Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 12, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1912
Page 3
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K THE lOLA DAIL7 REGISTER. TUESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 12,1912. 1 .i ; , J Wc afc liotcd for our Lineti's and in this sale lye again demonstrate our supremacy. Word from Belfast, Irelandi'Gcrmany and Austria indicates sharp advances in price, hut we maintain our own prices. In fact, in manv offerings we are quoting the lowest prices we have ever been able to make. The record of this store calls for the Best Qualities that Satisfy—Ilisrht Price—Up-to-l)ate Merchandise —Plain Figures—Full Values! N0W IS THE TIME TO BUY! NOTE PRICES: t;i| inch HaMislcy ni .-.-iln-iI Ilaiiinsk. "."r <iiiiil- ^Ity fspociiil. imr yurd . . J{0<* i;S inch Ulcariii'd lU 'w l;irj paitiMiis. Sr>r (lualltV. s|i<-('ial. yaiil fi5<' 7" Inch JUonrhiMl AUMifi'izoil Daniaxk. I'ansv. ri)l>I»y. Kloiir lit- iiatti-iiis 7 .".i- iniallty, spc- ^lalr per yjml . 30<* StampoiljCiiii'si Ti >\M 'ls with yinii- mvn pci- StaJiipcil r.iifst Tow.-I.--. ,'t IMSI cnidi- Linon Uiu'k Tnwols. rii. li llUc ;{i'x30 I'nion l.ttii-ii Si|ii:iri 's hi'iiisiltrli ami «lra\vn work. 'Mh- «inality. , MI!I . -lOC SATIN DAMASK. T0WELS AND TOWELING l'rtx42 phiftf'hi-msifiilu'il or Mallopi'it pun- lln>M>I^lt""k -ifowoiK i-at'ii . ^ 'i^i^ • 1S\*i» fanoy liiii'ii I link 'niwds. mi s;ilf' ••ach *r»<* •.'Ox4J2 l.luon I luck Tiiwciv -. alli'ixil <>?i :.aIo. .«'aih - 3i)r L'l'.v4"> liiiporlt'il S.iliii I l.llicii Ti>\vi>l.-i with cmliroidcry <ir drawn work mi sahv OSc nieaohcil Crasl-.. with hunl.-: ^^pl'. ,al prUc yard .... 5f- Stovons' I 'rash .'Nlra umni <;u;ility, prio-il a •yanl , lOc iWn-^loy •lUi'ailicd i>r i i .hli a. h'-il Cni ^h. a yard . . . 15(IS inbh IJniMi-lliul; 'riiwi-liiic. tanry pa!t<Tiis $J .:t:. (luallty Pouhlp S;ilin Dafiask th- '. Ii'si and most porfi-ct woven flax tlipad: ii''<\ cM ol paltorns; TiBcr Lilly Imrdcr v.ill. -viiiii Stripe. l»ot ci'iitor; Violot.' Bow Kliii". Tiiliii llhiohi-lts; siwcially prii-fii yard . - . Sl'.iJS Napkins to'Jiiali-h, slzo ::7xl'7. per do/ if .Vils Sl/.i' per dozen . >l..'«() j 7.' ineii $1.:'S douhlc satin D.iinask . A. \\ I Ilinsid pure linen, pood heavy i |ii ;.lliy. .1 \\>-iv I reslstinj: heautlfiil paiirrii; I'IMU \lf\< limi r.ow Knot Tiger Lilly or Ko-e; sjn i i '.n lirii-. pi-r yard . _ .'^}.r»0 .Vapkii'.s to maleh, size d<i/<n »i.'><' Sire L'7xL'7. per (lo/.r>n . *r, '.K $l..".i> ((ualiiy Satin Iiainas'v he:u \ i-l flax-fully bleaehed. 7 J inch.-. ' \> i.; . i;aii: ;isser!iii<nt of paldMtis; ii.i|it.i!i.-, ;.• . special p'.ier. yard . .; • J'l ( .•J.'> SALE OF NAPKINS. l'"xL'" heavy Merei-rl/.ed .Vaiki';: Jl .'• • iiy. per do/eii ... J>~i<' Ceriiian SilVrr IJIeaelied I.ltien kins, vry ni-w. per do.'eii Sl-TT* :.':.'x_'J h<-a\y Satin Maiiiask \.iil;in.-- a n .• : •\i|uisiti- as.sortiiieiu id patierns. $1 ! OUR .SL2r> TABLE LINENS, ON SPECIAL SALE, .I?! YARD. 'Ihi.- V. :ll I-. of iiiM rest m all hoiis-ki--p'-rs. \>i- HK' ^1 ill); 10 .-ell i ^'v 1 )1 SI Jl.m' inT yard i ;;ie>> 10 li - had. ii>i ii ;;r.iss UhMehed Pure I -.1 :i I).;;:.ask- .:;a.ivaiu.-v| «o;'i -i ly pure lin- la; .-:> sw.-U p :ilieri '.s; .i^l> tor iiit-ni. I'in' S ,ri;'- K>« •• Kliiii d- Lis. U..v\ Kfi.n Tulip and l 'ln >.-::il!!:. literi I'iain Satin l',iii:'-:k .N'l'kitis 1 (1 M :ar< h '•Men SHEETS AM) PILLOW CASES -lii v.i 'iili iii>\\ nn sa!i' V .le V ' ••: • • ;i : ' •; ••:\t : K' •. 1 • I • •. • .. . !• T'tt" 1 X'' r.- •. Tc II. ^<... I S •• 1. st>«* ^i>i >'S .-'.r. !i" .xi! .1 i . • .111. I H 'mnii"! • .... .1. i>n..i-. I'M . } :if '• -.ill '.I VJ^iC I- • ; ul:;.- I ; ;;•!.!. !•.:-•:•; •.. I. 150 «! I*! -naii'.v. :- :iUc p.- 1 :••'!. . I'...-;,' p.i.j ,!{!'• WHEAT RXLUED SOME lODXY TIIREA Y KSEP n .VD WE.VTHER I> iAR«E.\TI>A UESPO.\SIBLE FOR IT lloKK and Cnttle Remain,Uie Sa^e and Thrre Is no Marked Chanire in Any Utber Qnotationtt. I Ry Ihf A».«<>ciat <Hl Pres.-si ChlcaRO, Nov. 12.—Threatened, bad weather in Argeniina made wheat rally ttMlay after a weak start. The open inpUtnehangcd to %c down. n «M ;em- heri opened 88% to S9Ct »>, '.rs'S l<> •jse loss, rose to S9%e. WHK.VT —(•U>se: Dee. SSTfcfiS:*: .Mav 9i:'&a4\; Julv io%c. <"01{.\—Clo.-:e: Der. 49T4ftMaj !;»><,: .Inly 49-». OATS—Close: Pee. 3U-; May ;{2%</ .••L'->,; .Inly 32Si^327j,c. I'OIIK—-Ian. $Is..-.0: .May $18.10, LARD—.Ian. Jlit-^OVb: .May $l'>.17',i:. per de.'.on i>i. I^m-' :• I '1 .'1 •;-.ii.;< , •,>:i:iiv. •••I. tiali- :wt-. i«te Virr yald L'L'Jn ;Ji Linen lliuk Ti-w.-lini! :.iiiey paMerns per yaril . . -- 30C . 30x30 Ki-.ncy Squares, on sale New York Store PATTERN TABLE CLOTHS V. !•• i I,.- I'aiisvl. Kill. Ifl! or I "iM-y.^iHiitii.- 11:,..1, t.all. vu.- i.-.i X'J.(K) s l\I"-t p.Ii.-. .1.- .-luolar in Un- a!.o,i-. .-xlra |i .-i\> tiiri!i;>. pi;io )r I.OO CfERSOm HBTOON.) in • IS V 'f. H. T^'illis w, nt to Hartlesville thi^ afternoon on hnsiness. -*Dr. IH; L. fox. Ocnifst Mrs. l>Dltil' farleton l.-lt Sund.i.v for an extended visit' with Iriends in Kvetvtt, \Sashinj;iiiu —Oradnate Nnrsc; able. I'tiono i:u;3 terms rcason- W. L."I>ilke of. I'.irs.'iis, is in the clt> on business. —For coniplele line ot iiiirseT) hlork .gee J. -M. J^iokson. Plione I ISC. city on —llr. flonsr. Seott. is ill llio Sijlls. of Fl huiilnes.s. • H; 'ti. Uondrlrkx. Old Conrl |.. y dillH answrred day or wHM., 1,.,^ i,,,,.,, !io I 'olon.v ! ndvancori years the attack is eauBinp tier family considerable anxiety. .Tcssie .lames, formerly a jewoler of ilii.s c:ly. hut now of Houston, Tex., who has been visitinp friends hi-re, i.'Uirrv d home this afternoon. i .1. Westinan. of C;iney. who has • li'cn here visiting friends returned luiia. tMa afternoon. ' \V.i!i-r M.vers of IMit.shnrR. who h:is j. been here visiifnj: fricntls. r<"turn«.<i hoir.e Ihi^ allernoon. , Mrs it 1. .lohnson. of follinsville. who ''."s l'< en tiero visitinc frientls. n- ;iiirn<'.i ho'.ie lliis afternoon. '1 hen will be -i nicetlnc of the 'I- liiary board toiii>:ht ai the libr.'ir.> hiiildil'.i} at 7::!H. • 'L i;r!i.\, ol Iloniln.v Okla.. ariiv.'d Jii':.- this afli-rnoon lor, a visit with •1!'^ Ixoihor in-law 1».-*\V Delsl, and friends. • ' V ; ]j' K. \V. »ak.'r. of P..r :^i .Ms is .1 Imsl-, • ncSB visitor in llie city today , A. J. DIetz, of Dexle.r. .\!o . who lias • been here and in. I'.nioniown 011 I.IIM- ^ ness returned hotite today. \ •. — i —Nobbj^ new stylos in t'loth I'onty New Vork Store. Mrs. M. K. rhillips of r .oo. .h. ore. aiTivied here this afternoon for ;•. visit , vfith her\ parents, Mr. and Mrs .1 K. "llough. • ., • —nrs; nnll * ITBII . .Ostroimlhs. TeW-phonen IW, fif .l- '• r ,.T. T. niisK, ofttlinilMildt. who li bf^n here visIti^^p~Ttts par.'iTts. Mr. and Mrs.,Jani^s BJu»t i.rurned jionf Ibis afternoon. Rev. I. W. IVatlirr and i .t;;ii "..v 1. ;t * this afternoon lor rii .nniie i.. iii.ik'- Ihcir home. Mr. atid Mrs. Alb -Tt Gray went to ; Gravette,'Ark., thia aftenioon to s|>eiid the winter. *• Mr.s ,1. M. Park, of Vat.-s ten'er. who !iaS' lie.'n Iief* \ isiiiim tri.iiiis. •fteni to t"oi1e>ville'tliis af-riioon Mr.^ Cora Ijitas of Russell, Kas . arrived lipr»- (his af'ernnoii tr,r .1 visit with her niece. Miss Minnie O'vens \ { Glenn Thompson ^ho lias ( n at- rvndin'g the high i«hool li< re ii.-is gone to Etnporia to have an opeiaiion p<r- formed .for adenoKls Hull, of (Iieat Hend. Kus who h.'ie vtsHhiK friends.' weni this afternoon., Mrs. D. C. Phillii 'S and daiit;lil.-r "f! Colony, were visitor-^ li.ic ilii: alin-; noon. j Mrs .\ ('.. Lace)!, ol Cliaiiiife. wiio has been here vi-i'litj; Mr. and .\lr.- . ('. M. Hall, went i.i I'olony !,;is aite noon. t .Mrs (I Still-... 11. ..I Carief. u.i .-i bnsini's.s visitor IHMC ilii- alteni.'on A K Ilarlb-y. of Vmoni:. K;. ; at; ri\eil here this aii.riiooii for a visit with his .son. \ i' il.iril... -.f Ilari.e. .Mrs I' II. .M;.i!i.r '.M-iti i"..;onv this .ifi-' a- \ . -II v lili I -i •••.| « i .Tht' Mors.- 'MM.- ('.,:.> uill 1 !..-. at the V .\l I' .\ tlii- e\eiiiii(; o li:L'i' .\il II ell .11 .1 l.iell .'I t.ii city are lordiall .i iiuiied i.i pi..--itii II. \V. llosl'ord. of Wiehila. was a business visitor li.'re this uioriiiiiK Mr. ll.isforil left this npoiialor farsoiis. - A. L Boatripbr went afirrnoon on business. r .rii- tliir^ The many friends of Mi> Harvey Ixinpshore. vvho ! t 'ast of r.irlyl.' •will be sorry to learn that she Is quite ill, suffeiliii; fjoin H modified lioy KshbaiiKli. who has l.ei'u visit- Inn friends hi (lartieit. r.nirned iioine this alternoon. .Mrs. D. \V. Sells, of Cherry vale, who has been here \isiiiiiK friemls Went to Ottawa this afleruoon. Rev. r;. \V. .Shenard will condu<'l .services ;il the St;ir Disirici school bouse' comineiiciim lonmrrow iilRht. A coininiitee composed of Messrs Stiicky. Wilson, .Martin anil I'l-rkins ' .secured ili(> services of .Mr. Sliepjinl for these ineetiiiKS. Los; Saliirdav afternoon, svterlinu t.'.itn:; sil- ' T ne.lclari' jiendant coni- of Hire.' auiPthysl.^'. IMease re, till 11 !•> .Mrs. V c. Nicholson, ;!!'•> i Iaeli;;on an() receive reward. Sn ^ae i>b..^-irvina; |icrson telei)hon"'d ;his olfice lart nichl that the Maple were buddinn aKaiii. a fact wi-jch is d'nibtless due to the warm ; wcrtii'er of last month. Another re- sii!l ol the p'ra ..;ani weather is an early appV tree at" (he Tipton lio'-r-- on Wes' Itioadwpy wliicli bloomed a F *coiid lime and prodticcii soine lin> : bii; wel formed aj.ples. I'iank L Travis w.-ii'i to Kans.-is City this afternoon on htisincss con- ne-.-ied with his position as receiver for t:... Creat Western C>>tnent Coin, paiiy, Sam V.\ W-o!ard. insuranci- , man. poet, politician. •:•.<•.. etc. who j has I.ecu h<re visitinjr Travis went out j oil the ¥4ime train. — Mri-. .\. Orove, 11)j Dayton Ave.. I Wiciiita. Kas. states: "I suffi-red with !<ii!n.'y trouble, with a .s .'vere' pain ai ross my back and felt miserable and {all tired out, but after takins Foley Kidney P111-; for.a few days, the p;iin left my back atid I felt full of ilfe aii.l ;'.c;iv;ty. Gladly do 1 retommcnd r..r a <''-ii.'.i'-ar.-'.i stone and If . l.niiu.' ti' III- erected over "..I Iti.iM.-ii ;ii .Maiiiiaton township ;. or ti'.- in ih.- c.iuniy clerk's of' .• Til.- Iiriiiue i- to I.e a double arch ;:.iiMre. li I'i't loiii;. feel wide •i.! I:: !.vt : .Mr?. Harry Adatns. of !,:illarpe. ueiii !.i lliimliolilt this afi. rnoon for a \ i:-it with relatives. Mi<> In;. M'-Klilnht. iiiiisic teacher ill :Ii« -viiy seli.jols • w;is un.ibli. to at- lend to her diiti .'S today, on aNeounI of a sllirbi iiiiic.-'s. .\'.is (>. It How.nil. of ClicrrvvaJ.', who has been her.- visititi;; friends, i.i'ini'd homo this mi.rnlii'.;. I' T Sliinni'ii''. iii.ister niechanic i.i i!\e Kocky .\!oiintain railway at .Mli.'rt.i. Caiiad.i. v\:is here today on l.iis:ii>-s> .\lr. Sl.iiin.if;.. formerly resided at Altoona. |.' Nicliiilson to .Mlooua till..; ai;.rnoon on business. How's ThLs? Nhs 1 1 S S ...\.rs. of Kansas City. W. ,.^r o„n „,.„lr ..l I ...ll.nM n ..r ..M (.,r b'-" VisllInR frieUds, ..1 . .:..mi iiui .-.u)nM 111' H11..I l.y ll:.iiii wi LI to ( haimie this .'iflumoon. Ciilarili t I.I. . • w>. ti-..- iMi.i,r 1.;" .1, i..\.. ki.,.»ii I. .1 ii»n.v W I. W.-i'siiii of ( olony, Was In the '"-'i i",>'""^ ( :iv iliii af".•rnoon. ..r;.!..<' III fit; :iii.i:i.-« tr 1:.-II* ..*-I n:l,iiu:.itlv abi.* .;*rr\ liLK ;i I ..lilii:.i.-<iH II.,..;.- Ill iii% ririii. " .N \lli-\M. |1 .\'-K «t| 1 -MMI-i 1. . 1,1... 1. ,1, :U ;:f;;.'ri,ic ^y »>i=v <:"'['^y^"''- ^ijo <iirr.-:;\ .11-.t . .t n,- ,'r.i. - ••! ii- li.i^ b-.11 visltiim friends here and In K.ov'- .J,;V,?\;ii '.%r••••'^ Lallarpo returned homo this after- . !.!.,->-•• i..ri-..!..iiiii.)n. noon. Kansas rily Gruin. Kansas City. .\ov 12 —Ca.«h Wlieat ii.aiket unchaiiized No. 2 hard, .S3l»-i.' ^'.H- ; No. S3'(^•^.".'•;; No. 2 red, 98fi I"]': .\o 3. PKit'S'--. Close -DtK- .\;:iy -NS ^iit .S".'. I tiHN—-Market weak No. 2 mixed, .ill .".I'v'ii'-", new ,".2>-;; No 3. old .'.4. ••• > .No 1 white, old 5S^i'.'>»;. • •w ' .No «>!d .•"•;tfiri4. new .*i3 1 e !>e- 4;.'-: May 47'„: •tliv lSi~c. <;\T.< -.M:irkei unehxnued .\o 2 \i i-.- :52c: .No 3. mixed 32«-ic KYi:-^ Steady K'-.'-ipts of whf>at. 90 ears . Kansn.. I'lty I.hestork. !\an-as City. .Nov. 12.- (WTTLK. re- •••ili'-; H.'iot* Market steady. Native • -ers S': OOfi KVr .o; cows and heifers .'cfi v ."0: .<.to.-kers and feeders 14..".O .;7'.i'; bulls 54 no-Sj0; calves $."..."0 '„ 1 11 til". |IIH;S -Htceipis l»;.nin» Market is steady Heavy $7 .C'>Ti 7.7-".: packers an-l butchers J7.."."«» 7.7.".; lisht JOdOp Chlraeo l,lTe«tork- riiiiauo. Nov 12—C.riTLK. re- -eii.l..; 7..''ii' .Market, steady Beeves L"..L'."!.. H" nr.; stoclters and feeders Jt 111',-7 !">: cows and heifers $2.70(ft 1!(t(;S-lleeeii.ts 2.s000. Market, -low. steady. Li»tht |7.1.'>4i 7 SO; mix •d $7.-.'>vi7.:«.-: heavy f 72i>fj7'.».*,; pics <4..'.i"fTf;.(;o. Kansas Cily Trodnre. Kans.-v-s; Cit.v. N->v. 12.- ItCTTKll- ''rean'fry'.llc; firsts 2S:. seconds 26 •i.ukMiK slock 23>ii?i-23«^. Kt;(;S—Kxtnts 2Sc; firsts :;7: sec inds i;ic HAV—.Market, steadv. HROOM CORN-'- Steady. Lead and Speller. S: Louis. Nov. 12 -Lead, marki'l. .>e;ik. $1 spt.ltcr. market firm .1 17 20. I.oral .VnrkelK. I'roiliict uuoiailons fiirniahed dally •v Co::hill CoiiiinUHlon Compaiiy: llflTKU—21c per pound. K(i(LS—21c per dor.eii. I'ni'LTKY Hens. l»Ke: twk». 4t prln«f, H'-jc; iliiekn, U'c; Reese, .">i turkeys. No. 1, 14e: No. 2. JOc; old tonis 13c; guinea.^. 20c each. 1!KI>()M COUN --|t!ll to $100 per Ion - IIOIiSK HIDKS—$2.00 to 12 7.=;. P.KLF HinKS-lOo. .]-<\\v'\\ Alulullaii Axam (The Arah^ in Edgar Selwvn's Gi-cai Piay.'The Ara'o.'' at the Grand ronight! -.form 5^.: 111, Mill*'ilil*i WVTiii n iuv.Ti|iji>.ii ...i.-i^j. --- - of Dnoumoiiia C ^wiiip lo lior i KOIPV Kldni^y rills to aU whom liavc Suits Made lo Your re. Suits Cleaned und ' Pressed. I We have moved from 113 West Madison to 109 West Street. GlIS KRANNICH 109 West St. Tailor kidney trouble." Itiirreirs DruK Store. .Mr and .Mrs. S C Urowsi.'r arrived I in loia tills afterniMin for a short vi.-lt • with relati\es and friends. Th<y ar-j rived home from .i sl.x iiiontlis' visit In ' Kurope about ten days aso an«l bave I>een visllins .Mr.s. Brewster's family In Emporia. The date of their return to Uielr home In California has not beed decided. .T S. Walker, ex-eandidat<. lor probate Jiidse on the Memocratic tick<.|, will leave <h" 19'h of tliis month for Florida. Mr. Walker will take most of his household goods with him, but > he Is not sure that he will make bis j permanent residence In that state. Mr. I Walker has lived here for a number of years and is well known throughout the county. LOST—ON NORTH JEFFERSON Street gentleman's brown leather pocketbook containing two $.1 bills. Return to 6|0 .N. Jefferson, Reward. KaiiMKi Cliy IIIIIP und Wool Prires. Tli<. tollowlni!: quotations are furn ished by F. L. Cofleltl Wool Commission Co., 62t! to •;2» Live Stock E.\- ;rhanBe. Kansas City. Mo. Green salted natives, .\o. 1, 11.>4c lb Green salted natives. .\o. 2. 1304c lb. Side branded, over 40 lbs. flat. 12>.4o null.-, native -No. 1, ll-"<4<; lb. Part cured hides *4c less than cured, uncured Ic less than cured. Gluejiidcs flat. Sc lb. I ait skins, deacon, 90c to $L.">0 each. firei.n horsehides large, $3.75 each. Green horsehides, medium JS.-iO, Green horsehides, small $2.25. Dry horse hides. 7.".c to J1..".0 each. r-ony and cidt, green salted hides, .-"c to fl.r.e each. Dry Hides Flat Dry nint 2.3c per iiound. l>ry flint fallen 22c lb. Drv salt. 17'-'.c lb. Pelts. Dry full wool sheep petts, 12 to •!<• Ih. Green salt sheep jiells fiOs to $1.2.=> (ireen salt shearling; 2."i to nOc each. .Xncora Koal skins. 1" to 7,".c eacli. Tallow. .No. 1, tiljc; So 2. .">'4c. flrease. White, 6e; yellow, .".'ic Beeswax nricht 22 to 29 cents. Scrap Iron. Country junk mixed iron, $7.00 tc •:u per ten. Hcnes Cuantry junk bones. $I-V to $1S ton •Vuei--Kans««, Neliraska. Oklahoma. »rl;;!it medium. 22 to 54c per lb. Dnrk medium. V." to 21c p«»r lb. Lis!:t fine. 17 to I'-'c per lb. Heavy fine. 1" to 17c lb Wool: Colonidn. New .Mexico k Texas' Lisi'it medium. 2i» to 22c lb. LlRht fine. 17 to 19c per lb. Heavy fine. 1." to 17c lb. Anpora mohair. 12 mo.. 2.* to 2nc 11. Mrs. J. C CummlnRS and Miss Gladys CiiininiiiKs left tills afternoon foi 'hicaRo. 111., to make their home. GRAND TUESDAY, NOVEMBERJS^ Jones and Crane present MR. GUY CAUFMAN -IN- The tJiT'tH New York Lvceimi Tlieatfo SticiTss "The Arab" .\ new\and beautiful story of the Orient by KdKar Selwyn. author of "The Country Hoy." etc- Tlir rhiii That \hi>l> \m ) iiiL- "Sil mill Toll. \ittirr" <'i»lll |i !eli. Si tMiir l*riii|i|. I juii. ^ iU-ailtiftll" \V;H-.|tolH-. L .1 — '•T Fvx.vll.-tit «:i>i L-: : • :• "l ini :K :lne there ( uri.DNT be a hrtter drtinia . «f this kind.** - IVrr> llaminnud. Chlctiuo l»ailj TribuHe. "Makes a bit: hit al the l.jrenm."- N. \. Trle..:rapli. "Ilrlshl dialotrue and eier rhanui.n: >rene keep up the lniere>( at all llmest."—>. V. (oranierriai. Prices 25c, ;J5c, 50c, 75c, and $1.00. Box Scats $1.50 Tieketts-on Sale i(i tlie Pox Offiie , i .Mrs Kd (VFlaberty went to Ottawa bis afterniKin for a visit with hei ••aientj.. Cures all blood humors, al' eruptions, clears the complex ion, creates an appetite, aidf digestion, relieves that tirec feeling:, gives visor and vim. <^i't it tiMtav III -tHtutl liriubl form o< ..luted taiitetd <ralle<^,8afsatalM. Hot Blast Coal Stoves, Burn Less Fuel,1VIake More Heat. Easier to Keep Going. IK What Perfumea Are Made Of. There are. few perfumes today that cannot bo made fnmi chemicals, synthetically, an the rhetnists call It Formerly all perfumes were extracted froin flowers, fruits, spices, woods, or other vegetable and animal substances. The first perfume to be Imitated was vanilla. In IRTR. Ilellotroplue followed, being obtained by oxidation of a byproduct of camphor. Terplnol ie one of the most freel.v used constituents of perfumes. This is a near relation of turpentine. With this, a little oil. and atpia fortis a cliemiat can produce a perfume that can scarcely be dIntinKuished from those exhaled by the lily of the valley, lilac, and Cape jessamine, varyinc accord ing to the proportions In which the chemicals are blended. Artificial vio let Is a combination of cltrol (an ea sence extracted from lemon), Indian vervalne. or lemon verbena, with common acetoe, a substance very like nyroIlKneous add. Mostiof the cheap pcrfnmea are Imitations, and they are almost always Inferior lo the flower extracts. So It might properly b" said that It Is a wise floflrer that knowr its own perfume. He "Played Rough." ^ The man who. inspired by the mug that cheers, maintains his prestige m head of the house by chastistng his wife. Is often saved from the Indignity of the stoneplle by the eternal feminine. Without the condemning testimony of the wife the court cannot do much with him; and, though her anger may be such as 'o countenance his' arrest and arrsignment. the chances are at>out ten to one that at the last pinch it weakens and fe .ils her. as one or two stories from the city court will illutrate. A woman with a badly blackened' eye came <>efore .ludge Collins" bar fo an adjustment of domestic affairs. The caB» look^ bad and the judge Intimated his intention of making an "example" of the culprit; but the woman interceded. "Ah. judge, dont be hanl on him—he was only playin'." she pleaded: then added by way ot qualt- flcatioD. "But he do play so rough, judge!"—Indianapolis News. Cut Flowers \ Wli-ii you want Cut Flowers el any kind, remeiiibcr J. W. IMM.MMKK 7 *1 1 KasI Mlicolii • hii: ili.'ii of all kinils and of the ll•^l ..iJily and srows nothing ('hrjsantheiininis. Hii-es. Carnations, V:oletM-, vU: Qr .l .'v t!.- liii;li.'sl —i.ri'es the !i.w.- t. f, '.v.. al^o fiirii!:-;i any kind of 1!. 1 or.itions ;tn.'l :ill kinds of de- siijn v.iirli and ciiaranteo pcr- ;.crfei t • .:ifi..-fac!i(.u. riionc 104 Cornctalk* Used In Building. It is three hours to Cairo by train, and every Inch of the way i« interesting. Even on the outskirts of Alexandria, aays a writer In the Christian Herald, we passed nomadic groups of Redpuins. camping by the side of the 'Mahmoudieh canal. Out in the fields men and women, dressed alike In the loose cotton gown of the country, were busily at work. The flelds were dotted with curious doorless structures made of cornstalks. They are oaed as temporary homes at certain ieaaona of the year, as, for instance, when the crops are being gathered. Later on I entered one and found It to be not more than Ave feet satiare: one Aould not stand upright inside, rhe place contained nothing- butiaTew lara and evoking utenails. In tbe win tmr die oce|pa ipanta wrap themaelTM npj When You Make Your Mark Vou 1.11: iijiv .,t t;.f Hook store, .•>.. til write on. from a oc tablet ti. Cran.."s Linen l«iwn,- tlie best paper niadc in America. i;-.trvihiim 111 V. liii- with from a Ii p.-neil to a.?t; Ki.nintain Ten. Evans BroSi UOUhSTOItE. Prolccf Yoibr Horses airain^t the cold firll rains witb WOOD BLASKETSI * r .See onr Kpleqdid .•|iRei:»t tbe reajftaaftle'

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