Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 26, 1908 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1908
Page 7
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local Events. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Thorpe and Mrs. Yaw nre spending Christmas in Log Angeiea with Mr. C. B. Yaw. Top Notch Bread, the bread hubby mistook for mother's bread. W. W. & Co. The Misses Brugman of Pasadena were guests last Friday and Saturday of Principal and Mrs. A. H. Collins. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Peok of Pomona are guests today of Dr. and Mrs. Cline. We are told Premier blend coffee is the peer of all coffees. W.W. & Co. The Misees Mabel Smith and Edith Palmer have returned from Porterville to their respective homes. Premier Blend coffee for people who know good coffee. W. W. & Co. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Miller nre Christmas guests of the former's sister, Mrs. Emery of Ontario. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Wilkins and daughters. Beatrice and Wiuuifred, are spending the holidays with relatives huro. Mrs. Betrick and family of Kerney, Neb,, will spend Christmas with her sisters, Mrs. J. S. Wine and Mrs. D. Houser. 1. W. \V. & Co.'s pastry for tho picnic lunch, by people who know. Willnrd Malolt of Downey visited Covina Sunday. W.W. A Co.'s pastry is home-made pastry. Miss Rose Hepner entertained as week end guests Misses Cecil Whistler and Hotsel of Inglewood. Top Notch bread gives the finishing touch to auT style of "Eatlets." W.W. A Co. Mrs. H. G. Heath returned last Monday from Pomona, where she spent a few days with friends. Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Preston are spending Christmas with relatives at Orange. Mrs, L. M. Jefferies of Los Angeles IB a Christmas guest of relatives in Coviua, Premier Blend Coffee, packed nnd sold under our personal supervision. Our reputation is bnok of it. W. W. & Co. Mrs. J. M. Ferrel of Los Angeles, with her husband and two children, is spending Christmas with her mother, Mrs. Imogene Gilmore. Mrs. C. II. Beattio and children are spending the holidays with tho former's mother, Mrs. Joseph Sexton, at Santa Barbara. The teachers of the Covina nehools have been spending the week until Thursday evening at the teachers' institute in Los Angeles, OUR AtiflTS: Warner, Whitsel & (o. Home's Grocery Pomona Sanitary Laundry Miss Henrietta Brnyton of the high school faculty, San Bernardino, is spending the holidays with Mr. nnd JVIr. Scofleld and family. Mrs. Leisure, with her two sous, is the guest of her late husband's parents at Long Beach for the Christmas season. Do not forget the musical and literary entertaiment given by Mrs. Gilmore at the Christian Church next Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Whitsel and daughters are Christmas guests of Mrs. Whitsel's mother, Mrs. Hannah Osborn of Whittior. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baldridge, Sr., of Los Angeles, arc spending a few weeks with their daughter, Mrs. E. P. Warner. Covina friends are glad to welcome Mrs. Belle Harris homo again. She has been making a tour of tho eastern states for almost a year, visiting relatives and friends. Christmas guests at the home ••£?>' Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Smith are Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Dolcater- and family of Charter Oak, nnd Mr. and Mrs. Chester Smith of Hollywood. Senator K. F. Buller returned from a business trip to Hniley, Idaho, yesterday. Tho senator and Mrs. Buller, with their son Charles, joined Mr. and Mrs. Ed Buller at family a dinner party in Los Angeles yesterday. Mrs. A. Fletcher, who was taken to tho Good Samaritan hospital to undergo a slight operation for pleurisy, is recovering slowly and will return home next week. Mr. and Mrs. Kuchler of Sacramento, who spout last week at the home of Mr. and Mrs, John Coolman, loft on Sunday for their northern home. Christmnfl guests today at tho home cf Mr. and Mrs, A. McKirahan are Mr. nnd Mrs. B. L. King and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gaobke and family, and Mr. M. F. McKirahan of Riverside, brother of the host. A party from Los Angeles arrived last night for a Christmas family reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. Moxley. Tho guests are Mr. and Mrs. Geo. L. Moxley and children, Mrs. St. Clair and Mrs. Jean Parker. Mr. «nd Mrs, Will Griffiths entertained with a luncheon on Sunday last, the guests being Mr. arid Airs. Frank Edwards and daughter, Miss Helen, Dr. ai.d Mrs. Jordan of Pasadena, nnd Mr. arid Mrs. Jesse Kuns. Miss Lena McLeod of Ggden, Utah, arrived on Sunday to spend the Christmas holidays with her father hiid sister, W. II. and Miss Florence McLei.d. Mist McLeoil is a musical instructor in the public- schools at Ogden. MLS. F. K. Dudderar left last Monday for the home of her parents, Mr. and Mi'.". P. J. Drehcr of Pomona, where there will I.e a large family reunion tui ( hristmas. Mr. iJud- d.-iar will join them later for the. test hit i. s. Mrs. It. O. Simp-.oii entertained nine charter members oi tin: I-'ntre Nous Soioiity of ruiieibity '/i f.'ali tornia <>n Saturday last. A very pleasant day spent and many happy li.'ues were recalled since thi; organisation eleven years n^o. The guests v\ere Couch, Men- Enyeurt, Green, Reeves and Gay. Mrs. Rosa C. Clarke and children and Mrs, John Wilkin.s will be guests today of Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Sherwood. What's alright? Top Notch bread. Who says so? Your hubby, father, brother, and don't they know? W. W. & Co. Mrs. Somers and daughter, Mias Anna, of Kansas, who have arrived to winter in California, nre guests at tho home of G. O. Dudderar. To bear, to feel, to appreciate the best in band, concert, opera or vaudeville. That is tho mission of the Edison AMEBROL RECORD. Clapp's Drug Store. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Currico and son Clifford of Downey were the guests of J. F. Home and family last Sunday. Both families woie friends back in Missouri. At a Christmas dinruH' today at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Evans, the guests are Mr. and Mrs, A. J. Wilkins and two daughters of High- Innd. Mrs. E. W. Culver and daughter, Mrs. E. F. King, both of Red Oak, Iowa, are spending tho winter with the former's daughter, Mrs. W. B. Uammell of Cypress avenue. Principal and Mrs. A. H. Collins are Christmas guests of relatives nt Ontario who are holding a family reunion, covers being laid for twenty- five. The big Implement Store. C. H. Morris. Tel. A'/usa 4. tf Dr. and the Misses Ilerron nre entertaining Mr. nnd Miss Hastings today. Alfred Fletcher, Jr., arrives today to spend Christmas with his parents here. Try Premier Blend Coffee, Top Notoh bread nnd strawberries for lunch. W.W. &Co. You will thoroughly enjoy tho Gilmore entertainment. Wednesday evening nt the Christian Church. B-r-r-rli, ain't it rohll Let's go into Madison's candy store nnd get a hot atiinle. Yes, lot's. J. A. Elston and family .if Rich Valley, Minn., are gueat.s during tho holidays of John Gilmnn at "Hunch o' tho Ridge. " Mr. nnd Mrs. Goo. Van Vliet, are' entertaining with an old fashioned amity reunion today, .. covers being laid for twenty two. Why does hubby stnilo? Because 10 is about to indulge, in Premier Blend coffee, Top Notoh biead, and W. W. & Co. 's pastry. "Chris'nuis gif', MMHSM, Chris'inns For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. Comfortably furnished room for rent. Mrs. Martha Hibeoh. Implements at, city prices. Morris, Tel. Aznsa \. tf C. II. gif. a suitable Clirist inns git't for anyone at, Madison 's candy store, Citrus avenue. Nice line of boxes, igli-grade holiday chocolates. D. W. MacDonald and family will spend the Christmas holidays with Mrs. MaoDonald's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sexton of Santa Barbara. Mr. and Mrs. D. O. MoLo.nnon of Vancouver, 11. C., who are spending I he winter in Los Angeles, were guests the fore part of the week of their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. D. W. MaoDonald of Buranca street. Elton Hamilton, now of Stanford University, and formerly a Covina High School student, came over from For Sale Good driving horae. Phone 157. Wagons and buggies. C. II. Morris. Tel. Azusn 4. tf Fresh oysters, 20c a dozen at Cronshaw's Grocery. Charles H. Morris for Implements. Tel. A/.lisa 4. tf Furnished room to Kent,---Enquire at 124 West College street, Covina. Pumpkins for Sale—S. S. Asohon- brennor. Call at Hurley's hardware 1 store, For Sale- -Oak and sycamore stove wood, $8 and $10 per cord. ,). C. Clntterbuck. tf For Sale A team of good all-purpose horses. Mrs. G. .)'. KoynoldH. Phono 40,')8. OystiM-H all the time at Croushaw's Grocery. Fresh and line, 20« a lo/on. tf For Sale---Piokled olivoH in bulk. Addre.HH C. II. Colfman. Phono 101. 1-1 Op Furnished rooms for rent. Apply to Mrs. Martha Hibsch, Cottage Drive. tf For Kent---') I'o.oms, singly or en- suite. Furnished or uul'iirninhed. Dr. Bates. OYSTERS— From this time on wo will carry fresh oysters in bulk at 20o a, dozen. . Rooms Crensliaw's Grocery, rent /or light; houso- to keeping ---• Apply to Mrs. Allison, West Dexter St. t f For Sale--Green tomatoes for piokleH, 1 jic per pound. L. D. Graham, Cienoga avenue. Itp Lost—From auto, blue percale drofls. Pleaao return to Argus olllco. It Place your spare cash in the Covina Valley Savings Bank, a safe invest- bis home at Pasadena this week to merit at 4 per cent,. spend , ( a couple of days with his At a family dinner at, tho homo of Mrs. Blauohard the guests included Mr. and Mrs. Ohaver, Mr. and Mrs. Shenrer, and Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Blauchurd and little son. Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Finch and sons, Tom and Raymond, Rev. and j Mrs. G. F. Chemberlon and family, will spend Christmas with Mr. aud Mrs. Hugh Ketohersido at Long Beaoh. Mr. nnd Mrs. E. G. Thomason are entertaining with a family Christmas dinner today. Tho guests are Mrs. Thomason'H brother, the Rev. E. H. Kollar and family of L»s Angeles, her sister, Mrs. Clarence Allison and family, and Dr. Roxie Bates. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Douglass are entertaining with a Christmas dinner today, their guests being Rev. and Mrs. Paul Stevens arid little sou, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Anderson and children and Mr. McDonald. Henry Harnish, accompanied by his eon, A. L. Harnish, wife and four children, arrived Snturday from Mt. Carroll, III., and nre visiting (it the borne of Mr. and Mrs. Win. H. Over- holt/.er, nephew of Mr. Harnish. They expect to locate in (,'ovimi. i Christmas guests at the home i.f j Mr and Mrs. Win. Hoogendyk will be. Mr. and Mrs, Jacob liiuii.jes, Mr. and Mrs. John lirun.jes and (laughter Phyllis, MihK Metii and Mr. Tom friend, Howard Douglas. An Evening of Rare Enjoyment. One of the best entertainments of the season will be given at tin; Christian Church next Wednesday oven ing by Mrs. Iniogene Gilmore, assisted by MrB. Stickney of Los Angeles as vocalist. The following program will bo rendered: Organ, selected, Miss Reynolds. Vooal. "The Swallows," (Cowon) Mrs. Stickney. Heading. "The Dividing Fence," (Stuart), Mrs. Gilmoro. Violin solo, at'lectod, Mr. Philleo; Miss Philleo, accompanist. Rending, "The Middle Hall," (Stuart), Mrs. Gilmoro. Vocal, "The Four-Leaf Clover" (Coombs), Mrs. Stiokney. Reading, "Thfs Soul of the Violin," (Merrill), Mrs. Gilmore; Miss Reynolds, Mr. Philleo. Vocal, "Forgotten," (Cowlos), Mrs. Stiokney. Reserved seats at Nash's drug store. HOLIDAY BATES. Greatly reduced rales for OhrintmaH and N>sw Year's. Tickets will lie Hold at ONK AND ONK-THI 111) rate for the round trip, and be on Hale Deeeni- >5, HI, 1008, and .faimary flood for return until January 1!)()!». I !)0!l. Hee agents. SOUTHKUN PACIFIC. Notice. Madison's Coafoc^oiiory and* T)o.<!fli- cKHen Htoro has HH CliriHtnuiH lino in. Don 'I; go by the door. I'VnitH fresh for the Christinas lalilo at Madison's. Nuts and candies for the lover of genuine dainties. For fialo— -Orange wood. 811.00 a cord on ground and 812.00 delivered. R. Anderson. A/urn phone Many men have softly whispered in our ear, that Top Notoh bread heats mother's, siutei's, perhaps wlfoy'H. W. W. & Co. The Southwostorn Brokerage Company will buy your oranuos for cash. R. O. Simpson,, agent. Office tf with California Citrus Union. "Variety IN tho npico of lira " The same old song in the an me old wav grows tiresome. Even on your Edl- ni>n. Hear our NEW ONES, CJnpp's Drug Store, Wanted -- A first oliiss 20-acro orange grove in bearing. Some Valonoias. DoHoription and lowest cash prioo to J, H. MatthowH, Covina. Fit/Gerald & Barry of Pasadena loan money on ranches and improved ntnl estate at lowest current rates. Write or telephone them at PiiHadmia or call up J. W. PrcntisH, Covina phono '21:1-1, and ask to have a ropro sentitl.ivu of the firm call on you, tf To All Our Friends and Patrons We Wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year We thank you for your liberal patronage and hope to serve you better the coming year. Covina Peoples Store (iNCOKl'OKATHll) F. H. FABRICK HARDWARE AND BUILDERS' SUPPLIES ...Plumbing and Tinning... Guns and ammunition. Paints, oils and ^-lass. Sec our larijfe line of heating- stoves and ranges. BEN F, THORPE CEMENT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE All carried in stock. Reinforced Concrete Building's a Specialty Yarr' West CvpresH Avenue Telephone 4037 SKASON KOR DKCIIHJOUS TREE PLANTING (iet your trees now of Armstrong (oviiw Nurseries J Peach, Apricot, Plum, Apple, Walnut Half a million ICucalyptus Trees ready for planting. All kinds of berry vines. We can supply anything you wish in the ornamental line. CALL US HY-IMIONK OK COM!') IN AND SICK US Home Phone 125 222 East College St. O. Grine HHVO your clothes dried in the/ open nir and sunshine and thereby avoid the ill smell and other injuricH of n "utrmin room" of a laundry. General washing iiTjc per do/tin, with having Hold the businiiSH i Hlarch nrticles starched and flat work 1'i'iinji-s. , hf-.ttliiig of the hu-:incH.s may !.<• Guy Wilsuu of Frcdoniii, Kansas, u ith despatch. who arrived in Covinua Dec. )(), is which WIIH conducted by him, known as the Home liakery, nskn every per son having bills againnl him to I-M- ,H':iil. the name immediately. Also all i tierKoiiH owing sums of in iney to the torn;:-!' proprietor of the Home liakery pleat-.e i emit, in order t hat I he doii«' !•!< ironed. Pony Blackburn. Homo (jlioiiii 40fj!i. Itp stopping a! F. W. farter's in south Irwindale. He is delighted with Kuuthein California and haw written his father lo jar loose and (tome to the land ol sunshine, fruits an<l Ho we I'M. Mrs. M. K. i'.-.sier of Sacramento, wife <>i the .secretary •',!' the Slate Hoard of Health. who with her (laughter Kuth has been sj.ending a (.f tier feieier in Notice of Stockholders' 'f lie annual meeting of tlic sto<,k a Mines. Lillard, McNah, | week at the h Jjoiihf-; Ali.-j.sfcs Hardie, law, Mra. C. K. Smiley, left n/iTue.s- day for her home iu the. North. ho!der.-> of the ('ovin;i Valley S;ivin;;i Hank v, ill oe lu:ld on Tuesday, January 12, I'JdM, at theolhe..- of the corporation, at 10 o'clock a.m., for the j»ur- po.v of electing a t/oard of director.-, for tilt.' enduing y.'ar, and for 'he. Iran-, action of such other ijii-ii ni-->.-> a-, may properly conn: hi-forc the iii'-eting. \\' ,M f j KI -s VV O f rf J > Covina, Cal., Uec. I'J, Howell & Howell BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome l-KKSII KVKHY OAY AT 0 . a Cake and Confectionery Wagon through, valley daily. It Makes No Difference What Kind of Work You Are Engaged In, You Should Have a Bank Account. I'/very today lias a ^ood chance to Jay up a compliance in twenty-live years or less if lie will save. An account at this bank will provide an excellent system of laying aside that portion ol your earnings you do not need for immediate use. This bank will appreciate your account, whether lar^e or small. The Covina National Bank Capital .:oO,000 GAS T lie S a f e a. r i cl Reliable

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