wo re.ervo rlflht to limit quantlt «».

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