Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 19, 1908 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1908
Page 6
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ORANGE AND LEMON • ! t • • $10 per Acre and Cheap Transporta tion to Eastern Markets. Situated in the famous Tfucstc^a Valley on water transportation of the Panuca River to Tatnpico, the rapidly growing- part of Mexico. Regular steamboat service to ami from property. In the La Molsa Colony, consisting- of 20,000 acres. A townsitc has been laid out and tracts of 5 acres adjoining- al S125 to $135 each, and also subdivisions of fifty acres each at $10 per acre. Terms, one third cash and balance in f> months and { ) mo. ; 8 per cent on deferred payments. Discount given on tracts of 500 acres and up. Fine hunting and fishing. For further particulars apply to MATTHEWS & COMPANY, Local Agents, or » MOATS, FOWLER & DIBBLE Box 168 TAMPICO, MEXICO ' Home new l)o(il<H for youthful rcnrl- < r , : Aldcii C.'ruisc (if Hit) Oimnii (Jlnb. Aldfii- ('ruiHo of Mm (iliHHl. A Men Moral 1'inilcH. AMrioli -Hlnry of u Hml Hoy. Jiarliunr Captain of the Crow. Hoard Wlnil u (<irl Can Maldi iind Do. llfookH- -JIuj'H o!' Kairport,. Anin. -- -South Aiiiorion. DC In Kiimi'o -Moufflon and Other Slorie.H. I ir.VNihilc YMIIIIK' Supei'i'iirno. Komi- Hindi; Tor. (iriimell ifiirl;, tlin YOIIIIK iniiii. l-i'Kow 1'ieceH for Kvcr.v (hieusioii. Morley Hc.o People. Miinroe Clii'.VHliil, ,lnitl< mid Co. JMutiroe Di'rric.k St I'IIKJO Tummy lYul.'.s Viml |o Santa OliniH. J'mlt Ainerlea'd Story lor American Children, -I voln. Kay I'linim: Her 1'rof OHNIUIL Stoddiird Crowileit out o' Crolleld. Weed Stories icf lum'ot, Life, '2 voln. - Widow O'(?iilliiKHim'N Eastern Star Installation. Tho minimi installtitiuii of officers if the KnHtiini Hlnr \vaa liold InHfc nvoiiing. Tim hoantifnl ooremnnioH worts opun to MIISUMH and tho incmljcru of thnlr fa in i 1 i OH, AlrH. Anna Drohor Dnddnrar hoin^ I Im ItiHliillliiK (illl^er. A doluiiniia li;ini|iiot w.'tri Horvnd, lh<> dooonitimi.H lii'inK in an iinintie nclioim; nf roil and j<reon, Hinilax and KoraniimiH ho- iiin employed. Tho following ofllooi'H \vero iiiHtnlled : Anna U. Cooiman, worthy matron; (Jco. A. Ila//urd, worthy patrim; M. Pearl Fin loo, IIH- malron; Anna 1). Dnildorar, Mary 10. Ilulcc, trwiHiiror; Sylvia O. NiiHh, oondniil.i'OHH; JcNHio S. Noil, iissuc.lato oondwitroHH; .Inslo I 1 !, Honton, Adah; Blanche h. Union, Knlli; [>la L. UriHtow, Kulhor; Snuio i I'. Nusti, Martha; Delhi H. Dnddonu, Kh'Hii; (Vlcstiii A. Loor.h, wunlnn; .Annottn Crawford, chaplain; Mnta UrunjoH, mni'Hlml; Kdim Cullrin, iiiusii'iaii. The Lecture Course Assured. Tho sale of NOIIHOII tiekotH for I ho Your Winter Trip East SHOULD liJU VIA The Sunset Route OF THE winter rnui'Hi! of lei-tnres and eniorlainmonlN has now roachod Iho murk Ihal, insinon tho NIIOOOHH of Iho -jr>() tickets liavo ticeii Mold, and il is expei'led thai many moro will ho lakon heforo I lie llrNt lecture in January. Tho peuplo nf Covina ant to ho Hn.VH. (•on^'i at nlaled upon seoniiiiK xuiih a Tho liliiary aelviiow led^eH ^il'lH of'lilnh ehi'-s of loetnrors and entertain >oliH iind poi indifals from MIH. S. S. orti, In his illnHtratod leolnro, "Tho MI-H. S. Molfntl, Mrn. Hntllo with Iho SlnniM," .Im-oli Kiis will KIVO a KlimpHo of hi« life \vork thai linn attrii;'led tho iittentinn of Southern Pacific ~"^~"~*"^^~~""~~"~~""'''» i •"••r i irir-ni •••»•!>•••«• •••••••••• i mm \m mm n •••••• •i mimmmamm OK 1 VIA NEW ORLEANS TO Washington X Chicago ~C Cincinnati s^^ New Pomona Double Plunger Dee We II Pump Head \\'. 'l.linniii, Miss A M. JlriTim, Mr. (i. N. Al'.viiml, (it-n, .li'iiiUNim, and Mr. ,1. Kuhie. Monday Afternoon Club. Tile laiiir [Iho wlhdo world. (Jov. Kolk of j lisHHini will diti'.v a IHI^O iiudienee | to heiir his ir.iiHlel'ly addresa u|-"li 'The Knfurroinont of Law." Tile •'I the Monday Atler ' Pliilliarnioiiif t^iiinlot will doliuhl n ii.ii Chili hoard mi excellent addnss ,,([ Invert ot nuisie ; and Alton 1'iir.U- nii Monday allei noun, (jiveii hy A. juiil, the linnoiis cai tnonisl, willhriiiu I;, lionton, Ihe arehiieel nf their [., unvel and entortaiiiinn me^i-'au'H, cllthhnlin', "II "How lo liuild a ' ntirael ho alilio tu yoiuiv' Mini old. floiisi!. " The tall; w.ia replete with Lust, Lilt no! least, thorn A i 11 ho a wit and liri^lil idea^, in taet, asj^i;,,,,! en!(M tainment t'omldiiin^ the «:|ie lady roiimi lu d, it MILS "a girl's ! | u . s t uinsii'al ami liteiiiry tali'iit of the dream of a homo." San (labriol valley. The mcL'tin^ wa^ in eliaiKo (it MifSi The minislers of the Coviim' '• SehiiichiN, appn eial inn the value to i our ('iiiniiiuu i I \ el Mich a ei iirsn (it outei thiunionIM, have l.i'i n eipeeially act lie in ils | i' 'toot i' 'ii. The iMm.l I e.ipie nl i III ( i I > \'> I I I d>> U ell In P'tl l i MI i/e '-i,cli a d 'ii i -e IN THROUGH TOURIST SLEEPERS RICK—COTTON-- SUOAKCA'NK MOSS COVKKMCD I.IVK OAKS "KlNK-lll':AD!:i) PICKANINNKS" IJALMY IJKMCKXKS THROUGH THE DKKAMY SOUTH 1). H. SC'III'INTK, Ao-eiit, t'ovina (i. L. TKAN'IS, v'oiiinuT, ial Ayent, Pomona SOUTHF£RN PACIFIC f \ BUILT IN THREE SIZES, FromTen to Forty Horse Power It is the smoothest running-' deep well pump because UUTC are no dead centers, uo jerk or jar, and no danger of breaking the pump rods. Be sure and write for our big- catalogue. Watch this space for further information. Pomona Manufacturing Co. Pomona, California WE PAYS llatxks. Ixefr.'shmoiilh \\ero t^i I he luii-les.-es lieillt; Milieu. .\--clli liionner, llealh, ('o-.l>inah and \\in .M l M. Stolen^ elnuimd In i he.iii \\ ii h the ..Id la 1 , in ilo, ' '1 he S.. 1 That 1,'eael.o.l .M '. MI ail," ;o,.| l •.I muled \\ i I h an eiioi i o. ' 'Iheio \\ill Ii no inilhiT iiii-ei .n; \\hal di'li^his .1 1 until.Jan. I, 1 in I hi i •imllee ol \\hi.l. \\' \\.hiis<l A (' \sill ho L'iveli next week. liliod i.'i llee. yf/7: DANK » V MAIL ON ONE YEAR TCRM •••••• BALANCES' Patrick: H. Tally Cement Pipe manufacturer ALL SIZES AND IN ANY QUANTITY Kstimates furnished. — AH work guaranteed. Agent for KANSAS CEMENT Large or small quantities. Yards, Azusa Avenue, just north of San Bernardino Road Telephone, Home 324'J Postoffice Address, Covina WE WELCOME accounts of any amount from Currency may be safely sent throuah the mail by ) _ letter, or remittance may be made by express money order, bank check or draft, which need not b« registered. :: :: :: Loaa* tr« uitd.i oaly on i«*m*«4 rul MteU a* foe >n>rfl»« »•>»•<«< •. «. r iV.. f r F»ROV»D£NT G^r J. M. HUNTEJt. S«., ud U«r. »»« fe. Mwy. L J — I'OLLTkV RAISURS I Sh Los Angeles Incubators UVJlkYThlNG IN POUL'II^V SUPPLIES A^'iiic Ruup Cur-' 5tk: I'o.-lpaiJ Ai.tu;ks co. su s. MAIN si. LOS ANUI.I.USJ

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