Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 13, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1912
Page 3
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. THEJOIAIIAILY3EGISTE1U WEDNESD^ 13,1912. MiU S I G ! TO-NIGHT! —OorMenufr— * " • ' contain our complete 'Luncheonette and es- ;j)ecially fine Hot-and :Cold Soda semce. porris & Howard's Prescription Driipclsts iPbone 47«' . Frw Ih-Hvrry A I mamDB WAN!t HOC IN WILSON CiBINET ' li. M. Colp went to llmiilM.lilt this afCernoou oa Juisinrss • -rVr. O. L. Cox, Ornllst - ; 3\ F. SaiiGoii wont ii» linlf|n.'iul<'tuv tiis nficrnoon on imsinoss • -4-Far eomaloto Unf> ot nnrsory S U K V iH >e;J. X. JacKson. Thoiic 11841. I . W. I.. WoUs, who has hcoti iinv and HJi • I'nlontown on hiisinrss rcnirnoii to his honi(> In Colony this aftcrncon •"-4Dr. n. L. HendrlrV!). Old Conn HOMO. Calls ans^w«rrd dny or night Grant Colby left this afiornoon tor Oklahoma points on business. • '. J, L. Hill, of Topckn. who haw \)>.fu l?er* on business w<>i>t to Channt< tbi> afternoon. I "-rltrn. Hall A Hall. Osieopatbn «reIeplionP8 ISO. Ml. •Mrs- R ThomiiKon. who ha? boon visllinchj-r dauslUrY Blanrho in Col. llnsvljle rofurnod heme last nislit. -4 -Extr^»low jirlcps on new and used tJas and Coal Slovps Ktl Honnpngpr. West Madison. '_G. M. Stafford w«'nt to Chorryvalt 'till safternoon to visit fri<nds I Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Tiiom of (."lia J\li\jc, who have been hero | visiliur Mrs. Thorn's mother, rriurned hoinr this afternoon. :.Vr .5, tixwrcnco MiKienian. of t'ol linbvillc. who has b<'on here visitini; frl«!ndB returned hon;e tliis aft<rnoon Kirs J. W. I>el .Mpl ;,ln went to l"l\.r ^yy'ale this afternoon to vUit nlatixes ; Mrs R. C. llodtnond wi -ni to Cli:i lime this-afternoon lor .« vi.^it wiil' mends. She was ii t)int city by Mrs. M. 1. Miii!nn.> o; i Mr'n .V: \V, pttiitor.l wrni' to tW» BfteruiHin to vlhit frioniti' ; The m'h <Mil board at IIK ' ii -uuliU )]nni)thly ^CHitlnit mudi' all tin KIIKI c»)ts \u\\\\\y by KfUliiis afldc th. ^fter Tha^k^|slOlltt lioli;la.\ TMr!«: O 5? XViilierK i <r \\\\.<\. *,ho has hei'ti tier<- vi.-;il!im ir;,-tiils f t'Urned home this .i(i< iiuion. M. Fulton; of Chaiiiitp. who lia- b^n here visIfinK his IHOIIHT Mrs .1 H. Fulton, went to Colllns\i!l.- !i <r ahcirjioon. i Mr. C K. IJenton. :itinnii-y tor lli' ^ Missouri I 'Hcifir and a Itiuiini; altor- ytfiy of Ft. Scott was herp on luisiii.<:s |. '^ay. . . *• T. G. Thpm}->son. who has l>oiii coii- R -'..'itruction engineer at ih- IOIH I'ort- l*nd 'or the tiast few months, lift lo- j| tfay for Hannibal, Mo., when' he wii; . )jf accept a similar position wiih tht j ^tlas Cement company. ; J. B. Kirk, of the Kiik Gas and ^roeltin^ company, who has been suffering since Sunday with a severe at- finek of the grippe SB not yet able to iesve his bed. . Judge oiist completed ilu work wait , •log for,him at Yates Center >cst <Tday «Dd returned to lola Ia« iiiKht. He • A^lll hear several matters it? ehatn- • J^rs here and will hold nn adjourned 'cei>8lon<Of court here Friday and Sat- iirday. ;. \Vord hna been receh. d titnn lloy Stover that his. sliip. the Viekshiirf;. ^aa been ordered to S;iu Frunt li>»o > tad that he exiKt-ts to arrive'in loin S thin a couple of weeks for a vihll th.hli liarcnU, Capt. msd Mrs T. S Stover. It h»» l>een two or tiuee .^^raiincA he .hai* bevn liome and Ills VflattvM and irlcuds will be inlithty ^glad to see l>Itn. .... - . An loMC man believca tiiatkDjr'mau who wUlread Presid«ni Taft's apeteh to the Oaugfaters o fthe Confederacy wiU.-have.a>lin«erlag regret that. Mr. Taft is not to remain' President four I^V'inr^T|toe^ji!(mt-.the day cutting tlmbera«P.: the ia^xw"." ' The Hlldebranl "boys'iTiite ptirc^sed <j.a, saw apdfven .Hay Xot Believe U Powlble Hut with thii'iaumerous trees' vte being I converted Itite lumber and thia was what occupied Mr. Trine. Rella WaUt. xVenda of RolU Wella, of St Loulj^ are trying to make Gov. WU- •oa ae* that the Mlaaourt nutn wouM be a very happy aelectlon for the cabinet. Wells la one of the tdg Democrata of the "abow jna" atata and waa treaaurcr of the Oeaao- cratlo national committee during tbo recent campaign. It la believed that Wilson will go to St. Lottla for one of bla cabinet membera. , Bx-Oov. Joseph W, Folk, of the Mlaaourt metropolis, la alao mentioned for a •eat In the oert preaMenfa official tamllTt Miss Edith I.eavitt of Geneva, who has been liere visiting friends, returned home this afternoon. J *—• Misses Mablo Brew<T and Ruth Oil- Ijerson went to Carlyle thi§ afternoon for a visit with friends. ('. A. Hees, leen luire ISeneva this afternoon. ?, of Dallas, Tex., who has ^ visiting friends, went to " Mr. and Mis. .1. K. .\nderfion. of Mol ten, la., arrived here this afternoon to make their home. Mrs Ed Shore of visitor here today. Carlyle was a K. Washburn. of\ Ottawa, who has lw^«n liero visiting his.sQJi, C. I.. Washburn, returned home this afternoon. Miss Grace MeCariy. who has been iiere visiting her parents, returned ;o Haker I'niversity this afternoon. Mrs. G I.. Patterson, of Lawrenre, Alio has Invn here on business re- •uriied home this aftt-rnoon. A jifka Grant went to Ottawa and To- ihis afternoon. •loliu lliiiehln.'.on. who was form- .•rl.v a grocer in Eu«t lola. later a •ial'':>iuaii out of Kaiisu* City, in now n i'.iiidticlor on I Ills linmch of the M. K \- T Mr, lluicliiii|w>ii sayit that lust «>«'li li'' «'iii« on II run from C«l- 'loiiila 11,).'Florida wliUli look pracll- i':i|lv :\veek. ,\1 .1 (Ml lyU' '.iili->'r .'Hid .1 r Hiiirlsi* •MT in town loiliiv 1 W Sioiit, ot »'oiri".v\ill.- Willi h.itt li. eti 'i. |-i on hil>iin-.^;i Wriil to XaiisaK ri'.»" '111,- aflerii 'Witi, Mr .'^'I". W,iln<r. ol .'^t .loscpli. Mo., IS \l,-:lliiig .Mrs. .1. II, Kers'-y. .T '. H ;iriNil Ft. :>'-ott. was in tin •iiv i.idjy lietw.eil trains eiiroule to Colony. Ml S. W Sainuwl.s. of .-^pringtield. Mo . who has l>e<-ii here on business r turnrij hiinn this nioiniiig Tin- Civics cl.-tss In'the high school has l'''.'ii seiidii!!; oiii copies of their Eami 'le ballots to other s<liools and some of til" l.allots re«'eived in return are v.r> interesting. jGfet Ready for,the 6uail Season— ; we're right on the edge of it Look-to your Gun •an^Aimnunition Sort Tile Globe has been over tive. weeks KCtting tli -ir new awning in shape, v.iiich was completed this morning. TliP tiout oi 'tlip store has a \cry mel- rop(»litan aiipcarance^^ W S Dick 'rson. of uortli of Carlyle was :n the city tgduy. Howard Davis is still walking owing to the fact that his motorcycle has not yet returned from the factory where it was for repairs after heing damaged In fi lire. .\*, the office of I'rolmte Judge SinlUi •UU afternoon. A. .M.'^^'louKh and Mrn. N'ancv .1. Coni!>;h, both of Chunule, vi'ie iiiariicd Tlie grotmiH first wife, t ts ^ll !(i. was u sister <»f .Mrs. Con- righ. ill district court *uit lius been tiled by ll^over Kerr to quiot title to lot ID. blvH -k 34 in lolu. Away buck in I'Vbiuury IS"I. before Hoover was lM >rn, and therefore without any blame 1 aitiichiug to him. a luortgage for a small amount was given by the then owner. Franklin Hays, to N. E. D. ilowler. This has never been released of record and the suit is to clear up the title. Nobody knows where Howler or his heirs are, nor whether he Is still living. Two Humtwldt inolorUts drove to lola this afternoon to do tlieir shopping. Query: Should the mcrobens of the Mileage'Buread pay for the gasoline used in .the trip, as they pay the mileage of those- who'^ime on the railroad^? • • •, ,. Charles Bpughton, of the Registef force, has broke into print la the Univereity ,Kansan, as correspondent for the lola, high~8chpol, which does well to be rcpresehted in that periodical. , , The county ir/L contains nine'regu­ lar-boarders- the uumlior having,remained stationary and the personnel unchanged for several moniha. Tht unusual feature of the guest list is that three .of them are women, twc colored and one. white It is not that they arc fond of the place, but circumstances over which they have no control compel their continued sojourn ^here. ^ The new 119 ,000 Methodist, church at Garnett was dedicated Sunday. Dr. T. C. Cliff, of Denver Colo., had the services in charge. The building is Stjx'n feet, built of brick, and contains twelve class rooms, primary class roonts. pastor's study and choir room. The sreating capacity of the new building is eoo. ,1. Q. McAfee, of Garnett. Is the contractor and builder of the new church. Register re.iders will recall the dis patch which told of the killing of several r. S. Marines when oui^ government took a hand in quieting the trouble in Nicar.igua. One of the boys killed was Ralph V. Bobbett, of Nevada, Mo. The body arrived In Nevada Saturday and lay in state until Sunday, under a military guard Over I'.OlMl people attended the Impressive funeral ceremony Sunday, the services beiiig rendered impressive "by the presence of a military escort and a military band. While In Kansas City the hotel lllen adopted a resolution favoring the admission of foreign beef free of duty Thi> packers arc blamed for the high cost of meats. Another suggestion was that all hotels bar veal from (heir menus, and thus put a at.op tc the killing of calves, and thus aid in restoring the supply of beef. mrisiKiOQO so WHEAT S.t«GEJ> BK( AUStj THE Sl'X SHOXK I> AROESTl.XA Hog<. Are Quoted Ten Hieber in the Kan.<uu City Market. never raing but It i>our*. With the regular Register pressman out ol town, today was the busiest day th« big press has had In years. The forr noon was consumed in running bills for the Frlshman sale. At 2-o'clock the llrsf run on todays Issue of th< Register went on and as soon as i; was off the second run started Thanks to the smart and observing kids" who absorb knowledge In th< press room, the work went forward with slight delays^ , Attention. Triple Tie. —To the members of the Triple Tit lodge: There will be a special meeting Thursday night at the A. O. I'. W hall. C. II, Griffith, supreme preai dent, of Ft. Scott- \ L. Woodford, past oiipreme president, of Burling ton and t;. II. l4«mb. o; Vates Center, will be present to address the mem bcrs. At the dose of the meeting refreshments will besetved. The |iub- lic Is invited. KANSAS INSrKA>t'K HATKS. The supreme court Saturday did inlHMMl the aiiiMnisi »iiU biiiughi rtguinsi all uf lite lite lUHuraiitv cuiii< panloH operating In Kiinsao live .vt>«iri ago hy .Vtlnrney General Fred S. Jack- foil to enejoln Wmw (roiii using the rates of the Kldrldge raling hureuii ) lie MiiH ntiN against (he Ai .'tiin Fti><{ Hisufance coiiipnny and seventy-llv<? oiiicr lire companies. The court hold>(, that (lie new Kansas insurance law (•o\ci'.-. the ground that was sought tc be covered by the injunctipn. Tht I 'oiiijianics were charged with being In a cumbinatlon In restraint of tradi effccteil by the uSf of the rating booki jiHd schedules published by Charles K Eldridgc of Topeka. The charge wai made tliat this was an unlawful me, hod for the maintenance of tire insurance rates and tended to advancr such rates by eliminating competition The district court denied the Injunc- :ion and t !ic case w-as ajipealed to the supreice . court. While the suit w^s penuiii.i tlic legislature enacted a law aiving the slate superintendent of Insurance the same power of regulating tire in.s;:rance rates that the publU utilities commission has over freight rates. The supreme court in ordering the suit dismissed held that since the new insurance law gave the state the same relief which it sought by the injunction, that the suit was no longei necessary—Topeka Capital. (By the AaaoclAted Press) Cblcago. .Nov. 13 —Argentina reports zt Kenefally.good weather 'sagged the wheat market. "The-opening tvas unchanged to Kc off. December started at Sn\c to SS%c, a shside to %fii V4c Jown, and sank to Sc. IWH8AT—Close: Dec. S83»«; .May M(§»4H: July 90U. CORN—Close: Dec. i^^c; May 48%, -fuly 4fiM<§%. OATS—Close: Dec. 30 >i <S30«ji: May •2V5ei: iuly 32M:®32%c. PORK-.Ian SlS.-n; May $18.30; •LAUD—Jan. ?lfi .(;2 'i; May $10.30. Kan.^^aN City Grain. City. .Nov. IC.—Cash W'.ieat, .narket unchanged to !c lower. No. 2 lard, SStiSac; .No. :!. S2riS4>4; .No. 2 ed, tt^Si i.oj: Sn. iUfi CI OSC-A Dec. S2«iffi.S2i,,j; May .ST'i. COIl.N—.Market, old unchanged, new V4 to;l'-.-c lower .No. 2 mixed, o\u ".4Xj'Ttnew r .mif .-.2; .No. o!t| My*. •rned .•.l'...ifi.".2; No 2 wliite. old ">3'a.">|. new .".1(1 "2; .Vo old ("..'.ir.'fi. new ."..iu. C.|n.-;e- Hec. l-.-'-vi .M.iv tti-ti. i»4t;>i: July 4r.%»i tT. OATS- Market uiK-hanged. No. 3 white. :i2u«i :t:!: .\o. 2 mixed. :v.';.i;'.:i RYE—rndutngiHl. KanHa>i Clly l.hpslork. Kansas city. .Nov. K! CATTLE, rc- •elpts t; Olio. .Market ten .'ents higher Native steers St ;.2."> ii in r.'': cows and 'leifers JH .-M"! N ^•o(•l^< is and feeders ?l..".iitfi T 2-'.: I'lills $4 •'OriM.."<0: -alves $.">..".0/{i lO.iH' HOGS—Receipts :>.i ''e Market ."k- o V\- hicflier. lleav> JT Tr.^i 7.S.->; •aclier.- and buy-'.' is $7 t'.i'ft light \6 0')(niM). Chlrago Livesturk. Chlcneo, N.jv i;;—CATTLE, re- •eipts 20 ,000. .Marki'l steady to a shade 'nwer. rieex"- 'Jofi !•> i;.".; stockers md feeders $4 l«''<f T.I": <'ows and iclfers $2.7r.'Si T 2.'> HOGS—Receiiits r ,<'.0 "o igiio- Mgbt JT.t'Kf 7.:>e HUM:,: heavy $7 :!•'.7i S 10. .Market l.".c mixed $7.4.' Knn<tn« City Prndure. Kansat) City, No\. l;!-Mutter and •;g«H unchanged. Hay and llioomcorn unchanged. Lead and Spellrr. St, Unils. Mn. .Nov I:; Lead, narki t dull. $1 '."i ;spelter, market irm ;.t $73»t. Local Markets. rro<lnct quolatiuns furnished daily. )y Coghill Commission Company: ni 'TTER-21e per i>ound. EtJGS—24c per dozen. POITLTRY—Hens. •)»*,.<•; cock.-;. 4c; springs, !i'<.c; ducks, lOi-; geese, .1c: •urkeys. .No I. 14c: .No 2, Ittc; old "«-*m8 !oc: guineas. 20c each, Bril >OM COR.N—$60 to $ltio por ton HOUSE HIDES"$2.00 to $2 7.>. BEEF HIDES—10c. .\s to the |>oll tax. the women need not worry about It unless the legislature should get funny and make Iheiii Inble, .-Vs the law now stands It dtM<» tot include them. Section :u; chap- •»>r 24S. of the l.!iws of I!>11, in delln- Ing who 'uliiill pay n |ioll i!iv. nilHcnll- ed thai and In realltf a nmd tax. Hay»i •Thnt nil MALE permihii." etc So Ihni Mido that dlHeunylun !OQDPTHN'S !>AULDINQ CNE OE YALE'§ BEST Moulds of Bronze Age. The molds of the latter bronze ap w ere either of olay o- broDz<x In cas lug swords and dagr^rs of broni.e th molds must have been of clay aiii been heated tO|' dull redness at th- time when the ijaetal waa poured tn- a method of casting which is stll practiced in Jajpan—as by no olbei means could such perfect castings o thrlr thin bladek have been obtained The rjistlngs gJFnerally were ham mcred at the ptting edges, and li is to this hammering, and to it only that the hardness of the, cutting edge? of both copper and bronie weapoas U due, and not to any method of tern pering. Much has been written about the. so-railed art of tempering broBZ* mipposed to have been praetloed by the men ot the Bronze Ago in thr maBufspture of their wespow: th* hardnefia It also said to be ffreater than can given to the bronse at the present day. William Qowland has recently- {minted out that this if an error, and baa expressed the opln- loa.thatit can ;on^y have arlsan ow ing to its authors ner^r bavin- madr any eomparaUve ^practical t jsts ol thabardp^ broBca. How impoffant fit is: nothing else coiihts if your - clothes don't fit Our clothes are designed for us, by , HART. SCIiAiFNER & MARX. STEIN-BLOCH and ''SOCIETY BRAND on special models and measure' ments for men of every build, of every shape, for men ^ of regular figure, tall, short, stout, slender men; so many different kinds that .any man can be fitted. The whole point about fit is to know before-hand. You can't know with Made-to-Measure. You know in a few minutes with our ready- made'clothes. Your mirror or your family or friends will tell you. ' OXOATS, $16.SO and up. Other Good OXoats, $S0 to $^5 . SUITS, $18 and up. Other Good, SLltS '^$10 to $16.80 Wc Keep Your Suit Pressed FREE OF.CHARGE if You Buy it of Us. Munsing Underwear —the best fitting Union Suit Made. All grades and weights.' Men's $1 to $3 Boys';. ...50c to $1 New Location in the Famous Building. West Side Square We Pay Your Car Fare u FOUND IN OLD CORNERSTOflE Odd Things Thai Show the Progress That Has Been Made In Seventy- Five Years. I nill >?ll at Pnblir .lartlon, S milex we<>f and 3 railed NOBIII ef Iota, 9 nilli-> ooatb and 4 miles ea%t of Piiina. 7 miles northwest of Hnmboidt, oa Tuesday, November 19, 1912 lieglnnlng at 10 o'clock, a. m., Ibe follewlBg described properfyt An interesting service took place a few days ago at Portsmouth, N. U.'. in j connection with the opening of the re-: ctptkcle that waa In the cornerstone ' =r-rr—— —L_J _ - - -. . ; of the old church, which waa sold. H IIE.U» HOKSKK .l.M> MULES, when It was voted to build a new edi-; i bay mare, 7 years old. in foal to Ace-uptown. It was a picture of threes'Jack. wt. MOft; i black gelding. 6 years qnartera of a century ago that waa brought before the minda of the people as they took out the articles one- by one. .Among them was a copy of Zlon's Herald dated October 25. 1826. There was a quantity of British and Amerl old. wt. l."!00; I black fllley 2 years old. w(. llOU; 1 yearling mule; 1 span gray horses, wt. 230U; I black mare. -aafe lu foal. wt. 10.">0; 1 yeailing colt, e.xtra good. 7 HEAD OF ( ATTLE. _ _ . _ 1 fresh cow, '.V years old: 1 cow 3 can coins of thaVdate and earlier, as .vears old; 1 2-year-old heifer; 2 steer wail as some from other countries. A » '>*'fer calf; 1 suckling calf history of the church, records of i W HEAD OF HOtiS. prominent families connected with the society and a sketch of Portsmouth 1 Duroe male hog. 18 months old; 2 Poliinil China sows with'6 pigs each; and Its shipping were found. One of' ^, «»1 average 17.". lbs. each: the oddest things taken out waa a pa- '"""'l ''''°«'» w^'Rb'ng r.o per containing "dlreottons for making and Uiklng ometlc." At Qrai auch a document strikes one as humorous, but thore Is In it a forceful rommeniary on the wonderful chnngKS that have taken piaea In thrtte-qusrlera of a oentury, Whan It Is realUed thnt medical knowledga was In such a Btate at that time that directions of thia kind wart eonsld- ertnl ot sutnoiont tmportanco to bn plnred In the corenrstone o( a ohureh building, the great progress of these years Is eloquently emphaaized. I Printed prayers wore evidently In much favor, for the receptacle contained three prayers, two ot them for the success of the church." An F.iBM HTPLEXENTS, ETC. I Newton wagon. 3% inch; 1 Big Four McCormick mower; 1 Z-secUon 10-foot harrow; 1 disc cultivator with shovel attachment; 1 S-shovel cultivator; 1 4 -8horel cnltivator; 1 walking,' cultivator; 1 old'wagon; 2 14-incb walking plows; 3 good buggies; 1 corn planter. Avery; 2 sets double work harness; 2 sets.single harness; 1 Case lister, with planter; 1 14-lnch riding plow; 1 t2-lnch walking plow; G-lnch garden plow; I So. 2 Bluebell creani separator, nearly new. cost |60. 17a hedge posts; 200 chickens; 120-egg Incubator and brooder Old Trusty. 200 bu. corn in crib; my undivided Interest In 36 acres of kaffir corn In shock. TKUMS OF K.\l.i:—All aum* o( |t0.00 and under, cash In band. All turns over 110.00. a credit of 13 months will be given, irarchaser giving no<a with Bpjuoved Heeurliy. bearloK • per cent lnt«reat from data If paid wbea due. It not imtd when due to draw 10 per cent fron> date of sale, 4 par 6aiit discount for canh on credit sale*, No proiwriy to be roin,ov«U until settled for. I.UNril ON TIIK tUlOUNDa MeUllosraphy, Xfetollography, or the etudy of the biography bt structural metals, Is the new science now being studied by six eminent scientists from as many dtf- .ur.i.<,-uc« ferent countries, who are devoting other side light on Uie change that "''^••o the safeguarding of hu- the rejars bring-thls one in the ethical' *• realm-—is furnished by a lottery ticket U is one bearing the inscription: •I'nlon Canal Ixsttery Ticket. 141750. Portsmouth, 1826." It is safe to say that there will be no lottery Ucket la the new cornerstone! man life through removing the defecU th steel rails, girder beams and all manner of construction. According to H. H. Howe, the American member of the committee.. the stndy baa so far advanced that It la -now pof Bible to tell by what method every ste# , in the construction of a-piece of irteel *i waa accomplished. It is done by saw- K6EP UP GOOD OLD CUSTOM • --—h^—',^ «^ , _ ,, . ,,,,, /.«««i„„. ' brightness, treating it with strong ?eo ?<e of f"""*'' Villas* Continue observing the effect through the Thirteenth CentS^ microscope. Overheating in Z the Thirteenth Century. I furnaces, overcarboniiatlon. too rapid Captain tpauidlng. Capt Spalding of Tal*.. wbo was MBoa4ad to be ona ot ib« bast backs la ftntbaU last year, baa given a ggodaeo^t of bImseU this aeaaoiv •Bd la doulMlcaa ooe ot Yele'a iMst. B »<«M wsMMBe laiaat fiatindar'a wlUC Bromi. l>owe»er. by ~ B. wbo atafrad in at .^War The annual custom of horn dancing, <ald to date from the time of the Druids, w^as observed a few days at Abbots Bromley, SulTdrdBhlre. Villagers paraded the parish decked In fantastic robes. Some carried reindeer antlers, one rode a hobby horse. ! and others played accordions and trt- J angles. The principal resldencesv to ' the district were visited. I The mayor of the old Yorkshire bor- I ough of Richmond presented a bottle of wine to Arthur Edward Bayer of Harley Hill. Scotton, the fanner bringing the first boll ot newly tbresbed wheat Into Richmond market recant)^, j The custom, an aaelaat oa% waa re' tlved by Mr. William Ness Walker some yeara ago when ha was mayor. * MaintalBlag a custom dating back to the thlrte «nai ,eaatury, tba mayor, oor- , poratlon and town oBolala ot Ttvartoa I went through tba fDrmallty ot pro; claiming tba people'a right to tba towa , leat. a stream of water, last weak. ] The seven miles ooursa ot tba atraaa . was followed, the prpeassloB batog ; headed%by a aumber ot mm armed with pleka, ahovela. saws, bammara and crowbara with which to remore any obstrnction which might be fooad la tb'e stream. Tba bailiff proclaimed the people's right t) the laat. and tbaa near peBBlaa BBti baina.^libndbB U M U. or leaa constaat aaa.—Harpar'a Week' or too slow cooling and other errors In manufacture are easily detected. Mr. Howe says that the method would be suRcesRful in the study of a piece of Iron cast 2,000 years ago,' Origin of Christmas Tree. The Christmas tree is 'Buppoae4 to date from long before the Christian era, instead of from comparatively reoent times In Germani*. as is coin- monly thought. It Is said that at festivals to celebrate the ,wlnter to\* atice In ancient Egypt a palm tre «p waa used as a symbol of the eomplo- lion of the year. The palm tree waa said to put o\>t a spray a month, and the tree used at such celebratlona nrost have 12 shoots or branches io typify the year that had Just coma-to an end. Screens for C)«llata. 'Nearly all tba Important accessoriea ot the autonM\bUa are adaptable^ to the bicycle. One of these Is the windscreen, which Is aflixed to the handle, bar. It oonalata of two pieeaa ciyi^ ble.of bcliig adjusted as reijairad 'to libtit off tba wind and • duet Bi- eycltsu In Curope are faat adopting COTTAGE «R0Ti:. (E. Johnson). Nov. 12.-Mr. and Mra A| Uwe of Erie. Mr. and ,Mra. Cap. Pagh and Paul Howard took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Mort Pugh Sunday, Mrs. L. U Butler visited the latter part of the week with her daughter in Buffalo. Rev. McKeever closed a most successful B^les ot meetings Friday-evening: There will be preaching next Sunday. Tbe*. Ladies' Aid will meet^,at the church Thnrsday for an all day meet-^ ing. ••A man from lllinoia has bought the SO acres north of the church frbni Mr. Burtia and has also rented Mr. Burtis' farm where Mr^KQe lives. Mr. Kile will go to Colorado after his sale. Edna Jdhnjon visited Friday with .Mrs. Edna BuUer. The Ladles' Aid will have a dinner at the church Thanksgiving day and the men are expected to clean np the hedge fence. Everybody come and bring your dinners and axes. —A Lost Ad iB the R^ter flads K. - , ^. I this contrivanca. and it la predicted .tbera w»|baOMtoawry ajraasjjlabefoi «.loB« It wHl^be to man Rbtierts Roles of -====Ordcr==— Is rec'ognted as the best for Kumll meetings. KeedN PartlaMCBtary Kulr. for large bodleo. CaMhlBg*s XaBBol (as revised by J. J Ingalls) Is the oli^at authority on parllamenury law. .Ibliott's AatOBiobile Uw for motorists. Elwell a« Bridge / Its principles and rules of play. /PhyfeN lijm Wards Oftea Mb yroneBBced —new edition. And do«eBa.^dt other hand /books that .will help you. 'Buy '^heni at the bo<)katore. IMMil

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