Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on October 13, 1949 · Page 38
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 38

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1949
Page 38
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Oct. 12, 1949 aC«Mn City GUbc-Gtiettc, Maion City, 1». »U J»df« Grime* !• Bee tan t« dbenK her Imte An»t BMkjr'i will. Tw» y«*n fc«»e», »der e»r- Uin condition!. «he will Inherit thi< ••- t»t«, On her way •» >• the Jidje'g •»!«• a tery battled y«an r nun, ••• •bvl»Hily J««t •»t ef uniform. Became k« chaw U remain an army duty «ver*eai, Fraa'i , brother Kea hai appointed hU baddy Mylei Jaffrmy te watch ever her affaire. She reseati th« f««t that '«h« matt ae- ««Bnt to thl* (tranter fer.her every aeve, (ala hi* approval e-f the man she aaay cheese te marry. Hanfry fer adventure •he teeepti a Jeb at the Sarfent Art Galleries In a small Maine town. At her tint t»y dinner party ahe meeti up with her ex-beao, well-b»rn, charml&f thevfh weak, klake Sinclair. Jodf* Grimes had warned her against nurrjrinr him. Gene barcent, an old leheel friend «f Fram's, ll.ln lere with Blake and Is fruit rated and unhappy. When Fr»« dUeeren that the very handieme . man en her left at dinner U the newly appointed cuardlaa, Myleg Jarfray, she Is ready te run away. Gene has warned her that he Is a meat Subtle 2nd dangerous "wolf." CHAPTER SIX WHAT was tlie matter with her that someone was always deciding what was best for little Franny? First Aunt Becky, then Ken, Myles Jaffray, and now the Sargents. Did .they think her a She'd show them. moron? "IJ! I looked stunned it is because you have divined what I have been thinking since your sister-in-law decided to visit you with her little girl. I have been scouting the surrounding country. The $64 question, in my life, is where can I go? I'm a career gal now, remember." "I have the answer, the 2 room and bath apartment above the Gallery. It was planned for a 2nd chauffeur before the species became extinct. With a record- breaking demand for accommodations in this summer resort, .-Mother decided to rent it and had ••the time .of her life furnishing it .-like an illustration she saw in a 'magazine. It is really attractive, but Dad howled 'No.' He wouldn't have a stranger housed above his adored Sargent Gallery, Jr., so there it is, vacant." , "I took a look-see at it the other day when the door was open. It's adorable." "If you want it, it's yours. The rent, as the living here, is part of your salary. Lem Digby, the caretaker, and his wife live on the ground floor of the ell, and Si Pond, watchman, patrols the place at night, so you needn't be lonely or frightened. Betsy told Mother she would furnish your meals if you wanted her to." • "What a heavenly arrangement. '. As to being lonely, or frightened, •I don't know the words." : Even as she made the smiling denial her heart did a cartwheel. Live alone over the treasures which could be stolen so easily? Henry Sargent had impressed on her the fact that many of them were of untold value. How much protection would the Digbys be in the ell? Silas Pond, the ' night watchman, was a gangling .native who looked as if he had enough vitality to chew., gum and no more. Could; she, do it? She could and would "for the present. Suppose something exciting happened? Hadn't she told Judge Grimes that she was off for adventure Nothing to prevent her moving to one of the resort hotels when there ,was a vacancy. She was not dependent on her salary for a living—her mistake, until September .income date she was, and how. The change of view of Gene and her mother was still inexplicable. If it was because of Myles Jaffray it was the joke of. the season. "What's the verdict? I've given you time to think," Gene prodded. "That the apartment suggestion is nothing short of inspired. There is room in the Gallery garage for my sedan. With that trusty steed at hand I can go out to dinner if Mrs. Betsy fails me. I'm all excited. May I move my bags in tomorrow?" . "Absolutely. You understand, don't you, Fran, that we hate to have you go, that it is for your • good? I urged you to take the position and I never would forgive myself if you got overtired and broke down." "Don't give it a thought. I'll have the time of my life." "One thing more I want to warn you about, Fran. I saw you talking with Myles Jalfray at dinner. Beware the wolf, my child. Watch put for his 'You're the one woman in my life' line. He loves and leaves. To be frank I think you are to unsophisticated to attract him, but I felt it my duty to put you on guard." • "Thanks." It was a wonder Fran could get the word on the air. Fury made her head spin. Once she had heard an angry man swear until the walls reverberated. If Only she had as adequate a way of expressing her wrath. Myles Jaffray was "a wolf" she was "too unsophisticated to attract him." Was she? It would be exciting to make him aware of her. "Friendly of you to flash the stop light, Gene. I'll heed the Warning. Now that I have been put on guard, let's tune in on another station. How come that Blake Sinclair is here? I thought him miles away." "He phoned this morning that he would be at the Inn for a month, intimating he was here for the tennis tournament. Invited me to dine and dance at the Country Club tonight. As one of Mother's guests had canceled I asked him to fill in at dinner. You haven't forgotten the rush he gave me when I visited you, have you? I haven't, he almost turned my head. He has the profile of a Greek god, and that boy's got charm, he has. There's the explanation. Simple as that." "Is anything simple in this cockeyed world, Gene?" Myles Jaffray inquired as he held a 'cup for her to fill. Something in the bend of his head, a tone in his voice struck a spark in Fran's memory. He was the man in gray who had been in the elevator the day of her conference with Judge Grimes. His cable had read "next week." Undoubtedly he had recognized her from her photograph and had been waiting for her to leave the building before he called on the Judge. "What's the secret joke that is tilting up the corners of your mouth, Miss Phillips? Share it. This chaotic world needs laughter. No?" Jaffray set down the empty cup. "Gene, excuse us, I have a message from Kenn Phillips for hi.s sister. Finish your coffe, Fran, and we'll' adjourn to the terrace." "Is it so private you can't tell it here, Myles? I've hardly spoken to you tonight." Gene Sargent's tone was aggrieved. "It is." "I hope the message isn't as solemn as your voice. Run along, you two, make it snappy. We'll have some Oklahoma when the men come from the dining room. Don't look so scared, Fran, Myles won't eat you." "Don't be too sure of that, Gene." He laughed ana gnashed his strong white teeth. "I crunch the bones of bad little girls, me, I'm the demon trustee." "What do you mean, 'trustee,' Myles?" The 'sharpness of Gene' Sargent's eyes was repeated in her voice. "Hasn't Fran told you that her brother appointed me trustee of Rebecca Harding's estate in his place?" "She has not." Her face was white with anger. "Why the secrecy, Fran? Why didn't you tell me when I—I was advising you a few minutes ago?" "Because, believe it or not, I kept pushing it out of my mind. I thirlk the change unnecessary." "And on that note we will adjourn for our talk fest," Jaffray declared smoothly. "Come on, Miss Phillips, unless you want to bring your objections to me out in the open and discuss it here. I can take it." "That's noble of you. Let's talk it over," Fran suggested crisply and sprang .to her feet. "Almost as light as day, thanks to daylight saving," Myles Jaffray observed, when they reached the terrace. "How about holding our conference on the rocks? Will it hurt that swanky yellow dress, can you make it in those high- heeled gold sandals?" "No, to the first question, and yes, to the second. That flat boulder looks inviting." Her sandals had not been designed for a trek like the present. She dropped to the broad, flat boulder jutting into the sea. Seated beside her Jaffray frowned at her bare neck and arms. (To Be Continued.) Assigned to Guam Swea City—Pfc. Darold Gabel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Gabel, has been assigned to the 1958th Airways and Air Communications service on Guam. He will serve as a radio operator for this organization, whose mission is to furnish communications service for military traffic in the Pacific area. Pfc. Gabel is a graduate of the Swea City high school. Try and Stop Me •By BENNETT CERF- ^rUDE MAGAZINE reports a phone call received by a big New •*- York advertising agency named Rickard and Company. "Connect me with Mr. Rickard," demanded tho voice. "I'm afraid that's impossible," said the switchboard operator. "Mr. Rickard hss been dead for ten years." "Oh," said the voice. "In that case, let me talk to his secretary." * * * Irwin Edm&n, the absentminded philosophy wizard at Columbia, was waiting- for a confrere one day when he experienced a sudden thirst. He pinned a note to his door which read, "Edman will be back in 20 minutes" and went down to .the corner for a soda. When he '.returned, he saw his o\vn note and sat down patiently in the corridor to wait for himself. * * * * Jack Carson has a name for all those top-flight radio comedians who spend most of their time worrying- over their rating: Hoopcr- ch^ondriacs. Copyrljht, 1940, by Bennett Cerf. Distributed by Xing- Features Syndicate. SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK By R. J. SCOTT CR.OWK Cl-fY UNDER -PcrfS. SHAKES BEHE.F1CIAL-10 MAX . MYRIADS AMP IKSEC<S CUE. ALUMINUM. SftAWH Wfc> WIRE. WOULP EKClfcCLE. -fKE EAR.1U. ROOM AND BOARD By GENE AHERN WAIT HERE. ALFX WHILE J GO IN AN' SEE IP JUDGE IS BUSY IN HIS SCIENTIFIC LABBEKTDR.Y, VOKIN' ON AN INVENTION/' — '.--.YOU'LL LIKE DA. JUDGE-—HE'S SO INTERLECTURAL BRAINS/ SCA1RT OF 'A JUDGE V-ONEOF'EM PUT ME BACK OF TH' LATTICE FOR 3O C¥>yS FDR. •TH' PEACE IN A BRAWL/ HE SCIENTIST IS INSIDE PUSHING A) VACUUM CLEANER.^ DAILY CROSSWORD Connecticut's name comes from the Indian word "Quonectecut," meaning long river. DEAR A5OAH- DOES YOU, SErTO/4 USLJAU.Y TORN MARE -UV1N« UP TO HAMEfT. MQAH* IF THE" CLOTHCS L-INE" WAS 3 THE WOUL-P f ACROSS 1. A digit 6. Native Egyptian . 10. Book of Old Testament 11. Like a wing 12. Edicts 13. The Three Wise Men U.Male descendant 15. Tree 17. Mist 18. Half an cm 19. Lucid 21. Perform 22. Culture medium 24. Native of Troy 26. Twilled fabric 23. Extinct bird (N. Z.) 29. Inner wall of a ditch 32. City (N.Y.) 35. Masurium isym.) 36. Like a mouse 38. Exist 39. Pastry 41. Emmetj 42. Greek letter 43. Badly 45. A roundabout way 47. Garment 48. Fetters 49. Epochs 50. Taut DOWN 1. Crowd 2. Musical instrument 3. Employ 4.. Good conductor . of heat 5. Hound dog 6. Rotating piece (Mach.) 7. Norway's 23. Portion of a curved line 25. Shake 27. Malayan boat 29. A widespread kingdom patron saint 30. Seaman 8. Sacred 31. A learned temple (Orient.) 9. A triangle 12. On the ocean 16. Injure 10-IJ 19. Top of milk 20. Full of roots 'Brahman 33. Blunt 34. Period or time 37. Cubic meter' 40. Island of Napoleon's exile 42. AgeS '44. Affirmative' vote j'46. A heavy weight 12. 14 22. 47 lo 44 IS 27 24 57 17 4i 8 9 10-12 A Cryptogram Quotation U'O DKJ U LVWAC SPY DKJ T7 EPPX JP EUQK, W AWONKC W B BGQTKYO. EPY JVK BGQ.TKYO LUQK — N P N K. Yesterday'M Crypttxjuote: HE HATH A TEAR FOR PITY, AND iA HAND OPEN AS DAY-SHAKESPEARE. DUlrlbulea by Klntf F«tu«» lyndk«i* HOW LATE CAN I STAY AT THE SQUARE DANCE TONIGHT POP? WEL.L. IF YOU'RE HAVING A GOOD TIME AND THE OTWEP. CHILDREN STAY,VOU MAV STAV UNTIL ELEVEN PADDYS THE BOSS- THEN ITS AU_ POP SAYS NOT LATER THAN TEN CAPTAIN MAIQQMB ISALLTWS"EVE" "B SS " BUT IP VOUte WAVING A GOOD TIME AND THE CHILDREN STA/,VCU MAV STAY UNTIL ELEVEN BUSINESS ABOUT ^ KIND OF A BLASTED JSLAND KNEVsl .. VNOULDTRX' FIKDU6 PrVNEHCE, CEUDD... IYJILL EXPIAVN.' FKST THE BOYS WILL ESCORT YOUR PARTY s< An-rur DA DQ rr~/ BECAUSE. MY FIANCEE.' ^~ i« A L/far? l l/ WOULD 8E,LREGR-R-R6T TO 15 A MAN? ^-7 SAY, JEALOUS OF ANY WOMAN i MIGHT OIOOSE TO ADVANCE, BRIDGET. 1 CONSEQUENTLY,SHE'D INFLUENCE «* HER MOTH ERAGAINST MODERNIZING -.._ CARDS! m TO SHOW HOW / UNREASONABLE / ~ LUCIAIS,ISUSPECT SHE'S EVEN JEALOUS OF v/ii/r DID SHE SAY WE COULD KEEP THE MOMEY? WITH THEM? ; ( THE DEPOSfTS! PACKAGE FORYA 0'HAR£!"ITHINK > A BOMB! •^NO, BUT SHE DID SAY WE V CAN USE IT TO BUY MORE ^ SOD4 'POP... WHICH /WEANS MORE BOTTLES TO RETURN" WHEN THEY'RE EMPTY// I LOVE IT. 1 REALLY AND TRULY T DO,' AND I THOUGHT THOSE" HAD RUINED MYHAIB. Copr. 19*9, Kifll OitMro Syndicate, lor, WrwM YOU'VE REDONE IT AND IT'S LOVELY.' AND BECOMING.* \OU LIKE IT? OH/ YOU DON'T KNOW HOW GLAD YOU MAKE ME*. AND TO TM1NKI SCOLDED Tte BOYS FOB CAUSING THIS. WELL,I'LL MAKE UP VOB ~ T*4ATWHENI I-I DON'T KNOW WHAT you MEAN, DR. MORGAN/ JUST. WHAT X SIMPLY THIS, J.D..?" 1 DO YOU MEAN,/MRS.YVESCDTT AND STEFAN WER6 SECRETLY MARRIED ABOUT A YES/...BUT IT'S NO ONE'S BUSINESS T MY OWN/ ARE ->OU SURE THE EXECUTORS Of THE WESCOTT .ESTATE *->vY- 'WOULDN'T THINK IT WAS x THE!R BUSINESS 1 DELJCIA ' STOP// SWMD MV WECK STlLt HURTS FROMTH LAST KISS YOU NOW I'M MAD/"TO THIUK VOID , LET A HORSE COMB BETWEDJ US// OAW OOAKS, £ WOULDMT MARRYj iVOUIF\DU .WERE THE LAST MAM , iOWEARTR'/J SEE/VDO GO CIGHr IN'THE LIVING BOOM ) j WAIT.' ETTA wiu. ae &—r^""—*«J HOME N A FEW MINUTES.'/ r°U >k WILL YOU STAY FOB i-"! TWISTED j WABM* J JEEPECS /THATS ^ A SMOOTH SHOT*OP pie.? vou vouMmc, EPPENPT ?' IA 9QUAP WILL GO WITH YOU / ITHC CAIOO POUCI M* NOT HAVE RAOO CAHS PUT SO THERE'S ONLV ONE WAV TO OVBTOKE KlUfff SJMSINTHKT CH hU.'DtONT HEA»VOU ^xAoe you wows COME IM !!ijr\ THAT REMINDS HAVEN'T SorANV SNAPS OF Wttta, AT SCHOOL.' MOWS MY CHANCE TO RAID HBQ ALBUM-- SOOKM/.' PONV BK VOUK Ufll AMV MOM / HH^OCfR JOB IS RMKH6P: PKMN» <IMS WW ATTBMPT1NO AW INStWWOE «AUP' W THt KUCt BACK HOME WWWT TO KTKWnt HKM SO* TKIAL JOS.V BUT wurrn.' i wwe CCKH MT EAOBt MAVHC W TWS BOOWPUP WtS MAPK A ' MCLMPUff^ S tve oor ro SOUMH MMB*

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