Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 26, 1908 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1908
Page 6
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The Covina Argus COVINA. CA1.IF OPNIA. Entered at tlio Postoflicc Covina, Cai., . as second-class matter. ' Publisher! every Saturday by the Co- { vina Argils Publishing Company, Inc. I J. Jy. MATTHKWS Publisher SUBSCRIPTIONS: One Year in advance Six Months Three Months Sinple Copies $1.50 .75 .50 ADVRRTI8KMBNTS: T)ispiay advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. Iviners 5c per line each insertion. Legal notices £1.00 per inch first insertion, 50 cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA. Oec'.-mber2'>, 1WS. Harm; if) you and many of '<'in. Kings may dlo and courit.rlos may decline, bill, Santa Claim will forovor remain an InBtltntlon. Jrwlndalf!, our noighbor f)n On,' Wf'Hi ban bcfii gf)ing forward with urea! Kl.rldcH f)f l.'ilf;. Tli'') 1 '. IH nollilng bill j>iOH|ie,rity In niore, for any of Ilie lowim In llilH valley. A tu:w ffii'f.JII/.'ii 1 fifnir-.f-rn IIHH lif'/i organi/.ful wllh Covina men al the. holm. Th' 1 ArgiiH wishes iln-m nil KIK:- c.fSK. Tli'i C;if:lory will hardly be a Hliow place for toiiriHt.H, lif)Wf!Vf:r. The uncd in this number Wf;r<: furnishwl by the Thorpe Kngrav- ing ('oinftariy, Chamber of Omimorce Building, LOH Angclc^s. The photo- graphH wen; made, by (I. W. Tucker, the local jih<i\.t>ffrii[>hnr. Now l.hf! Jifixl. r:vf:nl. In KiiHlitr. K',\'.'.- tor millinery In Ihe (OaHl IH looked upon an In llf llglil of UK; "lir.'it (lovv- oi'H t)f H|iring." l!ut. fin Iho I'ac.Hie C'oasl Olfl Danifj Nal.ure <\<>cn IK, I allow any Hliai'lng up a.lf)tig her parllcnlar line. If. IK a |ilr>a.Hanl Ililng In Ililuk Ilial when tin; boy and girl Hl.arl. for Hf:hf)fil, tbfire, IH nt) dangfM' f)f their hiding eaiighf In terrible; HIHIW or tdcci HlonriH. Tluii'fi IH Illlli!!iio.e on account of illncHH t)i- bad wenllier reported In the Covina. Hchooln. When rain falln In Iho Kp|»''i' San Gabriel valley II leeches inlo llm noil It does not remain In Hlti.gnii.nt pools aflcr a niorm. (Jlilldron find ;io illlll- eully In falling iind lYo.from school ovon in (ho wotlen/. woalhor. Aiifl the ollfMl roadways proc 'de all possibility Of dtlSt III Klimiliei. CALIFORNIA, THE AAMiRICAN OALILEE. M KniTKKKANKAN waters lave the. land where the Savior of the world was born. The air is HO ft, there, the beautiful weather of the semi-tropics. You who dwell this Christmas-tide where the wind howls about the gables and chimneys; where the sleet and snow <irlvo bf.-forr; the galo Hko gleeful demons —would you like to spend your life in the American equivalent, for the country of the Havlor's birth? Today Chrlflf.'H birthday Is bolng celebrated In Southern California amid surroundings Identical with the place of Nativity, The cypress trees lino the roadways of Southern California; (he olive groves bend beneath the burden of their fruiting. Dates and figs and pomegranates are ripening even as these frill's camo to maturity along the shores of the blue inland sea of the East, and among the humble fishing villages of the Galilean coast. For Southern California and. the Holy f^aiul are practically In the same latti- mdo—thirty-three degrees north of the equator. In the Southern California groves the Jaffa orange and the Mediterranean Sweet, grow to better maturity than In their distant home. The friiltn which figure In the marvelous romances of the Bible, surrounding 'he life of Jesus Christ, aro thriving on this far-Western American coast. Today, In the homes of the American East, the rich may only enjoy the luxuries which the poor of California may have for the gathering. While you of the Eastern state's are gathered about your Christmas board, laden as It Is with all the traditional Christmas dainties, the Southern California family Is enjoying the luscious fruits and products of the garden. Strawberries and small fruits appear on the Christmas board. The garden yields to the Callfornian for Christmas more edible tilings than the Easterner can enjoy at any season, even af (he high noon of summer. Th'v great fanes of flod In Southern California, where Christ's Naiivlty Is being celebrated It) common with the Christian world, are gorgeous with Hie dot fif (lowers--the scarlet poln.settii, the geranium, mounds of white ,'ind red roses; and along every walk and drive, juid in every garden and house- jilot, the flowers rentier their thanks If) the. Savior of the World, bringing through their superb beauty In Ihls land of perpetual verdure, the lesson of ibo eternal life for which the Messiah lived and died. Almost, does If seem !.he result of perfunctory habit for the churches to bo docked with flowers n< thla country, for outside the door and along the sun-kissed avenues the (lowers praise Him, singing In blended color Hie paean of Cloria in Kxcolsls. YOH, yon must. m:>l<n your homo in (ho land that so syrnboll/.es evorv chapter of Ihe Redeemer's life--come and spend Chi!stmas in a hummock honoaih Ihe palms -those same palms that wore laid In His path on thai i.ilumphanl day of Ills entrance Into Jerusalem. Come and he happy when Nature never grows weary of smiling. When another Christmas conies If l/io world He came to redeem, bo sure thai you have long since established homo. Don't will I to spend your old nw the world for the ones who have growi wisdom of coming when (ho batik; of llff ills tfi which flesh is heir may be escaped upon you. Our country is youim. .Make yourself In a HoiiUicni f.'ailfornla here. Il is Ihe (inest, country In weary In Ihe cares of life; bill the Is jus! bo^un; when the thousand Is Ihe wisdom we wish to impress your homo in a counlry whlf.h is Nature's exemplification of eternal. Covnw not only leads the San Gabriel *"*--- tin an orange growing Koction, pride in the high 'Duality ^ _____ , who aro all well educator! oricnns, English, German or Scandinavians. Wo number among our host citizens about lil'ty of this last, named race. v "Lucky" farm dred soon hllls. this Baldwin has a big horse near CovinJf>~whero several hun- Ihoroughbrod runners may bo any day, aboul the i'ool- Some of lh(i brood mares In lot wore once famous running horses, wllh I ho world. names known A horseback ride up Iho San (iabricl canyon IH OIK- of (lie sports Indulged in by people making Covina Iholr homo. The journey lakes aboul an entire Uay, and Iho canyon resorts are up-to-dalo, where hospitality is never lacking. The San (labriol canyon piv- Honls ti groat deal of masterly scenery. The churches are gorgeous with blooms today, oelofirallng the Nativity. Hut iliti man who walks along the roadways and across Iho plains to Iho fool- hills noes alsti the greal pageant of flowers -~(hi! yellow poppy, and Iho bodges of geraniums, Unit seem liUe living (lame. On every side Is Naliiro sounding her I romomlous To Drum LaumnmiiH. The Covina Union High School band has proven llsolf to bo worthy of ihe warm regard of elll/ous. If It Is now uniforms Iho band 'needs, lot's vole (!)(> money from the union district funds. The uniforms will then bo the properly of ihe district, and every ciil- '/fii will have a baud In Iho expense, instead of Its falling on a fow nioi- chtints. When Iho onmgr groves are all In full bloom II sometimes happens that the laborers are obliged I" (pill work as Iho sickening perfume becomes overpowering. U'lirii a good broe/o Is blowiiii' Iho scenl is oairlod for miles. The humblest worker in (ho orchard may enjoy orani-'e blossoms in California, while in ihe Kasl (hoy are ie- serveil fur lln bride. A (hall on ilie posiolliee for live hundred dullai.-. \\liieli oiij'.hl In hu\o coliii* to ( \i\ ilia, u eni i o Alhambnt la.-t ueeK. and iln l>:.\ who received il by mistake, broir'lii ii over ilie Ion; 1 , iiail to il s i i'.'hi fill ou MI" . Il is pleas-mi In ihiiiK of !<!;• IHI. lo|l]ee drafts \\au- deiiiiL 1 , around .'.iilionl a homo. Mm whal uv uunid iil.i !;> hi.'Vo lllom <lo is to step inn : uildeiilv and wilhnui warniii!; kii-k fin- vinlf away from our o\s n doi >r. liiii \ ou i ',ei M e a bin steam ooni- binatliin har\esler iiud sepaialnr al work in live thiiiisaud acros of main'.' The M-.-'lii is uorili traveling across ibo I-OMI inoii! to ; .oo. \Vhoii you come 10 ClIUM.I. il il IS ill lllf harvest sea son, you <"ui \vatrb one of ihese nmn- Htor maehiiies, culiiin; I lii''l y-!i\ e t'eel lit grain io ibe hwath. ihroshliiu, sep aratiim tmil seed, sacking and ihrnw ing off iho .sacks in lots (••( ten -duin^ l h<; woi k of luuidrods of men and traveling through the );i>ldon grain at the rule oi live mli •; a;i liour. ( TO YOU, f : RH:Nf)S. Y MAIt that suecoOrls to year brings a little more prosperity to the Argus, a little broader scope of business, a larger list of friends ami subscriber;;, sympathetic associates and advertisers. '/'he steady growth of any business brings satisfaction. At this festival sjoasni, when the Argus greets yon with its annual special issue, the world is n joioing, giil-glvlng, and the holiday spirit is with us, and il soorns a litlin; i'mo If) express gratitude, tor the support which Iho Upper Han (labriol vallo; I,us Icndorod Ibo Argun In its fight for a bigger ami boiler Covina. The oo opr-ratlon of the business men and ranchers of the valley made this speeia number possible. II Is not Die first one attempted nor Iho last ono to IK litsuofl. Another year will nor; Iho Issuance of a larger edition, exploiting thi: wonderful valley, and as (ho years go on and the land becomes filled will homos, I lif: Argus will progress as Iho country progresses, always shoulderim forward, am! not dragging back at. the wheels of honest endeavor. Thii Christmas flay Iho Argus wlnhoH a. merry Christmas and a happy Now Yea If, everyone, to Ihe dweller In the valley arid In the hills, to the tourist, and thf settlor of long acquaintance. Action In concert for the growth of our corn miinlty Is Iho motto wo will Inscribe upon our banners. Covina's success i; Ihe success of the Covina Argus. Help us to make Iho country grow.- Hol| t.s to advertise II, until our city is well known throughout the United States I'die". hr: with you, and may victory in every undertaking porch upon you: standards. ON THE HAKliNO OF SAINTS. R OMANCE, like good wine, becomes bettor as the years pass lOvents in history ripen into romance as the tales are handed dowi through the centuries. Figures which rise above the great mas^ in I.In; past, acquire a halo, and riiou of great achievement become'worshipful nnd supernatural beings. The original Saint Nicholas! was, according !( ancient chronicles, ,A man who Kavo^^jJht^(:si j rvliuujo()r,n{)t at any ospjicla' season, but ill I ho (lino when want elwmvi{pKhriiffljra| H*® wore not foil tin continuous strides of education In Iho countrWn of^lvlllxatlon, many jmon such an Washington, Lincoln, Shakespeare- and Wagner would bo worshiped ill a shrine among saints. The sanctified ones of other flays wore thunV' ()1 ' - i-hippod alter the olapso of lime. As reason becomes trained If) act.iiiiHiies ignorant, worship ceases, and Iho man of history stands clear on Iho podostai of his achievement and noi within a veil of superstitious adoration. The only man of history who lias retained Iho worship of all classes, ignorant and educated alike, is./onunChrist, of thocityof David. Thermit).something significant In Ibis. Socrates of AUtons uttered many of the truths found IP Christ's tcitohlngM, and ulfcrod llu-m as woll. Truths of duty ?'jid honor, of ordinary riglit.-liviii''', of eltl/.onship and justice. Ills philosophy'has colored Iho thought, of Iho generation:-! sine'- his (imo. Kmorson sal on Iho forms of Iho philosophical school of I'lalo. Socrates was put If) doiitb for his beliefs, as wiis Christ. Mill Iho marvelous power of Iho Na/.areno over men came from something more lusting than Iho calculations of Iho brain. Ho reached (ho hearts of men. Without divinity his teachings would not have revolutionized the world. The world is long In grasping tho sigulticanoo of his teachings. Mill oaoh century added to history brings us nearer tho Christ idea of a world. I'oaeo on earth Is If) become a fact. And'Christ is as much Iho Messiah today us ho was when on Ihe shores of Galileo. Covina Is not a good town for Iho cheap traveling show. II is too simple a matter to lake Iho car for l.o.-s Angeles, whor<> tho groatosl In hlslnmios, tho most noted in oratorio and opera may bo hoard through Iho season. Longfellow says that "Homo-keeping Hearts Aro Happiest." It could not bo more true in any other eommunii.v than Ihis one in tho Upper San Gabriel Valley, as a glance at tho Illustrations in II.IH special number will testify. PLEASANT PARTY Ono of the merriest scenes of the jj^asonW.ook place, on jtoyige street, on Tuesday^ afternoon, Wffen Elsie R. Ashor entertainod fifteen of her little friends at a Christmas parly. Refreshments of apples, candy and nuts \vpre served. The little hostess presented each one with a Chrislrnas card. Those present were I.oltle and TCdna Slnnfon, Mai'vel Mann, Until and Helen Whit sol, TCvji and Fleta Bisbee, Rosamond Home, Andrew Wolfarlh, Phyllis Briin- jes, Ruth Matnoy, Orpha Shearing, Mary Conley, Norma Benlon, Alvin \Velc.h and Lewis Ciirysonic. All left happy <' II1(1 pronounced the parly a fine success. WON LADIES' CONTEST Mrs. S. C. Ashor received word from nor sister, Mrs. Lulla \V. Smith of Kansas City, Mo., of her having boon successful In n contest hold by the Ladies' Homo Journal, stamping pattern art, .lonos dry goods store Mrs. Smith won first Her pioce submitted In diameter, was pure had 1-1-I flower petals, in padded and fi-l-l eyelets. needlework, at of that place. pmo of $nn.on. was 22 IncboH white work NEW SUBDIVISION FOR HOMES HOME FROM THE EAST. Wo have received the following lot tor from our old friend and subscriber, K. C}. Zug, who has been on a visit of seven months In the Eastern states. "Glondora, Cal., Dec. 21, 1908. "This (y, to Inform our many friends that we have arrived home from our eastern trip, getting here last Saturday morning. On May 22 of this year we left for Des Molnes, Iowa, and spent nine days In that city, going from there to Pennsylvania, where we visited with relatives. It has been since 1874 since we were In Pennsylvania, We enjoyed the trip very much, I visiting twenty-two cities and towns. We attended twenty-eight church services, three love feasts and five funerals. About half of the preaching service was In the German 1 language, which reminded me very much of the olden days, over thirty years ago, for at. that, time nearly all the preaching was In German. Nearly all preachers were Gorman preachers in the Brethren church In those days. Our princi- •pal visiting was done In I^aneastor and Franklin counties. I mot my brother In Chamborsborg the nineteenth of last I July. It had been 0 I years since I had seen him, and we had a delightful time, i "On November 13 wo loft. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for Girard, Illinois. Coming through Indiana it snowed and by the time wo reached Girard It was very cold. We had four inches of snow while wo were there and I froze my oars. Wo visited with my wife's sister, Mrs. Kate Frey, and her brothers, Henry K., Won K. Young and others. We had a very good timo | while visiting in those states. Mut wo j missed Iho good roads of sunny Cali| fornia, and prefer our own state to any stale in Iho union. "Yours truly, "10. G. Zi:O." LAID TO REST Tho last sad riles over tho remains of Mrs. Anna l/i Halt, wore hold at the residence of tho family on O ran go avenue on Monday, December 21st at. one o'clock, and at Iho Methodist Episcopal church at Covina at 2 o'clock. Rev. If. W. White officiated at Iho services. Tho church was filled with mourning friends and relatives. Mrs. LaHatl was born in Loavensworth, Crawford county, Indiana, in 1S57. She was during her life a beautiful Christian character, and loft many to mourn her death. R(vv. H. W. White spoke very feelingly of the upright character of tin; woman. Sho leaves a husband, C. UiBatt, a son, Bert, at frwlndalo, two drnightcrs, Miss E. I. Burner of Covina, and Mrs. C. F. LaBatt of Seattle. Sho loaves four brothers, who are John Lamon, Irwindale; Walter Lamon, Rocky Ford, Colorado; Kman- uol Lamon, Kansas City, and Caleb Lamon, Grand Island. Nebraska. There are throe sisters, Mrs. R. E. Me- Craokon, Mrs. K. Walker, Mrs. C. Kim- mornian, Omaha, Nebraska. Tho family wishes to thank everyone who extended sympathy during tho timo of bereavement. Dessert for New Years Dinner Largest Assortment of FRESH FRUIT in City Try This Place fresh strawberries in siltier fruit dish, sprinkle rtith pulverized sugar, spray with lemon juice, and set aside to cool before serving. Place in individual silvers, sprinkle again with sugar and serve With thickly Whipped cream. FRESH FRUIT Direct from Grower to Us "If you can't come, phone," DIRECTORS G. E. Anderson C. F. Clnpp J. U. Elliott Marco II. Hellman H. M. Houser J. O. Houser W. H. Holliday C. Menefee A. P. Kerckhoff OFFICERS W. H. HOLLIDAY, President MARCO H. HELLMAM, Vice Pres. J. R. ELLIOTT, Vice Pres. W. M. GRISWOLD, Cashier J. C. HUTCHINSON. Aast. Cashier Capital and Surplus $90,000.oo Covina tDalky Savings ffianh Covina, Cal. DIRECTORS Geo. E. Anderson W. H. Holliday J. R. Elliott H. M. Houser Marco H. Hellman A. P. KerckhofT OFFICERS A. P. KF.RCKHOFF, President H. M. HOUSER, Vice President J. C. HUTCHINSON, Cashier W. M, GRISWOLD, Asat. Cashier Capital and Surplus $42,000.oo ••»•••••»•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••*»*»•••••••• Merry Christmas We Are Glad To announce that you will find us at all times handling as fine a line of groceries, china, and semi'porceldin ware as the marv ket affords, Wishing you a Merry Christ* mas, we are yours for business. Home's Grocery Home phone 43 [ionium R,- Kii:h.i'a [•'.>. cv .it Work on jcnaisou lYact. Ill rtnml I 'ii s \\IKTI- il lii'\<-r l'i n •/.<•.-; <>!' t'«. ir.-i 1 ::i:ur! ;iml llic lie.-. I 1'inilailil lr;irl lilii.v be obi ;i bird fur $i'i7."i. \villl 'li>' r, ,,,<•:,! -ml,inn. sulru.ilk. -., ,,r K ;ms.;, <.,.,„,.„, *i,|..w;.ll,, o-si : ,i ,,„,„,,. ims l;llluill .., ;i m ,., hlL; |,,, r in Inillillh:' r; rlir:i|.c:,i . li'Mrli lii.i:;' ilill Mir r;;!,' ,.| -,n crius llir .--<|ii;l!V i'um :iblr. ami Illiiiv :,ri \ jr.'alllr. In ,-'ul|lll or lliirl> (, !i!:, fur cnrhilH'.. ^ijii'f ll!' '" ''' rill ('iiliiui ilia lllr rrinrlll u! cfMirir'r p:, riu ., : .,:ii r|u Uril. (Ills liili; li;is Til" luls ;iii' rr\rlVii \vilb \V:irtllillH- f U'llU> :irr lisril lu lh,' r \r! nsii ,11 i,| kiiil : '..IIIMI .-,.|u:iir l'n-1 ul' sldrw;ii'i,>. lull N;1\<'1 lirrs in lull biiil'illy. \\'llrll ' r'. n \ I him'. r!:;r Till- niiliililr rliliKt!' ln..iilr.> ;i|l lllr rmliiim. and ('..nun |. rl lllr lilliluin-^ arr |,!,ini! nil (hr |<I|H Ur,-|,-, llirin ill i'ui'il <'i ;l 111 i I in 11. ailil il 1.-. ;i!ivailv r 11111 i i • I r 11 lin'. lllrir air frulli lil'lrrli lu IW.'lilv HITS' l-riiprrU laid ihr\ will las! in in.MI;. tin.' uf ibr lin, pirrrs nf \\uii, .'.hi, h smiuiindinu ii mi ravh lul. which is \r;ir.-,. I'IHIIIK li;i.^ in:in> ini'.r, .1 r, ilii- MMII ha^ dune- ul lair i-< ilui ui quit" an iirin in inruinr fruiii llir salr ini'iii ualk'.. A ;nr u d. al ul' ihi., \\.'-. k liu- ,~i,ir\\ il'.s and cmidn.; sniruiiiid uf i hr fruit. and niakrs i hr place hran- '!,''•• I'rr'i i!uiir lii ilir tiiin uf liurbain iiu- llir .linni.-uii iiacl. liu braiiiifnl li'n: as \vr!l. '1'liis .Mi'n-di\ isiun lir^ in, \- Kllrlia. rrinrlil ruiiirarluis in l'u :>ubdi\ i-iun luu IducUs lirluu Mir c.ii- ill" dili'd \iririiy (if lllr lirw $i;n.llii(l \i;i:i .lainrs Kuiilmm has l.m, in ilii. In,,- This Marl has all bo-n im; inn. hiub >cbool building which will be lin- l''i ilii\ lui ,-,i\i«rn \rai-s. ai:d i> la in-.--i c!a:-s shai". ;m>l pirsinls a iir.u isl,,d ihis cumin;-: autumn. The rrsi- iniliar svilh every r<uniiliuii ul !l:< ahj.i ai ancr l;u;n e\n> side. This MI!, dnir, s around il arr the bullies of c(.iinir> His (•antler. W. M. I. Kiirh: il^i.-n.n is unr ul ibe \eiy iinr.-i i,;-! \\ralibv i.rn; ",.•. and 111. luraiiun is in has mane a siud\ uf ihr crniriit Mad, driire lucaliuns in ihe \al!r> ,i e\ <T\ «a> aii iha' could be desired, and lu-jeiher. these nun KIIOV. ilnn \laiilir\\s and lirur.ur \.iii \'lni. ihr Mr drnrui- \'an Vliet IKIS alirady bnsiiirss well. Tiu- Him builds sidi i\\u busiiirss mm who oun ihr : ill r:rr!rd a line bnntMlnvv un ihe tract, walks live fret wide, witb a paiKw.n disismn joiml>. hav<- |,la. id a bnibi- His home is well siiuau-d. brin.n un ,i ln'iwrrii the walk and the cmbiiii; inn rrstnctidn uf $J.c.i.n un ilu irad striiiuht htn 1 (we 1,'lcii-k.-; duwn from which is iiiatle of (he same material, and this will make ii a community of ihr cniier of the town on Citrus ave- ('oneri:tt; fur ihcse pnriuiscs is made ; beautiful homos. Building lots on this ; nue. ' • «••••••«•#•»••*•««••••••«••••••••••••••*»••*••••••••• POMONA STEAM LAUNDRY If yon want the i'.KST \\'()KK at tin- MOST KKASO.N'AHLB 1'KICKS ^ive ii=, a trial. TWIvXTY YEARS' exiicrifiice has taught us the i HIC A 1'K ST and liKST way to do your laundry. With o(|iii;)tneiit our work and our methods are sanitary and up-to-date. Leave Bundles at McLeod's Restaurant BROS See l\ K. DOUliHTY for Maxwell Automobiles COVINA, CAL. Territory: Covina, Azusa t Monrovia, Glendora, Charter Oak. Drop postal for demonstration.

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