Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 12, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1912
Page 7
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 12,1912. anAlHiMy Thru the Registpr] That Old Sayihgr, Tinders Keepere,'Goes fdr Me HeVeafter,** Says Felix tol^m Professional Dimtorj. OK. C. M. KUSS Deattat Extractlou witboat pnto by U>» UM of Nitrous OxIUe ()«• BoMi No. I .Northriip Bl4g; Pbouea—Office 6Si: Aes. 862 • • 5VANTS—ALL KINDS WASTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL house "Work. Apply 606 East St WANT—YOU TO KNOW ABOUT the finest fruit and farming aectlon Ui Florida. Address H. G. Oatea, Arcadia. Florida. P. O. Box 20. WANTED—GOOD SINGLE MAN on farm. Phone 994-13. W^ANTED—SECOND HAND SAFE State slxe-fatd price. Box 282. Gas. Kaas. MEN W ANTED—TO LOAD CE- ment at the LeHurit Plant of the United Kansas Portland Cement Company near Independence, Kkns. WANTED—D I S H ' WASHER once. Krau.^e Cafe. WANTS—ALL KINDS WANTED—WOMEN AND GIRLS at Wheeler & Motter Shirt and Overall Factory. Steady work. liX)R SALE—FOR SALE FOR SA1.E—DRIVING MARE AND buggy; city broke. Phone 257. FOR SALE—M-YEAR-OLU .MARE, i will bring colt In April. 'Harry Blake-I FOR SALE—FOR SALE ! FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE—REGISTERED PO-i FOR SALE—GOOD. MODERN i land China boar, one year old; extra 'house, well located. Cheap if taken at good. Also spring . boar. Address ; once. See J. E .Powell, or call on .1. FOR EXCHANGE GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL „ house work. Telephone 932. 219 N. jiy. Route I, Eismore. Kalis. Colbom. .More Bros., tola. Kans. Phone 9S8-33. F. Halderinan at 319 S. Cottonwood. FOR EXCHA.VGE—GOOD- CLEAR i western Kansas land for clear lola or suburban property. J. E. Quick, 203 S. Tliird St. WANTED—TINNER AND PLUMB- t-r. Must know, something about hardware .\. H. Hines. Laliarpe. Kas. WANTED—MAN TO SAW FIFTEEN ranka of wood; 419 N. Tennessee. FOR SALE—DimOC JERSEY .MALE pigs of Marcb and April farrow; good, strong indiWUuals; will weigh from 2(tt> to 2r.« iionnds. Farm 1V4 miles east and souUi of Carlyle. Phone 9S4-4. W. P. Weber. FOR SALE—GOOD FAR.M HORSEj FOR SALE—ONE WOVEN RUG his keep, lola f s.\10. 3 rockers. 3 chairs. 1' Iron bed. ; mattress and springs; 408 S Walnut. 1 Phone C49. jor will let out for i I.aundry TO EXCHANGE—A NICE 1 .ITTLH home for good team, wagon and Itar- ines.s. A. W. Beck. 15 E. Madison Ave. XOVET TO LOAUri « Will I lend on bouaehold goodi, 4 piauoa. organs, sewing map ^ cblnea, diamonds and Jewelry. # J. If. COFFKY • Office, So. U« Nortk Btreet • • • PJUlLir BEICTELl • <9 • •> HAESESS A!TI> SADDLEBT • •» QeaeraJ Jtcjtalriac • • • '^ 11 OH South street-ItAa. Kaa. • • • AVANTED—L.\RGE EASTERN MAN ufacturer of iwell known staple line wants traveling salesman in this ter- I ritory. No former experience required. , Steady iwsition. Earn big pay while you learn. Address for particulars. AT ; pei't. 10. liock Drawer 827, Chicago, I Ills. I FOR SALE—PURE BRED CHICK- ens; S (Yystal White Orpbington hens, Kellerstraues strain, 1 cockerel, |9. Telei>hone 1210. . WANTED AT ONCE—TWO Experienced carpenters; 20o per.hour and,board. W. R.jMcHin (contractor). Phone 106. Moran^ Kana. WANTED—TO FIND A HO.ME FOR a full blood white silk female poodle Phone r>S4. WANTED—PARTLY FURNISHED rooms for light housekeeping by cou- \ pie I! Bagby, phone 70S. { WA.VTED—AT ONCE. EXPERIEN-j red men In every department of brick' manufacture, such a.« shale pit men. i dry pan feeders, tossers,'setters, and! burned brick wheelers. Good wages, steady employment the year round, and cheap house rent. Address, Con-i .Unental Brick Company, Aledo, IH." FOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN. OUR moi'ern residence. Call at 608 E. Malii^on. W. T. Watson. r (Ml SALE—YOUNG CAIJi". IN- tuiir.' 136 .N. Kentucky. FOR SALE—A FINE BL.\CK MARE 6 years old; will weigh about 1600 work any where; Ju«t north Concreto Junction. G. T. Pratiier. ^OR SALE—40. 80. 160 OR 200 Ucres nice meadow land; 6 miles from lola; 133 per acre. Want no trade. See owner, a W. Lust LaHarpe. Kas. FOR .SALE—OR WILL TRADE FOR milch cow, good strong runabout; 827 North St. FOR RB.\T—FURNISHED ROOMS; 604 N. Jefferson. FOR S.\LE-S1X GOOD HEIFERS and six shoals; 419 N. Tenntvisee. FOR SAIJC—12 YEARLING STEERS and 4 yearling heifers. S. E. McOinni». I.:k)larpe. Kans, FOR TRADE—GOOD ROOM COT- take and barn for farm stock and tools. Addrejis "T." care Register. FOR SAL£—GOOD 8 YEAR OLD horsi. '300 168: 610 N. Washington. FOR SALE—WALNUTS AND PE- cans. A. L. Townsend. Phone 992-42. FOR SALE-60 HEAD HIGH GRADE Shr<j^hlre breeding ewes; 4U lambs; 1 purebred Shropshire buck. Farm 1 mir» east and % mile south of Carly»0. Kas. Phone 9S4-4. W. F. Weber. FOR SALE—TWO FRESH COWS. Phone 60.";. FOR SALE—ONE OF THE BEST locations In the county; 80 acres 5% miles southwest of lola; good 3 room house; fruit and water. See the owner, A. H. Miller, Route 1, lola. ! IXIST—SATURDAY AFTERNOON. ' .^sterling silver necklace pendant com- {Msed of three amethysts. Please return to Mrs. F. C. Nicholson. 316 East ' Jackson and receive rew*ard. I : FOR RENT—FOR RENT FOR RE.\T—THREE ROOM FlIRN- l.shed house. Phone 9Dr». • • <> F. L. B. LEATELL, X. B. • •^ Bpeclalties: # <• DlBeaaes of the Cheat # <• Diseases of Cblldraa • « X-RAY • ^ Pkaoes-OIBce 147; Bea. U7 • •> lola Sutfr Bank Bldg. # • • FOR RENT—S ROO.M MODERN i house close in. Phone 372. 1X)ST—GOLD WATCH ON WEST river road. Phone 1222. FOR SALE OR TRADE—PINE j IX)ST—IJVDYS GOLD WATCH' farm near EIDorado, Kans., worth 9<o {and fob. Edna Cllne engraved in per acre. Quick sale or trade 160. u-ase. Letter E on front of case. ¥ Will assume. C. W. EIDorado.; rfcr return to 31." N. Washington Kans. ' {'phone 6l>2. Reward. Mn- or FOR S.M.E—GOOD 20.-. S. Third St. MlIiCH CtlW —I have IiDUght nn Interest In Oh |i» Ousting Wa.\, usi>tl to j>ollsh Furniture j Pianos, Floors. .Nickel and Linoleum. jThe same dry duster will polish wln- ToBifkt . I dows beautifully. A handkerchief can Toillght. If you feel dull and stupid , ^.^ r„i,bMl over the surface after using FOR RE.\T—MODERN Fl^RNlSllED rooms for light house keeping; 214 W. Jackson .\ve. Phone 954. Mrs. W. R. Graeme. cr bilious and constipated, take a dose of Chamberlain's Tablets and you win feel all right tomorrow. For sale by all dealers. be ruhbtil over the surface after using the Dusting Wax and not be soiled. Delivered In all parts of the city. Sold at the home of John F. Delap, 806 X. Second St.. lola, Kansas. Phone 1008 lJDIIIIlrE4IEW5 FOR TODHY SK. Xi HARTLEY EXPECTEP BACK AFTER 28 YEARS ABSEXCB. Mr. McCUj Painfully Bnmed hy Hot Metal Which Splashed Ipto His Face from a Wet .Mold. « KNOW TRUSS COMFORT * •5 4S If for your hoalfU's sake you wear a triis.-, you should know what comfort and satisfaction a truss can give. We have the best of trusses and we can assure you that a truss purchased at our store will fit you per- fectl.v. WATERS & DA>FORTH Drngn and Jewelry LAHARPE, NOV. 12.—Mrs. F. N. Hartzog, an elderly lady of South Washington street suffered a stroke of paralysis yesterday morning and at this writing was in a critical con- diticm. She was standing on the porch when the stroke came and the «^resultant fall inflicted • some slight bruises. —The Model at Gas is closing out its stock of clothing to make room for a new^ dry goods stock. Boys, a good time to get your school suit. Mi-. A. Hartley Is expected today from Argonia, Kas., for a visit with his sou. O. D. Hartley. Mr. Hartley •was one of the "old timers" in this county and has not visited here for 28 years. -^Bring your poultry to J. A. Brown and get ih*- highest cash price. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Lawrence spent Sunday with J. W. 1-anuiy of lola. Mr. and Mrs. Lon Dow of Moran visited here yesterday. Mrs. Georg<' Busley cnjertiiined the following dinner in honor of her aunt, Mr*. Jake Fisher of Colorado Springs: Mrs. R. B. MInich, of I BroMsoii; Mr. and Mrs C. R. MInlch, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Miulrh, Mrs; Osa Fox, Mrs. Olltf MInlch, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Posey and Mrs. Roy Burton, of Bartlesvllle. Mr. McClay, a metal drawer at the «aBt works, yesterday morning sustained severe burns about the head as a result of pouring hoi metal into, a wet mold. One eye is badly injured * * * « * « 3- « * «««*««3-* If Yon Hare PICTURES TO FRAME bring them in early to avoid the holiday rush. Framing a picture is the only sure way to preserve its beauty. They also make nice holiday presents. We carry a complete line of picture frame molding. THE 'F L.\HARFE FlOlMTrRE STORE * •e H R. .MARTIN. PROP. « * •• » ###****#****^'*** + Rich Hill yesterday by the dealh of her granddauKbter. Rev, Htbbs of Fort Scott iinvaclKHl both morning and eveuiug at th«i Hull uesg church. - I'ubhjige $l.i:> per hundrttd pound.-; at J. A. Brown's. R. A. Judd and fiimlly liavK r«'turn- <'d to Rich Hill, after a w*<-k's visit with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hodgee. Mr. and Mrs, James, A. Davis 'was called to Springfield, Mo.. Saturday to attend the funeral of John Myers. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Agner of Moran visited Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Doty Sunday. and make their home. Miss Hattie .Miller ttr assisting in the Malcom Dry •Goodk department during the absence of Mls3..Harfzog. A horse which Arthur Duggan was driving Saturday became ffighened at an automobile and ran for a short distance being stopped > before any damage resulted. Mrs. George Blakely of near Humboldt was in town trading yesterdiiy. Albeit Newman is acting as substitute teacher in the fifth grade for Miss Grace Griffith. Mrs. C. A. Walker and Mrs. Anna Moore have returned to Erie after a visit with Mrs. W. R. Mitchell. Miss Anna Felkins will entertain a few friends with a party this evening. Miss Cora Fitzpntrick went to Moran Sunday with her nephew M.aster Thomas Fitzpatrick of Erie. .Master Thomas continuing to his home. Bert Gwinn has gon»* to Pueblo, Colo. Mrs. H. L. Richardson and children have returned to Kincaid after a pleasant visit with her parents here. A number of teachers returned from Topeka. via Kansas City. .Mrs. McGuire stopped off at Manhattan and visited Saturday nnd Sunday. Harry Grimm of Chanu'e Is visiting old friends here and his mother in loin- Mrs. A'. Cunningham is visltint; Mrs James inlfv In lola Herbert, the l«!i-yi;ir-oId son of Ml an.! .Mrs Tlioiivis .Viwtun, is reportet diingorously III uf apiH'iidicitis. Mr and Mrs. I.. H. Daggett anf* Mr. and Mrs. Wm Woo<l retumet' from Giirnett y»!si-rd:»v THE Mrs DOINGS AT 8IIS GUY HU<'li Sdli^OL WILL REHE.IRSK "i'l.XAFOKE" THLS EVEM.X;. The Prime Wenlern Strlkett a Strong G UM Well About Eight MII CN Sonthenst ef LaHarpe. TUV ONE OF THOSE COFFEE B.\R(MI>S CARL & HUNTERS TWO POODS 4r,C. GAS CITY. NOV 12.—The Prime We3iern Smelters continue to receive large shipments of ore.' Nine cars of Colorado ore arrived Saturday and one I ter. His daughter. Mrs. David Coke .vesterday. This is encouraging to the I children and a .son of Williams- people of this city. The Stan.«bury brothers, drilling for burg, Kas., were called here Sunday. .M: . la !; Cook, \\ho i= .-uffering the Prime Western Smelter company,! frt.,, L :. ..! • ..n a^ result cf a pin brought in another good well yesier- ivrti'.'i, received >onie few we'ehs atro. day eight miles southeast of LaHarpe. j no better. Her whole arm This is x\\h second good well in this : s.. j,^;i„nanied. part of the country and fae rig will be i y ., fi;.st case of dii Iitheria \v::s lo- raoved a siiort distance south where j n„,^,I in Uiis citv yesterday. The six- another aitemjii will be made. Mr. and .Mrs. Isaac Carl, Mrs. E. N. I Hunter and Mr. J. W. Carl motored I to Bronson this morning and spent :Uio day with relatives. year-old son of .Mrs, Coke, who is here on account of the illness of her" father, •M". Grtgg, has the disease; In the foot ball game Sunday Roy Wald'-n. of lola. who was playing for Mis»s .Mabel Wood has accepted a l>o- J O.TS Ciiv. was struck in the head by a sit'on Vki. .<al.>?!ady at the Frishmun ijUan-V pluver and rendered uncon- dry .uoods store in lola. solous for some time. Illness resulted .Mrs Dsiar Brady, of lona, Kas.. Is , nunil^er of hours but he is re- HEIUMCHY. BIIUPUS, UPSET, CXSCIIRETS Mrs. P. F. Curfman of lola is vlslt- but-lt is not thought he will' lose his ) Ing her brother D. A. Ayers and fam-^ eight. . ily this week. i Wm. Burkett, of New Orleans, is' Mr. and Mrs. Walter Myers of .Pitts-1 here for a visit with his parents. ; burg are visiting Will Myers this j Thomas Fitzpatrick and daughter, week. Bertha spent Saturday and Sunday in' C. Borln of Yates Center spent Sun- Erk. ; day ,wlth his family here. Mrs. Sarah Elliprlts was called to 3? 3* 3« » s s s $ $: A NEW LOT OF FoontalB Syringes, Balb Syriages, Wkirllag Sprays, Hot Water BotUes, Ice Hags, Atomisers, Ferer Thernemeters, Bobber STIp pies. Etc. We Guarantee All Rubber Goods. At F. A. Cooksey's Drag Store LaHarpe, Eauas. J. R. Smith returned today-from Pittsburg where he has been visiting his sister, Mrs. J. A. Carey. Dr. J. F. McGIll, visited In ort j Scott Sunday. i Rev. W. L. French of Yates Center, was in town shaking hands with old *: friends yesterday. $1 O. A. Brassfleld the painter, has % i gone to Uniontown. «i Rev. Pitts, of Scott City, who re- Sicently purchased the George Rhodes *, residence on North Main street ar- 9 rived Saturday to make preparations *; for moving his family here. 3; i W. L. Snodgrass is up frpm Bartles 9t • ritle for a short, visit with !bis family. Si Mrs. W. A. Thompson has gone to $$$$«St ««$$«jDewey, Okla., to Join Mr, 1 Thonpsoo Bilious, .Throbbing llendarbe .Mean> Bowels Are Clogved jiad LIrer Hta^- nnnt—Y OB »ed Casrarel.*. You're bilious, you have a throbblbg •;ensation in your head, a bad taste In '^ur mout^, your eyes burn, your skis i*yellow..with dark rings under your eyo!-; your lips are parched. No won(lei^ you feel, ugly, mean and ill-tempered. Your system is full of bile not pronerly iiassed off. and wliat you need U,.a cleaning up Inside. Don't continae l>eing a bilious nuisance to .vours«f and those who love you, and don't rtson tc- harsh" physics that Irrl•ate and injure. Remember that most disorders of the stomach, liver and in- 'estinea can be quickly cured by morning with gentle, tburough Cascarets— they work while you sleep. A lO-cent box from your drugist will keep your liver and bowels clean;.stomach sVeet and your head clear for months. Child ren love to take Cascarets, because they taste good and never gripe or sicken. •lere fur an extende»i visit with her Isler, .Mrs. W. H. Urown. Th" high >cliool atudent.s will re- i.'iirsi' •'I'lnafore" Uils evening In the ligh school building .KM those who ake part are urgwl to I K - pre>«'nt G A. and O. A. Chitwood of BnyanI 'opiied off here yesterday on th.-lr vay In lola. .Mr. and .Mrs. Guy Roberts had as 'leir auf..t<, .lir. and .Mrs. C. Denton, •f Cciony. Earl nianilon, of East St Louis, was n ti)wn J?cturday lalllnc on Fred McKean. D<mt forget the re \ival meetlngR at Uf Christian church V. K fJoodrich Old Thing In Gat." Old T-riInk fn Ga.n ' Mrs. J F Humes and daughter Helen, spent Saturday and .Sunday in HumboldL .Mr. W. A. Vaughn received the .-a<? news last night of the death of bis sls- •er-ln-law, Mrs. Charlie Vaughn, of Kartlesville, Okla. .No particulars accompanied the telegram and the cause :f the death Is not known, ilr. and .Mrs. Vangfan formerly lived here and have niAjfy friends who will be deeply •.;rl »-ved on learning of her sudden death. Interment will probably be at Ne\-ada. Mr. W. A. VaugCin did no* know this morning If he would be able to attend. Mrs. Ada Bowman ,after an enjoyable visit at the Joe Eastwood home north of town, returned yeatei'day to hvr home In Gamett. John -MoCracken and Fred Clark left early this morning on a bunting expedition north of towji. Mr. Riley Gregg is reported no bet- |ii >ried will today. Tlie .Mod^ closlnit out slock vf clothing 1 (1 make ruoai for a new e!r.v n<n.J.s .Ntock coming. Gooil time to S>«t your school »ult.<. --J' si ^ph McCaffrey, Vice Pres. for >'«'br. (Jrn -ters of .American, Ouialia, slates: "I cheerfully recommend Foley's llimey Tar Compound as a -ure cure for coughs and colds. I ^ave used it myself and have recommended If to others w^o have sinte told me of its great curatira power In disease of the throat and lungs." Burrell's Drug Store. GASOLINE "H.\XD CAR" I.V lOL.U Mexicans <ia Santa Fe Here (iot the Jump uu Ibr TexaB.<(. . A dispatch from Austin, Texas. -5tat*»s that the Katy railroad U planning to iustail gasoline motors on the .'land cars used on the division between DenlsoA and Fort Worth. The old style cars can easily be transformed into motor cars and thus, tre reciion men are relieved of one of the most tiresome features of tbeir daily tasks. All of which U very Intaresting and proper, but • the Regl^er wishes to rise and remark that the Mexican section hands here in lola have been using a hand car tor some time on which they installed a small gasoline engine. The motor car pu^ed the second car out to the place where the men work in the morning and pushes It back to the section hoiis^i at night. It Is not known who devis^ i^be Boheme. but,the car may be seen working aay day. ' , , XOTICE TO CO.NTKACyORS. lola Township, Nov. 11. V,tl2. The I(>la Township Hoard will re- celv** biili? UJUtl Friday, November •22, 2 o'eliK'k. lor the construction of oii»»-half .mile of macadam road w.-st of lola oh the lake road. Plan-s and spixifications can be ><H>n on file at the County Clerk's office. See tuem- berB of tho Board fur furilier infonua- tion. Right reserved tu rejt>ct any and all bids. By order of Township Board T.O.CANATSEY Expert Kano Toniiif and Repairing, Wltk Roberta Muaie Ca PHOHI iti E. L. BARNHART, Twp. Clerk. TWO OrCK HUXTIXC EXPERTS. Let Flock Get Away, But Canght .\aother Man's Laine Back. You would never suspect it to look at them, hut two of the mightiest hunters in this vicinity are Tom Bowlos and Doc Christian, They go oftener and huBt longer for less reward than any other two men in lola. Yesterday a, kind-hearted farmer telephoned to one of G^m that a fine flock of mallard drtcks had just alighted on the .-iioclc pond in his pasture. ;The two s'aouldered their guns, picked, up C. B. Spencer, and hurried to the farm in an auto. After a long and cramped detour, they approached the pond, only to .see the ducks rise and f!y quacking away, beyond Te .ach of gunshot. One small teal flew toward them and Spcnter dropped it. Soon afterward they discovered two lame mallards v.iih l.roken wings in the grass and tha =t'd them, but one managed to fly a short di.-Tance and hid in the grass. Tiiey caught ilie otaer. .-Vnd they came back liouie jiirt a< hungry and an.\- ious lo go again a.> if they had bagged the entire, flock. lUCTlONEXBI A. A. CeUlua General Farm Balea; Livestock a specialty. Batlafactfon guaranteed. Address, Carlyle. Kas. IRAB.FRANTZ THK •rraMrrmrr nttHig Jewairr Declare War on CoMs."^ A crusade of edncatlon which alms "that common colds may become un- 4wminon within the next generation" has bctn begun by prominent New York physlchtns. Here Is a list of the don'ts which the doctors say will • prevent the annual visitation of the cold: •'Don't sit in a draughty car." "Don't sleep in hot rooms." "Don't avoid the fresh air.'* "Don't stuff yourself at poealtlme. Overeating reduces your resistance." To which we would add—when you take a cold'get rid of it as quickly as possible. To accomplish that yon will find Chamberlain's Cough Remedy most excellent. Sold by all dealers. IF THE PAPER BOY FAILS TO deliver your liaper, call 18 and we will send you a naper by a special carrier the same evening. —A Lost Ad in tke Register finds ft. •TDictiaBsrr ««lMUa twluA cmm thj iteau of tiw coa of p«cldn«. mmmm tnm dM factory. cVedcaoc dc>k bira asd otW btoimy -CXrOBE M M). ••4 iweir* roar C I MMC * of tbcsa t!in« faeolBt $4.00 (Lite illiEtratians in the announcements from day todqr.) M _ This dictionary is NOT published oy the original pnb- 9 lARYiuIl Limp Leather, flexible, stamped in gold on back and * sides, printed on Bible paper, with red edges and comers rounded: beautiful, strong, e-jrable. Bcjidci the general contents, there J| are nups and over 6oo subi »:ts Ocactitf.I^y illustrated by three- color plates, Rumerous subjects by m ^motoncs. l6 pages of taHmtit M cdncatijB^a) tharu z :\d the Ia:e^t United States Census. Present * ^fl^ The 83JB0 'i it esictir tbe tame Hew » the bo<*. «»- wcBsrtSBiaN ffj. «o «•»« 1912 . ISt^jfJtZ*^ " " wcno««tv Srl^efESS; ma^nAmA edges nd {Bomxtf with Miaate co'njri. SIX * C— Uf iT« Coapm aaJ Ik* 81c New -•«. J*""****^ 8» aa|i:j| WEB^TEBIAN ebck: bta MaW ioao - ptpsTn same fikstxl iS> iTii twnt; bat aO _ anH charts ate '""'''^ 1 ^ ^ Aw B M L Iv M>iL 22c Exitm for PMJte««

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