The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 25, 1892 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1892
Page 2
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2. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, WEDNESDAY, MAY 25, 1892. HOW MISS PAM MANAGED IT. By MAEY KYLE DALLAS. ICopyrlght, 1802, by American Press Associa- CHAPTBlt ILL "You ain't uccn mc tlnce you sent me uway •irflli. Ilml," he salt/.. A few days Inter Miss Pam walljed near tho water. Not far from tho Driscoll mansion tho liurisetnaid, in cap and apron, was chasing a young boatman among thu rucks, with tho duclarod purpose of boxing his oars. Tho child's perambulator was empty; close to tho water stood Flossy herself. Sho had emit hor little hat out upon tho waves, with her doll in it as ship's master, and she was just launching her little red shoe to follow it. "My ship, Aunty Pam," sho cried, "seo my ship!" "Why, you might get drowned, Flossy," cried Aunt Pam. "No; Beol" .cried tho child, running flown to the water, and standing there as a great wave swept up and broko, wetting her feet. "See, Flossy, isn't afraid 1" Half an hour after this, the nursemaid, having boxed the boatman's ears and boon punished by a kiss, for which she had to box them again and so on, bethought her of little Miss Flossy Driscoll, and went in search of her. Tho perambulator was safe, the doll was still sailing about in tho broad brimmed hat. The little red shoo hud been washed up on a black rock, a Bpado and a pail were discovered, but no Flossy. Alarm turned to terror, terror to cortainty that tho child was drowned. Hysterics aupervoued. All Hingham came down to the shore, but nothing else was found, not even tho poor child's body. Tho local paper had an article in next day's issue commiserating oui esteemed citizen, Mr. Norman Driscoll, on tho now ailliolion with which providence had seen iit to afflict him, and ho was reported as being prostrated with grief, as indeed ho was. For a week he wanted to die. Boforo tho next was over be went to tho cottage for consolation. Ho had given up his trip to Europe. Not knowing that some women must bo subtle, even to their latest breath, he bolievod that since ho had no child and could not give her a stepmother, that oath of his was now a dead letter, that his wife's spirit would absolve him from it if sho knew anything of earthly matters, Poor Mrs. Driscoll had outwitted lier- Bolf. Had sho been frank and bade her husband never to marry sho would have gained her point, for at that moment ho would have taken any oath sho desired. Now ho felt himself freo and he began to woo Edwiua, who held out bravely for a long while. "It is not what Jacintha meant, Aunt Pam," sho said. "Sho did'ut want him to marry again under any circumstances:." "She should have said what sho meant then," Miss Pam cried, "oh, dear, dear!" At last ono day the spinster burst into a violent flood of tears at the breakfast table. "If you don't marry Norman Driscoll, I shall go crazy 1" she said. That evening Edwina gavo up her battlo. Driscoll had now been a widower four • yours, and he and Aunt Pam hurried on the wedding, and Edwina was off and away ou hor honeymoon journey in no time. No soonor were they away and the h ^uso clear of friends and neighbors who had been bidden to the feast than Aunt Pam, locking hor doors and drawing down her blinds, rushed up tho garret stairs aud descended them with a child in her arms. Tho child was Flossy. Tho little thing was fat, rosy and smiling, and clung to Aunt Pain's neck with both arms and kissed her cheek fondly. Bince tho day of her disappearance, When, as my reader no doubt understands, Miss Pam had stolen her away, her nursery hod been tho big garret, and Miss Pam had beeu her nurse. What the after consequences to herself might be she had not thought, but she had determined to removo the obstacle that lay between Normuu aud Edwina. Believing his child dead, that oath to refrain from giving her a stepmother became null and void, Edwina's happiness was assured, and Flossy might come to life as soon as she chose. It would ho to Norman as a joyful miracle, (jyi e/Jd to Edwina's bliss. Now, however, poor Aunt Pam began to ask herself what might bo said to her— thought of hor? Norman and Edwina would forgivo her no doubt, but the neighbors, tho pcoplo who hud known her all hor life, what would thoy say? It might get into the papore, and the worst of all was that people would believe that Edwina know all about it. That thought had nevor struck her before. "Oh, dear, dear,!" sighed Aunt Pam, "the way of tho transgressor is hard; I've dono evil thut good may come of it, Mid I expect I shall be vanished. 1 calkerlato to drop dead when I stand up and faco 'em and own up." A knock came upon tho front door. Aunt Pain turned pale and carried Flossy up to hor garret nursery before stood tliere. He lifted his hat and displayed a very bald head and a sun burned face. "Miss Palmer, I reckcnV ho said. "Yes," said Aunt Pam, "but you hev tho advantage of mo." "Givo you nine guesses who 1 be," said the man, walking into the parlor. "You ain't connected with the police, are you?" queried Mies Pam, pulling up tho blinds. "Why, do 1 look Hint?" asked the man. "No, I'm connected with the sea." He laughed a little nervously. "I'm about twice tho size I was when 1 saw vou last." ho i=aid. "This beard has grown since then—to make up for this," and ho nibbed his shiny crown. "Oh," cried Aunt Pam, "it cant bol' The man put his hand into his pocket and pulled out a tiny mitten, knitted of bluo wool, and held it up by tho bit of ribbon at the wrist. "You ain't seen me since you sent me away with that," he said. "Jefferson Fosdick!" cried Aunt Pain. "It's me. Cnp'n Fosdick, they call me now," said the man. "MaBter and owner of as line a schooner as ever sailed. 1 ran away to sea because my heart was broke. Oalkerlated to expire shortly. Bnt yon see 1 didn't." Aunt Pam stared at him. "You comeback—now I look at you," she said; "though of course wo are both older." "It's all outside with me," said the captain. "I'd knowed you anywheres, though." And he offered hiR great hand aud shook Miss Pain's for a long, long while. "Anyhow," said the spinster, "I'm glad to seo you and to hev you speak of that mitten, if only for me to make a statement. I've wrote it out, so's you could hev it sent to you ef I died without meeting you—not that yon'd care now, but for my own satisfaction." "Well, well," said tho captain sol emnly. "Well, I want to know." "Excuse niearainute," said Miss Pam, and went away and returned with tho teakwood box in her hand. From it she extracted the blue paper parcel and the small manuscript. "I've told full particulars in this," sho said. "Yon can keep it *o read if you like, bnt I can say it shorter." "I didn't mean to give yon that mitten, captain. In them old days I was bashful and so was you." "Yes," said the captain. "I'd expected for awhile for to hev you ask me what you did ask, and I felt as though I couldn't say uothin, BO 1 took a romautical idea into my head and pervided myself with tins"—she held up the bine parcel—"when comin hum from tho party you inquired into my feolins. I says, says I, 'My answer is contained in this; don't lopk at it till you got home,' and I gave you a little parcel." "With this in it," sighed the captain, holding up the mitten. "Yes, that was one of my mistakes,'' said Miss Pam. "I'd knit that for Cousin Sarah's baby, and put it in my pocket instead of this," and from tho folds of bluo paper, she drew two largo pink sugar hearts tied with a ribbon bearing the legend, "Two hearts that beat as one." "Being young and foolish," it seemed a kind of nice, romautical way to answer," sho said, turning away as the captain stood, holding the pink hearts on his big, brown palm. "And now it is off my mind. It seemed kinder due to myself and to yoU—thut you should know—and that's the end of it." "No," said the captain, "thut ain't the end, uuless you insist on't. I hain 't never liked any ono else, and I like you still. You've staid Bingle. You never meant to givo mo the mitten. Say, Pam. let's get married, after all." Ho walked up to Miss Pam and put his arm abom hor waist. On the instant, she burst into tears. "Oh, I do need somebody so much just now," sho said. "I've got to a point whore I can't seo no way out. 1 want advice dreadful." "You're on the rocks," said the captain. "Toll mo all about 'em and I'll get you off of 'em." Then thero was a long, long talk, and many deep cheated roars of laughter, and afterward Aunt Pam went up stairs and brought Flossy down again and tho throe had supper together. When Norman Driscoll and his wife returned to Hingham, Miss Pam was at tho Driscoll mansion to receive them. Tho greetings between tho three wore warm and tender, but they were scarcely over when some one inquired for Mr. Driscoll, and a seafaring man walked in and made salutation. "1 am Captain Fosdick, of the schooner Pamela," ho said, "and I've got a story to tell that will intorest yon. Just beat in mind that miracles do happen now and then, and that the sea is a groat place for them. "You lost a little girl awhile ago, I'vo heard. Folks thought her drownded." "Great heavens!" cried Driscoll. "Don 't hope too much," said the captain, "but I reckon you kin hope a little It's quite some tinio now since cruising about a little south of this place I saw something curious floating on the water. Getting my glass I saw that it was a boat, and iu tho boat was a little girl, When we took her aboard she was all right, but sho couldn 't toll us whero she lived, only just said she 'couldn't inuko tho boat go back.' It was an old wreck of a thing. Woudor it ever held together so long," said tho captain, feeliug the, joy of a romancer as new details occurred to him. "Guess it was something some boyB wore ploy ing with aud she'd got into it. Said hot name was Flossy and talked about papa." "It is my child I" gasped the father turning deadly pale aud Booming about to faint. "Dou'tkeol over," cried the captain, supporting him and drawing from his bosom a pocket flask, which he put to Norman's lips. "All's well that ends well. Duuuo as we 'd ever have knowed where to bring hor, though, only for one of hor little shoes. She'd lost the other. Ono day, looking at it, 1 saw 'Hingham, Mass..' printed on the lining. Arrested — the progress of Consumption. In all It's earlier singes, it can ho rural. It's n scrofulous direction of llio limps — a Mood taint—and, ns in every othor form of scrofula, Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery is n certain remedy. Cut it must bo taken In time —and now is tho time to take it. It purifies tbo blood —that's the secret. Nothing; eLso acts like it It's tho most potent strength-restorer, blood-cleanser, nnd flesh-builder known to medical seienco. l-'or Weak Luti^s, Spitting ot Blood, Brcwhitii caso, to benefit or cure. Asthinn, it's a rcmed. Spitting . . . Cutm-rli, mid all lingering Coughs, tlint's guaranteed, in every If it doesn't, the money is returned. In other words, it's sold on t.Hal. No other medicine of its kind is. And that proves that nothing else Is " just nsijood " as the " Discovery." The denier is thinking ot' 7n> profit, not of yours, when ho urges soihothing else. Judge for yourself which is likely to lie better modicum. the was tetcnen up thero myself, why 1 knowed tho place well. The child is outside, waiting. I reckon it is yours. Mr. Driscoll." A moment more, Flossy was in hei father's arms. Edwina was kissing her hand and sobbing, aud tho captain, with as candid an expression as ono could wish to see, turned to Miss Pam. "Seems to me," ho said, "1 kind of recognize an old friend. Ain't this Miss Palmer?" But poor Aunt Pam was no actress. She uttered a little innrticulato cry anil wont off into hysterics. No one ever doubted the captain's story any more than they did his tales of the sea serpent, the Flying Dutchman and the mermaids, and every one said that it was like a play, so lovely and romantic that it should have been Miss- Pam's old sweetheart who rescued little Flossy Driscoll and restored her to hei father, and that they should have made it up and married each other after nil. THE END. new mining camp of Cripple Creek, Colorado, near Pi ke's Peak, directly reached via Santa Fe Koutc. The sensation of 1,1(12. 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Address THE APHRO MEDICINE CO. Washington St., 0BI0AQO, H I U For sale by A. & A. Drnff Co. BEFORE MIDLAND HOTEL. Most contraUy located hotel in tho city. NEW MANAGEMENT 4\ ENTIRELY. Patronage of traveling men solicted. Hates, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 a Day. MANY A MA warniDg. wrmmtmmitt* JTeMHMla JEJcclueim i sltMMaa Thousands restored by Jfesne tf. Guaranteed Testimonials. I V.— ——»»»» I mailed free lor a llm. QUO NEW BOOK 1 «Ba*gfl»*

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