Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 12, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 12, 1908
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CAI.irOKNIA. Entered at the PosJ office Covina, Cal., as sc 'ond-clans mailer. Published every Saturday '.iy the C'.o- vina Ar^ns I'u blishioj,' Company, Inc. One Year in advance: Six Months Three Months Single Copies Display advertisement at rca sort able rates, Prices on application. Changes made as j)er contract. Joiners ,sc per line: '-ach insertion. Le^al notices £L'iO per iin:li first insertion, :"0 cents each -viibse(|nenl in- SCr! !'.•!].• Alinimum F ine Imposed. At. Imst three citi/ens found to I their forro'.v on Monday (hut Oiviiift's i prohibition ordinance i-i not a dead letter on the statute books of this city, beinv fined five dollarN each in .IiiHtice Marshall's court for an in-: fringerricnt, of the name, They were charged wi'h supplying lio r iior to n negro minor, Thin th*-,y denied, ' slnl,in« on the, utand that they drank all the liquor iimong themselves. This in itself vva-i a direct, violation ' of Ihfi ordinance I'.nd was tantamount COVIXA, Di 'iOM to fi plea of and (he fine WIIH imposed in each char^i"! weie preferrt'd hy Hlial Mohlielf. rninirnnin ii'-e. The city imir- O. drill which vva The editor of I (if; .\!intH is in re {•.nipt, of fin ant.ojrrapli eoj'.V of .)inl<_'f Curtis I). Wilbiir'H new book leu children eiilil.lod "The Hear )'';nitil.y At, Home," .Imlf.'C Wilhiir IH < in: of three well known fdiiealnrs in the new line of dirool.ini/ .juvenile crirn- iriiils Int.f) better roads of oinlenvor. The ehildrcn'H hook IH the onlcurneof l.ho miinin) stories ,Jud«e Wilhiir tr-lln his own chilrden, find IH profiiHely II- liiHtriiU'd for the ChriHt IDIIH holiday (rude. The hook is dcdicat.ed lo l.he little hoy i.hiit, JurlKfs Wilhiir IUH!.. Communication, Mr. Kdil.or: In .your issue of Nov. ', yon nave an aoeounl, of an old HolfJier of the IHI.h Iowa who eon ftfitnted himself judge, jury and exe ciitionur and promptly proceeded to curry out his Kcnt.encn by knocking down ii public speaker on the nlreefs ol (/'ovina, in your biHiic of Dec, Hth was n partial reply from H. KoberlH Head ley, which yon kindly emisenled to puhlhih. II is not, the intention of the writer to add to these comments. The main objei.-L \H to hot before your reit lers fi liltlo explanation an to I he victim himself. Louis Khun- rath, the Hpcakcr referred to, is mi American e,lti'/en, who wan burn poor find remained HO, making a living for hlmhelf mid wife mid children by hard manual labor. lint, an unfortunate accident,, while HO engaged, deprhed him of the greater portion of liiH good right hand. Then Hither than to he a bimlbn to !I)H family, ho "took to tho rmid" to Hell litenittiro and speak in behalf. nt the laboring olass. Ho does nnl; pi-otend l,o ho an orator or a floliolar, hut lalkH ly and loudly about tlm rights and •wrongs of Inbor, from his viewpoint, There WIIB Homofhing in the pievimis nrtielo of his vanishing in the dark- ncjHh, eln., rjlo. Thf> in. he monnl.od bin wheel and rijpairo.d to u ciomrade'H home, whore the blood WISH wiiHhed from his fime, mid after being /nude an (uimfortiihlo as pus- si hie, ho prooeedod on his way in Urn day lime through the .streets whore he mot his Waterloo. Onu more remark mid further "de- fionent Hiiil.h not.." The Argus referred to the motley crowd who were tho auditors of the occasion as "IJeds. " .It is proHUined that I ho Argus referred to the red Hag of internalional Snciiilism. Many millimiH of men anil women are prom! to parade under that Hag. If ni-tl.ory is Hcauned closely if \\ill ho found llml the "i-eil" was America's Ili.-.l Hag. The bravn I ieneral I'u huiki I'ouglil I hat, Ihig and whim mortal Iy vvi it, was his last leipicsl that \\ niiipnl around hi.-i rasl<el. The ll:ig of the I'liili-d Sl.ili". of America vs i 11 ever be the red. white am! blue ! And no class of eil iveiis would rally more promptly to Mini banner, in casn of an invasion of out country, I ban Social inls. Socialists, however, do not believe in warn uf conipiesl or waiH fur imirlit-ts, and they me doing all they can land will HOOD tie strong enough all Ilio world over) to prevent all of them. "A (•iimMiVsmn 1 inn deynoily lo be wish ,1. S. KCKLKS. Notice. l;a\ i ill.' "rild |!|(. bll'-illl' 1; H iidii''! i"l hy him, kiio"n ;IH I he Home Uak"ry, a'-kw i vry per son having bills fif/ainnt him to |>re s lit the Fame immediately. Also all pftr.HoiiH ovvini/ HIJIIIS of rn ;jney to the former proprietor of I he Home Jiakery will plofido rfiinif In order that tho of the bn-iiiif'HS may be done wit.Ji despatch. b IRWINDALC. Mr. ami ,'iii'H. Aimer Miller have moved into their new Jioni': on VV. Cypress HVcnmj. Mi'H. Mnlhol lati'.l find daughter of Loa An«eies were week end guests at the iJevendorf homo. MIHHH. -I. N. (Ji-Miifj and fi. T. lirowii were luncheon tfiiostH limt Thursday of Mr.s. .John Ut'iile of Los A n^elos. Three ,lapH who work on Hie I!. (',. Casad ranch U')l, in a drunken ll^'hl, in Los Ani/eles last week nnrl were H:I badly cut, up that they were taken In the hospital. The Kev. and Mrs, Perkins of Indianapolis, on tlioir way to spend tho winter in I/OH A ngoles, slopped over to see Home old friends, Mr. and Mrs. .r'nink llostetUer, Mr. Perkins is the minister of a Christ inn Cluiroh in his homo city. On the train Mrs. Per- kiiH was Hoiy.od with a severe attack of fid H Ho rheumatism find is slayhiK at tho JJriHl.otl.lor homo in c.lmrvjo of H nni'Bo, hoiiiK too ill to bo moved. Mrs, La Daft, who IUIH lioen suffer- iiiK for Home tinio with paralysis, in not HO well, and linn sont nwny for n daii((iit.oi in tho north. Alii ton Program (liven .it Meeiinz of • Woman's Club. A splendid prof ram wwi pi von at the In;- 1 meeting </f the Momlnv Afternoon (Mnh by the yirls of the f.enior, class of th<- hi«h school, in charge of . Mis.- Lfmoml-,, in eclobral inn of the tricentenary of t.lii poet. Milton, who '• was born iJeo. I), 1008. Miss Le- iiinnds (iheuvunii 'he different periods, of his life, rind readings and paperH \ wr/re Riven to illustrate the work of; these different periods us follows: Kc'idinK from "Hymn on the Xativ-! Hy," LuellB 1,'ohf-rts; "Hi.suietfi," - Mai.v Klledj/e; paper on "Contrasts Be.! ween L'A lle^m Mid II I'en.seroso, " Mai inn (fivcri; paper on "C'ornn.s, " ivlvia I'urjieo. An excellent trombone folo '.vns t'ivcn by Walter Aschenbrcii- ner. "Ah! I If;ive Sighed to I>'/•«). Me." Next Momlay iiflf-nioon at, :! o'clock -'hoi r-al unlay; Mr. Ifr-nton, archile/'t. \\i\l fleliter mi address on "The fiiiildiiiK of a Home." Jle is ; the architer'i, -.,i the Womans t duh j House here, !);<> one at. HedlandH, the famoiiH filcnwood Hotel at Kivcrfcide find the beautiful new Kpianopal (Jhurch to be ereoted shortly. Mr. lioiiton IH a rocognixed authority on !,he desiKiiiu^ and building of beautiful mid artistic; homos and will hririK rnnny interest,irif< and helpful! hiiit.a. Musical numbers will include a vocal solo by Mrs. P. '<. Ktevens. The proKram will he, in charge of Miss IlawkH. Light refreshments will he nerved, hostesses for the afternoon lining MrneH. (/. Aschenbrenuer, 11. CuHhman, ,J. Heath and VV. Gi. Con ley. Don't worry iihoul, a Christmas fireficiit.! JO very 0110 can he pleased with a box of ehocolates'f'.'irid boii bmis from the Pahico of Hweetn. il." A 'I In iviiiK HiKsincf-s. On Monday last the nr-icery llrni of NN'nriier, U'hllM'l A Co. Ci'lrbialed its t-ev (inteeni h anniv ri sary. 'Ibis L'I-MI, which started sevelilt'en >i-:n.-i iigo in a very mmle^t way, with It's-, than a ^'Jihi slock of goods, is now tho largest meicanl ilc lioiisi< in the San (iabriel valley. Their liisl duy'h t-ali-s iiggiegaled .•?'.!. I :"i; today lli-n average daily -ales exceed e?tiiui The p"lii-.v ol the llrni hat. I,cm lo ciiiiy a rt<u'l< a litlb* Vance ol t lie i' i|iiiii-meut.- eiiiiuii units ami i h i - has I -ren 1 lie M eivl of I In i I .-ueci Pixabyterian norvices: Sunday Hchool It t'ln. J'roaohiiif,' by pa.stor 11. V. I'.S. C. \<l. ('• ; Ifj. (hiHpol .service 7 ::!(). All moat coridally invited to these Herviuo.H. Paul (I. Hlevens, paHtor. Chris! inn Church: liiblo ScJmol iiMTi. Preaching by thopiiKlnr 11; unhjecl. " Kvei y Christian a T'emplo ol ( ioil. " Junior :i. Union I'lnden vnr sei vice. 1'i'eachiiiK 7:!ld; sub jecl, " no Man thy Yonl h. '' Ant hem by chorus. A II ai i 1 eoriHa I Iy inv it t'd. . in I he ('lunch ol Hie Holy Third Sunday in Advent: munion T:!lti a.m. Sunday !,"i a m. Mi'rniiiLr piayt-r subject, "The Opportunity of the Kmbi'r Season Pra.ver for (he Clergy." OH'i'i'tury solo, Mr. Mai- shall. I'lvensoiiK " :!U) p.m. This will be u musical service. At the Methodist Church, tho pas tor, Uov. II. \V. While, will preach at 1 1 on "An Inspired Liberty," and at 1 :!H) p.m. on "A I'reachcr of IM).'hteoiiHiie^.s " Snndav School '.I : -Ifi ; clas-i moolinn lUMTi. .lunidi 1 Li.'MUiio 11 ; Intermediuto and Soni> r l''l'i\Mirt h^iio ti :!!'). Special music in the niomiim' by the choir under Ihe direction of Prof. (Jrooiu. Hritr<M unartei in the eveuim,'. \i u are cm dial Iy invited to attond these -M rv i ceti. Seivii' Tiinii.v i Holy co School '.i I I n .m.; NOTICK OF IIKAKIMd PICTITION FOR THI'i VAC:ATl()\ r AND A UA N'DOM KNT OF POkTIONS 1 OF ROWLAND AMD WORKMAN A V 1C N I JUS IN CO VINA KOAD DISTRICT, COUNTY OF LOS ANCICLF.S, STATR OF CALIF OK MA. Notice is hereby f, r iven that a petition signed hy United In vestment Co. and 14 others, asking for the vacation and iibaiuloninciit of that portion of Row- laud Avenue from Ax-usa Street to the westerly line of the Phillips Tract, and that portion of Workman avenue from said Azusa Street to the westerly line of the said Phillips Tract, us per map recorded in Book 9, pa^e 4, IVlis- cellaneous Records of said County, slid avenues beiny situated in the Covina Koacl District, County of Los Angeles, State of' California, has been tiled with the Hoard, of Supervisors of the County of LOH An^elea, and that said petition will lie heard by said Hoard, at its office in the County Courthouse, City of f,os Angeles, California, on Monday, December 28, 1908, at 10 o'clock a. in, of said day. Hy order of the Hoard of Supervisors of Los Angeles County, California, made December 7, 1008. C. C. KI5YES, County Clerk and ex-Ol'I'icio Clerk of tlie Hoard of Supervisors of said Los A uncles Count v. liv A. M. McPherr ..... Deputy Clerk. "~"~" — .'"!'. A. J. ROOKS All kind.-, of j^enoral and | heavy H lacks mi thiiii^. \Vc m.Miu factnre Ridkers, Oratijj-e K.icks :::n\ Hox Presses horseshoeing n Specialty • Home Phone IOJ? Shop West Bcuiillo St. Cavino C<p|iic and enjoy your-ii'lf al ib \Yi,mans Club lli.m-i', Di'c. 1" ''Tin- County Chairman'' K In 1 nlvcn. li is full i>l u it, t'lijo.vabl i him u ir, si i i i% i u^ pathos and r< ai i n : culm dy. means to look into, to test, analv/e, and see the worth ol the proposition in hand. It didn't take u-^ loiiy to "t; I'.T W1SK" to CHKISTOI'IIKK'S Ice Cre.nii of v _'•.:.ility. \\'e kill \v \ i 'U Will "get \i. i -, " I" ,i ll \' -u sa:ii]>ie it, w.i i h.i v e >•,,. , .thei- li-r the Cin • - in;.i-- i!i;;t er. C. F. CI.APP tjoU- Ajjcnt The Broadwell Store COVINA, CAL. Merode" Underwear With sii[)remc confidence we can make the bro?i(l assertion that no unrlorwear suhinitted "MfiPODE" ^ or - vour consideration can be (Hand rtnished) recommended tf) your friends UNDERWEAR as "MICRO 1)17' I ham! Jinish- i-ilj KIIiUKIJ ITXUKKWICAK. It is thor- outflily feiiiiniHi; in its conception; made for women, by women, under the most hvgenic auspices; safeguarded by every conceivable method that ocperiencc and care can provide; its supervision extended so far as to include the physical and material condition of the operatives enframed in its manufacture, cm- bodying the surroundings conducive to the production of really hig-h-class garments. Kvery detail which could enhance or augment the utility of "MEKODE" (hand finished UNDERWEAR to t;he wearer is employed in fit, finish and fobric, the results of which arc evident in the exquisitely beautiful and dainty garments produced. Fabrics of the finest combed Cotton, Lisle, Silk and Lisle. vSilk and Cotton, Merino, Wool, Wool, nud Silk and Wool, are deftly woven into the most delightful weights, suitable for every variation of climate, one of the most prominent features being the great variety of shapes. In most other makes, after selecting the proper weight, you often find it impossible to get the eyact shape VOLI desire! Not so with "Merode" (hand- finished) UNDERWEAR. Vests, Drawers, Tights, Union Suits and Corset Covers are made in both regular and out s ; xes, in all weights and every shape, suitable alike for slender, stout, or medium forms. In this particular feature, not duplicated in any other line of underwear, which so strengthens the "MERODE" (hand-finished) underwear in public opinion. Through long experience and most exact care in shaping- and cutting of the garments, a st«te of proficiency has been reached wh'ich is truly remarkable. Each garment in every shape-, both in regular and out sizes, is absolutely perfect. This is especially noteworthy in the Union Suits, where true conformity to the lines of the body is necessary in order to provide a perfect-fitting garment—one that will neither gape, pucker, chafe, bunch up nor cause distress in any wa} 1 . All mothers realize what trouble, time and care it takes to procure a really perfect-fittnng and comfortable garments for CHILDREN. In the CHILDREN'S UNDERWEAR much time and care have been given to the proper cut. Every conceivable method has been employed, measurements taken, comparisons made, models perfected, until today the results are in every instance eminently satisfactory. But the best has not. yet been told of all the virtues, of "MERODE" (hand-finished) UNDERWEAR. If you examine you will not fail to note the nicety of finish apparent in every detail, that every visable edge is stitched with silk, that the scams of all garments are fiat and elastic, presenting a uniform surface, and that qothing is crude, unsightly, or uncomfortable. Buttonholes are beautifully finished and will not stretch. Buttons are sewn on securely as to defy destructive laundries. All bands are carefully adjusted and of the finest material. Every garment is handsomely finished by hand with silk, with a crocheted edge of' very beautiful design. By a process developed ^o perfection, the fabrics are knitted so as to give great elasticity, presenting a beautiful smooth appearance, which appeals to all women of good taste. "MERODE" (hand-finished) UNDERWEAR aids in securing a faultless fit in costume which is the desire of all well-gowned women. The prices for "MERODE" UNDERWEAR arc very moderate, ranging from 50c for cotton fleeced vests and pants and children's Merino wool to $1.25 for wool. GOOD SHOES We cannot help trying to convince our customers that it pays from a purely money standpoint to Imv &"ood shoes. Good leather and o-ood workmanship command a fair price as does the work required to properly lit a pair ol shoes. There are shoes to be had at reduced prices, consist-in"- of factory damaged, out of date or very narrow widths and we can r,tipply these at any time. Sample shoes are only made in one sixe, 7B men's and -U> women's, anil all others advertised as such are frauds. In no other country in the world would such barefaced and fraudelent advertising- be per- mitted as is clone in Los Ang-eles. The quality is rememberer! lon»- after the price is forgotten. I>uy reliable makes of shoes that bear the name of men who are conduct I n»; ho'.H.".t and legitimate factories. Xo mail i.s honest who encourages dishonest rnv.-thuds. Many a man who thinks it wronjc to drink whisky, or buy a lottery ticket or play cards will buy a pair of cheap shoes made in a sweat shop when he is able to buy a good pair that would be comfortable and would wear and which were made under sanitar} 7 conditions and fair \vayes that enabled a man to live and raise a family and buy an orange occasionally BLANKETS We' ! [have some mighty -good Marysville blankets at a price that represents quite a saving. 1'rLvs don't mean much. Come in and look them over. 100 Fancy Knit Shawls S.impies from Marshall Field & Co. Prices attractive. SWEATERS ~~ We have due to arrive som..' very tine ladies' knit sweater coats in an attractive new design. \Ve will oiler these al S.>.,"5. City stores are a>kin^ :fo.tni for the same ,--i;it. \Ve olier all men's and boys ^weali-fr, at half price. GLOVES Our stock of long- kid and silk gloves and short kids is in good shape. Gloves bought from us can be exchanged after Christmas. There are some advantages to be obtained by trading with us. We are liberal in adjusting- complaints. We freely exchange and refund goods purchased from us. Slippers for Christmas We carry a full line of the California Dolge- felt slippers. Show your loyalty to your own state and buy no others. HEN'S CLOTHING We have some swell new ,Tiiit> and oiler an all woo] b'uo^erge at an attractive price. See- i:ig i-- believing: cciiu- in ami U t M-, -hi>w you. The BROADWELL Store

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