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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1892
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2. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, FRIDAY, MAY 27, 1892. POLITICAL PROPHECY THE SECOND SIGHT WISDOM OF A WASHINGTON WISEACRE. Tftlk With a lteuubllean Senator Wlio Thlnka Jllalno Will Do tho Next Prcal- clent—He Niwnec the Tickets—lllnlnn And Alger. Cleveland mid rainier. [Special Correspondence.1 W ASHINGTON, May 10.—Having recently given the diatribes of a certain capital cynic, I now take up a wore cheerful though equally delicate topic by repeating for your entertainment, if not for your instruction, the predictions of a political prophet. You have all met the prophet—the man who always knows precisely what is going to happen in conventions and elections, the man who is never troubled by doubts, whose pro­ grammes ore in his opinion both symmetrical and infallible. Ho is as a rule a pleasant man to talk to, but one whoso prophecies it is not profitable to indorse with wagers. The political prophet 1 have in mind is a senator of the United States, a man who usually knows agood deal and is not at all backward about telling it. •'This is going to be o great year in the political world," he began; "it is to bo the year in which James G. Blaine is to be elected president of the United States. For sixteen years this man Blaine has been the idol of a large section of his purty. They havo followed him with blind infatuation, witli devoted persistency. His uamo has been enough during all these years to open their throats and send their hats flying in the air. Through four national conventions and ono election they have hur- Tahcd for him, and still ho is not president. "The effort to make Blaine president bos become more than a movement in this couutry—it is a cause. Hundreds of thousands of his admirers would make almost any personal sacrifice to secure his election. They have hoped and hoped in vain so long that many of them havo become fatalists, like Blaine himself. During the campaign of 188-1, when every oue elso was saying that Blaine would bo elected, Mr. Blaine himself said to Mr. Clarkson, of the national committee,: 'Do you know, Clarkson, that I havo a conviction that 1 shall never bo president? Something will always happen to keep mo from it, just us something always has happened.' Clark son laughed at his fears, but remembered them the day after election, when it was seen BOO votes in the stnto of New York, affected apparently by ono of the trivial accidents of politics, had turned the scale against Blaine. "Mr. Blaine's own fatalism has had wide echo throughout the country. Men say of him, 'Another Henry Clay, the idol of lus party, but never to be president.' This year, I say, even fatalism is to bo confoundod, for the admirers of Blaino are to bo happy at last—he is to be oleoted president. "He will be nominated at Minneapolis, not by acclamation, but on ths first roli call, with 600 voters out of 900. He will accept. Clevelaud will be the opposition candidate. Without Blaine ou the Ee- publican ticket 1 doubt jf Cleveland could be nominated at Chicago. The two-thirds rulo and the opposii n of Hill in New York would defeat him and give the nomination to Gorman, to Palinor or to Morrison. But the nomination of Blaine will make the nomination of Cleveland imperative. Blaino and Cleveland are the greatest loaders of their respective parties. When one is put up the other must bo. The Democrats havo no other man big enough to size up alongside Blaino." "While you are at it," I remarked to my friend, the prophet, "you may as well tell me who are to bo nominated for vice president on the respective tickets." "Very well," he replied, not at all abashed. "The Republican ticket will J bo Blaino and Alger. Already tho pins havo been Bet up for this selection. The Minneapolis convention will bo simply o ratification meeting. Blaine and Alger, the oast and the west, the civilian and the soldior. On the other side it will bo Cleveland and Palmer. Again the east and tho west; again the civilian and the soldier. "In the campaign Mr. Blaine will be seen only at Boston and New York, and there ho will merely show himself, making no speeches. Mr. Cleveland will do a great deal of traveling about the country. Tho great battle will bo fought in New York, though Indiana and Connecticut will, as usual, be bitterly contested. Tho Democrats will carry Indiana and Connecticut. They will make a vigorous effort to carry both Illiuois and Wisconsin, but will not quite succeed. Tho Republicans will carry New York by 15,000 votes, and Mr. Blaine will be elected." Before I could recover from my astonishment at tho dogmatic and wholesale manner in which the prophet was disposing of men, of states, parties and thrones, he resumed: "Nor. is this all. Mr. Blaine will not serve out his term. In less than two years the condition of his health will compel him to resign, and he will thus step into a unique position in our lustory —tho only man who over resigned the first office in the gift of the Americun people. General Alger will become president. When Mr. Blaine becomes president he will institute in the White Bonso a new order of things. The president will no longer see every Tom, Dick and Harry who wishes to call ou him about somo potty appointment. All that will bo turned over to the cabinet officers. "This reform will be perpetuated by future presidents. During the corning administration tlioro will be other changes iu our political system and methods. United States senators arc to bo elected by direct vote of tho people. There is to bo goueral concurrence iu an unwritten law that no president is to havo two tonus, just us it is now the unwritten law of tho land that u president shall not havo three terms. The - -f nomination and election of Blaine will be tho end of second termism in thi.' country. "If o man who has made so good B president as Harrison has cannot win re- nomination, if a man who holdB such high pluco in [he hearts of his country menus Mr. Cleveland does cannot win a second term. future presidents will give up tryinjf. Kvery ono knows that tin president of the United States controls an enormous patronage. Wo (fenators know his power from daily contact with it. So vast is this patronage and so potent is it in tho affairs of the party that, except in raro instances, tho president who determines to do so may force his party to renominate him. "At tho same time, so many men are inevitably offended at the manner ii which the patronage is given out that ii is becoming tho firm belief of leading public men of both parties that undei ordinury circumstances a president cannot bo re-elected; for every man that it pleased by being given an office, a dozen or a score and their friends and follow ers aro disappointed becauso they did not get it. Democratic senators agree that Cleveland would have earned Now York in 1888 if there had been no dissatisfaction there concerning the manner in which ho had filled tho offices, Republican senators are saying that the chief obstacle to Harrison's re-election would be dissatisfaction in Now York, Indiana aud other states growing out of the same cause. Merely for the sake ot party preservation leading men aro arguing in favor of a single term. "But there is a higher and loss selfish reason, in my judgment, why we should havo a single term in the presidential office. Suppose an unprincipled, a desperate, reckless man had been in the presidential office when the Chilian trou ble cumo on. Suppose he had thought the only way in which he could be re­ nominated and re-elected was by bring ing on a war, amid whose excitement and furore he could easily ride back into power. It would havo been the easiest thing in the world for him to so shape mutters as to make war inevitable. O this point I will give you a little inside history of tho Chilian matter. My an thority is a member of tho cabinet, wh. stood very near to the president during all that trouble. This cabinet office ono day told me that if it were not for the fact that a presidential election was approaching in this country we should certainly have had war with Chili. He explained that the president was so sensitive to the charge that he was trying to bring on war in order to per petuato himself in power, that he exercised much more moderation and pa tionce thun ho would have done had he not been a candidate for re-election. He added that if war had come it was the president's purpose to decline a renomi nation in BUCII unmistakable terms as would havo left no room for doubt o his sincerity. Wo want a single term in the presidential oflico, so that in the discharge of his duties a president will not be tempted to bring on war, or the dan ger of war, for the purpose of popularizing himself; so that he will not be tempted to use tho patronage of his office for the purpose of forcing his party to renominate him, and finally that conflicts between the parties on the great questions of the day need not be complicated by the unpopularity of one of the candidates growing out of disup-1 pointmeut in the matter o£ tho offices." | "Your history inspires me with more confidence than your prophecy," remarked I to my friend. "But what else do you predict?" "During the coming administration the Republicans will regain possession of the house of representatives. They will then endeavor to enact a federal election law for the south—a force bill. Tho Ropublican party is as much committed to this as it is to protection. But it will fail because in the senate there will appear an independent party, composed of prosilver Republicans from the far west, Farmers' Alliance and genuine independents, who will oppose the force bill and attempt to pass free silvor in its stead. TWo independent party in the senate will hold the balance of power in that body and prevent a great deal of partisan legislation. "Looking farther into the future I can see more parties. The Republican and Domocratic parties will continue to lead, but there will be minor parties sloughing off from tho others on new questions. Socialism and opposition to centralized wealth and plutocracy is to bo' a great issue in Americu. Henry George's single tax idea will soon become ono national issue. Canadian annexation will bo. another. On the tariff question both parties are to shift their positions and their strongholds. The Republicans will become moderate protectionists, with a penchant for throwing down the walls and going to sea after foreign trado by relaxation and special measures. Tho Democrats will become an ont and out free trade party. Massachusetts and New Hampshire, Illinois, Iowa and other western states will in timo join Democracy. West Virginia, Virginia, Tennes- Beo, Alabama and other southern states will become Republican. "And better than all," concluded the prophet, "ten years henco the indopond- ent, unattached but alert and intelligent vote in this country, led by an independent, vigorous and able press, will compel any political party to deserve victory or go without it. Popular governmont in America, whether in the hands of Republicans today or Democrats tomorrow, will never be a failure. It is growing stronger and purer all tho timo," Now I thin'r you will agree my friend tho prophet 19 an interesting talker. But how many of his prophecies do you think will come true? 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Complexion Bleach { per bottlo _ for 8 bottles l*auza, to remove superfluous bair Paints, Oils, G-lass and Painters' Supplies. No. Ill Second Avenue East. J L. CONN, * Dentist. Parlors corner of Main and First avenue, over Reddcrsen's store. ATTOKNEVS. JNO . w. ROBERTS" Attorney nt Law. Rooms 2, 3 and 4, Mo. 3 South Main. L ESLIE & CRAWFORD. Attorneys utLuw. Successors to Swlgart & Crawford. Penney Building, oppostteiCourt House. POSITIVE GUARANTEE to cure ar.y form st nervous disease or any disorder of tho generative organs of either BQXA whether arising 4 . ... from tlio oxces* AFTER Blve use of fitlmalants. Tobacco or Opium, or through youthful Indiscretion, over Indulgence, Ao.. sucb as Lass ot Brain Power, Wakefulness, bearing down Pains in the back, Bemlnal "Weakness, Hysteria, NervouB Pros- tratlon,NoctumalKml8B!on8,Leucorrhcca,Du> ilneas, weak Memory, Loss ot Power and Im- potonoy, which if neglected olten lead to premature old age and InBaulty. Price $1.00 a box 6 boxes tor tc.oo. gent by mall on receipt ot price. . A WRITTEN GUARANTEE la given foK every 15 .00 order received, to refund tbo money A It a Permanent oure 1 B not effected. We bavifl thousands of testimonials from oldandyonnin of both aexea, who have been pennanentlyp Dared by the use of Aphrodltlne, OlroalaUT tree. Mention paper. Address _ THE APHRO MEDICINE CO. ST Washington St, CHICAGO, UJU For sale by A. & A. Drug Co. MUSIC LESSON. •jP^DWARD A. HARR1MAN, Attorney at Law. Office in Hutchinson National Bank building 1X0 .oo LOO UP Ktiugo....... » Crown Eiqulslte D'neo l'owilur ,«{ Vamoua Tollot Monk owl Mecllctno wltli lull instructions to beautify anil develop tUo form 6 Ml GoiKiiToeureiyiwckon^VniufiinBniUtiHl bye* press on receipt of remlttaueu, orlf donlrod, can lorwonl «XO.». NHL ADA P. EVANS, Complexion Specialist, uo a. state street CHICAGO, 111. I will receive pupils in music at my residence, 405 east Sherman. Vocal musio taught in classes or private leBBonB. Mbs. "A. W. Imras. •yyM. WH1TELAW, Attorney at Law, Office over First National Bank. Entrance ou Sherman street. "YyniTESlDE & GLEASON Attorneyu at Law, Office, 1, S, 3,4, over No. 24 South Main St. S.M.LiniE&CO.,f 8 %T«V TA . CHICAGO, XXjXk, COMMISSION N1ERCHANTS BROOM CORN, , Vow * I***S O 1 "" 1 " i'im»l S feuraiiira W»r**r fc V«.» VlrtjtulTH j V.. A. AHvuAl'v.t Wool. rjlAYLOR & TAYLOR, \ Attorneys at Law, Office, up-stairs. Maaonlc Temple. or SEND FOR CATALOGUE: ^ Mud tiufcrdi, link* and Tool tU«. MIDLAND HOTEL Most contrally located hotel in the city. NEW MANAGEMENT ENTIRELY. Patronage of traveling men solieted. Rates, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 a Day. k 83.1iKh l Boji '*rJi,j t *|Lao<i .HO SO t J '24-lticl),U.Ti'*uiTli' 88 00... 31 00 ' ftt-lnob, VlhulapJllOOi.. bt 4U Vktarh.Oni,) woo... «a oo 1 Dunlop PttauatUo, 2 -ineh Tir<*..,.„.,...„«. Itt) ffi.. U0 00 E. C. MEACHAM ARMS C<J.. ST. LOUIS .Ma YOU WEAK MAN! if«<u««lu loeok/ Dobiuty, Atrophy, Impotenoy, I'eara, Evil Tnou«ht», Varicocele, Loaaea, Slavery to uumanly practice! Nervonmuua. BbruDkcn Organs.-all theae are curabltl. ^ C . I tells the atory. UalleA OUR HEW BOOK I ^^^k and win u Monopotu of Atioc«««, t* < KHlfc mKniVACCO., ButTolo. N. TJ Yod CAN T HOOK HEALTH i

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