The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 26, 1892 · Page 1
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1892
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2. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, THURSDAY, MAY 26, 1892. THE CRY OF A CYNIC. 8NEER8 STRUNG TOGETHER LIKE LINKS OF BOLOGNA SAUSAGE. An Old Timor at. the Cnpltnl Mnkos R t'uw XrlspiirHfrlne Iteniurks—Ho Shows Up iho Wcnhnrnneil nf Alleged Qreat Men. I'ertlnenl I'erMottnlltfuf) riqunntly Put. [Special Corrospondcnoc.) WAHHINOTON , May C.— The comment of a genuine cynio cm men and things at tho national capital. That would be a novelty, wouldn't it? I confess that n» a mle I do not liko cytiiciBin. Too much of it is very depressing, very tiresome. I avoid cynics, because they are uncomfortable persons to get along with, and their preaching fs so cheerless. Too frequent contact with them is likely to cauBo ono to lose faith in his fellow man, and that would be a calamity. But the other day 1 chanced to be in the company of a distinct and emphatio specimen of tho gonus cynic. He is an old timer about tho Capitol, and on this occasion was pointing out to a mutual friend of his and mino tho persons and point* of interest, with comments peculiarly his own. His remarks wore a Btring of sneers strung together like tho links of a bologna sausage, but such snappy, gossipy snoors that I am tempted to ropeut some of them, even at the riBk of offending some of my best friends. "We will stay here only a few jnin utes," began our mutual friend tho cynic, as tho strauger in town and myself sat down in the gallory overlooking tho Bcnuto chamber. "This old holo fills ine full of weariness. Lot of old codgers who have stumbled into office or bought their way in sitting around here trying to look wiso and appear statesmanlike. Yes, that 's Morton in tho chair. Does pretty well as a presiding officer now, but you should have seen him when ho first came down hero. Had to be coached by Ingalls and Edmunds, liko a school- hoy speaking his first piece on declamation day. Made HOIIIO awful breaks, too, and usod to bo afraid to call his soul his own till Edmunds and Ingalls gave him a deed to it. "Do yon know who it is that Harrison is most afraid of? Not Cleveland, not Maine, not Palmer nor Gorman nor Dob Lincoln, but Ins own son, Russell Harrison. Why is ho afraid of Rus? Thinks Uns will get into some scrapo that will be usod against him in the campaign. Rus isn't as bad a fellow as ho has boon painted, but ho is unlucky, always getting into some difficulty or other, liko Peck's bad boy. His pa lives in holy terror of him. "There's John Sherman. Groat old man. But too selfish. Won't help anybody to anything unless ho can sec whore it is going to help John Sherman to something by and by. But tor this fault ho would have beon president long ago. Shamo that u great old man liko Sherman has to go out to Ohio, whose public servant he has beon for a third of a century, and fight for re-election to tho senate. That's tho way with politics—the coldoBt blooded businoss of those modorn times. "Look at Cullom. See how ho tries to look liko Lincoln. Clover man, Cullom is, but lacks sand. Gives up and runs too quick. Conciliates his enemies and loses his friends. He's hard up for cash all tho time, and is too honest to make money in politics. 1 vonturo the prediction that in less than two years ho'll iollow the example of bis friend Edmunds and retire from the senate, and get into something at which he can make a little money. That's Allison sitting behind him. Fine looking old chap, isn 't he? He's the smoothest man in tho senate. You havo heard how Ingalls called him tho purring cat. But that 's only in private conversation. When ho makes a speech ho is a roarer —a declaimer about little tilings, a rhetoriciau over inconsequontialities. An awfully clover follow though. "That'B Halo—'Bub' Halo, we call uim—sitting noxt to Alliaou. . Ho is known to fame chiefly as Blaino's friend. I wonder what ho will do aftor Blaine dies? You BOO Fryo down in front? He is a pretty good senator, but a bettor fisherman. He would rather catch fish than bo presidont of tho United States Every spring, as Boon as tho ico iB out of the trout streams up in Maine, ho starts for the north. You couldn't hold him in Washington with a cable chain. In tho back row you see Senator Stanford. Doesn't know anything but horses. If tho senate was a breeders'convention he would bo tho principal man in it. Hus given up his absurd ambition to boa candidate for president and has come out for Harrisou. "The baldlieaded man is Cash Davis, of Minnesota, husband of the beautiful Mrs. Davis, and a brilliant man, bat 1 gueBe the laziest one in tho senate. The one with the short, blond mustache is Ed Wolcott, tho wildest boy in the senate chamber, the most independent and reckless fellow we havo had here in many years. True as steel, fearless as the devil himself and absolutely without caution or tact. Eloquent us Cicero in defense of free silver, which ho wouldn't believe in if he didn't live in a froo silver state. "That bushy headed man walking in the rear of the seats is Cal Brice. Smartest man in America. Smart in business in politics, in everything, Nice fellow to talk to, likoa his friends, helps them when thoy don't ask for too much That's Gunnou he is arm in arm with, That pair is a good one to draw to, and | if you should fill in with Steve Elkius you would have three of a kind that beats any straight flush in the deck. There are two men in the senate who are understood by nobody on the presidential question, but wo understand eaoh other mighty well. 1 mean Brice and Gorman. Thoy have fooled Hill, thoy may fool Cleveland, they are playing with Palmer, uud 1 make my guess that what they aro aiming at is the nomination of Gorman for president. <^uoor pair too. "Gorman never opens his mouth if ho can think of some excuse for keeping it shut. Gets toothache when ho doesn't want to talk. Never liad a confidential h-iond, and you eonldnt give him one with a chromo worth A million dnl- lura thrown in. Brice right tho other way. Talks all the time. Talks well. Analyzes, describes, awfully frank nnd confidential; you like him; specially honored; see him again. But when he has concluded and you think it all over you wonder what he has been driving at. Gorman mystifies people by keeping still; Brico by telling them too much. Hill is more like Brice. Talks and tells you that's confidential. You strugglo to keop it to yourself, and tho first man you moot tells you tho same thing—'Hill told me; it's confidential, you know, so don't repeat it,' Hill doesn't liko womon, but is a regular old woman himself. Scolds I IIB enemies and gossips about them. Turns up his nose like a woman telling a bit of scandal r.t a quilting party. Another awfully smart mau. "Tho old man with the drooping white mustache and red eye is Senator Harris. Marvelous man. Greatest parliamentarian in the senate. No one knows his age. Supposod to bo about ninety, but he won't tell. Guess ho has discovered tho fonntain of perpetual youth. Looks just as young now as ho did at tho close of tho war, when the government set a price on his head. Should havo been a big price, for it's a head with a heap in it. There's Morgan, of Alabama. Another wonderful man. Thinks with his tonguo. Winds up like a clock and runs 150 words to tho minute all day and till far into the night Can't think unless ho is standing on his feet talking, aud then he thinks hard. Man sitting besido him is Butler, of South Carolina. Specimen of tho find southern gentloman. Courtly, polito, generous. Has lived too high. Has gout. Dan Voorhees has gout too. Has been a big man, but his legs and his voice are failing him." In this strain our friend the cynic continued for half an hour till we reminded him that the honse of representatives was on our programme. "Oh, yes," said ho; "we'll inovo out of tho rich man's club into the hall of demagogues., Wo'll go over and see the den in which three hundred and odd slaves to thoir constituents are confined. We'll take a look at the treadmill aud see how theso poor wretches work out their two year sentences. That's Crisp in the chair. Protty bright man, but he was brighter on tho floor than lie is as speaker. Loses his temper too quickly, fires back when any ono says what he doesn't like. Doesn't use the moBt ele- gaut language in the chair, either. He's a fairer man than Tom Reed was, but not so great. Neither of them compares with CarliHlo as a presiding officer. Tom Reed has two predominating characteristics. Ono is hatred of Harrison, the other fondness for himself. "There's Holman up making a speed) for economy. Ho is a one idea man, and that idea is saving tho governmont cash. He is consistent, too, unless something is wanted for his district. Marvelous old man, Holman. Ho never forgets anything, does more work than uuy one else in the house, nevor seems to tire. Has been in congress only tliirty-four years, and expects to stay thirty-four more. "Bland, the silver champion, is another one idea man. Knows nothing but silver. Chews tobacco, spits on his hands, wears cowhide boots, buys his clothes at a secondhand store and is as honest as tho sun. The man bobbing up and interrupting another man who is making a speech? Little Joe Wheeler, who was one of tho most dashing cavalrymen the Confederacy had. Ho was called a mosquito tho other day by one of his brother ex-Confederates, O'Far- rall, of Virginia. That's because he jumps at you, hums, bites and is off. "The handsome young man smoothing his locks and looking pretty is Durborow, of Chicago, one of tho rare cases of a pretty man with good sense. Trying to get $0,000,000 out of congress for the World's fair and can't. Solemn looking old man is Mr. Warwick, of Ohio, Cbarmiug old fellow when you know him, but he hasn't done anything yet. Is known only as the mau who succeeded Mclvinloy, and is awfully tired of being simply a successor, liko some women's second husbands. That young man who looks liko tho lato Samuel Randall is Bryan, ono of the coming statesmen of this country. Smart, eloquent, honest, and knows it. Tho bearded man in the corner is ex-President Cleveland'sclosest friend in congress—John De Witt Warner. Has red hair aud is a cyclonic I talker. Grates his teeth when ho makes a speech, but says something worth listening to. Tho man going out of the hall with a milk white hat on is Bartiue, of Nevada. Silver man. Dreams of a new Jerusalem in which tho streets are paved with silver. Wears that white hat all the time because it reminds turn of Bilver. Made" the best Bilver speech heard in tho house this winter. "The young man over to the left who lookB like a collego student is Storcr, of Cincinnati. Married a rich wife, who had him elected to congress, and some day, if she keeps her health, she will have him promoted to the senate. J Bright man, with a brighter wife.' Same thing true of that man with the long beard—Busey, of Illinois. Smart politician; wife smarter than he is. He works the Democrats, she the Republicans. That 'B tho way he beat Joe Cannon and hopes to do it again. The thin faced man with the long white mustache Is O'Ferrall, of Virginia. He's a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Ordinarily ho is as gontle as a spring lamb. You feel like tying a blue ribbon around bis neck and sending him out to play with the children. Rouse him if you want to see a fighter. Senator Hill roused him in the Rockwell electiou oaso. In the dobato on that mutter other people crossed lils path and wished they hadn't. He's a lamb iu his seut but a lion on tho floor. 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No. 7 tarries through Pullman sleeper to Dodge City and through coaches to Pueblo andDenver. No. 4 carries through Pullman and tourist Bleepers, also chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago, also Pullman sleeper to St Louis. No. o carries through Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago No. 8 carries Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Kansas City and St. Joseph, Mo. QEO. T. NICHOLSON, I Q. T. & P. A., Topeka, Kan. J. W. T KDFOED Agent Santa Fe Route. Hutchinson. ' W AWBR W KIXMAN. EC X, Outfit that very properly contains a supply ol Hires' gg which adds to the enjoyment of all the fethtr dainties, and mikes a picnic a picnic indeed. A 2$ cent package makes s gallons oi this very popular beverage. [ Don't be deceived If ft dealer, for (He sake of larger profit, tell* you some other kind U *' just »* good false. No i|,iUation is aft good ss the gcuuiue H IKOS'. ) j w MAGTJIRE, M. D., Treats Eye, Eur, Nose and Throat Diseases Carefully. Office, No. 110 North Main. Residence, 608 North Main. J G. MALCOLM, Physician and Surgeon (Homoapathlc) Office lis 1st avenue east. Freeman & Haines, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTERS. APER HANGING AND DECORATING A SPECIALTY. T L. CONN, Uentlst. Parlors corner of Main and First avenue, over Reddersen's store. Also'dealers in Paints, Oils, Glass and Painters' Supplies. No. 10 Second Avenue East. MUSIC LESSON. I will receive pupils in mu sic at my residence, 405 east Sherman. Yocal music taught in classes or private lessons, M RS. A. W. I NNES, S. M. LITTLE & CIL J M WATM «f COMWII8SJ10NMJR CHANT BROOM CORN . rove * W.ll. Qralu Vo Illi—i WK SSitrHur, WnnwrJKCo., Urecerftt *' < W. A. il!e» * fe., Wiiel. * CuvrcbaiiUJI&Uoariltuik. *' ATTORNEYS. fNO. W. ROBERTS. Attorney at Law. Rooms 2, 3 and 4, Mo. .'I South Main. L ESLIE & CRAWFORD. Attorneys at Law. Successors to Swigart & Crawford. Penney Building, opposite! Court House. JjTOWARD A. HARRIMAN, Attorney at Law. Office in Hutchinson National Bank building -yfjT-M. WHITELAW, Attorney at law, Office over First National Bank. Entrance on Sherman street "yyHITESIDE & GLEASON . Attorneys at Law, Office, 1,3, 3,4, over No. S4 South Main St. fJJIAYLOR & TAYLOR, • Attorneys at Law, Office, upstairs, Masonic Temple. BEFORE The Celebrated French Cure. w Kr "APHRODITINE "r Is S OLD ON A POSITIVE GUARANTEE to onro any form of nervous dla~ case or any disorder of the generative organs^ ol either sex,* whether arising L_ from tho OXOCB- AFTER filveuBoot Stimulants, Tobacco or Opium, or through youthful indiscretion, over Indulgence, Ac., such as L»ss of Brain Power, JC&kcf ulness,Bearlngdown Patau in the book, Seminal Weakness, Hysteria, Nervous Pros- tratlon,Nooturoal&ml8s!ons,Leucorrheea.DlK- llnesa. Weak Memory, Loss of Power aud Im— potency, whloh it neglected oltcn la " mature old ago nnd insanity. Price 1. 8 boxes for $5.00. Bent by mail on i price. A WRITTEN GUARANTEE 1_ every $5.00order received, to refund t_ tf » Permanent euro is not eff eoted. We have thousands of testimonials from old and young of both sexes, who have been permanently oured by the use of A- 1 -—""- *—* tree. Mention paper. eared by the use of Aphrodltlaa. CLrculari "i. Mention paper. Address THE APHrlO MEDICINE CO. W Washington St, OHIOiQO, Tt.T. For sale by A. & A. Drug- Oo. MIDLAND HOTEL. Most contrally located hotel In / the eity. NEW MANAGEMENT ENTIRELY. 4. Patronage ol traveling men solloted. Rates, $1,00, $1.25, $1.50 a Day. a*-8END FOR CATALOGUE L COUtUNAT10H BAFfiTIBS, mib Rabbttttru, 1 Ultd UumU, Brtka ud Tool Ikf- TACVMT nKh tm rva. «-loeb,* UirU'llBOO .110 80 UtiwbtBaji'AOlrU' * 00,. .100 l £oJMb,lk>Jf > *Glrl*' 40 0".. 34 00 tttMnch, / Bell \ T& 00,- 40 00 fcviuen, Viwiopyiioua. M 40 _ SUuh (ItBU 1 •• Brtui.-^rioo BMscb Dulop pHututlo. S -laofa Tiros ._ „.1{«| m . (Ht 00 E. C. MEACHAM ARMS CO..ST. LOUIS.tta DON'T BEAWORtov NaturelnteudedyouforaMan! IfyouaredUMw •d,8hewlH/te/pyou.antl by ualug tiropermea&ZV- you cati get well and Stay well, we cute VV«w*i \ Case* or Men'* Wfwhneun and »••«*»«.' I -..-- ...... ^,- #tt , 1 Explains all{ Seat OUR HEW BOOK lafesftafirA'te Buflfelo.N.Y. iSvervUiingconfldentlal always! DON'T BE A FOOL!

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