Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 12, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1912
Page 5
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MOllY THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDA V EVENING. NO VEMBER12,1912. I, 'CHAPTER V. The Defence of the Stage. There were times wln'ii Mamlln'a nit:ntul procos^os BepiiH.'d slow, Bimost •lugglsli, but this was nevpr tru<> in niohients of etnerKoiiry and porll. Then he bi-pamo wwift. ImpotuouB, Bpeininply borne *forwiir <l hy uiuno In- •plrlng Instinct. It was fcr i-uch c\- -perienceS as this thai he ronmlned In the service—his whole tmliire responding alinpst joj -oiisly to Tho buplec^ll • of action, of Imminent danger, his nen-es steadying into rook. These »-ero "the rhararterislios which had von him his chevrons In the tii:re- varded service of the front!i-r, and, \vhen scarcely more than a hoy, had imt a captnln's hars on the pray collar of his Confederate iinifonn. , Sow, as he struggled to his knees, gripping tiie iron foot-rail with one hand, a s^insle planoe pave him a distinct impression of their di'?;\erate situation.' With thr.t kno«i .M !ce, there likewise flashed over his mind the | only possibii! mo .ins of def<»nse. The Indians/numbering at least tliirty. had A XAIE or THE IRONHER Jltiilorof "iCcitb oT^c Bordcrr My Lady of South? cfc.c/e. . y.LBdiiiofi is our rrrieainp; rifle's tliat will win uiit—thns» ri'd derils don'.t uniierstiun: yheni yet." • Nenor, yon link we win out den?" nnd r.'^'i.- ;iis prcnd up blitiKin;: 'W.n th"> othiT'^ fa>""acre*, dey vil ;'. hi <hi>f< n-i.t •!<' n-x' timo. . Ze Ar:ieri- er.ini" ni'.islt-.'t, eet carry so far—e«:i «•(.!' not wi?" Haniliii ;>.ittt;d his brown barrel af- feriionM.i:- :! B if It were ai» old friend, and ^-smiled acmss Into the Q \iPstionlnc rxu." of the girl. Tm willing to back this weapon against iho !>•>•-( rf them for distance." he replied easily, "and it's accurate he- hides. !!,)•.> about it, ^!^1 >i :lI^.'•' •'I'd aloui as foo;; b.> ia I rent ns behind one of fh''m ean'iion." ai>.»wered the sutler sohcrly. "I t(>ted one four years. Hut say. pardner, what's y^r name? Yer a tavahyniuji, ain't yer?" "S-rpi'ai.;—forpot 1 wnF ;rt prop.iiy iniroiiuciMi." aivi i)e!U !iis hi'ad !-li-htly. ^lar.v-itlK again toward the piil. "n ;;n:".-;n is the rest of it." •• llri-k' !;.»!nlin7" '•SO!n>tini"s—delicate reference to prod he&d-dresB lhdic«t«d, \ ryes with -Joe hand. "I reckon maybe It Is, Moylaii,*' he ; ^ I ackhoWIcdired at last gravel?. "Thost ! fcllowiii ^ve evidently got together. I T.o'r^ ^U!g to have the )t;i;esl scrai '•- this summer the old arm} has h:id > (>i looks a» though It was gshig to i •^^gii ri^ht here—and now. See Vhere! Th. . <!.-'.nce is on, hoys; there they ^-on!-* they vrlll try It on foot this time.'* He tested bis rifle, resting cn- ki;e.t on the seat; ^oylan pushed the hj.' rcl of his \Vlneh<-sler out through, lii . msged ho!e In the ba<:k of the co.'. h , Mid the little Mexican lay flat, hi fves on the level'with the wlsidov ca- itip. The girl lOone reinalneii ):.osi.>i. 1 ss, crouched on the floor, her vhili l.:.e uplifted. The entire field pfroicliing to tU. river was clear to the view, the slior- i iliy buflal-ygr.tss olTerlnj; no coneejil I i .i' nt. To lh<» right or the coach, soni. ' i r;y i-i'i aw ly, wis the only d'-pro i si'-n, !. shallow pully leadinc dowr Iri '-.n •h" bluff, but this sliuht sdv;iti ta e v:is unavailable, llin^j-un bad al ii :.dy dropp.-d from view, and 'lh<: p.ithering fwilipiit distorted the fig ures, making them almost grotesque in their savagery. Vet ihi y could be < learly distinguished, stealing silently forward, puns In hand, spreading out in a w ide half-circle, obedient to shadin.- hi ! POST CARDS—OF THE STONE AGE AND TODAY I'-.-ipi wa- tiie black ridden recklessly cut from un.i.>r th-'i"''". mi^-'." and he took olf his protection of the river b.nnk. s; r. -.d-ilaughing. ••Horn Ing to right and left, as t.heir i«:ii.:s'!'flr^'v-ii't seem to inter- hoofs struck the turf, and were now: ^^'"i "lui ^^h, sine-. charging down uiK)n the disalMed coach, yelling madly and br .indisi'.ing thielrr guns. 'Uie very reckless aban- mjself nov.-. goln' to do. ddn of their advance expressed the conception they had of the situation— they had witnessed llie flight of the t^o fugitiv".-!, tile runaway, of the w'heelers. and believed the remaining i''^'^^"./"""^ passengers would be helples* victims, 'rtey came on, savage and confident, not aT)t !rlrjit )n ;:.a tisht, hut a massa­ cre—shriekiu .i; prisoners, and a glut of i revenge. With one swing of hi* body, Hamlin was upon the groun4, and had jerked open the insiiie door of the coach, ^ forcing it hae'.v apaiusl thedlrt of the i bluff wliiili tow I red in protection above, ills eyes were quick to per- colTo the p"culiar advantage of position; that their assailants would be cojnpelled to advance from only one direction. I'he three witliin were barely struppling to their feet, daxed. be^\i '.dl •red, failing as yet to comprehend fully Ili.JM- di.«!ant ytlls. when .he sprang into tbiir midst, uttering his ,K«lft orJ-rs. iind unceremoniously Jerking the men into position for de- feii^.,^ •'H<re ,''(m(ck now.' Don't w.-.fite, .timel It's a in^^T of seconds, 1 tell | \ouI Tl'.'>'!e cS ^ning— a horde of | them, li-ro. .Moylan. faite .this rifle | barrifl and kiiork a hole through the j •hack Ihvre l ;;p « nough to sight out of. Hit it hard, damn you, it's a cisp of l;f<> or deaiii! What have you pot. Gon- Zi ;hs? .\ n volverV Into that window tlu-re, and biar-^ away: you've pol 1 was a kill. ' 'V'uu'\' of nn; \\v • . Moylan? Po has ot.r liit!'> friend. (".. • lies, here." The sobiT -faeed sutl.<; inerely nodded, evidently in no mood for pleasantry. "OU. ye're all ripht." he said finally. "I've heard 'em say you was a fighter Santa To, an' 1 know it r.ijf what tiie hell are we yrre stagecoach Tiiis "Do As 1 Say," He Growled. Our Fight.' "This Is the r.'pulation of a pun-tnan: now Jet's ! n^^^ch of a fort to keep off a SCO jou prove it. Get back i:: the cor-j o' redskins once they git their ner .jniss, so 1 cnn slip past—no, lie) '""^ "P- ' musket buUets go down 'helow the lire line! "But— b-.;t 1 will not; ' and she faced him, her f;.i'e white, but her eyes shining. "I can shoot! Sec!"' and she flashed a pearl-handled revolver defiantly. Tb.e certmoniousiy aside and plunged across to tlse opposite window, grip- t 'rirouph like the sides was paper, an' 1 ri ckon wo ain't pot no oversupply o' .T :iini!!;jil ;on —I ki.ow I ain't fer this Winch'sirr. licw toug do yer reckon v.e kin hold out?" St ^rgeant thrust her un-i Hamlin's face became grave, his • eyes aI.=o turning toward the river. ' 'J'iie was .nlresdy linlj'.ng low in h,- c'-sturr i of Uonian Nose, who. fitlll i'e-.;:i !i d ujion his pouv, travcrs- .!p i!i<' iivi>r bank, his ev.-ry motion iii ;illn"d apain .«t the diili t:'r behind liim. l -'Toni ii<'pth:J of the i-oacli the three m^n wjilehed in almost breathless' silence. •!rippiiig ihiir •weapons. fasciiMted. 1. N i:tiiii>"<i ;;<it !i> wa.'^ie a •.•hnt. Oon- .^b's. liiiiier ibi> ^fri.l.••.. n.i-.vii a fierce •ipanisii but llanilin crur -hed h'm .Mil hetwi'en i 'o:i lingers. "Keep sull. you fiv >l!" he mutt',.rcd. ..I MI glancing around. "Let i-'jur gvin •••iu:" The a?sailaii's caaio creepin.i; on, iiakes railuT liiitn men, appearing iiss nnd 1< fs human iii the increasing d .-liadows. Twicf the Sergeant lifted f 'Ms I lent y, sighting aloi.i; tii. hrowo^ I' ;»Hrre), lowering'the weapoa a^ain ijfl \^ Public Sale! I will .«ell at Pabllc .tiiHian nt my plare. knuAfu ai tlii' > J Rnnlon fanu, : ?i mllp east nnd i'l miles snuih oi Urns t'lly^ f -luiles jea^l nn? i^i aillev ; soiiUi of lola. on WraniESDAY. NOVEMBER 13,1912 Keeinninc at 10 oVIurk a. in> the fellowinic di-scrilied prori riy: ; BEAll OF IIOK .SLS. : • t'onsisting of 1 brown n;.ir.\ 8 < •• rs I old. »t. II,-;; I brown laar. 'j : yt-ars old. wt. ]-!•>•) lbs. Tiies'-'niare^ ,ire lini-. l>otl) in foal. 1 pray liors", '.' y.=ar.< old; v.t. ISne lbs; I yvarlin»; ' lior.-^.' eoll. coming two; I of iiiare.--. years old. wt. .S'w and •iaf.' in foal. All these liors';s ar-- .•jound. 1 tine spring mare eo!'. 1!> HKAI) OF I'.VTTLK, 7 rowi. soiiiK pivinn milk and some it| hi' tT'--^. .-oon; I fine .(er.~e.v (I'ii'er lalf; 1 p'lod y.-arlinp steer; i' ; lead of good si'rinp eahe.-s. i; HFVn (IF IHHiS. f.msi.^ting of brood sows with l)ip ir.d tiftf'n he:id of stii-ats. ranping in NV( iplit from 2Tt lo 0" ibs. each. .\lso alioiit twi> doz'n cbick'-n.-. i F.\K.M IMI'l.fc.VE\ 1% ETF. ! I rldif.g culii-utor. S'^MI -t new; 1 mood it>-i::cli .int: plow* . iur"vlng •iiae 'iine. just ; i on* .~M3on: J oUlky •rake, Ko.,.1 a • 11' 1 ,lohn IJ. irn ; tani-r. used :: y.; r.-:: 1 liuck ,.i! ; I ; aied iiay i?k: 1 ii;;ir of bob sods. <o-» I Itiidell -.cag,'; 1 sin- p!,.' bu ::i;y- t;-tiii.- grabble fori; I . '• sh i plow. 1'water cream • i. i .ator: i:ip clifiin; scoop sliovel; :? . •• bop. wire; crn.'i .s -cnt. saw; -rood s-t fi v.,';rl; '.lint; ; 1 s-• of le harr«.-.-: 1 si -t -'f I ••t 'le i vingJiar- n- s-;. eo!!ar^. pjids, 1 i-adi.le; T pair ,•1' br *>iv (:in...;; I i'-!,>eed : ,lnder, p .^i ;-s nt w ; and otiirf articles loo .i :"j"Tous to utt .'m. 1.'. !>u. exir.-> •'•., ...iiaif'o.. first year frnin the V - 1 n/iirF/tl'T" AGfeiE^' Fee. ping his Hinrv rifle. ' " ' , tl'.u west, and the Indiat .s, gathered in j "Do as I S.IV." he growled. "This '-''^""C'' ^^""^ i Is oiir figiit. Get down! Now, you. —^Jo^^s a.gai.wt the water terriers, let tii; m have it!" '• beyond. Th^e was a wild skurrying - of" "They'll trkus again j::st before intnlhted flcires alr .;c>M at tiie coach dark," he affi*ied slowly, "but ir.os'e j whcols, hair slream:::c. fiathc rs wav-' cauttou'?!y. If Uiat attack fails, then j lug, kan, red ; rms thrown up; the air > they 'll end -Mvor^ creep In, and take, vocal with shriU outcries—then the, by surprise. Vs going to bo aj dull bark of a Homy, the boom of a' r'-a!" "ipht, nnd th\i? i-s smaM chance! Winchester, the sharp spilling of a ; '"f e\• ii an liid '.an t\hide in that buf-; Colt- The sr.-.oke rolled otJl in a ' !--h >-?r.;!^s with the stAs shining. They 1 clond, panciut. concoaling, nervous i h ;ivc .goi t.-v. ooni" up mom belottC for ^ fingers jiresslng the trippers again; no l .^iick could climb Ajvii'^lJi is bluff j and again, 'ii-.ey could see reeling'! vithout \aking a noise. I don't see, h«rscs, men grippit-.g their ponies' '^^•ly,'with decent hick, w* can't hold Jnahcs to keij^ erect, staring, fright-; o«t as we are until help peis here; enq^eyes, animals nuug back on tiieir taose folh 'ws who rode aw^j- will re• haojjchcs, -enrir.g madly in the air. i P ^rl at Canon l>lurr and send a rid «>T Tbc fierce yi -ii of exultation changed • "n to Ho;!;-'-' hrlp. Thereijaght to Into a savage sen-am, bullets cnished : he stildi '-ra oi: here by noo* toraor- doubt of the diatunt'i-. lie was clfe-| •eious of exultat 'oe, of a swifter pjtlse •f the heart, yet his nerves werii'like steel, his grip steady. Only dim fleeting memory of the girl, IwJif hidden in the darkness behind, ^avo him uneasiness— he could not ,turn and look into her eyes. Roman -Nose was advancing now at the center of that creeping hal^ circle, a buf!:iiig figure Iierched ou ^liis pony's back, yet well out of rifle .ranpi>. He spread his liands apart, clasping a blanket; looking like a great bird flapping Its wing:;, and the grotind in front flamed, the r <-d flare splitting the gray glootiu Tho ttpeeding buUols crashed through the leather of the coach, splintering V,hu wood: the Mexican rolled to the flobr, utterins; OiuHiihunian cry. and lay motionless; a gt^t volume of black smoke wavered In the still air. "Waif! Walt 'until they get to their fcdl!" Hamlin cVied eagerly. "Ah! there they come—now unlimber." Ho saw only thesn black. Indistinct figures, leaping out o\fho smoke, converging on the coach,'»^ their naked irnis uplifted, tlieii- volcfta'niingling in savage yells. Like lightniti^ he worked liis rifle, heart throbbing '\o tho ex-_ jitcBient, oblivious to all els 'H; almost'; without, realization he heard tVje deeper bellow of Moylai *8 Winchester, the sharp bark of a revolver at hi ^very •ar. Gonzales was all right, then! TJood! He never thought of the girl, fever saw her grip' the pistol from the Mexican's dead hand.and crawl wbit«>- .aced. over his body, to that front seat. Ml he really knew was that those dev- Is were ioii:i :;g. h-apinp, crowding throush the smoke wreathes; he saw :Iiem stumble, and rise 'again; he saw 3ne leap into the air, and then crash' face down: he saw them br«-ak, circling to right and left,'crouching ts they ran. Two reached the stagf-— anly one! i)ne pitched forward, a rt*- volvcr bullet between his fey» h !s head w-edged in the spokes of 'the wheel; the Oiiier Hamlin struck with :-mptied rift <-barrel as his red hand gripped the door, sending him sprawling back into the dirt. It was all the work of a minute, an awful minute, in- ense. breathless—then silence, tho •iinoke drift tug away, the dark night aiding the skulki:.!; runners. TFKMS OIJ SALE— .-Ml s.ints </f $l"i".'.-ird ;:n . > • ash iti bai .\:. sums of Sle .'M'. a credit of \" months will bi- given, pn-eit ;er giving: note with ai >proved secirity, bi -arinp C'.-. int<-r",-t tr -.i dtite : pail w 'len die. Jf not p.iid wb -n due to diaw If; frotii dale <1 sjilf 1'^ di ^to :i; t loi ca::h .credit .-ab's. .Vo prop'-rty t<> be reiitoved un 'il s, tri-d ,ir. \ (<»L. r. S. lllSllOP.»\urtionter. K. r. Met LAl>, rierk. _^ J. RUSH PUBLIC SADE! the iindersitinrd. will at riil>ii>- AiH-tion :il liie i'atti rimi farm, .t'i mlle>i nnrtli and '2 mile ni >t of .llnran a-nl i mile- Minth and t mile «e^t of Itaiard. on Thursday, Novembe. 14. 1912 TllBKEy FOB ^'0^s^ MKK OMK MOIH: srnr- I^TINt; 0> TUK ruicK. !""nci Tilt . av to I,. T^v. n-i a::,l 1 ' :r,.- to .-r!;. '.!! ^. \i\ r.iiiii' :< !-av • ">'•• H )i,-r • \r.n'i I if to an <• li'i'. tor ^ Coitl. .1 J'" seme 11- .ms. .\ I't 'i,--^- (•orti ''lI ha '\e v.-z - ni'^ trou- i';:t.' Mi 'Iales a vj-itinp A O Into the thin sides of the coach; it! rocked v'.th the contact of a half-; jtaked bouy il,;ng forward by a plung- j tag horse: the Mexican swore wildly In.Spanish. auC '.hen—the smoke blew , osiile and Ih^\v f;.w the field; the dead- piul dying iwhit-s, three motionlcits; baaies «lraddh-d on the grass, a fc-w dismounted s.tracpicrs racing on foot' row. What 'rocps are at Dodge, now?" "Only a slitijle comp.tny—iui"antry7' replied Moylan plcomil.v. "All the rest are out scouting 'lottg tho Solomon. Damned if 1 believe they'll send us a ni.-jn. Those two cowards wiil likely report us all dead—otherwise tliey wouldn't have any e,\cuse for runnin' away—and the commander will satisfy (To Be Continued.) IF TIJK PAPEU BOY FAILS TO deliver your paper, call IS and we will send you a paper by a special tarrler the same evening. for the river bank, and a squad of rid-' himself by Bendin' a courier to the fel- circlir.g h^votl-d the trail. Han.Jin ' I'^rs i"' 'he field. 1 swept the mingled sweat ftcd blood -Welt, then." commented the ber- out of his eyes, smiled grimly, and rcant. his eyes .gleaming, we ve s .m glanced back into the coach, instinct-, 5>1>' POt to fight it out alone. I recKon Ively slipping fresh cartridges Into his audhang on to our last shots. ^Vhat hot rifle. •"That's one time those fellows ran , Into a hornet's nest," he commented . quietly, all trace of excitement vanished. "Bettor load up, boys, for we 're not throush y'..t—they'll only be more careful next ti;ue. Anybody hurt?" "Sotoethin" creased my back," re-, plied Moylan, complalningly, and trying vainly to put a hand on the spot.. ••KeI6 like a streak o' fire." The Ser- [ geuut reached across, fingering the j torn «hlrt cautiously. j • "Searela the flesh, pardner, but no bl(x>d worth ncatiooinK. They '|Ve got some bear; latilitry ~ooii4b&efi ttom do .vcu wake of those reds?" The thr^n men stared for some time r.t the distant group over their rifles, in silence. , "Thry ain 't all Arapahocs, that's cert :tin," said Moylan at last "Some ol '(in are Cheyennes. I'vd seen that chief before—it's Roman Nose." . "The big buck humped up on the I roan?" ' ! "That's tiie one, 2t :d he is a- bad actor; saw him once over at Fort Kearney two years ago. Had a council there. Sayi" Jn surprlr.*. "ain't that an Cgalla Sip'ux war boijuet bob- bia', there ta gifij^jit^Jim^eiu^^ A Shine 1 ti Every Drop! Kljict-. snk Pto . r • vi;«h i-i ..*-•.*'•?.•'..'. i: not .tr.- . •!!; .-:.n l<- * i :si--'! 10 ttn- iH .t ari'P; Ik;uM nntl pa>t* rnc " qjrill-.v; i..''.-.ti:!i . r... \v..-tc; n.> ilait •-•r iitt. Vi>c ft I )• .:r i:i-,-scy'» -AU.-t!;. Stovejj Polish Black Silk Imnl'lt.> ••l..«t.Tiiiaorl«-.H.tol.«-! .•lli .miir .7-:.. r v .iNrto. r :*3.-L ^' k sftit- i*..j:.-t. m.' _ r-u - i » .1 >.*.., r.m>'. »*t>rk »lt'l IiK>li*->. : IW.-lf.rrpt «''">'•<> 1 )<*i<iMt I.* M'nr tou.U l"r |. •(!-•» T.-r U'.-*' - j.l.r . fMKT v -.l. r..Ii.tMl I'-sr ri^e!: Z :2t Stove folUh \>3 «1.j, Stcilia;, UUnt.-t. .• CUft. nU. >:r Drilw Ir^ l .:mri ... ,1.1..-. ..v."*.!-. » ••»,• '«.|»»t n'|.'..."'iMltf t.r^ rm>. .•.i:»ciiu ni»ar,:. *r<rlt. ' r*w»r*»r...«o«-fcf%«m»«i«..«*r . II •wri ..<(a |rt.l>.r<i>ilrt mir>> l-nlltWI. •'••IM- Siilinn Jiiid rillsburar Ueport.; Oift'er • hi lidii Oiianlitv und rrlee are Like Last YearS. 1'lirkeys are si 'lliiiu cluap at Sa- Mna>riliiip to ih" I'nion. tln' price bi'inp lower iliaii in four or fi\>' y-.trs. Tho iiapers say th<- retail prie.- is now 17'j een's a pound dresii.l and ili ;i .t llic supply is so abiiiuhmt that <'ven tile I'hatikspiving di-tntind is not "iLkely to boost it inuch. "The iow priei' of turkeys." adds 'he l>enu)#r.itie V'nion. "is tiie lirsi idrn<-.' of pood limes f.'r tin- ('ont- tnott proplo 'h;ir ia comiiip witii tin- eleeiii.,n of I'residi-nt Wilson." Wliieli last said ri 'inark is iittcrist- Ii.;;. if true. If all tile <.'0ininon pfo- ple live in town and are i-ons'.it:iers. and the people who rais" turkeys are "iiideeeiiily rie'i." hoora.v for iht- loni- iiion people. Hut before growing p'lii- osophieal OV.T ih" one rt -port. look at I'ittsburp. Kansas. The H'aitlipbt f-.iys the birds.are seari -e! hitih i)rii<(l Titey sell now tor 1 r.iit.=: ••f>u the hoof" ai:d a t'etiler pr <<itet5 tliaf thi-y will s.ll for 2^ <enls a pr.und dress.-il before the bis: (iinn. 1" d.iy. litfi'iirv of the Co^hill roniTnis.-lon f'^mranv br"u-4;.t the reply tli»' oflie' •Thanksi.-ivinc bird Is a!-o\it as abundant and eostl.v this year :is .1 I-.;.);, anil (iil'cr.s a V''.::' f'i'..- ' ai'-urf o;' 'li'Mii. .Mi.--- IKtup:. '.:.....-U <;•.•:;• iioiiie t'ri'ii. i\ant:is ("it;. W. .:i;.--;'ay ti,r a vi>:t nil':; •'••r aTii. !•', i;.-l.:iir. i"'- ti..' . s t.» CaMf.'i'Uia ti. liv.v M-v .1' It.-. II...-..••l 1.;. lo '.a :^'s; M.'f.i.iv i.a~ a iKj .sitb.n iih t;:" ; !!:>i i t.'fs t),«•••••, ', .Mrs i". :is ! i.;rrjs ;.-nt Top .-lta ~ ir.ii -it.-r. .'.if. ,\; I'.nir oi' hi= 'r.i 'i :•'• t. a'u :. .• . o' y, • I .I aM.'iiil lee.'t- .'rciv-'f sad tie 'V- il'-rU 'l'!i:>ytT. Ok- iti.' J .rt on tin- T :ip;it • • .• iiiar.v iri.-'iils V. i:: . ;T .-nr. ii'-artfelT -"'•!•.]...i:u in tTtt* U*ss "t 4>nf .-o iJcjr y.r Siiiit'-.. of riun .'i. Njiight some iio--- ' ''ii' 'j'.bb- KriilLiy i'an y .kiftnu-a vi .-i: -i her nuit;;.:-. IV .loiinson. K; i -iay. Mr. Clias. t'onper l>o;iu-:it. a t»ain 01" iiorsei of l-^iir! .Mc -Cuir.- l-'riday We understand h" paid $24" for tli-ni. TH ,^-i. wi -re sevf.iil front Lit" r:y ex, ' ; t.' !•,. "1 ti;<- pie s-;;ii" r at I 'li- ir .'i K, M-.v' i;iu-.t .>!•;.-• .May :tv.<] Master f!.-.-,'..-.n lief- ;,' ri ..\r uncle'.-. Ge >r2e ' • ".e';!. .-^^-nnlay. r i!i -s <;•••:;(.-;, of I'ate.s Oct- r. vj-- '»••.; • I-- s; :• ••. ..itr Pc';;(.o'. t".:e;'.er, ; ;. (!.•<> t!;i- week. .\ 'I' »'!'.n JiTct as ever.v rri> sivs T'l'.v . vr /Hff.; it to z<>, we >-a:-)i<>=.' t:." 10- II ari- satistipd. nnil wii! :» in.A« HOKSK.S AMI AH LK.S I si .ir.l iiors.'. w.'i-iit ali<'iit 11'.'.'". I Di: .np 7; obi; I Lay dri'.inp w.-ipbt 1 J'<". (oiiinp 7 years old; ' L -ray iiorse. eontinp « years old. wt.. I bay n:ai.'. ]" years old. wt. 'JiMi; 1 si.rr »-l liMilf. lominp :; years .111. w al ^iiiit lino: 1 lilai k iniib.. eoin- ittp :; year-: old: L" h ;s' siirifip's mules .til- Id.ieh liors'" inuii- and one 3 Ba.v .• ..r.. luiij. : I blaik iiiiilf 2 yars old. :K HF\n OF IIOCS. I l'r<iod so >. w.'iplit at.o'.ii 'IT.n lb?.; 21 .-iKOts. lb.;. »a<h: 1" i.igs, 7 wi -.^ks oI.T. ioni>KI{ \M> TIMOTHY, 12."' shoi ks kaftif lorn fodd* r; alioui 1 •'•r.:, of i -lii>if<- tiiiio'Iiy iiay in barn I« Jll v;. 01 I ATTLE. t; n ''ti • • ijriudlf'cow, 7 yrs. olil. u np milk t'.. ,!i s .^'i .n; 1 roan ro.v »;.. olii gr. 1 lilk. fresh-'oon; r t-yea.-'- i-o^.-a .'.side: 1 2-.»ear- (dd eow. <•. . !'t : ;;-> •ur-'ii . -iows uiving uiili' ' fi'< •ill ie'-: ' g; 2 r.-d yearliiip b -th w| h i 'if; 1 t )i. 'up 2-y>-; oid Sl;o' horn b.-l; I 2 yeai o 'd h<-if-r. fr«>b ;i. '-r. aiy; I y.-ariinp heifer; :', M'O * F\K.H * TF'LEVK f^' 1 f'lover J.eaf . Tur .-'sprea:. r good new; 1 hrv frf-iie iiid wagon, 1 bii.ppy; 1 inowinp liiaeli'i:.--; 1 .etsln- pl-^ bviggy Iiarness; 1 p 1 t.iebs feed 'tiHl; I lister: 2 cirli' -.lor^.; I dis.c cul- •ivator: 1 srl 'ky plo\^; i c. ^'i ;)lanter; 1 prind-stonv; ' . ti-i" ' li'('.;er; ' Tt-> .tie feedi'r.s; 1 giod .al. .'.eatc' iid many otli»'r artielfs too in.iiero'.s to mention. TEltMS OF S\I.E- All st.t: - of $!o and unrb i . lasi. over that amount .' rr.ilit -if !t in-'Uths will in s,'.. n on i.ankti 'M.';; b.aiiu;. 1'.' c irierest .iiiri' of •'ab' r. diMonii' lor ras'i <.ti tli.> tiuie aiuOMi •.- No property •.• I..- r '-ii'.ii.'.-<! iiii 'ii i«iii.s of satf ar>- < <'iiiplied with, .^'ot"-; to boar 10'!<. lii '-r .'St f :oii! <!;ite if not i.aid when due. E. A. Patterson and R. A. Flack KM.. 11. n. SA |0( K. Auctioneer. UAKLAA TATLOK, Clerk 1 l.l'Xt'H .SKHVKl) HY I ..\niKS' .MI) .-^UC^ETY JF V/KS'fV CHAPEL. Public SBIB! I Mill sell sit rijbllr Ancliou at my ftimi m nu'«-.s ea> , a.! !4 south of lola. ' • mile sniilliea.-l • 1 Eleofric Power Hou>e, 1?4 iiiile.^ west an.' \i inlle south of <:as rily. on Thurs., November 14* 1912 Itrginnint; at |i> o'ciork a. la., the followh r di-icri!»: d ...perty: >i-r .r. if aiiytliititr tiie price wii! be :i now se 't:;- i!. wn to V,i-ine?s and titer.' 1/t high" r !ier.' tliis y.-ar. Th- com- wi:I coin -4 on ••Tr-.p- ;iany is payinp 17'-i e<»i:ls (wJiol<*sa!ei .,i ; :• .••jr.:,',;. .Xnd as t 'a.- woniei., (1 iurkf .xs iiero is from 2:'. to 2"> ' Ills riPlii • nov. with indieatior.s pointing to a sliitlit. rais.- soon. IIBEKTY. iM;v K. K. .lohnsoni Xov^niljer >:'.—.Mr. and Mrs. Jlcf'on- visit'vl Mr. .MiGuires Sunday. Willard Cornell returned home frcm •i trip out w.>i recently artd Ix-Mi h»'ipinu ais br .>;ii <r. liolj.,.gather c<»rn f'r a few days. .Mr. and Mrs. KH. l.air. nf Chanute. bnve hern \isitinp .Mr. a.".d .Mrs. Cary Kou.=!i andt .Mr. .-.nd Mrs. Chas. Hush frr t!te pas; wink and t '.tey po froni | •^.•re to Caiifornia to i.ta'se tiieir future itOUK". Mr. and Mrs. n^uf. llrfis!) ^^~\i<'(\ Mr. Cary Houfh and family Sunday. Yv'eti OrV-rn and family visit.ul r:'>o. J rornell's Sunday John Parnliart spenvSunday with tto' tl.<-ir ^v;'v .1 -lij.posi' ''uy wiil S'' '. • -.vurk 111..'. -'t -vt '-Nt-tion tirii.- r.tiy w;ty. .And it" each and all p <t ri--!;" '"i^> Vvr-r.i: ~ will be a littli- l.rer for al! -Mr "Me In;;-? ar..' piannintr 'o Irav" for ("anai'H J^IMIU. 4 IIEAII IIO|{Sl;> \M» .AH Li > Consisting ol ] of -f-ynar-o'd "tors.!.- wf. UOo lbs.; 1 s |ian of niui«s. r y.a .'s obi. 1:5 llEAU OF ( ATTLE. '1 eo» s civinp milk, one will be fr»-s !i tiris moniii; 1 2-y<'ar-old hcif.-r. fat; ; y.-arlinp ste .'rs; 1 heifvr calf. 7 »L ll> OF HOI-'.S. 1 r!:il 111 I I'oiaiid China 'tiiab : ':.aii' "f slioaTs, wt. :.t..(,:i! 1>M' !bs. H'KEXS. ?, dff-n hr» liuff f;r"' t;tons; 2 doze" i.u'ii: 1-"'d Wliite L< „ i -ns; 1 oi.I Trusty 1 .=>0-egg •n.ul^aor. YKM'\ lAirLE.ME. rS.^ KTC. nev ' . wS.eel wide tire wagon; . 1 :-inc.. .s- rring plow; ;:0 rods hog viro; Some oarb nirf; oil eo -k stovie; I cook stole; soti: • IK - ehold feoods atii 'i rtifi .'r iTt. too :.ur ' rous to L.entibn. ' K.v. t;. W. Shipard. who h b-en iMii 'iin:^ s. rvicts at Mo'tnl O'.uni •;ir U.'df. '<!. has f. turn, d Iiom". TE/k.HS OF SALE—.All st:Ri= of 10 <nd under. • •• ;h in .lan'i. All saiM over $10.i»l'. a credit of 12 moti 'lis wiii h- /iven. •> • or -''Vi...!; n- e wUb approvv-d .-'curily. bearing G'r uterest froni'^-*/ . .j...! WL n dun. If not p:id wiien due to draw 10'}, f oin date of s.-. 4^ t'-sc iUt f'r cash on or.r.lit -sales. No property to be remove J until t. .tied for. F. <.. .noVEwK. AucJioneer. 1;. I{. BOWLFS, (lerk. F. G- Moyer -: »-!r SOBE CURE tOLDS Public ;is hroii-^f. signar-.<ou:h .of Fiqua. - "Dnn 't " Npfflppf a OnfH Fly 's Mr Itarnl.iri sreat .Sunday after- ,»^"'' ^ lYtJolCl't d L-UIU, UJf * '\Cream Balm Will Stop It-: I will sell at Fnbllr .Vucffon on tfte fami '.iioKn «- the OL! (. -uiley Uteff, eat South Kentucky Stn-et, l«hi, on Saturday, Noveaiher 16, 1912 ;IkKinulii!; at 10 o'cloek, a- m- the foi ,'rWfrfp dcf .scrihed pni^erlj^ f;on with .Mr. and .\lr.=. Kldridge. >!rs. !C';iiii".pe wa^ M y.'ars old Sunday an.! -'t;!l <!oes lier own iious" wc-rk. .V I.. Townsend i- jus! getting over afw-.i Weeks' att.-f l:of malaria. J Mr. and Mrs Kramer, visitid Mrs. ''r .ilov Snnday. >Ii.=ses Lena and l.ona and Master Harry and Eddie Kramer visited Mr. and Mr:'. Rrree* Hess Sunday. Mrs. Will Wilson and .Mrs .lohn .to'inson visited Mrs. Kramer Thurs- f!ay afternoon Mr. PawFon is getting his new house i'li in a hurrj-. It s'aows up well, and looks as if It a very targe one. Miss Carrie Denni.-on js at home while the schools are close<l in lo!a on account of teacher's meeting. JIr.=. Kd Osliorn is at hoTne again af- •.T being in lola a while where the tloetor could see her hand evry day. 'ler thumb is getting along nicely now. ; in the Sneezing Stage, • • . _ ». , . r'A cold jfarrally attacks tho veai:ai!t port, affectiw: the eyes and ears in some and |<rodiicins nasal catarrh aivl throat troubles in others. A cold is due to an in- ftumnation of the membrane linin:; the air piLSsagcs. and mny be promptly cured with a little Ely's Cream 'Rai/a. which immediately r^litfvcs the iafiacimation and all tha distresjiing srmptoms, such as sneezing, conghiug, maniug ut the nose and. eyes, hoarseues;, sore throat, fev<r and head« ftche. Oaa rea.'wn why this pnne, antisep* tic Bittm acts so qujokly is be <-aas0 xt'ia'itg^ plied directly to the' tender, sore -snrfaces. j Even in severe, chronic ca .ies of catairh, Ely 's Oeam Balm never fails to qtiickly and effectUiilly check the puisonons di»> charge trhich cUhts the heiKl and throat, cuusinr; the di^jstiug hawking, spitting j and blowing of the no*;. This remetly neb Air. \. \^ Tcwnsend bought lOijO • only drives oar the disease, bat heals and f>u .^hel3 of corn of Frank White at thel strengthens the weakened membranes, thna 2 IIEAT> OF nOR.'sES. ' 1 'lapple gray stallion. :, years pJd. •^A :. HOi',- 1 black .Srabian liors^'. 12 ; ta.'S old. wt. laOO. • 2 IIKAO OF r.VTTLE. i lied Poll ir.iik eow. will be fr.'sh rocn;'l^hlaek .lersey Holstein, will be , fre;5tr ^!r January. 9 HEAD OF noes. h'»a«.' S:!<>ats. weiphing aixmt i: - ; I st 'W will weigh about 27.'. lbs. S ducks: f>'^ chickens. MVTLEMEXTS, ETC. 1 ben.-h w ringer. I incubator. I large eTofnes baslcet. S wiish tubs. 1 kitchen cabinet. I Itxt cooking utensil.s. 1 ic- io.\. 1 ice ?ht »-t. I lot fruit jars, three 2-5ajloi. 2 Vi-.^all'.n stone jars. 1 ~-«al!oii -.'iae ;ar. ' .. :tter howl, la- liie and slimiii.-i, 1 ... f- cooler stand. 1 pu:]iboaru. 2 I its 2 roekers, 1 -raod table. iu-.-'n ss. 1 sprinj''and ; lied, i coinbia.itioi- dxese'^T and wash • ;->tand 1 lai:^tt li . T. 1 gas ho' plate, ' •1 t;-f<> -"'niug tai linoleum. 3 pictures.'2!. .alio; ni .ik psiis. « 2-Uor^ wide tin; ;> ..•bei'l wap'.v two- .-.eated uarriaj. 'I-horse del wa- p'^n, 1 mower. 7-in'picw. i 2-=-aov- mitivatpr t. uie otj*".- ' ois- i i.iin !'.".rrc!s; 2 s'o,' bow' : I ' ee' iron shed, 12x11; Sf 'tne cl. i •-jiie fence; 1 cross cut s.i" 1 chick .1 ">.> fi>:7; i.*.0 bales hay; •» si ocks corr. itJdc?; i-.-i'd Othe.r articles to-j nun ;rou3 to mention. f'-ed yard In lola recently for which ^e naid T -S cents a bushel. Mr. McGuire's spent Thursday even ins at Mr. HillbraBta. 7., .Mrs;. A. O. Corm^ spentji days !i| rol&this we^ rit^^ relatives: ending catarrh. Catarrh is a filthy, disgnsiinj; diseases Don't put up with it another U»y, Get a SO <!«Bt ,|iqtU«(>f fly*.* Cream.B^m.froia yovr drogoisl and see how qnichlj yoa ^irin ^UiXd ^oa.' Iti« pertecdy .hannlws. TKKSS OK SALE— .\1 I sums of $l«tMi and under, aib *- hanj All Minis over nu Of' a credit of 10 months will be given, pu: aser givine note v.ith approv.^d seturio'. bearing f,'• int. rest from date if ^JMI W nen du-. If f.ot paid whe-n due* to draw H)'; from date of Sale. 40 dlscouer Uz cash on iredii sales. No pioi>erty to be removid until settled for. O. R. BOAYLIS, Cleiiu ¥ la^'R ^ff< Ot.. C. S. BLSHOP, -Vuctioiver. • W • Have you samething to sell? Do you want to buy^; Have you a house for r6nt? Have you somelning yoil« want'io tra^? TeD your wants through the.Register. ^,

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