Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 19, 1908 · Page 3
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 3

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1908
Page 3
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THE OPSONIC TEST. What It Showed the Man Who a Great Deal. His friends knew (bat lie would rjth- «r miss half nn hour of n play tlian cut short his after dinner cigar, nml t'.icy wore astonished when he on- uounced that he had quit smoking. "What's the trouble?" he was nskod, "Opsonlc test," he replied gloomily. "What in the world Is that?" "I've been run down of late and feel- Ing pretty bine. As there is consumption In my family, I consulted n specialist, lie said I didn't have the disease yet, but he would toll me what my chances wore of ^ottin.n It. Wo nre constantly breathing ^tuberculosis germs, ho explained, but healthy blood lias the power to destroy them. So he took n drop of \ny blood and inoculated It with a certain number of perms. Tn half an hour he examined It under the microscope and found that only half as many germs had been killed as should h.ivo been the case. Normal, healthy blood is said to have nn opsonic test of 100, so my test was only 50. Ho advised me to build up my strength by sanitary living— lots of fresh air day and night, plenty of sleep, wholesome food and moderation tn work and pleasure." "Where does smoking come In?" '"He said that tobacco had an extraordinary el'i'eft in decreasing the power of the blood to destroy germs. Some men who smoke a great deal have an opsonic test of zero—that Is, their blood has no effect whatever on germs. I am fond of my cigar, but •when a specialist levels an opsonic test all cocked and primed at your bead and says, 'Tobacco or your Jlfo.' what are you going to do but throw up your hands?"—New York Tribune. DESOLATION ISLAND. Kerguelen Land Is a Region of Perpetual Storms. Of all places on earth outside the arctic and antarctic regions Kergiielen L,and, In the Indian ocean, Is the most Isolated and inhospitable. Indeed, It Is generally known to mariners not by Its official title, but as Desolation Island. Most nations have owned It by turns, but It has been sooner or later abandoned by them all as worthless, and this although it covers an area variously estimated at from 1,500 to 2,000 square miles. At present France Is In nominal possession of It, she having annexed it in 1893. The soli Is utterly barren. Practically the whole of the Interior is covered with snow fields of unknown •depth, whence glaciers fldtv dow,n to the sea. Where there are no snow -freM&~ttro're aTo»jfUorgsaes and hidden, treacherous mndholes. ' v The climate Is probably the worst In the world. Terrific tempests follow one Another practically without ceasing and are accompanied by torrents of Ice cold rain, hail, Rleet and snow. The Challenger expedition spent a month there, during which time there were only three fine days. And this was in December-January, when it Is mld- snminer In those latitudes. Its discoverer, M. Kerguelen Trema- rec, although at first ho professed to be enraptured with It, lived to confess that It was unfit for human habitation. "Not even Eskimos," he exclaimed, "could exist there."—Pearson's. Too Cheap. The class at kirk had been reading the story of Joseph and his brethren, and It came to the turn of the visiting minister to examine the boys. The replies to all of his questions had been quick, intelligent arid correct, such I\H: "What great crime did these sons of Jacob commit?" "They sold their brother Joseph." "Quite correct. And for how much?" "Twenty pieces of silver." "And what added to the cruelty and wickedness of those bad brothers?" A pause. "What made their treachery even more detestable und heinous'/" Then a bright little fellow stretched out an eager hand. "Well, my man?" "Please, sir, they selt him ower cheap." Very Nearly Trouble. "Horace, you don't love me as you used to." "Not altogether, my dear. When we •were first married I loved you for your beauty. Now I love you for your real worth, your many excellencies of mind and heart and fur your"— "So, Horace; Hlggswortliy! You think I've got entirely over my good looks, do you? Let me toll you, sir" "And for your unfailing sweetness of disposition, my dear." Uncertain whether to go ahead and scold him just the same or to indulge In a good '-ry, she compromised by doing nelrher und fell to darning his Becks with renewed energy. A Conundrum. Little Flora Mamma, you ain't a girl, are yon'.' Mamma -Certainly not, my di-ir. I'm a woman. Little Flora-- IJut you WITC .1 little girl, weren't you? Mamma -Oh, yes, years ago. Llttl« Flora- Well, when.- Is the little girl now that you u.seil to beV — Chicago Ni-ws. Steam. '•r*;in y<>u tell me what M>-:uu I.-,''" "Why, MHV. sir." n-pli.-d Patrick coiiadt-Ml.v. --Si.-:iin is --.vL.v er-lt'a watiu-r t lint's gone crazy -vid the hca t."— K v try body 'a. NOTICE OF HEARING PETITION FOR THE VACATION AND ABANDOMENT OF PORTIONS OF ROWLAND AND WORKMAN AVENUES IN COVINA ROAD DISTRICT, COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES, STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Notice is hereby given that a petition signed by United Investment Co. and 14 others, asking-for the vacation and abandonment of that portion of Row- laud Avenue from Azusa Street, to the westerly line of the Phillips Tract, and that portion of Workman avenue from said Aznsa Street to the westerly line of the said Phillips Tract, as per map recorded in Book 9, page 4, Miscellaneous Records of said County, said avenues being situated in the Covina Road District, County of Los Angeles,State of- California, has been filed w'th the Board of Supervisors of the County of Los Angeles, and that said petition will be heard by said Board, at its office in the County Courthouse, City of Los Augcles, California, on Monday, December28, 1908, at 10 o'clock a. in. of said day. By order of the Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles,County, California, made December 7, 1908. C, 0. KEYES, County Clerk and ex-Ofhcio Clerk of tlie Board of Supervisors of said Los Angeles County. by A. M. McPherroti, Deputy Clerk. Annual Stockholders fleeting. Office of the Covina Irrigating- Company. To the stockholders of the Covina Irrigating Company: Please take notice that the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Covina Irrigating- Company will be held at the office of the corporation in the City of Covina, County of Los Angeles, Stale of California, on Tuesday, the 12th day of January, A. D., 1909, at 10 o'clock a. in., for the purpose of electing directors and for the transaction of such other businesses may properly .come before the meeting-. B. F. EDWARDS, Secretary. Dated Dec. 23, 1908. City Taxes Due. City taxes are due. Taxes will be delinquent on Monday, December 28th, at 5 p. m. Call at the City Trustees' room, No. 6, Reed block. -Hours 2 to 4. Dog licenses' are also payable. All owners and harborers of dogs are warned that they are subject to fine if dog 1 lice'nses are not paid before December 1st. City tax and dog- licenses arc payable to Tax Collector Mehnert. Wanteil — Honest and reliable young man to learn harness making business. Covina Harness & Sad- dlery Co. San Joaquin Valley New Daylight Train Parlor Car Between Los Angeles and Fresno. From Los Angeles daily at 7:35 a. m., arriving Fresno 7:17 p. m. From Fresno S:50 a. m., arriving Los Angeles 8:45 p. m. Southern Pacific D. C. Schenck, A^ent, Covina Phone 144 * * * * # # * # # # * * * * # # * i* i * * I* 1 * # * * # * * * * • # Say! Von are conducting a big- InisiiifbS inori: money invested than many business h<->ui>es---do a (food deal of correspondence, don't you? J)o yovi always have suitable paper handy when yon wish to write? Do you know that we can furnish you with the vei'y best of writing paj>cr and envelopes, neatly printed with your i.auu; or the name of your raiioh, plac : of di'iice and fiate line, eheuper than you i an r.<-i,uri: tablets ai.d t-i, velopes in small <ji;an- titie .? 'i'bis w'll make, your correspond'.'iire b'.isine-. .>!ikc arid more 1.011 venieut. C(n r INA AKdCS, i'Kl.N'TlvKS **************** Notice of Sale of Real Estate and Personal Property at Private Sale, In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and .for the County of f,os Angeles. In the matter of the estate of George Smith, deceased. Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of an order of said Superior Court made on the 2(ith day of October, 1908, in the above entitled matter, the undersigned A. G. Smith, administrator of the estate of Georp-e Smith, deceased, will sell at private sale to the highest bidder for cash, gold coin of the United Slates, (subject to confirmation of said Superior Court) on or after the 15th day of December, 1908, at the office of A. M. Pence, rooms 7 and R, Reed building, in the City of Covina, County of I<os Angeles, State of California, (at which place offers or bids will be received), all the rights, title and interest of said George Smith, deceased, at the time of his death, and all the right, title and interest which the said estate has since acquired by operation of law or otherwise, in and to the following property: Real estate described as follows tovvit: West 5.3 feet of lots cue and twenty apd all of lots two to nineteen, inclusive, in block I'l of the City of Covina, County of I<os Angeles, .Stale of California, as per records in the ollice of the Comity Recorder of said County. Personal property described as follows to-wit: One piano and household furniture Terms of said sale are as follows: Ten (10) per cent of Uic purchase price, payable at the time of sale and the balance of the purchase price payable upon confirmation of said sale by the above entilled court. A. G. SMITH, Administrator of the eslale of George Smith, deceased. A. M. Pence, attorney for administrator. 12-1<» ########*####*#** # * * * * # •* * # ^* * * # * * * * * * * # * * # * * * * * * * * * * * * # Notice To Contractors. The Covina Union High School District will receive sealed bids up to one o'clock p.m., Monday, December 2Hth, for the erection of a High School building, plans and specifications of which may be seen on and after November 25th at the office of G. D. Jennings, Covina, California, and at the office of F. S. Allen, architect, 304 Slavin building, Pasadena, and 712 Security building-, Los Angeles. Bids must be made upon blanks furnished tby the architect and accompanied by a certified check for five per cent of the same drawn in favor of G. D? Jennings, Clerk, which will be forfeited to the school district in case the successful bidder fails to enter into contract and give Surety Company bond within ten days after the contract is awarded to him. The right is reserved to reject any and all bids. G. D. JENNINGS, 12-12 Clerk. Assessment Notice. Covina Irrigating Company, principal place of business, Covina, Rowland Township, County of Los Angeles, State of California. Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of the directors, held on the second day of December, 1008, 'an assessment, (No 47) of 75 cents per share was levied upon the capital stock (as increased October 22nd, 1H86) of the above named corporation, payable immediately to the secretary at the office of the company at Covina, County of Los A ugeles, State <>( California. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 5th day of January, l'>0'>, will be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction, and unless payment is made before, will be sold on the 2fith day of January, I'M) 1 /, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, at the office of the company in Covina, County of Los Angeles, Slate of California, to p;iy the delinquent assessment, together with c.ost of advertising and expense of ->a]':. 15. K. KDWAKDS. Secretary, v'.ovina, Cal.. December 2, 1'XW. ATI HNTION. Ordinnneo No. 18 ot tho (.'ovinn Oily Hlntntes Hpeeiflc-il ly hlalen Unit, no person or per^onM «hall en-el n lillilrling without Illht. oMllil'iliK i> Hpuchil permit from the. city trnstei-h or oilier piopcr authoriticH. A/i.y person violating this hiw from thin ilnle will he proKf:i:nte<). J'ermilH \vlll be. i.-Mied op proper applied) ion. Al. L. MKHNKKT, City Marhhal. The Green Marshall Company's Talk on Paint. We manufacture almost everything in the paint line and guarantee every article. Prices consistent with the quality of our goods. You \vill find our selected hard oil finish and pure mixed paints now on sale at C. H. Klatler's point and wall paper store Phone No. 51. For Rnnt—Fivo room ocittngc on West Cjpress nvomio, wntor in house niifl nil modern ooiivonionoos. Address 13. Miller, Phono 50158. If Call and Sec Us If you need any Hum' 1 in the HARNESS line and we will give the best goods at the lowest price. Satisfaction guaranteed. Co\/inei Harness adcUery Co. Phone Hume 1170 IF YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, ace me before you let your job. All work guaranteed and prices reasonable. Phone 51. C. H. Kistler Plumbing Plumbing Materials WATER nine SEWER rlrt ALL PLUMBING REPAIRS We contract to furnish all the materials and do the work or furnish the materials only. GET OUR PRICES JAMES W. HELLMAN Hardware, Stoves, Etc. 157-161 North Spring St. LOS ANGELES 1-6-00 Why t<ot buy your MILL FEED where you get the best for the. least inonc* ! We make a specialty of Kolloct always fresh of the most approved brands, tested by yean of cxperietrc by poultry fanciers. Oracle F'ertili sold on unit basis. You pay for what you get and what you pay for. Deliveries made to all parts of the \alJey* San Gabriel Valley Milling Co. iSMBB CITY LIVERY STABLES C. F. SMITH, Prop. W. Hadillo St.^oti the new electric line. COVINA, Barn LMionc 240 Res. Phone l'J8 Where Bullets Flew. David l'.irki-r of Kayettc, N. Y., a veteran of tin: Civil war, who lost a foot at (/H ly->burjf, .iays: "The x u '><\ Kli -'.trie liittcri <lid in worth mont t,,an tlv'f hundred dollar* to inc. I nprnt much money doc'orin^ for ,1 liiid <.;i-><of atomach tr <uhir, to little purpi>-.<:. I thru trii-ii Kic.Ji 'n: i'.ntrr-,, an'l ih'-y <:urrd inc. I n'/'.v take llicin ;i •> ."i Ionic, ;mi\ thiy kf-p n,'- -.1 ron^ a nd .sell." -in: 'it (.. F. (,i,ip[/-. i.'i >:• -•>!<,re. 1909 Model Kissel Thirty Motor- 4 / '/ l/ x'i;,, / 30 h. p. . Wheel I'.ase 107 iti. Floating Rear Axle. I Meajii Front Axle. Selective Transmission. Rear Springs }( Kliptic. Weight--2<)•)<-' Ibs. Timki-n Roller Uearin^s. Wt-eels 32X3X-. Speed 45 miles jx-r hour. Kissel Thirty Roadster $1500 Kissel Thirty Surrey $1550 COVINA MEAT MARKET .1. P. KENDALL, Prop. Orders taken and deliveries tun do. daily. Orders in town will receive prompt attention. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. Home I'honi: .V> BL. JACKSON Plu m I >i n g a rid. Ti n n i n g Repair work promptly attended to. Agent for solar healers. Work Guaranteed First-Class Store K'ooins West liadillo Street Residence Phone 50 COVINA, CAI,. Trees Trees Trees ORANGE AND LEMON TREES IN 5 VARIETY Walnuts, Umbrellas, Loquats, Palms and Grape Vines Sixteen years in the Intsiiitss and less than U-n trees not true to name. Prices al ways ri", lit. Satislartioii ^uaraiuecd. W. O. HALL 1-2 (JLKNDOKA, (' Covina Orange Groves We have a lar^e clientage onyin^ ^ood orange groves. If you waul a '|iii' l< -.ale, li,t your t,;mve wilii u->. ''IT I'A '•'•-. T" '-'I-.I-. i':-'" HOWARDS & WILPHY CO. 2.'.1 I- a no hi in lii'U'., I,-.-, AiiK'-l'-s I). W. McDonald, Covina n ptv v-n'.al i \ .• HOIJH- plinin- I.? 1 '.-',, Covina ;try u , arc, .Von <\< ,'m\! for tli') "(.'um " in your <.rangi- t'fvc? Kvcr '" l>v i"K kniff.': 'L\>v. ;it Kt;lii»r ioii -Mfg. Co, tf R IiO i Before you let aiiy contract for the FUM of Your Orchards I hi Ilk ni the ill i pur tii II i '• "i ' n. I'll, iiil.-';i,"-ii ( . v.-<n I-:, ;ilnl i 1,11 ,'llt tin STOWELL rUMIGATINCi COA\PANY Old.- ,1 lir.'ii in I h- -,t;i''-. "•' '• ' |! ;' ; -' ••''' :'' -,i/.,- trrr. Vv'i- ' /.t. I I • •:, ,'•'" ]'-' ' COV/.\A S.i t) >i •'' ' i'.'H \! t I'' 1 ' •'" '•' 'i'hoije I')') (.oviua ' t 'i ( 'h,u

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