Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 19, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1908
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CAUF : ()KNIA. Rntcred at Iho Posloftioe Govitia, C;il., as socoinJ-cl;isn iuattc:r. F*ubliHhf.'d cvorv Halfirrtny by thr; ('.<,• vins An^us I'lihlishiti^f Company, IDC. SIJHSCKII'TJO.VS: One Year in arrlvance Six Months Three Months Sinple Copies AnVKH'riSI'.MI'.NTSi: T)iap1ay aflvortiscnieril at re rat^a. Prices on application. Changes -.nadc an per contracl. I./incr» Sc per line each insertion. TvCfjal notices SI.00 per inch first insertion, 30 cents each stibsequent it)- BCrtiori. COVINA, December 1'), l'K)f. DUE CHRISTMAS GREETING. On diric.tiiiHH tnorniii),', UK> ri-(.;nl!ir cubsfi ib'TH of the COV'IIIM Ar^nji will rccr.ivr the )i,'inilHoriiely illnsl nit.crl H[if:<'i;il exfilnital ion riiiinlicr, of tlic |/;i[ii'i\ It, will fuiiHin), of I.U'i'llI v-f'Hir i>;iirc« ,1 | ' H •) ,'jiiHt, tlircc tiiiii-H an 1,'ir^c an tlie regular issue, jiiinli'il on lii){li-((ra(|(t ina^u/.ini' p.'tfifT, with a. Ihoron^li rcHiniic of tlir; enliri! iliytrict. in and around Covina. It will c'liitnin (tnl.'-rtairiini^ artidus '•OMi'crtii nj^ our home life, careful ri 1 - v'li'WU of the orange and h-nion iiiilnst.ry, thr; art, of irrigation, arul tlir; sl.nry of tlion.'iandH of ac.res of lands newly fnine iulo a stale, of infrnsive cull ival.irin. T'/vory arl.ielo is earefully compiled from the bent, ohtainable fai'tw, anrl I h/; paper is Mie reHult, of v/eelts of work in t)ii« valley. r l'li(! reading ma.t,- ter i.M with the finest, photo- ^ra//liH Dial, could bo procured, all of I.Jiem e-ipecially lalcen for Hie Covina, ^ r/^ii.4 I'lxploitat.ioii 'lumber. In this twenty-four pH|{f! special, tlie towns of Covi'ia, Irwindale, Walnut, Center, I'uenlc, Charier Oak and portions of f'leu.-lora and A/.usa, arc exploited con- Hf.'rv/il.ively and t riithfnlly. Tin; work of gelling this paper out, for the, holiday Hi'SiHiin has a little better than the management expected, and tlio ouleo/m: i.s gratifying, and will bo alwo gratifying to the residents of Covina and vicinity. If, will be tho best advei'tiHing medium for this nni:- t.iori Dial; has over boeri iHKiied. Tho flncHt and tlio iinwonk nm'i donees are f»hotogr/iplied and appear in the beat hdlftono work. Every. HiHx.i.-n of this it,y is urged 'to leavo orders for iiH Hfiecia) inimbur and itmko the aunt- ern friend.s and relatives glad with a rnminder of the land of frnilH am! /lowers. f!iiy L. Stoililnrd is. (lid lunv pro pricldr of tlio 101 Munto (..'u/dl.te. C'. N. VVIiihikHr aiiiHiiineeH (lid hale of (fit! pnpiir in (din week's IHSIIO. Air. U'liilaker HII.VS he icHigriH on aedoinil of ill neiillh. Mr. Htodflnrd in o.v- teiuled thi! right, htuifl of fcllfiNVxhip, tlio fnitcrnul, tny.Hterioiis grip known only to editor^, ami il, i.s HiiKxirely hoped tliiit (no many Niib.seriptiunH will not, bi^ paid in Nceoinlhiind flying niHoliiiie.s nnd Ninth like. M«y HIIO- COBH bo winged like victory. |{nll Tcnm l : or Covina. Ciivina is In have one of I lie slriHigi'st ball ICIIIIIM in its hisiory tlii-t year. The oi|;ani/.atinii wan IWini d (liis wi'ck, and money ivjis raised for neu .suits. The old CnviiiM baseball leiiui Ml ill had a lil I le money lei I ill ! lie I n asurv I'riilll last year, and with the nionev rai'ied Ilie suiis \\ill make a \i-ry re-ipecialile Hhowing. .\rran^em"iils arc alivadv in progri'ss for a 'erirs nf ;;:Mnes lielvveeii t he I own lea ins nf i verv ril \ iii 11,,, San (!nbri(d valh-v. (i -i.|. Cnvn-l, who has been chosen iiiana'. 1 ,!-! 1 , has n.iii Miiinicaled \vilh a dn'i'ii neivsjia pecs in l'ie \'.'ille\', in.iciiin;,- a challi-iij,',. |,, all tiains wishing jjamis. II. ('. |,ili|i\ will I'l'diably be I'ajilain I'm- I| M - scas'in. Libby ii-ied in catch I'.ir the \V:ishin^- lo|! Slate College lialil, and is a HOIK| all ariiiiinl baseball player. llerl l.o liecd, for ma ny \ ea i s v. ii !i i in- ( 'al i loniia Slate League, \vlm is imw a n si d' nl of I 'iivina. will d" I lie coaching and yet inlo I he ;;ame himself al I inn s. luilieed was I'm UK rlv a cuncd fur id,' Slaiiford N'arsily i'a:n. and Kmuvs ihe basel.all ^a me all I ! ir -• a v. The a r i ani.:eiiiehl s In In- inn.I,, will call l';,r CHRISTOPHER'S ICE CREAM The Cream rtith a Quality The cream thfit has cv(!ryv-hcrc: proven itself to be the peer of ail American ice creams. The cream that has made Philadelphia society famous. Try it for Xmas, for the dinner, lunch or just for a. jrood yuletide surprise. C. F. CLAPP Sole Agent ****###****#*#**«***#**#***#**#***#* *' Jl DRAMATIC ANO HUSICAI.. Vera .lane Jidward With Company of the Uest Local Talent Promises (ireat Success. filtered, IIMH been riti (.do increase in Uiii dniMiatifi find rmndwil enter tHimnenl, to be given <ni Tuosdfiy evening, Dc.u. 2!J, nf, tho VVmrmn'H C'lnb /lo»«c, by Vent .Jane Kduard.H find her eornpany of local talent,, The Lfidien' Aid of (ho Chnrob feel quite confident, of tlio HIIOOO.HS of thoir undertaking. Vt-rn ,lriim K/J wards ban yol, to prove hur <|iialkioH before (i Covinfi audience, Ijul, vvher- ow ;• .she Jinn appeared H!IO linn met with splendid Hiiorje.HS. Her readingH urn from Llm bent tnitliors arid her vo/wil,i)il.y is lo bo judged from the variety of tho mimnora ofl' in tho progriirn, tanning from oluKHJo Holoc- tioiiH to light comedy. VF-RA JANK KDWARDS, Monologist THE LADIES' AID OF THE M. E. CHURCH Presents VERA JANE EDWARDS supported by a company of loca.1 talent trained under her direction. WOMANS CLUB HOUSE Tuesday, Dec. 22, 1908 chorus! Elaborate costumes! Readings from the best authors! Sacred, popular, patriotic! Admission 50c — Children 25c. Musical Rending at Christian Church. Mrs. C'Jiitnoro will ho assisted in her recital JJf.'ii. !iO, by Mrs. Mand Hlioknoy of Loa Angolcs, vocicilist; MIHS Anna .Reynolds, organist; and Mr. Robor tPlillleo, violinist. Tho VKNTY-TMRPfr program will bo one of exceptional merit Mrs. (jilrnnro uoerla no introduction to n Covina audionco, Mrs. Htioknoy is n Hingor of nbility -mid a woman of oharrnlng personality, afid will bo Hiiro to delight, her hearers. Tho organ and violin accompaniment to tlio rending, which will be one of the iiiimbefH, will add much to I lie u(l'oa( ivont'HH of the progni'n. Returned From Northern Trip. Mr. Hen K Thorpe returned on Thursday from a wook of hnsinc.SH in tho northern purl, of l.ho Hlalo. Among other phteoH, ho visited Visalia, I'oriei'vlllo and Lindsay, making a Hliooial study of the early navel oropH in thoso loenlilieH. Tho navels woro all picked, well colored, tiwoot and of good ipialily, and Ihe growers well satisfied with past rclimiH aiu 1 . future prospects. Other features of intercut which he looked into were Ihe largo new tnielri of larin buubi ai.d (be oil in! ere.stH at linUoi>,ll<d.d. In crossing tin! Ti'lincbiipi he cncoiintereil fi inohi'H of sniiw. Al the upper cud of Anti'lnpo Miller he ohsei'ved the .•iplcndiil prugrci.* nf Ilin Owens river aipieilncl mill \\iis intercHted in the largo camp o iiiiecled with thin im- I'l-uveim-nt. Mr. Thoiiie has been iaxMinli'd the contract for it coniiilcte j cement Urinating system I'm 1 the 100 acre cilruv, p,n.\e nt the Span 1 CilniH . (Vnrpany al l''illnioi e, Ventura (•mini v. j GAUD OF THANKS. We ill —il'e |il e\pl'CSS HUT sincere lliai'l.. •; and nialilude 'o nur mariv tiieiiil-, uiin MI I, iinlly assign,| us dm"i: 1 I ,';.- illn- -T ami ileal !i ul' ..Hi' 1:1 I !c ..n. \'. .|.':,r,.. i'. \.SIM MI i\s .\ \ii vi ri:. \i i; -v \ v \ i; \ Ktf i HIM; ii. i i. \i i -- ; i;r i:\ \v.\ i.'\ 1:1; , ,i 1.11. Y OUR CHRISTMAS APPETITE where is it to be satisfied? We serve the triumph in dinners on Christmas day at 1 o'clock sharp. The Hotel Vendome Telephone in your orders for places and we'll hold them for you. TURKEY and all the line fixings. Be Our Guests For Christmas Thelephone 1075 J. J. PitJiGerald, Prop. TT^^V *ff^ _ ^ ,^^ • FOR HER O - ^»^ 4«BL ^. JHk. JL. J^*m JL- ^. Your Dream Girt YOUR DREAMY DREAM GIRL Buy them for h<r and win her. * * * * * * # * * Rich, heavy plate Toilet Sets * Sterling silOer Brushes and Combs * Bracelets, Stock Pins, Shell Combs * Little bronze docks * See Windort Display WOLFARTH THE JEWELER * * * * * * * * * # * * * *'•# **#***##*** The Arps Turns Out First-Class Job Printing NOTICE—If you have social news for our special Christmas number, nnll up Mrs. R. C. Clarke, pborie 56, not later thnu next Wednesday afternoon. Don't be loft out this number. To hear, to feel, to appreciate the beat in hand, concert;, opera or vaudeville. That is the mission of the Edisou AMEBIiOLKECORD. Clapp'a Drug f-!tore. It Makes No Difference What Kind of Work You Are Engaged In, You Should Have a Bank Account. Every man today has a #ood chance -to lay up a competance in twenty-five years or less if he will save. An account at this bank will provide an excellent system of laying- aside that portion of your earnings you do not need for immediate use. This bank will appreciate your account, whether large or small. The Covina National Bank * ( i Capital $50,t|00 •—---.*fe» tore have made radical cuts in prices on our remaining Toys, China, Silks, Dress Goods. All Clothing to be closed handled no more. All women's and children's coats and shirt waists included. All Women's Skirts. All winter-weight Wool Underwear in men's. <:i Mr-,. Al.-ic . Tlie d a'! ; r| \l i - !|. ( '. \' l;r , ;| , li; -, • ; . , ,, ,,-, ,| ,,,,.. ,',,, ( ( 'l::u ' i I i I- I ic.' MI! T' i..| - il-. v ' ' '' ^ ' ^ ' '•' T,,-I.,-I - >.\ ill li ; »i h i u:: ;il I he l-iiii;.'. a i er i, b OL' i I hie --. >h •• \v i , i'i I vi :i i- . an I i s citncc" i: ..;i i^Mi, ii. .I tli. i|...i, i he i. : '• :• >. . ;> :• -n>. \i ii . .-. M;'h I hi , ! , I v • ','1, , ,i ..i.,, --' 'I I'll i'l. 1 N I' M I I'ii . I. 1 •;•! a I •• i :i , e a n I ,' : i ,. i , . i . I ( , i ,, ll ''I II i -i i I" I. '!'• i , • : '. ' | ' i | 111 , N () t' t" v. i-' 'lli! I i •! .1 e '.Mi . •! I..- I 1 , | , ,|i | :>l ll :• !a -I I I ' , I- I '• i ' • | • ' ' 'in!'. . < .'. ( ,'l ie.-c, I aili, .' '-ubl t!... l'i|,i,i,.ss 1 ' '*' . . an '.\ hi-'h 't-ir. C..II.M,, I, <| \.\ bin-, lui, n n ' :i lii ' ' i ' a- ( In 11. -iiii- l;:i.'\ i i \', a- 1. - i » n v I er '' r .,. ,.l -.' a , i, a .',. ,. ,i n M-I; i i <•- in 1 i:al I, . .-. ,: ! I..- . ',» ll'i' -II,). > I I 11 i| |-\ 1,1 II , i''i i | i • ! i I •! ' I" I ! l.r I 1 n. i- I aki { \ !! (.',.,-, i nnil In , T i, i I h,il the i ) j,,, ) | ),, t ,, j ,., .., n . a> ( ,. ,|, ail , lli ile>) a i h. 1 -;l Best stock men's and women's gloves in Southern California. Closing out children's bearshin coats, $1.75 Men's rain coats one-fourth off. Misses' $5.00 long coats, $2.50. Ladies' silk waists"half off. Doll buggies at cost. ?5c cotton blankets 40c. 25 per cent off on men's and women's silk umbrellas. All fancy and plain silks at cost. 25 per cent off on $5.00 quilts. Discount on auto gloves and hats. Sweet Orr corduroy suits, men's, $11.50. One-fourth off on all china. Women's long kid gloves $2.85. Boys' $1.50 buck gloves, gauntlets, fringed cowboy style, 95c. Men's heavy wool underwear, all $2.00 grades, $1.95. Buy furs through us and save from a half to a third.

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