Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 13, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1912
Page 4
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THE iOtA DAll-Y BiEGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 13,1912. IfurnishiiiRs so cheap that you cannot get away frbm the Furnishing Department before buying your wants. The largest line.of Clothfng in the ci(y. Mi r/s, Hoys' and {'hildrcn's Shoos—the -finest of this season's goods. They arc the best of apy Shoes brought to this market. Come and get your size while you can. ]^y stock of CLOTHING, FURNISHINGS AND SHOES will all be thrown on the mercy of the good people of Allen County. This will be one of iho irro .i< v < »•?>!}'!' in f 'v^ r.u n-intilc \vorld that Alien County has ever known. This will be the gigantic sale—not dn ordinary one, but a most wonderful sale-^at the time when the season is vhb: ••m ;hisi cos. itcs u«r.Tn io h(!ltom rock. A reproduction shall ever remain IMPOSSIBLE! It will be a revolution in the old town. You perhaps have seen sales—heard sales—voi h,\vo :\\ivu(]'t) i:;}'"^---'-^-^ rt ^V -vw/, c v : h;:.nj )?;;L 'd in this country equal to what will occur when the great stock of PERHAM'S is thrown out to the people. When you enter the door you enter the sore 'AivA rios hiui, •>! I'nuk- nierchardisc in Allen County and you arc now going to buy them for less money than you ever saw trash sold for elsewhere. Men's Suits Here you. are offered your choice of any of my 500 new Alfred.Benjamin or Sophomore Suits—^size 34 up. ?1S.00 Suits - Jl'O.OO Snils snk' priif $22 .r )0 Snils-=- SJJIO \>rUv Olil on ?-'r,.("» Suits - 010 00 (Pl 'TiwU s:ilc priiT r.«PididU Oil: 00 ?;!iM)i) Suits— 009 00 ijllOiilil priir «P £uiJJ 017 CO' ?;?n.o(i suils-- 007 00 ^IfiJa s;|Ii> ^tria' (P £fiJJ ^ ALFRED'BENJAMIN and SOPHOMORE are the highest quality Suits made—in all shades, new cuts, new materials particularly adopted to this season's design and cut. Men s and Young Men's Suits • • • in the up-to-date medium priced lines: JT .no Suits - Sa<'rili<-<' ini<-c $I«.(M» Suits— S:u-ritico iui<-o $7.89 ?ii.'.r.o Suits - SiinilifT jiri«-c . ^\'>.m Suits — Sn/t'ilin* prin^ .... $9.93 $11.89 •?l (;.r >0 Mou's auil Vouiis Men's Suits S ;HTiti <-o Sale :»ii<c $13.18 FANCY VESTS WASH ANI> SILK. Wsts, Sarrilirc Sali> pilrv ^2M Vests. San-ilicn Salo \<\'.rr Vi'sts. SHcrifirc Sale j>; <c $3.JiO Vests, Sjjcrifieo Sale j>ii<i- fiM) Vests, Sjirri/Ht; Sale jui'-e... f .5.0p Vests, Saerifiee Sale pti<-e... $1.00 91 .2,5 ^i .7rt ?-V50 Ji«2.7,l 93.,'>o 11. 'J'iio very httcst out mid it inec .selection for you to make your yck'ction from. ?i."..tii .Vui -r .-ik jSiiiis. 0 ']9 pn I ••:-ft.'ni .\ ..ik Suits. 017 CfJ ii>.-,v iiu sail- «J)l ^iUU I iM .w .III sail- ^ I 1 lUU $19.59 Sic.r.ii .\.iiri .<k Suits. 01'inO I1..-.V sah- (PltiUU N|s..-,r N,.ir ..!k Suits. ClCflO u<>-,\ <Mi sail- «P i UsUU Sl-'J .r .ll Suil.s. UuW Mtl sale. i Xoiftilk Suits. ni>\v (III sale. : \ $22.2§ YOU SHOUr.D TAKK ADVAXTAGE Of" THESE PRICES! MEN'S ODD PANTS §l .."ii| !"aiils, Sar ritin- Salif prill- j i?l.tO c f rro -.11 l *>*t »(w- o., " I'l M <• ^ 1 • iirji-c I'a lit.-, S .I.- rilire ."-ali JU'iri- i«<3.30 S:;.."ti I'anls. Sa.- ritii-e Sal( ' prire \..l >'i.H9 ?J .1»() rants, Sai- riliii- Sail • prire !i;:;.30 ?l .ri(» rants. Sae rilire .Salt prire .,.?3.79 $."..<itl faiits. .<ai- rilire .'^alr • firiir $:i.09 .«r,.ll() [•;iii(s. Sar riliri- Sail;> ODD VESTS Mrii's \'i -sts. sizrs :;i aii<l :;."»; w.-r.-li from .?I.«H) (.1 S.irriiirc .s.ilc |»riri' 25c RKMEMBKR—I j;:iy Railroad i'arc when (he expense d«H's vfi'i exceed I per cent of the You can afford to travel miles lo.attend this Sacrifice Sale! Overcoats You iwti offered during tJiis .sale Oveiroats id free trade nricep. Attend to your Ovcrcuiil wtitit.s :;t tlM.-^ bi.y: sacrifice s^alei :<:.',<HI ISiivs* «»\t'rro:ils; sale pi in> .. S'J.r.U Itius' (»vom»ais; snU* prire .. ."4.*;.t)tl n«i .vs' (»vere<iais:,.xale priii' .. .<'..r >ll r .e .ys' uvercoals; sale prire . ISi.ys" <»verri>'ats; sale prin- .. §l.."t> Men 's and IJnvs' Overrunts- .sale (Uirf ^Ti .im .Men 's :inil UKV.S* Overr.isits sale prire $i',.m Men 's : uii l*i>ys' Ovenoats— s.ile jirire si.r»j) }t ?I .J>0 S'i .'J!) .S2.S0 .$:?.r.) .$3./9 .s;ite pr :i e Sl'MHI .Mens an«l IJoys" Overcoats sale prire $3.88 $4.88 S7.."jtl .Meji's and I'.o.vs' Overt -oats— ftQ 07 00 ...ipe ijd 0 . - JiUO $11.88 .$14.39 $ 1P 00 lUiUd $17.89 .«12.1M» Men's an«l Itoys' Overeoat.«— <j»Q {TQ sale prire ^ $1.""..IHI Glen's ;intl i>uys' Overeuats— sale price .•<1S.1M» Men's and Hoys' Overeoatsf— sjllc jtrire ,.. .*L'II.(H> Meu's un«l itoys' Overt-oats-^ sjile jirice ?±1.50 Men's auil Boy.s* Overcoats- 8a|^ price ^. 1 $^•5.00 .^lon's :in«l Boys' OrercoatB— » OlQ 00 1 8.ile price ........... , V i Ji J J ?;4t >0 Men's and IHv8 %0«^«Mt8— $2399 , I s;ile price Shoes Every one think:< they liavo the itosl Shoes—and that'.s all they ap- j)car to know'aimut them. I KNOW MY SHOES ARE AS GOOD AS CAN BE BOUGHT. I know they .re mn (h of solid leather. I know my method of fitting Shoes e:cts for your comfort and better w "iir. This coupled with the sacrifice sale price makes my Shoes the best, and they all go in this big bargain giving sale without any r-2servation whatever. Hovs Shoes- sale piiri' ^I.-'ill .Men's ami i;i>ys'J^li<«'s— sale pi -ire •?1.7.-| :Heu's and ItoyS" Sliws-— s:ile prire , . $J.iMi Men's an<l Hoy.s* Shoe's— ^1 RQ siih' price .* <^liUU .*^J.r.(i Men's :ind IJov .«i' Shoes- sale prire .....iP^ilU ^'..m Men's and T.oy.s' Shoes- 99 E $1.29 $1.49 .^.$2.15 sjile prii-e •$2.48 ?:•..."><) .Men's and Itnvs' Shoes— .•^alc' prire .^MH) Men's Iturt i; l':irkard Shoes— s;ile pri<-<.' . — .Men's Hurt & I'jiekard Shoes— .<ale prire S.-.-fKi .Men's Hurt & I'arkard Sh .ies— flflV syle J»rice ywiwj' S(;.(|0 .Men's Ilijih Cut Shoes— . 0^ QQ sale price i - .y*tilla .<:7..".(l .Ttens High (.'lit Shot's— .sale price , .^UrtV -^i $3.43 $3.r

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