Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 12, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1912
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THE REGISTER. VOLUME XVL NO. 16. •ueecMor to tl>« lola bally Begljjtw-, Mi« lota Dally Record and th« tola Dally Inda lOLA, KAS., NOV. 12, 1912—TUESDAY EVENING. Weekly Res<*ter. Ectabliahed 1867. Daily Register, Extablished 1897. EIGHT PAGES ELOPli CQOPLE CASE FILED* TOn .VY DISCHJSES A KECE5T St*AM).VL. k SHANE 18 MRS. MILLER TWO lOLAXS DKPAKTKn, LKAV- ING BETTER HALVES HEHI.Mh Mrs. Shana Sues for iHvum- ami Al ; legfs U!*|,tii«>.AIis«»nlros I)Isai>. ^red TourcthiT. , ID (llslrlct court tliis iiioiiijni; a suit for divonc \va< XiUnX by Mrs. MinU- Shano aRoiiv^i KHII K. i^llano. Tho liUiDtlff aircges almmlonment an<! lUiks for a divorce, iltlr lo lot 2 in Northruji'sKord Adrtltlnn to lola anil personal proj)<«riy worth alMiut |2itM- • Which swni**!© roieaxfl a s-tory <t( » double tmRPiiy whioh oc<-urr«'il hiT»' ahout tho si-coinl liny of tho prosvni wowh, when Mr. Shiino h'fi lola ami ,MPS. MlnnU> M ^IJcr left also. Shano {la.s b<>on onjploywl on iho .<troi>t railway .ht >rp ami Mrs. MSlI^r and hor hns- banrt have boctt runtiilnt;' a restaurant • and rofroshmcnt stand near th<> Snntn Fc Idcpof near WIKTC th<> strooi oars atop betvpen runs. It Is prosumwl that tho dlaaster xvhirh oaiiio to tho ttto families was traroahlo to tho iiro- pJntjuity which this change brought about. ' ] Mns. Shane statos in hor potItlon that she was married to Shano in rence. Kansas, in Ootober. isan, and that they lived topothcr more or less happily until Xovomhor 2. 1^12. when "he deserted her. She says that he took his clothinK and about $4.'>0 in ,inonoy which ho had saved. leaving her the sum of $1.35. He loft, she .«ays, ostensibly for Lawrence, while onj.tlic same train Mrs. Miller left for KAn- 6as City. She asserts that the' tkvo traveled only as far as CarlyJe, wh|pro lihey left the train and took the soiKh- bound train, going to Coffeyville. Har tlesville and then to Pittsburg. On the statutory grounds, therefore, and abandonment, she asks for a dirarco. • .4 rumor, the basla of Wlilch could not be found, circulated about the jctArt house that Mr. Miller would soon jrile.a suit for divorce from his wife.- iPfcging practically the same facts. Jmor ehrsboOmaAllFl'RNt sh cm sc ;TWO DAY INSTITVTE PROGRAM ^'interestini; Talks Arraniscd for tiit- Farmers' Mef-tlnipj-Herv Friday and Satt ^Anf Tills IVeok. The Kafmers" Institute which will be IwM at the Knights i>( Pythias hall in'lola next Friday and Saturday, promises for many reasons td be among the most interesting and hen- eflclal meetings of the kind ever held in thlH coufiiy. The program as tin- ally cimiploicd is as follows; 'Frlduj -Mornliitr. » a. m.—Pladng iho exhibits IM a. m.—"ExiHTieuccs \n Uraiti- age" toy II. \J. Henderson. 1^:30 a. m.—••Th<> .Silo and Silage," • by :D. A. llay. l>it<ii8sion follows. 11:16 a. m.—^'Drainaf:.- of Farm 1.4tljd8." Mr. WhoehT of ilie Sta'e Ag- ric^Uural ColJeee i - Friday .Uternoon. 1^15—Drill in JudpiiiK horK.s. 21:00—"How to Care lor the P:i>;: turb." R. O. Furneaux 2;:30v—"'Crop Rotation." l.v \v p. ' Weber. 3:0(1—"Sorao Sulij<'rts in !»oinosti<- ; Science," by Mrs. .Mary Sininioiis of : the Agricultural College. ' Women's SeHdlon. Friday V. M. 1:16-^BusIncs» .Meeting. 1:S0—"HabltB in Children: How to Promote the Good and How to Pro- vent the Bad," by Mrs. K. W. Myler. 2:00—-Food for the .'^ick " Mrs. Simmons of the College. Saturday .Horning. 10:00—Drill in judging dairy eows. J0:30—"Leguirio Plants and Their Use," J. C. Domburgh. "Some Problems of Tin:nu Farming." • 11:00—^'Economic ' Production of Livestock on the Farm." W. K. Lyons. • 11:4t>—Business meeting. _ • Saturday XUenmiiL 1:45—''Some Subjeets in l>onieslic Science," by Mrs. Simmons. 2:30—"Social Life in the County" Rev. S. M. Powell. Iiiscu.sgion. 3:00—"What Should He Taught in the Country School." Grant Uilbee. I EACH PIBEXT UA>TS CHILUKE-V DiTorced, They Plan Moving Far From Each Other. -. WANTED—A Solomon Short hours • . and good wages. Apply to Judge Oscar Foast, care of Allen County District Court Sounds queer, doe&-n°t it? liut Solomon, you remember, settled a dis))ute over possession of a child so that both cootendere dropped the subject. Jjidge Ftovkt Is being asked to decide the -^•fBtfi o ftwo slrls, agod about 10 and 12 /' i TBMV. and tie icould use a Solomon. Tlie Mcepts of the girls, James and ICaUle/Lee, were divorced some time * •SO.^mnd iasreed that the girls should . divide their time between them. Kow Xiee Im preparios to move to Canada :. wd VMrs. Lee is goiiig to Texoa and «acta: •'iffa^ the cusiody of the child* .THE^VEATHER. FORECAST FOB KA>.SAS: Fair and colder tonight: nVdnesdny fair. Data recorded at the Ix>cal Office of tho Weather Bureau: Temperature: Highest yesterday at 3 ji. m.. "0; lowest this morning at 9 .1. ni., ."(); normal for today, 44; deficiency since .lanuarj- Ist, 232 degrees. Yesterday. ' Today. 6 p. m 66 3 a .m C4 n p. m 6.^ 6 a. m 5? 12 mdt C2 3 a. m ."lO Precipitation for 24 hours ending 7 a. m. totiay, 0; c.\ccss In proclpitation since .lanuary 1st, .^.67 inches. Relative humidity 7 a. m. today. .i3 per cent: barometer reduced to sea level 2!>.62 inches. Sunrise todnj", 6:."ill a .lu.; sunset, UNITED KANSAS TO BURN 8)1 r Confnirls for l.0«« linrrils » llay at l.olliint—Will Inrron'ie Output i» ,S,mHl itnrrcls. While lolana would very much, rejoice to SCO the Coiioreto mill of.the Cnitcd KanUns Company resume operations, they will welcome the news that the company h;\s made arrange- I'unt.s to increa .xo the output ami continue the operation of their plant at Leiluut. That plant has been running, part caiiaclty, right along, tho fuel iinosliim l )i >ing u serious one there as hero . Itut it cannot bo forgotten that prosperity of the company means profit to tho stockholders who arc numerous hereabouts, and at the proper time probably 'means a resumption at Concrcto. Some time ago a contract wa.s signed with the Standard Qll Company for the delivery of 1.000 barrels of fuel oil daily at tho I^eHunt mill. The delivery i .<i to .start on December 1st and means that the company will have ample fuel for .operating through the winter. .A Coffeyville paper, coiumcnt- inig on this news, says: "This will enable the big plant at l.oHunt to operate at its full capacity of 3,000 barrels of cement dally and give j>crmancnt employment to 32.7 men. Superintendent B. K. Miller stated last night that tho Increase in the operation of the plant will mean a corresponding increase of about 100 per cent in the company's payroll." With favorable tra 'c conditions for several years, there is some ground to hope that the affairs of this important company will be restored to a status where the stocks will be desirable, but It is a long road. •lOHXSO.V FOERAL TO.HOKRO\V. Wlil Oce«r at 1« O'clock from the ^ I-nte Kesidence. ^ Tho funeral of the late G. A. Johnson, rontractor and brickmason will bo held at the residence, 204 South Kim Street, tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock. Rev. ». M. Powell, of the .Methodist Churth officiating. Burial will bo made In Highland cemetery. .Miss Annis Phillips, of Augusta. Kas., .Miss nnis Plilllips, of ugusta, Kansas arrived here last night to attend the ftinecal. flIlfORCE KIDS FROM TDBAGCQ >ew (Irdinanrr Fines Smokers $1« If riicv IM' Slreotsjind Flticf Land- jlord^ 1*2.-. If Thfy Harbor 'Enu fuller t.iie jirovlsions of a new city '•rilinance ena<-ted by the rity eoinmis- .•^i(fl"rs this at!<rnoon and which will lii-iMiii"- a law on Monday, November 2."., the existing ban <m alcohol is ox- tended to nicotine, «> far as minors are ronterni'd. Tile ()rdlnan<e imposes a penalty on any minor who smokes "cigjirettcs, cigars or tobacco in any form, on any public road, street .alley, park or oth- ••r lands used for public purposes" inside the city limits. Said penalty is $10 fine. And any owner or tenant of a liuilding who allows such minor« to smoke any form of nicotine on his prcriJi.^e.s is .'subject to a fine of $2-'>. Cntil the :iirshii )B become available here, the young hoys and men will I '.uive lo^ivr ui) the use of the weed. Other ordinances conflicting with the present <ne are repealed and It Is iuspecled the enfor<'eiuent of the present law will be attended to wiih earnest insisirfnce. ENJOINED FROM DARBERINO IMslriil Court Restrains Frank i'llt- scr from Esercisiug His I'ro. fessiun in Eismore. TOUHGHH. B. WASH iNAGE THAT IS THE REASOX SCHRA.VK OlYES FOR SHOOTING HIM. THE ASSASSIN PLEADS 6DIL1Y lUT AR«;iES HIS ACT WAS JISTI- FIABI-E AND IMTRIOTIC. The Court Ha.« Aptiolnted a Comniis' dlon to Intiuire Into His Sanity. rroreedluvH Ouardrd. rr.v tite A.'»-<'H'I.itod rie<s> Miljkaukoo, Nov. 12.—John Schrank today pleaded guilty to shooting Col. Roosevelt. The court then decided to apiipint a commiaslon to examine Schrank as to his sanity. In his plea Schrunk sought to distinguish between an asfuiult upon Roosevelt as a "menace." nnd an attack upon RooscTelt as a ottizon. Loss than one hundred and llfiy persons listeuiMl to the proceedings. Twenty <lotccilvc8 nnd half a score of deputy ahortffs walch*^ closely a'.l persons in the room not known to thorn. "I didn't mean to kill a citiasen." began Schrank in his oijening plea. "I shot Theodore Roosevelt because he was a menace to the country. He should not have a third term. It i& bad that a man should have a third term. 1 didn't want him to have It. I shot him as a warning that men must notNtry to have more than iwo terms as president. "I shot Theodore Roosevelt to kill him. I think all men trying to keep themselves In office should be killed. They become dangerous. I didn't do it because he was the candidate oT the Progressive party, either gentlemen." "Ail right." interrupted the court. He then took from the district attorney the plea for a sanity commission for the defendant and read It hastily. LORIMER CRITICALLY ILL. An Operation for Appendicitis May Become Necessary. (By ttie As.«ociated't're.-fs) Chicago, Nov. 12.—Former Senator liOrlroer today is reported critically ill. A consultation of surgeons Is being held at the Lorimer home to determine the necessity of an oper.itlon for appendicitis. SIX KILLED IN POWDER MILL The >reii Were Kej>alria? a I'aekioif Machine When Two Thonsand Founds of Dynamite Exploded. (By the Asuoolnled Press) Gary, Ind., Nov. 12.—Six men were killed by the explosion of two thousand pounds of dynamite Jn one of the packing bouses at the plant of the Aetna powder company near Gary today. The men who lost their lives were repairing a packing machine. The dynamite was loose In hundred pound lots on ])acking trays and but for this the accident would have beeu much more severe. The shock broko windows in tho town of Miller, a mile distant from tho Aetmi buildings. -FII5IIT HAS JUST BEUO," T. R. The Colonel fiires Oiif a Stalenient ^ (•lontinir Orer rnmpaiirn. ^ Sow York. .\"ov. 11—Theodore Rcose volt made a formal statement tonight bearing mion the election and the future Progressive party. In line with Iirevious expressions of Iiis own and of histolleaguos, he reiterates that the "Progressive party has come to stay," and 'so far frcm being over, tlie battle has just liegun."4^ Ho regards the party's showing in polling more than 4,000.000 votes in the fa ?t of the numerous obstacle.i; nanirtdiy in the path of a new movement, i"s "literally uniiarallelled in the history of free government." CROOKED CREAM BIYERS CAHJHT l>asi evening Judge Poust granted a temporary restraining order to prevent Frank Pittser from engaging in the business of barber at Klsmorc. The order was Issued at the request of C. U. Mooney who backed it up with a ISOo bond, pending (he final bearing of the case in district court. Pittser and his partner sold out their shop to Mooney some time ago and he agreed to restrain his desire to re-engage in the lonsorial business in Eismore. Mooney says he paid several times the value of the razors, mugs and hllr tonic, because he considered an exclusive franchise valuable. Pittser found that he was unhappy unless he could scrape his acquaintances and he opened a new- shop. The injunction precedes a suit by Mooney. Which would seem to show that there are times when the;' courta actually favor .a "cut throat! monopoly." One Was Cheating the Fanner, the Other Beating: the Creamery. Manhattan. Kas., Nov. 12—Two cream buyers in western Kansas were prosecuted 4ast week by William F. Droge .deputy dairy commiseioncr at t;ie Kansas Agricultural College, for tinkering with cream tests. Each buyer had his own system of violating the law. 'To one of those buyers a farmer brought 40 iter cent cream and received a test)or 30 per cent. Just to test. J he cream buyer the farmer brought skim milk the next time and receliy<l the same test. The other buyer'had the habit of giving a higher test than the cream would stand in order to get tne business as he received so much a pound for ail be bought For example, on the cream received from two farmers the actual amount of cream received waa 18 pounds while the amount |>ald for by the creamery company was 25.6 pounds, a shortage of about 2.> per cent. With cream at 26 cents a pound this was a loss of |1.^7 to the creamery. SE£ THE CONQUEBINa HEROINS WARSHIPS RAGIND TO TURKEY TENNESSEE AND MONTANA KN- KOITE 10 CONSTANTINOPLE, 1 \ They Will Race Across (h.- Allantic for the I'rolccllon «i American Interests in the Near East. (By the A«.»ocl.%tOf1 Pressl Philadelphia. Nov. 12.—The armored cruisers "Tennessee" and ".Montana* sailed today for Constautiiiopl- to s:t[cgiiard American int'jrests. Tin crow of the'"Montana" l>:is bet tin' blue jackets of Uw "T' unesseo" two thousand dollars that the ".Monraiia" will .irrlve at Gibraltar twelve hours ahead of the "Tennessee." The warships sailed under sealed ord<-rs. Admiral Kniglit on the "T'-nties- sce' on arrival in the Fast, will lake command of nil American warships in Turkish waters. The crui.ers ar^.expected to reach CoiistantinopJe rXovcmber 30. • ( iPi'Ei: IS i:i.KrTi:i>: •:• H<U>(<ES Wn.l. ( (INTE.ST T«iiel.a."has- 12.- Ir•> Ihur Capper is cicclcd (ioiern- or of kan-^as on llu- fan- <ii the <• rt'ported roniplele oliictal re. •:• turns Ibis aJli-rneon, Jlis ma• jorlly (ner ilodues is ''-it the •> vl<>>e>t rare i<>r a state i.fVice •:• in (he history of Kansas. .Mr. •:• llodses does not admit his de• feat, but slill claims a luajority of .VI, and will contest. J FIERCE FIGHTING CONTINUES 'ftl.OODV BATTLES ARE BEING ' FOKiHT AROl ND ADRIANOPLEi SPANISH PBEMIER ASSASSINAIED KILLED IN.STANTLT AS HE WAS ABOl T Ti> ENTER CABINET. .Meanwhile Ihe EurofM'an Chancelleries are I'nalile to Come to an Agreement In the Matter. •:•! • i •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •> •:* •:• • • •> i HONORING THE REREL DEAD WOMAN SHOT AT ROSEIIAI.K. Fatally Woiimled While Whecliiii.'Tlcr Baby Mnne the Street. Kansas City, Nov VZ Mrs Flon n'- IlarlK-r, who was s!;o' last niujt. wlij'-- wheeling her Imby alon;.?-tl:'- .••tr-i-? near her home in Ifos-ilale, r.inno; r'-- cover, the )ihysi','i:ins said I'wla;.. Tho police ;intj iiHiniy officers Inve institute<I ii t!ior(ni;;ii M;in!i fiti- r.i<- aj^allant who is belii v.'J to he a l.i;r;;- lar who shoi^lir-r fur iiroiection ali- r she had se^n iiiiii l>-;!\iii!; a lioiue in- had robbed. The Corner Stone ui a (.'real .Monument lo the Cinii'tderate IM-ad Laid in .Irlinirlou Today. ii:.v III" i.ii. .1> Wa^liini;!' n. .\'ov. 12.—Tlie laying of 'in; rnrner !<ton<' rf the jrreat monii- mi ni in .\i;iT.;;on national cemetery to llie ii! or confe'leraiy was the I'rincipp.l toiiuy in .opiming the annu :il i ..fn''niiou of thi* I'nited 'iaMi;l:te;- .if tlie Confi'der.K y, TIioiis- :i<.<U of wieiien. a>--e !Mlileit lo )>ay tri- >.e.le III 1 .;e uieiir ,y of t 'i !4. ni' II who fii,r.,;it for i:,!- !iiu!!i ..•iirroundfd the c;. neiiiir' to «!!ni-.- l!;e ( ciiiin;., (•'.ii;uii"t Ii> ("olon'l Hi!;!;'v .\ llrrl'T;. lm'ii<T rTciary of 'h'' .\a\\ Will::. Ill .1 t!;>aii "A 'as or.'i- Uir ii>. (I" i);!v. T .M- iiioniini'-ar i> 1 ••(•npy til- lentei- o; ;ri.- <i>KI>'<l<'!-:ite ^i-etSiu of !!:<• Nalinliril ft'liie'''r> will-: <• t >vri :"in <Ii ''rt audfixry IIK ii n lio (lii'l in 111.' .-iMiDii'rn i:iiis"', ;ir<' liiiried riU- th.- As.»;ii.-.l I'l-ss) London, -Nov. 12.—The deadlock in tho internafiona! |K)liticaI situation over tho Balkan war continues. Xoith or AustriarHungary nor Servia has yielded the essential point in regard to the future of Albania. The Russian iircss is daily intensifying the war- lik.^ tones of its support of the Serv- I ian cause. I Some of the European chancelleries ' took a more optimistic view of the sit 1 nation today, nssiiming that yester- . day's ecnf"rences between the Aus- I flan and Seivian statesmen .it Buda' pest have tended to relieve the crisis. • It \s believed that Germany has in' duc.d Austrlitifungary not to press her objections to Servia's claims until the end of tho campaign. Germany pointed out that the whole question ran then be settled by a European <-onference In whieh the Balkans will have a voi<rc. Bulgaria is not likely to accede to an armstic" until the conclusion of il.-e fi'Tce battle along the line.s of T<:halnlja now being fought. Around .\drianniil.- the Bnlgars are going "fliroii^h soni-^ of the harde.<t> (ichting of the campaign. PORTRAIT OF THE .MAN WHO TBI E» fu hli.L <<»l. BDOSEYELT. I' CoBfcttiied FoIsoBcr Coadnr. Los iUigeles. Nov. 12.—Mrs. Pansy Hastings Leah, who (confessed that she poisoned two women in MhMourl, wiU atart for Sedalia. Mo., tomorrow in (Mmpany/wltli Sherltr UenderMO, flt PMti» l»|UltriS^^;:,:;.<i^--^ - ' Massacre Danirers Less. London. Nov. 12.—The dancer of a m;is.«acre and looting in Conalanti- nople a-jipears to have abated. None of the correspondents of the I.ondon pap.-rs ineniion it this, morning. It is po.ssiblc that rjie epirteinir of cliolera is now causing greater fear, .•ilthough if the army is driven into III.- capiral no one can forsee what th'- disorganiz'-d soldierly may atlemiif. The Daily News" says ihere s"-ems to be :• (|nart«r of a million people dy iiig fr<iiii sh'''»r siarvation outside the cily wails. wh:<-h soon will be surrounded by a i»-stilencf stricken, famished liorde. Kvcn now the pco- pli' are Jighii'ie with .soldiers for handfnls of grain. Kv.-ry effort is h'-ing made !o transport ihe refugees to Anatolia, wliieh only means averring a ghastly caiastroplf. Descriptions of Tehatalja differ radically. The for-respoiideni of the Daily .N'evs says the inxips sent there are r.MolP'nt. Every yaril of the de- fens«'S havi. iwen mined and, protected by barbed wire. German officers, hnwr-ver. re[>ort . hat the troops are oKsert ing hecausve of hunser and that men are dying of starvation in the trenches. Rumors are current today that the Bulgarians have captured the Tehata­ lja forts. The Bulgarian column is- ^::ud to liave reached the sea of Marmora. ASSASSIN GOMMIHED SUICIDE VNOTHER ADDED TO THE LOXfJ LIST t»F POLITICAL CRIMES. Nothinc- Apparently Is Knetra of tho Man nbo Did Ihe Deed,''<Rut That he was an AnarchW. <l{\ t}tf Axsnrhltl-i} lYes.'O Madrid. Spain, Nov. 12—Tho Span- isii I'reniier, Jose Canalejas, was assassinated today. The assassin was captiir*>d. He gave the name of Manuel Pardinas Sorato ^lartln. .Martin fired four shots at the premier as he was entering the ministry of Ihe interior to atiend a cabinet mooting.. Two shots..""trni-k him behind ilif> right ear and the statesman fell dead. The a.s.siiilant i.^ twenty-eight years old and is believed to be an anarcj»»r. Soon after his arrest the assassin coinmKted suicide. Tiio event has created a profound sensation, not only throughout Spain, but in every capital In Europe, where Canalejas was recognized as one of.': the foremost statesmen of (he time. WasbfngtonN Eiplanafion. Washington. Nov. 12.—It Is believed i.iat the assasslnatioii of the Spanish Premier may have been connected wi'h the proposed anti-strike bill being discussed in the i Spanish Cortes. The a.ssassin it is said, may have been a fanatical member jof the Socialist party jwho opposed the measure. Th** bill, introduced as a resuU of the recent railroad strike In Spain, provided that no strike wonld be permitted •ahich mic'rt tend to be revolntlonary in cIi; Meter or might be looked on a;* irourious to the nation. : J ANOTHER CHAMOERLAIN CASE Ohio Men on Trial fdr Stripping and -Tarrinif" a Defe^selettH Girl— Everybody Inteit«sted. (Tiy the Asiocialed Pr»^) Norwalk. O.. Nov. 12.—A large pro- jwrtion of the population of West Clarksfield. came here tod:jy to^the trial of six men charged with "tarring" Minnie La Valley, a nineteen year old girl August 30th. The specific offense charged was "riotious conspiracy." Forty witnesses were in .court vhen Judge Oarver took the'- bench. Minnie n&Vallcy claimed that' six. men hauled her behind a buildirg lu West Clarksfield and after stripping her poured red paint over her. .Minnie I-aValley on the stand said that on the night In question she was on her way' home from the depot; when in the center of the village she was seized by several men. . They hurrle«l her hack of a store building and after partly stripping her.i stood her on head and poured paint over her. She said she ran home when,!. si,e said that Ernest Welsh was the first to grab her and that Harlow W< Ish rubbed th»> paint on. ROSENTHAL CASE GOES FAST Within an Ilonr Four WUne-sses Have Been Examined and the Opening Address Had Been -Made. , ii:>- th" As«n^lat -"1 Prw^) New York, .Nov. 12.—Within an.hour after 'he opening of the trial of the four men eharcod with the Rosenthal miirdfr today. Assistant District Attorney -Moss had -completed his ad- dres.< to •ill'' jury and four witnesces had taken the stand. Dr. Schultze, the coroner'.*; physician who perfonn- eii the iuiiopsy, produeed the b'lllets whii -h !:e 'nad taken from Rosenthal's brain. The defendants were in var- iou.s moods "Dago Frank" was grin- nintr. "Wh ;:i -y" I^wis was restless and belitor.nt,, while "Lefty -l^uie" and "Gpy the Blood" leaned back in their chairs. looked around and ap- p.aro<l sfolidly Indifferent. OKLAHOMA BA.NK LOOTED. Bandit., Blow Safe and tiet Away With •i:m Dollars^ •I'O BE NO SPECIAL SESSION. Hcmbers of Last Illinois Legislature Can't Elect Lorimer Successor. Sprlngfi. !J. 111. .Vov. II.—There will be no sfeciai .session of the Illinois legisilature for the purpose of ai>- (wriouing -the state and electing a Cnited States Senator to fill the v-a- jCancy caii-=ed by the removal of William Lorimer. This was made certain poulght when Governor Deaaen issued k sUtement in which be declared that jactiag upon an opinion given himtby ''he attorney general, in which it was i^«Hi>%lt fbA. vemhers «( last fB.v the AiwoctatMl Pre»!«» Bartlesvillo. Okla.. .Vov. 12.—Five bandits dynamited the Bank of Ochelata. Oklahoma, this morning, got $2-'.<'0 and escaped. The robbers cut all the telephone and telegraph wires leading into the town before they attacked the bank. I A posse is in pursuit. ' General Derof in Dead. iHy ttie A.<>sociated Fr«ss) Kansas City. Nov. 12.—Brevet Brig.. Gen. Hiram F. Devol, a veteran, of the Civil War died today of pneoiaionia. aged &1. General Devol was ant)bio pioneer and in youth operated a flat boat on the MisaissippL I 'scd Mail* to De^a^ .Ky the AamicUtmt gr«mt \ • ; Kansas City, NOT^ 11.-^1., A. T«wt the

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