The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on February 22, 1977 · Page 7
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 7

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 22, 1977
Page 7
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Two Men, Condemned To Death, Granted . Stay Of Execution Snlcm, Muss- J tmn 20—(U PI—A tiiv of r-Kocutlon hns hcon Ki'^nt- •vl two Crnnter F.oxton house palnt- .'rs who fnce the electric chuli 1 In "ridc-dlnylnK" °f a V-H' n K Huvor hill mnn. Philip Rolllno of TioKton nnr. [.'(Iwiird GiM't.ion of ICvorutt won convicted of first degree mui'dni Just nltfht by n Superior court Jurj willnh (Icllti'TitU'cl »lx hours. Ttio mimdntory denth nentenci wn.s lm|i'>:ir:<l on the prill' for thi fiitiil Hh'j!>tlnK of Robert Tex VVII liiirnn whoie body wiut found or n I.ynn rniirsh lnut AuftUMt. Th< nroHocullon rlulmed tho defend ants .il" 1 "' Wllllnms leiit ho tol iihout a dlc-e Kiimc holdup In which thuy tifid ptirtlclpntod. at Newton .N. 11, Hiidim fc'ra.'is, Introduced Into tlu ('lilted StutoM by tho dopnrtrnont o njtrlnuUiire In 1900, camo fi'orn Khni'ttirii In Jndlii. 111 KANT .MAIN HTHKKT ClimV .MKI.N And Olliir CM i. Kiinil Tu Tiifci. Iliinir. Olicn dully II u, in, tfi I It. Hit Hiitlinln.r I" a 11. in. Hnmlu.v |y Nnnn hi f u ni. WHITE FISH MARKET \ JOSKfJI C'AUICAI,, Prop. H Month Main St. V' Ht N wiit \ ulnetlon of «ult iind j tor fish lit lowest j IlltU- FllWh" Afil': COOMCUS Now Aviilhililo • Electric Appliance Co, \ I': I I lliililwln Ml. wm. — Ti-l. SOMJ Unlit A Tr.illnr mid Di> Tliut IIiiulliiK .('ill YonrHiiir OltANOK TKAII.r.ll KKNTAJi SKKV1CK Tt'.I.KI'IIONK NllllVllllirk .'InllH inifi- III 1 rilnn Cll.v Iliirilwurii llhli:.' For $400 yini run (jet u FURNA_CE mill OIL BURNER ;K; Month* To 1'ii.v The WATERBURY HEATING Co. 1,1'iulrrx In llnmn llt'iitlii^' ,'H-;«1 .STKINfJ ST. .|-(H7« PROMPT WATCH | and JEWELRY i REPAIRING William Schpero \ I JKVVKl.KIl I IHI> C'linrcli Street '*+^+++^+ff~ *93& Home- Miss U. N. of '46 Diuijfliter of tin; Amliasndor of Norway, Murjnrle Muntho «le MorKi'nstlnrno, l.s shown with the trophy inviirUi-d her when .the. wiiji selected T.liJW United Nii- tioiiM of MMIi" over 41. contestants. Tlie COIlteHt VllS HtllCCd lit II U. N. pujieunt In Wiishlngton, D. C- (Ilitormitlomil) MARVAUD SUED TioMton. Juno 20—(UP)—A suit for tiome $100,000 hint been filed 'iK»in>it llarviird university. The null arrj.'io over the iillcK'id dis- uppcurnnco of the famed Ruhehs iritlnx. Dcaccnt From Lho CI-QH.H, The; action was brought on behalf of n VVo.Hl Cheater, Penn., soclal- ;tc. MI-.-I. Bullltl Darlington claims iho Ifnl the painting to the university iind that Harvard later was .•us|ion,slblo for Its IOHS. NAMKI) CIIAIIJMAN Hnrlford, Juni; 20—(U P)—State iifdi-uo Wllllnm M. Comloy of lAilrfiulcl has hocn nfimed chalr- iri of thu nowly-croRted state •itatuti: revision .commission. El- mfi- VV. Ttynn of New Htiven has bocin .MOloctucl Hoorutary. Salaries ."or thn sevon commissioners have ;iot lioen Miit yet—but they are ex- i'led to bo $7500 a year. On The Air Today (1:00 n. in. \vori— "Uiny Ai:.'»" OLlier Hlutlona—XywH II;in u. m. ^'rtHY—Nylon Tlnio; Vincent Lopuz VAIiC.'—Wultirr '-or Cluyion WOU—"On Ihu Century" \VJ'S. — ISlh.'l anil Albert WATR—SjtortM Roundup WKAI-'—Invitation to Summer \VTIO— (ilvti C'.ub Ik'JO ii. Ill, WATR—CncKtull Sorcnilllo U:3U i>. in. WHRY—NI.'WK, E. ClirUty lirk \VTIC—Itcil* Slevlu WJ'S. — SiKH-tn WATIl—.Sown: Music \VOIt—Vu ndft von tor WAUC—Skyllnu Roof . . Dl'tA ii. in. WIIUY-WA13C—NCWH Till Now WKAf''-'WTIC—l.owqll • Thumuu WOK—Stnn LomiLjt WJX—fluru'w Morffan WATIl—I'luiinuru nnd Profit 7:00 p. ni. WIIRV—Tin; Wultn L,lve» On "WAI1C—I.anny RonH Show WKAK-WTIC—Huprwr Club WJK —K'-ailllm- lEultlon WOU-WATIl—Fullon Lrfiwln, .Tr. 7:1B n. m. '— 150UCIHH nrothnrn Quintet WAHC—.lack Smith Show WK A !•'—Vandorcook WOU—Anuwnr Mnn \v'JK™Ailvt'nlur<.-n In Hh.vtlim 7:23 p. m, WATl:—NCWM 7:.10 p. in. WIIUV—I'lllillc Honrlni? WIOAI-'-WTIC—ritili Curnn WAHI"—Mr. Ki-i>n W.IX-WATR—rroC. Qula \VOR~NiiWB WtlH—IiiKklc Hiiorln «:»() |i. in. WIlKY-U'AHC—SuMiicnuu WKAI-'-WTlf;—Dimmed Wdll—I'liiyhoumi WJX-NVATR— iind Aunor K.-ln p. in, \V.lX-\VATrt—Kiirl Ciudwln \VO!i—Kvnny linker K:3() |i. m, m'-WAiic—F-H-I WKAl.'-WTH.:—••Corr-'ii Tlmn 11 \V.IX-u-ATrt-To\vn Mcollnit Wull—UUKUU'H Onllcry H:." p. m. NEW CLASSES July 1. Write, phone or call for 1046 Bulletin COLLKGE LUGGAGE, LEATHER GOODS , For Graduation Gifts, t Umbrellas ^Recovered, Repaired i FISHERS I 111 S. Muln St., Wutorbury S-1871 Wl in Y-W ABC—Henry. Newn U:UO Ii. HI. WHfiY-WAUC—Dick llnymcs Show WBAP-\VT1C—MUHlc Hull WOR—Gabriel Hen tier • »:15 U. m. WOR—Koill Hlorlw n::io i). 111. \VnilY-WAT3C—Hobby Lobby WKAK-\\"riC—Jock Huloy. Kvn Ardyn \\•JX-^VAT^l— Detoct and Cnllocl WOU—Troii.MUro Hour of Sone .* -0:55 ii. ni. WJZ-WATfl—Il:iri*y WlHmcr, SporCM 10:00 p. 111. WnjlY-WABC^— Inlunil Vonturi- WEAt'-WTIO—Abbolt nnd CoBtcllo W.1K-WATR—Curtnln Tijnu won—rBulitrlco Kny Show 10:30 p. ni. WBKY-WABC—Thftt'H Lite WJZ—Arthur .Murray Show \VEAF-WTIC—Rudy Vnllce WATR—Lc« ElKiirt-'n Orch. WOU—Symphonctto • WATR—Jonncll Bnlertulnors 11:00 p. m. Aljf. KtnUonH—-Ncwa WliKY—John Dnly. City Ncwn 11:15 p. m. 11:10 l>. m. wnnv-WAliC—"In My Opinion" WJK-WATR—Joi) IlaHol, Sports WBAF-WTICT-HarkntHi , WOR—NCWH; ReportH 11:30 p. m. wrtRV—Studio t'liiyhouHii AV'KAJ-'-WTlC—Concert WAHC—Cnrmcn C.iviUlero Orch. w }'/.- WATIl—Gfins 'for Thought: lirtm wator IJonch Orch.' 12:00 Mldniiht ALL StntloiiH—Nuvvn TRY NEWS WANT ADS Marine League Guests Of Legion | At Party Tonight An important meeting of Naup- tuck Valley Detachment, Marine Corps League, is scheduled for tonight at' the American Legion Home. Reports from the colors, dance, and by-laws committees will be presented. The business meeting- will bo brief, however. Following the meeting, the detachment will be guests of the American Legion at a -social program. Refreshments will be' served and a motion picture on the battle of Iwo Jima^will be shown. All members are urged to attend. A report also will be heard on plans for the installation of officers June 27. About 90 per cent of the apricot crop comes from California. All Kinds'of Trucking—Ashes r Etc. Removed McNamara Trucking Co. II West ' Nnufjatuck Tel 395* Day Nursery Assn. Votes Self Out After caringr for the children of Naugatuck for 35 years, the Nauga- tuclc Day Nursery Association yesterday voted- to . terminate its existence as a corporation. It waas with - regret that th'e association was forced to take this step. Last year state supervisors, recommended extensive alterations arid repairs to' the' building in order to make it conform with flrc arid health regulations. In view of the ago ond condition of the building, the board questioned the wisdom : of such expensive improvements. Since the Day Nursery has been, operated as a private charity, depending solely upon individual contributions, the Association lacked sufficient funds to remodel and continue to' operate. For the past few months the Board of Education, with the assistance of a fund contributed by the merchants, has been able to carry on the work of the Nursery, R&P METAL WORKS 99 SO. MAIN STREET (Roar) Expert Welding of AH Typos Forging, .Sheet Metal and Ornamental Steel 'Work TelcnhAM 0377 NAUGATDCK NEWS (CONN.). TnTJItSDAY. .TPXE 2O. 1M6—FACE 7 Court Dissolves Injunction Against State Highway Dept Hartford, Juno. 20—(UP)—An injunction restraining the highway department from continuing construction of the Wilbur Cross highway east'of the Charter Onk bridge has been dissolved. Superior Court Judge John M. Comloy says the work can go ahead. The project was ordered halted after a sand and gravel com- FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co. 100 South Main St. DODGE SALES — SEKVICK Hotchkiss St. Garage ' 47 HOTCHKISS STREET Tel. 5T27 J. I- MAZILAUSKAS, Prop. pnny at" Manchester protested that Its property over..., which thp road will po had not been properly condemned. The lodpc of the Horseshoe falls at Niagara is being worn back about five feet each year. The ledge nt the American falls is receding about one-half foot per year. , forFURSTORAGE Sin N. Muln Ml., 75 FIHd St. WlKiTburir Ti-l. 3-J7S7 lir 4-5123 THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomltnson Noary k. Conn. RAM WELDING CO. 169 AETNA ST. TEL. 5700-3102 Naugatuck, Conn. GENERAL INDUSTRIAL WELDING All Metals; Tank and Pipe Welding. Light and Heavy Plate Work. Latest portable equipment to go anywhere. PKOMPT AND EXPERT SERVICE AT REASONABLE PRICES LIQUOR SPECIALS!! RUMS BACARDI- $3.29 MERITO- $2.79 National Brands Cocktails $2.99 Regular $3.40 $2.59 GIN WHISKIES GOLDEN WEDDING IMPERIAL CARSTAIRS Gallo, California Wine, all flavors .85c j. K. STORES 1396 North Main St. Union City, Conn. ' Free P»rkln E for Our Curtomor. at Shell Ga. StaUon ACTORS the Street FKEE DELIVERY ANYWHERE IN NATJGATOCK * Telephone 4979 OUTHERN NEW and General Manager The Southern New England Telephone Company

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