The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 25, 1892 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1892
Page 3
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THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. OFFICTAf, PAPKR OF CITY ANDCOUNTY THE NEWS PUBLISHING CO. A. I„ HPONHI.HU, Keillor. TKKMH OK HUIIHCKIPTJON. The NKWP in delivered by carriers In HutchliiRnn, South Hutchinson. an«1 alltwb* urbH. at 15 ccntH n week. The paper may be ordered by pt>ntal r.m-il. or by telephone (No. It), prill will lie nerved early and regularly. PlcaKc report any Irregularity of service or cliantrc of address to the NKWH office itnmc held on Thursday, July 21, 1H02, unlean oth- wise ordered by the prectnet committeemen. Uy order of committee, i A. U SPONHI.KH. Chairman.r: MOKTON Ai.HAt;oii, Secretary. jp?! 1 £ nrt wl11 .npc of dlatcly, and It will be rectified. IMII.Y—IIV MAIL. One copy, one year $4 00 One copy, MJX moiithH.. '1 00 One copy i one month ."»() WKEKI.Y. One Copy, one year SI 00 One copy, six months 110 Advertising rates made known on application. Telephone No. :i. In orderhiR the NKWH bv mail, state Issue wanted, dally or weekly, "HIVIHK name, city, county and state. If subscriber changes place of residence, jdve former address as well as present, and slate Issue of paper taken, dally or weekly. ANNOUNCEMENTS, KOIl U1HTIUCT Cl-KIIK. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the oftlr.e of District Clerk of Ketio county, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention which meets July 'V.i 18 »a W. S. YKAfiKK. Sylvia, Kan. y<)U HIHTKICJT CI.KIIK, 1 hereby announce myself a candidate for the olllce of District Clerk of He no county, subject to the decision of the Republican nominating convention. 7s. W. WMINBIIY. Chicagoofilce, 570 Hookery building. 0. E. SIDLING-ER, THE Y DRUGGIST Prescriptions a Specialty. No. 17 North Main Street, Hutchinson. REPUBLICAN CONVENTIONS. ConKiM'AHlnnul. Tin; Republican ConpreHslonal convention for the nomination of a representative for the Seventh district will he held In Kingman, June 15, lHltJi. Stnte Convention. The Republican state convention will be held In Topeka, June :I0.18112. County Convention. Tne ltepuhllcann o! lteno county, Kansas, will meet in delegate convention In the city of Hutchinson, on Saturday. lhe~:Jrd day of July, IHU-'. at the hour of 10 o'clock a.m.. for the purpose of placing In nomination candidates for; Clerk of the District Court Probate Judge, ; County Attorney, County Superintendent, Commissioner fro: missioner District One rom the Third Com ron UrflTHlUT CI.KIIK. I am a candidate for the ofllce of clerk of the district court of this county, subject to the decision of the Republican convention. J. A. IASWIS. Foil HUl'KIllHTKNUKHT (IP 1'VIH.IC rNSTKUO- TION. I hereby ancouncc myself as a candidate for the ofllce of Superintendent of Public Instruction of Heuo county, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention, to be held July 1S!«. CHAR. P. DAWSON, Abbyvillc, Kan. Westminster township. vow sands of Republicans who otherwise might have been for other candidates. So fur as Mr. HI.AINK is concerned he is unquestionably the first choice of his party, but, so fav, lie has expressed no desire for the nomination, not even giving the assurance that he would accept itincase it was offered him. Whatever conclusion he may reach it is safe to say it will meet the concurrence nnd, hearty approval of his firm •friend, the president. The contest, if indeed there can be said to be any contest, lias narrowed down to these two men. and the settlement of it rests with them. They will stand tog-ether and work together like the good Republicans and true patriots they are. Democratic interference and misrepresentations will not serve to break th"e bonds of friendship and good will, in which they are now united. cigar In his mouth, I say you imagine | the astonishment I felt at that sad | spectacle." NUI'EHINTKNDBNT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION. To the Republicans of Reno County: I am a candidate for the olllce of County Superintendent of Public Instruction, subject to the decision of tne Republican county convention. W. W. PAVNK. FOIt COUNTY SUt'KIlINTKNKENT. I hereby announce myself a candidate for the olllce of County Superintendent of Public Instruction, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention. C1ASPE11 HOWARDS. Grove township. FOIt PltOHATK ,IUIK;E. I am a candidate for the olllce of probate Judge, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention. ,T, A. KONTHON. VOH COUNTY ATTOKSKY. I hereby Hubmlt my name to the Republl cans of Keno county for a renomlnatlon to the olllce of county attorney, subject to the decision of the Republican convention. /.. r,. WISE. Delegates to the convention shall be elect- by the several wards and voting precincts at primaries duly called bv the county central committeemen of, their respective wards and votingpreclncts. The basis of apportionment of delegates to the said county convention will be one delegatc-at-largc for each voting precinct In the county, and one delegate from every twenty-live C-25) votes or fraction thereof, and one alternate lor each delegate, cast for lion. Frank L. Martin for judge at the November election, 1H01. Under which rule delegates are apportioned to the several votingpreclncts as Follows Albion M Arlington n Hell II Caslleton Center -1 Reno North % Reno South 4 Roscoc 'J Salt Creek :i Sumner r . Sylvia Troy. Valley Walnut Westminster... Hutchinson— First Ward.. Second Ward Third Ward K Fourth Ward 11 Ntckcrsoii— First Ward B Second Ward— 5 Third Ward 4 .. :i .. -i 3 Clay Enterprise.... :! (Irani 4 (Jrove Haven Hayes Huntsvllle... Laugdon Lincoln. Little River Lotla Medford.... Medora Nlnncscah. Plevna The committee recommends that the primaries In townships be held on Thursday, July Slut, IHSI'J, from 'J to 4 p. m., and in the cities of Hutchinson and Nlckerson on Thursday, July :.'lnt. 1H|>:>, from 7:.'I0 to H:!I0 p.m. And It is further recommended that at the same time and place, the voters elect the same number of delegates and alternates to nominate one member of the legislature from the Seventy-sixth legislative district: and one member of the legislature from the Seventy-seventh legislative district, and as the Third ward or the city of Hutchinson is In the Seventy-sixth district, that the legislative convention be held in the city of Hutchinson on same day, vix: July Mil, 3H112, and that each voting precinct elect one member to Herve on the central committee for the ensuing year, Hy orderoftne Republican County Central Committee. JNO. IJ. VINCKNT, Chairman. J. F. STOUT. Secretary. The Republican county central committee having recommended in the above call that the Seventy-seventh district Republican convention, comprising the townships of HayeH, Sylvia, drove. Hell, Loda, Lang-don, Arlington, Westmli ster, Plevna. Huntsvllle, Enterprise, Salt Creek. Reno, Grant, Medford and Walnut, ami the Third ward of the city of Hutchinson, be held in Hutchinson Saturday, July :::inl, we. the committee elected for the old Ninety-third district, ratify said recommendation and hereby Join in the call, and name the hour of 1 o'clock of said day as the hour of meeting, and that the various townships anil wards shall be entitled to the same representation as they have in the county convention as above. A. 11. CltAIIIIH, M. H. POTTKII, GEO. AVKUY, Committee. Senatorial Convention. A delegate convention of the Republicans of the 'vhlrty-slxth senatorial district of Kansas will be held at Hutchinson on Monday, July 2ft, I HUM, at 11 o'clock a. in. to nom lnate a candidate for titate senator from said district. At said convention each voting precinct in said district will be entitled to one delegate at large and one additional delegate for each 1»)0 votes or a major fraction thereof •cast for Hon. William lflgglns for secretary ofBtalein IKflO: Provided that no delegate can give a proxy to anyone outside the pre cinci for which he is elected. Under said apportionment the various precincts are entitled to the following number of delegates: KINO MAN COUNTY. Allen li Belmont ..1 Benuelt 2 Canton 1 Cblcaskla 1 Dale 1 Dresden 1 Eagle 1 Evans 1 Qalesburg 1 Hooaler 1 Kingman 1 Liberty 1 Nlnuescah 1 I'KATT llaynesvilie 1 Carmi 1 luka •-.!) WestNaron 1 Kast Naron 1 McClelland 1 Logan i North Valley ,..,1 South Valley 1 McPherson l PeterB 1 Eureka 1 Rural 1 Richland Rochester ...1 Union. Valley 1 Vlnita .1 White 2 City of Kingman First ward Second ward.. Third ward Fourth ward 1 COUNTY Saratoi North Center. South Center. Richland Hanuer..i Sprlngvale (Irani Klin Paxton , Clove KENO COUNTY. Albion 1 Arlington 2 Bell l Oaslleton l Center 2 Olay. •let Enterprise.,...,— 1 Grant 2 Grove 2 Haven ......... 2| Haves 1 Huntsvllle 1 Langdon 1 Lincoln ., 2 Little River... 1 Loda , 1 Medtord../. 1 Medora ; 1 Nlnuescah 1 Plevna 1 The primaries for Bald, convention will be North Reno |South Reno Itoscoe Salt Creek .Sumner Sylvia , Troy l.i Valley... Walnut.....,Westminster 1 Nick*-rnon— First ward Second ward... Third ward 2 Hutchinson-*-/ i.~ Flrstward........ 4 Second ward a Third ward 3 Fourth ward II Let Them Fuse. The proitcr made by the Democratic bosscH in the V'ourth district to fuse with the People's party is not a surprise, and neither will its acceptance by the latter party be unexpected. With parties having no deep-seated principles, but merely juggling with the people to secure the spoils of of­ llce, fusion is a favorite expedient. It is tlie old story of the lion and the ass going out to hunt together; the rii- Tision of the spoils is never satisfactory. While the Republicans are not surprised, neither are they displeased, Since the Republican party was organ- zed it has always kept its face toward the light of reason and justice and pinned its faith to its principles. From the day it won its first victory it has been confronted by a fusion of all the discordant elements in American pol- ties and been met by the slogan of 'anything to beat the Republican party:" yet in more than thirty years t has never but once failed to win the victory in our great national elections. Sundry attempts have, been made in some sections to lead the Republican party into a fusion with party offshoots on minor issues,but the instances of consummation have been rare, for the surrender of principle in the hope of tdmporary advantage has always been a policy obnoxious to Republicanism. Let the leaders of the Democratic, the People's, the Prohibition and other parties fuse if they , like; the good sense of the people will prevail, and the party of principle will win. The loaders may consort together and par eel out the prospective offices, but they cannot control the votes necessary to carry the election. Democrats who are Democrats from principle will refuse to accept the bargain their principals have made; while men in the People's party with honest motives, supporting measures they believe to be right will not accept the dictum of their leaders. The people admire, an honest, open fight for principles, even if they do not endorse those principles: ou the other hand, they despise the party that will compromise its honor and its integrity for the sake of ofllce, Wo are frank to say we believe the Republican party has more to gain than lose by the. fusion of the Democrats and the People's party. A Mysterious "Science." The science of railroad rate-making, if it be n science, is one of the most perplexing and intricate with which the people have to deal. It is perfectly baffling to most of those who try to master it. The rules, it there be auy, are so inserutible to the ordinary mind as to be practically incomprehensible. The result of rates may be understood, but why such rates should obtain is the unsolvable mystery. Railroad men seem to understand the general theory of rate-making, but are unable to give a plausible reason why many rate sheets are made as they are, and why such and such tariffs are charged. Rate for distance is seldom a governing factor, and yet to the ordinary observer it would appear that that should almost universally control. It would seem that a certain rate per ton per mile should be a governing principle, but it is not. It would appear reasonable that competition should affect rates, but it seldom has much to do with it. It would also look practical for railroad companies to control their own rate, making, but it has been recently demonstrated that such is not the case. There are many other things that would look reasonable to all men except railroad men. Why all this is so the ordinary man can not understand and the experts cannot explain. A prominent Kansas railroad attorney recently remarked that the rate-makers made their roads more trouble than all the other departments of railroad business; they made more entangling agreements and broke faith with each other oftener than any other class of people ho knew, and he did not claim that this result was obtained from too much knowledge of the "science" of ratemaking. From all the public can learn about the "science" of rate-making it would seem that the only rule universally fol lowed is that "the Devil take the hind most," and this rule is applied to cities, towns and regions of country with as much regularity and severity as to competitive lines of transportation. Everybody knows transportation is less expensive than it used to be, but so is everything else that money will buy, labor exeepted. The mystery of this "science" has challenged the attention of the people until laws have been enacted creating public boards whose sole business is to study and if possible solve the mystery- So far they have in part succeeded, but in the main have failed. The investigation is going on, however, every day and the people are nervously and expectantly awaiting favorable results, and, in the meantime, are making some suggestions that wise observers should heed, if forsooth, they are interested Kansas is indeed fortunate! All her near sisters have been ravished by I storms, cyclones and Hoods, while her | fertile soil has well cared for the copious rainfall; frosts and snows and ice have hindered and delayed vegetation of every kind, while Kansas has been kissed by balmy breezes and bathed in sparkling dew. Kansas breeds no ill, but is oftimes its veeipicnt. When the festive grasshopper desired to appease his gluttony he came to Kansas; when Col. Poi.ic and HUN FKIUIKM, desired a field to burnish their mentality they came to Kansas; when Kansas suffers it is, without an exception, from importations. The Republicans of Finney county held primaries last Saturday for the nomination of a county ticket. The result is us follows: For representative, W. R. HOPKINS; probate judge/', JOHN M. WILSON; county attorney, G. L. MiM.Kit; superintendent of schoolsp| Mrs. E. E. RKKVKK: clerk of the district court, 11. JN^. JfiEiit'K. The first and last named are renominations. II. S. CIIKQOHY was made chairman of the county central committee. Kinney Republicans are in Hue for victory. Republican Harmony. Some of the Democratic popers have abandoned the hopeless task of liar monizing the discordant elements in their own party, and are now trying to create strife and confusion in the Republican ranks; but their efforts will prove futile. The Republicans arc together this year, and the party will accept the nominee of the Minne tipolls convention, be it IlAitiiisoN ItLAlNK, McKlKLRV Or JOHN SlIKRMAN We roaftlrm our belief, however, that it will be one of the. first two names mentioned. If Mr. BI.AINK wants the nomination, we do not believe Mr IlAiiaisoN would lay a straw in his way, In fact it is worthy of comment that throughout this preliminary campaign neither Mr. HAUIIISON nor the members of his cabinet have attempted in any way tp influence the will of the Republican party in its choice for a presidential candidate President IIA.KB.ISON has rested his claims for proforenue upon the admirable record of his administration, and by thU course has won to his side thou Our western Kansas exchanges, almost without exception, tell of the scarcity of farm help in that section of the state. With the crops that will be harvested there this year will come such an immigration that complaints of a similar nature will not lie made soon again. We are the agents here for the celebrated Buttermilk Toilet Soap. wkmmmmmmmmm wmmmmm- mmmmm J m The finest article in the line ever manufactured. The regular retail price of this soap is 25 cents per cake. In order to introduce the same we will sell 500 CAKES i he low price of only ^4* 10c PER CAKE. f "I think I have the right to ask my friends to respect my wishes," said .IAMKS G. HI.AINK in a cablegram from Italy four years ago, but all he can write or say seems to be of no avail this year. Don't fail to try one. The queen has conferred the decoration of Knight of the Orderof the Bath | upon the khedivc of Egypt. Bravol If there is anything calculated to do I an Egyptian good, it is certainly a| bath. ^^^^^^^^ Governor BOIES has issued a proclamation calling for aid for the Sioux City Hood sutt'erers. The response should be prompt and liberal. Let Kansus do her part. OUR SPECIAL BARGAIN SHOE SALE Is the talk of the town.' Don't fail to get you ^ a pair of those best custom made goods at such low prices. Mayor GUANT of New York city sees the handwriting of Democratic defeat on the walls of Tammany hall, and declines to be a candidate for re-election. At one time Paris, France, boasted of the best police service of any city in the world. Now it has about the poorest. STATE PRESS. Jerry Simpson says his constituents don't know what they want, and have left it entirely to him to use his own judgment. The people generally agree with Mr. Simpson. His constituents evidently didn't know what they wanted when they wanted him.—Great Bend News. The traveling men of Emporia took | off their gloves when they went after the scalp of Mr. Otis. Should he receive the nomination his fool break I about "commercial tramps" will cost ] him a thousand votes.—Lawrence Journal. This is a year when straightforward Republicanism is going to win. It is a year when the man who comes before the people in a straightforward business like manner, stands on his merits, abj ures trickery and schemes and can point to faithful work for Kansas and A. J. LUSK, Pres. C C. If. MENKE, Cashier. JNO. CHAPMAH, V, Pres. HUTCHINSON NATIONAL - BANK, HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. Capital, $100,000, Surplus, $20,000, Mr. CiiAW.KS W. IIACKKTT, of Utlca, N. Y., who was for three years the chairman of the Republican stato executive committee of New York, and who lives in the hotbed of old time stalwartism which was antagonistic to Mr, BI.AINK in 1884, in speaking of Mr. Bi.AiNii's possible candidacy, the other day said: "Why, if Mr. BI.AINK will accept the nomination, or if the public comes to believe that he will not refuse it, there will not be a handful of delegates in the convention who can withstand the pressure of Republicans over the country to vote for him as a candidate. Even the instructed delegates would be obliged to yield to the popular demand. There is no man so strong in the state of New York to-day as JAMKB G, BLAINE. He can carry the country without taking the stump. There isn't a Republican in the state of New York who would not give him the best support over yielded to any Republican candidate for the presidency. He is the man the party wants." the party will'be supported and elect- T\ TJDESILL & DAYKIN, ed. There is no room on the Republl- I I ' can ticket anywhere for vaciiators, for u wholesale Queensware, Glassware, Gut e.v, Lanterns, Fruit Jurs, Etc, tricksters or for schemers. We want II rn„„„ : i i i *r -i i u -1 i i , n i people have confi- II Close prices to dealers. Mail orders solicited and carefully filled. men in whom the denee, and who can and will properly represent their constituents.:—Winfleld Courier. Close prices to dealers. 204 North Main and 8 Second Avenue East. D ARKER & TJPDEGRAFF, "Wholesale Dealers in Butter, Eggs and Poultry. PROP'RS OF QUEEN CITY CREAMERY. First avenue east, Woodard block, and 417 South Main. Congressman SNODQUASS of Tennessee, in a Bpcech in the house a few days ago, thus expressed his disappointment in the representative from the Seventh district of Kansas: "When I came here I expected to find an old, sturdy, sockleBS fellow, who would not even purchase socks under this protective tariff; but, to my utter astonishment, when I got here, I looked all over this hall and asked one of my colleguos to point out to mo that sturdy farmer from Kansas, and, Mr. Chairman, you may imagine the astonishment I felt when my friend, [Mr. SIMPSON] was pointed out to mo, wearing diamonds, dressed in satius and cloth; and, when I saw him riding up and down Pennsylvania avenue on a bicycle, with ft- llrlfirht Sldo or Teuemeut Life. To many persons, living in a tenement house is synonymous with living in the slums, yet nothing is farther from the truth. It would be an easy I T\ ALLARD, SEVERANCE & CO., matter for me to take a stranger into a | dozen or more homes so poor, dirty and wretched that he would not forget the sight for days, and he would be I thoroughly convinced that a home cannot exist in a tenement-house; but 1 TTIJTCH1NSON HARDWARE and IMPLEMENT CO. could take that same person to an I I Wholesale Dealers In H SHELF AND HEAVY HARDWARE Wholesale Notions and Fancy Goods. No. 10 Second Ave. East. - Close Prices to Dealers. 11 Farm Machinery and Salt Supplies. •*• x 114 North Main Street. " ^'Telephone 17a. ALL & WALL, Wholesale Carpets and Draperies. Only Exclusive House of the Kind West of the Mississippi River, No. 34 South Main Street. II Wholesale Groceries. Second avenue east. Telephone No. 79. equal number of homes in the same section of the city, and some times in the same house, which would turn him into a joyful optimist, and forever satisfy him that the state of tilings is not by any means as bad as it might be. To the casaal observer the tenement houses in many portions of New York present a remarkable degree of uniformity. JThe great brick buildingB with their net-work of iron flro-esoapes in front, their nu- ^JSSSS^Z £1?-1 HUTCHINSON WHOLESALE GROCER CO., worn stairs, the dark halls, the numerous odors, pleasant and otherwise, coming from a score of different kitchens presided over by housewives of various nationalities—these are all similar, but the moment you enter the rooms, however, you will find every variety of homes, many of them poor, neglected, wretched, and dirty; others clean, thrifty and attractive; indeed, as J great a variety as exists in the interior of homes in an ordinary town. There arc homes where the floor is j bare and dirty, the furniture! broken and scant, the table greasy, the bed linen yellow, the air foul and heavy, the children pale, frowsy, and sticky, so that you Bquirm when the baby wants to kiss you; but there is also unother and brighter side. There are at the same time thousands | of cheerful, happy homes in the tenement houses.—From "Life in New York Tenement Houses," by Rev. W. T. Elslng, in the June Scribner. I. E. VAUGHAN & CO., Manufacturers of and -wholesale dealers in Flavoring Extracts, Rock Candy Syrup and Soda Fountain Supplies. 406 North Main St. —---• Correspondence solicited. Mall orders promptly attended. f OODRUFF & SON, MANUFACTURERS AND WHOLE8ALE DEALERS IN THE WOODRUFF G-UITARS & MANDOLINS Ofllce, 11 and 11V4 bherman Street east, Hutchinson, Kansas. ^ Agents wanted In every town in the Dotted States. J. H.WILDEN, WHOLESALE DEALER IN ICE CREAM AND CANDY, Mail orders Prom^anea.^an QU.ntl.rorstyle.

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