Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 12, 1908 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 12, 1908
Page 6
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Covina Argus Exploitation Number BRING THEM HERE TO SEE! Thousands arc coming to California this year. Thousands more than ever before. The world is looking 1 toward California. You know this is a tact—you can see indications of it in every periodical, every newspaper that catches your eye. The capital of the Kast is only waiting- for the presidental election to settle conditions, when it will pour into our country as never before in history. TO WHAT LOCALITY WILL IT COME? It will come to our locality to a liberal extent if we advertise the undoubted excellence of the Upper San Gabriel Valley. We want eastern homeseekers to be aware of what.we've got here before they take the train for the Land of the Golden Afternoon. When they arrive in Los Angeles we want, them to already have made up their minds to COME AND SKK COVINA. We want them to see the towns of Covina, Irwimlale, Walnut Center, Charier Oak, I'uente, Axusa and Glendora and that is all which is necessary. A VISITOR FOR A DAY IS PERHAPS A CITIZEN FOR LIFE. Then let's get together for the Covina Argus Exploitation Number. Make it profuse with new illustrations, honest in its reading matter, wide in its scope, a big paper exploiting a beautiful country. Have an a/ticlc about your ranch or business in this paper. Get into communication with the Argus right awav. Covina Argus Exploitation Number A MENTAL FRENZY. - Some of .the Things a Man Saw In Delirium Tremens. Chnrlos Ttoinan Klvcn a rword of his own (ixiK'rh'iiet'H us a victim of dulir- lum troiiieiiH. It In a iviiuirkiililu jisy- olioloKlcul document. eontpiirltiK favorably In Interust. and as a iilcci; of writ- lug with Do Qiilnccy'H "ConfeHMlons of nn Opium JOalnr." Following Is a lirlff •vxlrncl. which fjlvoH Home miKK<'ntl<»nu fit \.\w tliliiKH Ihe palh-nl MIIW: "t'p to thin ]>i)lnl the Kooli>Kli-til visitations luul hi'i-ii Inlcrnillti-nl. Pur Jut? Ihe next few days, however, I Haw all Hint I could sl'ind. I Haw such |ire lilslorU; creal tires as oxlsl. nowhere ex fept In museums. I saw ruts us they marched past my door nr Hew throiiKh my windows or Honied In my lisli. iilcpliii ills siriide In and mil \vllh linn- licrlii'-c sti']>* nnd swii.vlnK trunks. A', times they sealed themselves unit timnlrd mi- with their I liniiderniis hol- IUUM or llieir e.-ir s[illl I In;.; ser.-eehes. They Ihiuilled I lielr Sllollls hl:J,!l In the air and ^ulV.iwed. Monkeys jiinipetl from liuili In Ih'ili In I lie I ivo-i mi l.-'.i.le my r ''Pin, Snakes of nil I'olurs, n| nil d ••-icript ii ins, reptiles \\iill l.inl.'e-il |e lU',ur<'< ii'i'un their hin'U^ ;md v. '.Ih e> es •nf s:i|i|i'ihv or riiliy or of mill; \\hiie inarlil-.-, u ri .'v.leil upon I lie lloor "f Sunoet Cuts Rate. Com nuiiu'l tig December 18th, the Pacific Telephone St. Telegraph Cum- pany will iimtitutu u price of fifteen cenlH for throe rniiiiilo long distance oonvernation by telephone irintead of the proHonl, rate of twenty-five oentH. Fivo cont.8 will hu clmrRod for every additional niiniilo of oimvermition or for every fraction of a minute. The HuiiHet telephone is installed at tho Hold Vuudoims whoro connections will Iio made at any time during tho day <ir night. ,). ,}. Kil.y.Cierahl, Proprietor Hotel Vcndmno. Don't be ck-ceivcd by imitations of De-Witt's Carboli/ed Witch . Hazel Salvo. When yon ask for Dt-Witt's be MHO you f>ut it. The name is stamoed on every box. There is just one original. It is '.-specially j.',ocid for piles. We sell and recommend them. Sold 1'V r. K. (Mapp. s\,A.\lKli Sncci-NS Maoaj-aue re- i|iiins I he services of a man inl'nvina In Ini U alter expiring subsoript ions i ml In secure new business by means d' special methods unusually ellective; ii'Minm pi'i'nri nen (; preler i-no with •xpericnre but xv.nild consider any ipplicant \vitli «oi,(l natural qualiticat- s.ilai v ^l.."l* per I'.nv, with i'oin- on option. Address, \\illi refer- i'ii> ualrr iii my lnl>. They s\\nin jii'miiiil ;iiul ni'iiniiil me, .si|iiii-iiiin<; nn- Oer me, with their tongues dnriliiK In nnd oiu with I'eroel.nis activity, til-'i'i-s er.uieil llieir tuvUs urniUKl the dm r\\.i.> \\ nr through the windows, j chiel.e:::i roosted n\er my head and ' e;i> Kli d. d ;; i and wolve i ran aruund ! the rno:ii Ivii'Mii'i iii'il snapping, pi '.•'eons ilew l'i'"i!i i lie curlier In another and eiiued.. I.Ions 1 heard roaring, nnd alters 1 saw \sliile they upeneil their mouths, li!;e hilxe cats, in silent, an^ry disai'i'i-m al, lleKin^ their w liiskers and \\eiiiiiK their paws softly nnd tlaliilily llii-> and far m»re. "1 s,i w crocedili'S in droves. Fat, M-iily, j4!i.;teiiinu he.IMS they were, >s iih froi h.s, roainiin; ja\\-s, lonu, s\\ei-p- i;i:.c mils, croiieliin^ upon or creeping aloie^ the ft ml of my Ir.nliUili or my iieil nnd Ki'lndin^ llieir yellow leeih in 'ijlnl loiioii>. an^ei' as llie.v couu'iiipliiled me, their prey. 1 saw the rieUinu;, slippery hoily of a crocodile slide into the water of my tnh. Then as 1 shrank in lirenl liless horror lo escape 1 saw his greedy til my e\ i-j> arise to Kile SUI'f.ire. uilll h'.S cold, folll chill t'.lnsli \\iili mine. His Icy lieaU touch vd iin i-heeK. The hot vapor from Ids IniiKi seared my llesli. I inriieil as j '•old as !<<• n'.al ireinl.lrd like a leaf MI a olorm.'' American Ma^a/.ine. A Quick Switch. .lack (>tiidyin- ^eo^rnphvi l-'atlu-r, what Is a strait? l-'alln-r (rcadintJ lil« paper) l-'l\e cards of a -that is. a narrow strip of \sater couni'.-iiug two larger bodies Uarper'a Wueki/. K'. ('. I'eacocU, Kcioiu SliC- •s.-, Ma^a/iiu New York. COUCH AND CURE THE LUNGS WITH Dr. King's New Discovery cno /BOUGHS pmc^ illn ^^OLDS TrUI°Botlle 1 Free AND ALL THROAT AND LUNQTROUBLE8. QUABANTEEO SATISFAOTO»V OB MONEY FOR SALE Five room house and barn, lot 5Cxl75, fenced, close to Citrus avenue and electric road. $1800. Lot 50x175 adjoining above, full bearing Washington navels. $850. . Four room modern house, two porches, bath, cellar, electric lights, large lot 60x175. 1C. College St. $2500. Five room house and large lot 60x175, in center of town. Q. W. MARSH Practical CARRIAGE AND AUTO I fainter fvaro-e lots, u()xl75, full bearing navels. $f>2.T. T,ar»;c corner lot ( i5.xl7o. solid to full bcariii"; navels, cltitsc to Klectric mad. S15tm. llusiness lot on Cilrtis avi-nue, 55x135 with enclosed yards and sheds, 5.5xsu, haulino- way uii either side. The litu-st site in town tor any wholesale business. Close to electric, road. Price ^(>t)tit). (iood terms can I.e. had on all the pr. perties. J. H. MATTHEWS REAL ESTATE Sole District Agent Citrus Avenue Covina, Ca!. Shop opposite Postoffice COVINA Jshnssn & Migg BLACKSMITHS Blacksmithing sf oil Kinds ng Shop on Citrus Ave J. W. Proprietor of the COVINA LIVERY STABLES Home Phone 30. Covina, Cal. 7 W S Howell & Howell BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome £ I s I KHKSH 1'^ DAY AT a > bv 1 POMONA STEAM LAUNDRY If you want the MKST YVOKK at the MOST REASONABLE I'KH'KS «ivo us a trial. TNVKNTY YKAKS' experience has taught u-s tlu- t HKAi'KST aim HKST way to-lo your laiuulry. With cipiipinent t.ur work and our.'.incthods aie aunitur 1 , ami ii|j-to-ilatL'. Leave Bundles at McLeod's Restaurant I.OKBKKK BROS Cake and Confectionery : through valley daily. GAS The Safe and Reliable Fuel Plan to Visit YOSEMITE VALLEY This Season It is a Quick, Comfortable Trip Via OSEMITE VALLEY RAILROAD An ideal outiti"; in the Sierras amid the o;randcurs of Yosemite. Cost reduced to popular prices. Ample hotel and boarding-camp accotnodations. Write for descriptive folder. For tickets and connections see SOUTHERN PACIFIC or SANTA FE or address H. H. Vincent, General Agent, 533,So. Spring Street LOS ANGELES, CAL

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