Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on October 13, 1949 · Page 37
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 37

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1949
Page 37
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Oct. 12, 1949 Mason City GIobe-Gkiette, Muon City, U. Midwest Livestock _ . . Good Butchers— 140-150 lbs lbs (WEDNESDAY'S PRICES) Albert Lea. Austin. Minn. Minn. 25c lower 25c lower $11.50 $865 $10.05 u IM'^Sih" ......................... $13 ' 5 ° * 13 ' 50 180-200 lbs, ...... .............. J80-1901bs ....................... ;; H5.25 J1500 Waterloo 25c lower S12.50 S14 ' n ° lbs $17.00 5"-00 $16 . 75 * 16 - M $16.25 S17.00 $17.00 516.50 _ , Good Packing Sows— "°- Ibf ......................... $18.25 s ......... . ............... $ 16. 25 s ......................... $15.50 s ......................... $14.50 s ......................... $13.50 s ......................... $12.50 300-550 lbs ..... . ................... $11.50 $15.50 $15.00 $16.00 $15.50 $15.00 $14.25 $13.50 $12.50 $11.50 $17.00 $17.00 $1G.75 * 16 - 25 $16.00 $15.25 $16.25 $16.00 $15.50 $15.00 $14.25 $13.50 $12.75 Cedar Rapids Steady to 25c lower $15.00 $16.00 $17.00 $17.00 $lfi.75 $16.25 $15.75 $15.25 $16.25 $16.00 $15.50 $13.00 $13.50 $13.50 $12.50 Markets Are Closed for Day New York, (IP) — Security and commodity markets throughout the United States were closed Wednesday, Columbus Day. Produce (QioUtlens by E. G. M«r**> At 10 a. m. Wednesday Eggs, No. 1 50c Eggs, No. 2 ; 38c Eggs, pullet ...,. 25c Heavy hens 18c Leghorn hens 16c Springr, ".eavy breeds, 5 Ibs. .. 22c Springs, heavy breeds, 4 lbs. . 20c Springs, Leghorns 18c Old cocks, heavy breeds 12c Leghorn cocks ; lOc Eggs, at retail 49-55c Butter, Corn Country .... 68-70c Butter, Iowa State Brand. 70-7Ic CRICAGO PROUUCE (Wednesday's Market) Chic»jo, (/P)— (USDA) — Live poultry: Steady; receipts 30 trucks; prices unchanged. Butter market closed ior holiday. Mason City Grain At 10 a. m. Wednesday Oats, No. 2 57c Corn, new 94c Soybeans, 10 day •• $2.13 Cast of Junior Class Play Is Now Chosen Clear Lake—The cast lor "Don't Take My Penny!" junior class play to be produced at the Clear Lake high school Nov. 9, was announced Wednesday by Jon Edwards, English, and speech director, as follows: Marilyn Haase, Sally, a maid with a purpose; Mac Dresbach, Norman Porter, a publicity man; Maxigene Tierney, Penny, a pretty little miss; Calvin Ashland, Caleb, her absorbed father; Ross Ransom, Mark, her farm-minded brother; Pat Jodan, Mavis, her attractive sister; Donnarae Huey, Lydia, her busy mother; Carol Petersen, Joanna, her loyal girl friend; Dean Anderson, Kerry, her resourceful boy friend; Don Ostercamp, Greg, his pal with ideas; Donna Rae Henriksen, Gram, just herself, and Dick Gilbert, Monsieur Henri, a French designer. Joan Swanson is Claire and Gloria Hugelein, Lucile, pretty young models; Jerry Amundson, "Red," delivery boy, and Duane Lorenz, Harrison Day, a young author. The play is a 3 act comedy by Anne Coulter Martens. The place is the livingroom of the Pringle home in a small city and the time a Saturday in late June, this year. Practices are now being held daily. Hogs Lower; Cattle Higher Chicago, {/P)_Hogs were steady o 25 cents lower but cattle were teady to 50 cents higher and ambs and yearlings strong to 25 ents up Wednesday. Most good and choice butcher logs ranged from $17 to $18.35 vith a few loads grading choice dging up to $18.50. (USDA)—Salable hogs 10,000; slow; enerally 25 cents lower on butchers; market closed dull at decline; sows most- y steady; spots strong; top 18.50 £or ew loads choice 240-270 Ib; bulk good nd choice 200-300 Ib. 18.00-18.35; 17090 Ib. 17.25-I8.0U; few choice around 60 Ib. 17.00; good and choice sows un- er 400 Ib. 16.75-17.50; few 17.75; 42500 Ib. 15.50-16.50; heavier weights scarce; ew down to 14.50. Salable cattle 8,500; salable calves 400; laughter steers slow but steady to 50 ents higher; heifers strong to 50 cents ligher; cows strong to 25 higher; bulls nd vealers steady; early top 36.00 for oad high-choice 1,317 Ib. steers; sevural oads choice to prime steers held higher; loads long yearlings 35.75-35.85; most hoice steers 33.50-35.25; good to low- hoice grades 28.00-33.00; medium to low- ;ood steers 19.50-27.50; good and choice ed heifers 26.50-31.50; load prime heifers eld above 34.00; good beef cows 16.256.00; load Wyomings 18.00; bulk com- non and medium cows 14.25^16.00; anners and cutters 12.00-14.25; medium and good sausage bulls 18.009.50; medium to choice vealers 23.00:7.00. Salable sheep 2,000; slaughter lambs ind yearlings strong to 25 cents higher; pots up around 50 cents; ewes not es- ablished; early sales good and choice vooled lambs 23.75-24.00; load or so horn lambs 24.00; deck mostly good icarly full-wooled yearling wethers 20.00; oad yearlings held higher. Mrs. R. Mostrom Honored by L. D. R. Clear Lake—Mrs. Ruben Mostrom was given a farewell towe: shower by Lutheran Daughters oJ the Reformation Monday evening at the home of Delores Toft. Miss Gladys Evans was assistant hostess. . Gwen Johnson gave the topic "Things, of Good Report." Dolores Anderson led devotions and Miss Toft gave the worship offering on "Lutheran Welfare." Marilyn Nelson, accompanied by Miss Anderson, sang "Bless This House." Plans were made to sel Christmas cards and the Christmas magazine. The next meeting will be at the home of Betty Lou Markworth the evening of Nov. 14. "WHY HAVE MISSIONS?" Cleat Lake —Mrs. R. E. McGowan, Renwick, district president o: the Methodist Women's Society o Christian Service, will be gues speaker at the monthly session o the local organization at the Methodist church Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. J. P. Anderson is in charge of the lesson on "Whj Have Missions?" The differen circles are to have their supply work on exhibition. The executivi board meets at 1:15 and the gen eral session at 2. Rockefeller Center in New York has a sunken plaza that in summe Is an open air restaurant and in winter is a skating rink. ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS (Wednesday's Market) Chlcaeo. (/P)—(USDA) —Estimated sal- ible livestock receipts Thursday: 9,000 hogs, 4,000 cattle, and 2,000 sheep. Local Livestock HOGS MASON CITY—For Wednesday Twenty-five cents lower. ood light lights 160-170 $11.75 Good light lights 170-180 513.75 Good light lights 180-200 $14.75 •^ood med. weights 200-220 $17.00 ; ood med. weights 220-240 S17.00 ; ood med. weights 240-270516.75 ; or>d med. weights 270-300 516.50 : ood med. weights 300-330 $16.25 Good med. weights 330-360 $15.75 Good sows 270-300 S16.25 Good sows 300-330 $16.25 Good sows 330-360 $15.75 Good sows 360-400515.00 3ood sows 400-450 514.25 Good sows 450-500 513.50 No hogs received after 5 p. m.—Jacob E. Decker & Sons. CATXLE MASON CITY—For Wednesday Choice steers and heifers ... $25.00-27.00 Good to choice steers and heifers -$24.00-25.00 3ood steers and heifers .... $23.00-24.00 Medium steers and heifers .. 521.00-23.00 fair steers and halfers .... $15.50-17.00 Plain steers and heiferi .... $14.00-15.00 Choice cow» $15.00-16.50 3ood cows $14.00-15.09 VIedium cows $13.00-14.00 Tair cows $13.00-14.00 Good bulls $15.00-17.50 Medium bulls $15.50-18.00 3ologna bulls • $16.00-19.00 Canners and cutters $10.00-13.00 CALVES MASON CITY—For Wednesday ood to ch. veal. 160-220 Ibs. 524.00-25.00 Medium t 519.00-20.00 Common v $14.00-15.00 Culls $13.00 GENUINE SPRING LAMBS Good to choice $21,50 EWES Good to choica lights $7.00-8.00 Medium $5.00-6.00 SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK (Wednesday's Market) South St. Paul, (U.R) — (USDA) — Livestock: Cattle 4,500. Fairly active on slaughter steers, heifers, fully steady. Good-choice steers, yearlings 26.50-31.50. outside price for medium weight steers. Medium short- feds 23-25. medium grass steers 19-22.50 common 15-18.50. Big string choice 880- Ib. heifers 30. Scattering good heifers 25.50-27.50, medium grass heifers 18.5020, common 15.50-17.50. Canners-cutters cows active, fully steady, beef cows slow, about steady. Good beef cows 1516, common-medium 13.50-14.50, canners- cutters 11.50-13.50. Bulls active, mostly 50 cents higher, medium-good 16.50-18 cutters-common grades 13.50-16. Stockers feeders fully steady. Choice ycarlinj stock steers quotable to 25, good 2I-23 1 medium 18.50-20.50, common 16-18. Good- choice stock calves 23-26, medium 19-22 good-choice dairy cows 175-250, choice 275. Calves 2,000. Vealers mostly steady, al though top o£ 27 paid more frequently than Tuesday. Good-choice 23-26, com mon-medium 16-22, culls 13-15. Good choice slaughter calves 18-20, common medium 15-17, culls 11-14. Hogs 10,000. Generally 25 cents lower Good-choice 200-280 Ib. barrows, gilt, 17.75-18, heavier butchers scarce. Weight: under 200 lbs. 16-17.75, 170-190 lbs. 16.75 17.75, 160-170 lbs. 16-17.25. Good-choic< sows 400 lbs. down 16-17, most 400-50C Ib. kinds 15.25-16.50. Odd head extrem weights 14.50. Feeder pigs broad demand strong to 50 cents higher, bulk good choice 16.50-18. choice 100-110 Ib. averagi quotable higher. Average cost, weight fo Tuesday—barrows, gilts 18.17, 213 ibs. sows 16.5ST, 383 lbs. Sheep 3,500. Around 2,500 mixed native, and Dakotas. Slaughter lambs strong good-choice wool slaughter lambs 23.50 Slaughter ewes steady, good choice 9 9.75. CHICAGO POTATOES (Wednesday'* Market) Chleara, (/P)— (USDA)—Potatoes: Ar rivals 181, on track 432; total U. S. ship mcnts 686; supplies moderate; demand rather light market steady for best stock Idaho Russet Burbanks $4.00; Minnesota North Dakota Red River Valley BHs. Triumphs $2.70 washed. Pontiacs $2.5 washed; Washington Russet Burbank $3.90; Wisconsin BJiss Triumphs $2.35-50 ... In Tuesday's Farm Section — THIS ITEM SHOULD HAVE READ — I MEN'S BRAND NEW, GOOD WEIGHT WORK SOX $1.77 THE OUTLET STORE 228-230 South Federal do*. Prices Effective Thursday, Friday, Saturday RATH'S TENDR'D SMOKED SKINNED Cranberry Sauce.2 NONE SUCIl— CONDENSED MINCE MEAT .. oo, CUU, HALF FULL SUTT MAin CENTEB. SUttS INCLUDED CUT NATIONAL'S "VALUE-WAY" FRESH FROZEN FILLETS Rosefish 29° SMALL SIZES PULL SHANK CENTEfc SLICES INCLUDED YOUNG HEIFER Quarters SAUER KRAUT 2 *&£ BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS WHEAT3ES ....2 TC CALIF., HALVES AN!) 1'IECES WALNUT MEATS ft' b> 49c YELLOW, SOUTH AMERICAN STVLK POP CORN .... ,V"' 19c CHOCOLATE BITS Nestle's Morsels. •?;• 19c MOTHER'S—LONG ITALIAN SPAGHETTI ....2 £«• 19c MACARONI AND CHEESE KRAFT DINNER .2 Pkgs 27c NATCH—NURSERY RHYME ' PEANUT BUTTER £»; 27 c SWIFT'S SHORTENING SWIFT'NING ... ?:i bn 81 c PURITAN MARSHMALLOWS ROYAI. I.EMON CLEANSER ....3 23c BUTTER CLOVER CREST CHILI CON CARNE RATH'S 25C 16-OZ. CAN EGGS 49c DOZ. LUNCHEON MEAT RATH'S 29C SIRLOIN OR RIB VEAL STEAKS PORK LOINS or Half SWIFT'S SELECT SHOULDER VEAL ROAST Cut National's Value Way PORK CHOPS SPfCMt JUST SUGAR & CREAMER r c 0 *«< >cr SWINGS 't*5^ ST30 FWvjToe- 1 * 0 ' sf^^Vc* MERC'S THE BEST BREAD BUY IN TOWN/ TOPTH57! VHITE BREAI 2 u«« *5f'^ I* »LS. ^ «< LOAVES ^^ SWEET, JUICY LARGE CLUSTERS TOKAY GRAPES 3 - 29 C PRISCIU-A PATTERN D1NNERWARB WITU CARD "/.A ^^^ PASCAL ) ANJOU CELERY ) JUMBO 24-SIZE STALK PEARS _ ^^ WASHINGTON KTRA FANCY 19c- f 3 lk . 29e FIRM, RIPE EXTRA FANCY RED Delicious Apples ..3 u>, Tomatoes T o? b 4 e 19C B^^^H^^^^i^^^fgt^^^^i^^^^^^^jii^^^^p I FRESH WISCONSIN Cranberries ^ 23c ^ HOME GROWN, CHIPPEWA POTATOES Lbs. LOAVES MAP£ ^ •Sfeifci JUST RIGHT FOR SCHOOL LUNCHES JONATHAN APPLES $2-29 3 •q : •$ U.S. NO. 1 Bushel PETER PAN PEAS 2 No. 303 _ Cans J AC PY-O-MY BROWNIE COOKIE MIX .... MARVELOUS SUDS VEL.. TOILET SOAP IVORY. L :? 13 TOILET SOAP Camay 3*".?<22c SOAP POWDER RINSO MILK Lbs. I ;^' MADE WITH LANOLIN LAN-O 51 :» -A *

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