The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 28, 1892 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1892
Page 2
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THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. OKFICIAt, PAPBR OF CITY AND COUNTY THE NEWS PUBLISHING CO. A. I.. SI'ONHI.KK, Kdllor. held on Thursday, July 21, 1H93, unless oth. wine ordered hy the precinct committeemen- Ily order of committee. A. I.. SiroNsi.itH. Chairman. MOHTOH Ai .DAtJuii, Secretary. ANNOUNCEMENTS. tKHHN OK HtlltSCltll'TIOX. The NBWH lo delivered by carriers in Hutchinson, South Hutchinson, and all sub- \irbn, at K» ccntH a week. The paper may be ordered by postal card, or l>y telephone 1N0. '•H, and will rjc nerved early and regularly. l J lc.iHe report any Irregularity of service or change of addrcnK to the NKVVS ofilec Immc* dlalely, and It will be rectified. DAILY— BY MAIL. One copy, One year $4 01) One enpv. «lx months. *„» O0 Onecopy, one month r,0 WF.KKI.Y. One copy, one year Jl 00 One copy, nix months ISO Advertising rates made known on application. Telephone No. .3. In ordering the NBWH by mall, state Issue wanted, daily or weekly, RlvliiK name, city, county and state. If subscriber changcH place of residence, give former address as well as present, and state issue of paper taken, dally or weekly. Chlcagoofilce, "i7U Kookcry building. FOn UIRTfllCT CC.KIIK. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of District Clerk of Ucno coun ty, subject to the decision of the Kepubllcan county convention which meets July ;!.'! 1802 W. S. VBAOKII, Sylvia, Kan C. E. SIDLINGER, THE Y DRUGGIST Prescriptions a Specialty. No. 17 North Main Street, Hutchinson REPUBLICAN^ MENTIONS, OonjrresHloiml. The Kepubllcan Congressional convention for the nomination of a representative for the Seventh district will be held In Kingman, J line lfi, JHiitt. run MKTIUCT OMSHK. I hereby announce myself a candidate for the olllcc of District Clerk of Reno county, subject to the decision of the Republican nominating convention. ?.. W. WHINKIIY. Von UISTHKT CI.EI1K. I am a candidate for the office of clerk of the district court of this county, subject to the dcclslotilof the Republican convention. J. A. tiBWIH. FOlt COUNTY RUI'KlllNTENDBNT. I hereby announce myself a candidate for the olllcc of County Superintendent of Public Instruction, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention. QASPKII "EDWARDS. Grove township. KOK SUl'EltlNTKNUBNT OF I'UIII.IC INRTIt TION. To the Republicans of Reno County: 1 am a candidate for the offlce of County Superintendent of Public Instruction, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention. W. W. PAYNE. Stntn Com'imtlon. The Republican state convention will be held In Topeka. June .10, INI),'.'. County Convention. Tne Republicans ot Reno county. Kansas, will meet In delegate convention In the cltv of Hutchinson, on Saturday, theilllrd day til .luly, lHO'J. at the hour of 10 o'clock a.m., tor (he purpose of placing in nomination candidates for; Clerk of the District Court Probate Judge. County Attorney. County Superintendent One Commissioner fro njlssloner District. Delegates to the convention shall be elect- by the several wards and voting precincts at primaries duly called by the county central committeemen of. their respective wards and voting precincts. The basis of apportionment of delegates to the said county convention will be one delegate-at-large for each voting precinct In the county, and one delegate from every twenty-live (25) votes or fraction thereof, and one alternate for each delegate, cast for Hon. Prank L. Martin for Judge at the November election, 1801. Under which rule delegates are an- portioned to tbes -vera! voting precincts as follows: FOR HIIPKIIIMTENUIUIT OF I'UllLIO INSTHUC- TtON. I hereby ancounce myself as a candidate for the offlce of Superintendent of Public Instruction of Reno county, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention, to be held July inns. CHAS. P. DAWSON, Abbyvllle, Kan Westminster township. FOIt rriODATE JUDOE. 1 am a candidate for the offlce of probate Judge, subject to the decision of the Hepub llcan county convention. J. A. FONTKON. he was elected In 1884. The Sun explains the strange infatuation of Democracy for CI.KVKI.ANII us follows: "In the view of Mr. CI.KVEI.AND and his worshippers,£the Democratic party •xists to glorify OIIOVKH CI.KVEI.AMI. The country may not choose to elect him, but that makes no difference so long- as the party has fulfilled its duty by nominating him; and it is distinctly more creditable to be drubbed ignominiously with him than to elect anybody else. Mr. CI.KNKI.AND , as out­ valued Mlflsonri contemporary should know, is the mugwump religion, the stuffed prophet, the mugwump Mn- HAiiMKi). What do he and his fanatical followers care about carrying New York? Just about as much as a Afflhiy running amuck cares about the American I'cacc .Society." and alternates alone will probably be numerous enough to fill both the ground floor and balcony of the opera hduse. The New York delegation will reach tiere on Monday on a special train, and the Urooklynitcs will come in a cnuplOjOf hours Inter. Over 1,000 people from Ituffalo alone have engaged quarters. > DIFFERENT VIEWS, from the Third Com- FOK COUNTY ATTOKNKY. 1 hereby submit my name to the Republicans of Reno county for a renomlnation to the offlce of county attorney, subject to the decision of the Republican convention. Z. h. WISE. Mr. HOI.MAN has been driven to de clare "an increase in the revenues i indispensable if the expenditures are to continue on the basis of the present session." As long ago as April, 18IH, Senator COCKKKM ., of Missouri, a Democrat, foretold that the expenditures of this congress must inevitably be what they proved to be—namely, greater than those of the "billion-dollar congress." And yet Mr. Hoi .MA .v and a horde of his fellow- Democrats came to Washington howling about the extravagance of the "billion-dollar" congress, und I vociferating for ' 'retrenchment and re-' form." They went promptly to work to puss a free-wool bill, a free-binding- twine bill, a free-cotton-tie bill and are talking of still further measures to cut oft' tariff duties, without the slightest regard to the needs of the revenue. ' The truth is now disclosed to the American people that the whole programme has been one of buncombe and pretense anil was not in any particular a sincere project of legislation. The Democrats must either admit that or that their legislators are arrant fools. Albion Arlington Hell.. castleton Center Clav Kntcrprlse — ilrant -1 i;rove Haven Hayes llunlsvlllc... bangdon Lincoln...... Utile UWer. I.oda Med ford' Medora Nlnnescah. . Plevna.. Reno North :2 Heno South 4 K.)8coe '.' Salt Creek Sumner . :i|Sylvla "Troy Valley Walnut Westminster. . • Hutchinson— First Ward.. Second Ward Third Ward . Fourth Ward U Nlckerson— First Ward 5 Second Ward Ti Third Ward 4 Cardinal Olhhons and ltlsliop Keane Disagree us to Dr. Pnrkliurst's Methods. WASHINGTON , May 28.—Communicants of the Catholic church in this city are awaiting with intenest further developments in what promises to be strained relations between Cardinal (iibbins and Hishop Kcane, president of the Koman Catholic university, growing out of the recent reception to Dr. l'arkhurst, who has eome into public prominence by reason of his raids upon the New York dives. The New York divine was invited here to lectuure by a number of leading citizens, and invitations to scats on the platform were extended among others to the cardinal and bishop. Cardinal tiiblHJrts in response wrote a letter, in which he expressed his regret at his inability to be present, but in liberal language expressed his approval of the j crusade upon which Dr. Parkhurst had entered. A letter was also received from Bishop Keane, but so far from being in accord with the cardinal that eminent ecclesiast intimated in directed lnngunge that he would not sit on the same platform with Dr. Parkhurst. und otherwise expressed himself so strongly that those in charge of the proceedings retrained from reading it. Somebody or other has taken the trouble to convey the facts to the cardinal, and although It is contended on behalf of the bishop that he did not know at the time the letter was written that the cardinal had already committed himself with pen and paper favorable to Dr. l'arlc- hurst's crusade, it is nevertheless certain that the relations between the two dignitaries will not be as cordial for a while us they have been in the past. CARDINAL RED SHOES. . .... FOR INFANTS—In sizes from 2 to 4J. FOR CHILDREN—With spring heel, in sizes from 5 to 8. JUST RECEIVED and now shoe department. on sale in our DON'T FAIL to try a cake of the celebrated Buttermilk Soap, at the special low price of 10c per cake. BLACK UNDRESSED MOUSQUETAIRE of good $1.50 quality, only $1. 1 AMERICAN TOURISTS. The committee recommends that the primaries in townships be held on Thursday, July 21st, JHHtf, from s io 4 p. in., and in the cities of Hutchinson and Nlckerson on Thursday. July '.'1st. 1 from 7:.')0 to K:.'I0 n, m. And It Is further recommended that at the same time and place, the voters elect the same number of delegates and alternates to nominate one member of the legislature from the Seventy-sixth legislative district; and one member of the legislature from the Seventy-seventh legislative district, and as the Third ward of the city of HutchliiHon is In the Seventy-sixth district, that the legislative convention be held In the idly of Hutchinson on same day, via: July 2:1, IHll'J. and that each voting precinct elect one member to serve on the central committee for the ensuing year, By order of the Republican County Central Committee, JKO. 1J. VIMUKMT, Chairman. J. jr. STOUT. Secretary. The Republican county central committee having recommended in the above call that the heventv-sevenlh district Republican convention, comprising the townships of Hayes, Sylvia, Grove, liel), Loda, f^angdon, Arlington. Westmh ster, Plevna, tluntsvlllc, Enterprise. Salt Creek, Heno, Grant, Medford and Walnut, and the Third ward of the city of Hutchinson, he held In Hutchinson Saturday, July 2:ird. we, the committee elected for the old Ninety-third district, ratify said recommendation and hereby loin in the call, and name the hour of I o'clock of said day as the hour of meeting, and that the various townships and wards shall he entitled to the sauie representation as they have in the county convention as above. A. I). CHAIIIIB, M. II. POTTKII, QBO. AVBHY, Committee, v HoiuiturlHl Convention. , A delegate convention of the Republicans of the Thirty-sixth senatorial district of Kansas will be held at Hutchinson on Monday, July SHi, 1H1I2, at 11 o'clock a. m. to nominate a candidate for state senator from said district. At said convention each voting precinctin said district will be entitled to one delegate at large and one additional delegate for each 100 voles or a major fraction thereof cast for Hon. William Hlgglns for secretary of atate In 1KI10: Provided that no delegate can give a proxy to anyone outside the precinct for which he Is elected. Pride Gratified; Result, Profit. At the great Columbian Exposition there will be representatives from every notion of the earth, n Each will dress in a style peculiar to his country, and have on exhibition there a display of his products, both natural and manufactured. It will be the greatest display ever made by the people of the planet. Every Kunsan should begin to prepare to spend a few weeks in Ch cugo next year. The cost will be reduced to the minimum and none will be too poor to attend. It is the opportunity of a lifetime, and will give those attending the advantage of an inspiration of exceeding value for the remainder of his career. Everybody has heard of the sin of omission of the last legislature in not making an appropriation for the "World's Pair" until he is tired, his condemnation being so settled. But the bright, progressive citizens of the Sunflower Empire have determined that they will see Kansas represented, and that proudly. To do this will require money, and that money must be the free offering of a proud people. Reno county has its portion in this contribution. Energetic and capable women have planned to raise a large part, if not all of Reno county's share by means of u magnillcent entertainment, lasting three days and nights, at the great auditorium. Most extensive preparations are going on to make these days und nights of pleasure to every visitor. "The Oatcs" will be a panorama of the costumes of the people of the world, with a programme consisting of dialect and character songs and recitations from the representatives of the various nations, this together with classical, vocal and instrumental music and other attractions. Every cent paid by those attending, whether participating in the entertainment or not, will be parsed directly to the contribution fund without loss. Every citizen who has pride or an interest in Kansas should attend. Its objeet uppeals to onr pride of city, county and state, and in this instance gratification of pride will result in profit. .1, IJ. CKOUCH editor of the Hutchinson Times, is determined that there shall be a Democratic candidate for congress in the Seventh district. That is right CROUCH and we glorv in your spunk. We do not see how men can call themselves Democrats who arc willing to support SIMI-SON for congress.—Salina Herald (Dem.) Astronomers have discovered that the planet Mars is thirty miles but ot its orbit. There is no cause for alarm, however. There, are political lights in this country who are further off their base than that.—New York Press. THE CELEBRATED French C. C. fast black hose is the best 50 cent article in the line. Our prices only 33 cents. Under said apportionment the various jireclncts are entitled to the following number of delegates: KINOMAN COITNTV. Allen 1 Delmont 1 liennett 2 I'anton. Gplcaskla... D*le, Dresden.... Kag'e Rvai 1 ?-- (ialejburg. llOOSliC Klngu,»n.. Liberty •• • NiuncBC'^h • .' Eureka Rural Richland Rochester .. Union Valley Vlulta White. I'UATT Haiynt»vlV 1 ' 1 Caruil 1 luk:v ".2; WeslNiron.— • I East Nunm. •• -1 McClelland 1 Logan l| North \alley... 1 South Valley 1 McPnemm I City of Kingman— FHrst ward 2 Second ward 2 Third ward 2 Fourth ward 1 COUNTY. Saratoga. North Senter. South Center 2 Klchland 1 Banner 1 Sprtngvale 1 (I rant 1 Kim 1 1'axtou 1 Gove 1 IIKJO coiINTy. Albion llNorth lleno 1 2|South lleno a 1 Uoscoe 1 1 salt Creek 1 'Sumner I •Jsvlvla ' 1 'alley... 2 Valmil 1 AVMmlnster .1 ilNlkt l'son— i irstward 8 i scoiwl ward 2 •-, Tlii'd ward 2 •^""tuliisutt— ward 4 d ward » ward II "ward :l Ion will he Cleveland and New York. The Kansas City Times recently declared, "Mr. Ci .EVEi.tAND should be able to judge the prospects in New. Yorlt." To this the Now York Sun replies "Mr. CI.KVBI,AS ]> has no prospects in Now York. He has only retrospects.' Continuing, the Sun declares "Mr. CLKVELAJJD'S present theory and condition make it necessary for him to leave New York out of consideration. 'What do we care for New York?' is the question the mutineers are raising." CI.VKLAND has about as many chances of carrying New York as ex-Senator BLAIH has of being emperor of China, and his friends, if they nominate him for the presidency, must figure the eloctorah vote of that state on the Republican side. But CI.KVKI.ASD nor no other Democrat can lose New York state and still be elected. It is beyond the range of probabilities. This is understood by the Democratic leaders, most of whom discredit the nomination of a man whose defeat is a foregone conclusion. ; The Democratic party is noted for its propensities to blunder, and the record will bo maintained this year, Their only hope of success is in the nomination of some unknown man suoh as GIIOVKU CIJSVUXAKP was when Wedding lit Great ltend. UIIKAT HKNP , Kan., May IJ8.— [Special.)—An event of social importance in Ureat Bend last week, and of espe- eial interest to a great eircle of of the contracting parties, was' lihe wedding at the bride's home last Monday evening, at which time Mr. Isaac W. Jones of Dodge City, and Miss Arsula M. Benedict of Great Bend, were made man and wife. The bride is a niece of \Y. H. S. Benedict, a prosperous and popular merchant of your city, and is quite well known here. Aside from being one of the most charming and entertaining young ladies in Great Bend, the bride bears the proud distinction of being the first white child born in Barton county, Kan. The happy couple passed a portion of their honeymoon in the beautiful city of Nashville, Tenn., wherc~Mr. Jones attended the annual meeting of the National Order of Railway Telegraphers, to which convention he Avas an honored delegate, •• Upon their return the happy couple will take up their residence at Dodge City, where Mr. Jones is connected with the Santa l^e Railroad company. Many friends extended congratulations to the young couple, and the list of presents represented both the elegant and useful. Among the numerous gifts we enumerate the following: Solid silver cake basket.Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Wiley. ' Set solid silver napkin rings, the Misses Tina and llena Towers. Set silver dessert spoons, Miss Bernice Benedict. Set silver knives and forks, parents of the bride. Silver sugar bowl, W. II. 8. Benedict and wife. Napkin ring, Mrs. Mary Metjberry. Solid silver tea set, Ed. Hubbard, of Park City, Utah. Parlor Bet, mother of the groom. Set of toilet mats, Mrs. Plagler of Topeka. China table set, Mr. and Mrs. John Campbell. ' Carving knife and fork, Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard. Fancy table cloth; Win. Cole. Fancy to wols, Mrs. Cheney, Pair of fancy towels, Mr. and Mrs. Felix Gunning. They Will Travel More In the West and Less In Kurope. NKWYOHK , May 2S. —Although the travel to Europe during the present spring and summer promises'to be very large, it will not, according to present indications, come up to the expectations formed by the steamship agents a few months ago, and the average will not exceed, even if it equals that of 1SU0 and 181)1. This is accounted for in a large measure, according to the tourists' and other traveling agencies, by the fact that wealthy Americans are generally realizing the fact that they might as well see all they can of their own country, instead of going abroad to seek the minor sights of Europe. The tourist travel this year to the far west, as a result, gives indications of being unprecedented. Colorado especially will have far more than its share of summer visitors, including some of the wealthiest of New York, Boston and Philadelphia residents, who, making their headquarters at Colorado Springs and its adjacent suburb' of Manitou will make excursions through the state and over the border-line, and through the mountains to the numerous points in that region. Among eastern people Colorado Springs particularly seems to have come into especial favor, not only as a summer recreation but as a health resort, and many of the most eminent physicians of the metropolis are recommending that place to their wealthy patients in preference to the Spas and health resortsof England and the continent. BALL'S AND DUPLEX CORSETS, and the genuine Jackson Waists, at lower prices than elsewhere here. INCREASING- SALES daily testify to the meritorious bargains offored at A. J. LUSK, Pres. C. II. MBNKE, Cashier. ,TNO. CHAPMAN, V. Pres. HUTCHINSON NATIONAL ~ BANK, HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. ' Capital, $100,000. -Surplus, $20,000. 's Wholesale Houses, R UDESILL & DAYKIN, Wholesale Queensware, Glassware, Cutlery, Lanterns, Fruit Juts, Etc, Close prices to dealers. Mail orders solicited and carefully filled. The Hawaiian Lefflalntnre SAN FRANCISCO , May 28. —The latest steamer advices from Honolulu are to the effect that in accordance with the proclamation of .Queen Liliuokalani, the Hawaiian legislature will assemble in regular session to-day, being opened by the queen in person. There are three contestants for the presidency, Henry P. Baldwin, W. 0. Smitliand .lohn D. Walker. After the election of officers an adjournment will be taken for one week. One of the most important subjects to come before the body will be the question of annexation to the United Slates. This matter has been agitated. here for the past six months, and will be given legal standing by means of a resolution requiring the legislature to submit the question to a vote of the people. The sugar planting and other in terests have been carrying on an active campaign in favor of annexation, and if the matter is submitted to popular vote there is no doubt but what it will carry. Whether the United States will admit the islands into the union is another question, but wmL^tlTe^'nou^to HARDWAREand IMPLEMENT GO. matter when admission is sought 204 North Main and 8 Second Avenue East. T^ARKEE & TJPDEGRAFF. Wholesale Dealers In Butter, Eggs and Poultry. PROP'RS OF QUEEN CITY CREAMERY- First avenue caift, Woodard block, and 417 South Main. F I TfcALLARD, SEYERANCE & CO., Wholesale Notions and Fancy Goods. No. 10 Second Ave. East. Close Prices to Dealers. compliance with the. people. demand of the in I I Wholesale Dealers in h« H SHELF AND HEAVY HARDWARE College Athletics. NEW YORK , May 28.— Over five hundred students representing twenty or more colleges and universities are participating to-day at Manhattan field in the seventeenth annual meeting of the Intercollegiate Association of Amateur Athletes of America. There are fourteen contests including running, walking, lifting, weight throwing and bicycling. It is anticipated that numerous records will be broken. Harvard is expected to take a majority of the points, with Yale second, Princeton third, and Columbia fourth. Anti-IIUI DemoeruU. SVBACUSK, N. Y., May 38.— Although the anti-Hill Democratic convention does not assemble until next Tuesday delegates are already beginning to arrive. The convention will probably be held in the Alhambra as the delegates Gone to Part*. NEW YORK , May 28. —Among the passengers on the French line steamer which soiled for Havre to-day were Mrs. J. Coleman Drayton and Mrs. WU- liiunAstor. They go direct to Paris where Mirs. : Astor has secured a residence and where it is expected they will remain f.or. several years to come, n Farm Machinery and Salt Supplies. 114 North Main Street. Telephone 1,73. rALL & WALL, Wholesale Carpets and Draperies. Only Exclusive House ot the Kind West of the Mississippi River. No. 24 South Main Street. PureDistilWaterk ] Orders received at the factory, uve- ill ffUTCHINSON WHOLESALE GROCER CO., Wholesale Groceries. Seoond avenue east. Telephone Ko. : 79. E. VAUGHAN & CO., Manufacturers of and wholesale dealers in Flavoring Extracts, Rock Candy Syrup and Soda Fountain Sup plies. 406 North Main St. ' Orders received at the factory, avenue C east, at Kanago's store, Main street, by telephone No. 43, or by 'the |\1 JOODRUFF & SON, drivers of our'wagons. This ice is greatly superior to any other, and the most economical for any purpose. Speeial facilities, for shipping. Correspondence solicited. Mall orders promptly attended. 11/ MANUFACTURERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS TK THE II WOODRUFF OUITARS & MANDOLINS 1 I Office, 11 and 1154 Sherman Street east, Hutchinson, Kansas. 1 ' Agents wanted In every town in the United Statea. Hutchinson, Kausus. II. WILDER, WHOLESALE DEALER IN ICE CREAM AND CANDY. , Mall orders promptly tilled. Can furnish Cream In any quantity or style. 5S'J South Malu, Hutchinson, Kansas.

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