Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 12, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1912
Page 6
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e THE IQLA DAILY REGISTER. TUESDAY EVENING. NOVEMBER 12,1912. Dr. Hartman Answers Some Letters PEHPEnUTE PMITT lEMaiE ihri[»t' thrny as nnicli tuodiclm' ug ilio UBiicI lioiito r.( laxaiivo for linhior. In th.'s«' tlays of I I'.K I I vokt or living Hi»; prW of !i iii'Mllfiitf is wiiHii looking after. Maiialiu o :in bf obiaiu<-d ai niiy ' drug storo. « , ' A YOrXfi .MA >U-1 have a l-fter from a yoriiiB inaif whoMs ivi)arenttv tbe Tictlni of blood ))olscJn iii Its worst form, fie is affliitpd witli deeji eaten ulcers, has taken the usual remedies from doctors, lintli patent medicines and regular Doptor'.s itr'-sorliitlonn. lit; writes, ine:' Asking for Medical Advice any sjierlal silt'em oTjibyakal culture to ward off old age? l'.aij|t«&~yearar' younger Ohn yo\i in|;,^nd^»t I'lhn co ;:iparath4ly broken •dbinhiWbrd jifee. What would you advise the to doT My Dear Sir: H J do not teaoh any system of'physical culture. .The"only. [fHAT IS I'HE WISH OF THOrS- AJIDS OF HEFrBi.irA!rS.* It' Has none ftmu iH>rtc airf it Wni W !fi>HlMl Whe* flip iW^r Par , physical culture I l^^jTer* In Is to Ijave. jt.miethinK to Uo every day that calls I into plav liotU the menial and phyal- jc:iS powers, ^mt^thlng'that you attt Dear Iloctor lljirtiuaii.: Is tlier»? any Kilir,2f a^r L^rrZ. r !n-ros.ed;.t..: sontetiting ,ou-| Have brouKht on mysWf by dlssol.tte ,'^"\,™''^,,d\^*T,/^r Rat friiKally. At your ago use ' nar- torfi or drugs. M-HIUH m uu. - . «'a^er 1 us 1 do. k<*eii a bottb? of Peruna in the TJftar Sir: 1 vvoiil .i s»>nd to the JruR j lii'tis.' all th. tiliYc At the sliglifeat store at <inco and pf-t a iKittli- of ;a|iii.':traiirc of cold, or Hn<>e>:ii>g Ita* Lacujna. UfKJii ,hy tak!llJf^ a labli'-' otn .jili < hill, -jr stomach dHranseuiaH, spoonful aftnr •ac 'i rin-al and at liMt -jiakt- a lUt^f of Feruna b.-f<u-f e«Ch tiniH. Coiitiiiiie this for on.- month (n raJ for a lew days until the .^y»iil<* B. Hartman. M. f).. Columbus. <). .without int»»rruptlim, and llu-ij write loins dl^apiiear. Al^o IIM< "the> cold me and 1 will givf you fnrtb.'r adviie. I \. Ater towel »«ih every inoriunR, de- As to your diol. I umild suRgcst the i scrilWd in tin- Ills of i.ife. sMit unitls. , .- - , . us» of one frosii. mw vi'^etable evciy! * . , known all-over tl.i^ word, probably'ja,.. smh as lett.ic- eelerv. onion, ias, the largest correspondence of any .rj„i,s|„.s or II.,. like. AUo. use-meat i l-'HOM A IMKTt»R:-A doctor doctor in this cotmtr>-. He has a oi.rps, ^p^. spariiiBlv. ii at all Kn-sh Lu'-i % rites mf as lo the remedy K.itaruo: or trraiued nssi<;tants m di8j»ose of thf: ...i.w ... i ^c. m,.. n ,i.,v I . . • . . Iott{>rs r«c,.|ved-eacl. da.v. Of course (Y;,,^,,'V 'r tWlK^fr^^^^^^ ..^\..M ' '"^''^^ '^^'''^S tlie;docti)r cantiot iK-rsonallv answe, i^'" ''-'^ff*-!> '-l^- newsfwipers lately and 1 sec tbat all Dt thase letters, bur other doctor- [ .>"• we puttinft up the old-tJjsie Hein bl» employ for over ixcemv-ftve 1 A YttlNtJ l.VMV:—A yn\m>; lavly • r\tuv umlor a u*-* tiauuv While the .years atteud lo the details ttccaslon- writosr I have ptiuplejj on my fac»- oi !-iimc IVnina «tis lu its glory I ally, however, a lettor i.-« liroHpht to!'>"<' shoutdei.-i. .sptoially in tlu> sprint; it-»M to pre,<criUe it fr^'Muently fOr nvy; fhe'doctor htmsell for nitswer .\ few; of the year, but more or li>ss all the liii-nts. Hut since the change madei ' bl.ickhe.>d.< i" the formula in which a laxatlvv «vaiij ji 'il«'d. I have not b»«n ct>rtain whe- better prescrllie It or not. however, to prescribe V . .1. , I , . .., Kutarno. for I believe it to be one of tl... best tonics 1 ever knew of. In O.iiag this can I »end my patients to r'x- drujr siotv. or must they go to .Mrlhiliald-.Steube t'o . as Indicated In M..U- letter* i mFFKkll3tm!B^WaW¥XCE& TOWA^ll ^HTTrADM .PHTA; (X)NVEim of the letters answvriHl personally by ">"'^- Sometimes a iVw •pr. liartman in his regular corre-^ form, but mostly Uu- i>iniples an' ji M «d. I have El)Ondence are ilven bt>low as samples i larp>' 5>nd rwl Is thvre anything } t.n-r I had bei of tjie letters he is answering every i <lo to get rid of theti.? 1 .im anxiou.-? day; Tiie names and addri^sses of thej i)^..,^ Madam; You should do cvrrv- f'"" ' ''",^'^ these 1<?tters of cout ^e arej,,,,,,^ ,u,s^„,io ,o rcKulate the organic wltlrhcld as the dirt-tor treats all pro -lfyncions of vour b.Mlv. The bowels .fessioiial ^orreapoudeiue with hltit asj^hould be k,,.i ivijular The diet strietly conOdenllal No one n«-d feat Ubrtuld consist iHr^elv of i.vsh .-aw fhat;his name or address win be use,l,.,,p,.,5,i,,,.., y,,,,,., .,„., .„„^.„,r .^^er- .^4hea writing to Dr. Hartman. ; ^.^p s„„„,,, ,.,k,.„ Kvery- . . A jrOTIIER:— I hare raised several | thing tliat worries or frets the mind ilraggists keep Kabiruo. Any retailer rtilldren, and during the time when!><hould he strictly avoided if y<.u will who does not k *ep It in stw'k couW milk was their principal diet I have;fo"ow this for on- month and take a easily get If of them. If for any rea- .Mv Dear Doctor:—.\11 wholecale bad trouble to keep their bowels reg-i tablcspoonful of Horuna before each son your I'atl'^nts cannot get_ Ixtitarno Ulan Ooiistipation has been the onl; serious diimcUltj' I have had to con the onlvimeal. vou may then write me again of the dntggists they should address I to con-land 1 will give yon further advice, i Tl^'t Katarjto Cotniianj-. Columbus. O. j prefer pot to recommend any local i-eruna. Manalln and Lacupia man- treatment tor the pimples until after „fm.iured by the Peruna Company, Co- ... -J...... . j„.,jj,„g^ Ohio. Sold at all drug stores. tnnd~ with. . What do you suggest as a i-.tu«dy for a child' three years old ti-.a't-is contii^ually constipated? I believe my remedy Manalin is adapXed to your wants exactly. To be sure, there are several other remedies . for coBstipation^ especially prepare^ 'for children, advertised. I am sure, • howevef, that Mainailn Is 3ust as good ; ..„ _ . as aiiy other remedy on the markst,(strong and wdl .von are. altlioiigh joii dealer does not keep it for sale write justaspalflitable. just as effective anS: are much older I lian 1 am. 1 envy you riie K.ntarno Company, Columbus, •a bottle of Manalin contains two or; your niagnincent healtli. Do you have Oaio, and they will tell you all about it. you have followed this advice for one month. • « » A>' OLD MAN:—.\u elderly gentleman writes me: Dear Doctor Hartman: 1 know how SPECIAL XOTICE:—Many persons inquire for The Old-time Peruna. They want the Peruna that their Father.s and Mothers used to take. The old Peruna is now called Katarno. If your Cracked and Swollen. Could Not r $ieep. For2YearsNobbdy.Couid Cul-e His Eaema, CuticuraSoap and Ointmeiit Completely Curf^. :•• ; . ,, It'--; •Kfr, I .r,Trpll flacc. rWc««o. ID.— "Tha trouhle Ixinin by toy bands burolng tad Iteiiiiifc mm I rubbed and KrmtdMd ttaera liU one day I sa* UtUe red Bore« coming out. My bands were-disflguied aitd fiwollen.. and troubled laa so tbat I ouold not ilvep. N Thej vfero ovrked and Then tlio lonaU sum ^rok» D ubltu B>aii«r would cooa nut. I ruuld not do any lanl work: If I did Uiu imt Vovid come nut worse. •'tor two yran n'^i--,dv n :'.| my rcie.Tja, until one dny ' i ioi^-du : » - J try tbo Cutlcura S MP an<t Olr'jneot.' I uted 'wanp, water with the Cu". tn Soap wul »ner that t put the Curin;.-! uintmentao ' my .liandB twice a day fur .-^nout flvo or K U inon;tlu when I was cumpletaly cured," (SlKacd> Sam Mamu. Nov. 28. IDll. >fot ooly are Chticurm Soap and OiatoMOt. gnbal valuable lo the treatment of «e^eo^•A» J Md'Otber dlstraslog rrupUoiu ut aUn and •calp, but no uUier emolUenta do ao audi for Dimples. MacUimda. red. roach Mm, ° Itchinc. Bcaly scalpi. daadrdff. dry. thla aod ttimag hair, diapped bands and shapdaaa nails, nor do it ao econamically. A riagie oato or Coticun Soap (2Sc.) and bos of Cotic^ Ointment (GOc.) ate often nifflcient wfai^ aU eiiB has failed. 8<dd tbrougbodt tto world. Libetal sample of each oaMed * ftea. with 32-p. SUn Book. AddrMt poib- card "CutIcura.''I>ept. T, Boston." i»-TeDde><4toMi MI sbould u« Catinn ' Saw Shaving Stick. 2Sc.- Sample f^ee. ^ - LLJi BTFTEEN' COACHES PREPARE PRINCJETOir FOE SATURDAY'S GAME .WITH HARVARD jlcc<»ant of (lie Intemattonnl tin Stock £xp(icItloii4 •Chlcniro, XoTem- ber 30 to Decrmber 7, Xovember 30, December 7 and 2, to Chicago and return for $22.80, limited for return until December 10, 1912 W E. RAl£TO.\, Agent,- Bluathcnthal. Prince'.on csntar. Plftaeo eoachea hava been bnay all week roimdlnc tha Princeton Tl- |«r« Into form for tta* blc lama -silib H>trvar4 on Saturday. Tbay bava •ucce«ded wonderfnUy well, and It U n»»- believed that Frfaicaton haa a team that not only will beat Harvard but tbat la auperlor to anr otlMT jMcyen te the country. I O M « C tlw Friacoton atara la Blitetht ntbal, vbo plays at eaat«R> SERVES ON FEDERAL JOIY. in •.•!» case against the editor of the fi.i, • r were given to understand that tli<;.- action was not approvt^ by niM .'.erois citizens, it is probable that -Mr t'ampbell and the other Jurors w.i!::u rejoice if the Wayiand case \\<:i- out of court. 3lm ('aii^teJir liravm as Petit Juror ! at Ft .Scoft. ^, J. H. Campbell left for Fort Scott Sunday night, having been drawn aa a petit iuror In Federal court. The Tieafwn, who was Indict ago for misuse of «he mails Waylard's suicide Monday changed the mograni. chough the government says two case will bepressed against the UUbllcatiOn,—Ks^he jurors who sa' - ."hap, S. Hedge. 14C K. 2iid St., iy» been ... , , , . iiiji,. luu Willi »evere pains In my «er of the Appeal to^.,^,^,, kidneys, and pains were ed some time f sp^.j^Hy severe raomlngB. I Jiave ise'. thrree boxes of your Foley Kilney ''Ml? afiii the pains have entirely 4eft Tie '^T.-now feel well a« ever." Bnr- reir.^ Drug Sto«*. CLEANS THE HAIR AND. MAKES IT ^ r BEAUTIFU1^25 CENT "DANDERINE" 111 a Pew Moments Your Hair Looks Soft, Fluffy, Lustr6u5 and Abundant-^No Falling: Hair or Dandruff. ' Surely try a "Daiiderlne ll^f Cleanse'' if you wish to imuiedlately ilotible the beauty of your hair. Juat nofefen a clotii with Danderlne and. IfjiW; it carefully through your half, iftln^ one 6mal \,^{aiul-at a tniie. this i^l.cleanse ibh hair of dust, dirt or ar-excessive oil—In a few moments 590 'feil! be amazed. Your Italr will ^ wB>T, fluffy and abundant and pos- pks 5n incomparable softnesa, lustre ad IftKMriance, the beauty and ahlm- |*r !c^ j:rae hair liealrh uirilcle of Dandruff: cleanses, puri­ nes and invigorates the scalp, foivver '.tapping itC;hlns and falling hal/. . Danderfne 1.S to ilie hair whaf fresh showers of rain and fiinsbtne are 'to vegefatirr-u. It goes rlgh: to the roots, inviiiorales a"nd strengthen* iftem. Its H)rhiliratlng. ^timulatiitt: and Itfe-pro- 4irelnR vf^i't'^'lrs caii«-o tlrt* hair to grow alundanlly long:. Strong and beatiflfMl i You can siiiely have pretty, soft, j Itiistrous hair, a^d Iota of It, If you will Nsesides beautifying tlio bnlr, one ap- 1 * "'^^ Knowltou'a potior l^derine di.^lves -ery !|^|^^-^Jom^at^ Kdl^^Ild.*^"" Topeka, Nov. 11.—The .Republican Party League. will b.; I>erpetuated Judging from the gre^ numbers of letters received by the organization since the ele<'tion urging that the headquarters bfi kepf_ open and that the leagtie be made permanent. I'res Ident J. S. Dean and^S.-cretary 0. A. Clark would like to hear from all the Tncthbers of the league on this subject, li dlBCUssiug the matter' President P^bn saM today: "The Tlepubiican party will gain cdntrol of both liraiichea Of congress in-1914, and its candidate for the.pres- idencjr will be iriumphaiilly elected in 191«. ' Hiisiory will r«iieai Itself."It will be remembered that when tbe Republican parly revised-th*- i;ir- Ift dntlng the Harristm admtnistratiuu by the pasaase of ilie McKinley bill, the tariff liar ^'anie to the front with his flood of mi'^represeniations just as he di «i when a revision of the tariff was r «Hently iiy means of Ihe I'ayne bill. Hn >>oih occasions the tariff li .us beanie so iMralatent and clamorous in tfieir misrei^resenta tioBs that they su(V *'<')ed in makiiie iht> tariff bills v»rT uniMtpulur with the people of I he rnileO :>iat**s Traiporary rnpnpniarit). "Tbe ReimbllciMis were defeated in J8KJ hy re;i3ou of the temporary un- pcjixUirlty of the McKinley blM just as they were defeated in 1S12 by reus oh of the leniporar.v un|)opnlarity of the Payne bill. "The McKinley hill -ifierwards became the most iM>puli<r act of the Harrison ndnilnlsirafioii and the Itepubli- eans gained control of congreds In IS'it in IK'.tR :he author ot the .McKinley bill was trliimphantlv eli>cted Preaident of the United States and for eighteen years under the DIngley .tariff, which was practicallv a re-<>nact- meni of the McKinley bill, the cottn- tr>- has prosiM^red as never before In its hlsfor.v. • The Democratic party now stands pledged to a re-enactraqnt of the same free trade tariff law which brougbt disaster td the country during the I last Democratic administration. It will doubtless carry out its pledges. A couple of years experience under such a law will open the eyes of the j American people to the deception pracliced upon them by the tariff liars of 1912: and the Payne bill will be as P'.pular with the people of the United States in 1914 as the .McKinley bill was in "1894 As a rosult the people will restore Congress to the control of the Rf<pubticHn party and At tha.lan, Rt». Anna Howard Shaw <top) and Kata Gorton; canttr. Baron«ti Btrtha von SaUn«r: rlQht, Julia C. Lathr«p and Laura Clay. A trie auSrase convention, probably the bigsc-ot and tbo most enthusl.nstlc In tha history of tha suit- race movement, la to be held in Philadelphia Nov. The moat promuivnt suKruita wUikera from avary •tat* will b« in attandance. Tha work of the piist year will be reviewed and pUiia luid for the capture of another bait doaen states next year. Amonc tbOM who will take part In the program ec Rev. Anna H. Sbuw. acting presUent of the' national aaaoclatlon: Baroness Bertha von Suttner. aurtrase worker of Austria now assisting In the movement In America; Kate Gordon and Laura Clay, of Louisiana and Kentucky, respectively, who are among the most prominent auffroce workars In the aouth; and Julia C tAtbrop, directors of tha federal children's bureau at Waablnv- ALL WRO.N (J. : ToMr.HT. -Tin; .\KM«.—• .(uae?- and ('ran«'£ production «:f Krt- Tbe .Mistake Is Made by .Hany lola u-ar Selwyns latect success "The Citizens. Arab." -.v:!! be ii.-.^.<^nre'' at 'h" r,r::\!<i Tijeaire ti'iiigh;. .\o\<'inh<-:- 12 .A uriiijiie ; lay of '!i>- orien; KU '.; it.< lovely anJent (reroin--. its frank f.-ar- iefis hero, a caM 01 coiupeteni |ilay.'i>; • . : rftf "type class" headed by tal- ••n'ed .•H -ror. .Mr. (luy Caufiiian. as^.s)."^;, ^ ed hy tiie win.some little aptre .-;.-i. .Mi.-.-; ! A resident of tbi.s vicinity «hows j Constant e Caufman. promise.^ to be i you how. . tl 'e most norab'e ev^^nt t >f the .'lea .-'nM | C. P. .Aiihloy. stone mason. lo:{ S. | " S I JOW.- a beautiful vivid i .it ture »ir ! Harrison St.. l-allarpe. Kans.. says: ' <1'=>'''^ f"" niy.mica! ehai m | .••A man In my occupation is forced I"' '''''t .'"urin? atmospliere i I to do a great deal of heavy lifting anil j —:: I 1 .00k for the cause of backache. To be cifred you must know tlie cause. If ifs weak kidneys You must set the kidnev.s working i right. LC. SM'H & Csos. Typewriter Bali Bearing Lpn^ Weariag 01 Ilie rtppuDiican party ana win , ,0 do a great deal of heavy lifting ami j , , ; - ., . 1 •urn over all departments of the gov--a few vears ago I received a .severe! 'a!""^ who live.« -.M. I I n.-r , ernmeii. ir the same party at the strain, which ,no doubt .brought on luy hn-=l.nn.i we--r r r lola. the iir-^t ho.ise j next i.resideniial Section. • kWnev trouble. I had sharp, .^hooting ["if s'"- *" <eu.e:ery. >.s 1. wUn a I Tvitn. nnpn=» mv WV flnrt lnln.« nnd , It?!" aitaes o' imeujnonia. llf-r . I.' ense to marry was issued thls- rto- -ling to U'llllam E. I^ve and Eliza- betij C. roraker, two well known Tour-,' peoftle of Bronson, and-It is-un. X^n fiod , that tbe wedding ceremay was -."rformed oday by Rev. Mr. Shep- ari! of this city. Tit a little daughter of MK and Mrs. Car! Peterson suffered a painful hart thls.nldrnlng when a ffatlromfell dn her "riand, aeTcrely bruising a finger. st<^ m Ml Jl.n a %mals« y «y «tyifcat»«l>h-lw» •uti><acOon than tha 1 Kuar^tee this remedy. . . '"r, Kiiiiclat-Agent— 3: R. Biirrell. V Projtres.sire Party Will Die. "In the meantime the so-called Pro greasive party will die a natural death. It has served about the same purpose in defeating the Republican pnrty In 1912 that the Populist party did In 1892. It will not. however, last us long, nor will it carry dowii to its grave anything like the same re- Sfject as the late lamented PotHllist parly. 'The platform of the -Progressive party is EG vicious, revolutionary and indefensible in its main features, that It needs, only to be thoroughly compre bended by the American people to In sure its indignant repudiation by all right minded and patriotic citizens of the Republic. I'ndemeath its thin veneer of high sounding phrases and righteous professions, lies a cunning system of revolutionary doctrines, which, if carried into effect, would, as every student of history knows full well, speedily put to »u end free government. - "I do not l>elieve there are .",.ofto people In the I'nlted States wbo would support the Progressive party, after l>ecom!ng thoroughly acquainted wifli Its fundamental doctriii<s .••••d tendencies. It will be a n-s'.l,"ible quiintity in t^e next campaign. fJreat Work Done. "The Republican Party League of Kansas has done a great work for the Republican party In the state. We have received a great many letters, both from members^of the league and others, asking that the organization be made iiermanent. We should be glad to have the opinion of every member of the league upon this sub- jeer "The legal machinery of the party during the recent campaign was In the hands of the Bull Sloose. The par ty fla^ was never raised above their headqharters. It has been stated by William Allen White, both before and since the election, that 85 out of the 105 county chairmen .would desert tbe Rejubllcan iiarty and Join the Third Termers. I do not believe this statement. It was my observation that comparatively few of the county chairmen aided and abetted the enemy. Tn the late campaign there were a number who confined their efforts entirely to aiding the county ticket, but few Indeed who really took part In the campaign agklnst their party. '.'We exiiect most of the county chairmen to remain in the Republican ,party and to take up fhe fight for >R«pdbllcan success in the future. TJibse who expect to desert the party win of course tender th^y resignations at once. It is the detemilna- ttonoof the Republican Party League to pi'ovide a loyal organization, in every oouhty and precinct in the state." pains across my back and loios and • , , . , 1 wa..^ unable to stoop or straigaten. My j vcMce.l ye:..r.-^ ninl:e illness dang.-r- , .. • ^ J .1 1 t.t I rtt,a nn,l hw>r lrl*»nn« feet cnnlp lineJlSl- i kidneys wer*" disordered and the kid- The Typewriter wiihout a Speed Limit The escapement cf iL- L. C ney secretions were Irregular in passage, contained sediment anA.-^ere 1 «»f "l''/*-^'*!''^'': >;• retarded. 1 was subject to attacks of [both bemir cIo.=e to eighty -V^^'^ /^l-i diicziness and headaches, and became i -^1'- "j"*^ '.-^ a ^' greutlv alarmed about mv .condition.: dntwin? a pension for that ^.r- Doan-s Kidney-Pills were finally rec- "^J,.. ^^".7 '"^•'•'-c !.^- •miiieinle-j-to me and I pr <:i '-ured a bo\. !'^^ '•!^•'tt .:ere. They gave li.e so mueh relief fr>>iii the first that 1 continued them until I was entirely relieved. 1 have not had the slighte.-f «ymptom of kidney trouble since then and give the credit to lioans Kidney Pills." For sale by all dealers. Price .'-Oc. Koster-Mllburn Co.. Buffalo. N. Y . sole agents for the I'nited States. OU.S and her friends feer .-ome '«neasi-j g jjj^ permits tKc CCfnriage tr ness over her condition. .Mr. and .\ir? 1 . . " Horn. SamrtJay .Nov-irb'r :i. 'o .Mr and .Mrs. W K. IMi. of Si.nli fiyc- air.ore stri'ti. a (la ;i ,s.'lir>i-. To .Mr. an>l Mrs. .lobn l.t-\^!i. of Sou'i! Koiirth sfr. et, on til- .-aiiiti date. ;. sui: Remember t !ie rake no oth <;r. nanK^DoanV—and - Kxtra low prices on new and u.-e<! jGaa and Coal Sto\es. Kd llennen^er. West .Madison. KANSAS' IMTOKER WEATIIKK. Sumniar.T of liS ReorN Shows Kine Brand of I'llmate. Reports from 12.". Weat!ier Ittiieau 'Stations ,! cated in pra<-;iral!y every r-ouniy ill Kansas .-.-how ihat Octob.;-. IJI12. was iinusually jileasant and fav- • -rM.- for all interests .thoutrb no weather records were broken. Temperature* during tii.' month alternated from minlerateiy warm to modera!«*ly cool and t^ere was suffic- iem ir.oiisture in nearly every co-jnty , Practically all the precipitation that:may do thro-jch fhe use of Mother's fe'I i cthe ?tate occurred on 4 days, j Friend, a rer.iedy that has been^so long the loth. 11th. 21st and 31st.'&nd there ! (n use, tad acccaipUEhed 89 much has been but one October in 19 yd'ars j good, thai it is in no sense an erperi- wltii a gr.-ater number of clear day.^. jmtnt, but a prtri .ara'ioa which always i .iroduces the bv?t results.' It is tor ' get away from tKc txt printing point so insiantancoiiclyj that no speed of opera-' tion is too rapid. The hair trigger touch of the ball bearing type bars, a carnage that 13 nevershiftec! for capitals, a capital shift key requiring only or.c-tllLJ ordinary prescure, a combined one-motion carriage return and line space, w-hich spaces one. I two or three lines with ; the same sweep, . . > .. .'' and the lightest IteaUb Is the founutrtos of al! good ' ... . .•'x,ks. The v .:3o wooiaa realizes this ; possible carnage ai:d faces icei tutiotis to i>reserTe her ; tension — give an ^.^f , "'^./r''-'' '"'OK"'''' ''^f • ease of operaUon rnxl of ccild bear:: ;j. She remains a , 1 n 1 J pretty mother by avoiding as far as ; t^«at makes all day speed easy possible the si:tfering .ind dangers of j for the operator, such occasions. Tlils every woman .Sperlal >'o(lre. —To t!ie members of the Triple Tie lodge: There will be a special nieet- IBR Thursday night at the A. O. U. W. ball. €. B.' Grlffitb, supreme president, of Pt. Scott; A. U Woodford,J past fupranie prealdeni, of Burlington'.: and C. H. Lamb, of Yates Center, will be present to address the mem- hew. At the elose of the meeting re- rreshroentH will be »er\ed. The public' Is invited. .A more detaileil summary of the reports of the weather stations shows that the average. temiH-rature for the montJ! was slightly above normal in •he •'Botern balf of the state and slisht ly l)eIow norinat In the western third, making the average for the entire state degrees which is .9 decrees •»bove normal. The-highest temperature rejiortPd was ft? degrws at .M{>- fbn on the »;th and the lowest w-as 1»: degrees at Blakeiuan on the 22nd. The precipitation averaged 2 4C inch as which i.s .30' of an inch above normal. The heaviest precipitation entered in Marion. .Morris, Wanbaun-=eo and Shawnee counties where the monthly totals exceeded six inches. Tbe greatei^ amount reported was .<! OS Inches at Eakrldge in Waubaun.^ee county. The average precipitation for the eastern third of the state was above normal for the first time since last April. Le«s than an inch of procepltation was reported from nearly every county In the western part of the state, except those along the Nebraska boun- dry, and there were several stations in the southwestern part that failed to receive any measurable amount durini: the month, but this deficiency was not detrimental in more than a few counties, as more than the normal amount of preclpletatlon had fallen over this part of the state in August and September. On the last two days of the month from 1 to )i Inches of moist enow fell in the northwestern quarter of the state and on the 'Jlst from 1 4'/~ Inches fell In t^.e Kaw Valley east of Manhattan, puting the ground in fine Bhni>e for fall wheat. S. D. FLORA. Act. Section Director. «teri:al appii <;atiwa and s» penetrating In its nature aa to tboroijghly lubricate every muscle, nerve and tendon involved during the period before baby comes. }t aids nature by expanding tbe skin and tissues, relieves tenderness and toreness. and perfectly prepares tbe systfi? for natural and safe motherhood. Mother's Friend has been a>ed and ecdor&'^d by thousands of mothers, and iyf U3« will prove a conh fort and bei -.^Vit — to any womai^'-in ^nlotOe^ need of such^ a -^ZZjfY^ .-imedy. Mother's VfeltG'flO Friend is sold at *jy*^W^*W d .-Jg stores. Write for free book foi expectantmothers, which contains much valuable information. BZADFiaD lEGOUTOR CO . Atlsata. Ga. I" - Tite always li^ carnage, Sboaafy prisbai| pota!. tlse arTBOgtmem ol ribboa aluk - aao kac: . space ke] <itiM :iact tlui co aecoiaiy operalio: t *ka the baodi froa wrkiaj podttoa, iiwatiii, • -speed with accaracyia tbe L-CSaitii. Mail a pos/c/ fot lilerafare loAuf. LCSMITH &BROS.TYPEWRrrERa> Kansas City Branch sl -J i ).-.'aware SL l»ansss» CUf, Mo. A Mght of Terror. Fe 'A- niirliis are more teirible than rhat of a i;:other looking on her child choking and gasping for breath during an utrark of croup and nothing in the house will relieve it. Many moth ers brtve .passed nights of terror In this situation. A little forethought will enable you to avoid • all thla. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is a cer tain cure for croup and has ae««r been known to fail. Keep it at band^ For sale by all dealers. THE NORTBRDP NATIQNAl SM lOLA, KANSAS OYER FORTY YE.ARS OF C0X8ERVATITE BA.\KIXO W lOLl Depository for the I'nited States, ^te of Kansas and Allea Cw%ty E. J Mll.l.KR. President * L. I.. .SOlLTUUUP. Vlce-Preat. MKi.VI.N KUO.\K. Ca.shicr F. A NoRTlfRUP. Vice-Prest. 11 J. COFFEY Asst. t.'asbier D.\ P. NORTHRUP, Vice-Pr«st CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20»000.00 TOUR BCSniESS SOLICITED lBtere!«t Paid on Time Deposits Safety Deposit Baxea fer

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