Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 29, 1954 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 29, 1954
Page 5
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Friday, January 29, 1954 HOP! STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS BLONDIE By Chick Yourtg OZARK IKE MOM, CAN 1 GO TD THE MOVIES WITH " ALVIN TONIGHT?.: VOL) MAY GO OUTJ!' THIS EVENING IF J >.VOU DON'T COMi \ J&if* HOME TOO LATE <? S&*& 1 WAS SPEAKING /'' 7 TO ALEXANi?ER ' NOW f HEY QNLV (AIL BY POINTS TH HOT SHOTS A SCORED 33 POINTS INTH'THUD. OUAWTUHf tOOKf-TH ALL-STARS. ARE JUNKIN THEIR ZONE DEFENSE," V SAFERf vr: VIC FLINT OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WilliamS Keeping ACROSS 4 Polite 1 Cooking stove JJg" 4 Furnace fuel ? a 8 Irish fuel 12 Exist 13 Unemployed 14 Italian river 15 Fasten 16 Mental attitude 18 Floating 20 Forearm bones 19 Metric 21 Another measure furnace fuel 23 Homeless 22 Opposed wanderer 24 Legal wrong 24 They keep 26 Horse's gait 8 City in Indiana 9 Ireland 10 Feminine appellation 26 Singing voice 40 Low dams 11 Small children27 Fruit grown 41 Burdened 17 Golf club in warm climates 28 State in French 42 Bird 43 Half (prefix) 44Level 4G In this place Indo-China .47 Goddess of 27 Piece of butter warm. 30 Each 25 Jewel 32 Wool for warm clothing 34 Married woman 29 Throw Scottish-heads 31 Shrinks 33 Direct 38 Reposed discord ,48 Profits, 50 It wasn't kept warm 35 Amphitheaters 36 Furtive 37 Promise 39 Women(slang) 40 Lived 41 Meadow 42 Warm encouragement 45 Whet 49 Called again 51 Before (prefix) 52 Hebrew measure 53 Wax 54 Started a fire 55 Is victorious 50 Paradise 57 Worm DOWN 1 Openings 2 Operatic solo 3 Priority CARNIVAL iz. ir 1Z Zb 53 Iff TH THEY ARE TH' BETTER. THEIR LiNE I NEVER KMEW A SUV TO STRUGGLE HARP TO <3ET UP WHERE HE COULt? HIRE VEH, THEV LOVE THEIR. WORK BUT SOMEBODY .ELSE- \S> eEKI'RAU-Y Daw ft.- AH. HOW I LOVED IT--HOW I THRILLEt? WITH THE ROAR- IM<3 POWER. AT MY FINGERTIPS/ THE PRIPE 1 FELT IN DIFFICULT JOBS WELL DOME—I LOVEP EVERY OF rr»- Bv Mrchoel O'Mottey and idlf RCept: 1954 by N6A SirvlM, ln« r$<DUTTW8p4SMISH*9 wcl^ A SUM, 0-ata. oss irawrws -Not P T, M. R t ,,U. WASH TUBBS Z8 OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople By Dick Turner V T. M. Reg. U. s. Pal. OH. Copr. 1>54 by HO. 8«r»lc», Int ;,"My organization is taking a poll, sir! Are you too tight i- • to give a man a dime for a cup of coffee?" FLATTERIM6 0 F FE R5 FOR A\V CREATIOM YOU ALLUS WAS THAT CUCKOO IS ONLY IK IT£> 1 |6 THAT DETECT YOUR DAD USETA 6AV H6 VJA6 6UAO WAS PRACTICAL :,£ AM OU> fVBAWPQMEP TH' HILL& 6M ROCKS/ OKI „„,.,. CUT (S'FEW FBNCB^ AMb ' VOU ALL OUT THW WW, U S ~" PULLWR.POPOFPOUTA'- ITL... WE'LL' P*l - CTwupwlipassss **\ »:»"'?«wS-'iKeSfeg BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberge* SIDE GLANCES By § {*=*=£ •ill M wash the weyi 1 ."Now I'll find out how my husband is getting along in his m • law studies!" „.„.„ i cwTia?4 h>Titin^Saft.'y BTftaag^tH BUGS BUNNY HOW-ABOUT TURNIN TH' HEAT IN THIS JOINT FUDDSY? FREEZIN'.' ALLEY OOP ! I'AWMCJW \ANPWHAT NOW /I ' -fiW^f^AP.,.)wiLLBECpME<5g|Jj Ir-t-iinnov / /Tt IO RDIT&IM .a^^» Ij AN' ALL BECAUSE «, „ HOW \ WE COULDN'T KEEP A/ PUT EVlEN •' AWFUL,.,WHAT\ RABBLE OF VICTORY- 1 KJNG .HAROLD A TERRIBLE MAP INFANTRYMEN ( THOUGHT THE DISASTER/ i FROM LEAVING A SATTLe WAS ^ THEIR STATIONS Jlk WON», CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer ^^,7-^tr ^3E HENRY By Carl Anderson 1 yjMSMfti .' 6iry t v, 'fiRPSI THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYHi t tt tvf n ,a wtow y»<?«ii?a«w» pM W? IMflWf *OMl, ^ i «••• . *i i( ""JV s i} TJii^ *f Jr Jff'i n-y &i •»• > - |V -i 1 *;--^ ?«*w • •*» >- Si. , , ^,y ( , , \ f ?«; - I- 0 ^; , , 4U ' %r '/n %,* '-*-<. >.A»^Atf_£^3 "Siiyif 1 BOlilV t V7 -

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