The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 26, 1892 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1892
Page 3
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6. HUTCHINSON DAILY ttEWS, THURSDAY, MA ST 26, 1892. INSURE Yo«r Growing Crops Against HAIL. We tiro now prepared lo write insurance utid insure crowing crops against hail in one of our most reliable companies. Hail storms is tv-smu sections of the country urn i -i common oeeurnnee itnil there is not it season passes that whole neighborhoods are devastated by these deseruetivo storms. It is pretty hard for a man to work industriously for a whole season, and just as the harvest is almost secured see it cut down to the ground by hail, and the fruit of a whole season vanish. A Few Cents per acre will protect you. If you do not happen to sec one of our ujjentH write to us. We will send you a blank application to fill up and return. We will also send you the last copy of The Insurunee Loan Bujrlu which will tell von all about it. Winne & Winne, TEUPDOHE NO. 29. CORNER AVENUE A AHO MAIN Hutchinson, Kan. WHO HAS BEEN TO ST. JOSEPH? Home "Dnrk-ttyed Gontlemiin" CmiHott the llftnrt of a KuiiimM (llrl to Flutter. The RcgtntcrtK not contemplating the establishing of a personal column, but the following, with the accompanying request to "please advertise," has been received at this onice; Would dark-eyed gentleman from St. Joseph going to Denver and Brighton to visit his sister, please send his address to the Hutchinson daily newsy lloosicn CJIHI.. "Homier Girl" had better turn her attention to spelling and punctuation and let "dark-eyed gentlemen" take the initiative In forming acquaintances.—Brighton (Col. I Jteglster. The Daily NKWS office is not an asylum for bleeding hearts, neither is it u general intelligence office for frisky maidens and dark-eyed heart smashers from St. Joe. Hut if ''lloosier liirl" will call at this ofliee she will find mail addressed to her, scaled in a dainty wrapper of tiger's eye hue, which was possibly moistened with the dews of the lips of some St. .Ion somnambulist while under the influence of Missouri electro-ecstatic nervine. Yes, "lloosier Oirl,", your mail is here, but you will please be so kind us not to presume on the Unele-Samish- ness postofliciulity of this office by inserting any more foolishness like this. Take heed, Juliet, lest thou go too far! Too far!! Women are not slow to comprehend. They're quick. They're alive, and yet it was a man who discovered the one remedy for their peculiar ailments. The man was Dr. l'ierce. The discovery was his "Favorite Prescription"—the boon of delicate women. Why go round "with one foot in the grave" suffering in silence—misunderstood—when there's a remedy at hand that isn't an experiment, but which is sold under the guarantee that if you are disappointed in any way in it, yon can get your money hack by applying to its makers. We. can hardly imagine a woman's not trying it. Vossibly it may be true of one or two—but we doubt it. Women are ripe for it. They must have it. Think of a prescription and nine out of ten waiting for it. Carry the news to them! Time To Act. Are we going to celebrate? Arc wo going to take steps to bring thousands of visitors to our city and entertain them on the Fourth of .luly'.' These and many other questions bearing upon this subject arc being asked daily. The}* should be answcrerl at once. Con we. not secure the services of some great and noted speaker for the occasion of July 4, and announce to the! world that Hutchinson will cut lose from all hnmperings and on that day give such an entertainment us will he long remembered. There are numerous ways of making a success of the celebration, and one of the first which comes to our minds is, for the Commercial club to cull a meeting and take the matter in haud. They have mode a glittering success out of all their undertakings thus far, and there is every reason lo believe that success will attend till their future efforts. Can't we have a general jubilee? Can't we have thousands of strangers here on the. Fourth of .Inly? Come, gen tleinVn of the Commercial club, what do you say? Kvcry eye is now upon you. No dignitary could withstand the temptation to speak to us in answer to an invitation from your august body. Much Dissatisfaction. .Since the change in the running of trains over the .Santa Fc, whereby people living out on the Kinsley branch of the road only get one train a day, the wails of the people so cut off, are loud and long, and jtistly so. Why the Santa Fe should leave them in that condition is a matter hard to explain. The merchants of this city who have patronized the Santa Fc to the amount of thousands of tons of freight each year are also serious losers thereby, and they are speaking in bitter condemnation of the change. When the branch people can't come to the city and re­ turn in a day's time they feel that they have been "legislated ag'in," and it does not seem possible that the Santa Fe officials will long continue this schedule. "Put the California train back over the brunch again," is the cry from four-fifths of the citizens along that line and in the city of Hutchinson Will the Santa Fe allow this condition of affairs to remain as it is at present? We do not think they can afford to. A Now Order. A new order has been established in the city known as "The Sons of Rest." It has no auxiliaries, and women are not eligible to membership. The lodge was organized by Geo. Cowen, general organizer for Kansas. The officers are: President and Organizer—George Cowen. Secretary—Pete Shuuk. Treasurer—H. J. Graham. Sergeant-at-Arms— X). 13. Reed. The charter is still open and will remain so for one week, after which it will be an expensive luxury to become a member. According to the provisions and restrictions set forth in the constitution there are only a few cli- gibles in this city. They meet the first cool evening of each month. The scut of sick headache is not in the bruin. Regulate the stomach and you cure it. Dr. Pierce's Pellets are the Little Regulators. Degree of Honor. All members of the Degree of Honor are requested to be present at the meeting to-morrow evening to her the report from the representatives to the grand lodge. B ON TON ^BAKERY 'Fresh. BREAD Every Day. CRACKERS such as LONG BRANCH SALTED CRACKERS. BENT ACQ. BOSTON TOAST CRACKERS. Fresh Every Day Special attention given to orders for fine cakes for parties. J. W. Brehm, Proprietor. No, 15 North Main-Street, Turn Out. Let everybody interested in a canning factory at this place attend the meeting at the court house next Saturday at 2 o'clock p. in. We ought to, and must have, a canning factory. .The time seems to be ripe just now for such a move, and it is to be hoped that the meeting will be largely attended. Farmers, It is to your interest to have such an institution in Hutchinson. Merchant and banker, you ivre equally interested in the enterprise. Let everybody turn out and counsel together. From the suggestions of the many much good may come. Decoration Day. The legislature of the state of Kansas has declared the 30th day of May of each year to be a legal holliday dedicated to ceremonies in honor of the soldiers who cheerfully sacrificed their lives to save the life of the Republic: Therefore, in order that all the citizens of Hutchinson muy have an opportunity to observe decoration day, f Frank Vincent, Mayor of the city of Hutchinson, Kansas, do request that all business be suspended from the hour of in a. m. to 4 p. m. on Monday, May an, 1H»2. FHANK VINOKHT. Mayor. Married, Mr. D. P. Gump of Partridge, and Miss Delia llowlby of Maidsvillc, W. Va., were married this morning in the parlors of the Hotel Clarendon, Elder Davis of Langdon, officiating. Mr. Gump is an old citizen of Reno county, the bride arriving in the city only last night. They will reside on a farm near Partridge, and will commence their married life with the best wishes of many friends. female nine from an eastern college and a picked nine from our own city. Everybody is wanting to get into the picked nine, hut everybody can't, you know. Our advertising man is boss of the thing. l-'rum (.rand r .oflfle. MesdamcR Gooden and Hoffman returned last night from the grand lodge, meeting of the Degree of Honor, which occurred at Parsons, Kan. They report a good time and a huge crowd. An effort was made to secure supreme jurisdiction, and the prospects are flattering. Reports show a wonderful growth in the order during the past year, and each one present went home stimulated to greater endeavor for another year's work. The ladies who represented the lodge from Hutchinson did not forgot what was expected of those who have a chance to secure something for our city, consequently—(we came near giving it away.) See Saturday's paper for the remainder of the report. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Past Grand Chief of Honor—Mrs. t'aulinejinnis of Girard. Uramf Chief—Mi's. L. S. Mills of Osawattomie. Grand Lady of Honor—Mrs. P. .1. Richards of Emporia. Grand Chief of Ceremonies—Mrs. Minnie Wilkerson of Yates Center. Grand Recorder—E. M. Kordc of Emporia. Grand Receiver—Mrs. Hardwell of Girard. (irand Inside Watchman—Miss Eckey at Lawrence. Grand Outside Watchman—Mrs. Stella Parks of Clyde. 1 Grand Usher—Mrs. Dutton of Wichita. Grand Medical Director—A. R. McLead, Kunsas City, Kan, We might make a further report, but we have been asked to keep "mum" until after to-morrow night's meeting. So "mum" is the word until Saturday's paper. T.ouUer Titan Words- It is sometimes claimed that actions speak louder thru' words: but there is no theory that speaks as loudly us actual experience. The reporter interviewed Mrs. M. E. Alter, daughter of Mr. Greenfield, of the Hutchinson Hottling works, yesterday, concerning her experience with Actina and the Megneto-Conservative garments procured from Dr. Robinson, who has hud headquarters at the Brunswick hotel for several weeks, and who has preformed some wonderful cures. Mrs. Alter said: "For the past six years I have been a physical wreck; was troubled .with neuralgia pains in face and head, which injured my eyesight and hearing; had stomach trouble and was threatened with paralysis, so much so that at times my lower limbs were cold and dead, so far as sense of touch was concerned; doctored all the time, and have taken almost u wagon load of bottles of medicines: my condition was made still worse last winter by an attack of la grippe. I was induced to try Actina and put on an entire suit of the Magneto Conservative garments, and whereas I could neither walk nor sit with comfort, I now walk up the street with ease, and am almost ready to say I am cured. I threw away my medicines and have not taken a dose since 1 began the Actina treatment. 1 had given up all hopes of life, but now I begin to feel that 1 have many years before mo." Such expressions speak louder than theories. IT] PATENT" EAVSNWOBIH KANS' Try King of Kansas Flour, S1.2S a sack. Price List of A Tree is Known by its Fruit. JUST RECEIVED IN OUR BOY DEPARTMENT 300 child's suits, $0.50, 200 child's suite, 300 child's suits, 400 child's suits, 350 child's suits, 500 child's suits, 650 chili's suits, worth all of $1.00 .75, worth fully 1.25 1.00, new colors, worth 1.75 1.50, all wool, worth 2.35 1.75, beauties; worth 2.60 2.00, handsome, worth 3.00 2.50, hummers, worth 4.oo CASH THE GROCERS. 31 South Main. SUGAR. 20 lbs Granulated .*1.00 21 lbs Light Urown 1.00 22 lbs New Orleans l .no COFFEE, Arbuckle $ .20 Midland 20 Santos 20 Mocha and Java 33X CANNED GOODS. 3 lb can Tomatoes 8 .10 3 lb can Pumpkin 10 2 lb can Corn 10 2 lb can String Beans 10 ~ lb can Lima Heans OSX 2 lb can Succotash 08X " lb can Peas OSX 2 lb can lllackberrics '10 2 lb can Raspberries 10 2 lb can Gooseberries 10 2 lb can Strawbprries 10 3 lb can Peaches 2 }jt lb can California Peaches., au lb can California Apricots. .IB .20 .20 .20 .SO .20 .20 .40 .40 .40 2}j lb can California Green Gage 2)< lb can California Egg Plums 2J£ lb can California Pears 2H' lb can California Quinces 2!<; lb can California Cherries... Gallon can California Peaches., Gallon can California Currants.. Gallon can California Gooseber's Gallon can Apples 25 1 lb can Mackerel: 10 1 lb can Salmon IB 1 lb can Oysters 10 2 lb can Oysters I SUNDRIES. 5 lbs Deans S -25 3 lbs Rice 35 0 lbs Oat Meal 25 5 lbs Bulk Starch Sour Pickles, per gallon Hams 11 Breakfast Bacon , .11 Lard :. .10 7Ji THE Music COMPANY. Wo have a handsome line of fine |boys' 'suits, Prices low and correct. Jerseys ,rS3 -piece suits, etc. IN OUR YOUTHS' DEPARTMENT. See our $3.00 suits, worth 84.00 " 4.00 " 5.B0 " B.00 " 7.50 " (i.BO " 10.00 " 8.00 " 12.00 " 10.00 " 15,00 " 12.00 " 1S.00 BOYS'SHIRT WAIST DEPARTMENT BOO dozen at 15c each, worth 28 800 dozen, sateen, at 25c, worth 50 KNEE PA NTS FOR BO YS. BOO dozen at 10c pair, worth 20 450 " 20c •"' 35 350 " 25c •' 4B 350 " 35c " 50 Our 50c, 75c & 81 pants are well known $1 Above are the best values we ever had for the money. We sny they are worth more money—we know they are worth more—but we always give our trade the benefit. Remember we are the acknowledged Leaders of Low Prices in Clothing, Men's Furnishings and Hats, Remember our stock is the largest clothing stock, Hutchinson. We buy in such large quantities that we say truthfully, CLOTHING RETAILED AT WHOLESALE PRICES. SIOO IN CASH TO BE GIVEN AWAY. To the party or parties guessing the time or nearest the time it will take our candle to burn. Tho candle is 12 inches in diameter, about j 33)4 inches in circumference and 8 feet 5 Inches in height. Gome and get guess tickets. Candle will be lit July 4, 1802. PRICES IN CLOTHING, MENS FURNISHINGS & HATS DKALKIlS IN Attention, Modern Woodmen. At the last meeting of Hutchinson Camp No. SOU, the following resolutions wore adopted: WIIKUEAH, Monday, May 30th, the day set apart for decorating the graves of deceased soldiers of the United States army, is to be observed by .'oe Hooker Post, G. A. R., of this city with appropriate ceremonies. Resolved, That it is the duty of all patriotic citizens of this republic to unite in a proper observance of the day. * Resolved. That Hutchinson Cninp No. BOG, M. W. of A. accept the invitation of ,Ioe Hooker Post to participate in the seev'ces, and urge upon every member of this enmp to sacrifice, if necessary, personal convenience and assemble on Monday next at 9 a. in. at the lodge room to march in the procession and otherwise assist in the observance of the day. lu accordance with these resolutions every member of Hutchinson Camp No. 5111) is urgently requested to be at the hall on Monday morning at 0 o'clock to take part in the procession. A. M. lIUTC'Hr.VHON, V. C. W. It. MARSHALL, Clerk. Pianos and Organs. LARGEST STOCK West of the Missouri River. Only first class goods handled. All thoroughly guaranteed. A full stock of sheet music and musical merchandise. Piano tuning department in charge of .1. A. McGAUGHAY. Write for terms and prices. - - • Kansas, lluno Hull. Arrangements are being made to have a game of base ball played in this city in the iieur future between a FRUITS. FRUITS. Strawberries, Pine Apples, Oranges, Bananas, and all other choice fruits, at FURMAN'S. !W North Main St. 8uimner Xuriiml. A six week's normal school will be opened at the Central building Muy 30, for pupils and teachers. Junior department admits all pupils from the second reader to the fifth reader. Special attention given to all branches of elocution and calcsthenies free. Session from 8 a. in. to 12:'.'5 p. m. Tuition SB per term or SI per week in advance. Inquire further of 11. C. MlXNldl. OUlce tloura. 1 will be in my ofliee at the Central School building, for the convenience of all who desire to seek me on school matters, Friday and Saturday from 8 to 11:30 in the morning, and from t:30 to 5 in the afternoon. 11. 0. Ml.N.NlCIl, Superintendent of Schools. D.I. Galliher, LIVERYMAN Fine rigs, stylish teams and the finest funeral (. ar and white hearse i a the state. ROCKAWAY AND LANDEAU FOR WEDDINGS AND GALLING. 101, 103 and 105 Sherman street. Telephone 37. > O m Co O O 50 * CO O r- m H C 73 Z m o CO X o PI Are as flexible aud dainty as tl\o finest turn. Are the easiest walking shoes made, the cork acting as a cushion to the foot. Are the most healthful shoes made, as cork is u non-conductor of heat and cold. Ladies wearing them need not fear cold, damp or rough walks. The cork is secured in a pocket, which is sewed in with the seam, holding it firmly in place, and is guaranteed not to work loose or curl up. For sale by YOUNG BROS. J\ H. F. PLATE, The Grocer and Baker, Keeps constantly on hand a fine line of Teas, and a full line of Groceries. •> NO. 113 NORTH-^MAIN STREET, HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. Garden Seeds. Garden Seeds. Garden Seeds." L. G. DUPLER, E BOG Ei OF HUTCHINSON. 22 SOUTH MAIN. We sell D. M. Ferry & Oo.'s celebrated bulk seeds. THE BEST IN THE WORLD. r - cs k Every MAN who would know iho QRAND TROTHS, the Plain Part*, tltHC Old Secrets and tlio New Discoveries of Medical Science as applied S T «» a 7n'Si£!&V , ?,?S,^..'"t t0 lor our wonderltal little Hook, oalled i 1 A ? K » B & ri 1 H EP R MKN ONLY." To any earnest man wo will uaMona eopy Entirely *'««, in plain sealed cover. "AretuitofromtuequMlu." THE ERIE MEDICAL CO., BUFFALO, N. V.

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