Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 19, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1908
Page 8
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Service') iti the f,'hurnli of the Jldly Trinity, fourth Sunday in Advent: Ilcdy cointininion 7:l!0 a.m. Hun day-HclmuI I) : 1 S n,m,, fiihject, "The Hcoond Coming of C'hrifl." I'lveri'-oiin 7 :J)0 p.m. Offertory anthem hy the choir. At the Methodist Church tho P;IM- 1or, Krv. II. VV. While, will preach at 11 a. in. fin "The Higher Ener ' f.'ieH." and at, 7:MO p.m. fir: "A Preacher of lli^hler.u JMCHH. " .Simr'fiy- Mihool !):1fj. Class meeting 1'2:\~>. Junior League '.\. liilcniifidiatrj and Keiiior KpWdi'th Lentil s I! :'.'') p.m. \ A curdial invitation is fixtended |.<> attend all these serving. f.'hrihl ian C'liiireh: Hible-Hclinnl '.':tr>. Annual C. W.I) M. day e.ver- ei.scH 11; address by Mrs. lleba Hmilh uf Whittier, state president of tho Woman's Missionary Kociety. .Junior '!. Senior J'lnrlnavor <!:!!0. I'rr'achin^ by pastor 7:30. Htif-cifil rniiHit! by Inrno chorus directed by J'rof. firodin. All are cordially invited. (,'hrinlmaH exerc.ifes (d' the Sunday -school Thursday evening, WOEKIIIP AT BAPTIST CHURCH. A DUSKY CYNIC. Ha Gayly Adnitted 7Kit the Joke Wa» an H;^..V If. A bnly wv< -.valid - I;-,M); nfth nv- ! 11 ''oiijijf (if w«'«-;.t ;l' H "l Whell !l bllf i ii''::r-i yf»:,|i( I H;I to he." polilr-ly and • •I:-; 1 ;; i| Ir T to t- i vc hi;n ;i <jil irlcr. | "I n:;i a sliipu roH< i il sailor." he tok! VT. "'ilirie days a-o Die ship | v,':i:< • (ill v, opi a dr.'l-f on! ;(ic S.'ilidy Hook, i i • • i .• t ' .-,'l ". i. h.'.ui. bchiir able to (,;cl. n 'I ic !.:dy pave hi.'il ;l quarter ;ind j , .,'. ' d i,;;. A '.veil !::''-r ".:<i!e ;:'-iil,',' ..y I 1 !' ";:|.ii> >\i')\ (/II I-'irill si 1 , (-ll'ic :(!)'.' •> ', :•;» nviac!j<-,| oi; • (• lil'd'O bj the Hill IK' | • I : ; n «'!''•,••vrcc'.cd K:I||(,|'. ' IIP bei:: ' '.. 'i; •• -I ;;-••• -i-. ," ?"i • !••! hi:.i Ci'i !i. 'I'hch she r<'- r .' '. i' : • i i. ' •..' !•'. . M-.-O s. !ir:i I |''i''' (> von M j ijr -i- • I i •!'! '.:" i h 11. »;i :/H' stdi-y. I .''L ,. • ., i 'ill I '/i' \ oil l,;ul lii-i-il i | .-I 1 .' I i !;'••!• <':i; •'orc. Now you • i i.• l 'ii:>•.:." ' • j ril.i il :i! l'ic nc;;r<» severely. , • ".-,- i .i«-!; hi-i In-iid ;ind burnt i id I ;:!', «• yon (hit. story >!<• I'll.I-:,!("!. "l);d yon K\*,\' <\-\f\-'; \'\'(-il. If d;il nin't a Joke ','." I."'I hi n slMiidint; ()ii t.ho ;. con . ill td hiiiKhtcr.— I'.iblc wlio'd, fl;l. r i !i. in.; riresicliiny, II ii. in. and 7:.'!'l p. in. by (lie pastor. Morning Hiibji'd, ' ; Crayer; ' ' evening Mibji'i't, ''Mdval I Id'oisin. ' ' I'. V. I'. 1'., ti::iO p. in. Topic, "CliriMl/M Hirth. " Leader, Oscar Miller. SERVICE AT THE PRE8BYTEKIAN CHURCH. Hiinday Hchool at 0:l."i a. in. Ci'i'i.'-li in)^ hv pJislnr at, II a. in. Subject, ''illii'iHt. A iiiion need. Junior KM- i d'-avor al ',': p. in. V. I'. S. ' '. [•!. al <i:.'!0. (iriHpel service nt 7:.'iO; subject, ''A Li vi ntf or a Life, \\'liicli' 11 Special 1'innic Tor I lie d.'iV. All I'rieihl-i and si nin^ei'H are inust cordially iuvihd. Caul d. Steyens, paslor. I'reslivl ('I'ia n iiiornin^ inii.-nc: An tlieill, "Miii^', (I llaii^hler of Xion," (jiiai'lel te; ull'erlm'V bv <|iiarl el le. " L'arU, Hark, What' MeaiiM TlidHe llolv Voices?" Kveninu service: Anlliein, "Savior,! lireallie an I'lveni nj; I'leHsiiij^, ' ' i|iiai'- lell.e; cill'ei'l di-y, "Tliere Is UcKline; l',y and My, ' ' (|iiarlelti>. Holy Trinity CKristmns Plans. CARDS IN CHURCH. Tlioy Wcra Not Uncommon In tho Old Days In England. Fi p ''<pii'!it ffisf-M of curd phiyltiK oc- •iiiTi'il In cliiircln'H In olden diiy.s In (lie IM.-.-II or ciirhilnrd fiitnliy \><>WH tlmt \vcr<- lo lie I'onnd In Hcverul piirtH of Kii'.'Ji'ind. A <•»:'.<•. oT curd pluyliiK was nicn- tloiud by Hie poH. Cralibe IIH linvliig occurred In one of I hone po'.VH III Trow- brii'r,'!' piiri h ''linrch. Mr. Beresford Hope slated that curd playing wa« not uncommon In rlnin'h"." having cilr- lalncd PCWH, wliero thoso ocfiipyirif? tlicin \\-ere Hcreeiied from Hie obwrvii- I Ion of HIP re;;! of Hi" '-oni/reCation, and that 'one of Hie <!eorK<':-' Is credited \vllh takliiK purl al a came of whint In l lie church he allende<!. Th(! church at I.II He Slanmore, In Middlesex, has a luxurious room pow vvhli'h is approached by a special door and Hlniivac't!. The old St. 1'aul's cnlhedral boforo (he ;n' ( 'al lire of Lfilidoli was used by business men us n sort of (;xcliiinf;r>. 'J'he jiorlico was let out to hucksters, and In (hose days ^'iinlillnf; and nml.s arc both said to have boon lvi(lul}?(-d In without lot or hindrance within tho ontliuilriiI.—London Standard. Ch/iHtrruiH inorniiiB at 10 o'clock tho Church of tho Jlnly Trinity will observe tho day of the Nativity with nn elaborate program. Preceding thin high celebration at 10 o'clock will ho hnly communion nt 7:!IO, The Hpecinl niiiHi' 1 uiidor the dirncUnn of Air. Mni'Hhnll will consist, in pisrl, of the fnlluwiriK (lommd'H lull score of the "Manctiis" with tenii! 1 solo nnd chorus; (bninod'H "IJeniidiolte" with anliphnnal quintet; timor solo and ' 'JioMinim" ehorus liy full choir; the "Kyrie" and "AKIHIS Dei" by Kyre, for full choir; offertory anthem for chorus, "Deh.dd, J JJriiiK You Oood Tid- iu^H, " by (loss. This musio will ulrio be repeatud on tho following Sunday. On TliurHday, Christmas eve, will tin held the Chr>HtiiiMS I'eHtiviil fur t he Sunday -school nnd euny re^al ion of Holy Trinity Church. This will lie of a morn iimliil idiis cliariicl c,r t lian u^iiiil nnd is inliuided to be an ot'cu 'don of inliTc'il to nil I lie nieiubers nt Hie eoii(.'i'enMl ion nnd theii triends. It \\ill iie;;in svilh n nlnirt seiviee in the ehnii'li, uppropriiH e to t lie season, at 7 :!!<) p. in. , al'ler \vhiish the eoii- e;riu{nl inn uill prot^eed en innsHe to the Woman's ('lull House, when) a , lienul it'ul ( 'hrisl mas tree, heavily biden, will awnit the children, nnd where the "xrown lips" cnn enjoy t lii'ini-el ves wilh music and plcas'inl social converse. All urn Invited to .join in this happy reunion of the eiui^re^al ion al this festive sciisnn i>! the year. Christian Church I'ro^uim. The program of I he ( 'hrisl ian ('hilldl ('hri-vllnas evel'cihe'-. i'- a* I'ol l'i\\s: Soiii; I y the Sund'iy --chool ; ' '( 'In it^l mni Seiisnn," «iilo Ilioiisi ; pi ii.\ el . Kr\ . U . I i. ( '"li Iry ; selcc tioii, Sunday school orchestra; uad- illf.', Mrs. t iiluioi e ; leading, (ileiin Kenfi'l 1 ; n\i I I'i'-e. primal y depai I ment ; Jnhti iiliifiital solo, 1'iof. (iroom; i-e lection, choir, led by I'rol. liroom; M'hclioii. oicht'Ht i a ; violin solo, Kohl. I'llilleo; riadili^!, Ailetn Mat ne.v ; soii^, priuauy depart ineiil ; Non(i, choir. Kidluw inn ibis [ro^iani uill 1m t he ( '111 istllias 1 1 ec. IRWINDALE. The ClirinlmaR nif:ftinj< of t!i<; Mis- r'f-llnny Cluh wa« hril'l on Tuf-Hflfiy ;ift( rii'i'ill «f Hif: botrie (,f i\!r*. U, N. !,unn on f'ytr'SH n-.einif;. A scheti c. of d(di r,d inn np[;n>):rialri to tl:n fiffi- noli W!iH ii'tpfl, HiR liyht hoiiiK sbndtd with red. f During tho hiiHiri«a« ^e° fiioti. fiiaritfiK'lp urui philfinthrupin uorl< for th(- f.'liri"tin!iH Rcaaoti v. as planned. A H-,!O by Mrn., aec'irnpiniied by Mt'H. Warric.r, WFS inuch cnjov''- Other niimhern (.n til': r''"VI'H"l WPIVr II pilpftr Oil "Tllfl (;hriHt."by Mrs. lOhncr Tbomiiflnii, niif] n (;ln ist.miiH mailing by Miss Me;- Kiblieu. A nut hunt orciisioiirfj rniKih jolTty. Hof ITS h infill ts of nuts and candy wcif servfl in ti!isk( Is Tim filub (MJUi-'t Warner ond WhlfHftl, Mrs. (iiifl Mi Wilson, Mrs. (.'hti'-r: of Iowa, Mines. MifiHstfir find l)aveii|ioi t of 1'rnpicn. iind th«! brifl«r?.. Mine". •}. II. Simpson nnr) AbiHii Miller. Mrs. Crei« McCiilloii»h of I)(!nvr;r who is visit inn her cousin, Mrs, Ciisad, has sent for her husband on ficcouii! of UK; heriou.s illiie:-.H of their child. ' Mi. -I. Lewis of Alhamnra is (lie Uuest of MfH. New Ian. , MJHS IJoasic JJrown of Los Angeles was the Kiifist on Tuesday niifl VVed- iifsflny of M'.ss Krlnn (Joltrin. Mins Annio Mnfliew of Piisurlntin WHS n week end ^tiest, at the \Viit(.:r- houso home, Wa^'i/ns :ihd biiL^lrr.. I'. II. Mu. i i;-. 'III. A /u-^ii 1. It l''iC:-.|l ..VsllMS. '.'ill' :i i|n/e|t :il ( 'n-nili;i\\ 'i (ii iM'i i y. Outwitting a Bushranger. In Mi'. OoorK<! 10. Ho/all's "Story of tho Aiwtrallim HtiHliraiiRcrH" tho following little oplKodc IH rchitccl: A man mimod Mlr:hncl, who wont, to «n Inn for food, found tho place In the hands of tho btwLmiiiKorH. Kourtcou gnests wero niroiidy diBiinncd and wore being nc-.- relied In order. Mlchnol was compelled to tako'hlH place In lino. The biiHhriiliters handed him a pannikin of tea before I hoy took Ills money. Knowing what wan cotnliiK, ho hold the pan- nikin as If tho (CM were too hot to drink, and when the loader of the highwaymen was looking away drop ped hlH roll of bank notes Into It. Ho Htood (|iilti* (jiiiot, and when tho bush- nuiKorH came to feel his pockets there were only a few shilling hi them. Th(> robbers appeared Nallslled and allowed him to >,">• He carried hit* pan- nikin out with him, look his money and put It In his pocket without beinf,' observed. Then he mounted his horse, rode to the nearest police station and gave Informal Ion. Her Indorsement. "Madam," said the teller of a bank In Italllinorc to n woman who had handed him a cheek lo cash "madam, you have forgotten to tinlorj-,0." A worried siiiile came lo the woman's fiii'e, but she l-iok back the paper and wrote something on the back thereof. When a^aln the teller looked at the elioek he found that the woman had Indorsed us follows: "Tlii« bank has always paid me whatever It owed, and you nei .1 have no \\orry. Therefore 1 Indorse this check. Very truly yours, Anna M. Illank."- Harper's. Radishes. Radishes originated In China, where they have been cultivated for many centuries and sometimes j;ro\v as \>\x as a linn's head. In (Jermauy the old fashioned country mot hers cure hoarseness and coimh \\ith radish juice ml\ cd \\ilh SIIL,'III- candy. The radNhes of ii,d:i.\ ha\e no llnvor, no ch:iracier. l''or.ncrly their sharp, biting lasle made them palatable. An Outrnge. "\Vhal makes you so late'.-" asked HIP !i.>>':; ;>:',r-.'i!i. "The leacher kept me In becails-.- 1 couldn't I'm! Moscow on the map of Kuropc," replied Johnny. "And no wonder you couldn't Unit .Moscow! It UHS burned down yearn a^o. It's nu outrage to treat a child In that \\.;y!" Ecpcran'-o. ••When 1 lirM siariel out hunting a'JMi'tmenls 1 \\ent ihrouuli a loir;, po lile (ii - -crial ion " :aid llie \somau \\Hll a hannli'd loo!; and \\cai\\ I'ci't "No\v [ u'o iu and >a.\ lo tin- elevator mail , ,r in 111 ( o; : ' A i '.l rl n icn 1 > :* ' K< •> 'ins : T'viie':' 'Keep 'em' 1 ;:•'( a Ion;; ju<t us t\cl!, and ii sa\es loi a of lime. Try i I'.."- Now V-'i'i* Tillies. Concert This Afternoon. Tho (,'ovinn Union Hi^h School bund will parade find ploy a concert this afternoon in the p»Mio streetu of the town, for the benefit of the moroliaiilH. Special displays for Christmas arc hi nil the windows and extra clerks to take caie of the ChristmaH trade. A parade and enlorlain merit will be held in the streets. NOTICE OF SALE. The f'ovinfi t'nion High School TMs- trifi will T<•<;»•!vo bids ii[) to K p. in.. J:in. 3rd. I'lOf). for tho disposal of two ;Uvellintn. diir- barn, s-'ltuaied on tlifi new Hi^h Srhnol site. Huildln^'-f rrnist. he moved off within 14 days of Hale. Th" ri.'iht IH reserved to rt-jfjct any and all bids. All bids must, be accompanied by a certified cheok equal to KK; of li;e off"i. r;. o. .n:.vxL\f;s, cieik. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Xotie.e JK hereby t;iven that In pur- Kiiatice 1,-f an order <;f the Superloi Court of the Slate of California, in and for the. 'County of Los Anpo!*;s, rn.'ule on the "lh day of May, 11)07, in the rnaitijr of Hie r-Htato and guardian ship o'i Lucinda Ilockwell, a mentally Inf.'ompftfjnt. person, in the matter of the above entitled estate, the undei siirned administrator of tiu; said estate, will sell at private sale to the highest bidder for cash, in gold coin of the United Slates, and on such terms as may be satisfactory to said administrator and lawful, and subject to confirmation by the said Superior Court. 'on and after the 1st. day of February. 100!), at the office of Win. A. Oaines. attorney for said administrator and oslnfe, room 401, Chamber of Commerce, HO South Broadway, City and County of Los Angeles, State of California', all the ritfbt, title. Interest and estate of Iho said estate of Lucinda Rockwell, mentally incompetent., in and to all those, certain lots, pieces or parcels of land, I.V'IIK and beln« in . the County of LOB Atmolos, State of ; California, and described as follows, i to wit: Lot 17, In block !"., of the Townsite of Covina, as per map in Hook ft, pases :M. Miscellaneous Records of Uis Angeles County, Slate of California, and all the personal properly itemized and described in said petition. Said real property so described is recorded in the omen of the County Recorder of Los Angles County, State of California. Dated this 7th day of December, 1908. WM. A. C-AIN'EH, Attorney for the Estate. 401 Chamber of Commerce Bids- THE DEPOT GROCERY AND MARKET carries everything- that a «r>od grocery ought lo sell. Besides the best teas, coffees, spices, pickles, olives and canned goods, we carry a fine supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also the best creamery butter and fresh ranch butter and eggs- Meat flarket We carry a good assortment of government inspected meals, hams, bacon, etc. Try some of our fresh oysters in bulk. Fresh from East each week. 20c per dozen. ROBERT CRENSHAW Phone. 22 Are You Going to Build? If so, it will pay you to let me figure with you. First class work, prices right, satisfaction guaranteed. M. B. FolSOtn, Contractor and Builder Phone 214 COVINA, CAL. Drugs 101 NORTH CITRUS s Stationery W. W. NASH Prescription Druggist SuggesJive Questions on the Sunday School Lesson by Rev. Dr. Linscott for the International Newspaper Bible Study Club. Dec. 20th, 1908. Solomon's Downfall—I Kings xh-l-ili. (Jolderi Text.—Thou shall, have no other KO(|« before me.—fOx. xx:!!. Verses 4-5.—Should a Christian man ever marry a worldly woman? If a Christian marries a worldly woman nnrt really loves and respects her, delighting In her company, is it possible for him to be a holy man? As a matter of fact, is it possible for two to be united Into one, as marriage contemplates, if they are not one in God? (This question must be answered in writing by members of the club.) Suppose Solomon had selected godly Hebrew women for his wives, what, would have been the result, upon his religious lil'e? Did Solomon sin in marrying more llia.ii one wife? In what sense did David's heart remain true If) God, seeing that he, too, had a number of wives? If a strong man can keep from undue love of women, to what exlont is that a guarantee of the favor of (Jod, wilh health, long life, and prosperity thrown In? \Vhy is one man for one wife. Clod's ideal for Ihi! marriage relation? Vorseii C.-S. — Apart from his polygamy, in what other respects did Sni- oiiion .so signally sin against Cod? \Vhy Is It that a man's loyalty to the true Cud is such a faelor in hi:; happiness and to the continuity of his worldly success? Hundreds of strong brainy men are serving long terms in penitentiaries; what proportion of thorn would be there ii' they had boon true to the Christian's God? The chief sin with which Solomon is charged here is not so much his polygamy, as that he allowed his heathen wives to turn his heart from the true God; now -Is It true, that disloyalty to Ood is the very worst of moral crimes, as it Is the foundation of every crime? Ts polygamy a social crime because the Bible says so, or does the Bible say so, because it. Is so; that is, is it a crime in the nature of things?" A devout Mohammedan is necessarily a polygamist, now would you say that all such are under the ban of God? Versos fl-10—Can anything happen to disturb the natural complacence of the eternal God? What is that, operation in God, or in the law of God, which answers to anger In man? How do you account for Solomon's apostacy, in view of God's marvellous appearances to him, and of God's wondrous dealings with him, giving him wisdom and riches and vast influence? Verses 11-1?. -—On what conditions did God promise Solomon and his sons ! prosuoritv, and the establishment of ; of his throne forever? | In how many respec'tn did Solomon 'break his part in the covenant'.' i Vhai is the only condition of every man's continuous prosperity? j Lesson for Sunday, Dee. 27, I'.iflS-- ! Itevien. V I : I x Most Substantial Christmas Gift Thu host and most substantial Christinas luvstMit yiiu i-aii o-ivr \oiir children is a bank aci'ount wit h us. 11 will not otilv liriny rlu'e-r on l.'hristmas day, but instill tin- habit of saving which will provide for tnanv .1 Nk-rry Christinas for yours to come. 4 per cent interest paid. Accounts of SI and uji received BONHA/n & RITCHA Cement Contractors LET US FIGURE ON ANYTHING IN THE CEMENT LINE SIDEWALKS AND CURBS OUR SPECIALTY We arc experienced cement men and employ only skilled help. Home phone 1067 Now that he has been elected, let's all get in and make things hum. Business has been good for us. It is going to he better for all of us. Call and see our large stock of builders' hardware, tools, oils, glass, stoves, heaters and ranges, gas and gasoline stoves, cutlery, gloves and house furnishing goods. Scissors and pocket knives. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL, -FOR Orchard and Farm Tools OF ALL KINDS WAGONS AND BUGGIES AT LOS ANGELES PRICES See Twomey & Dillcr (.'oolman Block, ( Ipp. S. !'. D, pot, l'hoiu-2'J Covina, C'alilornia New Dairy, New Stock, New Buildings \Ve are prepared to furnish you with the finest Jersey milk and cream, delivered at your door. Place your orders by telephone. MILK COWS BOUGHT AND SOLD SHAW & HELWICK Home Phone 2038

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