Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 29, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 29, 1954
Page 3
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Friday, January 29, 1954 < HOM It At, M*M> ARKANIAS . _.->>_ ^_,_ ..... _ ,.».. J.J..J , ',.:. .*, ,,!rV- 1 *i.^»J»*,-^lT«'...'! 1 ^j7 J . J ^fij,. -*t» -.»!» -..jSf- . JJ..J1 .....<*«< Wl*M*ll»,-.ai« SOCIETY Phori* 7-3431 Between I A, M. find 4 P t M. ['Calendar W,-; Friday, January 29 1* Miss Dorothy Marie Bullock and Stames Edward Robertson of Fort will be married at 6 p. m. on Friday, January 29, in the First |,4Japtist Church of Hope. [ ;• 'There will be a March of Dimes I Benefit at the VFW Hut on Friday, | January 29, at 7:30 p. m. All mem- tiers of the VFW Post and Aux- Jiiary and their guests are invited. "All proceeds go to the polio drive. ^' /. . -—— : '. Monday, February, 1 ;>Thc B&nd Mothers Auxiliary will hiectin Cannon Hall Monday, February 1, at 7:30 p. m. The executive infecting will be held at 7 o'clock. */ W'. S. C. S. Circle 6 of the Metho- ^ist Church will meet Monday, Feb- i-uary 1,'at 2 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Bob Turner, with Mrs. L. C. t)can as co-hostess. Mrs. H. E. Patterson will introduce and lead the first session of "The Prophet Jeremiah" assisted by Mesdamcs R. L. Broach, George Murphy, George Peck and L. B. Tooley. The devotional will be led by taddle. Mrs. David Circle 3 of W. S. C. S. of the First •Methodist Church will meet in th" home ot Mrs. Annie Erwin, 620 South Main, Monday, February, J 'at .3 p. m. Co-hostess will be Mrs Lillian Hamilton. ••: W. S. C. S. Circle 4 of the Metho- 'dist Church will meet Monday, February 1, at 3 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Graydon Anthony. Mrs. Ralph Rputon will have charge of the pro- 'ffS&m and will lead tjie session on • VThe Prophet Jeremiah." Assisting 'her Will be Mrs. George Newbern, Mrs, T. S. McDavitt and Mrs. H. 0. Kyler. .:'. .Tuesday, February 2 '-, Game Night will be held at the Jjtope Country Club on Tuesday, February 2, at 7:30 p. m. Dr. and Sirs. Harold Brents and Mr. and Mfs. Jack Gardner will be hosts. Caston :' Honored With Bridal Shower {'••'• Miss- Greta Caston, bride-elect of Charles Chris Gough, was complimented' with a bridal shower given by Mrs. Jesse Brown, Mrs. Aryal May, Mrs. Alvin Reynolds ;and Mrs. M. S. Bates, in the home .^L*^--,'. il'fliiQii »v*ning y clock. led the oduced rViti-tlt It* 'nicn in -V\rt4Vt Ot- TiOiner, Vera groom* ternoon taffeta ch iris aist. } room yellow crystal rricane e over- onquils f'fee ta- cd cop- rrange- Movies Are Over That TV Gloom By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD, Oft— Optimism is falliri; like gentle r ain on Hollywood. The movie business hasn't looked so good in years.. ( After five years o f gloom, the film industry is enjoying good times «nd is looking forward fa better ones. The reason is simple enough: you, t he ticket buyers, are going to the movies more often. The "lost audience" has been found again. You and your neighbors don't stare at the TV set as much as you used t o. "The honeymnon is over," Hal Roach, first big prodcer to enter TV films, told the j-adio-TV convention last we ek. "People won't stay home and watch now because a program is f roe." You ti-e rediscovering that movies can provide exciting entertain- Sund< Lessc By Wllllini The late M lyzed the Go much stress Master's mi The mirac numerous a is th£ ; mira'i water into W in Caha. Jesus heals at Capcrnaui In Jcrusal thesda, He and because incurs the li tain Jews.Tl- of the feedlr There is al coming to th the sea (Jol In Chaptci restoration born blind. The crow is the raisin dead. f**i_ . A _ 'ti __ of the latter, on Tuesday evening January 28th from 7 until 9 o'clock. Miss Jack Porter greeted the guests at the door and introduced them to the receiving .line, which eluded • the honored, her r Mrs. J. P. Caston, Mrs. Gough mother of ,the bridegroom elect and the hostesses. Miss Caston wore an afternoon frock of white sheer antique i taffeta 'with gold trim. A blue dutch i ' corsage was pinned at her waist. The mantel in' thp livini held blue dutch iris and King Alfred johquils in a bowl, flanked by crystal hurricane lamps, which reflected in the over hanging mirror. Iris and. jonquils were also placed on the coffee table. On the piano, a hammered copper container held' an ment of green plants. Miss Annie Sue Andres invited ment. Hollywood is helping by pro- the guests into the dining • room, viding bigger pictures. They are The serving table' was" overlaid with not necessarily bc4ter. The accent a white floor length cloth, over yel- is on bigness—to give you some- low, and was centered with an ar- thing ;/ou can't get on t he small rangement of yellow roses in a sil- screen" at home, ver bowl, flanked by silver candela- L as t yca r saw more big-money bras, holding yellow candles, on a ;n ms than any yesr in m ovic his- W. White otiee aha* significant. There of the turning of at the' marriage Again visiting Cans, bleman's sick son Suhday & Monday at Saenger V.i£Al-iT3.AV,. *• ..•-_-l;_.^i:i.-. ' * tu *>-^-^.,.*„=.,. ..^.* •' in-ir •iFi.Myitin [ imifrMAMftimafti A^j^Hi^ reflcctor. lory. Variety listed 10 films earn- The buffet held : an arrangement ing rivc minion,, or mO re i n this of yellow carnations' and gladiolas country a n d Canada. Leader was in a. crystal, bowl,-flanked by cry- ,. Thf , Robe .. which may overtake stal candclabras holding yellow the ', Gone ' W ith The Wind" record candles. •• Mrs. S. A. Whitlow and-Mrs. II. A. Spraggins .alternated 1 at the sil- of 26 million. "Only 18'month? ago the filmbiz ver service; Miss; Ona. Grant .and Miss Barbara LaGrone alternated in serving ..individual cakes, in the shape of wedding bells, with Greta was coming in on a prayer," reported Variety. "Now it has the biggast wings E ince 1 946." It observed that films were the only and.Chanes embossed in yellow. As America n industiy to suffer a dc- sisting In scrying'were Mrs. A. P. Middlebrooks, Jr., and Miss Virgie Caston. Miss Imogene Arnold and Miss Callip Caston presided in the gift room. Miss Ruby McKee .was in charge of the 'brides, book. Others who extended" courtesies were Mrs. W. I.' Strbud,' Miss Sue O'Steeni, Mrs. E. J. pjgran Mrs. Harry Shiver, arid Mrs.' Perry Moses. Members " of thfi hpuscparty wore nosegays of white, yellow and pink carnations'. ' Among the out-of-town guests were Mrs. Joe Wilson and Mrs. Max Walker of Columbus, Mrs. R. L. :Levins, Mrs. H; L. Pinegar and Mrs. Jamie Boyette of Washington. Workers Sunday School Class •;'.-','-' Has Auction Sale • The Workers Sunday School pression since World War II. Hollywood labor a Iso reflects the optimism. "I think we reached the bottom last yor.r," said a Screen Actors Guild official. "Employment lor actors apper.rs to be picking up." Work for writers is perhaps most significant. Scripts must come before shooting. After a "rugged, lean' 1S53, Screen Writers Guild head F. Hugh Herbert sees "abundant sighs the tide is turning" for the word makers. Even Wall rtreet has indicated the t rend. Motion picture shares showed the biggest percentage gain of any industry in 1 953. The only companies to shnw losses were RKO and Paramount, which dipped one and a fraction p oints. Every Hollywood Studio appears to be on an upwing. Class of the Garrctt Memorial .Bap- ;ht of the man of .the miracles -iflzarus from the The testimony of these mighty works will vary in .value according to one's attitude toward miracles in general. For some the wonder-working aspect of Jesus seems larger than the spiritual' significance of Jesus and His teaching. • For others the miracles are evidence of a wonderful life in; which the supreme importance-Was the teaching and the life-giving power that brought new life, not to the body, but to the soul. Jesus Himself disparaged the 'materialize aspect of the miracles. To those, who thronged about Him after the/feeding of the 5,000 He said: "Yc ; seek me, not because ye saw the mlr&cles; but becausp ye did eat of the loa.yes,'. and filled" (John; 6:26).-<v ,„ . •'..-., ; : The late 'Dr. Lloyd Douglas whose fame since:'.-his lamented Wayne MORRIS ^g|^ MJ« (Lawman Ui, VIRGINIA GREY M-G-M's ALL-TIME GREAT! : ilEAN PACKER -in- SEQUOIA (PRONOUNCED SEE-QUOI-YAri) CHAPTER 11 OF SERIAL "JUNGLE DRUMS OF AFRICA" & "EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES" CARTOON Sun. - Mon. PROFESSIONAL SKYBIRDS... BLAZING THE WORLD'S DANCER TRAILS! JOHN WAYNE H took Dooley's brawl pf mqn to get 'em th9re,,.andpQoley'$ brand of brain; to get 'em put! IH iBpBr Sfl^ ^^^P ^p ^W ^pi^R IMTHI ^ Sky *^«^y» EXTRA; » NEWS OF Till t BUGS 4ftW list Church mot Monday night. January 25, in the home of Mrs. .Alvin Robertson, for an auction sale and for the regular monthly meeting. Co-hostess*/ was Mrs; Palton Dragoo. JFollowins the business session. the gifts brought by each member were auctioned off. Several scriptures from Psalms were read by Mrs. Robertson, followed by the singing of soncs • by JOHN WAYNE and companion L., r .....---, Watnct Bros.' "ISLAND IN Ttm Si is scene from Starts Sunday at the _Rialto (Soldiers of the 9th Division break through barb wire barrier in scene from ' 20th Centuty-Fox's "THE DESERT RATS," starring James Mason. death has increased ? even that of his lifetime.-because • of. his notable book, ' .';'The :Robe,"- ?ohce wrote a book ' .utider the title, "Those Disturbing : 'M}raqles.'.' : . I don't know, .how much his book may have answered ihe questions in. anjr minds, that were disturbed but I IrecaU my answer to a young woman'.in phe : p.f by congregations, ' who ' was : : greatly disturbed. . •' '•..'' •;'''/. ' . • '•. : ' •"';'.';.' I' don't know wha^ . w'as •. . the. sourse of her dpubts.'but hj?rChris- tian faith was shaken by -vfondering whether the miracles attributed to Jesus were 'to be thought 'as like the legandary stories 'at miraculous things attributed'to'many other teachers' and saints." > J did not try tb drgue the matter with her. If we could explain mir acles they would no be mir- the group. The hostesses served candy to 10 members and one visitor, Mrs. O'Steen. COM AND GO ... Mrs. Oliver Dreyer and David Watts of Texarkana, were all day guests of Mr. and Mrs. Pat Casey on Thursday. Captain and Mrs. Dennis H. Crafton and daughters, ' Sandra and Denise, of Camp Pickett, Virginia, will arrive Friday to visit Mrs. Craf'ton's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McDowell. aculous and therer is no^ {'proof" in a scientific sense. It is a matter o" belief or faith. ' , , 1 > '.' What I suggested to her was that she should forget about, th« miracles for the time being ^rid jcpnc^n- trate upon all" concerning Jesus The Testament that 'Involved only the challenge to'moral and spiritual fgith. Told her .'to •concentrate on'the Sermon of thq Mount, the'.'.Parable I Corinthians 13, •'. and,'the 'whole teaching of Jcsiis as. contained in His own words, |fid in ; : tlie interpretations of those who kneV'Him best. . .'.-.'-. ,-::.•.. ... ..'• I suggested that then she mijfht be in a position tb decide 'about the miracles/ If men once believed in the Christ because »t the' rpiracles I believft that today they'...be.lieve in the miracles ; because ,of .Christ. U.S. Ready to Combat Any sion WASHINGTON, (TJP> — Presi- dehti Eisenhower said today the fioyernmeht has "A formidable, ar- sejiaT' of anti-depression weapons and,'/will hot hesitate" to use them if^ necessary. He' omphs sized in his econimic report to Congress that he does not think the United States is headed for a depression. Bui if one should materialize, he &aid, the admims tration is prepared to fight it with sue 1 mesures s those: • 1. Expand the construction of useful public works on large sc'als." ',He. said federal spending o& public works could be MeppedWB.,50, percent ,'withjn,,. a year wWpr'csnnl plans. Eventually,' lie taid, the nation could use 1 000,000,000 to $8,000,000,00 a year o nschools frqm $2,600,000 to $6,750,000,000 a year; and could double, or triple it.* outlays for wa terworks, sewers and hospitals. 2. "Modification of the tax struc ture." This could include both gen eral 1ax cuts, to release more purchasing power to consumers and tax law revifions, such a those now being considered by congress, to encourage busines expansion. 3. "Greater use of monetary, deb management and ciedij; policy. 1 The federal reserve board and th treasury would use their sweepinj fiscal powers to pump more mono into the economy, lower interes rates, and generally make credi easie.-. 4. 'Liberalized use of federal in fully Increase its spending highways ' from the present on are,' an! old-young generation, think they mature too fast, dull the -edge of winder too soon, and miss' the-'joy of being young in a simpler time. Aren't-you ,«lad you were born when,you' were. • TODAY & SATURDAY The story of Martin Ross ... who stopped at nothing in his lust for power and women . . . his challenge to the big time! "Big Break" • JOAN LESLIE • JAMES CRAIG 'NORTHWEST STAMPEDE" IN COLOR! Chap. 8 "CAPT KIDD" "NORTH PALL" Cartoon • SUN-MON-TUES • THE PKWT PWOMS WHO STQFPIB ROMMEU TH! PKWT,FPX) Things About Normal at Big 4 Meet By JAMES MARLOW WASklNGf OK f/P> — Everything ormsl at the Big Four foreign ormal at the Big Four foreign minlsteis meeting In Berlin; the United States and Russia Spent the first two days blasting each ther, And hi this conference in a tier* in room to find solutions for the world'*) ills, finst of its kind In five cars, the United States and Jftus* ia begcn doing closeup what they had dene Ibhgrahgc before! they tattled for France. Before the talk!) began there was mail hope Bast and West would reach agreements. Judging from vhat's been said so far this meet- ng may become, as was suspected ust another pro paganda war across a table, For Russia the whole business vill be success if it can weaken he links between the United States and Fiance. Foe this country it probally will bu a success if Franco Comes out of it a tighter ally. What the •ministers—the United States' Dulles, Britain's Eden, Franco'd Bidault, Russia's Molo- ,oy — said iri the first two days they lad said before. Thqy just restated heir positions. The Western position, as In the past, was this: Thsro must be a single European army. Called the European Dclcnsc Community (EDC. France and West Germany most be part of it. This moans rearming West mans. This Dulles argue's was the best way tb keey Germany from ring a military threat again ' to her neighbors. With her troops In EDC, she'd never have an army of her own again. Here he was talking to .the hesitart French, the Russians only Incidentally. Bidault made a strong pitch for EDC. Yet, it's tne French who, througn their fenr of rearmed Germany in any form, have refused up till now to join EDC and have therefore prevented its going into existence. And, although Bidault told Molo tox EDC is necessary he, himself doesn't know -.vhctherFrancc will ever join EDC. The French Parlia nient won't vote on joining ,for weeks. Swindle of Aged Man Bring Choi eutlny AttOiheV H. At 1 today ht planned to Hie robbefy aftalaVl to ml neetton with the $S,KW an aged man last Tuckpf, identified thei.J John Staich % and Eitdjt Lane, 68. He said pictures men furnished by police had been victim, Nlefc ____., , Springs bank .officials and,' par's ft-iend^, , t ' ' ' *" One ot the' men sw on Oaspcr last Saturday about to place deposit box in $8iOQfl bank va Gasper said later that the" had put up $3,(JCO of 'the'; along with his own $S.(WO ln_i< ncction with a" proposed (deal^ Caspar became suspicioUBj'6; he weekend, and fuiiiid t wallet he put into the ,t ained i-nly 33 ?1 bllli. ''V Pick-up orders were WtOi or the two men, supposed-to;, eft Hot; Springs driving a mobile bearing California .% plates. Tucker said tbda^ij icvcs they will bo apprch^ Soon. Tucker said ona.of lhc;mt ;ccn arrested ,m "^* n the union for confidence' counton'eiting and ot^cr 1X| and the other hail.serve lederal prison'at, terfeiting sura.icc of private obligations." H did not elaborate on this,' but th administration has been reported t be studying plan for governmen underwfttihg l pl ^instftllmcpt'.cred to 'pfevi nt wholesale foreclapurcs. '"5. "Vary the terms of rm>rt)gafies carrying federal insurance, '' Jft. Eisenhower asked Congress , last week for authority to grant more liberal terms—such as lower interest rates or longer payment periods—>on home mortgages Insured by the VA nr I HA. . . ' The irony of this > could, inotl.be 03,1 on • Molotoy, ^ \vhosc '/ gWern- ment, fearing' .'an 'EDO thai 1 con tains French and Germans knowing, that) without Your eyes have a tendency to grow nearsighted in dim light. i-n.. ^sj ' -,-• j >•••'* v v Naturally," J^Olotpv followed 1 ,, ' line in' Berlin: 'To scare some more andwiden the between pro' and anti-EDO Frpi ment, he warned ' that. may was allowed to rearm, ev. within the limits of EDC it couldn't be trusted. / The French also are sit* their way with tho> Communists j*1n Indochina. Without mentioning ,'ln- , ry.^ , He raid the men's cMi ords dated back'to 1020i Gasping formerly of t had vetircd his permneht res French ^."Jm about 350,000 FrenchmeViS outside the*' country -cotTi'i about 800,000 businessmen! missionaries; engineer's who lived oiUsidCithc * 1914. • * 4 '' dochinn by name^MofqlovTi veiled suggestion that'j: 1 - sia could brinfi a,boul' their fighting. - * ,> f* "^ If the war ended 'and/, withdrew from Indocldni munists .might- take M without' a shot, makl Southeast'- 'As'la'V* ( f •*-. *.>.,*.*• , H.JC*!*'V\. ft ASPIRIN' Ypu want everything and here's everything you want t- i' Continued'from Page One many .of today's ,pre-t^eri i ag c so " phls.tiuales, .sA used to mjracles they don't know what » miracle is If; ganta Cl&us .left them slice of moon clief s^; Couldn't they take that for granted, too Children used to; iutertain themselves. Manylmodirn mothers now complaint to their husbands »t nightfall: "I'm all worn out trying; to thin* up things to keep the children eritertKined,". But why should any helnthy child ever have .to be enter;ained by its parents, except perhaps on rainy days or periods of illness Simple joys are better- t .for young minds than complex pleasures — and ''or older minds, too, for that matter. In the prepent'jukebox age how many of our children still know the delight nf simple things, how many lose the path Jn a mechanical jungle Isn't -it; more fun for a kid to thiow a rock at a tincan on a fence' than to mow down desr .old grandmit ' with a toy atom ray gun ' ; ' JBut the thins I .pity the youngsters most for noiw is their dwindling Interest in redding. A book is the opening-portal to the 'vast hall of'thj hum?.n- spirit; libraries are the shiines of the mind. No canned no fljckering pictures on a rnpyie or video screen can truly stir the.irnf.gip,9tion of a child a? well as a book Somerset J^8ii|fh.am,' who turned 80 this week .once wppte: "Intelligent p?bpj#,; after the age of.30, ie,ad notWngilt IH-" It isn't qiiiti th« bgd. But it ccrtainjy 4s tr Je th|t' niqst people do most of thejr rea^ipi when younj, aod guin the idlfa? they the rest o* their lives exploring, JVtany a high school boy pow c»n discibs the Atmosphere OH M^rs or the problem? "f tgllorjng » sp^ce suit. Pu: has he wSlke^ th^ stfeets of old London with fliftvi^ Copper or floated dc-wa tlje s}fsh>pi with Py.at|-ibly A9t ."-. „: POWERED to serve you in all these ways! * Ihrills and thrift great new terei « evrotf f»r -ore also the only f«r* In f hf Ir In all theie w«jrit the priced line in fheir flMtomfltiwIlypPWfr^d drive the new Chevrolet, qnd prove thi» f«r yoMr»elf I MORI NQPU BUY CHfVROUTS THAN ANY PTMIR CAR! 'wit •»0

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