The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 26, 1892 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1892
Page 4
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8. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, THURSDAY, MAY 2i\, 1892. THE MARKETS. MONKV ANl» HTOCKH. NEW YOIIK. Mav DO. Atchison. 34 S(. Missouri Pacini-. IWj. Hock Island. 7K?<. St. I'aul, 7H!4. Onion Pacific. 40 u. Western Ijnlon, IMV PKOHUCK. Ciiic -.MKJ. Mny 2(1—(Speuiul mlvSeeK received by the Kansas (train und 1/lve Stock company. 1 —WIIBAT —To-day Ims been ii holiday on the continent with no markets. The Ku^'lisli entiles are lower with Indications of n lesseninir demand. Clonrane«s rather light and engagements for <!xp»rt fulling off from day to day. The primary market receipts areinerensing- while the foreign demand is decreasing'. The weather condition* are favorable and promise a continuance. The market has been well sustained to-clay in the face of those bearish conditions, but lower prices are looked for if they continue. Corn and oats have shown an upward tendency most of the session. They do not lack friends, und unless the weather should turn warm and brilliant, moderate reactions are about all that can be expected. Of course, tit May deal in corn has a tendency to strengthen the general market. With this out of the way traders may he more inclined to short the market. ruovisioNH— Cudahy has been a good buyer for several iluys. but to-day he has largely increased his line and "may be putting a rod in pickle for the shorts. To-day he has taken a {Treat deal of pork but his previous purchases were, mainly lard and ribs. The fnl lowing Is the ran^e of prices for active futures: !oimn'tl(Hig )fLJLmv \st Clos'g. WHKAT. i 1 May s:iH Sil(i .Ju IV Hi*!* S.'I'ii H4'« HI'* S4>» S4H cons. June •ITM 47S 47!i 47 (i .Milv - •if.Si 4(1 4.-»:'» 45 <i August 4 J» 4 4 .VV 4f>!» 45!i September . 4.1 4.'.'. 4 44S 44 ?j <MTN. 4.'.'. 4 Mav :12H ••I'M :>av, .'S'Jii .Jurie .'His •M'.i lll't .hilv :ll W> :il I 'lDiK, .lulv HI :ir> in r,o ID :w>4 10 47S September.. 10 no 111 «S!4 10 47! i 10 n:i!* IiAltl). .lulv 11 4.-> (1 so (i 45 11 oil September.. 0 (10 ii iiu (1 (10 « «r, uins. July (1 L'O ii :i7!i (1 :!0 n :ir> September. . (1 .TJ!,i (1 45 (1 45 steady; cash May IMI"{c: July te.'SiOBr.^ci ttecemlier H4c. '*" isy; No. - c " ii:ic. sellers: June 47!BC: July WHKAT—No. . ' S'.' CMKN—fiasy No. a cash 4HkW»«-c: May " ' 45?,c; August 4. r .®45ii; September 44S. OATS-No. caHy; cash :i'!Mc; May :r.;i»e; Jnlv :i"Sc. IrfRSS I'OBK-Oash $10.45; July $10.50; Seplcnilier $10.(1714. I.AUl>—Cauli $11.40; ,lulyS0.50; September $H.fl5fr.U.(ITt4. SHORT KIHS-Clanh $«.:I5: Julv $ll.:!5; September II1.4!!H. 11YK— N". - slow, 78c. 1IAKLKV—No. •! nominal, (lllo. [•'LAX SEKD—No. 1 uutet; $1.04'/,. TIMOTHY SKUD-l'rhne. Jsteadv: $1."4. HUTTKK—Quiel. KHIiS-Flrm. KuiiHiiM City. KANSAS CITY, May sa. There was nothing ilolnK tn wheat, and oats. COVIN-Mav 451iia4tl. UUTTKll—cjuiet anil steady; creamery 14 (ftlKc-. dairy 7ii«l4c. KtlOS- Klrm to higher at i:ir. SI. I. mil*. ST. Lotus, May .Ml). WHBAT—HlKher: cash Kile; May SH»jc bid: Julv HS«ic: August MtiW,s0iic. CORN—t'ash lower, 50c; options better; May 48t(c; June 44c: July 4i!7ie; September •I:! lie. OATS—Kirnii cash :ilc: Mav oiliic; Julv •.ll>ic POKK—Hllther: Jobbing $11.00. LAUD—Hither; straight contract lots »(I.:10; butcher's grades $(1.15. wheat, 4 out of 30, 14. short; spring wheat, 4:i out of 50; corn, 85 out of S74, fl!l over; oats, KM! out of 223, 43 over; new corn. 287: No. 2, 115; No. 3, 120. A WHITE INDIAN FAMILY- Th«y Are .Snlft to Itaneiiilrie Albino*, Hut Without Their Characteristics, F LOHIDA , Col., May 26.—A gentleman named Williamson, from Hoston. who has been spending several months among the Moqui Indians in New Mexico, south of here, tells a strange story of a certain family of the tribe, which is perfectly white. Mr. Williamson says that he saw the Indians lyimself ami knows that there is no doubt as to their color, but he is of the opinion that they are Albinos, lie says there is no doubt as to the fact that they are pure Indians, the only strange thing; about it being that they have none of the characteristics of the ordinary Albino as seen in other places. The family is known far and wide among the Indians themselves, but as their place of residence is far from the the usual places traveled by white men, consequently they are rarely seen by others than the race they belong to. The Indians look upon them ns being something' holier than the rest of the tribe and hence do not talk about them to outsiders. Mr. Williamson says that the head man of the family says there is a tradition among them that they originally came from the north and settled among this people, but that ttiey have been here so long that they have lost all the characteristic of the northern tribe. If this story has any foundation it is probable that the original stock came from the tribe of Mandan Indians, who are said to be white and live in the extreme northwest of North Dakota. Mr. Williamson says he will endeavor to sec if he can find the Man- dans and sec if the peculiar characteristics are the same in that tribe as they are in the freaks of the Moquis. Kcpleviucd her Husband'H Hotly. ALTON, 111.. May ;;ti.—A peculiar suit was begun in this city to-day. It i's believed to be the Hrst of the kind in the annals of Illinois jurisprudence. April 22 Thomas Mulqnceny, ayard- master at Wann, was killed by a locomotive, lie was a Catholic, and his widow, though a Protestant, permitted his burial according to the rites of the church and in the Catholic cemetery. Recently she became dissatisfied with the location oof {the grave and finally resolved on the removal of the body. But this was prohibited by the parish priest. Hhe thereupon brought re­ plevin for the body before Justice Quarts. The ofllcer to whom the writ was given was refused admittance to the cemetery and dirt not force it. The friends vow their intention to have the. body if force must be used. post hall, corner of Fourth and Main streets, Sunday the 29th Inst., at 3 o'clock, Bharp, to attond memorial service at 4 o'clock. All comrades are instructed to come prepared with memorial badges. Hy order F. H. MrrciiBLi,, 3t Post Commander. I.IVK STOCK. CmoAiio, May 911. The Kvcninc Journal reports: OATTLK— KccclpU 1»,000; In better lie. mand with some sales 10c hlfiher on steers that were carrlcil over; Texans and native butchers' stock higher. IIOOS—Receipts :10,00a-, Btcady. active anil Htromj to 5i: higher lowarilB the close: rough and common $:i.50<ft4.50; tnlxcd anil packers $4.7ll(fe>4.SO; prime heavy and -butcliureweights }4.HO@4.»r>; light 34.uo@ 4.80. SHEEP—Receipts 7,000. active, strong; and anything at all Rood or useful and about everything sold at the close. SI. Lou Is. CATTbK—Receipts ;hanged, HOOS-Rccelpts 1.500 ST. LOUIS, May 2(1. ,000; strong aiid unchanged, "JOS-Rccelpi ..... . choice heavy $4.«0©4.HO; mixed ordinary to strong; fair to good $4.'>5®'4.70; yorkers $4.05©4. Shecp-Hccelpts 1100; steady changed. anil un- Kansas City. KANSAS CITY, Mav so. CATTLE—Receipts 1,400; shlnments*1.40 ouiet anil steaily; steers $a.00GM.'15: cov ., $l.t)0@;t.45; Blockers and feeders, $.'i.:;5© 11.50. HOGS- Receipts tl.700; opened Hteady and closed weak $4.00@4.7O; bulk $4.55(f(l4.(l." shipments :1,700; % " all grades. 8HKKP—ltcceiptu unchanged. 1.900; shipments H00; Foreign. Grain MarUuts. LivKHi'oni,, May 20.—The wheal buyers are holding off, and prices are unchanged corn llrm but not active higher. LONDON, May 90,—Cargoesolf coast, wheat weaker and prices unchanged; on passage, quieter anil prices unchanged: corn quieter and prices unchanged. PAKIH, May Si!.—The French corn market is unchanged. HUTCIIINHON MARKET. Produce. KLOUR—Highest patent, $2.40; - ifln . - „ „ --. second patent, $2.20; extra fine, $2.00. HUTTEU—In demand; creamery, 25c finest dairy, 20c: line dairy. 15c; common, 10c. KGHS—In demand, 10c. POTATOBS—Choice, 00©H0c. APPL13S-$1.50©2.00 per bushel. ONIONS—In fair demand: red. 75c per bushel; home grown Spanish, $1.25 per bushel. OABBAOB—Fair, 5c per pound. HBKTS—Steady, 50c per bushel. I!AY~H«led,$5.00@5.50; loose $3.0(l«f. per ton. tlrallt. WIIKAT-No. 2 soft aoft (J5c; hard 110c. COHN -:i4ia ;l7c. KYK-No. 2 55c. OATS-2HC. 72c; hard (13c: No, .1 l.lve Slook. CATTM'Z —Ste.'ty: stockers, $2,23@;i,75 feeders, $2.25tfj:i.25: fat ci ws and heifers In demand at *2.oo«)2.75; fat steers, $;i.oo@ 4,00, BOOS—Steady; wagon, tops, $4.00: car $4.10«4.26. SHEKP-rn demand; $4.00. Poultry. UIHOKENS-Ohlekens. $a.00 per doaen chickens, Tihic per pound: liens. (Ic per pound; roosters, 4cper pound; turkeys, 7^c per |u)uud. ^ U0.4NIP. Wheat receipts in the northwest: Minneapolis, .230 ears; Dultli, 40 curs. Inspections at Chicago: Winter lireeley County lirlellets. TiituiiNi;, Kan., May 2(1. —[Special.]— Hon. C. M. dale of Oregon, 111., has been spending several days here looking after his real estate interests, and several purchases. B. E. .lohnson, one of the pioneer settlers of 1880 lAs beeji visiting friends here this week. Uev. Hrayforcl the uew Methodist minister appointed to this circuit, preached his first sermon here Sunday morning to a crowded house. Harrison township Sunday school convention is advertised for .lune 5. A big meeting is expected. An interesting base ball game was played here yesterday between the Leoti and Tribune teams, g^ainc standing 10 to 8 in favor of Leoti. Mrs. K. 11. Glenn of Harper, is visiting friends here. Col. Ileal was struck by lightning yesterday afternoon—and although his underclothing was torn in shreds, his shoes bursted all to pieces and the hair signed on one side of his body—he seemed to be apparently unhurt after he recovered from the shock. DELIGHTED. A Missouri Attorney's Views of Kttnsui iiixt Her Fertile Boll. It. 11. Wiltley of Nodaway county Mo., cousin of our popular banker, C 11. Willley of the Valley State, was in the city last night, and in conversation with the reporter gave vent to his feel ings toward the Sunflower state about as follows: "This is my first trip to Kansas, and to say that 1 am surprised is putting it entirely too mild. It is as if a mariner had been lloating about without thoughts of land beyond, and should suddenly discover the land in which is located the i'ountain of Youth, sought after by I'once do Leon. I came here in the interests of a company, of which 1 tun a member, for the purpose of ascertaining if the reports concerning central and western Kausas aro correct; and If so, to purchase 20,000 acres of land. 1 want to say to you that the actual conditions far surpuss the fondest anticipations of myself, being a new man here, and never having trod upon your soil before. I can not find language sullleieutly strong to express my delight with central Kansas." This coming as it docs from a man who has seen and owns much of the land and property beyond the Missouri and who came heve with a critic's eye is surely a flattering compliment, and one which we appreciate most highly, We would be delighted to have Mr, Wiltley locate with us and enjoy our bounties. Yt'ontlmen of the World. The Woodmen of ,ho World will meet at the I. (I. (). K. mil, Friday night, May 27. Let ever-} member be present. 1.. V. C AIN , Clerk. A Nice Surgical Operation. The public has been aware for some time of tke severe sickness of Mr8. Ada Moody of 548 avenue II cast. After a consultation of several physicians, it was decided that her only hope of life lay in the operation of laparotomy, and that operation was rendered doubly dangerous, as the lady has been sick for more than a year, and confined to her bed for ten months. Yesterday at 1(1 o'clock, the operation was perfomed by the Drs. Stewart of this city, -witnessed and assisted by Drs. Ilrown, Urchm, Klippcl; Maguirc and Cain. The operation was most successfully performed, und consisted of removing the left ovary and left fallopian tube, which are now in the office of the Drs. Stewart. At 11 o'clock- to-day Mrs. Moody was doing as nicely as could be expected. Hhe is the daughter of Mr. H. Duncan of this city and has two children. While the operation was all that could be performed and the results so far satisfactory, it is only justice to the profession to say that other existing circumstances beyond the reach of surgery, preclude the possibility of a recovery in anywise lasting in this case. It is gratifying to Drs. Stewart and to the profession generally of this city, that the results of the operation are so satisfactory and that under favorable conditions a speedy recovery would now be assured. It is now established that the city of Hutchinson has physicians and snr- geons that can handle laparotomy, ovariotomy, tracheotomy,encueleation, or any other kind of fine surgery, as well as any of the eastern cities. • A Suveessfnl Fnrmer. W. H. McMurray o£ Lincoln township, was in the city to-day and made a pleasant call at the NEWS office. He has been a resident of Reno county for eighteen years, and is known as one of our most prosperous and substantial farmers. lie has made money by close application to work and the application of business methods to farming, lie has always been a Republican, and believes in the wisdom of the economic policies of the party, as under its bene- j tieent reign he has accumulated almost all the property and wealth be pos- sosscs to-day. Consequently he has no use for the so-called People's party or its visionary schemes and policies. During His residence here Mr. McMurray has been a reader of the Weekly NKWS , and one of its best paying patrons. To-day he paid another year in advance, and besides paid a year each for James McMurray, ,1. A. Murray and . 0. W, Faires, Urownsvillc, Tcnu., believing this to be the best method of letting the outside people know what is being done in Kansas. Many residents of the city and county would do good missionary work for Kansas, and especially our own locality, by following Mr. MeMumiy's example. Mutluee. To-morrow afternoon a matinee will be given at the fair grounds. As this is the first matinee of the season, the admission will be free. There will he three trotting raees and a running race, (lo out to the grounds to-morrow and you will be surprised to see the number of fast horses there are in Hutchinson and the time they can make. The matinee is under the management of the veteran turfman A. 1). Helm, which alone will guarantee it a success. Chicago and Helurn. Democratic national convention, "Santa l-V route. One lowest fare for the round trip. Tickets on sale .lane 10th to 20th, inclusive, with final limit for return passage. July 0th, 1802. Ti>-Nlglit. Vanilla, strawberry and uhoeolnte Ice cream at the Hon Ton bakery to night. The leading ice cream parlor of the city. _____ Y. V. B.C. K. MeottllK. There will be a public meeting of the ocal union Y. P. S. C. E. at the Presbyterian church to-morrow evening: IMIOOIIAMMK. 1. Music. 2. Scripture Reading and Invocation.. Rev. Somervlllc MUBIC, 4. Echoes of the Kansas City Convention Miss Winnie Glanvllle, Mr. Jay Puterbaugh and Mr. Geo. P. Stltt. ii. Music—Solo Harry Roberta 0. Question box. opened for astiort discussion of practical C. E. subjects. Willis N. Haker 7. Music—Duet Miss Nellls and Mm. Roberts 8. Social. Meeting will be opened promptly at 8 o'clock. Let all be on time. For July 4. Walter Ellis of Wichita, representing EIHB Bros., who are working up benefits with their own copyright play, "The Federal Captain," is in the city in consultation with the management of the Fourth of July celebration, preparatory to putting on the play In this city. The matter has not been settled definitely yet, but doubtless will be soon. SHILOH'S VITALIZE!* is what you need for Constipation, Loss of Appetite Dizziness, and all symptoms of Dyspepsia. Price 50 and 75 cents a bottle. For sale by A. & A. Drug Co. l>o»l'nosn Cnn't lie Cured by local applications, as they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There is only one way to cure deafness, and that is by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucous lining of the Eustachian Tube. When this tube gets inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, nnd when it is entirely closed, deafness is the result, and unless the inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten arc caused by cartarrh, which is nothing but an inflammed condition of the mucous surfaces. We will give One Ilundrend Dollars for any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that we cannot cure by taking nail's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. V. J. C HENEY & Co., Toledo, O. Sold by all druggists The Convention Line. To those desiring to take advantage of the many cheap excursions adver- TERRIBLE ITCHING Used Everything Five Months. In Three Weeks not a Scar or Pimple. Cured by Cutlcura. Used via the great Trans-Continental line (the Santa Fo) to visit old homes and friends in different parts of the country, don't fail to consult UB before concluding arrangements for the journey. We reach almost every part of the country without cha'nge of cars. Hotter and faster service than any other line at as low rateB. We are the official line selected by the committee on transportation for the teachers' excursion to Saratoga, also the Y. V. S. C. E. excursion to New York city, the official line to the Democratic convention to be hold at Chicago. We are the short line to Minneapolis, and will run through cars to that point to aeco* date those who will attend the RcrB lican national convention. LookJl for dutes of sale, and call at our o« for particulars, information asB routes and rates. .1. W. TEDFonn, Agent, jf' : ^ It is a truth in medicine that th| smallest dose that performs the cure it the best. De Witt's Little Early Risei| are the smallest pills, will perform U." cure and are the best. Beam's Mic' land Pharmacy, Comrades unit Kx.Solillois. All members of .loe Hooker Post, and ex-soldiers.ure reqAostcd to meet utthe POWDER Absolutely Pure* A cream of tartar baking powder highest of all iu leu-votiing strength.—» LateatU. S, Government Food Koport R0YAI< HAKIXO l*OWX)KII Co.. •lOBWull struct!, N. Y When my baby was three months old bin cheeks and forehead began to brook out with white pirn- pli» on red euriaco. In a few days Itching commenced, which wu terrible. After he would rub It, matter would ooze from the ehort time no I itfl] Into. Iu a iprend over the top of hl« bead, then scabs noon formed on hend and face. We used every thing we could hear of for nearly live months. It grew worse all the time, Isawycur advertisemcnt of the Cu- TICUUA KEMBDIESID the "Chicago Weekly." We purchased CUTICUIIA KBHBDIRS and com-, monced their nee. In three weeks' time there was not a tore or pimple, not even a scar, on head or face. He 1B nineteen mouths old now, and has no signs of the disease. IUB scalp It healthy and he has a beautiful head of balr {See portrait herewith.) Mna. OSCAR JAMES, Woodston, Kon. PARALYSIS. No More Drugging. BtFJRE USIHQ, the Art of Surgery is a Messing to the world. But the practice of medicine is a curse to the community. If every drug store was closed no one would be sick except through accidents. Take medicine and die Wear our Magneto - Conservative Garments and live. I- KU fi-xir II KM . in AX It STKKSU 111. 1 AFTER USIHQ. "ACTINA" i 15VE KESTOttEB. PKOIA WILSON'S "AC-TINA" CATAltliil 01)HE. MAGNETO-CONS £ RVAT1VE G ARM ENTS. Our SlagnoLo-CotHcrvnvivc ttelw and AnpUnnc diseases in both sexes without the u<e m <l-:i "• eltect. Yon can not wear miV twit w api»'miit-e* <vi advice you will be free from df-o.-iflu. .iK >»' \lt.*; <»,' for tbey oaly lend to {tisnpuointuieuL \v «r <\\M UIC Prof, Wilson's world renowned Magneto-Kli:oi; r iv when mod as directed, always effect a curt-. fci?~I.ung, Kidney, Liver and all of l> ^ea.-o cured •* win iwriVRi .Y «•:•;» ; *:i r •inn* .«* , ilun>ln-;N <•:' (>> -llnuii !r U'*|(fy I" tdii Ii Mit, mi'iiu bnin ,f iii*tL El >ou follitw -itii T t • sii-ciiiicri elcijiric o*- iiiiiiriifitc heit- -ij.n i-ru'irloHirK und luiniurii'-iurur* "I .'oii*«:'vi.i4 liolts fttitl A|i|)l:nticv->. wliH'ii CgQQ to any Physician or Klecirlc Uclt maker to show euch murvulou.i cores by medicine or electricity as can be shown by the ase of Professor Wilson's Magneto Conservative Garments, O'J. i r ,., ;r ,. H t .y Hi 1 st - fan slutw Micb r IT id III V are Ii- Hi- i ii'Vluil by the -.\eim-i." leumviiiy t!ut i-iiii'in. j*f.uiu.ui(i.i lid- or nuv lii.luihifiii \>i tht- pye. I'mlor (lie Octilini-* iH .iNiitMii \» Micr cr-ut me rilltii.'il fur'lie. \\ l;li.-*.\(Mir:ti ' jierU'Ct hHiVty i< II--.UH d. m/.tf*— U a. m. (0 4 My infant, eighteen months old, was afflicted with skin eruptions on his hips. Bad eorea came on other parts. All remedies failed until I procured COTICUBA. Cured a year and no roturn of disease. Hue. A. M. WALKER, CarftonvUle, Ga- Cuticura Resolvent The new Blood Purifier, Internally (to cleanse the blood of all impurities and poisonous elements), and Cu-rtcuiu, the great Skin Cure, and CUTICIIRA SOAP, an exquisite Skin Beautlflet, externally (to clear the ekln and scalp and restore the hair), have «un-d thousands of cases where the suffering «m almost beyond endurance, h&tr lifeless or ail gone, disfigurement terrible. What other remedies have made such marvellous cures? Sold everywhere. Price, CcrtOTiu, 60c, SOAV, We.; UBBOLVENT, *1. Prepared by the POTTEK Dituo AND CHEMICAL CORPORATION, BOSTON. flySend for *' How to Cure Skin Diseases," 0-1 pages, 60 Illustrations, and 100 testimonials. DflDV 'C Bkln and Bcalj DflO I O by CUTICPKA > purified and beautified SOAP. Absolutely pure. ACHING SIDE8 AND BACK, nip, Kidney, »nd Uterine Pains am! Weakuessca relieved In one nilnule by the Cutlcura Antl-Paln Flutter, the first and only paln.kllllng plaster.. Private Parlors for LutUv*. ttjllvc //onri..-.v n. *u. iti lo i>. ,t p. m. Attilrrnii .ill f.i',, malt.-i- in rtliir: H7/..SWI.V »~ SEND FOR TREATISE 0'1 THE HUMAN STSTtM A VALUABLE BOOK FREE On application. Contains treatise on the human system, its disease and euro, and thousands of references and testimonials. New York and London Electric Ass'n, Manufacturers. ' DR. F. B. ROBINSON, Manager. BRUNSWICK HOTEL, HUTCHINSON.. 7 Vlie TTxil'crepsa.l Remedy for IT rilDPC i THE AILMENTS OF MAN-BEAST IN MAN: RHEUMATISM SCIATICA BITES CUTS LUMBAGO NEURALGIA STINGS BRUISES HAS 8TOOD THE TEST OF IT CORES IN BEAST: FOOT ROT SCREW WORM 8CRATCHES SPAVIN HOLLOW HORN SH0UL0ER ROT WIND GALLS SWINNEY Mustang Liniment penetrates the muscles, membranes and tissues, thereby reaching the seat of disease, which is a property not found in any other liniment The Housewife, Farmer, Stock Raiser or Mechanic cannot afford to be without it It should be kept in every household for emergencies.^ It will save many doctors' bills.*" For sale everywhere at 25c, 50c. and $1.00 a bottled i r HIGH GRADE FURNITURE ATLOW GRADE PRICED Buy Furniture At Manufacturers' Prices, At Home, Bed Room Suites, Parlor Suites, Folding Beds, Dining Room Tables, Side Boards, Rockers and Chairs, Picture Mouldings. IN LATE STYLES AND LARGE ASSORTMENT! * The grandest improvements of the age. Don't"fail to see them* Gunn Combination Folding Bed and Windsor Upright Bi H.W.WILLITT. Corner Main and Avenue A.

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