Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 12, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1912
Page 2
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TIIK lOLA DAILY REGISTER TUESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 12,1912. ' A LnllaW. The sunbeams are kissing each other .goodnight; Hush tbe«, HI}- little one hush. The flowers arc closing their pwspers up tight; Hush thee, my little one hush. Now draw- close the shuttors across (hy blue ©yes; The loved queen of Nodland nwsits her sweet pri «c5. And fancies stand ready ih carry thi>e o'er ', The meadows that stretch In tli«< far. silent shore, liush thee, my little one hush. •i The apWen heiul uesites on mother's •warm breast; Baby is almost asleep; A wee little bird Butters homo to Its nest; Baby Is almost asleep. How gently and how fast, fail ami deep twilight shades O'er sea atx^ o*er land, o'er hill and o'er glndcs! >i How softBr the moon sheds:Its silvery beams. On slumWrland's walls and Its cities of dreams! Baby is fast, fast asleep. —Amy Churchill in Sepfpiiilier l,iu- uincott's. The Bible study clas.s of the Rv- worth I/?ague of the First Methodist • church will hold the regular monlhl> business meeting tonight in connection with the lesson study. After the business session there will be a social hour. ,^ • • —^Venetian Crochet Work now on ditfpla.v. Art ncpartment Now York Stdrfcv + + + St. Margaret's guild of the Kidsco- pal chiirch wlU meset on Thursday night at ihe home oT Mrs. E. C. Reynolds on .South street. All members arc reque'hted to be present as there Is Important business to be transacted. * + + —-Plush'Coats at big reduction. New York Stoiv. L • * * Mr. JamcR nichardson will enter- lain his class, the Loyal Daughters of the Christian church, on Thursday • evening with a six o'clock dinner. Dinner will be preceded by a short business session. + * * —.New Ideas in Punch Lmhroldery .\rt Department .New York Store." + + • Mrs. .1. II. Campbell will entertain the Young Matron's Sewing club lo- inorj-ow afternoon. + + + Mrs. V. D. Fry has as her guests this we"k. her mother. Mrs. O. E. Bingler. and her sister, Mrs. Cheney, of Independence. - * • * Uo<'t, Saturday afternoftn. sterling Guaranteed Havana Filler 5c—Six for 25c TRY THEM! BURRELL'S"""'' STOUL The RezaU SUre night at the Clinker Club rooms. TfSt* club gave several dances early in the summer at Kloclric Park hut this Is the first one of the winter season and It is hoi>ed that all members will be in attendance. —.\ttend the big Coat Sale now going on at the New York Store. * * + Mr. and Mrs. A. Marr. are in Edna. Mo., this Veek visiting their daughter. Mrs. W. R. Hdoten. + + -J- The Missionary society of the Baptist church will meet this week on Wednesday afternoon at '2:M instead of the usual day. Tliursilav. at the home of Mrs. A. Badgelyl 319 South Chestnut street Mrs. Lieurance, of Gas City will lead the lesson on the first chapter of the new book which has been taken up for study by the society. This book Is, "China's New Da.v," and is being studied by several of the local missionary societies. * • •> The Sorosis Club will have the regular meeting this week witli Mrs. Frank Riddle. The uapcrs and discus sions w411 be on various branches of cooking.' and the ctitire program prom Ises to be intercsUn? and instructive to the homoniakers wlio arc •liembcrs of the club. * • • Mrs. Frank Wood and Mrs. J. T. Price were hostesses Inst night at the card party which was given for members of the Clinker Club at the club rooms. Five Hundred was played at seven tables by Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Shields. Mr. and Mrs. J. T l'rice..Mr. and Mrs. H. M Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. R; Y. Harrison, Mr. and Mfs. Cltas. P. Scott, Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Bennett. Mn. and Mrs. Howard Wheaton, Mr. an 1 Mrs. Rex Bowhis, Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Hinde, jr., Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wiod. Miss Clara Bowlus. Miss Hazel Be wins. Miss Alice Shields. Mr. Wm. Adhtrr and Dr. F. h. B.. I.eavoll. * + • leclnning on Thuri^day afternoor at IV.IO Dr. F. E. I'rlcr, prcEident of Oti.-.wa Tniversity and Dr. «nd Mrs. Frazer of Ottawa Baptist church will conduct a Sunday school institute at the Baptist church here. Other meetings will be held on Thursday Even- sterling silver neck a<* pendant com- and Friday morning, afternoon posed of three «mc hysts. Please je- evening. Those who attended the turn to Mrs F. C. Nicholson 316 Ea6t,,,,^, baccalaureate service will, re- .Tackson and receive reward. + + * Jlr. and Mrs. H. H. Sherman, ni.n; speaker, have been spending a short vacation : member Dr. Price as a verj* pleasing PARISIAN SAGE FORWOMEN in Bartlesville, Okla., returned home | yesterday. '> <• <' i Tomorrow night at the Episcopal ' , church Hev. Mr. Carl W. Nan will M:.diiro: Bo Von want an altnndance lecture on Winchester Cathedral.! "f liis-tnins hair with no «htndruff This is the first of|ies of three • »«• germsl lectures which Mr. NauScill give and [ Before you finish one botUe of de- every one is invited to attend them. |!i!:!::tul PAKISI.^N Sage hair ivr •:• •!• •:• faMins hair wl'.l cerFc: .^^rnli) itch w;il Mrs. Vara Towers: of Pittsburc. '•<' ''"t a meii:ory and all dandruff Kansas is in the citv visiting Mrs. .7. will vanish. E. HershlierEer and other friends; P''-ldc< this your liair will be fr.-c with whom she was acquainted during M«"Oiu dandruff germs, and P.\RIS1AX her residenpf here several vpars ago.' ^''^ nourisli the Iiair roots » «i .> I that the hair itself will tiecnmc full I of Iir»> and nature".-; own radiant color. PARISIAN Sage is rot a dye—it —Millinery at big rcluctions New i York Store. * + does nr>t contain dangerous lead or • any n'hrr poisonous ingredient. For Mrs. Hermann Smur,- of Kansas L.our own ptotcction ask for PARIS- City. Mo., who ha&.b«on- visiting her , j^g^p reuqest vour dealer not mother, Ifrs. O. T,.Meyers, returned to give you any preparation ccntaining to her home yesterday. | Lend or Nitrate o fSilvcr. I-arge bottle of PARISI.XN Sngc costs but .'0 + • • The members of the Montetuma cents at dealers .\nierica over. C. B Club will have a dance tomorrow Spencer & Co., guarantees it. Sterling Silver Spoons $1.25, $1.50 and $1.75 Spoons for $1.00 Less Our November Sale Discount of 10'; ! These arejyjood weight and a new plain paltern. In this lot at $1.00 each are Hon Bon Si)oons/ Cream Ladles, Sugar Spoons, Cold MeaUForks, Baby Spoons, etc. Really it is one of the best values in Sterling Silver ever offered. Remember our 10', r discount offer on all goods purchased before-December Ist.^ IBegtlliyiklS^oiq^^ Lasting AH Week, at pric^ never before equaUed at this season of the year. A saving of from one^ rth to one-third of the regular price." You certainly can't afford to miss this great money-saving sale. REMEMBER — Not fourth just a few Coats and Suits, but every Cloth Coat and Suit in the house goes in this big sale.. Included arc the celebrated "STYLE CRAFT'an^ "VERA TA" Garments. SUITS Those Suits arc all this season's Icad- injr styles in all the most wanted materials and colorings, in all sizes from 3(5,88, . 10. :ind up to 51 size. Ahn a large assortment of Plain Serges. Vole the big rediietions: $35.00 Suits for $23.50 $-30.00 Suits for $19.75 $27.50 Suits for $18J)0 $25.00 Suits for $16.95 $22.50 Suits for $15.25 $20.00 Suits for $13.75 $17.50 Suits for $n.75 $15.00 Suits for .$10,00 $12.50 SuiUs for.. $7.98 $10.05 Suits for $6.98 COATS This is a rare opportunity—a chance to buy the season's latest styles in Coats at the beginning of the season, at a saving of onc^ fourth the regular price. You'll find them here in all the wanted weaves, in tan, grey, brown mixtures and plain serges in all sizes. Note^ the big reduction.s: $30.00 Coats for ...$22.50 S27.50 Coats for. $20.75 $25.00 Coats for $19.50 $22.50 Coats for .$17.50 $20.00 Coats for $15.00 $17.50 Coats for $13.25 $15.00 Coats for. $11.25 $12.50 Coats for $9.50 $10.00 Coats for ...$7.50 $7.50 Coats for ..$5.75 Com 3 With the Crowds Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday Our Attraction Is High Quality and Low Prices. • •'Cl.. WE PAY YOUR MILEAGE! 101 East Madison The wedding of Wm. E. ljo\t and Elizabeth E. Foralcer, both of this clt.v occurred tbis morning at the Baptist parsonage. Rev. G. W. Shepard, officiating. Both young pe9plc I have been members of the Baatist church here and are highly esteeibed by mer.;. rs of the congregation. This rciclng they loft for Kansas City for a week's visit after which they will be at home to friends in Bronson, Kansas. • * + —Blir Kednction on all .Millinery Goods; 25'v dlFcount on all Trinimert Mils at .Mrs. Pcflyi. 1"9 E. .Maili.son, lo'.a, Kans. •:• V '> Mr?. .Md'herson. mother of -Mrs. R. Dogpetl of tbis citv wont to To|>eka today for a few weeks visit with relatives there. <• •:• The WomanV Civic Club ofrJoitlln hiMies to improve the ctmditions in the s'-hoci." of that city by bringing the ie!ichers and parents of school; children together at monthly mecUnga of a sf>r*lal nature. At the first meeting Principal Blaine of the high school declared that if the teachers and parents uere better acquainted that In- esUi:'.tble Improvement in the school work would reatill. * •:• '> circle .NO. 10 of the .Methodist I.:id- ii-K" Aid H-K-ieiy m>'t ihla ufternoon wii'i .Mrs f'laude Stewart. + + + A liui IIMM of the meml'-r!) of the It.'a Mit;i -ocl'iy of the high school ar<> preparing to present a jilayeite, "T'l- Moure Trai',* at one of the ttui«;i!'pi« in the future. .XmoiiK tlie inlniatciv vtiltlug here is 1 1 Or S. S. Murphy, formerly In chnrite of the Meiliodlitt church In tola, but now rcsldInK in Baldwin and doing dual t>ervico tin a mipply nilnlatcr and as yecmiary of th« Baker Unlvorslly «'nd«)wnient fund coimnlttoc. NATIONAL.CAPITAL' m mm \mm BOOKS Nuglnil Kfbd of 1 \ Consideruble Nnmlier of Important Additions Recently Made to ioU's Coliection. Wonjan's S'atlonal .TournalV To intaintain a elcaK rpsy, youthful coniiilexion .there'is jiot^biDg. £o mlva- nle to use and yet ao'effcctlve as ordinary mcrcolized «*ax,,wCiicb you can get at any drug stbreV Juat apply the wax at night as you would, coldj cream; In the momiUg wasl ft i>ff with warm water. \If,you'v£'.never tried it you can't ima^Jlie the,i :Bagl6al effect of this harmless . home treat,-] ment. The mercolidci in tbe^x catis-' cs tlie worn-out sc^rf ekiii toi come off in ininuj;e particles; a Uttie ii'a. tljde, and soon 'you lutye eadffetr shed the offensive catlcje. ,'TOe f^ab. yoiiag w derskin now In emence la so liealtbr and girlish, looking; so.frt^ from any appearance od artiBcfauty;.yoa'%ctadei- why you liad, hot bea>^^ of.ttts inarvel- ous coiiipliex|on-reneWlnf secret'l9pg ago. •'•' " "• ' • . ' To get frd*or;y«)ti?^Wrinld4ii; Wri's'a formula tiiat iii wonderrally effeoave: 1 ox. powdered aaxtmt^ ^laMlved la ^ pt. wiicli hacol. natlu|i|i«^i|^ fiittila Iktid yoa 1 ^11 be atn ^t^^pilflMMt at Bera'a MUa Florrace 8elimMer;on« •f tha- bMuttfol and .papalai* young iadlM of the aatloiial <apitil. wearing li «r "*eomti>K out" gown of pannier-ef- |aat with the n«w toffletfaHouoceit ex- taMlng from the tm*- Sebnefder Is th« diuKhteFof Mr. an\ Mrs. T. Kni ->kllo Schnelricr. A »erto« of dancca U soon tn be given in her ^mT by ber mother. , Miss Hattie Osbom. IJbrarian. hands in the following list of new books recently added to the Carnegie . Library. ! The Dog Book—John Watson. I Poems—Ralph Waldo Emerson. Olrls and Education—LcBaron Rus- j Kcli. Briggs. ' Routine and Ideals—LcBaron Rus: sell Briggs. 1 The Gentle Reader—S. M. Crothers. The Pardoner's Wallet—S. M. Cro- i thers. . The Cncrowned King—Harold Bell Wright. My Attainment of the Pole—Frederick A. Cook. The North Pole—Robt. E. Peary. Charles Dickens—G. K. Cbesterson: IJfe of Count I.yof Tolstoi—N. H. Dole. FIrtinn. The Passdn"-on Party—Effie Gr'a- linni. The Street Calle.1 Straight —Basil ! King. The Wall of .M.n—Margaret lllll j AiiCarti-r. ! The Hollow of Her Hand—(jeorge i Barr M<-t;uti:heon. I The Wind Beforeihe Dawn—Hell H. .M linger. Romance uf Billy-Goat Hill-.Mice Hegan Rice Where Theres a Will—Mary R. RInchnrl. The Armrluiir ut the Inn—K. Hop- kinaon Mmlili. The Master of the Oaks—Cni-uiine A. Stanley. Daddy-Long-Iipga—Jean Webster. JoTeiillr. Cherry Tree Children — Mary K. Blaisdull. The Fast Mall—-Wllflam Drysjiale. Kittens and Cata—Bulalie Grover. .Miss Muffet's Chtlstnms l^rty— S. M. Crothers. » watch and comment. Manjr women were among the scornful. They did the throwing which may explain why so few wire injured. They wanted to know if their suffrage neighbors washed their dishes, and if their husbands were caring for the children et. al. Mr. Hanklns was starting a speech. A woman interrupted him with a chunk of coal, knocking bis hat and a piece-of his scalp off. He stopped and though several other addresses were scheduled they were not given. A general mixup ensued and had it not lieen for the men who separated them several women would have exchanged a few handfuls of hair. Quiet finally was reston-d and the meeting broke up. '. ' (JREAT VIOLIMST rO .>fIN«. SlioTgaard. Worid Famed, Coming to tbe Christian Ciinrrh. Did you know that one of the world's greatest vfolinists was to give a chncert at the Christian church the nipat of December 117 This great artist is none other than Skovgaard. known the world over to all music en- tlni!iia>t.<. It was after no small amount of debate-that the Christian church rhbrus deemed it advisable to bring I lie artist to lola. The advertising materinV for the concert has already arrived. Brown and Gi'ey NUBUCK BUTTON BOOTS See Window! ZEMO FOR DA.>DBUFF. DISTrRBED HI'FFR.IGE PARADE People of t'oldwafcir Differed la to WisdoB of it. Ton Will Be Sorprfsed > See How Quickly It Dtiiapi^.s. - No n*re dirty coats fifam dandruff heads. ^Jemo stops danJJruff. Apply it. any time witH tips of jflngera. So .amell, no. smear. Zemo i slAks into Uie pores, makes th^ scalp healthy, ^kes tbe hair fine, and glossy. Zemo is prepared by B. ,W". Rose Medicine Co.. 8t Louis. Hof. and Is regnUrly solil by all drok^iia at 91 per botUe. But to «iiabla yoa to make a test and prove Ttbat it vill do for you, M( « £S.(»at MI»I battle f^liy-guaranleied or. your money' baok Coldwater. Kas., Xov.' 9.— Ffve persons were hurt during a clash here Thursday night I>etween sulTraglsts and "non-sulffagisfa" "at a mass meeting celebrating the victory of "votes for women" in ICanms. ' None was seriously hurt. The Rev. A. A. Hanklns. pastor of a local church, was bruised about tbe head with a piece of coal and his wife Mrs. R«l>ecca Hankins. vice-president of ^he State Temperance association, ^as struck with x piece of dry goods box torn from a bonfire around which (he participants in the lubilee were parading when the "antls" arrived. Three members of the sulTrage aaso- ciatlon fainted during tbe niele$ bat were not hurt. Tbere.wer» aevei^jnen in tbe hnn- drer p«rSSIt 'taliti«>|^^^ the. par Th» Qftickest/Jimptmst Cough Cure Kaally H« ChMply Mate This recipe, makes a pint of onugh syrup—enough to Inst a family a lung time. You couldn't buy aa much or as good cough syrup for 92.50. Simple arit is, it gives almost instant relief and usually stops tbe most obstinate cough in £4 bourn. This is partly dm to the fact that it is slightly laxative, stimulates the appetite and nas an excellent tonic effect. It is pleasant to take—children like it. An excellent remedy, too, for whooping eongfa, croup, aora lungs, astlima, throat troubles, et& Mix one pint of granulated sngar with ^ pint of warm water, and stir for 2 nunntes, Pat onneea of Pinex (fifty cenV worth) in a pint hobOe, and add the Sugar Syrn|>. It keepa perfectly. Take a teaspooi^ every one, tvoor tiirea hours. .Pine Is one of the oldest and best known remedial- agents for the throat menAranesL Pinex is the most •aloable eoneentrated eompoimd of Norway white pine extract, and ia rick in gualacol and an the other natural healing elements. Otiier preparations will not work in this formula. The prompt maUs from this recipe have endeared it to' thousands of boose- wire» in the United States and Canada, wUeb explains why the plan has been imitatea ofbn, bat'never sneeessfnlly. - A gnaranty ef absiolnte satisfsctioB, or mip £'<lroar ^«lwHat baa iHnex. mr will ^^^^^gw i^send t« Tbo BUCK'S Hot Blast Heaters will save you money, as they consume less coal and gi\e you more heat. Wo have on our floor a complete line of Buck's Hot Blast Heaters and Buck's Round Oak Heaters Buy a Buck's—then , you are sure to have the best. L Sleeper & Son Furniture aailllndeitiikiBc^^^'^ '•—R R. ^fass. BeifcWoy. Ttx^««^ "My baby bad a daneerom atfiud^>i^ croup, and we tbon ^t we ,would ^ku^ him. But one bottle of Fol«y'8-.H(m«y ' & Tar Compound jpulledt^tnibi.tiinngli.... We would not be irfilioittit^tS ^Su = b^" Burrelly l^^^

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