Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 29, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 29, 1954
Page 2
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HOPE S T A K ^ H*0 VI , A t A t4 •s V. i January unise irack • IkerDeot »^ -V ' JOE HALL S I, (*l~ Senate lead lay to ,unveil a bipav- for the Bricker \ they believe will . stafefriate' in the 'dispute ttesem tli<? President's 3 Ifrfdf^tett tiffclrs. _- Knowland , of 1C expected tfl be ftnriotinc^ tietalls bf the — —J&3>-aver treaty curb, sUb* .(Ute during the day, although btte*tdhfeMh"e9 ahd rWe George (DGa) who ^-., a prpposal, that, became. stbasis at the' bipartisan substl- '"" "" he wasn't quite so confi always has some Ber little 'idea he wants to get fi'} George Said in an interview fch^y're stUL hoping they dan Ret Srjcke.- to agree to something. But "ittOrt/b think '4ny compromise is 66siblo--with. John now." CK-OMo) himsell yestorday, the differences With. " "* 'nistratlou on his proposal it^a fundnmontally differ- bf." government," ' ^T^..,-^.-. "an agreemnt' can be 8cneft:,'Wnich; prUvides a middle '( iof litany seiiiuors, the big seemed^lo be— aders muster tho IcdS vote-jrequired OF," a prpposal, to*' change the- Con- ^ .^_. those; taking" extreme grtjj, Qtt both -sides join forces of- a con> MARKETS 8t. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARbS, 111. \fl __ Hogs 6,500; moderately ac- tlveg weights 180 Ib up steady to IS lo,vei than yesterday's average; lighter weights- Weak to 25 lower; sows V.eak to 50 'ower; bulk choice liO-1230 Ifc 26.00-50; 240-270 Ib 24.7525,75; fe to 26.00,'270300-Ib 124.00 25.00 ;)50-170 Ib C5.25-26.50, mostly, '26>fc r / doWh *so\Vs 400 Ib down 22.7"2e'.75;, neavier sows wl.7522.7; boars Ifl.BO^O.'Ofti tiatHe 1,000, calves e50; trading BlOwj > few ! comit.ercial and good about steady; early trading confined to canner and cutter cows steady at; very little il offerings; bulls unchanged. Utility and tSorhmercinl 12.50-14.50; cutte*.'. bulls''largely 10.(50-12.00; veal eps 2.00 lower; few prime '32.00; good r.nd choice 25.00-30.00; com- rnerciiU and good 18.00-224.00; slaughter calves finding restricted outlet. ShoiD 400; active, steady'' to strong market except top which lower at 22.00; thiu price freely paid; -hulk lambs 21.5022.00; including one lo- 110 Ib at 21.50, soma mixed pelts mostly wood included 01 22.00, few bales good to rnostly choice .Voolskmf 21.00; some 7 1 bUirnbi 1700; few culls 12,0016.00; one lot very lifhl culls 8,00; slaughter ewes steady; cull to good eWes 3.00-5.00 ngod bucks 4,00. 93 score AA and 65; 30 B 63,20 J 89 C 625; cars B 04; 89 C 6275. Eggs unsettled; receipts 13.838; wholesale buying prices unchanged; U. S. laige 465-47; U . mediums and standards 45.5; current receipts 43.5; checks and dirties 4Z. N6W YORK COtTON Businessmeh Just-'u Shoot If Ouf CLAUkSVlLE Ml— TVo CSgrks- businessmen shot ^h^thor in a gun fight on a loftefcfc din road near Here Ethel Elackard said. r vi He identified the men is Peden, 30, and James Hamrnond, 38. : :; -:^>,s; The sheriff said ; ttahirndiftlf was shot through the left>h'a'ha SvAh a ' ,22 caliber rifle, suf- PRESCOTT NEWS . fered a shattered botJe--aDOv;e the elbow ; of the left arhi, Blackard said Pedei) wafc hit'' jba /.45' call- NEW? YORrt Mft — Cotton futures ber auifhiatic" slug^^'lt • />t*t» £4c.ri/1tf- 4rtr1 r\^/ •« rt Mn A»*4 rt *« rt * « t*i TT— ^.-iii'_; j- _* ' --.Li _1 ' 1^ '_ i''_. ^..^ L 14 were tleady- today in moderately a6tiv-_ dealings. Trade covering for mill end expert accounts rhet a fdir *m<ounl of profit taking and liquidation which lim'ted gains. Lavo r.fternooa, ^priccjs, ..were un clian?i-'l to. 25 cents"' £f 'bale higher than the previous close. March 33 97, May 34 10 J \\A Jtjly, | _ >*f * , 33.98. GRA'N AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO (IF) —Soybeans and | rye had a firm undertone'' on the Board of Trade today but wheat, corn and. oats rotreale'di under mild selhn j vressuruy. 'f Soybeans wojjeRhelr&d tiy scat tered demand jfHH to the Aglictll- ture Dopartme of beans in aT occcisiojial flashes' responded with gain.s at Demand was very-light- in major grain pit:; with wheat being ot the original 3|fcJs:ci.".a.m9ndin0nt already wera 'it could not i -the substance 'of 'was acceptable JT' iidm^nWaUon, since Knpw: aJid Oth.er- GOP leaders talked 0hj; dreaidenJ at the White House "''"" 'ay,' tjreh returned to the to vBMsh, ^head* with tlielr ion -rnezv Pointed; pica ,'^ftlls, -" - A and thp ^ \V NEW YORK aTOCKS NEW, YORK (/P)—The stock market rr)a4e limited progress today a few soft areas appearing on the list. With some outstanding exceptions, prices moved only fractions in either direction, Steels gathered a lot of attention with Bethlehem Steel the focal point. Bethlehem Steel yesterday after the market close declared a dividend of $2 a share, That compares with. $1 previously paid each quarter. POUJ-LTRYi AND PRODUCE CHICAGO (#) — Live poultry about steady; receipts 18 coops; f.o'.b, paying prices unchanged; heavy hen§, 28-31; light hens 18-19; fryers or-broilers 24-27; old roosters ,17-19; ducklings 30-31. ' $uitei? steady;- receipts 1(678,466; unchanged; subjected ing; to light profit tak- Wheat closed g to 1' cent lower, Marcn $2.12;4-V8, corn unchanged to '/a higher, March $1.52, OATS UNCHANGED TO '/ 2 lower, March ''Q'/i-Va, rye unchanged to */ 2 lower, March ipl.241/2-. and soybeans '/ 4 1 higher, March' 3.13-$3.13 1 / 4 . Casii wheat: None. Corn; No. 1 and ;i yellow 1.57; No. 3 J'.SG. Oats: No. 1 heavy white OS'^i/a; No. 1 white 82: Soybeans: None. Barky nominal: malting 1.20-32; feed 381.20. Field seed per 100 Ib nominal: White.' clover 9.5010.00; red' top 57.00-38.00; alsike 16.00 17.00; timothy 12.0013.00; red clo ver .'.6.0027.50. Missing Girl Is Found Safe HOT SPRINGS WI-A tiny four- year-old girl and her faithful' dog were found in a heavily wooded section ,near Lake , De Camp : last night, nine hours after she ,dis- ,i . > . .•,- Hamiiiond' wa's 'release^ : Jrom the 'lOJpital in custody of fcouivty officers, while , Pedc-n was retained 16r further trestmetitv ' • •" «'i; Shodfl Blacknrci seid will b-i charged with carrying a concealed weapon, ana both men will be charged with assault'With intent to kill. No motive was* given by the officer lor the shooting, Variable Support 1 Program Sought HOT SPRINGS, — The Arherl- can Fnrm Bureau Federation, is seeking to trade the present fixed farm price supprort program for a variable pi-ice support-program in 1955. ' Joe C. Hardin of Grady., president of the Arkansas- Farrr&Btjtreau Federation explained ..this: Jodfty at a moetihg of Farm £k)reauyie^ders here. '. ', ' ' . ".,''.'./.•Y'-.OSf.' Hardin said the^ AFBF 1 . ;Citt}ven- tion in Chicago .supported^ ',t^ [dropping of'the pre'se'ht 'syste'rn5f6r on which would allow 'farmers!' two years in which to adjust; production rind, still maintain 90."per 'c ent of parity supports. He said the convention- recommended that an amendment be tacked to, the 1949 Agriculture Act which would: read: that 1 90 per cent of parity price supports shall Vc madatory the- first -year that marketing quotas - are }• in /effect for any commodity following a year in which rriarketing. quotas were r>ot in effect on" such commodity." ; appeared from he" home. ' Fatigue from hours, of trekking through the woods, home that' two and. one-hatf* miles from home, little Mtiy "VIcCf.nrell slept peace- folly on a grassy mound, while her mongrel pet baiked to attract attention. *" * i - 'V '11 .', - is my wanderang v ^T- %,*' I%V>' ! Ij^OF 1 i i'l* >T^i^^4 ."Pi J ' ,^r FHdfey* Jahuafy 29 Members of the Fitst Baptist Church will have a pot iucSk supper on Friday evening at 6:30 at the Legion Hut. Saturday, J.anyary 30 Epsilon Sigma'.Alpha Sotofity is sponsoring 1 a talent ShoW, in cooperation with the Schools of Nevada. County on Saturday night at 7: SO in the. ^rqscp.tt' High, School Auditorium. AdJfrtission charges Will be 15c aricT4(Vcents. . ;" ' Mrs. Bowlln Xostess T6 w. •M.'U Mrs, Frankie Bowlirt was hostess to members of Circle 2 of the W.'M. U; of the First Baptist Church at her home bri Mdnday after* noon. •The chairman, Mrs: Buddy Sarrett, presided and conducted the business session. Mrs, Wilburn Willis gave the devotional talk and led in prayer. The interesting mission study on "In Evangeline's Country" was presented' by Mrs. Bowlin. Delicious refreshments were served to the seven members during the social hour. Band .Mothers Meet The regular January meeting of the . Prescott. J3and, : Mothers Club was held Monday 'evening in, the home of Mrs. Frank-Gilbert,-with Mrs. Russell, Moberg > .assisting. There wore .twenty two members and the-,, band director, Clive Mc- Cleliand,, present. ... , .Among business matters discussed werer,the '.basketball- concession; the'ball game, talent show and cake walk to.'be. .sponsored February 18 by the club, With, reports, on progress made .by Mrs... J.'', E- Smith, o.ver-ali chairman and.her committees; the District. Clinic to be held February 5-6 in Hot Springs; the purchase and making oi drapes for the band building. With report, from committee chairman, Mrs. Madge Burgess; Mr. McClelland reported that an oboe, which is being bought by the club, has been ordered. The next meeting will be held February 22. in the home of Mrs B: A. Warreri. Mrs. R. T. Murpy Hostess To VV. M. U. Circle 4 Six members of Circle 4 of the W. M. U. of the Fu-st Baptist Chur ch met on Monday afternoon in, tie home of Mrs. R' T. Murry fpr the regular meeting. ' Mrs. Jake UnderWood Chairman opened the meeting - with the devotional thought and led in prayer. , - After the business meetixig, ^jt Roy Loomls conducted the" study on "In Evangeline.'s Country." The hostess served a dainty dessert course with Russian tea. Mrs. Burke Shelton : Entertains Mrs. Burke ; Shelton entertained i\ few of her'frierids' with a canasta party at her home on afternoon. ' ; .Attractive pot^plants and arrange ments of greenery decorated the party rooms. • High, score honors were won oy Mrs, Clarence Gordon, Sr. A delectable salad and dessert course was served at the. conclusion of the games. ' Other guests' present included, Mrs. Imon Ge'e, Mrs. Jim Yancey, Mrs. J. V. Fore, Mrs. E. .M. Sharp, Mrs. A. W. Hudson, and Mi-s. Fred Powell. •''•'•"-.' • ' Mr. and Mrs. Jim N.elson, Walter and'Jane .have b.eeh the/ recent guests" of Mrs., J.' W. 'Bfaezale in Marshall, Texas. . : ''•'. .. " • ^'.foiip question and deserves a factual ^ Wen ypq buy newspaper advertising you 'have<a,a'investment in every copy of the paper ies your sales mp?§8ge because the circu- tf of the newspaper is also the circulation of advertising. SQ, what you get in return for advertising dollars depends on the news- circjjlatipn., In order- that you may buy 1 ipace in this newspaper as you would make any •»''f" A.R.& «tf»bW»hid''a * *" i< '^jJR fefiJwW clrculptipn, riilss and ' " ' ?pr mwwrin^ qircMlo' method; sound business investment, we hold membership in the Audit Bureau of Circulations,* well known to advertisers arid publishers as A.B.C.. Only publications wttlipald circulation—evidence that people want the^p r a!f#-'are eligible for membership. At regular -intervals one of the Bureau's large staff of exp&!|i$j} Circulation auditors copies to our office toMalte ^"thorough audit of our circulation recpM%4^ e ^^TS that he obtains as a result of the Wdituije published'hi A.B.C, reports which tell you:- How much circulation we have; Where it goes; How obtained; How much people pay for our paper, and many other FACTS that you need in order to KNOW what you,get for ypwr advertising money, Mr; and Mi;s,. Arlice Pittman were Monday, visitors in Texarkana. " . . 'Mr. and Mrsi'C.C. Thomas have returned from 'Enid[, Qkla. where •they were the guest^ of their da.ugh ter, Mrs, Harley Cox' and Lt. Cox Mr, • and Mrs. Alton Reeves of Texarkana have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W, C. Reeves. Mr. and Mrs, Thell Hanning have had as their guests., Mr and Mrs. Brandon IS wing and children of Alexandria, La, It's never necessary for our advertisers "Oh, where is my wandering ad?" The.y get ; the FACTS fi-Qro our A.B.C. report wd £NQW. fo? ^ copy today, ^^^^^^ ^^^^~ ^^BS^^^^^^^^^^^^W Mr. and Mrs, T. g, Logan were Monday visitors in Arkadelphia. Mr. and Mrs, Hervey Bernis have returned frprn, .l?flils,5 /vybjre they were the guests of their daughter Mrs. Bob Pledger; and family. Friends of Mrs, Torn Ea^terling Will regret that she is seriously ill. J. H. Wilsion has returned to hjtg home after being a patient in the Cora iponnell Hosptial. B, ,F, Yarbraugh is recovering from major surgery performed at St. Michael's Hospital, in Texarkana and has returned to 'his home UDC Up in Arms Over Virginia Land RICHMOND, Va. UP) -^-Perish the thought, folks, but the good Southern gentlemen of Vir gihia'.'j Legislature see'm to be of a mind to destroy some "imperishable memories" of the Confederacy. . • • ' That, anyway, ii what the United Daughters of the Con- • fed^rney says the legislators will be doing if they go ahead with ],lans to make a parking lot out of two strips of land now part of a confederate Old Ladies' Home. Tho parking lot would be used for the cars cf visitors to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, adjacent to the home. The coversion has been recommended by -a committee- of the HOUJO of Delegates. And the lozal chapter of the UDC is hoppin? rmid. It shapes up as a new battle of Richmond. .Oh, the utter and inartistic desecration ... in this place, of all places," the UDC said in an upbraiding message to the Legislature yesterday. •"We need a fittinp and proper setting of green trees and Sloping lawn*, for the building Or buildings we propose to rec.t. on this site, uncontami- natecl by parking lots and automobiles. "This land ir. racred. and hallowed ground tc the United • Daughters of (he Confederacy. ' As if this wasn't enough to set Uie lawmakers back on their heels, the UDC added: "Do . . visitors come to Virginia to see an art collection Oh, no! They come to see Jamestown, the berry be- gining; Yorktown, where Cornwallis surrendered; and Williamsburg! They come to stan:l in the little white church, where Patrick Henry said, 'Giv.3 me liberty or give me death!' ' They come .to see Monticello, and Stratford Hall, and the 1 city which' sits 'on seven hills— Ricnmond, Virg.'hia, the capital of the Confederacy!" That wasn't r<ll, though, the UDC's. final saivo consisted of a quotation trim — who's have thought it Abraham Lincoln: ."The world -will little note nor long 1 -' reinernbei-'what we say here; but it can never forget what they, did here." "Gentlemen! Virginians " the T JDC concluded, "there can be put one choice since you are Virginians "May we remind you — lest you forget . . . lest you forget'.. After this vertible Pickett's charge of prose, the Legislature nursed its', \vounds and went ahead with ii'j consideration of the .question of parking lot vs. memories. Insists GOP Must Unite on Policy WASHINGTON UP, — President Eisenhower says the party must be united political policy arid realize—as Ab- declared, unity it a time when some GOP Confess members are murmuring that certain phases of the Eisenhower program are too much like the New Deal cf the preceding Democratic administrations. JW He spoke out at n time, when Senate Republicans are split over basic constitutional policy as poirtt- ed up by the controversy over the ' r, . ,. Bricker 'amendment o:< treaty-mak- Republican pnwers on broad j ..j t - ts essential." Eisenhov/er that the members of a raham Lincoln advised—that "tne dogmas of the quiet past are inade quate to the stormy present." In a Lincoln Day message made public by the White House last I policy, night; the President 1 appealed fnr!party." , political party— if thu party is to be effective— jofn together. to reach a corrnnn goal. Unless dhere is unified support of broad political thee is no true political LANE CEDAR CHEST Modern design in Blond Oak featuring simple pleasing lines. As Advertised In LIFE and $1.00 WEEKLY $49.95 HOME FURNISHING CO, 218 E. 2nd Phone 7-2181 Hollywood fro Lose Postoffice HOLLYWOOD W! —' Hollywood, Ark., 'which ways a thriving community before the site of the more famous Hollywood was even part of the United, States, will be . without : a .post;orfic.e aftei -Feb.. 15. . •; De.cr.easirjig,;,' vbusiness >• :ha's' - caiued'thc 'flosing order."'' ' < Local historian? , ; say that; Hollyv/ood. 12 rniics west of ArkadelpJiia, waB established as Greenvillo' early in , tho 1800 s. After it became Holly- ; wpod, the town was a county • seat for a number of years. It ' X^UnO? 8 SRM UMOJ Oq) 'pOOM seat for a number of years. It lost this distinction in 1842. Mrs. Mary L. Ballew, member of arT early family in the' area, has been Hollywood depost- ma'nter for 27 years. Dogs rarely live more than 15 years. Craig toblt over;Sieve's practice when Steve was called 1 int$ the ^r|«e^.;But Craig'didn't count orv- : • hpyih^the beali^iifol^SHellY, Steve's wife, as his , dssistant.Profess5oriai> family and romanticcon- flicts follow in turbulent succession. Here's a story of Tradition and ethics against wild/ unmanageable emotions: Starting Monday in the HOPE STAR SPEAK EFFECTIVELY. -7 il sqj^ntists thinfe they have seen an Arr(^ipa.n. rpbjj} whiob some, how h»d crossed \h.e 4tjantic, very under its QWH poy/er. OVERCOME FEAR DEVELOP POISE • CONFIDENCE -PREPARE FOR LEADERSHIP" you: of the DALE CARNEGIE y« Effective Spwkittg atuf Human AT iARl-Otw Hptfii « ; ; Feb, 2, $:3Q 'S M. You w»H see a class in action and learn what the Dale Carnegie tra can do for you. f YOUR SUCCESS IS YOU PISIRE SftlBBP^ TO MA. _ ___,_., „ HP^^fl-f 8MAN DAUE CARNEGIE Author ol "H6w To Win Friends and Influence People" and "Haw To Stop. Worrying and Start Living," THIS IS THI FIRST / SESSIQN

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