Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 19, 1908 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1908
Page 1
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H. RAIE1RIOK Look Over There COVINA SEASON FOR HOUSE HEATERS o. P. Air-Tight Stoves, Gas Heaters, Fire-Place Grates PATRICK'S HARDWARE AR.GU i VOL 36 COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, DEC. I 9 , 1908. INO. PROFESSIONAL CARDS PR. J. C. GOODBLL OSTEOPATH Phones: Office 1/5; Res. 23 Hours 9-4 First Nat. Bank Bldg. Covina, Cal. . STEVENS AND BARRON OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS Phone 298 -Argus Block Dr. Olinda K. Stevens Tuesdays and Fridays Dr. Emma Barron Mondays and Thursdays & JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS J. D. REBD G. D. JRNNINGS 8-10 a m 10-12 m 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m 4-6 p m Offices in Reed blk., Phone. 40. Residence of Dr. Reed E. Badillo at. Phone 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on Reynolds addition, E. Badillo St. Phone 299. COVINA, CAL,. MORE APPARATUS. . J. C. BARNEY, DENTIST Over Argus Office Covina, Cal. Phone 284 p e J. CL,INE, —DENTIST— Office hours: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 Office: Bank Blk., - Covina, Cal. H. WEDGWOOD ARCHITECT AND BUILDING CONTRACTOR aeira./iK Athletic Club Active Under Direction of Physical Director Logue. Two business men's classes are to be formed Immediately by Physical Di- reckr Lottie in the Covina Christian Culture and Athletic club. This branch is to be one of the features of HIP season work. Mr. Logue says thai all the training will be done in private, and that spectators will not be admitted excepting on exhibition nights. The club has received a new spring-board this week which is being set in place, also an adjustable horizontal bar and new adjustable flying rings, covered with heavy leather. The shower baths have been installed, and are a welcome addition after the training of the evening is over. Edward Sprotte is acting in the capacity of assistant physical instructor. Mr. Sprotte has had a good deal of experience in physical work in Y. M. C. A. buildings in the east. The board of directors is making arrangements for the purchase of a' wooden gymnasium horse for (raining purposes and also paraphernalia which the club Is in need of. It is the Intention of Physical Director TjDgue to give an exhibition within a few weeks, after his classes have been thoroughly segregated, when the best teams will perform work on the apparatus in the gymnasium. No admission will be charged, and it is thought that, a collation served after j the events are over will be a good fea- Iture to Introduce. The physical director has gotten out the following program of classes, which is subject to change: COVINA CHRISTIAN CULTURE AND ATHLETIC CLUB GYMNASIUM CLASSES SCHEDULE. Juniors—Those from 11 to 1C years of age. MONDAYS and THURSDAYS. 4 to 5 o'clock p. m. Seniors— TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. 8 to 9 o'clock p. m. Business Men's Class— NDREW M; PENG S ATTORNEY-AT-L,AW Notary Public Phone 1039 Reed Block Covina, Cal. HfGH SCHOOL NEWS. Our High School band will give an o'pen air concert on Citrus avenue this afternoon. Come and hear the music. It. will bo good and there will be plenty of it. Covina needs a park and our band needs a band stand. If I he citi/ens-of Covina will furnish the; park and put a band stand In the center of it, the High School will furnish the music for weekly concerts. There is much gloom among the members of the boys' basketball team in regard to the recent victory of the girls' team over the strong San Fernando High school five. The boys' team has been defeated In every game played this year, and when the girls organized, the boys predicted defeat from the very start. But last Saturday the girls won an easy victory over San Fernando, defeating 'them by a score of 35 to 13. Hence the collection of gloom. The Grammar school eleven, reinforced by several of our best. High school players, met the High school In a desperate struggle on the gridiron Monday afternoon. It Is with much sorrow that 1 record the fact that the game ended with a score, of 20 to 5 in favor of the "babies." The Grammar school (or, more properly speaking, the High school players on the Grammar school side), "waltzed merrily through our line, leaving us unable to put up any substantial opposition. Such is Fate! But cheer up! It won't occur again. Our next debate, for the second series, will be with Pasadena High, Covina to submit the question and name the place. The debate will take place on or before January 215, JU09. More particulars later. The Christmas vacation commenced yesterday. School reopens January 4, thus allowing the students sufficient time to recuperate from the effects of Christmas festivities and New Year resolutions. ARTHUR BIXBY. ' MONEY FOB HIGH SCHOOL. County Superintendent Gives Proceeds of Bond Issue to Oovina for Now Building. County Superintendent: of Schools Ke|)|)id ha.s placed ill the disposnl of the Coviim Union High School's trustees the money ii-reiv<->! j'i\,ni the snlo of the school bonds bought by tlio slate, which includes: the entire issue of $(>;!,000 find the premium, amounting lo over $001)1). The snlo wns made some time n go, bill the money was not turned over lo the county superintendent until this week. The school lionrd mny now dr.'MV upon (his capital »t any lime, and it is expected Dial the contract for (he new high school building will be placed within it month. The court sale of the Smith estate, wln'i'h is the ground upon which the building will be erected, has also been sat.isfnctorily adjusted. Copies of the plnns nnd npccilicat ions are in the hands of sovrral cont raclors, nnd the work of figuring on the new building is being done by local men nnd men of this profession in IJOH Angeles. A full explanation id' plans will appear in next week's Argus, the Christmas Kxploita- lion number, together with n big line picture of the building. WEDNESDAYSV "and 8 to 9 o'clock p. The Gymnasium will be open from 7 to 9;30 p. m. every evening except Sunday. QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY AT, LAW Offices 325-333-33S Wilcox Building, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL. Saturday's in Covina. Office Argus Block. -* * * •* * * * * * # * * * * * #############*### # # * * * # # # * We Can Sell Your Orange Grove NOTICE. The Club will not be responsible for the loss of articles of value that may be left lying about the rooms. Persons using the gymnasium or any of the apparatus at any other time than during class instruction, do so at their own risk and are responsible to the club for any damage to the apparatus. SMOKING—Smoking is prohibited either in the rooms or in the hallway at the head of the stairs. Our branch office in I_<os Angeles, 525 So. Spring street, en- ables us to get in toucb with buyers. I<ist your property with us. Covina Realty Co. Cleaning and Pressing. I am now prepared tu do nil kinds of cleaning and pressing tit reasonable. priceH. Satisfaction guaranteed. dive rii(! a trial and be convinced. Hliop just east of corner Citrus mid Italia streets, Covina, Cal. Vuiirs fur business, CHAS. II. IIARKIH. Formerly cleaner and presfeor tm J, A. Kchunun. Phone 1020. Who'll do it? (jucjvj the number nf pieces in the jar <it candy on (Sib- play at Paiact; of Hwe.ets. Lady giu-asing the nearest number, \\i\y.i;.. I'avH-.y wurk banket fljl<-d with e!K.<en- laies and bun l;ous. (ii-nt ^"e:;•::::;» the nearest number, prize, glove box tilled with chocolates and bon Lous. MR. MOUNSEY EXPLAINS. Mr. G. A. Mouiwjy called at the Argus office on Tuesday of this week, and stated that the article appearing about him in the Los Angeles Time:!, Jin which he was the recipient of a $500 'draft from a?i Alhambra boy, who brought it to him after taking it out of j the Alhumbra posinfllce by mistake, ; was not wholly (rue, and misleading I in several instances. Air. Monnsey Raid thai. UK; boy, AJorrissr-.y, called ill his home on .Monday, and said ibat be had come from Alhambra on In.-, bicycle. Hi- staled that he bud taken the draft, from the |>osto|)lce, having boon given it by I lie authorities in charge of the ollU-e. Seeing bis mistake, he had brought it to the rightful owner. lie might have put Hie draft back In the; office, tb<- l>';y said but did not. v/ani to be mixed up in the trouble of signing llu- p:ijers i even- nary for this trans.iclion, so brought It (direct to the owner. Mr. .Mounsey Kays that he did no' present him witii twenty-five; cents n* wits slated, but gav<, the boy a The draft was I one that, he had been expecting for 'sonic lime, Air. .Mounsey staled. SURPRISED BY FRIENDS. At Hi" home of Mi.^-i I'.la iii-lie <'roii.-.c on Howard street, Thnr-*da\ evening, a shrpri-o p.-irly was held' i,, ||, ( . honor Of f'lij.'loll HlltcliiliHOIl, V.'lio was blollght to th(' h"liic by friends, who iht rudm-cd him tu tin- assembled gathering. The young man was overwhelmed fur a time, lull recovered enough tu very gracel'iilly ai-r'-pt tin- j.j-e-iejii vvhirh ha'l been j-ruvided Cur the occasion, (iamof, Were cri.juyi'd and refrcMhinentH scrvi-d. HutchiiiKun is one ut tliu (lopntar vonng INCH of the town, and i.-i employed in the \\iiiix-r \Vliita»-| gr</<-<-i-y. .Vu che.'iji, fartury in:nii- inini't: ;neat in our [ii'-s. \Ve m,ike uiir mince meat . and gaarantee it pure. W. \V. fc,. '•' i; I'l- 'llllii git", Ma.--.-l. ( ll ' i-! 'lllll 1 -, yil'.'' (iet. a Miilatile ( l.ri-im.ii gift. t.,r Hiivuin; ut A(ai|i<ui, '- i-ai.'l 1 .' ^'vr.-, ( i:ru-> aveiiiif. Nicr line uf' L'/xi's, EL MONTE DEFEATED. Basketball on the gymnasium floor of Jhe Covina Christian Culture & Athletic- a score of 28 to -83. Tho gaiin'o \vas a hummer, and had it not been that t.ho El Monte team was not familiar with the floor, tlio game would liavo botsn closer in scoro. A big crowd of Covina and El Monto people watc,hecl tlio ganu; and enthusiasm ran/high. Stcwurt mndo a great defense, playing tlio gatrio like, a fiend, nnd Fairly /it forward played well and desgiw'od the nppluuso he re- coivcd. Ttffi 101 Monto team is considered the c.hampion team of this suction. A return game will bo played, when it in expected that thn visitors will mako a blotter showing. The indoor sport was Honiething the Ml Monte men "wore not as well iiHed to us the Covina boys. HEBE YOU ARE! A big C'liristmns dinner, with all the accessories, nil the llxingn and nil Ihe fiide-liiicH, U'ill be served at the llnfi-l Vi.'iidoino on Christ man Day, ami the proprietor, J. ,1. Kit/.dernid, snys tlmt, those who want a tine dinner must. telephone their orders in to have n plrifo s'lved for l.hem. Mr. Fil/.Ocnild IIMH been phinning for this dinner for some time, and thinks Hint it. will be a. little 'better than his Thanksgiving dinner, which made nucli n. hit, nnd <|iiif.n fi little bottnr th(in iiiiyl.liing ever nerved in this 'town at n public hostelry. Tile proprietor is going to plnco the price at seventy-five cents, he siiyH, and will expect it to bo more of an advertisement of his hotel than a real money maker. It would bo n good scheme to get your dinnor of Mr. T<'it,7.- Gerfrld on ..Christmas Day, and got ao- the, proprietor, if gin's '• promptly , at 1 o'clock. COOK RANCH SOLD. D. W. MucUoiiiild, local nt|ires('iitiitivo of Kdwards & Wildey ('<>., rejiorf.s tlm Hale this weelt for l-I, K. (,'ook to Mrs. Mm ma ICelley of the. <,'ook ranch in Walnut ''enter. The property consists of twenty a'-res in I h roe- yea r -old walnuts, inlei'Mi't with alfalfa, ami includes . u one-sixth interest in a. pumping plant i of 175 inches capacity. There is a I good modern six-room house and large i barns on the properlv. The cunsidera- fioji was $ I2,lli)i|, which included the farming implements, hay presse«, etc. MM. Kelley and her son, M . II. l!erry, arrived from Kansas on Monday of thi.i week and inspected the <'ool<. property on Wi dm-srlay, closing the deal on I lie i spot with Mr. Mae|)oi>ald. TN MEMOKY OF LITTLE WALLACE 8ItvTMON T S. It '.v. p ' i wilii jii'eal Murriiv and Irarl aehe I hat u e pa rleil wild 111 i le \\' § il j lace on l-'iiday morning, hicember I'-th, in n tin- A|i ,is.--nger came aad look iiim to lie a .jewi-l in that lleavi nIv Ifuno'. We all loved the little lad. and wide was l:iy circle of fii:-:ids in f'ovina. In Man-li, I'.i'i,"/. II, e little i»/v .-ame to the home t ha! i-. no-.v I I'l de-olali-. he brought. Live to attain that | heavenly i-pheri ; live live-, a-i |.'IP- ::••. i our- of I |,e*e, for lie has told lit: "Of I .-inch is I h' i\ ingdum. ' ' ! In the earthly holm- (here is a ruin I injf -itep, a lillie vai-a/ii i-hair, a hah 1 , j voice hushed, and bereaved parents. •'lie M not dead, this child of our affect ion, lint guuc untu that H'-huol Where he tin longer ueed.4 intr )n>nr pro tect iun, Aad HiniHelf <|ut(, rule." ,J. W. Sacred Concert. Tho Presbyterian Chureli is to c.c|r>- brntn the ChriHtninn Hiuison with upecittl exerciwes upon Hnnday, Deccinbor The morning wervico is to bo enriched with two numbers by (he u;n/irl,eH<!, ntul Mr. ttobt. Whit field'of TJOH AngideH will s-ing the bcnutiful baritone Hong, "The liirlhdiiy of a King," by Neidlingcr, Tho evening service is lo be a sacred concert. The program for the diiy follows: Morning Service. Prelude—Organ Voluntary Selected Miss C'ora McKirahnn. Anthem—"Arise, Shine"..K. ('. Maker Quartette. Anthem—"NV/.nrelh " f.'onnod (,»iiarf<dle. Offertory—- Organ Voluntary. . .Se|ccled Miss f'orn McKirahnn. Oll'erlory Solo -"The liirlhday of a King" N'eidli tiger Mr. Kobl. Whillield. Evoninf, Sorvice. I'relnde Orj^an Volnalary, an im- provisa I ion, M r. A lee \\'. A nderHon. I'ray. r. Ifeciiative, " lieliold, a Viri'iti Shall < 'om-eiye; '' aria, " O, Thou That •Tclles!;" chornn, "d, Thou Thai T.-II.-M " I, )•'. Handel II. \. Widh- and t.iiiartetle. II vnm ' ' Joy lu the World "... llaadel " Hi-i^htesl and licsl of Hie Suns of I he Mm liiir/ I Indley linck tflllil-ti-t h-. ' ' .\dm-e and lie St ill " 'ionnod M rs. Steyi us. ' ' 1'i-hold a K'iii;.' " ('haiv I'. Srotl l^iiarlel le. Sermon, by the pastor. Hymn " O, I 'omc, A II ','e T'ail hfid ' ' A dent e Midden , Oll'erlory Or(.'aa Voluntai v. " lie i Shall 'l''eed His Hod; I,ike a Slop 1 herd " (" Me-Miah "....(;. f-'. Handel "fume I'ntu Him" <' ' M es-iiah '' / . . (',. !•'. Handel Mr. II. I,. M:.r-.hall. • ' Theie Were ,S|,ep lie I d-: " : \ll.erl .). Hold.'II • 'Jnai li-tt e. i Violin Sulu". ' I " Tra ii me n " Si' h u ma n !i | Sel.Ttld. i Iful,' If I''iu. • "O, Holy Night " \dani (\t'r, by W. I-'. Sndd"..j Mrs. Htevens, (i.-isi.-.t i d by Qua rl el I,-. " I n fa nt l\ ing " Neidlinger I.eroy Jila in-hard. "Songs of I'iai-ie the Angel* Hang" (iounod =2A^ *-AW6 >»W That Xmas Dinner is looked /i>r;c'<r>'(/ lo for rrrr/'S /;/ itdz'diicc by everyone. And you ii'is/i lo make, it u success. The Three Essentials ll'/'/// Top-Notch I i read, Premier I Mend Co/ec a»d W. 1C. <!'• ('n, /'r/s/rv (is a starter, von are. al~ •inosf ussun'ti of success- 77/cn, c/iix>sini>' from our superior fine of (\inned A)v//'/i\ Mcats^ etc., the, dinner ivill be one stilis/\'fni>' success. "If you can't come, phone," vfo ^ DIRECTORS OFIMCKRS C. P, Ompp H. M.,I(OIIHOI- J. H. Elliott J. 0. HoiiHer W. Jr. Jlollldiiy C. Mcnofoo A. P, Koirkhotr w, i MAUCO H, IIJ3U<MAM, Vlco PWH. J. II. KrXIOTT, VIcuVruM. W. M. OitlHWOU), Cnnlilor J, 0. I1UTCIIINHON, Amil. Ciuihlur r < \ ^ i Capital and Surplus $90,000.oo Covina VDallcy Savings Banb Covina, Cal. JMKKCTOKS OKKICKKS (J(«>. K. Aiid.irwin W. II. ll.illl-i.iy A. I'. K KltCKIlOl''!'', |'i-eiilili-iit .1. II. Klllotl II, M. fliiiiH.-!- ||, M. IIOIIMMII, Vlci! I'leiililcnl. Maicn II. 11,'llinan A. I'. KoirlilinU 1 .). C. HIITCIIINKON, CIIM|I|..|- W. M. (JKI.SWOI.I), Aunt.. Ciihhlc. Capital and Surplus $^2,000.oo *•••••••••••••••••••••••••••«••••••• •••••••••••*••<»*€ • I Hand Painting... We ;in- not i» the lunxl l)ii i )ittcss, l)iit -ice do ////•///>// Ike •iiid/eriii/ in (lie way of snow-wliiti Il;ivilaixl Cliuiii. See | Our I Window As 'ittc ;i I iili 1 (•' 111 vim-- " It Came I'pon the Mid ! A gue-:, on Isiijj/o'H ;ig<- with each li.1i: | fii^'iil C|"-ar" K. H. Williri : |nir''.ha -c at the iVuple'>.. SI ire. | l',ei;e<luM ion. I rake nearly two years old, .-',<)<• | ''"'.'''"'; '.'"">'•"" ^' l "" 1 '"^- '• ' ,..-,• ,„,„„.!. ' W W <',, - | "" ; ' 1 M'T"lv.....-ll. K. NH'l.ol,, M. I'- A ler. V, . A m!i r;-.on. ' n tity, I 1 ' I'D; a $25 a set and up Yours lor business, I' f r rh. air. 't it er.1,11 \,, i ', v ,, )„»,, j Mad:.-oii V. .-ai.dy .-.lore and (;. t a hot I turr.-tJe. Y, .-. ii-1. '-,. ( I • Home's Grocery |»ll(JtIr 1.'. •••••*•*«••••»••••••*••*••»•••»••»••»»•••••»•»•«•»••*

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