Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 13, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1912
Page 5
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENINC, NOVEMBER 13, 1911 PriVcs arc cut lo the quick and still the knife is slashinjj. Every price mark chiseled down to the lowest'. A prepondcrous drop in prices—right now when you need the jfoods. This is the chance of your life. Your dollars will buy a big.trer l.uridle than you ever saw wrapped up for twice that amount. Come the first day ,nud you will be here each succeeding day. ?.Icn's Suspenders— for instance—will be sold here at the price usually nskcd Cor YUyys Suspenders elsewhere. There :ire all kinds of ^oods at the most unparalleled prices ever made within the history of. this city. pBig lines of Clolhinsj and Shoes. Elejjant Furnishings, ho \i a::d tables full of Caps—that cap the climax of anythint; you have ever been olTcrwl. All the HandKerchiefs, Hosiery and a!l other goods out and on display where you can see each and every article. Boys' Knickerbocker Suits Every Mother Should Supply the Boy with His Knicker Suit Now •^1.7". l '..v>' Ki;i. Ut I!MM k-r Sniis SA'"' I'Vi-" •SI'."" I '.'i\>" K :.ii k< 1 !• » .Sun-' ; I i.-- j'fl 1* ... . . !'!-•• SI.'''" K:;". k''-l".'k-r Siiiis— i ;.iv>' Ki ::.-:^-i -;>-"k"-.- Siiiis ^^''••V<-;-\ r,,,'. >• Kiii'k'-rliM-ki'•• Si ;:i^ • J'i'i' " si ;iMi r,.,\s" Kr;;'>'- k<'i' Siii?-— I--•>^7.."" I'-.^vs' !<• k-r!i" k>-r Siiii- - >.^''-'vr-'- • Sjliiil r,,;,-' k'-: li.M -k '-l- Sill! - - -.i-i • I'l •• $1.18 $1.39 .51.59 $1.93 .$2:39 .$2..3 S3.29 $3.89 cq do OA 70 .»ptil d $5.98 $7.93 CO ra , BOYS* ODD KNICKKR PAXTS. ."ft.- K.iys Kni 'iki -r tifK k. i/I'.i: :> 50 .-:ilc |iri .i- 03 7."".<- lli.vx' K(ii<k<'^i»<'< kiT I' s;ll;- J. si.tio l\i>\-i' Kui'k' t!..i. k<i- pjiiiLs— fl.'-' tixys' Kiii.-k' ili'M-k't- i '.i!ii> prici- .<<1..1(i i: iv<* Kn;. k'-: Ix' l .'i- .''.•n:r> •^^•1" i'li-' - *l.7.' n.:y.-" Ki!i< k -'rliu. k. v I';irif> N :'.!;' p'iff ..: on ['.•.\s' K'liicki'i -iM '.ki'r I';!!;!- >.:!:' jii -i. !• . . , 59c Q. S3c o; nn $1.49 n CO CHHJ)S' ODD PANTS. I'L.MN IMTTnV. I l !.r..' ::it piir ..f ciiii.i's I'i .iiii v.ti^\< -••111 i.>-"^l.tM': 5. .">, ;i!nl ti. IO1 ('l .Mii Km uj- .M I Jb CHH.D'S PLAY SUITS. r.<ti- I'l;iy Siill.-i. :f^t' 1 !<• '"> \';il> - 39C "J."c \'\.\\ Silil<. I t'l t", \. .•! 10'* Silli- lub 150 VS' INDIAN SriTS. .1' ! . ii ;i II Siiii.i:^'.'",-( 1 .1 i_' i:\! i:v liiint i.iKi:s IIM : IJOYS' K.t'; i:. iJi.oisKS. K .s. ' ^. \'< MMI- iiUc ••(• iv. \ 1:. r. iM 1.", _\»Mi- 75c f "I' (.'.•• l .'Mljl! IIll. 'itll .'I'lU .' UNDERWEAR Now is time to prepare for that zero A \ c?ather MENTOR .-.n, \',„\s' I ill II f;iii!»-.| I iiii .ii.-. I \ 11;! fil''-; ir p; !.•.• 7 .'ic I tin-' I'.fvn nil.1 .1'.I I iiiMii-. M 'lii"!-; >:i\<- prin- .•">••.• rit'<-. til I "lli|lT\V<;!r -'I- • r.fl.- i;il.lH-,l ri!.l.i-\\«-;:r s :i !i- •• Tiiii- Mi-iiiiu rii.l.-rwftir - ^=•1- • .•iiiic jii -i 'i' . . .• .^l.'iii rni.ii! Siiii^. s«-r >\uiz - * {"-i'" ^].-T, rnii.ri Siii;-. fivi-<- sa!.- r.!^-.- rr .iun SiiiT -.'.Mfiitoi-- ^='i- i'vl- • riii .iTi Siiii-, .Mi'tii .T T ::i (f [iri>'• S-J .IMI lliicii Siii'-. .M> Iil-'I ^^'i- Pn-" --^ .•^;:.'>ii I iii^ :i Siiii.^-, V. (I'll M.-iii".)- - -=•'•• , s.t.iiii Iiii.-t! Si;iis. .M. nt'-r >:'\- ['V'"- • l'^-- 7."..- j:--;..-" II. !<'•• n-'. ii.. •J.'.- \'tr\'' I 'l'.-'i- Sl.iM< • Mjlf I'TI'i' i.'ilv !' 39c' 45c 59c J \ Special cut prices on all our Sl'MMKR WKiraiT I'M)!-: Now is the time t«> pri^pare lor nc\! M .tsni as well ;is (he pu prices cannbl fail lo inlerest yon. 33 G 35c ..89,c ... T J B C . ...93c ..99c $1,13 ...$1.S3 ...$2.43 $2.49 ..39c 59c 15c R\Vi:Alt sen I. Our Prices That Have Never Met The Eye ot Man Betore - - ••! I • M - • - I M Ml • I ••• -—II ————— • •- - - Ill_l rndcr'.v (;ir for men. hoys and children—forhiir. little, old and youn;;. I can show you .grades at prices thai cannot.possibly he dui)tierled lu the manufadun rs thcnischc.-. The hii knife lu'.s been u<cd on them and you will be down here, i know, to supply your winter wants. « I hh%en't said much about a hundred<ind one ct'-er bari?ains that await yrai, but you will he pleased and will be well repaid for your c^'min:: when you sec the values. \' hen 1 talk about Overcoats, that's where I shcut—the prices I will make you on Overcoats will make the manuracturer5i.howl. Jus^ received a new lot of the very latest styles and ihey all i:Uhis HH ;-MUi WINTER SACRD'TCH SAIJ:. No need for me to clalwrate—the soc^s will ^ Ki-.MKMBKR—WE PAY YOUR RAII.ROAI) FARE ACCORDiN(; TO THE I'SUAL RILES! YOU CAN AEFORD TO TRAVEL .MILES TO ATTENDTHIS (^REAT S.VCRH'ICE SALE! ^ CAPS FOR MEN AND BOYS 19c s::!.- jMJtT Cub 39c. HATS FOE. MEN AND BOYS ( 39c .59c .79c .93c $1.19 $1.59 $1.99 $2.39 $2J53 $1.00 Men's Imported Ijlats, sacrificed at $3.29 .$5.<: K ) Men's Imported flats, sacrificed at : ^.. .$3.99 $6.00 Men's Imported Hats, sacrificed at ..$^^1.89 Ill 's .mil V..>\> H:n.< 1-;^- s;;.'c liii'"*" >:il- jni'.* .•irnl r.<n>' litis |iri' !• \ v'\-i- ^•J ..Ml >!.-l:s ;iiiii I '.MV Mat.-* >il Ic [lil' • • \I .ir> ;iii<!l r.'n.-' ltil> -'1<- I.ri.-.v....' s;; .".0. Mills ;yifl lUivs" Ilat.s • i »ri'<- COLLARS ('hi)ke of E. & W, Cluott. Arrow, Silver and rofk-.^s Cnon Collars: all go in this sacri- |A« fn e <:{](.: each lUC EXTRA SPECIAL 200 dozen Collars, all sizes, all styles. They will Ke tied in' bunches of twelve, and sold by the bunch. Come and take your rft|> pick of the lut; per bunch, only. wvl/ These collars are from our regular linos, but broken sizes*—all one size in a package. If you don't buy collau^ now, you will always wish you had. Come parly and pick yoUr bunch while tiie picking is giod. CUFFS! CUFFS! CUFFS! 2oc Linen and Fancy Cuffs- Sacrifice Sj^le price ... .* : 15e {ti !.•••' f'r ;«i* |ii• . . .NSlic {If!"- ..59c 79c 99c ".:«Ii> jiriiv Sij .".<i Mftr.'i I'm- « .. tijilf piiii- $1.59 $1.99 There arc hundreds of sacrificed articles in this s^lc, but the limited space prohibits publishing all of the bargains that will aw.^it vou. Come and get your share! There will be no Premium Tickets \ issued or redeemed during this ^lacrifice Sale. After the sale ^ the new finn jvmi;

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