The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on February 21, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
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Monday, February 21, 1977
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Naujatuck 91st Year Number 145 Naugatuck, Conn. Established 1885 Bailu 12 Pages 15c Per Copy 90c Weekly Carrier Heavy Fighting Along Beirut Roads Postpones American,BritishConvoy __ . ,. _ .i _ .... ii iiri-ri. 'LTt,n,r>t^»r. idn rlnr,irtii>-a n( \frn1frm tpft-WLHE SlrOnEnOlQS. and MIDI)! E SCHOOL STUDENTS participated last night to Recognition or Achitvcmenl Ntffils. Thetop pholo was taken at Cily HUI Middk School as John Ults or Ihe Board of Educallati presenlcd achievement certificates lo members ol the 1975-1976 cUs S . At Hie left in Ihe photo is '"^choo Brinclpal nr Leonard Feroletlo. In the lower photo Hillside Middle School Principal Robert Jtarkovic'ls shown presenting his school's highest academic award to Debra Oliveira (center), and the Lewis A. Dibble Sr. Award lo Joyce V. Skeirik. (NEWSpholos by Ednard Newman) Today's News In Brief By United Press International HOUSTON (UPI) — Two letter bombs addressed to Exxon executives were deliv- j ( ered to Iheir homes but bolh failed lo explode when they were opened. Each of Ihe lelters contained a small battery, a blasting cap, a box of ammonia nitrate soaked in fuel oil and a device lhat was supposed to Have triggered a blast. The FBI said Friday lhe Iwo bombs were being investigated as part of a nationwide extortion plot directed against companies and executives of major businesses. WASHINGTON (UPI) - The congressional sex scandals have triggered a rush for House reform in the way it does business. Wilh Rep. Wayne Hays relinquishing his chief position of power, Ihe chairmanship of the House Adm'mislralion Com- millee, 111 members sponsored a resolution lhat would strip the committee of ils ability lo enlarge allowances, benefits, staffs and perquisites lhat congressmen gel. Aclion is likely June 28, when lhe House takes up a bill financing congressional opera- lions. WASHINGTON (UPI) - A federal court judge Friday ruled in favor of a suit brought 1'lcaic turn to Page 12 Bv MICHAEL ROSS providing the security," White "Therefore, the departure of BEIRUT, Lebanon IUPI) - House Press Secretary Ron this convoy is being postponed ' nc ' lr! ' 1 . ^'""n*o""siain Heavy fighting along the roads Nessen said. "The decision was by 24 hours until the same time with the boaies o i»o . surrounding Beirut today forced made for us.") tomorrow. This may be the lasl American °|Pl°ni=rts «> a 24-hour postponement of a Announcement of the post- convoy organized on an inter- he £ -no Unes Fridav convoy taking hundreds of ponement, coming minutes communal basis and therefore through oppo mg I nes Fndav Americans and Britons out of before the convoy's scheduled everyone is urged with the without me d ent allhougr, Lebanon departure, brought groans from ulmosl urgency to take it," the U.S. Embassj office saia me A British spokesman urged crowds of Americans assem- spokesman said. evacuees heard gunnr everyone lo be ready Sunday bled at the Riviera Hotel and Meanwhile, fighting between shelling, for what he said mighl be (he from Britons and other nation- last chance lo get out of the als at Ihe British Embassy c ity waiting for the long ride to (In Washington, President Damascus. Ford arrived al Ihe National "We have heard from lhe Securily Affairs office al Ihe escort forces thai conditions White House at 1:45 a.m. EOT along the route are such that easlern outskirts of Sidon.^O and stayed about 75 minutes. . . _. ~ ~..» - - .- ("We were told adequate security could not be assured Place, a Bnusn unuauy >-°'»v> "•":"»'"• •" f""'""" ":j'^";Lt e alons nlenlv of food along the road by the people official =n-.,i m r«l nvw a Beirut. Christians led eround and to take along piemj iuu rightists and leftists and There were 1,905 persons in Palestinian and Syrian troops the American commuml), ui- flared on Beirut's suburbans eluding foreign dependents and around Ihe countryside. when President Ford orderea Palestinians charged that departure plans organized rn- Syrian artillery overlooking the day. . Because of the J '-""« announced over who were supposed to be bullhorn. ;ui along cne rouie are suui uiai c«^u uuumuu, ui -jjwu, *« nm i,., c ,. there is insufficient security for miles south of the capital, conditions all foreign emba- jale the journey to safely take shelled two of their refugee sies have strongly urged tncir ired place" a British Embassy camps overnight. In southern nationals lo join he conyys ---• ' leirul. Christians led ground and lo lake along plenty of food .ssaults on Palestinian and and water. Avcollie Track Request Hearing Approved ?2l The more wesee of this amazing country of ours, the more we like Still surrounded wilh warm memories of our recent vacation, we were pondering the other night one of the highlights of the trip-our M *W^iS Middle School Students Graduate In Ceremonies Students at the borough's Iwo studenlforallmarkingperiodsal are Karen Borsos, Cathy Bur- _ middle schools were honored by Hillside and plans lo enter rneister, Steven Dunn Mary l/jl/.|»|o- f Sara" friends and school of- Naugaluck High School in Sep- Gallucci, Slacey Jensen, William V IKUlg ± ficials last night as awards were lember. While at Hillside she Kennedy, Donna Mambrino. SSiSSaSK ESS* 11 many artiviliK «? «^ Almost " In Orbit Ford's Shaky Lead Widens In Iowa Josephine A Maher Scholar- The Ihirdeen sludenls who Passabel, Joyce Skeirik, were the recipients of the Sonia Thompson. TlliilsideAchlevemenl Night Josephine A. Maher scholarships p]p ^ f (um The highest academic award for scholastic achievement by a student at Hillside Middle School was presented to Debra A. Oliveira lasl night during ceremonies held at the high school auditorium. Debbie is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Oliveira of 50 B , Ewis |_ ORD needed for the nomination. United Press International Carter's headquarters an- Presidenl Ford's shaky lead nounced he plans lo retain usit lo Tangier Island, Va. located some 14 miles southwest of the famous Eastern Shore town of Crisfield, Md. Tangier U a liny place-less lhan three miles long and a mile wide and standing just about seven (7) feet above sea level. But it is utterly, charming and fascinating. We arrived in Crisfield in mid-afternoon and after getting comfortably settled in our mole! (standing in a grore of magnificent pines) proceeded "downtown" lo find the pier where Ihe boat was supposed lobe docked lhal would take us over to the island. We found more lhan we bargained for. We learned that we were jus! a few days early for lhe slarl of the summer cruise season out I o Tangier, but we also learned that the mail packet boat, under the command of Capt. Rudy Thomas, made daily Iripslolhe island and thai we could go as passengers il we were al the Town Dock al 12:30 p.m. the next day. And while the mail boal was far from being as luxurious as the "Sleven Thomas," which is lhe summer season cruise boal, it was to us perhaps a lot more fun. We watched as supplies were stashed in the cargo hull below, as lhe mail truck came up and delivered its canvas bags of correspondence and packages and even a United Parcel truck which brought other packages lo be slowed below. There were stacks of produce and crates of eggs and sacks of potatoes and all sorts of things piled on the dock, and the young men of Ihe crew made short work of them, gelling them stowed in shorl order. And then we were pulling away from the dock, out into Tangier Sound (a part of the vast Chesapeake Bay) and on our way to the island. Please luni to Page 12 'onn. -'.'PI) Ally. Bernard I, Avcollie is -A Department of Environ, entitled to know whether any mental Prolec lion h«»"E ona motion was made by the State's horse track m Middle- Attorney to a Superior Court Judge to exclude him from the Grand Jury proceedings during which he was indicted for the Oct. 30, 1975 murder of his wife, Wanda. Judge Irving Levine made that ruling in court yesterday over the objection and exception of Stale's Attorney Francis McDonald Jr. In addition, Judge Levine ruled Ihe stale must reveal, if such a motion was made, (be dale of the motion, Ihe name of the judge who heard the motion, and whether a court reporter was present. The court denied four other requests made by the defendant, with objections noled by Avcollie's attorney, Gary Cohen of Seymour. These requests included a request for a copy of the motion to exclude the defendant (again if such a motion was made), and the name of a judge previously referred to by Assistant Slate's Atlor ney Joseph Hill in a prior teslimony along about lhe same subject. McDonald was given until July 15 by Ihe judge lo answer the t'lease lunl 10 Hagc 12 lown look less lhan four hours Friday, compared lo 41 hours for a similar hearing for a track in Wolcoll. The hearing drew iittie apposition for the DEP issuing permits for the proposed track. Robert B. Taylor, director of the DEP's Division of Environmental Quality, said the shortness of the hearing was "good news." Meanwhile, proponents of the Wolcott track were reported preparing to file suil to appeal a decision by lhe stale gaming commission granting a provisional license to lhe Middletown Irack. The Old Rock Road Corp. of Bridgeport, which has the license for the Wolcott Irack, asked the court lo delay a July I gaming commission hearing at which the panel is lo decide whether to revoke a provisional license for the Wolcotl Irack. Loophole In State's New Laws Park Ave. She was an honor roll By At. ROSSITER Jr. UPI Science Editor PASADENA, Calif. IUPI) — Viking 1 sped loward an orbil around Mars late loday lo begin the final phase of a billion dollar project lo search for Martian life and explore the planet's desert surface. The rendezvous ends a curving, 440-million mile jour- Deaths Robert Slrauss as Democratic ney that started last August and would first mlo a looping orbit over Ronald Reagan in the by two votes loday as a result "ciiyHiiis'C'died June 18,1976. of a close contest at the Iowa drop the Texan ,.,,.. Funeral Monday, June 21 al 10 Republican Convention. Carter ended a five-day decent a m. at lhe Alderson Funeral Hcnutijcans in six dislrid vacation al Sea Island, Ga., July 4. Home, 70 Central Ave., ™* -^ ^ al the an d scheduled lalks today (o A command memorized by Waterbury. Burial in Old Pine "" «„,.„ ...JLifon chose 10 Iwo church groups - Ihe Ihe craft's twin computers was i* hp nir-kpri InHav from Ihe Christ at Lafayette, Ind. spacecraft by 2,451 miles per Uenli n n J J<*ry Brown told reporters in tour and allow,. to fall into the Thelowa caucuses raised Washington he was curtailing orbital grasp of Mars' gravity. _,-.---, . FonTs delegate count to 1,023 his campaign for the Democrat- The plan was lo send V*ing .-Tl/rl I 1 - 107 short of nomination - ic nominalion --•• "•""'•' ANN LANDERS CHURCHES CLASSIFIED COMICS HOROSCOPE OBITUARIES PICTURE PAGE SOCIAL SPORTS TV PROGRAMS Ninety-two uncommitted dele- of California. But he said he mils high On Monday, a br ef gates have been chosen, and hadn't abandoned all hope o! engine .ring is supp<KeI to remain to be picked, being nominated. drop Viking into a lower orbit including 80 this weekend in "1 recognize the arilhmelic," lo give two cameras a chance B - - Brown said. "It is obvious lo lo photograph (he landing area me that Carter, barring some for Iwo weeks, unforeseen circumslance — Scientists started learning which I will not as yet foreclose more about Mars from Viking - seems to have the nomina- even before the rendezvous. A lion in hand." series of H pictures taken Ford canceled a Des Voincs during the past several days Iowa, Washington Stale, 4 Delaware, Texas and Colorado. n Jimmy Carter, meanwhile, H stretched his decisive margin in 10 lhe Democralic race when a 12 poll of delegates to the Texas 5 slale convention added 21 THISWEEK r SMYSTERYPHOTObworth»2toth«nrslperson »lio correctly McntHlw th« object ind Its loolton, which m»y b« «nj»htre In Naugatuck, Bwcon Fills or Prospect. The winner of last week's contest Is Shellk Lupo ol 1* Uncoln St. She Wmtlfltd a 3 na.ionaM=s This c ,n7^a w— havThad him hTsbowd tte planet's north- ^Ureo ( theo Hp . t h«« M ,rR ls dc B Mfg.Co.AllcMr,es ra u S ,be 3 national delegates to ms co inpu^i ,.„..,... , :„],-,. •„ ~,,.J***A K- m.iwtn»>i«l mvrtoKtnUwMvilnvPhotoEdllor.Naugituck S lumn. That put his delegate making his first face-to-face ern hemisphere is enveloped bj 11 total at 1,556 - 51 more lhan is please turn lo Page K plcase lunl to ?*** n nulki in seated envelopes to the Myslery Photo Edllor. Naugituck Daily News, IK Water St., Naugaluck, CI. 06110. HARTFORD, Conn Spokesmen for four supermarket chains say the stores will open Sunday, laking advantage of an apparent loophole in the stale's new laws regulating Sabbath sales. Police speculated Friday lhe complexities of Ihe law may make il praclically impossible lo enforce Ihe law uniformly and a legal challenge to it probably would be successful. Two chains. Stop 'n Slop and First National, opened lasl Sunday following Gov. Ella T. Grasso signature on a modified version of Ihe blue laws. Alter she signed the measure, attorneys (or Ihe supermarkets said a loophole in lhe law- allowed them lo open even though lawmakers said when they passed the law they only wanted small markets operating on Sunday. This week. New Britain Court of Common Pleas Judge Francis Qu'mn declared the old law — on which Ihe new one is based — unconstitutional. The decision cast doubt on the current law's validity because one of his reasons for striking down the law was thai il was vague and unenforceable. Deputy Chief State's Allorney John F. Mulcahy Jr. has advised Common Pleas Court FUNDING APPROVKI) HARTFORD. Conn. (UPI) The U.S. House of Representatives has approved granting more than SI2 million in federal funds lo Conneclicul for flood control construction and study. Most of the funds, approved Tuesday, will go to Hartford's Park River Flood Control project. It will receive 510 million for continued construction to protect Hartford. West Hartford and Ncwington from foods. It is estimated lhe project will create 400 jobs <UPII — Others funds went to a study of New Haren harbor arid a flood control project in Danbury. Wdith Clou Ay «ith a chance of showers tonight. LOV.S m lhe mid 60s lo low 70s. Mosllv cloudy v.ilh occasional rain Wtely Sunday. Highs in Lhe 10s. (By Bristol Rccordm Temperature Midnight 72; 3 a.m. TO; fi a.m. 70i 9 a.m. 12, Barometric Pressure a.m. W.9: 9 am. 29.9. LAFF - A .ijgp t=* DAY mv Joan Please turn to

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