Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 19, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1908
Page 5
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'local Events, Tho Rev. and Mrs. P. G. Stevens were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. McDonald on Tuesday last. Complete story of the realty sales of past three months in the special number of the Argus, Christmas day. Thomas Finch, Jr., came down from Merced this week to spend the Christmas holidays with home folks. Madison's Confectionery and Delicatessen sforo hns its Christmas line in. Don't go by the door. The young ladies' Thimble Club met this week with Miss A^ues Mairs at the home of Mrs. Ennis. Dinner guests at the home of Mr. nncl Mrs. Howlaud on Thursday wore Mr. nnd Mrs. Chas. Duller and Mrs. Merrill. • Busy handing out hot Innclirs !o people who get off that Los Angeles car. Tamales—lots of good thi:igs to warm up on. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Evans took an auto trip to Highlands on Monday and returned on Tuesday, bringing Mrs. H. E. LoiiRheed spent Thursday in Los Aneeles. l-Viiifs fresh fur the fhristnins table at Madison's. N'nls and .'.'indies for the lover of genuine dainties. Mrs. Jasper Baker and children of Glendora spent the week end with tho former's mother. Mrs. Grouse. Rev. G. F. Chembcrlcn of the Brethren Church has boon quite ill with tbo grippe tho past week. Rev. M. M. Esbeimnn of Loa Angelos visited his daughter, Mrs. J.W. Kecfer, over last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Howland were dinner guests of Mrs, Duller at Hotel Veridomo on Wednesday evening. "Tho County Chairman" ln?t. night. Full story in the Christmas special number. Order "Top Xotch," t.he quality bread: brats what your mother used to hake. W. W. Co. Ten cents to yon. The Covina Argus Exploitation number, Christmas day. Mr. George Parker of MnstiugH, Minnesota, has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Eunis. Tho two year old child of Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Phelps has been very ill OUR AflflTS: Warner, WWtsel & (o. Home's Grocery Pamana Sanitary laundry i! JEROME REYNOLDS I:AI. ESTATE during the past week, Mr. arirl Mrs. Thomas Kind 1 spent Sunday ut LOUR Beach, guests of Miss Winniired W'ilkius back will) them for the Christmas: holidays. Mrs. F. A. KifzGerald and niece, Mies Hughes, have taken an apart-! their daughter, Mrs. Hugh Ketolier- ment iu Los Angeles for the winter'side. and will return to their rauoh homo , . „ ,, ,, , Ladies' Ait' Society of Methodist church gives big concert Dec. 22nd. in tbe spring. Mrs. 13. L. King entertained at jjjg dinner on Thursday Just, the quests ! being the Rev. and Mrs, i 3 . G. Stevens and little eon Brewster, Mrs. Ennis and Miss Pomeroy. Mr. and Mrs. R. How-land entertained last Saturday evening with a dinner party, the guests being Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Steele and family, Mrs. G. F. Preston arid Mrs. Merrill. Twice the entertainment, mus'c, and pleasure with an AMBEROL attachment on your Edition. Plays four minute records instead of two. Clapp'a Drug Store. Dr. and Mrs. O. P. Shoemaker left oil Monday for their home in Clay Center, Nebraska, where tho former will resume the practice of medicine for tbree or four years, after which he plans to return to Covina.' Dr. Shoemaker's brother has charge of his ranch interests here. / Mr. an~d Mrs. Jesse Runs, .lately of write-up in Christmas special Out on Christmas morning—The Covina Argus big special number. Iflu't it a good present for the folks "back East?" Ten cents. • Mr. and Mrs, Wilson of the Peyke Fruit Company, Los Angeles, wore luncheon guests last Monday of Mr. and Mrs. J. Heath. Mrs. W. H. Ovcrholtzer and daughter, Miss Anna, attended the closing exercises of the Bereau bible school at East Los Angeles, last night. Splendid exhibition of sloyd work, splcnflid display of drawing and every other branch of tho stuides tauphi nt tho grammar school, yesterday nftor- noon. Road thf; full list nnd story in tho Covina Aigua special next, week. Mrs. Guy Fairly, who bus been visiting some time al tho homo of her mother, Mrs. Van Aukon, left, yesterday for HniiKiis to join her husband, who' hns a position on the Owens river aqueduct. Orange Groves, City Property Walnut and Alfalfa Ranches CA1,1, ANP I.1ST YOUK I'KOl'KKTY Office with A. M. Pence, Reed Illk. COVINA, CAL. WEATHER CLOTHES * * Mr. and Mrs. Cbas. Holtzman, who have resided on the "Mission Ranch" for the past year, removed to their homo in Glendora OH Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Crawford nnd son ol fc'oi't Wayne, Ind., arrived this week to spend the winter with their brother, Allen Crawford. A large number of Covina people Glendora, were dinner guflsts on Wednesday evening of Mr. and Mrs. Will Grittitha nnd stayed over night. The next, morning they moved back onto their old home, the "Mission Ranch," on North Citrus avenue. A dinner party was given at noon on Saturday by Mrs. A. A. In gal la to celebrate tho birthdays of her son Robert and of little Brewstcr Stevens, which both came last week. The guests were the Rev. and Mrs. P. G. Stevens and son. Mrs. Reba Smith, tbe talented and well known president of the Christian Woman's Board of Missions for Southern California, who is to deliver a special address at tho Christian Church Sunday morning, will bo the aneat of Mrs. E. O. Thomascm Saturday and Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Grunt Gverholt/or of Lodi arrived Wednesday and are visiting at the homo of the former's cousin, W. JI. Overholt'/er. They will spend tho winter in Southern California. The twelfth birthday of Raymond Danielr; was tho occasion on Thursday afternoon of a happy gathering of his young frie.iida at his home on Badillo street. Merry games wem played and refreshments of fruit nnd cake served. Those present were Edna Stanlon, Gwennie Sherwood, Neva Groover, Jessie Stevens, Marie Nelson, Gien and Garold Dovol Homer Doughty, Clarence Hurnfeldt, Melville Pollard, Myrtle Daniels. The seventy-third birthday of Mr. H. Grouse was made tbe occasion of a happy family gathering at bis home on the San Bernardino road on Friday evening of last week. Those present weie Mrs. (ieo. Cuolinnii and children, Dnvitl ('rouse ni.d children, Mr. and Mrs. Jasper L'aker mid children, Mr. and Mrs. Rayn:"inl! (.'rouse, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Annul, .Mr. and Mis. Hugh Annul and baby, Mr. and Mra. Will Annul, Mrn. Lola L' and little daughter A pleasant children'H party was given on Wedn."s lay afternoon by Mrs. C. W. Potter at her home to celebrate the tenth biitbday of her little daiiLfhti-r. Havel. All kinds of wen- tnj iyt.-d outdoors by the little folks. The lumens «a-> assisted by tbe MISM-M ('eh. Potter and Maijoriu ('apron. Among th<<.-,u jirehfiit wcrf- Ha/el <, Lucile Mitt* hi --AS, Carre Cbilti.n, Dorothy Potter. Lorino LJrinH, <i'.\f-iniie Neil, Krifjrg PotUi. have been attending tho bible-school and missionary meeting held at Lordsburg college this week. Mr. and Mrs. J. Trout entertained at dinner on Sunday, Mr. nnd Mrp. J, L. Ohmert nnd son, Mr. nnd Mrs. Walter Neil and daughter, all of Pomona. Mrs. I. R. Jordan left last Friday foi Kansas, where she will spend the winter at the home of her son. No.xt summer she will visit relatives in Washington and Oregon. Mrs. Mattie Fay of San Diego, who has been visiting some time at the home of her friend, Mrs. A. Mo- Allen, will return homo Monday next. Mr. A. La rid and son Knrl of Anaheim were guests recently of Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Willoughby. Tho family also bad ns guests on Sunday, Mr. and Mra. Earl While of Sheridan Iowa. Rov. arid Mrs. Win. Plnlt and children of Princeton, who have In.en visit ing relatives hero tho past, few days, left A.'oiiday for Kl Cnrilro, where they bave been sient by the Church of tbe lirethren to open a new mission point. The. death occurred last week al Whiltiur of S. H. St. Johns, proprietor of the Whittier hotel in that city. Mr. St. Johns was formerly proprietor of H store in Covina, and \\hile in this town be made many good ft iciiiis. Miss Mnttie Lfo Mitchell of Pop- larvillo, Mo,, is inu' al the home of Mrs. JmnguiKi Gilmore. Min.s Mitchell was H former college student of Mr.H. Gilmore'.s, nnd is wintering For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. Comfortably furnished room for rent. Mrs. Mnrtlm HiliHch. Mixed nuts, - () o per pound. W. W. Co. The big Implement Store. C. H. Morris. Tel. A'/.usa 1. tf 100 sacks corn at SLlii). Phono 13(5. E. L. King. Itp Bingo contest; closes December Hlsl. You'll linvc Io liurry. (Iness quick. Implements at city prices. C. H. Morris. Tel. Azusa 4. If For Sale- Good driving Phono 157. For Kale— A team of good nil-purpose horses. Mrs. G. J. Reynolds. Phone iO',18. $10.00 camera for 25c if you guess Bingo's age correctly. Gel; a guess at the People's Store. For Sale—Pickled olives iu bulk. Address C. H. Coffmun. Phono 101. l-10p Furnished rooms for rent Apply to Mrs. Martha Hibsoh, Cottage Drive, tf For Rent—3 rooms, singly or en- snite. Furnished Dr. Butns. or unfurnished. For purl ioulars Huller, Cypress Phono 01-17. lip Houso for rout, enquire of C. O. nveinio. OYSTERS - -From thin time on we will carry fresh oysters in bulk at 20c a do'/.en. Creiishnw'a Grocery. Rooms to rent for light housekeeping-•• Apply to Mrs. Allison, West Dexter St. t f Oysters all the timo at Cronshaw's Grocery. Fresli and flno, 20« H If Chnrlos If. Morris for Implements. Tel. A/lisa 4. tf Furnished rnom to Rout Kuqiiire al 121 West Uiillego .si root, Covina. Pumpkins for Sale, -S. S. Aschon- hrenmir. Call at Hurley's hardware stoin. For S<ilo --Ouk nnd sycamore stove wood, SH and 810 per cord. J. O. Clutlerbuck. tf '' ('.-qiilal :ind Labor,' 1 subject, for Satniday evening, December I'.llli, al the Advenlists Hall on CilniH avenue. All arc cordially invited, HUKKVt HURRY! and see our largo, elegant lino of \imis fanny boxes and baskets, at Pa I a en of Swi-ets. "Variety is the spice of life." The snmn old song iu the same old wnv grows tirosnmo. Kven on your I'jill- Hon. llenr our NKW ONIOS. Clnpp'H i >rug Store. Twelve to fifty in a box-, in all the best In iimls. I'Vcsli line of cigars for Clirislinas nt Hie b'iclielieu liarber Sliop. 1'Mrst door soillli of People's SI ore. A good cigar means a Merry Clirislinas. For Hull) Poiillr.v for Christmas •turkeys, chickens, ducks and gcuHo. Tel. 112H. R. C. Cnsn.l. II; Lost On TiiGHday, a cream color '.rocliot shawl edged with groon. Please leave at Argus oflloo. W. A. Randall, telephone -J 7, A'/iinn. lip Wanted — - A llrst class 'JSO-ncro irnnge. grove, in bearing, Somu Valeiioiiis. Doscription and lowest cash price to J. H. Matthews, Covina. Jndgo Curtis D. Wilbur's Hear Rook for children. Tuudorly whim- Bical. A boautiful, wbolosomo story for ChristmnBtido. For sale at Clapp's drug store. One dollar. VTb.e idenl ChrlstmnH spirit. To make mnny happy, to u pi lilt, educate, and ontertain thorn. Thon isn't Hui EDISON n» idonl ChrlHtmnH KiflV Clapp's Drug Store. Pit/Gerald & Barry of PasndiMia loan money on ranches and improved real estnlo at lowest current rules. Write or telephone them nt Pasaduna or call up J. W. PrentisH, Covitui phono -IIU, and ask to hnvo n repro sontativo of the Urn; call on you. ;,, tf. iiiv needed Uifse l"ro-;<v iuor Cooper's Mills nil-wool underwear, uu'tliiiiii \vi., 52.50 piT suit. Men's wool mi. erwear, Rooil <i p uility, SI.00 per garment. Men's fine Merino tmdor- wonr, nit sixes, $1.50 per sii i t. Hcsl (|iiiilily wool socks, h-.'iivy, uiediiuu, li.uhl \vt. Special valni 1 . 2.S cents pel- pair. Tins isi a pic.ttire of our Vnl Diitleu- hot'ef haiul-tiimod ladies' shoe. Wo have them io all nixes. 'Pry a pair, 5A..•"('. None belter made. We also #2. .M>, f.Ul have I hem for S2.0O. • O. Oxfords and shoes. CHRIS1T1AS TOYS are still io demand ,tnd we are t hi' ti mo r.s past. them. <!el yours before Covina Peoples Stores; * iiwi (INCOKI'OHATKD) Have yon guessed on Hiugo vet? fa fa fa Place your spare cash in tho Covina Valley Savings fJank, a safo invost- inotit, at 4 per cont. A 1 WalnutH for sale. Any quantity. UR1MHLK RANCH, lian.nen St. South from ond of cur linn. I.I' For Hah;- • -Orango \\ninl. ^ll.OIJ a cord on ground and SI^.TjO delivered. R. An.leiHon. A/iirii phon GiOe Her Perfume EOary fjlrt likes nice perftitm: anil therefore ii'ill appre- ' date the satnc. as a Christmas (lift. See Our Window This n>cak n>e batic an exceptionally f/ood >\>tinlon> filled , rtith many thots for Christmas i/iftfi. an \0ull ax a lino of perfumes that cannot be excelled. Doinealic and Imported. We beiietJe that nothing is too yood for the American girl. It takes a g'ood deal of Machinery JUST RECEIVED A new and up-to-date supply of Cards and Folders for your photon. Special prices during September. C. W. Tucker's Studio KODAKS AND SIIPI'MKS ('oviua, ('ill. to run your ranch, doesn't it? Somclliing need fixing? That's what we do— WE FIX THINGS Thoroughly equipped for all classes of maehitnj wot'k. Patterns made. Kstimalcs furnished. "We manufacture the "KT" valves and yales. THE KELLAR-THOMASON MFG. CO. Shop and Oflioc op|)OKiti; H. I'. I)e|i:>t Home Phom: 2«'» Covina, Gal. BEN F. THORPE CEMENT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE All sixes carried in slock. Keinforcod Concrete Buildings a Specially WeM C,v|>resH Avenue. Telephone'10.17 Van 1 For mare, : Mr. and Mrs. Howand, Mrs. Steule and Mrs. .Merrill wurn theater gucsls I at a box parly givi-n at !he Auditor liiitn, Los Angt'lt'H, mi Thursday ei-viiiug by Mr. A. G. Oekendon of Los A n.t-'i'les. U'. P. Nyc of Gb-iidoia went to (he Ptisadf-iiH Hosfiilal rm Tue-day la%l, accompanied by Dr. Jennings, and for iiviirultilu. The j p <-siilt bun proved i-xtii-iiK-ly bi;iitrficial and he is able to KMHIH'. bis ofiict; WOl'k Uguill. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew !in\itt <•( Arbtabiila, (Jbio, havd rr:l.uint-(l to ih.;ir'bt'Hiil if ul winlM- bo.i.e on tb<- s-'.lllt.f i:~t <:(>llll'.i of A'/.i;~;t -.tlii'i <'y I.I'C^M avc-iiiif's. Tucy v.ill le.iunin bi-rt- uiitil March, '/.bcn they v-ill i -.<.:! fbi l.'p tli'-ir h'riatiTII till It'll to ;ilid re I torn late >p \>, (,'alitoi nia for g'.i.d. Sale - Fine combination bay weight. H;i(i pounds, Very stylish nndi'i' huddle; n good drivel. (,'all Cnvina Home Phone 'i'i'.n, The Hi'Ut hwes' ern lirokt-rage Cnm- pany will buy jour oninu'-s fur cn",h. H O. Simpson, ngeiil. Olliic with ('alilornia ( 'it run I'ttion. tf (liir hlore will bi- op<-n until H p. m. i-vi ry evening and 10 p. m. Satur day. i'Ji-i;ty of b<-l)j. BK(J.\DWI''.LL STORK. Don't worry present ! Lu-ry with a bfix of buns from tin- I j Judge Curtis D. Wilbur, of (he j'i , venilc court of Los An r 'i-h-. han p ,v f i t l ten another ""car Hook" from ..lor i ie.s ht: |(-||H bib o'.i/i chi blccii. ,\ p i i I hi 11(4 bt;tt«:r for tin- rhi Hreii 'i Chri-:i • mas. Oin- didlar E, WOLFARTH , , Jeweler , , f<argi: and evcry- Repairing of .ill l<in<l'>. l''ine watch work .i s>n-(.:i;i 11 y. ('itniH AviiMi: '''jviiiii, ('al. COVINA C I T I* U S TREES \'nl"iictnH. Kurt-tin I.fti.iiiiit, }>iiiliiii»\i-i-\i'i\ faun cliuicii li.-iiriiiK«B. Hwni'tnml nnur KfO tiVOVK* I'uiri.i-. r;iiiii>liiii», iiruriiiii, roi-.i ii, i:tr. WriUt fur prici'ii .... StHi'fHl.AHD KUFfMFIllF-K, I-'. II Dn-.timv/. f'ni|.r., K I 1 '. I). No. I. Panitilona, O»l. ii^ /NK s/foi; iv']-;i'AiR/.\(; .... AT - - K'KAso\A!;M<; i'k(CKs ( litrii'i A vein. i- A. J. ROOKS Smooth Surface Roofing An iili.inliitily ivw |iriiCfi.i Ihul ru.« nil wciillii-r* Kerckhoff-Cuzncr /Will and Lumber Ci>. OIIH- HH, Sniih.-t 2,';.l. Covina, Ciil SKASON KOK DKCIIMJOUS TREE PLANTING < )ct you; 1 rri-, now o) Next. 'Af-i-k. on < 'hi istmriH day the Covina AifUM ISSIH-H ttii- l,i« hj,cci/il niimber of twenty lour il lust nili-rl ' l/ni^i-.i. ll covers the cutiid ^rouinl. .'••(•fid in ,V<HI P iii-iir: i,S Jnli-i (•-! ; about the \ihit of yoill fl )(•!!(!•'<, ll.i- Mih: of a pii-ce (,f j.ri-j/ei t y, or ani tbii ^ thai Ji |jc,v-.. It i.i tjji- bi;','i -t j,:tj i-r (-\r:r ihrin-d from Ihi-i \.:ilb :. !:•• -.011-nnd (.M-t. your order in *-ai i > for co|.iri to H'-nd b;ick to the li.lks in ll.u r..-i-.t. ,lt y!,il d'jji't you'Jl bi; K'ii'lJ'. Bl ao k s m 1 1 H i All kiudh of general and heavy i<];tcl<-.iiiitbiri^. We rn;i KidjM:rh, Ora Shop a Specialty Home Pliont IOQ7 West Bridillo 8t, Ct/vina i Peach, Apricot, Plum, Apple, Walnut I lal i a. mil! iijit !',!!• al y [>tu A II 1< ind'-, of l/cri'y vine-,. W ,1 '(•.•s read y i'iv | air/tiling you v/ id tin i/ni'iniciit;il CALL i:s J;Y JMIONJ; ojs' co.Mi; IN AND Home Phone 125 222 East College St.

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