Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 12, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1912
Page 8
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. TUESDAY EVENING. NOVEMBER 12.1912. Frishman's Di;^ Gfoods Store will open S£[turdaiy with the Greatest Sale ever inaugurated in the City^ of lola. Wait for further announcement of This Great Sale. FRISHMAN'S $25,000 FOnTHEENDONMENT METHODIST XI.MSTERS AGREE TO' • ASSIST BAKER CMTERSITT. indhl^nallr IMKJ Airree to Uive From (1230 to f 1,<NM to iMue tbe Uift of Larger Donatienit. M XDIIMS SUIT IS DROPPED • A WAin>EI> WOM AN DAM KKl KS, • ANOTHER COINTY KKK SHT AK- HIVES AS' FUllTLESS END. Of thp Four ArlJouR KasfHl on tlii> Et- uentiirr Audit, Only Oni> Miin Paid WMoat ImestlKtUlon. • 4 In the district' court yestonlny another of the four suits brought against ex-county officers for the alleged fqilure to account properly for fees collected, that of C. E. Adams, came to an end by being dismissed by the county. The suits, it will be remembered, were based on the report made by a firm of auditors who went over the books of the officials, reporting In each case that errors had been made. "There now remains but one of the "caees, that against K. h. Thompson, ^Ich is now before the Supreme Court- The suit against ex-Sherlft| Bollinger was dismissed some time' ago on similar grounds to the dismissal pf the liresent case. Judge Smith, Jarred beyond understanding at the, mere suggestion of fraud in the con-: duct of his office, asked no questions,: made no light, but mortgaged his life i • to pay every cent claimed. In the j light of later developments, it seems probable that he could have escaped tbe penalty. The case of Mr. Adams, who served four years as clerk of the district court, was the onp| diamlssed yesterday. Under the findings of the audi-, ' tora, it was alleged that there was i due the county from him the sum of i $201.63. As the trial dragged along j his lawyers succeeded In having a, motion to make the petition more deft nite upheld, and the county attorney declares that It is impossible to com- X>^y with this order and there remained no other course but to dismiss the suit In a Rone'ral way the situation wax thU: Mr. Adams made quarterly re- porti .and Mttlements with the county commlasldhcrs. The petition for 'Tnore definite allegations aBke<1 that the plaintiff state what fc«8 Adams •collected which he should not have collected and what on^t he failed to collect which he should'have collected and to specify the itemi lo alleged to be wrongfully omitted 'or Included In Adams's reports. '.An effort was made to comply with this ordef, but it was .found that only the auditors themselves could possibly locate the items which made up the sum they reported . as the difference between the fees due the county and tiqe .sums ipcluded in Mr. Adams's reports. There is every reason to expect that the Thompson suit will come to naught, which will leave Judge Smith paying the county for the 1,111 of the . auditors. The one tangible and lasting result' will probably be that hereafter the county board will make an audit of all fee reports when submit_ ted and before 'they are allowed. "With the records thus kept corrected and audited'as they are ros^e. It is un likely that there will be any recurrence of the present coDdlUops. For the chief Idea of the contests was that the dlscrepencies were' due to. error, carelessness or misunderst^iiding of the law and not to wilful dlihonesty in any case. • The Farmerjt' Institute. The Register:— We-would like to call attention to the Farmers* Institute Friday and Saturday. Nov. IS and 16 and want all boys and igirls who Joined Top-notcb- er Clubs lo bring their' exhibits of grain or fruit and suitable premiums will be awarded. All boya who entered the Institute com contest, bring In your corn. Ten ears no more, from all exhibitors-In classes' nai)ied. To the farmer- who will bring the best bushel of corn, the Institute will pay »3i second $2. third $1. First and second to become i)ro|>erty of tlie Institute. For best display of Cauued Fruit $2; ; second $1. ' All exhibits should be In by lO .UU o'clock. Friday morning. Ueeting to be held In K. of P. Hall. J. W. IIAMM. Prealdent. A. M. DUN1 ,AP. Secretarj'. (•next liiMulled liy Clerk In n Hotel I M Uhvn iM,(HMI. ' I'ndor the lawn of KuiitiUM the keep- <>r (if u hotel Is rosponsiblo for tin- comfort and ooiivonlenco of his ((uestM and the I conduct of lits emiiloyes towards the guoHtH, or the conduct* of (ithor guests toward gunstH. In other wordt;, he is responsible for what liup- pens in his hostelry. These points were decided in an .iplniun handed down by the suiiroiiu- court Saturday in the case of Alice Lchnon against the K. J. Hincs Company, owners of tlie Mecca Hotel at Cofreyvllle. In th? lower court Miss Lehnon recovered S4,000 damages for indignities and the sui)remu court sa>i< that amount is about right. According to the evidehce. Miss Lehnon and e girl friend were in their room asleep, when, at 2 o'clock fn the morning, they werg awakened by the night clerk. They refused to open the loor, and the evidence shows he '.iroke the I'jck. The two women icreamed for help and tlie night clerk called an officer and had the girls arrested. They refused to leave the room until they were dressed, and" it I-' charged the night clerk struck Miss 'Lehnon in the face several times — Topeka Capital. CAPTfRED TWO INDIANS. Jim Frederlckson Received Reward For Their Return. Tlierc Is a bounty paid on wolf scalps, crow heads and army deserters, but Jim Frederlckson seems to be the only Allen county man who knows that there is also a reward for runaway Indians. He has received pay for capturing and r<>turulng several Indian boys to Haskell Instltut<' at Lawrence, and last Saturday when he saw two young braves here he gathered them In. One gave his Dome as Henry' Yollowhoad, and the other's last name was Buffalo. Jim took them to Lawrence Monday and wonted just thirty minutes in town, turning them over to the school authorities, ooUecting bla money and catching the tlrst train home. WILL TELL OF CATIlEDK.Vl.S. CULiISi to BfllNO CONTEST VOTI.S 0\COrNTV ATTOH.XKY TO HE t'OlNTEO AtJAIX. llerealed Cundlilute lteiie >eH llie 'JT .Mujurllj Will Vanish If All the Voles Are iU'rounlfd. It now iic(.>iii.<^ to be intention of It. K. Culli.-^ou to c -iiiitT ::t !h<! < lection of Frank Forrt-.-t as v<,iiiuy attorney. a result of tiie offiviul «onnt of the hallot.s least at, tlio elociiou'.November Forrlesl wiis awarded tlx- decision by the harroW mar;rin of liT majority. The returns show s<iiin> 121 ballots were not counted, b<!ir.g classed by tl;c election officials as •*Blank, void ttT olijocted lo." To <!is<'ovcr vvliether thes<' wi-rc li'^ally thrown out :inU to verify the tallich in tin' pre- •jincts over thu founiy will be the pur pose of Uif Ounit'-il if broiiwiit, as iiiere i.-^ no ground to allege fraud. Under the law a d<'rt'aled candi<!;itc can contest, l;e giving a bond for the rest of tlie recount. The probate judge will name two members of the contest board .both dislnterosti'd. and wiil him -elf sit ifS the third member, the county clerk acting as clerk of the board. !f the contestor wins, the cost of the proceedinss must be paid by the other, and vice ver.«:i. The Ia.s! contest in thi.<: county yaa the one lnought by Mrs. Cooper against Jolin I.Aury. following the primary election two year* ago, and Mr. Culllson, l)y the way. was one of tlie attorneys for .Mr.". Cooper. The result of the recount was to increase .Mr. Luury's majority <mo vote. At the meeting of the city commi;:- .slon this afternoon William Vezie. W. S. Kajtffman and H. L. Thompson were appointed as appraisers for Sewer District \o. 14 and for the m'w concrete paving on Kant .lackson ami South Oak streets. Following the re- iwrt of the appraisers the taxe.s for l»aylng for the same will be apportioned. Kev. I'nrI >jm t« Talk About the En(r- INh Edinres. Ileginning tomorrow. Wednesday evening. Rev. Carl Nau, who recently returned from a visit to Europe, will give a series of three talks on English Cathedrals. Their improesive beauty delighted his ' artistic temperament and it Is certain that he will talk entertainingly of them. Th^Tifst evening will be devoted to Winchester Cathedral. One week later he will talk cn St. Alban*s and a week later on Westminster Abbey. There wHl be no admission charged, but an offering nil! be asked for the benefit of the lola church. Th«re was » wild ptrry abroad this morning to the effect that John D. Rockefeller had purch !is «>d the Ford \utomohlle company and lnten<led manufacturing over a million cars ; during the coming se-ison, and to seP I them at just one dollar more than Ihey cost, and all of which being un- trup :iceording to B. T. Barber th«> local Ford .igent. » H. "W. Awbery. of Jefferson City. Mo., arrived here this afternoon for a \isit with Mrs. C. W. Hackett and Mrs. E. E. Wright of Gas City. About thirty Methodist ministers were present at tiie South Kansa* Con feren^e which met In this city yester- ,to discuss the plans for raising i ^tjie |aOO,OUO Baker University endow- ipent. In the afternoon the ministers cttOgregated at the M. B. cjiurch to tnthsact the business of the conference. Thh Board of General Education of the \;«itea Btfttes. which hae Its bead- quarte^m ut New York, has chosen 110 coIlegi?.s throughout the country to whicii tiiey have given eadowniruts on certain condition*. Baker University, ut ilnlduta^ Kunaas, was chosen as one of thesulJM u sum of |tI25 ,uui) hua been KlvenLb> the achool. Baker I H n .Methmllst Mtltutlon and it liu Met ho- dU^ inlnlste%V the atate have been culled on tomiisUt In the ralslni; of tST 'i.uoo, niakiL;>i:ie total ond(»wnient one-lmllf nilllon. The South Kiinsus t'onferenco hax bei 'n ankeil for I 'J'.ixMt lo be given by llie preachers iheui- Helve* A resolutli.n was ptus ^ed ut the meet Ing .wsterdny to the effect ilni'. Ini *- n)uch as Baldwin had raised IS.'t.Wn In the city alone, the mlulsters of tht^ confonrnce sljould give t!ie amount asked for. They were divided Into groups of ten. *ren mm were asked for JlOitO. ten for $5tW. ten for $2.i0. etc., tin the whole amount been pledged. One point worthy of com- jncndallon was the fact that some of those who shoulderwl the load of llOoO subscription were young men in the work to whom the giving Af" a thousand dollars means jirivatlon great self-sacrifice. The evening service wa» conducte by Rov. Powell, of this city. It was opened with prayer by Rev. John Mac- leaa of Ottawa, followed by the reading of the Scripture lesson by A. S. Free.l of CoffoVvllIe. S. -S. .Murphy, of Baldwin. intro<Iuced t!ie speakers of the evening. J. K. McFa<lden of Chanute, was the first on the platform and took for his subject, '•The Advantages of a Small Christian College.*' Following him, J. D. Smith, of Coffey- vllle .spcke on "The Benefits of a Social and Religious Environment." G A. Satt^rlcss, of Ft. Soatt, and Bascom Robins, of Erai>oria. each made a short a<!<!ress and the final speech of the evening was made by Ur. W. M. Ma- sun, president of Baker University. TUi- subject of his addnss was, "Baker University as an Opporiijaft .ij-." Among tjose presenj,' were .1. I). Smith. Coffeyvllle; J. R .McFadden. Chanute: O. C. Bronston, GIrard: Geo K. Tifft, Parsons: G. A. Nichols. Howard; .lohn .Maclean, Ottawa; M. C. Kep hart. Moran; K A. McKeever, Hum- l>oldt; 0. E. Kitchen. W'alnut; J. A .Morton. IJtHarpe; W. L. French, Yate? Center; Baicom Robins. Einiroria; S S. .Murphy. Baldwin: 11. A. Church, I'^ldwln; A- Freed. Coffevvllle; W. C. Bailey. Ft. Scott; G. A. Satterlee. Ft. Scott; L. W. Fo.<ter, Mound Valley, and Dr. W. M. Mason, of Baker. Most of the gentlemen returned to their homes this morning very mnch enthused over the new campaign before theih. At every election there is considerable talk that he Socialists will show a startling gain in voting strength, and this was the case at. the recent election. Wlien the votes were counted It was found that the party polled about 391 votes In this county, wblt^ is about the same as last year. An Interesting feature of their voje was taat with few exceptions it was stralghL While other parties were breaking all records In scratching and kicking over the traces, the Socialists voted straight W. A. Wheeler was down town buying wall paper again today. Old settlers say that on an average of once a week he comes to lola and buys wall twper for a three-roomed house. Sope think he is using the jmper to reduce the size of the rooms and make them warmer and cozier and that eventually there will be no apace left. The Inevitable Spoil Sport, however, says he Is buying for the I. P. C houses In Bassett. C. E. Squires, of fimporia, Jim Overmyer and Jerry O'Connor ot Hun»- boldt went to Carlyle tUla afternoon , to look "kf ter the flDlshlng of tlie Car- j)ie'school bouse, the brick wprk on wh'ich tfas being done by U. A. John»on. SOME MORE WANTS ^ WANTED-GIRL FOR GE.VERAL Njiouae vrork. Mrs. J. D. Mondis' 422 S. :WaiMBgton. { ^.—r .' if Miss Frances Wilson who lias been malting diligent search for a residence within easy access to the business district has decided that there Is nothing to the rumor that lola Is suffering from a lack < of iieople to occupy the houses. Sde has almost despaired of finding/the kind of a bouse she desires. • The Register, having Invested considerable perfectly good money In paper aind labor bills on the recent election, inquired at the court house today when the coiuiulssloners will sit and allow the bills the^ n<<xt tltp'* "Next year," was tbe heartless and heedless reply. The board, on Its quarterly schedule, will lueet again In January. Mrs. H. U Frisbman arrived in lola yesterday evening from Kansas City and will reowln here some tlqie. U T cistihg tier faosbaiMl is arranglBs tbe etim Bind puttiOj; OB IhB ttttewliii Paul Jone.=. of Ijiwrenoe, who jhas been here on hu.=ines?, went to Car- Ivle this afternoon. •DFOR; CABDCEaC JOB Joeepli w. Folk. That former soTemor Joseph W. Folk, of ICIasourl. may again enter pobllo UU»Mm. member ot the WUaon cabinet Is the opinion of thoss ehtst to Oor. Wilson. Folk is Icnown to be a man after Oov. WHson's hc«rt. Vtoou too, he halls mm St. I^ouis ifcnd lajOM of ths stroDvest Densocrato In "' i.MQtloa «f>ths country. ^OaMast VICTORY FOR ITALIAN PORTIA Woman Lawyer In Rome Slgnalliea Debut by ObUlning Concession for Her Client. After a determined light, Bignorlna Tereaa Labriola. professor of pbtloa- opby in the Roman uniTersity in Rome and a diatingulahed. leader of the feminist movement in Italy, has succeeded in asserting the right of women lawyers to plead before the courts. Her debut has Just taken place before the MiliUry Tribunal, where she defended a private accused of having slapped his sergeant in the fafce. / The court was crowdM, chiefly with officers and lawyers, iirho ^ed the slim and attractive 'looking young Portia with cariosity. Slgnorina Le- brlola wore an elegant black silk costume, trimmed with old lace, and a large picture hat. She was entlrelj self-posaessed. Indeed, the president Colonel Delfino. and his fellow Judges appeared far more perturbed thar she. ^ The charge was a yery serioni one and the prosecutor general afked for an exemplary sentence—four yeara Imprisonment But after an impassioned address by Slgnorina Ijibrlola, who was' often lnt«rmpted by ap- applause, the accused man fot oil with only four months. - S|gnorina lAbrloIa received the congratalatlona of the court and of all tbe lawyen present Some Fish Beports. One thousand sword fish were caught in ten days in Augnat bf Nova Scotia flshenneh, one ftalp brining in flve tons. As a consequence tl^e market was slutted, and tome salw were made as low as two cents a pound. F4lshing is increasing in Nov^ Scotia waters to the extent that recently a million dollar corporation, k^wn as the Nortl) Atlantic Ftoheries. Limited, was organized. Holland Iran extensive exporter of fish, especially to Belgium. The latter's total imports of fish and mussels - for tho lint six months of 1912 aggregated $1428.740. an increase of 186.349 or«r th« same period last year. ImporU of llsh by weight in the first haU of thU year totaled <.518.600 kiloa (kilo. 2.2 ponnds). Oateh herring /flsariss at 2,536.128 Mitseli tram aatoaAai* alao in aeniu^ iB pelgtm ;rt%^ In- Madai, Afe Yon Stoiit? If you are, you will be delighlcd to know that the New York Store is going to devote the remainder of THIS WEEK to STOUT WOMEN, at prices that will induce you to buy: Suit Specials Two Suits, fancy Grey Mixtures, satin lined, .sizes 46, 50, special...... Four Suits, Black French Serge, satin lined, 46, 48, 50, 54, special Two Suits, Dark Grev Dii\gonal Serfre. Skinner Satin lined, 47, 51. at.. Three Suits, Black Chiffon Broadcloths Skinner Satin lined; .sizes 39, .specially priced at '. One Suit, lirown Diagonal Ser^o, trimmed. Skinner Satin lined, size 45 Three Suits. Grey and Black, fancy mi.xturcs, Skinner Satin lined, sizes .50; .specially priced at ., .$18i0 .$18.50 .$2b.00 45,48; 125.00 0.00 42. 45, .00 Coat Specials 15 Black Coats, .strictly tailored, sizes 89 to 49' special $6.00 ; 18 Black Coats, velvet collar, strictly tailored! .sizes 88 to 50, s])eeial.,. .$10.00 , 25 Black Caracul Coats, large collars, sizes 42 to 50, special..' $7.98 j 15 Sealette Plush Coats, large collars, guaranteed satin linings, sizes 42 tp 52, specially priced at $18.00 11 Genuine Sealette Coats, large collars, deep cuffs, guaranteed lining.s, sizeg 46 to 50, specially priced at $25.00 NEW YORK STORE tod01fl3irMEN 'feTBOK(5"OAin)ID::iTES • [BIOETBDDS YEAR'S ALL-WESTERN TEAM: TWO WOMEN TESTinr I WhattydiaE.Pinkham's Veg^ ; etable Compound Did For : I Their Healtb—Their own Statements Follow. Quarterback Gillette and Captain HoefTel. Wisconsin has the best football team In the nest this year, and Inasmuch as Kd4ie Gillette and Joseph HoefTel are the two leading players on- the Badger team.. It would seem that they both ought to get berths on the mytUcal AU-Westem team. Hoeftel is captain and plays at left end. Gillette stars at the quarterback position. Wisconsin meets Minnesota next Saturday, and the hardest game of the season Is expected. If Gillette and HoefTel play up to their usual form in this game they will 'doubtless be. assured of places on tbe AU;Western. ^ • SMALLNESS OF THE WORLD Mrs. How Grecian Currency Found Its Way to a pigeon Loft in the City of Indianapolis. T' W Woofl. of Color -Klo Sl .rKin .s. wi'.o i.a-s «n h..-re visiting leiiiru!-.! honi.- this morning. T V \Vi:Mi-r ,osX -off«'yvjlle. wlio haV i>ef -n h <r.- vid^g fri'-nds re- lurnt-d hfiin- tli:s jf^cn^u);- .Mrs. .1. C. KtJ ^f -r. of Ft. Scott. r.-'uni.<l lium^- I'.us iiioriiiiiK I? ~" viiMl lonviiiir.' a;; tlu-re wort- two i.a,r- tit;- w:!() kit ixiini.-; unknownyi<n ti:.> aft.'rrti«>n trains. / Charles M. Cross took from his pocketbook a piece of thin yellow cardboard that looked something like the old-fashioned fractional United States currency—shin plasters. "Where do you think I found thisT* he asked, waving it at a gmuii around Um. Of course nobody knew, but supposed that Mr. Cross had been digging In the family archives, and had come across a bit of money. • "My men have been tcariiig down the old RItter house. Up in the loft they found a pigeon*:: nest. "J'he house bad been deserted, the windows broken, and the pigeons had taken possession: In use as a part of the nest j j^^^^. j ,. i»,i„(.„„ went to ICarlton was tbis'moncy. Tou can see It l8j|-|,jg „loriiinK for a visir wiili h.r sou. of Greek It Is marked 'duo j drachmae;* but how did it get an Irrlngton house, and^ In a pigeon's nestr- New Moorefield, Ohio. - " I take greatj I pleasure in thanking you for what your I VegetableCompound' has done for me. I bud bearing down pains, was dizzy and weak, bad pains in lower back ai>d could, not be upon n»y fe Icng onoughUygin a .meal. Aimtg as I ,lniJ jBKTny back I foci better, fbut when ^ IffHlU get up those bewios down' pains wou!d Qomu back, and tlie doctor said I had female trouble.' Lydia E. Pinkham's V^-getablc Compound was the only medicine that helped roe and I have been growing stronger ever since ! I commenced to take it. I hope it will help other suffering women as ith^ me. I You can use this Utter."— Mrsl CASUS ; L LOYD , New Moorefield, Claric Co.,OU8. i Read What This Woman Says: I South Wiliiamstown, Mass.—".IfydU • E. J^inkham's Vegetable Compound certainly has done a great deal forme. 'Before taking it I suffered with backache and pains in my side. I was very irregular and I had a bad female weakness, cepecially after periods. I was always tired, so I thought I would try your medicine. After taking one bottl^ of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound I felt so much better that I got ai^oAet and now I am a well woman. I wis^ more women would take your me^dne^ ; "n.^/e told mv friends about it"— Mrs. ROBEKT COLX Box 45, South Wiilians* iown, Madb. .Mrs. h. \V .Myers, of Ciu-rryvale, wild iisl.* ho^n here vl-sitins; frienils.. wi-nt ti'. pua\»a t!:i.s afternoun. Business is e.xtrenicly quiet in po- for ••newly- h'^<' ^o'Tt at present. The only arrests of the niunth- were those made Friday and Saturday for disturbance of peace. Two or three minor (hefts iiave be>^n reiiort|-d. such as tbe stejliT ing of a-lothin.i;' from the clotbiUi Hnes in various back yards; but nothtpg of iniitortance has turned uii. S. Suini wall of Chcrryval.', who )ias tKin iu re on business return>'il houK- this afternoon. J. 1. Morrison, of Pittslmrg. who has been here on business, went to Gar- netl this afteriM>un. Frank Fultz. of PlfasantoU. Kas., Is I'.ere vi.-itinK his brotiicr. A V. Pultit, and faniiljr. ' D.marehu»P n«,»„ I A WOMA3f»S GOOD LOOKS lMmareh _U8 _a_Brow ^^^^ ^ freedom from pain. Shny « worasa looks old before her time because o( those irregularities which are caMcotially feminaoe. StsrtinC from curly womanhood, khe suffers from frrqueotly recorrint dcranfemeats that uinet her womanly health. U she be beautiful she |(rows into thai^aellow •tb without wrinkles and crowfeet about the eyes or tbe blue circles underneath. It is invariably the rule that such women suffer Utde. or not at all, from womaaly deraoicments wliich sap the health and leave in the &ce the tell-tale story b( pain and suSctiai. I>r.R. V. Pierce.tbc famous li'pedalist in tbe diseases of women. SoBmd Greek money that I had brought home ' ? ^T^S^"^ P'?|='^'* ^ soothed the or«anisai peculiar to woauui- from Ath ^ni Thl« monp^ i ««>d-oj^»d^thc »»ch .iwry.M .t were.«rf tte to pMS those painful pcnods that scar-hoed and a^cd her face. .This remedy became the well-fcoown Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescriptioa, tfaat^has tenera. was showing increasing Ihterr- est. "I think I have ttie mate ti^jttut plefle of money." he said and M'took j from hhi pocketbook a dupliqp>. "I beUeve. also, that I can unMtd.thej mystery. Years ago. wheiumaj^lng j Greek at Butler college I'^futd ..some from Athens. This money was ex hiblted in the classroom, and I gave t a two drachmae piece to a Greek stu-' dent who was then living In the RIt-' ter house. I have no doubt that it j .iV'as left there and' that the pigeons aft-^ erward appropriated, it. That was a good many years n^. and it was along ways from At||baa. but it proves In another sense Uhit the world isat <o big, after alL'*-rIndiaiiapolU NawH ritwacwnielhiBcdiaaw benefited thousands of women and saved them Irom misery end suffering at differakcperiods in life. Xas-IUaKBLTE. P IXBCE . of «1 Briuht Street. SmiH<)Bt..vTitas; "•I am !iow a well wosjui after EulTenns tor three yann joad 4octMtec wit.h (orcnd'diffcrciitacctun. each one lay: ent. «c4 tlw lut tme. alter putting n-.« tbr .''•'() Kill 1 woa aDfleilnr iroax a rrrnrth. wL . ••^i.!*} eancer.Mtd *tM I vraaU iwt Hvc mom than two jlaij tt ktcd upoo rixbt jvvior. I iMsaM tiopdsnly diunctacaASat cooaent to tba operatinaas I was too wok and toonmck^aftait. bntat

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