Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 12, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 12, 1908
Page 5
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f local Events, V>=-—--- - <V--i2«sr\ ----- - ---••- •-•---• Everybody \a invited to "Tho County Chairman." Charles H. Morris for Implements. Tel. Azusa 4. tf Mrs. Will Griffiths is tho jriidst of Mrs. W. II. Mead of Lop Angeles. The annual Senior piny ia to be given Dec. 18. The big Implement Store. C. H. Morris. Tel. AxiiEti 4. tf Mr. and Mrs. Win. Platt of Pince- ton luive nrrivpr] to visit tho mother of the former, Mrs. A. P. Lnrkin.s. The Ladies' Aid of the Christian Church mot on Wednesday afternoon in the church parlors. There will,be no meeting of tho Woman's Guild of Holy Trinity Church until after the holidays. Mrs. C. B. Cnsey is visiting relatives in the northern ptirt ot the state. Mrs. D. E. Huff was the guest, of friends in Los Angeles during part of the week. What coffee makes you want n second cup? Warner, Whitsel & Co.'s Premier Blend Coffee. Mrs. F. J. Clino was the guest on Wednesday and Thursday of her mother, Mrs. Kosenthal, of Los Angeles. Little Ella Rooks of Cottage Drive, who bus been ill with pneumonia, is up and outdoors again. Miss Rose Hepner is attending the Bible School and missionary meeting held at Lordsburg College this week. Kev. and Mrs. Jacob Witmore of Raisin 'spent Thursday'in Covina calling on old friends. Miss Myrtle Hoff of Lordsburg was a mid-week guest at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Brandt, The communion service held nt the Church of tho Brethren on last Saturday evening was largely attended. Mr. aud Mrs J. S. Kuns of Los Angeles were dinner guests at tho home ot Mrs. Minerva Hcpner on last; Sunday. Roy Seiple of Reedley is visiting bis cousin, Miss Emma Overboltzer. He will probably spend the winter in CJovina. J Mr. and Mrs. Henry Knight of Los Angeles made an auto trip to Covina last Sunday and called on relatives here. Ralph Goodwin of Center street, who has been suffering from a severe case of pneumonia, is now on tho way to recovery. Mr. and Mrw. J. M. Whitsel and daughters drove to Sierra Madre last Sunday aud spent tho day with friends there. Girls! leap year is very over. K you haven't asked yet, bring him to "The nearly "him" County Don't forget "The County man, " on DPC. 18. Fnrni'sberl mom to Kent 1 at 1'2J West College street, Covinn. "The County Chairman" is coming off soon. Tickets at Clapp\«. (Set your tickets early nt Clnpp's for "The County Chairman." Implements nt city prices. C. II. Morris. Tel. Aznsa •).. tf Tickets for "The County Chairman" on sale at Clnpp's. 3fic and 50c. What's best when you entertain? Warner, Whitscd ,t Co.'s Premier Blond Coffee. It is not too late to get some swell photos taken at C. W. Tucker's studio for Christmas. Kodaks, any style and size sold here for Christinas. Twice the entertainment, music, and plccsure with an A M I3EROL attachment on your EdiHon. Plays four minute records instead of two. Clapp's Drug Store. \Ve wish to thank our friends for kindness and sympathy in our bereavement. M. A. Hoyt, Mrs. B. M. Given, Mrs Frank Scott. Mrs. M. Shclton is expected home on Sunday from the California hospital, where sho safely underwent a dangerous operation aud has made a splendid recovery. Boys! if you don't know how to ask her mother for her, come and loam how at "Tbo County Chnir- man," at Wouutus Club House Dec. 18. The family of D. M. Sutherland, the tailor who recently purchased the business of J. A. Schumni in Covinn, has moved to Mr. Sutherland's ranch on Cienega avenue from their former homo in Los Angeles. The, Christian F.nrlcavorerH of the Christian Church arc arranging for an entertainment to be given on Wednesday evening, December ( IO. It will be under the direction of Mrs. Gil more, instructor in physical culture in the Covinn public schools. Mr. aud Mrs. II. G. Heath entertained with an excellently appointed four-course dinner on Sunday last, the giinsf.H lining Messrs, and Mines. Cahouu and Wilks and Miss Creigh- tou, all of Pomona.' The teachers and .scholars of the public schools are prpearing some very good programs for the Christmas season. Parents should make an effort to attend and by so doing give pleasure aud encouragement to both. Tho Foreign Missionary Society of the M. E. Church held a large and enthusiastic meeting at tbo home o Mrs. J. Moxley on E. San Bernard i no road. An able program was conducted aud refreshments were served. Mr. li. R. Crablree and family of San Diego have removed to Covina aud arc occupying the Shoemaker residence Mr. Crabtree has accepted a position with the Kellar-Thoniason OUR AOBITS: Warner, WfiiUel & (o. Home's Grocery Pomona Sanitary Laundry ^FQR_ ^^TlErfr- For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found 'Miscellaneous. Comfortably fnrnish(-d room for out. Mrs. Marllui llibsoh. Furnished rooms for rent. Apply o Mrs. Martha llihseh, Cottage Drive. tf One of life's happy Unit*. To come lit)me to a cup of Warner, Whitsel it Co.'s Premier Hlnnrl Coffee. For Rent—H rooms, singly or en- suite. Furnished or unfurnished. Dr. Dates. Live to a good old age, live laugh and bo happy. Use TOP-NOTCH Dread, OYSTERS - From this time on we will carry fresh oysters in bulk at 20o a do/en. Cronshaw'a Grocery. "Sageno" Hair Food aud "Sagp.nn" Pile Salvo arc homo products, made in Covina. (Jot, thorn at. Nanh's. GOc. Rooms to rent for li«ht, housekeeping - Apply t-i Mrs. Allison, West Dexter St. t; f Oysters all the time nt Cronshaw's Grocery. Fresh and lino, 'JUr: a dozen. tf A right choice is half Ihn dinner. Make it, Warner, Whitsel & Co.'s pastry. Place your spare cash in t.he Covina Valley Savings Bank, a sal'is investment at, 4 per cent. A 1 Walnuts for Hale. Any quantity. BRIMBLti RANCH, St. South from end of our lino. tf For Sale—Oak and sycamoro stove wood, 88 aud 810 per cord. J. C. Clutterbnck. \ tl! firm. Chairman," on Dec. 18, and ask him on tho way home. Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Hammond and family of Iowa, who have bought tho Bnller ranch on Cienegu avenue, expect to move there later, and are temporarily located mi Center street. Tho ideal Christmas spirit. To make many hapny, to nplili., edncale. and entertain them. Then isn't the EDISON an 'ideal ('hrielums gift? Clapp'N Drug Store. Tho Palace of Sweets has <in unusually line line of Christmas boxed and ChristiuiiH goods this year. Proprietor Evans IIIIH made, an attempt to f.lpB'-e Covina trade, and the result is a splendid line of holiday goods. It would l;e well to make him a call. Mines. J. S. Trapp and Cha:-. Runch, mother and sister of Mrs. Will Wyeth, who came from eastern points to visit Covina an r l other California relativeu, two mouths ago, left this week for their eastern homes. IJeiween sixty and seventy young people gathered in the Club Jinnee on Wednesday e\ening to join the dancing class to be conducted every \ve<-k under the instruction of Mrs. S. S. Ascbenbreiiner. The gatbering of so many young folks in this informal manner, toy-.ther with t lie instruction Mrs. II. D. Blanchard and little son of Pomona have been the guests Mexico looking at. Homo tracts being developed H'tn, PioF Doesn't it make yon hungry? Just that, one word P-J-E. Warner, Whitscl & Co. '« pie. On account of ill health, will set my orange ranch at n reduced llguru. Crop goes with place if taken soon S. R. Head ley. tf For Sale— -OrnuKO wood. 811.00 n cord on ground and 812, r>0 deliver or]. R. An.lerson. A/uga phom 4237. Lost — Lady's Elgin on Doc. 10, in Covina. gold watch Finder re street of relatives in Covina foi two weeks, Mr. Dlaiichurd having been on a ten days' trip ti of the new there. Mrs. (Jeo. As'chiMilirenncr entertained on last Wednesday evening in honor of her husband's birthday. (JiH-'stH including litte.en of the immediate relative'), were present and a delightful evening '-'.us spent in music ami conversation. Kefre.HlnnenlH of cocoa and cako were served. Mrs. W.ll. Ovei holt/cr, assisted by An- turn to J. Trout, '223 Puenle Itp LOST— A bunch of keys, bntwooi Orange avenue and San nornardiiii road, Friday., Deo. 10. Finder ple»H leave; at Argun olllce, H Mario to eat. Wnrnor, \VhiU:o Co.'H paltry. Von take I he cake every time you notice one in Warner Whitsol & Co.'s pastry department. For Sale Fine combination bay rnare, weight. HfiO pounds. Very stylish under sinl/llo; a good drnei. Call (yovina Jlome .Phone 'J2l)i!. ('run CIIHll. with JEROME REYNOLDS REAL ESTATE Orange Groves, City Property Walnut and Alfalfa Ranches CAM, AMI LIST YOl'K I'NorKK'l'Y Office with A. M. Pence, Need Hlk. COVINA, CAL. | N TFIK SUPKKIOK COURT OF THK STAVKOF CALIFORNIA, IN AND FOR THK COUNTY OF !,< >S ANtiKLKS. NOTU'F, TO CRKDITORS. Instate of Coluinhus C., leccased. Notice i* hereby given hv the under- i»ned executrix of the '.'stale of "olunilntsC. lUihannan, deceased, to he creditors of and all persons ha viug laims against the deceased, to xhibit the same with necessary v»itch- :rs,within four months iiflor the first Hiblieation of this notice, to the said 'xeoutrix of the above named estate, at he law office of A. M. Pence, Rooms ' and H, K'ced building, Covina, County if Los Angch-s, State of California, vhich ])lace is he.rebv designated as he place of business of said estate. >ated this the loth tlav of Novcmhcr, c .)08. Mary 1C. Bohannan, TCxecnlrb; of aforesaid (.stale. \. M. Ponce, attorney for said e.stalo. ''irst publication. Nov. M, I 1 KM. St It Toys, Dolls, Gam \Vcarestillin lino for them all. and altlio they are going' f'ist yon can still get them here if von hurry. Quality Counts A ladv went into a store the other day to do some shopping. Tho clerk who wailed on her was very attentive, l>nl oon'd not Iind anything to suit her. After he had pulled down every box within reach, she said sweetly, "Please don't put yourself to any more trouble; I was only looking for a friend."She left that store and a fe\v minnte' s later was seen to enter (he "The Peoples Store." She stopped up to the dork a nd asked if he had seen her friend, lie replied in tho ufUrmal ive and stepped over to (he Shoe Department pulled down a pair of Val Dnttonh ifer hand turned well shoes. The ladv recognis- ed her friend; and taking' the shoe went her way rojoiei in.';. We have them and ean lit any foot, prices (o suit tho, .r^OO. 5^.. r -0, fit.00, S.l.,M THE: *$ 3 Covina Peoples Store (iNCOKI'OKATKn) NOTICE. The regular annual meeting of the stockholders of the Covina National lank, of Covina,Cal., will he held at its mnking rooms on the second Tuesday [the: 12th) of January, I'lD'l, at the hour if 1 p. in., for the purpose of electing Hrectors aud transacting any other uisiness that may come before the necting. V. O. MNCrjvSII, Cashier. December 5, 1'JOH. NOTICIC. The regular annual meeting of the lockhnUl'.M'K of the United Stales Savings Hank, of Covina. Cab, will 1>< held at its hanking rooms on the secoiK Tuesday (the 12th) of January, I'Ht'i, at the hour of 1:30 p. in., for the purpose of elect ing directors and transacting any other hii.niness that may conic before the meeting-. V. O. ENGLISH, Secretary. Deccmbci-5, 1<)OS. COVINA KINK SHOfC KICI'AIKINCJ - AT KICASONABIvIC PRICKS Citrus Avenue JUST RECEIVED A new and up-to-date supply of Cards and Folders for.your photos. HpL'cia! during September. C. W. Tucker's Studio */« 13<">J«£ A Christmas Suggestion Stationery its iilrtay.t acceptable and appreciated and there" fore ah\>ays appropriate as a Christ max <]ift. We inOite your inspection of our classy holiday line, and adOiae you to make a choice early. l\uy today and H>C nfill put it aside for you. It lakes a jfood deal nl Machinery to run your ranch, doesn't it? Sotnetliinj.;- need fixing? That's what we, do— WE FIX THINGS Thoroughly equipped for all classes of machine work. Patterns made.. Estimates ftirtmlu'd. We manufacture the "KT" valves and {fates. THE KELLAR-THOMASON MFG. CO. Shop and ()(licit opposite S. P. Dopnt Homo Phone 2H') Covlna, Cal. BEN F, THORPE CEMENT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE All sixes carried in stock. Kcin forced Concrete Buildings a Specialty West Cvpren. Avenue Telephone 40.17 pauy will buy your oranifes fur her daughters Misses (iraeean.l na, entertained at luncheon on Sunday. The gueHh; went the M Mthel Church. ElHie Sherman, Mabel Carlson, Fanny Carlson, Florence Miller of LOH Angeles. Lila Spencer of Sterling. III.. Mimimma flntscll, Cecil Chistler ol liiglmvood and Messrs. Melvin Slut/man of Tmpi- co, Joseph and Milton limck and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lelnner of LOH ,, KimriS(Jlli „>,,.„,. Cillifl , I . |liil (; it niH Union. Ollle, tf Our Htorc will be open until H p. HI. every evening and 10 p. in. Hatnr day. Plenty "f help. !!i;n.\DVYKLL STOKE. Wanli orange and dancing, and alined Hi v greatly enj ceMS of the c yed The |.i ( tly home of A. K. /.nt.' i.n L. Italia Mr. and Mr*. slrf-ct was the scene o; a I.HIJ' V i;iity <m .\l«.n:l evtning lo eel'-brijtc 'he. fi.nrth an: Viir-ary of their v.idilin.'. S-.ui-i i If : ,ili(,|| hill I il. I Mr. !, = .•! .-.Iir,. D..dei,l.. an I Mi--; Lt-ilba 1 i " an I tl..-y \ «• \iniijK by M 1i. Kring The Sunday School Primary Union is inereuHing rapidly. At th« meeting in the Presbyterian social hull on Tuesday utternoun Mins Memo lirock way gave a splendid preparation of ne.\t Sunday's lesson and concluded with some bright ideas for Christmas teaching. A rnidial invitation in given to all teacbe.s end parenli. licit Smith, one of the hhreiv<le.-t hounds of the newspaper profession, connected willi the LO.-J A ogelesTiinf H toice, made a fait journey tioin the .\HUfc I <'ity to ('(. \ina I hi- Week, with I ally of eight in I.J-. laic n.-nlni of ,. entertained bei. l-> Mr. -u-r, .Mr*. Han'. \\ . .t- M. t |,:-" r. Mi Mi.iii'.l.ib- I-. l!,'- ••••<"•' '••'"• >|f, tl.e / nil I ''I" I:' 1 V () \ flr*t ebihs 'JO acn grove in healing. Sonm Valencius. Description i,nd lowest OUHII price, to .1. II. MatthnwH, Covina. Lost Ermi'ic collnrelte uith blue ribbon tie, on Dee. I d In Covinn. Find'-r please notify A. M. Smith, phone !)<;:!. Whittle-, or leave, i:!, A r office, lip KODAKS A XI) SKIM 1 Covi n:i, (al. F, E, WOLFARTH , , Jeweler , . Large ;:nd comjilelc :-,tocl< ol tiling in the line. Repairing of all kind-,. Fine work a Mieoialty. C-itriiH Avenue ''.ovina, ('al, COVINA MEAT MARKET .1. T. KI-NDAI.L, Prop. Order-, [alien and deliveries made daily. Order* in lov/n will reci.'ivi: jn'oiiiut illt<.'iilion. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. I am g"ing lo leave (,'ovinu before thu flr^L of tho year. A II persons owing me will plean- eiill find Hirllle their iif!foiinth on or helme tlii- -Iht of this iii'iiitb. H Ul;. .1. C. |-'or Hale: Or will t elat-h milk c..,-., a goo four h"l>-.e v«ii[ 'i. fiUODI.LL. ( f . hf- u.: i l-'iaii' en ' -i-co. if vti land an i.> y. A Table for the Whole family ill the Hotel Veodome trade, and a! way 1 to tli«; traveler and toiir:->t. They .-,a / we vivi- better ui'-al-. tli.'in til' 1 l>ig h'»li-|-, lo you. (fiiiki'ii Dinner .WAWMVS^^^ SKASON KOK DKCIDUOUS TREE PLANTING (lit your t fees now ol Armstrong (ovina Nurseries J ,M|II •! •'! -lir-IL-... I HI I --1- I ' "'"" Peach, Apricot, Plum, Apple, Walnut Half a million Km-alyptu-., Tret", ready lor j.-laiititii^. A II kind •. ol bi-rr> vine ,. We i .111 -,ii|/|)l y iHiylhini^ yon wiJi in t lie oriniii'-iiial liii 1 :. (,AIJ, rs i;v IMIONK OK ro.Mi'i IN AND SKK i:s Home Phone 125 222 Last College St.

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