Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 12, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1912
Page 4
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THE I6LA DAILY REGISTEJI, TUESDAY EVENING, NO VEMBER 12, 1912. Hie lola Daily Register llM Iota Dally Record and tho lola Dally Indax. THE REGISTER PUBLISHING CO. CHAa F. SCOTT. Pres. and Gditor r. W. BRE\VSTE«.. Manaw Sintered at the lola Pnnttfflce UH Sccond- Cliisn M.-ittcr. i.drertisln« Rates Made Known on Appll- cutiou. THE rR3PirETS AT H03IE. The I.caicnwcrtli Times calls attention to tl.e fact that none of the IcndinR Third Termers in the State v/jis .Tble to carry his homo county. V, Douglas county, the home of Governor Stubbs. thouph it gave Capper a stood from the fact that the papers out there refer to him as Rollln Rabbit Rees. He tried to gumshoe through the campaign without being ^or Wilson or Taft or Roosevelt. Think of u man trying that sort of n thing in a district that has brrn USCH I NEEO MOfiE VOTitie PlIICES EQIAL SIKKRAUK Wll.l. IHirill.K TIIK VOTK A>D UOKK. »AS \03II.\ATED FOIR TIMES. ResNler Official Paper City of lola. Official Paper City of Bauett. Official Papar of Allen County. majority' of over COO, gave Thompson a majority of S9 pave Ta.'isart a majority of li'tl against anotlior homo man. .Mr. Hra- dy. I..von county, the honir of William Allen Whito, national committooman Judge j to John A. Anderson and W. A. Caltl- and it'erhead! The wonder is that the man escaped alive. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. ') By Carrier In lola,- Gat City, Lanyon- vllle, Concreto, LaHarpe and Bataett: iOne Week 10 ents ,<toa Month 44 cents' for the Hull .Moose l>ar(y, gave a ma- Tear ••••^y^-^lL. •jorily of 13S for the Doinoiratic can;One Tear, ln ."<li1e oiinty ..»2.00 J One Year, outside county $3.00 TELE*»HONES: . Buslnesa Office IS /Society Reixirter IS Job and Bindery Dcpt 14 j 1- didate for Congress. Waubaunsoe county, homo of Joo noUoy. gave the Democratic candidate for Congress a majorily of .<.">. ' Saline county, iiomo of Senator ! Uristow pave the Deinocra'ic candi- • <!;it<> for Congress a majority of "Iti. Greenwood county, home of Fred S , .'ackscn. who as chairman of the Rc- imblican party council niaili- a Bull '. Mc'oso siK -'cch that gr.'atly pffoudcd j every ilepublican in tjlie stale, went hack on him and gavA a majority of JSil for his opponent for Con!;ress. Sedgwick county, liomo i>t' Victor J. .•\lIon, K;:vt; a Hodges. HEALTH OK .SIIIOOL riill.nRE>. Of the 20,000,000 school Children in this country not less than 75 per cent "need attention today for physical defects which are prejudicial to health and which are partially or complete­ ly'remediable." This is the tinding of, Murdock and Henry Dr.- Thomas D. Wood, professor of: majority of 3.34 for physical education in the Teachers | •College, Columbia Iniversily, New t It is llio (hlilieraie jiidgi'ient of tlii..; York, and published for free dislribu-i v.-ri.V'r, wlm had .•;(•<•. ss dnrin« tlio tion by tlie United States Bureau of-ianipaign to all tlie leadin;; ii(>\v.«ii.i- Education. . j 1 e;-s of the country. fli;il tl d:lorial "Careful study of statistics and es- j ' "f "'o Kaii.^as City Jniirn -il wa.-; timation of ail conditions loads to tlie I i'>'' s'tioiiuest t!.:il app'-ai-d in .-.ny following personal conclusions." says ! 1 I'-'asI or West. Tli- e.lit.irial Dr. Wood: • ! ^'•'"''ors oii the Journal know why _ ,,, , •..„....<> r l:iev are Uepiildieaiis, tliev know the From IVi to 2 per cent, or 4o0 .iiiiii of • ' • • these have organic heart; disease. ,li.'iory of ilieir own and otlier coiin- Prpbably 5 per cent,.' l .ooo.ono at i tries, tlioy understand the priucipliis least, have now or have had tubercu-' of sound government,—and thev lous disease of the lungs i ^^ , . ,..„ ^ Probably o per ceut, l lias ; . spinal curvftture. flat foot or som.-p'^'W- furcoful Knglish that goes other moderate deformity, serious j sir.iight to the mark. And so day af- enough to interfere in soiu". dogroel,..,. Cr.\v the Journal foufhi the good with health. , It did not n.^-d to n-sort to Over 5 per cent, or l.OOii.OOO have defective hearing. , ! e,-.=nnal r.l.itse or the bandying of About 25 per cent, or ri.niiO.Oitil have ! ( pithots and hard names, for it was defective visipn. About 25 per cent, or ." an Such men as Charley Ccott. Gov. Hadley, Gov. Deuocn and Senator Morah must not swallow their honesty for "ngularity "—Lyons Repub- Ilcin. Who told you these men had " 'owcd their-honesty?" Isn't if^iosbi- ble tliat ihcy are as faini'iar witli the facts in the contes* cases as vou are. [that their judgment on those facij is as sound as your own, and that their <-puFcicnce is just as sensitive IS vanrs? Haven't yoit liv<d long enough, and hccn wrong oftc-n. to h.nve learned that tiien may differ Willi vi>u and still hi" honest? DiMihle llu» rrerinrls W»I Even llie Lah!»r and Time.-.Mcer Places Ai>i» Needed. "I 'i Another of the earliest^jroblems to U P solved a.« a result of the addition of a half million vot< s to Kansas, is Feth^rnglll .VJs tlie Riv'ht on PolHIc^.. When the Itegis^te.- printed story, that Miss lethrrngill had b'L -n elc'-tcd after "•!a\iKir 1 e, n nominate':! Ly (he De:ii «e -at.> for .-e\.Mi years." i; !adniit.° tl;;!i t :u> story aj ;«ia>.! t;; i' mu.-h taa^ it failo .1 . t(,' inve :ii:ate thoi";i^^!)Jy. It a-.irie a hea;! in:!. r >:.)ry t!at way \:v,.n in t ;-e :-niil. -at.- I 'ul. tnithfal w»y 'n wlticli .Mis - l "e.-,h- ern=:li induljionly cerrei-i_^ ila'.a. In a nete ;:• the Kc'.:se.- ::a:o- he cave r.s follow.--: "l wa.c n'-aiin.»ieil in 1"»'.«0 ai;air t Kt\ T llaii.'.'r for r'diia'y :;;!•< rin;.-1- Ihat of counting the ballots, iola, for ; ,j',.nt i;,:' i-:a<!e no eaimriis;!'. \V:'- w m- instance, has six voting pr.cincts aici ; ir.j,t...! j,, m;,, a.-.jnst ;i:.rv.v Jone? at the n-<-ent election the iinderpaid j for county , . .„ . , , , Mipe :int-nilen.. •• inuiaign- hard-working electjon olUcials v.ork- r-:i t: county ;'n I was i ed like Trojans a ni^ht and iiart of v„niired an-' fifivvrr.. two days before they discovered who, ^vy.,; liominatet! fnr li.- wabele<-ted. .\dd to the vote cast last ! H>ar.= \Vi!>on ('.v • le Tuesday nearly an equal number of [ >Tp.,|p ,..,,„,,.,jj.., y iireeni v.-,-v votes :ind tlio work of the election of-; 5 ;ni >wn wi :,iy- anv Itell !v in i:ti"2 auair.-; Ci i-o sure of the richteousness of it.« ' j c.tiis<'. it simply told llio truth, and suffering from mal-nutrition. in many , j...^,, cases due in part, at least to one or more of the other defects enuinorat- ed. . Over 30 per cent or fi,n(iO,Oin» hav<> enlarged tonsils, adenoids, or en- > larged cervical glands wliich m-ed at- | fention. Over 50 per cent or 1 0.000.000 (in ; some schools as high as 9S per centi have defective teeth whicli are interfering with health. Several millions of the children possess, each, two or more of the handicapping defects. About 100 cities in the I'nit'd States |iave as many different kinds of organizations for the care of iiealth it: the schools. The most important of till our national resources is the health of tlie people. The most valuable asset in ror answered, either by the "opimsi- 'on press or on the'slump, because iliere was no an.';wer to make. It is .i;r,itifying to know that the cin-.ila- :;r ;i of the paper increase 1 miiuy thousands during the camjtaign. And it is to be hoped that every campaign sitliscriljer will "slick." for in no otl;- • r way is lie so sure to k'";p his thinking straight. The Kansas City Star coinid.-iins of tlie "rndiscr'minatiiig vote" of tiie ciilzens of .Missouri UIHMI the various propositions submitt<'d to tlieni under the initiative and referendum. Hut hasn't the Star been advocating tt;e initiative and referendum upon 'liie theory tiiat tiie people would always vole i!i.s(riniinatinsl.\ ? What becomes cf all till' lienutjfnl i:ilk about lettiiis the peojde rule" if the f «M )l ponjili ^'on't kii'iw enough to "'Hserimin.ite" when tliey ha \e ;i cli .-iTice to nil"? licials will be iiurea.sed I'ltl fold and the lime when results are known will be ilelayed another forty-.-'ight iiours. One of tiie solutioris to this proli- •etn is a to increase the Hum ber of voting precinct^." To prevent delays it would be le-cessjiry to doii- Ido the number of voting pro<inct..!. This would donlil" th «Vi<"OHi of elections. Iiu' doublirig llic vote will do that anyhow, as" i'.vice''tlie iiiimie r of ballots must lie prof iili il and llu- of. licials^must wi .i-Ic t'v. ic- as Ions. And when the duly constituteil olTieiais .-ire Ill-Ill" p.:ini- T.:e e neiuiratir.iij -.vei.- ;;H •v;;hoi)' inv v ".i. Inn in \ • :< i-eive.I "'^'IDK M t le U-'] •.:;r:v vn I'KTULUXGII,!., "Tells the Whole Si.-.rj." To vav t:::!l I 'liley';. 1! .-...y Ciiireiiiinrl is l-e-T f • e'.il ! . L-rnv.n pe ;-.->ins ;MII.' em;-::-n: i t'ei :ly pait of i:. • tale. ••-:o:e ^t(!ry i. t:;:!; -t is ti.e nie.'i ii;e f'l! s, r;|i. t..-. •.'c iinil i.i::er :i:.--tiont t;.- li'.rorii. busy arranging for tlie casting and ; c.,:,--..- ami l;nr a iie.-iiiii- ;:t:.! s-.,,? eoun'ing of twice ilir number of bal- eri,.,.; i:in.».:iii,,.r "nii"..- Fie lot.s it is prohai.le ihal they wil: . n.-riey A- T-. i (••<m]>^li:r l[ :u:h i (-banue the :itnios:.liere of the (.ojlitit-• i;.-, .^^n!-.!;- i;. Ciirr--': .- iUtjL- Sie place. |.iv< ry barns. bhickaiiiilh r r. repeat sh~-:: ."a'ch/.hc V .irchoster .2: 'Ijlihtr :\-:toma::z Kitle delivers w;': ovcr- ^- taks-ii-y an-.TT!' !. Yo 'i have only to puil the /trigger for cacii tnot, wnitti en-'Dk-s you to keep "-ic n'Oc aimed r }sh»: en C- li. ou^ia.'^s- Dy it-5 own recoil'and ^I'j-ti ,, c::.ti"ic!-;c ..t J.a^ i^Cv-jiscy andpo-wer, F J . . .I.j :-...v. I-Iollov/ Point cartridge, v '-i!. '-; • ~ - - i.i'r^- :ina delivers a hard, cr.r::-:- b'-- . - .?2 Ai:to- madc is very simr):e. snd j"^- -r r.r' core w:ll keepitingood o:<.,rai. litci.ii.i. is ;.oi: costly. MXA3iu;i: OFT: .IT IT - •- Wil.son and .Mar.shall w -ere elei teii .-II right. And yei the eouniry lacks alioul two million votes of htuliij; "gone Iieinocratic." According to tly rnoflicial returns the total popular vot" cast for the Democratic caml'- tltilcs (:.3:i.S,y!*7. whicli is'l".H»7 Mualler tlian the vote <ast for Dryan in The Deirocraric party is ttill, as it has been for more than lifty years, a minority party. One of tilings T. II. was goins to clo v.itli '.lis new jiarty wiis to smasli the Solid South. To iJiat eml he kicked nu* the Southern Negro and wrote • lension jdank which distinctly .sijuint- ed in the direc-tion |of iiensions for Cunfeilerate Soldiensj 'Vou may ii.-ne noticed bow intiny of!the States of tli' Solid South went Hull .Moose. That is a wise community in Siiin- r county which has built a "Com- .aunily House" at a cost of $:'..<"iO. •.v:i :(-4i is not only a model country >< hoo! house, but has rooms ad;:i<ted Atchison is the only county in Kansas so far a.s observe*!, where th" T.-ifi vote exceeded the Roosevelt voti. Taft received 1.3»>:» .-Mid Roosevelt I 1.301.—Kansas City Star. As.-iin we ask what is the matter'h .-Ml'n county where Taft got l.t"..T'!l voles and Roosevelt only >*;t2? I'or church, neighborhood and social j -p,,- .otir capital of national vitality is the | •;.iiherings. The plan includes a com-j jjo, health of the children. Public education is tlie logical. tli< I ;iitinity church organization also inj|),;,, ||,py which the members of all denomina-i pjnion: Til.. Repiiiiiicans will have 12 "i men in the ne.vt Congress and the Tliird mors will have 12. And y-1 the .Moosers have tlie audacity to claim are the second jiarty in th' strategic, and the responsible agency ; ticns unite to 'naintain Sunday school "of the Nation, of each State, and of I md to support a minister for regular] each community for the conservation I worship. How much wiser this i^i= | of Republican votes, and enhancement of child health. j jh .m to have half :i do/on st.irveling To become an cffeci ,ive instrument -'-.urcbes.—or no church at all for th< "Stubiis. n crived quite a spri'iklin.- i.s the way OM .'o'm Gilmore jmts it. shops and otic 1- ijaaiiii pliu-es wl;. re the male \oi<i- !i i>. In en wirit to p sort wi:iioiii i|ii.ilin to . v,.rcis- his •iglit ol .---iifl'':i.;e. iii.iy nut tiu e( \\it}< :h.' apnro\-i! i i ih" i.ili- s' \. Vnd. aii- lieip.-itiiiK (Ills c!i;:(i>.'>d f|(ialiiy rf ilie 1 le,:ii>rate, ihe men who priivide tin poltins: iilaces will pioli.-iliiy .s .)<i-; more clieerftil ;ii:d pleasant plai e.s in whicli the women voters will li.- iinii- ed to gat lie;-. The more eti- contemplates it, the mor»^ iiileresiing I>i<-oaies the some- w.'iat revoiutioiiary decree which ihi men of K.iii>as wrote iiro tin i-on-:li- lu:ion last Tue.<d .-M. •MGKRS }n\i: h. I . i;i>;Tiri». Dupe TKV I'Af'E'.S ((SMI ('o>irm"\i». iiromotion for the protection am child health, it is essential that tin. school should not only be a -Baiiitary, healthful place for children, bu; the various agencies in public educatinv. should he so organized that each (luiiil may be given the hest (inssilile oppor- ofi :-i ;ison tliat no one denomination is .-strong enough to snpjiort one. It is jii cxau'plo that juigh' be- follo -.ved Ill great benefit, not oniy by ttlt er>iintr.v iieiglihorhoc.iis. Imt hy m.-iiiy ;-t;-;:ill;. sn far v.^ tile cliu |-eh i.'in ••: i| i.- coiK -erned. J. R. Burton was not elected to the I.egisliit'.ire frotn Saline c<iiinty. ease and far more to realize the attainable best in growth, ill development of biologic, iiitelli'ctual, inor.-il. social and economic jiower. .Mr. n. H. Reef:, w-!ni SUl -cei'di'lI .I II' I KC C.-iIilerli>-.-id for Congress in tin Ktflh ilistrict, lasted just one lerai. \iid one reason for it ni.-:y he under- Woman's Beauty is Jjised cn Health To lljue Kratfh. Rowel Mmpinenl U ' All^«lull'l.> .Vereisjirj lliiw Best • (II OMnln II. If woman 's V.ea'l .v iV-per lei ii;<e ' cO ;-i>:oic>- eve'.\ wniiinii «eaM he ,• pirliire of loviOitte.-;-. It':t be 'iiity li • • : deeper tl.'an t;i;ir. if !!e.>c i -i liea''!i '< Ih the naj ~ri 'y ef eoes tiu> hi'sis e health, an »'ti-e „t ^-f<•kn^ .s, can | be traced to tl <e*:ietj„ii of tli- t'o -.i-i -lv . The l!e:;<!a<-?;". the -Itcde. low vkin anii ti.e Ui.s-er>^s eye.- are ••u -.>fU.T !ly di.'e to e .)n .«t;;i .-:;i()n. So mar; thingg that v.oinen -io Iiah'tually ', ducj. to tlii.-^ tt-oni .jc. Ti ey i :o not e^: ! carefully, they ra; intHwislihle food - i because ilio fod.s aie torv>itdaini'> ' and tlicy do not exercite enough. IJu' : whatever Ihe |>srtlcular cHute may t.e ! it Is iutptrtant^ that the condiiien \ ebould be corrected. ; An idea! remedy for women, and OTI.- : especially suited to their delicate re- j quirements. is Dr. Caldwell 's Syiupi Pepsin, which t'lousanc'.s of women en- i dorse highly, among them Mrs. Nora \ Robertson, 13G S. llth St., Lln'-olu. ; Neb., and Mrs. Ann K Kdwards, Cor- rectionvllls, la., v,-'.io have It constant- . •ly In th« house to meet i -uch emergen- ' C I BR., All the- family can use Syrup l'»I>TEn PA«A(;i{APIfS. KtoTi! the Ch'.e.-'i;'! X '\v.<;. '.'un- thiaes tire .cometiiii<micer- '-liti It i:- e-(sier !-e.-.i t'Ki intic.'i i.'i .-ir w irk too har'l' .\'<d.oi(v lik< the -tuin who think;; if ki:'>\\ s it all T!! - aw liiue ii-:!ii's popul.irity .s-l•!i<in outlasts iiU; money. Tlie mo::- a man i-i.ictii -es eciinomv 'he less )ioiiulajr he v.ill I MV Oije man's tiotsim is another mati's hreirl -if the latti r is a doeinr. li 've US coa'eilllueiH JMld \v.- car' tin who inv«'iits perpetual motion. The lirst time .-i yimti'.: man ialU it '.."(• !;e d .-ie.-n't iiii ills feet When .-i (iiili do-s talk sense at 'e .isl '.'ill! the |:etij )le il'in't r. COgHIZl ' it I'iijieN Ciild Ctimpflund rtire.'i Vnld- and Gritipe I:i :i Fen Honrs. T :;e jivere ce '.d will he broken • :;ri|':.- tri ejy en <li -l aftei 'akin:; a i!- -•• nf f':::,-.< Cold Coii:- :io!in;! '.-y t\\" ' oiir-: until three •onKeeiili\.' !!ii--ej a .-e takia. You w = !t d :.-iR-t:y fe,.I a!l i!..- d>- ici -i-i'.il .Ie -y:r.;'-.'1:- !"aiin'4 after l.'v >-ery fir .-t • .<•• T^e !i. •-: misei.ihle !;e:(,ia<-!ie. diill- •le.--... and no -e stufici! up. fever- -'s!'ne'--. -i:' ••'!fig. running of the no.-c. •oi.- t:M -o..;. t;'.:i:- >';> catarrhal tli.-- ••; .ir.--! s. so.e .ne-s ..-•;i:!'n>'s.-. rhe'iu,;i- !>-ti; I .i :n- an;I ot:•.<•:• i !i.-tress vanishe- Ta!; - ii;i.- wondt rfiil Ciniiound as iirecti 'i. t'-.'- kno".-!edge th:.: •here i- IK.;hip:; else in Tlie w^rid. iv.'li!; «Ml c-,ire yc-ir co'.d or en'! .;iiiipe !!if >':y a- proinptiy and wjt 'ii- utt :;ny • 'L IT as.- i.-t:'.i ;-e or bad afte.-- •'Ir'y . -- .1 "r -.'.It !.-i :k :i'.-e of I'ajn s 'oi .'l ''i.a:-. • .iiel. v !i: -'i any drir.;zisi •an .'•lipi^iy • i ;:Mai.r< no <|uinine— i <e- 'or.;'?! e,e:-y !•..;•;.' accept n'» siib- .-.titii; •. T;:.-;e.- r.i' "--a'-;.-^ gently. yiw JMTE THRKK (nL'Bnu:s. K;re Destroied Iwii at Diiclituu and SuKirc-ted (lie .Moie. In reliij'on as it! politics, 'lisinteres' ••d side-lin- ojuuii .Tis are oft"n interesting evei; f.) t!;^- most eniliU .^iiiS! i"- partis.ins. aii.i tin- agit:iiii>n ahoir i :o;j)biniiig ciiiire}..< \:\ s'uatli r town.: aiiie -al:-. to the K'nera! public, wlie:: ti'v I iiinl .itiat'on is jiropoied for MIIII- othor t.Mii. K"-entIy rt lii.:;liton. Ki= . I ' !i!ul| town, lire deiaroyc'I tlie M <'^ii •iili .st ac'l Christian i -hiirciies, |e:i \i >ij; th" Ha ;.ti;' churili aioii.- :--;r.;;diim Th" prohl III of payii-:; for the er.-e- •io 'l -if llle ll'-.V chlT'iies -.(lifn tiiil;. sinal' ••.•iii >;reK :itii)Ms can be .xjiect. i! aii'l ttte ainhitioii.s hopes of boom '^lyn ar-' for.-.' r ib-ad. fci Insplre'l a iii'ive to unit.- 'he .Metl mlist, ChrisHan anfl I'.aptist i-i)ii ;;-.:ei ;.i .Mills :ind hiiilil oil'- aile(|u :i|e. rouiiD '-iioiis. hanilsoiee. chiin !i 'I 'l -er- M-eius to he a very tsoo 'l prospect ilt .-it th'- union will n -.:i- terialixe. ««a 'I V. I Ti-ai:)s ^^t -itb "'leil ;i I .aMrcnce Xownilirr -j::. , .I'ln" ;i 'iciit t '.--\v: -a • • ''i.' •Ill |i"- .>•!•.'r-v i. , '.a,'-' :•: • •• -.t !•!•::.'orii-'i-- !" t. I< : ii .• - .1 . • ':.';'<•.-- ;i c.'rin:.-. .iic-' 'i. I';ii..r t')4- 1! tik':'. I •.•}•. -in^ W;>s..' •::!! !.. 1..-11 K !' •' \\n "il :irr. t .i.': winu'ri- ' ••• • .-':turi:a> '!' e Mi: :iiirrar . <h t -• lie!' r ..n -tir. ao'! 1* •;it al.i 'l I 'Ht in t'tr ' • if',!;;. t; ( .iii^e 111 ii\-ii>iinia. • ; ciiiiini 'T- I 111 • • II.'' iii:;onv- • ! li- rs (.1 ' le .~iKili .nli and ( .''.-it:!!..! i.-.iri 'I'ahlels ; iii .-iorih ^^ :in'l •nalil" •. P . Ker s.-ii'i t»y all dealers. rcaiiv i"'tr (U 'ii' !»;!!'. V. a" '."tin ! Whcn.y<!ii coniiKii-.- iii- .MODI'KXv.i''• i. . ai'c no\v iisinq- vou will: - ;!ir • ;'-!l::.o ih- (Hff •'-;vf. NFW WKF^STKKiAX ALL Vi- >:0:vV W' u.^in.^'TODAV—it i.^ ju-' in every pai-titniiai-. T'- ,ne\vs[)ci[)ei-s that ai't- 1- n .'iHU.'i.u OM: fit of their readt r.<. 1, . iff V, School Boys and Girls .N'KKDTlllS .00 ' >V.\) tlififjinai'v you , V i!i liijfl tiiat thi-S i r.;:! vou .-houUi he nK.-s-^thn LATEST a I 'liiiiti'ialion uf ; •.•i.vva'i'^))- ilie !)ene- Bouritl Like a BiWc .MRS. \0KA H«ini;KTSO.\ ti" in action. |>!e:i.«ani :n taste and f :eo frrtu f-'ipicg. ami its tonic prop^ , , ^ J , . ,'.^riioj liave a diiiir .et •.alue -o women Pepsin, for thousands of mothers gi'.elj, ^.i^,.;^. ......^ laxative- tonic in .America f .iuy HI;'! thousands r.f fat!:ll:ts are now cevc-:- wlthc.ul it. .Vat'irally :MI :ictr.- -- iMai,^ she j; 1 st :ir when .;he la ptai -.'^i to 'h' sin.\-> man "Ver ...i 's -i -ue: th" |ios. of a •'il 'tM -al ref 'i! i!t'r :T. lolii; as he is-in '•nice. .Ti'e.e niiubl to bt ;i-sr<:'! ileal «,>' •;'tisfactii>!i in li'-i:"!- "-.od, lor it c'lt-. you out of a lot cf fun. REKI.ECTMINS MK A ItACllEl.dK. ••'roiii the .New York I'r'ss. V girl wiih fiery red hair i-:ii! b- 'iiishty proud of her white I'l-th. nfi.ui smok>ng is the best v ay !• !:eej. a girl from liking 11. A girl can't help feeling i*s deceit- fill to fool a man more 11.;: 11 a doze:> limes in one day. .\ man marries a girl to f,rot aboul her relatives, and she marries him to worry about his children. What makes a woman suHpiciot]> about Uie way the bank figures interest on ber account is when she cliicks it out. After a man once holds a public office he is hardly ever again wilMi-.g to waste the time necessary for er.rntiiT a living by working. \ HIPPY. LIIU6HIN6 CHILD IHAFEWHOORS ( ii>v». Iri lahii. Kr»c' Ii. Tnniriti « I a.'til :i:'d Sirk. (.'iu 'illrtiins • *»j nip of y'vi ' it to babies ai;d children. Jt is a!.-i admirably suitoa lo the requirements- of elderly people, in fact to all who by reason tjf age or Infinnity cannot •eXvoA harsh salts, catbartics, pills o: pur^tlves. These should always he BvoW«d for «t be«t thtfir effect is otily (orttbat ilfy. wtlle a genuiae remedy AUke^^KUD P«PBlii ac« mlltfly but BiiMUiAMMiyi If n<i ii.<'!ubcr of .vour family has -'oyer used Jtyrup I'ep.-in and .VQU would j like to tiaie a pcrjtonal trial of It be-' fore buying it in the regular way of a druggist, epnd your addriiss—a pcetal wlH do—to Dr. W. B. Caldwell, 415 Wafi:ilagt<m St.. Monticello, 111., and a yhptfle wU Ibe niail6d ]r<m. —Twincc of rheumatism. bacV-'che. "iff joints and shcnting iiains all show ••itir kidneys not worklna- r'ght. ''rinary Irregularities, loss of s!epp, •ervoa.'-ne'n. wcik ba-.k and s'jre kld- ••evs toll the noed of a go<id relisble kidney medicine. Foley Kidney Pills are tonic, strengthening and resiom- tlve. Thev hulld up the kidoeya and regulate their action. They will give you quick rallef ao4| contain no Jiabit e' . all'! I • -"iitii. ••• ei.e': !! -ilxi- tl • tl itiir.-iUv ir- i .'.li ''"I r : Kxati'- ;if -n-:' '. It nienr .-•'i.-a '1 . ii: :n'Vre • •: I thirty f. e' < V, 1' tl foul. l!l .iyipe 1' •-I •!.'.' UM '.llt ;;r'er uit ! -ij. f f K':--" t!::it t.';'- i' i-'l . \.;:i-." aril I'lV"'- for »lhil •'.'•;'.;nu •••••c. reu'ilales I'-.e f'ttli i .ii 'er .-'in'a h. I'.i^r Hnd h'w- • ''e i.iai'. :'--:i .'es they ri(.:irt-, ee;i--'>tf:-! Im f ;'«-i'. c(i;;:-tiji;re ; I .-^.V^ I T. si'mgisi hllioUsVe:-- I- .-'iMr. dif<:Tdere' eii. frverifhm diarrltof-a. por: '. hi!.! Ire-;:'.: cr to lironk a eolrt \: T. •'•Ku iiv on'-'ui.'f ' :• *e--i:<-nnfiil of ".^'y- -u;i o ;i -"i';-.' ',ir. 1 in :. fe-.\ hours a!' "l.e cj'ecm-d Up uate. Ffr ;ir bile, itndi- le-teil t and cr .nsiipatcd niai'e- ten'Iv 'i.:e.»e on and out of Wi •ycieui w'.t.-.eii; '.zripipi; or nau.-< a Bn<' roil «in flirt !y hai- a wrdi .happy r.nii •ti.niii.; • 'lild aeaiii f'.'.ortly. Wit!, S.I rt:p Firf* vou are not dnt" .zirt- «e>i- r'liidren. bcins ?r-;r.po-e' "Tlie.'y if il!.- :-if:i;f fiirs. >eni:a anrf I'l in .-.:i.-- it -aritio' be i'.iarmful. •"ill! ('Ire.-iieii.-i lor ..'alldren cf a" •iTcs .ifd for cr.nvn-tiiw plainly prin*- ed on the pi»-?kagp , Ark your druggist foijthe full name "Syrup of Fljrs and EUxir of Senna." prepared by the CalKotmia Fig Syrup Co. This is the deJicio^ Taatrng. gen- Dictionary (roinjiilc'l hy .irreat- c.-^t aulhorihc.- Troui f I n'Ciiiosl u M1 ve .••sit ) It auswcr.'- ilif fi'.ics- tions that ai 'is" in .'-•(•liool wor!-; : il .- (K- I IS for you : makes ii»r- r <• (• t jtrontuii 'laiicu ccrtjiir.; (;<)r reels "r- rors in ir *"apuiia'', \:\- iniliarir'.c.-;, yo^' \vi ;i; iiiil)oi 'tant t".'>-nt.< if, th' v .'orMs prottrc.-:--; Dut.'-; ."'Oil iii t 't'.a-M .witii TODAY'S ii :f <;rma- tion—lute.!. c>':!.-n-'— new woi'd.^—im­ portant to .'^c'!)'.')! clii!- dren as tt- office em­ ployes and eniiiloy '.T \ How SOLA K£G3ST£I? >ieaders Can -Obtain Free This Wcndes'l^ii Book I REDUCED ILLUSTRATION OF THE $4 .00 ' VOLUME This Pictionsry a TM ^ I 4 ;:;=l !;'J b» th: or.^inal pyL.:i:;bcrs ot Webster's Dictionary or by thrif £Ufcr.-5nr5. 7^ • O * It h;ii Lr-n rcvi.rd rinil 1 rrtight ur ti. th= I'RH.^iC.'JT D.NTK in :iccorcI»nce with th« ht't atitlioril r» frem tiic rr'it'-t ur.iv-rti-ir-. a I ii roLilubeii by tlie we!I knoira 8VN-UIC\Tl. I'LULlilll.NO CO. oi .NUV,- YtJKK CiTY You Need Only Present Six Coupons Printed elsewhere (dally) elipperl on con.^c-cutive \\:\\<, and tiie expense bonus set oppp.=ite the style selected (wiiieii covert^ the iteni.< of the cost of packing, express from factory, checking, clei-k hire and other necessary EXPENSE items), as explained under the Dictionary (' »upc>nvpnnted on- the second page of this issue. By mail 22c extra postacfc. MP-'

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