The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on February 22, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 22, 1977
Page 4
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1M6 Knockout In Eighth JOE LOUIS OLD FASHIONED WESTERN SHOWING AT LOEW'S POLI Playing now lit thn Loow-1'oll th.mtm- l« th- rnurlnir W.'.xfin "In Old Knnniiniintn." nlfirrlnt: •thut muHlcMil cmniid'y Mtiir, C(in«t«no« Mdnni of "Hhow Huwlnc.HM" finnr. A bountiful unel ncecim[)ll»hcitl liuwl- InKliitly. h(ir j.m-.vmiillty lumls sipiu- klu to u <:"^t of nil tlmo ruvorltim. Wllllnm Klllott hi th" Iciullnt: mnld, n HiirpriKu piK.'ltHKi'. Sun-tine In w«»tfi-nn U.M (lifl f!ni-y C'dopnr and John VViiynr. thin tnll, hiind.ioiiiii ronififitlc pursnniillty provtis lil>[ vin'Matlllty, "In Old Suci'ttmi-nio 1 Is u runt inovliu: old-riiMhloiuiil western with plimly of nctlon uiul runt rldlnjr. but Hprlnklcid with ro- rnunno arid niiifilf: Kii|ipllctl t>y -tlic loVnly viicii c>r Cotintiinnp Aloori'. All your fnvurlti-ii of fiction Mtm- lo;i urn In thlM rlp-roarln;: wuat- ni-n, Honry Druilels, Eufrcno Pal- lutto, Ruth Donnully, and Jack La,.»„ und Grant Withers, The scenes i,t tho miijofltlo west worn actually uikrn on thu scone In the outdoor !itnt««, find lack nothing to thi- rcnllntlc touch of those hnrd- rldinn duys •->£ "when men wore ""pure untui'tnlnmont, It Is a film thut will mil-t young and old alike, thn kind that hUH been soon far too little on the screen, A down to earth action Him that holds your jiUfjnllon nnd interest for tho ontlro showing, Al.'io on sfime program Is the 11, n M u inelodi-ama, "Tho Glass Alibi." starring Paul Kelly us a District Attorney wtra always Rets hl.s klllur, and Anno GWynnes and Dous,'la:4 Fowlep as the two who can well stand watching. JO<B Louis KO's Bffly Conn In 2:19 Of EighthRound_ TONY ROMAHO-- • BONNIE IOU WIUIAMSmam/ othtrsj QUASSY BEACH [,uUl % (JlllV4»UllMtlH: , \clinllHll, II III IllMll'll Little Hof Brau f* .KM! NOHTII MAIN ST. J "Al" mid Vnru r.uilrlt, Pri>!>N, J Dully I.iim'hi'Oiti, Dinner* uiul A Lit Ciii'tn Menu J.'ull Ll<|\i«r LU'iniMi) DANCINO I.'KIUAV, SATURDAY, SUNDAY Open Dully I'ntll > A . M. *++^*++- "THE VIRGINIAN" WESTERN CLASSIC NOW AT SALEM An oft-heard question that has bonn pu/KlliiK Him fans is why Hollywood turns a'-t so mimy so- lurKi''-.ioalo Westerns; Actually t:ulli.-d hni'se-opcras, whlln noticeably noKlDClinir the production of 1 n i-go-H c-jil c Western'!!. Actually, thnro arc fcwor such big pictures ninrli' than any other typo of major Him—nnd for u- very flood reason. '1'hoa') !n thu movie know explain Mfti'ly entries such as "The Covnrrd 1 Walton" nnd "Clmarron 1 placed pictures about tho old West In the- epic class, and to compete with such super-Wobtorns, producer have to endow their cfforta with expensive CIMW and spectacular Hpi-mis, which add up to a con- nldnriilili! .-•xpondlturo. FulllriK' Into the epic class Is I'lirtiniount'N adaptation of Owen Wi.-il.i.'i-'.i Immoi-tal saga of the V/oMt, "Thi; Virginian," now showing at the Salom Playhouse for throe cliiyH. In addition to casting It with top'name Htars Joel McCrea, Brian Dnnlovy and Sonny TuCts, "Tho Virginian" was filmed In Technicolor to capture fully tho Kffinclour of Its tmtting. An excellent liupportmfr ' line-up Includes iiiich Hno plnj'ors us Barbara Britton. Ffiy fiulnter, Henry O'.Noill, r',111 Kdwiu-dN, Tom Tully, Marc T,nwri)nce and many 1 others, Tho cast alono la impressive onough to give any producer budget nightmares, without the additional expense Involved In providing backgrounds thnt will put the Him In thi! spectacle class. An Idea of tho lengths to which It Is necessary to go to di) so, can be derived from a partial Hui'vey of sets used in "The Virginian," which entailed the rebuilding of an cntlro ranch, tho construction of n street complete' with hotel, saloon, schoolhouse, ctcotoi'a, and thn laying of 1200 feet of railroad track. • •< >\ Brown Bomber In Best Condition In 22nd Defense Of j Title By THOMAS FITZPATRICK Last night-, tho champion of champions, Joseph Louis B«"'«°^, successfully defended hIn heavy weight title for tho 22d time, knocking out ranking contender Emy Conn, in 2:19 of tho eighth ''"The" fight at Yankee Stadium taut night started off slow, with only five scoring punches being thrown altogether In that first round. Conn, who started up his bicycle, early In that first round did not stop backing up, until that eighth round, when LoulB became mean, and knocked him off of that, bicycle. Tho first round wont to Louis, tho second was considered a draw, and th.3 third actually went to the contender from Pittsburgh—Conn. In .ir.o fourth, tho Brown Bomber four-d the range, and opened up. He sank lefts and rights on Conn s face and body, in a brief flurry during the round, and rocked him once with a solid loft jab. Conn's face wao red after that throe mln- n.tcs and It looked at that point as ,if Louis had found tho range, and wjuld not let up. In the fifth, the champion continued his attack, and the elusive Conn, was pushed into many tight situations, but managed to elude Louis, and stay out of tho range of those deadly fisto. The sixth, again found Louis finding the mark, with Conn striking back sparingly, at his formidable opponent. . In the seventh round. Billy's best, he began to fight back at the champion and thrilled tho crowd for th.» first time as he rocked r.ouls with one hard blow, during the round. But this was all that L.uuis had been waiting for, to get- Conn Lo fight. In the eighth round again, Conn, who had been ahiorbing punishment, started trying -to give some, ind then In the second minute of the battle, it happened. Conn was caught in a flurry of lefts and rights wkh a left cross, and a right jab bolng the punches Louis attributed hla early victory to. Ho had won by a knockout, in 2:10 cif tho eighth round of the 22d defense of his tkle. The -'fight, from a ' financial stand-point, was not .us successful as Midas Mike Jacobs originally figured, but It was over the .$2,000,000 mark. One known sports fan, when aBked If he- thought there would be scalpers outside the stadium,' stated, looking woefully nt his hundred dollar seat, he didn't know about the outside, but there was one in the stadium. To Conduct Classes In Swimming H There will..-be^n-: Junior and Son- tor American 'Rod'Cross Life faav- Ing class conducted at the Nauga- uck'YMCA under the teach ng of Arthur Carlson. The class will 8la. t next Monday night at 0:30 for IB "lass hours of instructions, anc Carlson states that if the class is well attended, he.will add another night besides Monday. Any Junior or Senior interested will kindly sign "P at the *_~; -flee, Arthur Carlson, or xnu i Klambt. . ! Another Red Cross Training course is In the making to start in September and any one 19 years or over can enter and be made Instructors.. A recent course was held and instructors were made, being Alex Sullivan, Arthur Carlson, Dick Warner, Joseph Sargent, Margaret Scully, Harry Ingram. Those under age and receiving Junior Red Cross Life Bavins certificates were James McNamee, Lillian Quirke, and Virginia Quirke, Interdepartment League Scores Thveo . Intel-department Leagu'- sbftball games were played last, night at the Recreation Field, with the Gum Shoes defeating the Gay- tee 7-5, tho Ind. Eng. defeating the Mechanical, 9-4, and the Laboratory edging., out the Boot Room. 7-G, In the Lab game which was the most exciting one of the evening, rfs-tarelli excelled on the mound, while Weaving saved several eure hits for his -teammate, in making i-jme sensational catches in the 'outfield.' Scores by innings, below: Gum Shoe'.'.... 0202111-7 9 2 Gaytee 0320000—5 5 3 • Batteries; (winning team first;, J, Summa, R. Montoni; V, Jacob- oskli Skehan. ' Umpire: D. Tuckey, 'Tnd. Eng. Oflice 102130 2—9 12 2 Mechanical 2020000-^1 72 Batteries: (winning team first), &' Cieslewski, p; G. Tiechert, c; E. prab, p; J. Fink, c. I^mpire: L. Fcrrar. •. .-'" '• Laboratory 3010012—7 Boot Room 100102 2—C EaLtrlcs: (winning team first), Pistarelli, Stutzman; Lynn, Wood- ick. Spec Shea Gamers Third Victory With Coast Team Strikes Out 10, Hurls Seven Hitter, In Gaining Third Victory Spec Shea fn a recent Pacific coast- game brought his record up lo 3-1, when he pitched a 7-liit, 1-1 victory over the Sacramento team of the Pacific Coast League. The lone tally that was scored against the local hurlci- was notched In the first inning, and was not his fault. With one away, and two men on, Charley Metro made :tn error on an easy grounder, hit by Sacramento third baseman, Steve Mesner, and the one run scored on he play. After that, Shea was in no danger, and along witTi the aid .f Pete Fox, and Bill Hart, won his aU-.'f.imo. Spec struck out 10 batters in this ame, to bring his total strikeouts n 31 innings of play to 30, He is now considered as one of the most dangerous huHers on the coast circuit. CO-ED SWIMMING If enough interest is shown, a. Co. :d swimming period will be hold hrough the irumincr months on- Thursday nights at 7:30, With somo •cquests recently, this g-roup should prove popular and It is hoped that hose interested will get in touch viih Fritz Klambt at the Nauga- OCk YMCA. A men's swimming class will be leld on Wednesday nights at 7:30, inyonc wishing instructions vil be obliged. Fritz Klambt wishes to hear from the seniors in form- ng a good class and are aakod to >hone or write. . l*w**»' Jv ^ *• -••*'"• ""*' ' vnrlr State Boxing Commission, Eddie Eagan, Chairman of. tho New -Vorkbtaw »ox h bcf orc lust night's weighs in champion Joe LouisIn Now iom y ^ ^^ ^ title'bout at th «' al ^ n ^t l"p eve on ">* «aUc measure. IX>U!K ' ^^^^n Baseball Standings NATIONAL LEAGUE Yostorday'H Results • Brooklyn 7, Pittsburgh 0; New York 0, Cincinnati •!. St. Louis 8; Boston '3,' ' Chicago-Philadelphia (2) rain. The Standing W. L. Pet, Brooklyn 34 21 .018 St, Louis '..' 33 23 .58? Chicago 27 23 .5 ; 10 Cincinnati 26 25 .510 Boston 25 30 .455 Pittsburgh 23 29' .442 New York 24' 32 .-129 Philadelphia 21' 30 .412 Today's Games, Pitchers St, Louis' at Boslotv-Brochecn MG) vs. Cooper (C-4), PIttburgh at Brooklyn — Ostcr- muellor (C-2) vs. Head (3-2), Chicago at Philadelphia (2) — Wyse (!)-4) und Passeau (C-2) vs, Judcl (2-5) and Mulligan (1-2), Only gamOH scheduled. AMERICAN LEAGUE SOX OPTION HEFLJN Boston, June 20—(UP)—Pitcher Rantly Hetlin of the Boston Red Sox has been optioned to Louisville ot the American association. Heflln was sent to the minor league club to make room for right-handed pitcher Bill Zuber who was obtained from the New York Yankees. Zuber was a regular workman for the Yankees last year when lie v;on 1'ive games and lost 11. However, he has appeared in only two games .this season with a record of one defeat and no wins. Bos-ton i..,, Now York Detroit Washington Cleveland . St, Louis Chicago 21 3.1 Philadelphia 15 41 FULL LIQUOR LICENSE DIX1NG ROOM and BOOTH FACILITIES 'riduy and Saturday "Nile" Specials C'AP.10 COD Jf.AMS ON T HALV SHELL — STIJAM 101) CLAMS — • _ CLAM KUOTH — MIDDAY MEAL of HOT DJNN'KUS and SANDWICHES Hr-i'vocl from 11:30 to 1:30 Also Opi'n Sundays, 12 to 9 P. M. .7. RUDOLPH ANDERSON,-Prop. RESTAURANT r.KIDGK STKKir.T TEL. 4907 Yesterday's Results Dctiolt 3, Philadelphia 0. DYBZINSKI TO JOIN BROWNS Honolulu, June 20—(U P>—The St. Louis Browns will receive some? added' catching- strength shortly when' Ray Dybzinskl received 1 his discharge from 'the Marines. Ray la header! for tHe United Status from Honolulu, and has been keeping in trim catching for a service team on the islands. Girls'Softball Team Organizing A girls' softba'.l team of the United States Rubber' Company Footwear Plant has been holding .practice Cessions at Recreation 'Field the past few weeks. At first it was thought the Rubber Plant would 'not field a-girls' team this .year since''"they .are no longer eligiblcrfor. participation in the Wa- tcrbury I. R."A. League. Interest was so .great, however, that practice sessions were called and it was decided to book games with various industrial teams throughout the state .The first game-is scheduled for after the vacation . shutdown period. Bill' E'schenf elder, ex-Syracuse baseball star has been appointed coactt of the team. He will be as- 'sistod by Ed 1 Burns of Tufts College •fume -Coach' -Escherifelder. has call- •e'd a "practice for every Tuesday and 'Thursday evenings up to the ; 'tlmo 'of the first game. Games' will .be.played'on Tuesday •'nights'"at Recreation Field. Expected-' to ; itp)5car hero, '.on dates to be 'announced '.later,, -.arc. Bridgeport Brass, 'Sco'vill, Eagle I^oclr, Chase, Watcrb'Ui-y Companies, Lux Clock, and U, S. Time. Among the girls trying- out for the team arc: Pat McGinn, Betty Butler, Mary Murtha, Dot Stawski, Molly Bassott, Jo. Petrario, Tess Nistico, Mary Lindsay, Connie So- quenxio, Lil Boucher, Marie Mikel- tonns, .Theresa Kwasniewski. Cell DornoraO; and Marion DeWitt, ON DAVIS CTJP TEAM New' York, June. 20—(U P)—Don McNeil of Orange,..New Jersey has won a .berth ..on . thn' United States Davis cup team to play 'Mexico in the American zone final at South Orange;, New Jersey June 2Sth through "the-30th. McNoill replaces Ted- Schroedcr of Glcndale, California, who wis forced to drop, out because of personal business. The Standing W. L. Pet, . . . i -12' 10 .737 3G 23 ,G10 31 2. r ; .55'! 29 25 ,537 25 32 25 32 ,•139 .439 .104 .208 Today's Gnnios, New York at Chicago (2)— Marshall (2-2) and Chandler (10-2) vs. Smith (2-4) and Haynes (2-5), Philadelphia nt Detroit— • Floras (1-3) vs. Trout <6-'l). Washington at Cleveland (night) —-Ncwsom (4-C) vs. Reynolds (2-8). Boston at St. Louis (night) — Dobaon (7-1) vu. Zoldak (5-6). ALCAZAR Today - Fri. - Sat. GARY COOPER INGRID ' BERGMAN SOX OBTAIN ZUBER Chicago, Juno 20—(U P)—The American league leacllnpr Boston Red Sox "took out some pitching Insurance, when they purchased "ZunvZum" Zuber from Now York Yankees .Zuber Is 32-years old, and has been used strictly in relief roles this season by the Yanks. Danbury Racing This Week 'Speculation ru.ns high this week in the midget auto race ranks, as to whether Len Duncan, winner of last Saturday night's feature event at the Danbury Speedway can make it two in a row at this quarter mile course, this Saturday night when another all star card of speed will be held at this Connecticut speed strip. Whether it was luck, something new in speed gadgets in Caruso's ;oar 'or Discard's expert driving will be proven Saturday night at Danbury, when Ray Nestor, Rex Records, Jeep Colkitt. Georgin Rice Ed "Dutch". Schaeffer and. other top names-in'the spend-sport closl- with Duncan in the night's card of thrills. PRESS ACCOMMODATIONS • Boston, June 20—(UP)—The Boston Red Sok have won author ixatton to construct a tcm'r.orao press box for the • all-star game to be held at Fenway Park 01 July 9th:' The Civilian Production Admin istration granted permission foi the construction with the com ment: "If the Sox keep up then- ho pace," these same temporary press stands will be useful for members of the press at the World Series games in Boston this fall." TRY NEWS WANT ADS St. Francis CYO Performs Upset By BOB MARCOVIC The St. Francis C. Y, O. team n a late ninth inning attempt, managed to crack the ice, in a game 'that had developed into a stalemate, and defeated the SS. Peter and Paul team, 1-0, Tuesday night; The lone tally that was scored in the ninth, occurred in this manner. Carlone, who had the game well in hand .till the ninth, showed a. streak, of wildness, and hit two batters }vith pitched balls. Frank San Angelo, then singled to load the'bases. \Usakiewciz, the game's hero, then belted his sec ond hit of the day, and the win ning marker crossed the plate. Usaklcwlcz, \v h o pitched las night's game, and San Angelo, who caught, played their first CYC game last night, as they playoc with the championship high schoo team, prior to that. Chct fanned nine batters, for the locals, while Carlone, for the visitors, fanned 11. Score by innings appear below: St Francis . 000000001—^1 1 0 SS. Peter & P 000000000—1 0 0 Batteries: (winning team first), Usakiewicz, San "Angelo; Carlone, Skelly. New Hampshire has had a state •system of education since 3647 when p, general court required every community of GO or more jcrson.s lo maintain a school. PLAY POOL On First Class Tables R & M ALLEYS 155 MAPLE STREET ASEBALL Municipal Stadium Watarbury Thursday Night — 8:45 Mt, Vcrnon Rcdcapn AMERICAN GRAIN GIN For Hot Weather Drinks — 90 Proof — $2.89 J. K. STORES COT RATE, LIQUORS, WINES, BEERS 896 3S T . Main St. Tel. *979 Free Delivery Anywhere In Borough WILL ASSIST VEECK Chicago, June 20—(UPi—Harry Grabiner, former vice-president and general manager of the Chicago White -Sox,. says he is willing to lend financial and advisory .-issist- anco to see Bill Veeck obtain a major league club. Veeck is one of a group reported trying to purchase the Cleveland Indians. DANCE SATURDAY NIGHT June 22 Ana Every Saturday 0 I', M. TO 1 A M. at • DUFFY'S RESTAURANT WATER STREET Music By The Fnmoui G. L TWILIGHT TRIO SANDY BEACH LAKE QUASSAFAUG DICK F1NLKV, MRr. Open 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. Picnics Ontario produces more than one- half the dominion's choose. The Mariana Islands were discovered by Magellan in 1521. 1946 G. E. RADIOS (Immediate. Delivery) WEISS' Ben Franklin Store 102 CHtTRCH STREET SAL E M PLAYHOUSE Friday - Saturday "'. Sunday^ and Wednesday ^Polish mid Modem Dancing Frank Wojnarowski And His Singing Orchestra With JEANNIE, this Girl With "-' Tho Band Adm Incl'tax uiul'wrobc, 75c .Sfnnirc Scln - Mmli'rn - \Vall7.pH Irving ;Hintz Farmers ROGERS-EVANS sane also "Prisoner .of Zenda" pliis Cartoon nnd News Today; "THE VIRGINIAN" FRESH Eat Fish For Health!! Genuine Rhode Island. Little Neck, Cherry Stone, and Chowder CLAMS! ! FISH SPECIALS!! FRESH CAUGHT NOVA SCOTIA SALMON ^ -,'•.• SABtJINES BLUE FISH — BUTTEBFISH TORCHES —''SQUID — POLLACK — HADDOCK FRESH COD and TRAPPED MACKEREL s ,, FM.ET OF SOLE — FILET OF HADDOCK FILET OF COD — FLAT FISH — SEA BASS '•-... WI11TENG — FILET OF POLLACK ; SOFT SHELL CRABS | LOBSTERS — SCALLOPS FREE DELIVERY XO ALL PARTS OF NAUGATUCK White Fish Market JOSEPH CABRAL, Prop.^ .„. - - •• 8 SOUTH MAIN ST. ' ' TEL. 5004 EVERY MOMENT OF ... - ' DOMANCC MATCHED BY JtC . MOMENT or DANGEROUS ADVENTURE TRDLY GREAT SPECTACLE • DRAMA 4F THE WEKt WILLIAM ELLIOTT - CONSTANCE HOME f (TO CMC F**rrff / i; ', HANK DANlll* - HE PLANNED THE PERFECT.A14EI FOR MURDER THE GLASS ALIBI REBECCA FOR THE 'BIGGEST VALUE IN TOWN SEE POP AND HARRY!! The Buy of the Month! ! HIRAM WALKER'S DRY MARTINI This cocktail Is made from a recipe known the world over. 3.40 — 90 Proof LOOK! SHOP! COMPARE! WHISKIES!! GOLDEN WEDDING WILSON'S SEAGRAM 7-CROWN 3EAGRAM 5.-GROWN iiARSTAIRS LAND6DOWNE WE DELIVER ANYWHERE IN Harry's Liquor Shop 33 SOUTH MAIN STREET TEL. 39» Pop's Liquor Store . ^L. A-M nmta^lTMTtnn .. i *!•**• * 24.CHURCH STREET . 2«06

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