The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on February 17, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1977
Page 2
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Algonquin School PTA invites all present and former students as well as their parents to an Open Ruela Drive Continued From Page 1 septic problem and lives on the lower portion of the street. He said he feels it is foolish to end it where it is now planned. NAUGATUCK NEWS (Conn.) Friday, June 18,1»I6 -Page 3 House and Retirement Reception already paid the $60 connection M sal(i ^ un d ers tands for Mrs. Mary Hanley, Principal fee. many residents have taken out of Algonquin School Sunday from Mrs. Michael Magas jb and fe ^nte u wiu Summer Reading Program Set At Children's Library l±^°rio^ in the system a nd the Open House sewer was sufficient pilch so that of the PTA will give us an op- a larger pipe and pump is not ^ _ porlunity to say "thank you" and necessary. She said she was not .„,.[;„„ O f R ue i a Dr was "we wish you well" to Mary. in favor of the line being extended dimjnatc( j anc j (he state came in $ f j r homes. He said if this is the Q^e the people leave themselves u al) ] e |j»,ow Estimate Myers inf ormed the board he Is Parents and children are in- be encouraged to read and jrogram. vited to register for summer participate in the discussions, reading ^at the Whiltemor'e The use of puziles and word Children's Library Tuesday, games will be encouraged and a June 22 (rom 10 a.m. to 5 p m movie will conclude each week's The Naugaluck 6 lo 8 p.m, at the school. questioned if her home on Sunset tejlefil ^ ^rough to install the 6W |nsi eliminating any portion Mrs. Hanley has more than Dr. would need a larger pipe and ^.^0,, the lower portion of the ofastreet He stated the present ^ ^ „, tave prob iems Junior Woman's Club is providing a summer reading program for the borough children at the Whittemore Library during the month of July. Kathy Paret, Education chairman of the club and Ann Yarmal, Children's librarian, have arranged with Marilyn Sheehan and Ruth Barry, reading consultants in the Naugatuck School system to speak with parents on the day of registration about their children's readir*. This part of the program will be held at to ajri. A second registration will be held on Friday, June 25al 10 a.m. At IHs lime children will receive paper to make their reading Prospect Patter ByJEANNEFURTADO 1584542 addition to past her home. and raan dated the work. Seniors Busing In answer to questions posed on Geneva Bajorek, Mini-Bus what happens to the $60 tie-in McGrath replied it could force Project Director has announced the Drum Corps lhat due to the limited number of Representatives of Prospect Volunteer Fire Depl. who participated in Wolcott's "Almost Anything Goes" competitions last weekend came home triumphant, bruised and Joyce Alborn lired and slightly embarrassed Girouard. as a result of team captain Bob Chatfield's appearance at the event in a roaring twenties broad striped bathing suit. The Prospect Team, headed by . with Ihe inclusion of all of both streets is at an estimated total of f) 50,000. Witherwax look exception to (Ms statement, saying where there are unusual problems and a SgesTo^ 'o^ h"ave the'town ,opay forJjhe work in «- fc^.ed the „„„ _._ r -»..,™v.._. ..- already paid, of they do not have two years and the home owners MGrath „„, the people Ihe music, on lookers will be treated passengers for Iransportation to a sewer to connect into, McGrath could possibly be asked to pay .... <j~ res the board has to a chorus of patriotic songs church on Sundays, the mini-bus explained the board is keeping their share within lhat time in- » » He ^ ^ WHk Ihe sung by Ihe residents of the mji no longer provide (his service records of all who pay. steadofbeingspreadoveralOor « >~ .• . ... ,,...,. Center. alter June 20. Blasting Plans 20-year period. He concluded the However, Senior Citiiens are The chairman noted with the cost will be greater if the work is Birthday Kids encouraged to use (he mini-bus front fool plus unit charge the done later. This week's birthday kids are throughout the week for personal board was proposing lo use to Mrs. Filipe Duarte voiced and Denlse (rfps or visits as well as for figure assessments Ihe tie-in concern over the blasting on scheduled trips. For ap- charge is lobe eliminated. But he Ruela Dr. commenting her pointments just call 758-5300. said he was informed by Mayor fireplace rests upon the rock and Salem Pond Closed William C. Rado that Ihis cannot asked how long the contractor s The James Ashe family, Reading Programs be done because of a borough insurance would be in effect, owners of Ihe Salem Road Pond, The Bicentennial Summer ordinance. The board is therefore Ally. John Pruchmcki told her if ,.. , ,. -- ,, rc . .^^ ,„,„, „„„„.,, regretfully announce the closing reading Program wil! be held at considering some sort of reim- there were immediate damage toiaers lor the program. Assistant Fire Chief Bob,'placed of the pond lo persons who wish to (he Prospect Library from June bursement on (he assessment there would be no problem nui A presentation of Naugatuck s^^in competition Friday and fish or park at the site. Mrs. Ashe 21 lo July 2. Second Ihrough which of course would include damage claimed after a period ot ' noted lhal the family regrets seventh grade students are people who have paid the charge time would be questioned. have to close the pond to public eligible and may now register for and have no sewers. "'' ~ l °" '•»»»•""' "•""' sewer work, and the seismic survey indicates the presence of rock and ledge which reaffirms its position sewers are necessary in this area. As to Sunset Dr., the board stated this is a different situation and moved lo recess (his portion lo its regular meeting of June 30 al 7 p.m. lo evaluate the comments of Ibc residents and have more engineering studies of Ihe area. Walter Branco, Ruela Dr., inquired if the board was going to patch or repave the streets. A temporary patch will be made and an overlay of the entire street will be done later. Other Business The board announced Ihe receipt of a letter from Ally. Bernard Avcollie representing Froiecl No U and No. 16 with Vincent Celenlano, advising the the Sion of Ihe entire Ruela board all sewer lines will be laid in the roadway. In another item a letter from Robert Taylor of the Dept. of Environmental Protection was read saying Ihe plans for sewers Youth Services will discuss their summer program for borough youth and will conduct a values clarification program (or junior went back Sunday and captured third place by running their little legs off, slipping and sliding use since they realize how much n, e program at the Library, through muck and mire and townspeople have enjoyed the | n addition to reading, a series O'Loskey reported previous to PIoss suggested people having any blasting there is a pre-blast ..,....--. ... —*" <u^« «.,» v -..-. ,r~r- ...- —= septic problems may not be survey, but many of the people in ragh students participating in the several falls on their la ra-ras'. pond throughout the years, but 0 _ film shows, fun, and crafts will cleaning their tanks often lhat neighborhood have noi reading irogram. It is expected However when you learn the list several incidents of vandalism be held at the Town Hall enough, commenting on Ihe permitted the contractor to enter of the fearless firemen's brave have prompted their decision. Assembly Room from 1 to 2;30 number of limes his tank has bevy of beauts who vertually Gail said the family has, since p.m. on Thursdays from July 8 to been cleaned over the years he risked life and limb for the honor becoming the owners, tried to Aug. 5. has owned the house. Volunteer help for Ihe fun and McGralh commented on the Drive is estimated at .549,835; alternates are figured at J1M.350. The extra section of Sunset Drive is set at J29.500 Ihe property "SK^ Delude U» cost tata Corsira Great Hill Estate of storm sewer work which is developmail have »•«£ >» r . Borough Board jurisdi, = < *££'™* «E*5 The board voted to sewer the approval, if it comes under this entire length of Ruela Dr. saying jurisdiction. OLoskey reported been determined Ihe lot work has commenced again on mailer than on Sunset this project and a borough instate has mandated spector is present at all times. lhat the older students will probably read, discuss, and prepare a newsletter or other type of publication at the end of of (he twm you wil , ^ f|lkd with pride, since the bevy, in addition to Bob included: LI. Carmen Accousti, Charlotte Van Kirk, Capt. Jim and Sandy Doyle, Pele and Bert Higgins and Ann Chatfield. Now aren't you tremendously impressed? However, it should be noted Uialin spite of the great victory the summer reading program Frank Shea, superintendant of Parks will be on hand to discuss the park department program for borough youth. Joanne Peters, director of Human Resources Development will discuss her office's programs for youlh. John Letls, director of the Naugatuck YMCA will also and the trophy (now on display at Winnie's) the glory, Iheir make Ihe spot even more pleasant but have had many cra (|s would be greatly ap- eight homeowners who had been items stolen including family pg^ied by the Libray Board notified of the hearing residing on pets. an d [fuse interested in assisting Sunset Drive, seven appeared Their decision was finally may yisiiihe Library or call 758- with two wanting the sew;ers and reached this past Tuesday when 4687 [or a( ijj.j 0na | information, five protesting the extension. He their daughter's prize ducklings noted it is the board's policy to who took up residence at the pond Lawn Sale avoid leaving a portion of a street were stolen. Gail said, she wil- The Women's Association of unsewered because in the future nessed a car drive up to the pond (he Congregational Church will problems could arise and it will and its occupants lake Ihe ducks, have a Baked Goods table at a then be difficult to have them The matter is being investigated lawn sale at the Peter Collins installed. WOUQllii R'.'.Ur Ait OPEN IB ft.M. 10 9 P.M. OSIW SftLE ENDS 6/19/76 discuss Ihe YMCA summer 1I11IU1I . a; l]lc I(IJ ,, lv ,, _ D „ ._ _ irogram for young people. The j^JJJj^jgJ [j,'^ fheir" muscle by the police she Taid. It is her residence on Union City Road Cordeau inquired at what would begin and learned it will be SeweTaTwater Com- the entire 1,200 feel. He wondered i and also the Economic no * lhe library is providing programs to spasms [e g cramps an d bruises hope that whoever took the tomorrow beginning at 10 a.m. alloflheeightparks this summer ^re all in a good cause there is a ducklings will treat them with Ihrough the efforts of the HRD persislant „„,„,. the lrjump h an t care. Mrs. Ashe noted Ihe family office and money received from . is sorry it had to come to the The library s reading club members will meet with the Junior Woman's Club each Thursday in July from 10 to 11 ajn. Learning games will be conducted with Ihe younger children and although toe are „....,„. ^^ pr 1^ t^ and gjrf samls. the of books to be read, children will Drum Corps and of the Prospect : Health Cenler will ate in a Bicentennial show al the Center .on ', June 22 at 6:30 p.m. In On behalf of many we thank the Ashe family for allowing townspeople lo enjoy Ihe pond for so many years, and we fully understand why they now musl close the site to the public. It's a darned shame the family had to come lo this painful decision as a result of those who pretty ml to are connected to a dry well. James Gumlinski questioned how soon residents must tie in. FATHER'S DAY Sunday. June 20th For Dad We Have STRAW HAT CAKES LAYER CAKES- Decoded For Dad WHIPPED CREAM LAYER CAKES LUSCIOUS BROWN DERBY CAKES Filled With Bananas-Stfawbemts-Whipped Cfeam ORDER INOW FOR DAD S SPECIAL DAY RITA'S BAKERY 51 Spring St. — Union City K|. piikii hi «trra IK *Ml Al >i|tl IK p*l''l tot it li! up lilt" f -"—• ' 7294485 Hit of the town depends .. , h i nn itv> B and TlK ordinance calls for ! s^sLVa.* Mm - i-jsssssK TJ-B,™ was elecled as Tat JgZ£" miKm ^&^£^-...$™4™« ^S™3 ^^^^^^ I 'Water"Corn- m]sAm ., ........ p rimeareas to be concentrated Middle School students earned terrific high school scholarships this year. Danny Keating o f Beacon Falls was the recipient of a scholarshi p to the Choate School in SVallingford. However, the commission A four year scholarship to „,[ | irait ,j, eir sig j lls (0 Uvose Sacred Heart High was earned by ^^ Karen Lange and Rachael Hit- Tne p| ann j n g and Zoning chcock received a four year half Commission this week look no tuition scholarship to Sacred acljon re | a tive to three ap- Hearl. plications reviewed by lhe board. Vinnie Santoro, valedictorian Ttle commission will ' . Lahovilz home were supposed to 0 ' lhe Gift Ideas for Father's Day Famous Brand Mens Toiletries, Stationery oads where ac "fW ™ l Iar - ne *™"™ " c combes are »^^ no test borings or id proposed. : tests have been taken in ledge could add substantial cost to the projects. David Ruela explained lo the board some of the homes on Ruela Drive have septic tanks buried 6 to 8 feet. Burgess Donald Myers regulation's 'peaking ™ ^"A"^"; State Panel Created THE SNACK That's MORE Than A Snack... 2 Pieces Chicken 1 Biscuit Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Or Cole Slaw of Holy Cross High School this vest jgate the ic B u,a.i>,,i 3 • - ... h ,. year, earned a scholarship and go «£ ing res tauranls which derso " commented she has will begin studies for a medical M[ . ve ]iq uw ^,f OTe a decision is ' ' " career at UConn this fall, and raa( i e jn regard to the application Holy Cross High School „[ Anthony Rinaldi who hopes to Salulatorianofl»76 BobMajoris, K t a biish a restaurant on Route earned a full four year & A is 0 to ^ c ),eckcd are the scholarship to the Catholic r ^ u t a lions regarcfing the sile Universily of American in a s tance, since the rules say Washington, D.C. Bob plans lo establishments selling liquor major in Theology. raus i be al least 2500 feet apart. Reception lor Mrs. Hanley Since percolation lesU ot lhe Region 16 Community and suitability of soil for development cannot be taken until February, action on the application of Michael Skrip of Cheshire lo establish a auto repair shop al the intersection of Talmadge Hill Road and Route68 was not laken. Skrip noted he will reconsider lhe devel open ait of the site. Anthony Yarrow was informed by the commission lhal it did not have jurisdiction over his plan to establish a temporary produce stand on Route 69. He was also informed by lhe board lhat town FAMOUS NAME Mens Toiletries Sold in Fine Stores for S5 and $61 ea • 2 oz Cologne • 2 oz After Shave • 2 PC Weekender Gilt Set • Soap-On-A-Rope FAMOUS NAME Mens Toiletries Sold in Fine Stores lor $9 and $10! (33 • 4 oz Cologne • 4 oz After Shave • 3.2 oz Spray Cologne • 2 PC Sovereign Gilt Set 99 regulations stipulale a temporary stand is subjecl lo a six months limit. No Corps Praclke No practice will be held by lhe Prospect Drum Corps tonight bul regular practice sessions will resume next Friday at 7 p.m. at Community School. WE CATER PARTIES Large Or Small RUBBER AVENUE, NAUGATUCK 723-2564 NEWSMAN OUSTED LUANDA, Angola (UPI) Angola's Marxist regime Wednesday expelled London Times correspondent Stewart Tendler because of a Times article on Cuban influence in the Angolan government. Director General ol Information Luis de Almeida said Ihe govemrnenl had no antagonism against Tendler, whom he described as "one of the most correct and polite of the journalists here." But he accused the Times of being involved in a "campaign of defamation" against Angola and indicated Tendler ought to be on Ihe overnight flighl to Lisbon. "We invite him to leave within a matter of hours," Almeida said. Rabbits are Ihe most widely hunted small game animal. HARTFORD, Conn. (UP!) A nine-member state panel lhat will supervise federally funded legal aid programs in Connecticut has been created by Gov. Ella T. Grasso through executive order. "The delivery of legal services to persons unable lo afford them is an important objective of this administration," she said in issuing Ihe order Thursday, "and the Legal Services Advisory Council is an essential parl of the process." The council is one of the requirements for approval of the federal grants. Named to the panel were: Alberto Ibarguen of Glaslon- bury, Sydney C. Kweskin of Stamford; Alfred Messier of Bristol; Arlhur Meisler of Willimanlic; Mrs. Pura Velez of New Haven; Mrs. F.!iza Williams of Waterbury; Robert Charles of Waterbury; and John Tener of West Hartford. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS 1200 Calculator 8 TEXAS INSTRUMENTS SR-10 Calculator '49 Sate Price 4 Junction. B <iicjil, percent key, floating decimal, auto constant. 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